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Islam, Women and Feminism

Nazma Khan, who immigrated to the United States from Bangladesh at age 11, faced years of shaming over wearing a headscarf in New York....


Malaysia to Revise School Textbook Telling Girls to Cover Up

Women Throng Saudi Stadium for Italian Super Cup amid Controversy

Married and Moved To Kerala, Pakistani Woman Granted Indian Citizenship

More Work Needed To Empower Arab Women — Jordan's Spokesperson, Jumana Ghunaimat

Lebanese Lawmaker Fights ‘Degrading’ Citizenship Law against Women

Women Make up One Third of Bahrain’s Foreign Ministry

Will Continue To Stand By The Iranian People – Three Female Detainees

Iran: Women Hunger Strikers Entitled To Medical Care, UN Rights Experts Urge

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Some of the most important traditions and practices of the Prophet Muhammad were preserved and carried forth by the women closest to him— his wives and daughters but as with many other major faiths, women in Islamic tradition have largely been relegated to supporting roles throughout recent history....


Inquiry as Islamic Channel Peace TV Urges Pushing Girls into Marriage

In Canada, Saudi Girl Says Couldn't ‘Study, Work, Live Normally’ At Home

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government Urged To Pass Law on Child Marriages

Muslim Parents Speak On Banning Of 55 Hijab-Wearing Female Students In LAUTECH School

Saudi Student Leads New Wave Of Female Uber Drivers

Pakistan Woman Police Officer Declared the Best Crime Fighter of the Year

From Iran to Indonesia, Muslim Feminists on Film Upend Stereotypes of Oppression

Remarks On Girls' Education: Rights Activists Demand Legal Action against Shafi

Afghanistan, Pakistan Join Hands for Women Empowerment

Continuous Protests By Women In Cities Of Tehran And Mashhad

Political Prisoner Nasrin Sotoudeh Banned From Visits In Prison

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Pakistan University Rebrands Valentine’s Day as ‘Sister’s Day’

12 Women Reverts Recount Their Journey toward Islam

Have a Photo of Benazir in My Dorm: Malala

Sufi Woman Jailed in Iran Sentenced to 148 Lashes for Criticizing Gharchak Prison Conditions

Women Are Not Objects to Be Policed By University Administration, Says Sherry Rehman

Uproar As Bangladesh Cleric Says Girls Should Stay Home

British-Iranian Woman’s Health Deteriorates in Iran Prison

Nigeria: Crisis Looms in Lautech over Wearing of Hijab

Self-Help Group Imparts Training to Militancy Displaced Women

Yemen Came in Last of 146 Countries on Women's Rights. So the UN Gave It a Prize

India’s Stand on Afghan Women May Irk Taliban

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While most agree a woman has the right to choose her wardrobe — and that hijab as part of her wardrobe should also be her choice...

There Is an Issue with Muslim Women Struggling To Find A Suitable Spouse: Single and Doing Just Fine – Thank You Very Much

Al-Azhar Expels Woman over Video Showing Her "Hugging Man"

Alleged Torture of Saudi Women Activists Being Probed: Sources

Muslim Woman Shares Horrific Details of Racist Attack on Melbourne Train

Oman More Than Doubles Women’s Wages in Less Than a Decade

Supercoppa Controversy Rages over Saudi Arabia’s Treatment Of Women

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Twelve of the 15 countries in the world with the lowest rate of female participation in the workforce are in North Africa and the Middle East, according to a World Economic Forum report....


MAIL Program Helps More 30 Thousand Afghan Women Facing Economic Challenges

Women Empowerment in India Needs More Teeth, Says Scholar

Triple Talaq Bill Not Silver Bullet for Aggrieved Women

Noida Namaz Row: Private Firm Offers Space To Muslim Women Employees For Friday Prayer

I Was Forced To Accept Islam, Beaten When Refused: Rajasthan Woman Alleges Forced Conversion

Hefazat’s Shafi Says He Opposes Coeducation, Not Women’s Education

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Canada Grants Asylum to Saudi Girl Who Fled Abuse, Oppression

Pakistan Woman Takes 32 Years to Create This Quran

Khadijah Safari, a Islam Convert Teaches Women Self Defence

Sindh Has Highest Percentage of Child Marriages: WHO

How One Woman Hopes To Revive the Literature Scene in Iraq

Woman Public Prosecutor Shot Dead In Hafizabad, Pakistan

Nigerian Judge For Out Of Court Settlement on Hijab

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He also justified the criminalisation of instant triple Talaq by citing examples of 22 Muslim countries. But most of these countries have not criminalised triple Talaq although the husband has to pay compensation in a few of these nations....


