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Islam, Women and Feminism

She is bold and articulate. She is not willing to be confined to the four walls of her home and wants to participate in the democratic discourse taking place in the country. Importantly, she does not trust the orthodox clergy to represent her. She is aware of her rights as a citizen and as a Muslim within her religion...

• Hoops and Headscarves: Milwaukee Girls Basketball Team Shatters Stereotypes

• Bengaluru’s Shaheen Bagh: Muslim Women and the Religious Route to the Constitution

• Chechen Woman Forced Into Islamic 'Exorcism' To Oust Her Bisexuality

• Rajasthan's Women Encouraged To Remove Veil In State Campaign

• Islamophobia the Untold Stories: Bradford Women Share Their Experience Of Abuse

• Shaheen Baghs Spring Up In UP Districts

• Police Break Up Women’s Protest in Varanasi, 6 Held

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• Lebanon and Comoros Sign Up For Arab Women Sports Tournament

• Largest Swimming Pool in Russia’s Muslim South Bans Women

• Kuwaiti Woman Makes Kickboxing History

• 'Let Noor Run' Initiative Aims To End Discrimination in Sports, Starting With Hijab Bans

• Women Politicians Trolled More: Amnesty India

• Shoura Panel Examines Demand to Reject Complaints about Missing Adult Women

• ‘Marry-Your-Rapist’ Bill To Be Introduced By Lawmakers in Turkey

• Egypt Is Boosting Economic Growth Rates, Women's Role: Minister At Davos

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• Pakistani Woman Zarah Sultana, Becomes ‘Youngest Ever Muslim’ Lawmaker In UK Parliament

• Muslim Association Of Britain Elects First Female President

• All-Female Team Finishes Dakar Rally With New View of Saudi Arabia

• Security Beefed Up Outside SC as Women Stage Sit-In Protest against CAA, NRC

• Anti-CAA, NRC Protests In Lucknow: Daughters Of Renowned Urdu Poet Munawwar Rana Among 160 Women Booked By Police

• Amritsar: Pakistan Hindu Girl Mehak Sent to Shelter on Court’s Order

• ‘Women’s Political Representation Decreasing In Pakistan’

• PML-N to table new amendments to Child Marriages Restraint Act in Punjab Assembly

• Inspirational Afghan Girl Brings ‘The Monster’s Shadow’ In Hopes of Evolving into Patriarchal Society in Afghanistan

• Clubs out in Force for Arab Women Sports Tournament’s Basketball and Volleyball

• UN Chief Economist Says Saudi Reforms Boost Female Employment

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• Muslim Women Continue Indefinite Protest against CAA in Lucknow

• Iran’s Only Female Olympic Medallist Moving To Germany: Coach

• Female Bomber Kills 9 Civilians In Western Chad

• Meet Tasneem, the First Muslim Woman Mayor of Mysuru

• Saudi Women Embrace New Freedoms As Gradual Reforms Take Hold

• How Kuwaiti Media Deals With Women’s Issues

• Federal Court Allows Woman Leave to Appeal in Bid to Be Declared Non-Muslim

• Populist Party Could Leave Norwegian Govt Over Daesh Woman

• BBME-AWIMA Alliance Highlights Women’s Role in Maritime Sector

• Tahira Abdullah Schools Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qamar On Women's Rights, Feminism

• Syrian Kurds Confirm Handover Of ISIS-Affiliated Woman And 2 Children To Norway

• Yemen Police Find Kidnapped 9-Year-Old Girl with Severed Tongue

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The revolutionary poet, Majaz, had once pleaded with Muslim women to turn their hijabs into banners and flags; well, all that is happening at Shaheen Bagh – thanks to the unbearable over-reach of India’s sectarian rulers of the day....

