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Islamic Ideology
13 Oct 2011, NewAgeIslam.Com
Wahhabi Ideology A Virus, Dangerous for Muslim Unity: Sajjada Nasheen, Kachhochha Sharief

New Age Islam News Bureau

13 Oct. 2011

New Delhi: Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kachhocchwi, Sajjada Nasheen (Head Priest) of Kachhochha Sharief described Wahhabi ideology as “a virus for the society and a danger for Muslim unity.” This is the first time a mainstream Muslim leader representing 80 to 90 per cent of the Muslim community has taken on the Wahhabi ideology and called a spade a spade. As most Muslim leaders and the Muslim Press are themselves under the influence of Petrodollar–funded Saudi Wahhabi ideology, what is obvious to the world and is destroying the peace of the community is never said in public. 

This understandably shocked the Urdu Press correspondents attending the briefing organised by All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board, says Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Rahmani of Urdu daily, Akhbar e Mashriique. Apart from Akhbar-e-Mashrique, no Urdu newspaper dared to publish the story. Edited by veteran journalist M. W. Haque, Akhbar-e-Mashrique put the story on its front page.

 According to the paper, this statement by the Sajjada Nasheen of Kachhochha Sharief, especially at a time when all Islamic scholars, leaders and social activists are giving their best efforts to the unity of the Islamic world. Located in Faizabad district in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, Kachhochha Sharief is one of the most popular shrines in South Asia, frequented by Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

 According to Akhbar-e-Mashriq, this statement has created a debate, though that was not evident in the Muslim media. In any case, if the event is not reported at all, how can it possibly create a debate? Possibly Urdu press correspondents debated among themselves and decided to boycott the news.

The Press Conference had been called to let the press know the objectives of Muslim Mahapanchayat being organised in Moradabad, that “the flag bearers of Wahhabism, the scholars of Ahl e Sunnat wal Jama’at, do not lead 80% of Sunni and Sufi Muslim population of India. The majority of Muslims do not accept them as their religious leaders. All the scholars of Ahl e Sunnat wal Jama’t including those of Muslim Personal Law Board and Dar ul Uloom Deoband are promoting the imported ideology of Wahabbism of the Arab world.” He further stated, “Books like Fatawa Rashidia, Taqweatul Imaan, Tahdeez un Na’as and Serat e Mustaqueem are nothing but propaganda material of the same Wahhabi ideology.” These books are being made available to Muslim masses complimentary or at affordable prices in order to promote the ideology.

On being asked if what he was saying was not creating differences, Maulana Ashraf Kachhauchwi said: “I am not saying anything to create differences? It is an effort towards bringing unity among the Muslims. For the last 63 years, injustice is being done in solving our basic problems. We have got nothing but empty promises. Wahhabi ideology is being imposed on our country. They stand in the surroundings of Dargah, and declare with impunity that saying Fateha, sending blessings to the saints and our ancestors, is Shirk, Biddah and Haram (forbidden in Islam).”

“The people with Wahhabi ideology have captured all the Waqf Boards of the country and for them it is justified to loot its property. Question is if the people of Wahhabi ideology have not established any trust (Waqf) or have not ever contributed to any Waqf, how they can be running it”, he asks. “They are taking over the Dargah of Sunni Sufis. Jannat ul Baqui, Jannut ul Ma’ala and tomb of Hazrat Ayesha (RTA), etc., all symbols of Islam, have been destroyed. All India Ulema and Mashaaikh Board is making an effort towards the solution of all the problems Muslims are facing.

Maulana Ashraf Kachhcachhwi said, “After successfully organizing Mahapanchayat and Conferences in Bihar and Jharkhand a grand conference is being organised on 16th of October at Moradabad. Believers in large number are expected to attend. This conference is to let the Indian media know as to how an important role Muslims are playing in the unity and progress of the country. Indian Muslims will never tolerate any one indulging in anti national activities. If ever any Muslim is found indulging in such activities, it must be assumed that he is guided by the Wahhabi ideology. Sufi and Sunni Muslims are nationalists and are always ready for any kind of service to the nation and its pride. Sufi and Sunni Muslims who constitute the overwhelming majority of Muslims in India respect humanity and can never be a traitor to their nation.” 

Maulana Ashraf Kachhachhwi said, “All the Dargah are for the service of the humanity which they are performing.”

On being asked whether this Mahapanchayat is being organised keeping an eye on the UP elections so that they can be manipulated, the Sajjada Nashin said Muslim problems are well known to everyone and are of national nature so this has nothing to do with the UP elections.

Maulana Mohammad Ashraf Kachhocchwi informed the Press that All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board congregation is organised after investing a lot of efforts and is a result of hard work. Sufi Ulema, Chiefs of Dargah and Khanquaahs along with hundreds of thousands of believers take part in it. Our duty is to spread the ‘message of peace’ and end hatred. We will take this message to every nook and corner of our country.



