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Islam and Human Rights (20 Mar 2012 NewAgeIslam.Com)


  • Rather the religion of Islam teaches us to uphold the rights of all human beings to walk with humility and to leave the divine judgment to Allah alone. Even our enemies deserve their basic human rights.
    By KF - 1/31/2019 11:08:43 AM

  • Nice article and good comment from Sadaf.
    By Raihan Nezami - 3/28/2012 4:37:22 AM

  • Human intellect is subjective no matter how hard we try to remain neutral and objective. That can be clearly seen by some posts here which are tribal in nature even though people try to appear fair!! I think it is for this reason alone we need Divine Guidance that does not cater to mechanizations of man's intellect to serve (knowingly or unknowingly)subjective agendas,
    By Mubashir - 3/27/2012 10:39:54 AM

  • @sadaf You can try your best. you know one thing the violence is invariably started by muslim and finally they are the victim. It is story in india and world wide. Generally wise men learn from history and fools seldom. Further mother is the reality and father is the faith. Living being know mother by instinct and father by introduction by mother. Honestly you are true representative of fundamental muslim and that can been seen from your limitation of thoughts. My good suggestion you could move to sites like the following : http://www.bismillahnews.in/ You can have your aho rupam aho duwani conversation and leave the site for thinker.
    By satwa gunam - 3/26/2012 10:10:29 PM

  • The technology of Sama, Beda, Dana and Dand will be applied on Jansanghis if they try to come in path of the rise of Indian Muslims. And yes, humarey yahan Fatherland kahlata hai, because India humare Baap ki Jageer hai which has been won by our forefathers. Rest your request to keep it named Hindustan is not an issue with us, we know India has majority Hindu population and respect Hindus and have no issues if Hindu worship whatever they call their God but only thing is we do not tolerate Jansanghis who hatch conspiracy against us.
    By sadaf - 3/26/2012 11:55:43 AM

  • First india is the mother land and not the father land. India has larger hindu population to called hindustan. In eye of the world, india is better respected to be a hindu country rather than islamic barbaric country. Any efforts to change demography and culture will be given back with fitting reply of sama, beda, dhana and danda.
    By satwa gunam - 3/26/2012 9:01:22 AM

  • Indiais one of the biggest Islamic country, both in terms of population and in area.India is a huge market and has great influence on world economy. India has oneof the best constitutions and it is democratic and free-media country, withwhatever small discount for not being very perfect but still India has greatfuture. And such a plum opportunity to be world power cannot be just handedaway to anyone. Jansanghis have to fight it out with Indian Muslims and IndianMuslims will defend their Fatherland with all their might. At least 10% of themcome from those stocks who were able fighters and conquerors and rest 90% arefrom those who had converted to Islam and who will throw their weight to havetheir rights.

     Other major nation claiming to be with Muslimnation are Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iran, and Egypt. Pakistan isalready going downhill with their corruption added with Saudi backedsectarianism. They have no future. Indonesia is totally cutoff from Arab issuesand Indian Subcontinent's Muslims. They will be somewhere there in the worldbut of not much consequence. Rest all the above mentioned countries aren't asmuch powerful as India. Egyptians are still struggling with concept ofdemocracy, Iran is still struggling to survive in International politics, andBangladesh even though with some great potential is too small a nation at leastat present plus they are climatically challenged. And there can be no questionof rest 20 or so rich dogs of America in Gulf Nation to have much influence asthey aren't free in real sense. They do not have substantial population, andthey have yet to overthrow their Kings and different flags and differentcurrencies and wrangle themselves out of their hatred for Iran and Shia's ofthe world. Of all Arabic speaking people of Gulf, the fact is Shias are more inpopulation with Iraq outweighing all gulf nations put together and they aregoing to be there to wrest with Saudis for the oil and representative of Arabworld. Even if Gulf countries of the size of Indian districts succeed insolving any one or two problem, they will continue to be bogged down for atleast 200 or more years, say till the time oil- their real nemesis is there.

     So the only country to have a leading positionis India and Indian Muslims has no contenders basically from anywhere of theIslamic world except sick Pakistan and baby Bangladesh. I disagree with Mr.Ashok Sharma if he understands that the oil rich nations are Islamic and theyhave great future because of that. Neither they are Islamic, nor they havegreat future, at least not a foreseeable one, nor have they got great talentexcept to exploit poor Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Philipino servants.Since these poor people find job over there that doesn’t make these countriesvery influential. Not even in terms of economy. There are just a 50 Lakhs, thatis half Crore of servants from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh put together inGulf states while the Muslim population is over 50 Crore in the subcontinentwith India alone making half of it. Gulf state’s army is nowhere comparable toany of the armies from that of Iran or even Pakistan and that too is made up ofpersonnel from Pakistan and Bangladesh who couldn’t get selected in theirrespective country’s Army. The only another group who could have rided theadvantages of their country’s Super Power Status is China’s Muslim but we allknow how they are discriminated and marginalized in China with Communism andauthoritarian regime with no free press, compared to them Indian Muslims havejust one problem to handle and that is Jansanghis.