In Saudi Arabia extramarital affairs can be punished with execution. The most glaring case was of 19-year-old Princess Mishaal bint Fahd al-Saud, a grandniece of Saudi King Khaled, who, along with her lover, Khaled al-Sha’er al-Mulhallal, nephew of the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon, were executed in 1977 after confessing their crime. ...


“How does my hijab affect you?” one placard asked. Other parents, in favour of the hijab ban, had their own placards. “Let our uniform be our uniform”, read one. ....


Is Saudi Arabia On The Road To Ending Child Marriage?

All-Women Travel Expeditions Take Off In Middle East

By Necessity or Design, Iraqi Women Launch Mosul Firms

Muslim Congresswomen Pave Way for Future Generation

Mehbooba Asks Governor to Act against Muslim Girl’s Rapists 

Sahar Kazemi Taken To Jail, Sama Nazifi Dismissed From College

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


By breaking through the barriers to participation, these women are now able to bring forward progressive policies that reflect what all faiths and beliefs are meant to instill: compassion, humanity, and public service...


Don't Hit Women Unless They Deserve It, Says Abbas Adviser on Islam

French Muslim Women Push For 'Inclusive' Mosque in Paris

Kuwaiti Girls Use Martial Arts to Counter Bullies and Violence

Pakistani Man Helps save Girl Forced into Prostitution in Dubai

Disappeared Saudi couple highlights crackdown on activists

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


While Khashoggi left his phone outside the consulate, Qanun held onto hers, using it to launch a now-viral asylum appeal via social media....


Oral Talaq A Real Issue But Wrongly Caught In Politics: Minority Women’s Constitutional Rights Forum

“If Government Is Worried About Muslim Women, Give Us Reservations” Member AIMPLB

Girls Aging 10 To 14 Comprise 6 Per Cent of Marriages in Iran

Muslim Woman Was Allegedly Assaulted, Her Hijab Pulled, In Possible Hate Crime in Oklahoma

Eight Pakistani Female Dancers Deported From Kenya

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

With every undesired act viewed as rebellion and considered a transgression, young girls are morally policed by women who then internalize the misogyny and continue this vicious cycle of oppression....

Thai Police Say They Won't Deport Saudi Woman Stopped In Bangkok Airport

Gaza TV Channel Hopes To Empower Marginalised Women

Meet The First Woman to Coach a Men’s Football Team in Syria

Deputy Speaker of Iran Parliament Calls for Referendum on Compulsory Hijab

Women In Iraq Reclaiming Roles In Society

Is Bangladesh Poised For Advancement Of Women's Rights?

Muslim Women Kick Against Street Begging In Nigeria

Activists Call On Australia to Accept Fleeing Saudi Woman

Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure Palestinian Girl Over Alleged Stabbing Attempt

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

“In the prophet Mohammed’s time his wife Ayesha was recognised as a leader of the early Muslims, but that tradition has been lost and I want to bring it back in the 21st century.”...

Women are more educated now and in some areas marry later in life, factors that academics say lead to more stable marriages. At the same time, more women are moving into cities and joining the work force, empowering more of them to discard bad marriages....


Afghanistan’s Rigid Cultural Norms; A Serious Challenge for Girls’ Education

Hearing Divorce Cases on a Sidewalk in Niger, as Women Assert Their Power

Saudi Women to Fly High as A Cabin Crew In A New First

Protests In Iranian Cities And Active Role Of Women In Them

Nurses In Iran Number One-Fourth Of The World Standard

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

But she was helped by her strong religious faith when she ran afoul of blasphemy laws often exploited by religious extremists and ordinary Pakistanis to settle personal scores....


‘UN’s Position on Women’s Equal Rights Applies to All Religions’

Women Donate Long Locks for Cancer Patients In Dubai

Rashida Tlaib Slammed As New House Dems Get Early Uncomfortable Lesson

No Hijab, No Vote, Nigerian Muslim Women Tell Politicians

The Dangerous Lives Of Iraqi Women Activists

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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