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10/17/2011 12:24:26 AM Islam Hussain

Before commenting on the statement  of Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kachhochhwi of Kachhochha Sharief, we have to examine which ideological group has invited anti Islamic forces to interfere in our matter for the last 30-50 years. I have observed gradually wahabiasm play a very crucial role to exploit Muslim community toward  intolerance. This is why Maulana Kachhochhwi has made these comments.

10/15/2011 8:58:26 AM satwa gunam

I think the Hindu fundamentalist is the greatest converging factor for the Muslims in India. I do not think so that the Shia vs. Sunni can rise to the level of danger which is happening everywhere from Iran to Pakistan.

Challenges for Indian Muslim are totally different off course the Shia and Sunni head cleric would like to make statement in between for their names to come in media. 

10/15/2011 12:27:14 AM Dr. Iqbal Syed Hussain

Dear Sir/Madam,
Thanks for your message
In response we are pleased to submit some information on our books which might be of interest to you and the corridors of learning that you sponsor. These books, we claim, could be an abiding heaven for humanity, to create better understanding and strive for moral and intellectual survival. 
Your positive response to promote these books (through induction, review and comments) will be of great value for transforming the society and creating the environments of creativity.
From Dr. Iqbal Syed Hussain, author of the following books…
Dear Sir / Madam
Re: Explaining Islam to the world
BOOKS: that illuminate the world
At a time when the Qur’an is being burnt and the Prophet’s caricatures are being fabricated misconceptions need to be removed and new avenues of understanding ought to be evolved.
Europe, traditionally liberal, progressive society that was the venue of enlightenment and renaissance, is fast falling into the trap of obscurantisms and neo-conservatism. Islamophobia with its nauseating nuances has obscured the vision and has led to producing false perceptions and pseudo-rational dialogues. The scholars and intellectuals who were the beacon light of enlightened movements are writing columns and producing chronicles full of hatred and misperceptions. Theories like Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” and Pascal Bruckner’s “Invention of Islamophobia” are produced to condemn Muslims to the league of fascists and eliminate the essential elements of civilization from the religion of Islam. Muslims are known now as the new Jews of Europe and thus targeted for eventual elimination. The recent brutalities unleashed in Norway by Anders Breivik indicate the intensity of anti-Muslim feelings which may be strengthened to assume more heinous dimensions. In “The Cult of Ethnicity” Schlesinger, the American thinker warns that “there are forces at work within our nation that undermine our principles of democracy”. These forces appear in the guise of individuals and groups who assert the authenticity of their ideologies by deploying weapons when and where they deem them necessary.
Hence in order to thwart the onslaught of the oncoming doom we have launched a campaign, through our books of course, to create better understanding among all genres of human species—whether Muslims or Christians, black or white. It is only the books which are the source of rational, enlightened thought that can delineate the course of constructive interaction, peace and harmony. The deployment of force, as President Obama and George W. Bush have witnessed, will not bear the fruits. On the contrary, if this trend is allowed to perpetuate, the West too will fall into the trap of ruin. Henry Kissinger, the former US Secretary of State had already warned about this ruin in 1974 and declared that the world was already on the razor’s edge. It is primarily for this reason that we are producing the books so that the edge does not get sharper to incense the burns on our faces. Our books ensure that the light goes on penetrating into the dark alleys of black shadows to generate the celestial fire with the ecstasy of living lyre.
Dr. Iqbal Syed Hussain:
HUMANITY International
Tel: 0092-55-3842583 ,Cell: 0300 7792452 ,WWW.
In view of the disastrous developments taking place in contemporary world we have produced a number of books to counter the pernicious effects of the false propaganda with rational and authentic arguments. It is a concerted effort to establish that ISLAM is not a religion of extremism and fanaticism. Besides, the books provide a critical analysis of the psychology of ideologies which have been largely perverted to suit specific ends. With these reserves at our disposal we invite you to capture the zeitgeist which is imperative for elevating and humanizing the process of evolution. Just to give you an idea of the books we produce we give hereunder a list of the titles that are available for your study and consideration.
1.        “THE MUSLIM DELUSION: Islam between Orthodoxy & Enlightenment”. Published by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, and recommended and approved for the postgraduate studies in Pakistan.
2.        ISLAM & THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS: Responding to Professor Huntington’s theory ad neo-conservatives’ assaults against Islam.
3.        THE QUR’AN & MODERNISM: Beyond Science & Philosophy.
4.        THE QUR’AN-e- Hakim: its aesthetic and philosophical interpretations. (Urdu).
5.       THE DECLINE OF THE MUSLIM UMMAH: Declared as the best book and inducted in the Services Club of the GHQ.
6.       TERRORISM IN ACTION: Why blame Islam?
7.       PAKISTAN IN CRISES: A proud nation, but a failing state.
8.        ISLAM & WESTERN CIVILIZATION. (Not in stock)
9.        THE MUSLIM DELUSION: Updated, Second edition
10.     TEARS FOR PAKISTAN: A journey into despair.(in pipeline)
Please contact:
Tel: 0092-55 3842583
Cell: 0300 7792452
TEARS FOR PAKISTAN                                                   
“Fondly we weep
