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Islam,Terrorism and Jihad (20 Sep 2012 NewAgeIslam.Com)


  • @shahin, You really have the guts to take on the mad crowd risking your life.  Hope there are more to follow you which will be good for the indian muslim and for india.
    it is great to find a muslim who has withstood the temptation of easy money and fame of the petrodollars.

    By satwa gunam - 9/28/2012 1:00:22 PM

  • Sultan Shahin sahib what you have explore in your speech is commanding. Really Terrorism is a monster. All the countries and our government should take strict action against this monster otherwise It would swallow our religious humanity. When I start thinking about terrorism why this terrorism is? And what conditions create a favourable climate for terrorism?" the answer is quite clear and simple Social and political injustice. but  many people today believe that religious fanaticism "causes" terrorism  NO, It’s completely wrong  Terrorism is a complex phenomenon and a specific kind of political violence committed by poor people who are suffering from religious injustice and political conspiracy.  Finish the cause of terrorism not terrorist because every man who is suffering from religious injustice and political conspiracy is terrorist in my words.
    By Sonika Rahman - 9/22/2012 12:44:35 PM

  • why is it that almost all news of/from muslim countries is negative? --violence, hatred, suppression of women, denial of rights to minorities, poverty, illiteracy--that's all that one hears from these countries. the only common factor in all these countries is their common religion.....so, a sensible question to ask is: what role does this religion play in promoting to the predicament that all these disparate countries collectively face? muslims and non-muslims need to honestly face this question. it is pointless avoiding it by mouthing preachy rhetoric
    By flyfly - 9/21/2012 11:47:05 AM

  • Congratulations! Mr Sultan Shahin Sb commands eulogy and acclamation from the peace-loving brethren of the world for his incomparable efforts and sincerely deserves Nobel Peace Prize for his revolutionary endeavour to save the world from all sorts of violence, if Barack Obama can win it for no work for peace and harmony, why not
    By Raihan Nezami - 9/20/2012 2:33:52 PM

  • Very eloquent speech. In India Hindus and Muslims stand together to fight terrorism. It is an evil that must be eradicated.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/20/2012 2:26:24 PM

  • Dear mr Shahin, You are indeed courageous. like someone said, to speak the truth in the times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.
    may your kind increase!
    By proud for mr shahin - 9/20/2012 12:54:30 PM