• First Female NFL Coach Sees Video-Game Appearance as another Sign of Progress

• Lucknow Women Brave Chill, Crowds Clock Big Stir under Husainabad Clock Tower

• All Women Anti-CAA, NRC, NPR Protest Rally in Aurangabad, Maharashtra

• Female Muslim MPs Outnumber Male Muslim MPs In UK Parliament

• First Women’s Wing in Saudi Army Opened

• 15 Remarkable Women Who Helped Shape India’s Future

• Moscow Police Helped a Muslim Woman in Labour

• Google honours female Egyptian lawyer Mufidah Abdul-Rahman

• Woman Rejoicing at Soleimani Assassination Works for Libya’s Saudi-Backed Militia: Report

• India: Uttar Pradesh Policemen Called ‘Blanket Thieves’ For ‘Stealing’ Women Protesters’ Blankets

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• Portrayal of women’s societal role in advertisements discussed

• Fearless Delhi women protest at Shaheen Bagh against a bitterly disputed citizenship law inspire national movement

• Muslim women, kids stage peaceful protest at clock tower, Lucknow

• 'It's do-or-die battle': Women protesters at Kolkata's Park Circus Maidan to continue anti-CAA stir till favourable outcome

• ‘Jabba the Jihadi’ played major role in enslaving Yazidi women

• Another teenaged Hindu girl abducted, forcefully converted to Islam in Imran Khan's 'Naya Pakistan'

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• Shaheen Bagh in Kolkata's Park Circus

• ‘How Can Kota Women Be Behind?’ Say Protesters after Launching Shaheen Bagh-Like Protest in City

• Muslim Women, Kids Stage Peaceful Protest at Clock Tower

• Poverty, Laws and Traditions among the Causes of Child Marriages in Malaysia

• Jos Muslim Women Embrace Physical Exercise to Keep Fit

• Saudi Working Women Not Keen On Saving Money For Marriage

• Republican Challenger for Ilhan Omar’s 5th District Seat Is Also a Muslim Refugee

• Why Many Muslim Women in the US Are Skipping the Women’s March This Year

• Senator Assailed for Denouncing Women’s Rights March

• Tarek Fatah Got It Wrong. Pakistani Woman Did Not Refuse Polio Drops For Her Children

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• Egypt’s Grand Mufti, Islamic Cleric Ali Jumaa, Issues Fatwa On Facebook Group That Exposes Cheating Husbands

• Round-The-Clock Sit-In against CAA by Muslim Women in Kolkata Continues

• As Resistance Protests Sweep Through India, Its Women Leading the Charge

• As Shaheen Bagh Protest Gains Ground, UP, Bengal Follow Suit

• Meet Salma Mahfooz: World’s first Muslim woman to do her PhD in Sanskrit

• After Delhi and Prayagraj, Rampur Women Join CAA Protests

• Iranian Chess Official Fears Going Home Over Hijab Photo

• Birmingham Lord Mayor-Elect, Former Chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque, 'Dismissed Forced Marriage Concerns'

• Women in Rampur Demand Release of Their Kin

• Ivanka Trump Applauds Saudi Arabia’s Reforms Advancing Economic Role For Women

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• Protest against CAA, NRC and NPR in Kerala by Girls Islamic Organisation of India

• Muslim Women Start Stir In Rampur to Demand Release Of Anti-CAA Protesters

• Muslim Women in Steel City Demand Roll Back Of CAA, Plan Stir On January 31

• Now Rampur Women Join CAA Protests

• Columbus Police May Reconsider Hijab Ban

• Non-Muslim Teachers Wear Islamic Veil in Protest of Local ‘Burqa Ban’ In Sweden

• Christian Women Lured Into IS Trap, Alleges Kerala Church

• Zaira Wasim Molestation Case: Man jailed for 3 years

• Saudi Arabia Named World Leader for Reforms Advancing Economic Role For Women

• Saudi Arabia Leads in Women's Legal Gains At Work, World Bank Says

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• Muslim Woman Translating Ram Charit Manas Written By Tulsidas into Urdu

• Air Force Commissions First Female Muslim Chaplain in US Military History

• Afghanistan- Banners Promoting Women Dress Code Spark Backlash

• 2020 Dawns In Egypt With Viral Video Of Mob Harassing Women

• Saudi Arabia Appoints Princess Haifa As Its Permanent Representative To UNESCO

• Denver Arena Reviewing Screening Process after Muslim Woman Told To Remove Hijab