for the beauty that is gone”
Baffled by the ever growing chaos and crises we are left with no choice but to weep and cry. Tears begin to flow when we see that in our country nothing moves in the right direction. “Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, and religions destroy spirituality”.
 In agonizing pain, with anguish and angst, we weep and cry for the beauty that is gone. This beauty was the beauty of our heart, the galaxy of our imagination, the focus of our love and devotion—the country we had created and cherished. It could have become the rhyme and rhythm of our breathing, the darling of our destiny if we had nourished and nurtured it properly. But left to the tyranny of the rulers and terror of the terrorists we are left with no option but to shed tears and weep on the fragments that are scattered, and cry on the beauty that is gone.
The loss of the beauty, the fading of the glimmering landscape is a loss that the author of this book alone cannot bear. I am, therefore, submitting it to my readers who might share it with me. The loss is stupendous and the juncture is crucial. We must explain the decaying dimensions to our countrymen, both in the streets and the corridors of power, so that collective efforts re made to repair the damage. This is a serious attempt to shaken the sleeping segments of our society –a society that has gone deep into the abyss of decadence and degeneration. It is a drive to create consciousness and creativity, to sustain the moral and intellectual survival of the nation. It is the vision that invigorates the imagination and illuminates the path into wilderness.  However, we have exposed the dimensions which need action and imagination. The resources have to be explored and exploited to facilitate the journey into wilderness. Later in this narrative we will move to explain how history can be written and how destiny is defined. 
This is not only our humble submission, but a serious mission that must be activated to sustain the saplings in the wilderness. We have written the above book to warn our people of the oncoming doom. They must realize the gravity and rise to thwart the crumbling dimensions from further collapse; otherwise the entire land may be reduced to the drums of fodder for dogs and wolves. A constructive and creative response is the minimum that we expect from you. This is the first step to restore the beauty that has gone away from the façade of our country.  If you remain silent then your silence will be more fatal than the onslaughts of enemies.
University of Cambridge, UK
Humanity International
It is not in our stars that we are underlings…
It is almost 1000 years since Muslims have been in decline. This long period is a sordid tale of infirmities and deficiencies, sorrows and sufferings that has been discussed in this book. It is a gateway to sad reflection and crude awakening. Such a venture was the need of the hour for long time, which has been undertaken now with the hope that it will awaken the Muslim Ummah and accelerate the quest for ideals that have been abandoned over the past centuries.
However, scanning such a long history is not an easy task. I have made a modest attempt to examine the awestruck details with a view to creating awareness and renaissance so that Muslims could realize the goals that they have consigned to oblivion. Extremism and dogmatism are the main deficiencies which hinder the process of awakening, and progress. These deficiencies have deprived the Muslims of dignity and ascendancy. In this book I have tried to illustrate how centuries have been wasted to the tune of transitory flirtations and the perspectives have been consigned to the debris of decadence and degeneration.
Ignorance and intolerance are the malicious manifestations of a way of life that hardly relates to the realities of Islam. The humane and creative values of Islam are scarcely seen to stimulate the lives of Muslims. The cobweb of confusion and delusion appears with its tentacles to further corrode the superstructure of culture and civilization that once was the glory of Islam. These old frustrations and fresh aspirations are the recurring themes of this book. They indicate vividly the “practical expression of necessity” which is intimately linked to the consciousness of imperatives. The horizons are wide enough but rather bleak. The course of reflection and contemplation is the ultimate outcome that must emerge from such a source of study and inspiration. It involves an intense process of soul searching and introspection. This must be the tool of intellectual renovation and spiritual elevation if we as Muslims have to carve out a destiny that must accomplish the purpose of our creation. This is how Muslims can be rescued from the abyss of stagnation and degeneration, bondage and decadence. It is only then that we can hope to reach the babbling brooks that swing with the melodies of music and songs of spring.
For more details please contact: HUMANITY International 055-3842583   Cell: 0300-7792452
Dr.Iqbal Syed Hussain
In the 21st century when the world is moving fast and some nations have already reached the stars, Muslims remain far from the horizons. Decadence, illiteracy and orthodoxy are the pronounced facets of the current Muslim culture. Deluded by their fantasies they are entrenched in the tentacles of illusions, vanities and misconceptions. Illiteracy, sectarian strife, and misconceived perceptions have further added to their despair. The delusion that besets the Muslim mind represents a deep psychological betrayal that leaves severe scars on the body politic of the Muslim Ummah. It is a period of anguish, despair and delusion, which many Muslims fail to recognize and address. They brush aside the realities by declaring that they are the darlings of God and everything will be resolved in their favour.
