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25 Nov 2009, NewAgeIslam.Com
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad: The Man Who Knew The Future Of Pakistan Before Its Creation
7/30/2016 2:10:06 AM Sree
Each and every word of Maulana Azad has come true, the more leaders of pakistan try to make Pakistan a Islamic nation the more Pakistan is heading towards division, Pakistan needs to become a secular state and save itself, a vibrant, happy, secular Pakistan is our wish from India.
6/30/2016 10:51:59 AM Aayina
Safaqat M

My feelings are not hurted.

If you cannot trust Hindus that is your community problem, we trusted Muslims, so who ever wanted to stay they stayed, there may be even more Hindus poor and living in sub-human condition as like Muslims in India.

Well Pakistan was having substantial amount of Hindus, the number left out now is more like museum piece.

But well what can you expect from Muslim, a community which is slef - centric and limit to just Muslim problem.

For your kind information Muslim ruled Hindus nearly for 1000 years, which Pakistani are very proud up, just do not worry about our civilisations like value.

The question of Indian
 taking leadership well we have short sighted leadership and comminuty too, you can be example of it.

Comeing to India to civilisation you had too same if you are finishing on name of your relgion its your problem.

Anything Hindu has to be finished its your problem.

We Indians have keep our Muslim invaders civilisation too, not only that we have kept the Parisis too in our country too, who were prosecuted by one of our Abrahnmic relgion.

Your Parisis are leaving your country, they are also harassed unnecessary like Hindus, with Hindus we know that Pakistanis are in permenant hatred state of mind, which we are use to now.

You Balme your fathe and mother and also want to take lead role well I do not think they will like to help you.

If you hate India because majority of them are Hindus and want to take lead role to take out sub-continent form mesiery, how can be possible, first changed your mindset.

I said why do take campaign of India and Pakistan making one again, you straight said you cannot trust Hindus, than how can we take lead.

We are large hatred, when I said this making old India one again. Looking at condition of population of all three countries, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Hindus will became minorit.

The problem of Muslim is that they are in constant state of hatred mind with Hindus.
6/29/2016 6:27:31 PM Shafqat Mahmood
In response to Ayeena,

In my "very personal opinion" Muslims would have been stronger in United India but the present state of muslims in India leads one to think otherwise.  Hard to trust Hindus; In his book Henry Kissinger comments that Muslims of subcontinent are nobel whereas Hindus are shrewed.  Nothing wrong in being shrewed if it is in the field of knowledge, innovation and trade and not to undermine or harm others.  Unfortunately, Hindu dominated India has historically dwelled on maligning and hurting neighbors (all neighboring states); this is because India is stronger than all neighbors.  Fine, might is right but a state like India with more than four thousand years civilization needs to behave above the might is right privilige. Anyway, I repeat my stance that India needs to take lead and ensure that it not only affords sense of security to its neighboring states but endeavours to stabalize them economically, socially and geographically.

As far your questions about migration is concerned, most Pakistanis, like Indians, migrate because of financial gains.  I must agree with you that I myself would like to migrate, if needed, to some western country, instead of some Islamic country, in view of the civil liberties, human values and freedom.  However, I must mention that I, along with my family, have visited almost all worth mentioning countries of the world, but unfortunately except India.  Why not, I blame Indian leadership for this. I live in Lahore, 15 KM from Wahga Border and about 24 KM from Amritser.  I should be able to drive to Amritsar and Delhi.  Who is depriving me from touring an ancient civilization? I hold Indian narrow minded leadership, especially the RSS, for this dilemma. Leadership from my side is also somewhat responsible.

Sorry, if my comments hurt your feelings, but please be rest assured I never meant to hurt any one.  Take care
6/24/2016 5:46:48 AM Aayina
Shfaqat Mahmood.

You are true in many sense, but you need to understand political power.

Our countries never had real democracy, those people we choose are mostly chosen by western powers and after that local public take in charge to make them hero or zero.

What is happening with you, me and our people in sub-continent is due this same political powers.

If want to live in democracy you have to play active role, not just by being vocal, but by making people aware what is real democracy and how politics change our life for bad or good.

Rather than blaming India, please educate people, a civilised society always bring some better solution than uncivilised people.

As I said India has accepted Pakistan as nation.