• KP Assembly Amends Law against Women’s Harassment At Work

• Grassroots Project Aims To Produce Saudi Arabia’s First Female Dakar Driver

• Over 20,000 Saudi Women Working In Tourism Sector

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• Film Festival Breakthrough for Five Female Saudi Directors

• Muslim women on indefinite protest against CAA, NRC in Allahabad

• Women Lawmakers of Pakistan Urged To Unite For Resolving Issues

• New Batch of Women to Receive Peacekeeping Training in Abu Dhabi

• SC says Council of Counsels will discuss issues of Muslim women, Sabarimala on Jan 17

• Israeli Rabbi Arrested For Holding Women, Children As Slaves

• Mostafa's Story: How an Egyptian Woman Finally Got Her Baby Boy

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• 'No Going Back On Women's Rights,' Says 30-Year-Old Deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan

• Women Begin Sit-In At Prayagraj Park: If Delhi Women Can Sit In Cold, Why Can’t We?

• CAA-NRC-NPR: Women Lead Sit-in Protest in Kanpur’s Mohammad Ali Park

• Roll Back CAA Exercise, Christian Women Ask Government

• ‘Are We Not Citizens,’ Asks Kolkata’s ‘Shaheen Bagh’ As Protests Continue

• Fury at 'Virginity Repair' Operations That Prey On Fears Of Young British Muslim Women

• Malaysia’s Islamic Family Laws Have Gone from Best to Worst, Says Activist

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• CAA-NRC-NPR: Women Lead Sit-in Protest in Kanpur’s Mohammad Ali Park

• Saudi female drivers to have lasting positive impact on auto aftermarket

• Iran's sole female Olympic medalist says she's defected

• Turkish women on road to get Tokyo ticket

• Over 470 women killed in Turkey in 2019: Platform

• Amnesty International calls on Riyadh regime to release Saudi woman’s rights activist

• A Saudi-Japanese couple embody Kingdom’s new spirit of openness

• Sudanese Women Chase Soccer Dream

• Women in mosques: On the margins of faith

• This former Yazidi ISIS sex slave hopes for her husband's return

• Justice Ministry allows men and women to register as conciliators

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• In a First, Two Israeli Women Win Gold at World Debate Championship in Thailand

• Canadian Solo Female Traveller Converts to Islam after Living in Pakistan

• Dress Decently, Female Kelantan Local Council Staff Told

• Kolkata: In Season of Protests, Muslim Women Make Equal Statement

• Airman Becomes the Service’s First Female Muslim Chaplain Candidate

• Malaysia’s Islamic Family Laws Have Gone from Best to Worst, Says Activist

• Gaza's Women Entrepreneurs Make It Possible To Send Gifts To Residents In The 'Open-Air Prison'

• Iran's Revolutionary Guard Tortures Female Scholars Behind Prison Walls

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• British Muslim Women Forum Raises £700 in Charity Brunch

• Egypt Confirms Participation in Arab Women Sports Tournament

• Muslim Tiktok-Er Talks About Hijabi' Representation, Or Lack Thereof, On TV

• Travel Blogger Rosie Gabrielle Embraces Islam after Visit to Pakistan

• Salem: Widow Sells Her Hair for Rs 150 to Feed 3 Kids

• Women Empowerment Top Priority for Canadian Minister with Roots In Vizag

• Afghan Woman Tortured Terribly By Her Husband May Lose Both Legs

• Emirati Women to Check Meat Quality at Abattoirs

• Indian Woman in Dubai Records 1,000 Songs In 1,000 Days

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• Protest by Muslim Women against CAA, NPR, NRC, Started an Indefinite Sit-In Demonstration in Kolkata

• As India Rises In Dissent, Bollywood Reveals Its Real Heroes: The Women

• Delhi Women Say Heckled, Evicted From Rented House For Protesting Caa

• How Eskai Is Changing The Way Women Shop In Egypt

• Saudi Women Lead the Way as Cycling Breaks Down Barriers

• India: Woman Inflicts 101 Cuts on Sister-In-Law In Horrific Exorcism Ritual

• Ilhan Omar: ‘War Destroys Lives, Takes Away Futures’

• Lisa Smith: IS-Accused Bailed As Prosecutors Prepare Evidence

• Wanted: 20,000 Saudi Taxi Drivers, Women Are Welcome

• Old video from Rajasthan falsely shared as Hindu women assaulted by Muslims in Pakistan

• French Secularism Is Giving Far-Right Mps Licence To Target Muslim Women Yet Again

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 This veil of your forehead is very good but/ If you would have made a flag from this veil, it would be better...