The issues are varied and the situations are challenging. Muslims are entrapped in the cobweb of their fantasies and imaginations. Divisive forces are rampant creating confusion and delusion. This is from this premise that we have to take a start and pursue our quest for truth and insight. We have to see where we are wrong and how delusions and dogmatism have undermined the course of realistic action.
The Muslim delusion based on past achievements is not likely to play any significant role in the transformation of our destiny. Muslims in general live in past glory, relish in self-delusion, and waste time in divisive and contradictory controversies. They have a grandeur story to tell and a phony dialectic to inject. Their interpretation of history is self-delusional and their objectives are confounded in confusion and conflicts. The conditions have changed but they are not ready to come out of their caves of illusions and self-centered delusion. Like blind men in the swarthy alleys they appear to be groping without realizing any concrete objectives. Intolerance, violence and orthodoxy are the banalities that have to be removed and unnecessary links between religion and extremism have to be smashed to reinstate balance and affinity in our attitudes. Instead of delusion and deviations humanity and creativity must be the focal points of Muslim ingenuity.
Muslims might raise loud slogans, but the world will not believe them unless they come forward with more realistic and pragmatic policies to change their conditions. A vacuum of purpose and perception would not be helpful in fostering the plans we may need for our well-being. Without change we cannot reach our destination. This is a reality which has to be reckoned, and this is what we make clear in this book.
The book is the latest in our series which we have reconstructed to create a “constructive consciousness” among the Muslims who have become exceedingly indolent and oblivious of the meanings and purpose of life.
The first edition of this book was published in October, 2010, by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, intended to be incorporated in the university curriculum for postgraduate studies. The demand for the book was so huge that all copies of the book were consumed within a few months and now we have produced the second, revised edition for both the students and general readership. This edition has been updated with latest developments which will be exceedingly useful for both the students and general readers. In view of this venture we have no hesitation to assert that this new edition with these new creative ideas will be imperative for our intellectual survival.
The second, updated edition in the mean time has been published and is available for sale.
Time to wake up       
News Comments (0)  Pakistan Today 06 August, 2011
Review by Muttahir Ahmed Khan 
KARACHI -  Iqbal Syed Hussain is, by every yardstick, a man of letters and intellect, and possesses a natural tendency and competence to look very deep into the details of the issues and matters taking place around him.
His books are, beyond any cavil, imperative and helpful for the students, writers as well as the general readers who want to go through a series of critical analysis of the Muslim world’s present crises in relation to the other religious and racial cultures. It is an added attempt by Hussain at furthering the process of enlightenment and renaissance that the Muslims across the world need badly at the current juncture of their decline.
‘The Muslim Delusion’, the book under review, is also a valuable addition to his series of books on the crucial and delicate subject of the Muslims’ religious orthodoxies and misunderstanding of the true spirit of Islam and the factors behind surging extremism in the world. The book comprises total fifteen harmoniously interlinked chapters to help the readers in focusing on certain specific areas for separate analysis. The book welcomes its readers with a soul-elevating and inspiring Quranic reference.
Factually speaking, Muslims are going through a phase of history that is tarnished by mounting confusion and delusion, anguish and sufferings for the global community, in general, and for the Muslims, in particular. This has been characterised by growing assaults to destroy the physical and spiritual reserves of the Muslim Ummah. It is why the book has been published and strongly recommended for the students by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Hopefully this composition will prove to be a ray of hope at the end of a dark tunnel occupied with outdated and useless curricular contents and will exude an aura of suspicion and falsehood.
Hussain’s main stress is on the fact that, “The Muslim delusion, based on past achievements, is not likely to play any significant role in the transformation of our destiny. The Muslims, in general, live, in past glory, relish in self-delusion, and waste time in divisive and contradictory controversies. They have a grandeur story to tell and a phony dialectic to inject.”
Due to their educational and intellectual backwardness, Muslims have fallen prey to so many socio-religious evils that have been maneuvered by so-called religious scholars. Lack of research-oriented curiosity and investigative approach has made the masses, in our part of the world believe what their theocrats sand cunning political and religious leaders want them to believe.
Truthfully speaking, Muslims are the main architects of their own multi-dimensional depravity and backwardness, but they have been brought up in a social environment and educational setup that have brainwashed them completely, throwing them in an intoxicating dream in which they are the most deified, victorious and sacred nation and all other nations are their enemy and are continuously busy in conspiring against them.
It is, no doubt, incumbent on scholars, philosophers, policy makers and, above all, curriculum planners of all the nation states to infuse patriotism and respect and pride for their socio-cultural traditions into the veins of their youth by teaching and training them with the help of a specific syllabus and conventional stories. But, such practices, when crossing the limits of logicality, trust and objectivity, prove to be counter-productive and make the youth crippled on intellectual and spiritual levels.