What we Indians have never accepted you double standards likewise, Pakistan was created on basis Muslims are very different from Hindus and they get different country.

Here is real question for you to re-think.

Think Question1
Why than Pakistani Muslims are going as minority in western country if Muslims are very distinct people, they should not even think of going out and stteling in western countries, Pakistani Muslims can go to other Muslim country( we all know how we people are treated in those Muslim country).

Think Question 2
If you think that Pakistani's going to other country is valid, then my brother rather than migrating to western country and live on mercy of western(((( western people are more civilised, they not hurt lots of your and mine sentiments as long as you don't hurt theirs, but this mercy is still like "bhikh"))), you people should start political moment to make that old re-Union back( does not matter what name you give, I know you people hate name of India, so do Indian for pakistan)
6/19/2016 1:03:02 PM Shafqat Mahmood
In response to Aiyina's comments:

Eversince I was born, raised and schooled, like other Pakistanis I read and observed that India never loses any opportunity to damage its much smaller in size neighbour Pakistan, economically, geographically and morally. India refused to Pakistan's share in divisible funds, it blocked rivers flowing towards Pakistan and above all funded anti-Pakistan elements throughout the history. We feel that Indians want to avenge the Mogul's centuries long rule over India.

World is changed now. We need to learn with Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians in harmony.  Had India not wasted its energies on damaging Pakistan, it would have been superior economic power than China. But, unfortunately, instead of long term advantages, Indian leadership has been pursuing short term gains by continuously maligning and damaging its next door neighbor.  

India needs to play bigger, as per its size; instead of damaging its neighbours it needs to give them sense of security. 

I don't care what politico-religious leaders, on both sides, claim but I do feel that people of sub-continent want better living.
6/17/2016 3:17:56 PM Aayina
Shafaqat M

Well India always wanted peace, Pakistan never wanted. 

It is false statement propagated by Pakistan that India did not recognise it.

There will be never peace, because Pakistan want to finish Hindus in India as well. It's idea exisiting mostly in all Pakistanis(except few), the biggest vocal man in this Zaid Hamid from Pakistan. Dr Israr Ahmed said similar statements but in different fashion, Allma ibtizam Elahi Zaheer, this all use inflammatory speech against Hindus, there are many more.

Let's take Indian ones Zakir Naik, is biggest one but if you want I can give you list.

After this bad idelogy of converting some extreme Idelogical Hindus wanted same thing and did try with some poor Muslim, but it is not working, thanks god( which we all do not know) for that

Now let's take a very calm and very well versed Javed Ghamdhi, he too says same thing but says we give them dawat that this the only truth( only Islam), we say them if they accept it ok otherwise they( people of other faith) can follow what they have to but we won't kill them and will give equal rights. 

Any community who feels superiority had have given equal rights! to other in the world, it s proven histroy, even at the time of Mohmmad paigamber as soon as people accepted more and more Islam.   (after adopting Islam and with lot of shahba ready to fight they feel new superiority)    at the time paigamber and left out minority was dictated what are the new terms and condition of living with this Newley converted people, which Recent Mordern Muslims try to project as first democratic document.
6/17/2016 5:01:06 AM Shafqat Mahmood
90% of what Maulana Kalam predicted has turned into reality.  However, now that Pakistan exists besides India, Indians should learn to recognize it and instead of consuming energies on dismantling it, should find ways and means to turn Pakistan into a friendly, peaceful, economically strong neighbor like European union states.  This is quite possible if India takes the lead as a seven time bigger brother.
12/27/2015 7:34:48 AM Muhammad Khirad Alam
Moulana Azad was an anti Pakistani person so we have zero value for him in our country. I totally disagree with his opinion.
8/9/2015 10:10:05 AM sridhar
Some people are saying this interview never happened. Sourish Kashmiri also wrote a book in which he referenced this interview. We must believe it happened unless there is a strong case against it.
Maulana Azad had expressed similar sentiments in a speech in Jama Masjid in 1948. He was staunchly opposed to partition. At the time, Jinnah called him "Congress party's showboy". But what he said then seems prophetic today!
11/25/2014 6:17:22 AM Manzar
It is right that the battle of Jamal  was fought between Imam Ali and Hadrat Aisha (widow of the Holy Prophet) but Qurans were displayed on lances in the battle of Siffeen. Correct me if I am wrong.
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