• Muslim Women Cooked Breakfast for 150 Fire-Fighters in Australia

• Chicago Co-Op Empowers Immigrant Women, Refugees

• Film, Based On the Life of Acid Attack Survivor Laxmi Agarwal, Is Here To Break Stereotypes: Deepika Padukone

• Kerala Woman Pleads For 'Daesh Sympathiser' Daughter Lodged In Kabul

• Rare Phenomenon: Emirati Woman Delivers Quadruplets At A Sharjah Hospital

• Singapore: Woman Gets Jail for Embezzling S$38,000 from Mosque Over More Than 2 Years

• Woman Arrested At the Jamia Mosque in Nakuru Handed Over To Anti-Terror Police

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

• Actress Yasmine Sabri: First Arab Woman In Cartier Campaign

• Cyprus Court to Sentence Briton over 'Imaginary' Gang-Rape

• On My App and At the Mosque, I Want To Hear Women Recite The Quran

• Women Lawmakers Stage Walkout From Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly

• Portland Woman Accused of Snatching Hijab Is Charged With Hate Crimes

• Nine-judge SC bench to hear issue of allowing entry of women of all age group into Sabarimala

• Two Anti-Radical Islam Women Slam Critics Of Trump’s Airstrike On Soleimani

• Under Fire, Mumbai Girl Says Sorry For 'Free Kashmir' Placard

• 2,514 Working Women Benefit From Saudi Human Resources Development Fund Program

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• Saudi Arabia to Host First Women's Golf Tournament In 2020

• 'Bring Our Daughters Home’: The Tribal Women of Thailand Fighting Tradition, Violence and Rejection

• YouTube Series 'Aya!' Follows the Fashion Exploits Of an All-Female Arab Cast

• Female Fugitives: Why Is 'Pink Collar Crime' On The Rise?

• Pakistan Women Cricket Continues To Grow In 2019

• Portlander Charged With Hate Crime for Ripping Off a Muslim Women's Hijab

• Kuwaiti Beauty Influencer Defends Controversial Blackface Pictures As 'Art'

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• Film on Daring Female Surfer Makes Waves In Bangladesh

• Woman Accused of Using Muslim Student's Hijab to Attack Her in Portland, Oregon

• Texas Restaurant Apologizes For Handling of Employee Sent Home For Wearing Her Hijab

• Yemen Women Continue Tough Fight for Rights

• Abused, Harassed and Cut Off: Bhutanese Women in Iraq

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• Woman ‘Ripped Muslim Student’s Hijab Off, Then Rubbed It All over Her Naked Body’ In Portland, Oregon

• Sudanese Women Demand Govt to Sign CEDAW

• Ankara Raises Measures To Curb Violence Against Women

• Women Know Less about Politics than Men Worldwide

• Sudan’s Women Pursue Soccer Dream, Challenging Conservatives

• Region’s It Girls Make Stylecity an Addictive Game

• SUPP Women Slams Putrajaya for Appointing Non-Local As Unimas Chairman

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


• This 19th Century Indian Feminist Didn't Just Educate Women— She Helped Rape Victims and Pregnant Women

• Face Of Anti-CAA Protests, Aysha Renna, Vows To Continue The Fight

• Texas Woman Says She Was Sent Home From Job for Wearing a Hijab

• Austria Considers Headscarf Ban to Counter ‘Political Islam’

• Egypt Mob Sexual Attack on New Year's Eve Sparks Controversy

• Abortion Rates in Israel on the Decline: Down 1% in 2018, 10% Since 2010

• Women, Trans and Queer Folks Set To March against CAA-NRC On Jan 3

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


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