The present condition is that Muslims, have nothing to their credit with regard to the revolutionary and unprecedented technological advancement and scientific research took place during last 100 years. It is ironic to discern that anti-western theocrats convey their messages to the masses and the youth through the electronic media and other technology-based means of communication that have been invented by the non-Muslims. Set aside the religious channels, websites and FM Radio stations, even a single loud speaker and the electricity, that make is functional, is not theirs. What could have they have done without all these advancements that are a gift from the non-Muslims?
Hussain in his book endeavours to invite the global community including the Muslims to opt for a path of enlightenment, betterment and salvation for the religious fanaticism which is found not only amongst Muslims but in the West too. This book is an important read.
2. PAKISTAN: A Proud Nation, but Failing State”…
By Dr. Iqbal Syed Hussain
“PAKISTAN: A PROUD BUT FAILING STATE” is the title of our new book which deals primarily with constitutional and political crises, clash of institutions, religious extremism and terrorism. It is a tale of debilitating maladies which have brought the country on the brink of divisions, chaos and confusion. No resolution seems to be an ultimate solution of the complex nature of unending crises that threaten the integrity and viability of the state.   Although Pakistan may not be a failed state, but it is very much nearing the level where its affairs appear to be assuming unmanageable dimensions. Corruption, incompetence, clashes between the executive and judiciary remain the main stumbling blocks on the way to effective functioning of the state.
Poor governance, high cost of living and rapidly deteriorating social, moral and religious norms have led to divisions and deviations which continue to perpetuate a pattern of conflicts and encounters. It represents a failure to comprehend and resolve the issues with sincerity and integrity the conditions demand. 
The challenges if not resolved promptly and adequately could cause severe damages leading to further degeneration and dissolution. The quantum of confusion and corruption is so gross that sustenance of the very system seems to be threatened by the growing wave of alienation and distortions, expediency and exploitation. The psychology of ideologies and the implications of egocentric policies have obscured the vision of all the stakeholders in the state. The laxity of incompetent officials and abdication of the sense of accountability on the part of corrupt politicians have caused alienation at the level of institutions and common citizens. The same process seems to perpetuate which started in 1960s and remained to perpetuate over the past sixty years. People of Pakistan are baffled by the policies which have had no substance and no role in creating constructive structures for growth and development. People stare in the eyes of the state for their survival, but hardly any response seems to be forthcoming.
In order to survive collective shame and inspire the leaders and thinkers with a sense of creativity we have written the above book. It is an agonizing analysis of the malaise that has placed serious constraints on the way of creating a sustainable future and a healthy mansion of a prosperous state. The book highlights the values which must be nurtured to avert the crises and ensure a respectable national profile in the comity of nations. This provides a rational and balanced perception and an honest and realistic appraisal of the conditions which pose a serious challenge to the integrity of the state. As a “practical expression of the exigencies” it is a serious study which is worth exploration. Every effort has to be made to rectify the failings of the state and deficiencies of the society. This is how we can remove the disagreeable facets from the ugly face of politics. This is how we can confirm the conception that must be preserved to sustain the state of Pakistan. HUMANITY International  Tel: 0092-55-3842583
Cell: 0300-7792452   Website:
Beyond Science & Philosophy (English)
4.QUR’AN-e-HAKIM: a philosophical and aesthetic interpretation (Urdu )                                                                       
Although many books have been written on the Qur’an, yet it is very seldom that any serious, compact works have been produced to analyze the events from humane, scientific, philosophical and futuristic perspectives at the same time. While interpreting the Qur’an many writings have failed to accord due thought to the issues of the contemporary age, especially in context of secularism and modernism, and the sacred book  has been left  exposed to critical onslaughts from some sections of Western biased theology, atheism, politics and media. At the same time recent terrorist attacks have caused an uproar creating confusion and consternation about Islam and the Qur’an. Consequently the neo-cons and fundamentalists in the West have been caricaturing the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and planning to burn the Qur’an. They have in the meantime established a cottage industry which is mainly oriented to fabricating Islamophobic products of intensely pernicious nature. This is the most disastrous situation which has been exceedingly disturbing and demeaning for the Muslims in particular.
In order to obviate these negative effects and create a better understanding of the Qur’an and Islam we have produced two books “The Qur’an & Modernism” (in English) and the “Qur’an Hakim: a treatise of philosophical and aesthetic interpretations (in  Urdu) for our readers both in the Muslim world and the Western hemisphere. The idea is to dispel the deviations and distortions that continue to contaminate the genuine conception of Islam and the Qur’an. 
In these books a serious effort has been made to discuss both sacred and secular issues with their social, scientific and philosophical connotations. The realities of human life both in material and metaphysical context have been presented comprising the conceptual and speculative conceptions. The existence of God and the purpose and nature of life have been elaborated with socio-biological, biblical, and philosophical variations when and where necessary. The correct perception of the Qur’an is imperative as it is only with its light that we can go through the dark tunnels of human life. On occasions it also goes beyond the planks of science and philosophy on which is based the general perception of secularists and atheists. There are some fundamental connotations which form the basic premise of this conception.
The author has ventured to establish that modernism in Islam is not an anathema and modernity does not pose a challenge. A creative response is always possible with thoughtful analysis and deep insight.  The author makes it clear that the Qur’an is not a book of thoughtless concern and Islam is not a religion of static stereotypes.
With consistency of conception and grace of expression the prosaic situations can be turned into effective affirmations. With the excellence of language and diction a vision extends toward capturing the movements of the cosmos. It is called the Qur’an.
This is an imperative that affirms the vision and vitality of the QUR’AN and extends beyond science and philosophy of modern world. It is also important to understand the life and thought of Islam and its civilization. Those whose minds are nurtured on Western thought and those whose mindsets are divorced of the least streaks of modernism will be equally guided by the balanced and progressive conception of the QUR’AN.
The above books make the elucidation of the Qur’an easier for the benefit of mankind in general, and especially for those who are egocentric and dogmatists in their mindsets. Although altering the intellectual and conceptual connotations especially when they are entrenched in narrow confines is an exceedingly difficult task,, yet making an efforts and helping others to appreciate the essence of the Qur’an could not be a futile exercise in the current contaminated environments.
The books have been produced to elucidate the peculiarities of the divine injunctions in a language and style that could be comprehended easily by the modern man. Apart from the secular and scientific segments, the books place a strong focus on the fundamental doctrine of the Qur’an and all other biblical scriptures: the doctrine of the historical continuity of divine revelations.  The books while underscoring the pre-eminence of the Qur’an in temporal and metaphysical life go beyond science and philosophy, physics and metaphysics maintaining the supremacy of the ultimate reality. Penetrating deep into the ‘crystal spheres’ they establishes the reality of a cosmic order, the organic process and the laws that apply both to universe and human life.  In the light of modern discoveries the Quranic verses have been interpreted to substantiate the evidence of creative rationality.
With a vast range of analytical and lexical endowments “The above books on Qur’an, we hope, will go a long way to shatter the barriers of illusions and misconceptions which hinder the process of a pure perception and clear conception. They will also help desist the neo-cons and fundamentalists in America to reverse their sting and conform to the dictates of rational thought, religious grace and inner enlightenment. A study of the books will open new horizons to explore the hidden meanings of the Qur’an and integrate it into the fabric of modern human life. This will be the beginning of a process that has been lying dormant for long time. On way towards this realization we might be able to turn the revelation into a manifestation of human excellence and consummation. The presentation of the books in this form and spirit will be an act of charity to serve Divinity and transform the humanity.
Tel: 0092-55-3842583
TERORISM IN ACTION: Why blame Islam?
Dr. Iqbal Syed Hussain
In exile in Switzerland Lenin observed that “there are decades when nothing happens and there are weeks when decades happen”. We are going through such weeks, I presume, at present time. The process of dehumanization and structural dissolution is so rapid and uncertain that it drives man from depletion to depredation, from depression to degeneration. Man today is so much suppressed by the dehumanizing conditions that his very soul seems to be crushed under the debris of brutal attacks and physical assaults. Entrapped in the cobweb of antagonistic forces he is deprived of the essence of moral and human interior. With evils and terror on the horizon man wonders if he has lost track with the stars of civilization and gone back in the Stone Age with no hope of reaching the stage of consummation.
In an age of oppression and depravation terror has added a new element of confrontation to the dimensions of rival systems of thought and ideologies. It has given rise to new doctrines and new methods of suppression.  As such terrorism and military interventions have replaced the essence of human nature and man appears to be more beastly inspired than at any other time in human history. In the words of Plato the beastly desires “bestir themselves in dreams when the gentler part of the soul slumbers, and the control of Reason is withdrawn. Then the wild beast in us becomes rampant and goes in quest of what will gratify its own instincts”.
In modern age of dehumanization, 9/11 was the most disdainful event which shook the spectrum of world peace and harmony. In the aftermath came the American bombing raids which caused destruction and demise on an unprecedented scale. Brutality was visible in the most naked form. The very shape of civilization seemed to be fragmented and deformed.
“TERRORISM IN ACTION; WHY BLAME ISLAM” is a comprehensive, analytical study of the 9/11 incident, and provides an interpretation both from human and historical perspectives. The question arises if man should be allowed to choose a reasoned or desperate response to suit their own philosophy and ideological way of thought? Should adventurism and militarism be the response to terrorism? Should it be the basis for the animals to replace men to impose their compulsive injunctions?  Such are the questions, which bestir the minds of readers. They are discussed critically to seek release from the wheels of fire, which set ablaze the wells of hatred.
This book makes it clear that in order to resolve the religious and ideological divergences we should not deploy destructive means and crusades and terrorism are not the appropriate response to the follies of a few mistaken souls. Confusion and conflicts should not lead to clash of civilizations. Thus the book, based on a broad and balanced analysis, could be a convincing contribution to a rational and scientific study of the subject.
Dr. Iqbal S. Hussain
A new century is upon us and civilizations are almost on a collision course. As Muslims we are confronted with attacks and accusations, which have already debilitated our fragile socio-cultural, political and economic structures. With hardly any indigenous technology, economic strength and moral reserves we are exposed to the catastrophes of huge destructive enormity that bring us nearer to the stage of breakdown and disintegration.
The situation has become all the more serious since 9/11. The clash of civilizations which till now was a mere myth now seems to have assumed an expression of naïve reality. As the conditions harden, the prediction of Friedrich Nietzsche appears to be translating into real impressions. There will be wars as never before” has begun to advance by ordered stages. “How could the human mind cope with the spectacle of civilizations turning against one another annihilating their own integral elements in an orgy of organized destruction?
The questions of clash of civilizations, fundamentalism and ideological confrontations have become the core issues of the modern age. Since they concern directly the Muslim world, and allegations are directed against the Muslim extremists, the above book has been produced to discuss the gravity of the situation and the urgency to survive its pernicious effects. Since we live in a world, which is not of our own making, we have to face the varying situations and resolve the issues which confront us in our day to day life. How to face the challenges and evolve a strategy of principled and rational discourse is the main theme of “ISLAM & CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS”. Since the collapse of the World Trade Center the West in general and the United States in particular seem to have assumed a position of intolerance and even their civilization appears to have lost its amiable, sophisticated features. As a result of inadequate understanding, confusion and despair the dynamics of dialogue on which depends the process of peace has become bereft of the essential elements of reasoning and rationality. There are more attacks, more discrimination against Muslims, and there is increasing occupation with subjects that earn the neo-cons and fanatics more hostility and combat.
In a mood of despair and disillusionment we find people talking about the ‘Clash of Civilizations and Islamophobia.  The fear and suspicions seem to have made it hard for them to approach ISLAM objectively.  This is the tragedy of the modern age which in spite of its rapid advance seems to have had no substantial impact on the mode of thought in the western world. It is high time that efforts are made to reshape the collective consciousness and build a greater civilization embracing all segments of humanity. Hence a positive perception leading to a better understanding of Islam is the imperative to avert further clashes between the two major religions. The cornerstone of modern civilizations is the reconciliation and pursuit of conversation.
In our books we have tried to remove the misconceptions by exposing the unholy hues of irrational and hasty judgments. Maybe our efforts succeed and establish the supremacy of reason and understanding over passions and extremism. Maybe a “way out” is found for the intellectual survival of the nation and collective welfare of human civilization. This could be a suitable outcome of our efforts which are intended to translate the irrationality of obscurantism into a rational interpretation of ideological and political conflicts-- an opening to the enlightened approach to the problems of the world, and a move to the intellectual survival of the nation.    
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IQBAL SYED HUSSAIN:  A Creative profile
Author, Scholar & Human Resource Renovator-- -
“From woman’ eyes this doctrine I derive
They sparkle still the Promethean fire;
They are the books, the arts, the academes,
That show, contain and nourish tall the world.” Shakespeare
These lines define the dimensions and proportions of life and delineate the exigencies from which is derived the inspiration that bestirs the mind and heart of the writer. Reading and writing has been Iqbal Syed’s main domain since his early days in schools and colleges and it became his obsession when he entered the arena of practical participation to meet the challenges of life. Intellectual, academic and truly human endowments were the most sought after ideals that stimulated his aspirations.
After doing his post graduation from Government College Lahore he joined the Inner Temple, London, but gave up the Bar because he thought that in legal practice the compulsions of the profession demanded distortions and deviations from the path of truth. Such a course, as he believed, could not be compatible with the principles of ethics and morality. Hence he went back to his favorite field of research and writing.
Decrying bigotry and anti-immigrant feelings pervading the British society he launched his own journal to express the grievances and complexities of migrant’s lives in Britain. This was a challenging job which merited concerted efforts and serious thought. Several British politicians contributed their articles and opinions to the journal (“The Immigrant”, London)
In 1969 he came back to Pakistan and joined the Pakistan Muslim League as Press Secretary and continued till the end of elections in 1971. However, frustrated with the process of social and political diminishment he went back to Germany where he worked as a correspondent, political analyst and teacher of English.
In 1980 with a number of German and Pakistani friends he established “the Pak-German Friendship Society” with a view to creating better understanding and facilitating the flow of medical, technical and economic assistance to Pakistan. In this regard he sought the cooperation of a German NGO which helped him with the supplies of therapeutically based food and medical requisites for the poor sections of Pakistani society. He arranged huge supplies to the victims of Ojhri Camp and during 2005/06 provided substantial medical aid for the natural disaster areas in northern Pakistan. His participation in the relief work was appreciated by the official and non-official sections of society.
As a result of these thoughtful ideas and creative endeavours, books, education and, charity constitute the main plank on which is constructed the structure of Iqbal Syed’s present and prospective plans and actions. These in short are the areas which keep him fully occupied and ready to respond to the exigencies of life. Poverty alleviation and caring for the diseased segments of human society are the essential ingredients of his personal philosophy which prompt him to do more and more in this regard. During the recent flood disaster he managed to procure huge quantities of medical supplies from Germany and distributed them among the affected persons. 
In late 1980s he moved again to England to take up a job at the Cambridge University as an Examiner (GCE) and visiting professor, and at the same time to work as Governor of a British Grammar School (Langford, Hounslow) in London. The position of the Governor was offered by the London Education Authority which he employed increasingly for the benefit of Muslim students at the institute.
Although both the above positions were productive and lucrative, yet his main passions were the writing of books and doing charity work. Since these works could be done more easily and efficiently in Pakistan, he decided to mover over to Pakistan in 2003, where since then he has been concentrating on writing and doing charity work.
In 1977 his first book “Islam and Western Civilization” was published which turned out to be a great success and since then he has been writing books to create better understanding and remove misconceptions about Islam. Regeneration and transformation, renaissance and creativity are the central themes of his books. Recently “The MUSLIM DELUSION”- a book assigned by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and written by the author- has been produced and recommended for postgraduate studies in universities and colleges in Pakistan.
At the same another book (The DECLINE OF THE MUSLIM UMMAH) of the author has been selected among the best books to be inducted in the Services Club of the General Head Quarters (GHQ) of the Pakistan Army. This book is now available for distribution among the officers of the armed and civil services of Pakistan.
In the meantime the author has written eight books and hundreds of articles which have appeared in European, Middle Eastern and Pakistani media.  (Please see the list of his books attached herewith)
His books are now available in American and British universities and public libraries. Information about these books is available on international websites such as Google, Modernilamicstudies, Open Library and several other well-known sources of communications.
His other books in the pipeline are “Wolves in Paradise”—An Encounter with Warriors of God” and “Tears for Pakistan” – A Journey into Despair”.
The author believes that books, charity and education form the foundation which determines the contours of human destiny. It is on this foundation that nations rise or fall. This is how the quest for a noble, creative man that God had conceived can be accomplished. This is how man can realize the destiny that human beings in general and Muslims in particular are destined to accomplish. These are the areas which spur the author’s drive and it is here that he seeks to discover the identity and consummation of human life. 
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10/14/2011 7:11:42 AM saleem

Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kachhocchwi seems to me a big fraud. I doubt his credibility and I doubt that he is a good Maulana or Syed at all. He is playing in the hands of anti Islam forces. His statement speaks about his ignorance and intolerant attitude full of hatred. Wahabbism is just a sect like so many sects in Islam. This Kacchocchwi Mullah has no right to call Wahhabis anti national. I hate such stupid mullahs who are cheating people and calling themselves true follower of Islam. Such people use religion for their ulterior motives. He is anti Islam in the garb of a Maulana. Certainly this mullah will use the proposed Muslim Mahapanchayat for fulfilling his dirty political agenda and filling his pockets and spewing venom against a sect of Islam. Why is he misguiding people that Wahhabis did not establish any trust or Waqf!!!!!!

Does this Mullah want to spread sectarian violence in India like Pakistan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on him!

10/13/2011 2:34:36 PM Ghulam Mohiyuddin
I fully agree that Wahhabism is an alien and a regressive ideology. Its followers are violent and coercive. Subcontinental Muslims must fight it with vigor and eradicate it from our midst. Islam in India is based on the foundation of tolerance and a spirit of "Live and let live".
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