    Iwon’t say that is not a big problem for Indian Muslims but if hypotheticallyspeaking, they managed to beat Jansanghis in their agenda to make India a HinduRashtra for which India keep burning for 100 or 1000 years, then it will be aloss not just for Indian Muslim or India as a whole but also for the Worldwhere Indian Muslims could drive some wisdom to the warring nations that go bythe name of Islamic World.

     Indian Muslims have much to celebrate that inIndia Shia-Sunni conflict isn’t there. The Barelwi-Deobandi / Sufi-Wahabiconflict is still much contained. India is not under influence of greedyAmerica and Indians as a whole aren’t that much devoid of those values whichIslam honours. In India, Hindus and Muslims put together there is less ofnudity compared to that in West as an average Middle-class village and urbanpeople are religious and believe in piety and do not say that someone is poorbecause that someone hasn’t worked enough but they actually believe in destinyand sympathies with poor. Indian children live in mixed society and learn theart and necessity of living with others and do not keep sitting alone oncomputers and then coming out all of sudden from nowhere to fireindiscriminately on their school mates as they do in West with more wealth percapita. In India a Muslim of even criminal background becomes an electedrepresentative but that is so because a Hindu of criminal background toobecomes an elected representative so basically Indian Muslims are at paritywith Indian Hindus in terms of power sharing. Even otherwise just as an averageIndian Hindu who is honest is poor so is an average Indian Muslim who is honestis poor. So be it in criminal race or be it in honest living Hindus and Muslimsare at parity. At one side you have RSS the other side you have SIMI so anyillusion that Muslims or Hindus are not at parity is wrong. Of course wherethere is democracy, those who will collect themselves and group themselvesunited and be identified as such find power by the rule of rule by majority.This majority is not necessarily in terms of Hindus or Muslims. The NorthIndian with more Population have more say in India. East India with morepopulation has more say in India. Extreme North East has lesser say but stillthey participate in the Indian political system even when one can be certainthat they cannot make Prime Minister from North-East, but in a similarsituation a Sikh became Prime Minister because he is backed by majority.Another example is there that even when women constitute almost 50% of Indiathey aren’t found in government or private jobs in proportion to their number.Does that mean they should give up their struggle and run away to Middle Eastto find jobs saying they are being discriminated in India, their motherland?

     So basically if only people identifythemselves with group identity not necessarily based on religion then can theyfind themselves on the majority side in a democracy. Jansanghis camouflagethemselves using the name of Hindus saying things which Hindus do not actuallysay. A normal Indian Hindu is one who wants peace and prosperity and will notmind sharing a deal with anyone including Indian Muslims and the same is truefor an Indian Muslim. It is only the SIMI and communal kind of Muslims whocreate panic and confusion among Muslims and make threatening gestures toHindus. And if normal Hindus encourage normal Muslims to join together in theircollective target of making India peaceful and prosperous country, they areaccused of Muslim appeasement from Jansanghis on one hand and SIMI kind Muslimsare the one who come right in front of normal Muslims flaunting their beards toassert that they are the normal ones and deceive the poor normal and goodwilling Hindus.

     So while a normal Hindu has to handleJansanghis at one end and communicate and encourage normal Indian Muslims atthe other end for a making India a happy, successful and powerful nation,Indian Muslims have to pull up their socks if they want to enjoy the fruits ofabsence of Shia-Sunni conflict and contained Deobandi-Barelvi conflict andalmost no influence of Satanic USA unlike that of caged Middle East nations.Not just that, nobody is stopping them from wearing Burqa aur giving Azanunlike that of in many countries. Jansanghis cannot do much in this regard.Indian Muslims are free to express unlike that in China and in all they aremuch endowed to live the way they like and pray anywhere, on streets andplatforms and in Mosques and at homes.

     But in order have something more they need toparticipate in Indian economy and polity whole heartedly. They should not giveJansanghis a chance to destabilize the good going of India. Jansanghis willcome up every now and then with this drama or that drama, sometime with a bonethat it was thrown in their temple or sometime they will fire cracker atPakistan’s win and provoke Muslims to react to prove themselves loyal. Such fearfulapproach only serves Jansanghis intention. They want to create a rift betweennormal Hindus and normal Muslim and in fact all this at least normal Muslimsknow and am sure even normal Hindus too know but such is the delicatecomposition of India that there is less of law and order, more of corruption,less of safety, more of crime, that it is the responsibility of those who wantto survive to find ways to survive. And for which they must come down heavilyon miscreants.

     A normal Hindu should come down heavily onJansanghis and a normal Muslim should come down five times more heavily on SIMIand all kind of foolish Jamats. Muslims should disperse form such Jamats andparticipate in bigger Jamats of economic and academic interest. That is in theinterest of Indian Muslims and that is in the interest of India and that is inthe Interest of the world. If Indian Muslims cannot produce world classScientists and world class Sportsman and world class Generals and world classJudges it is more difficult for Arabs who have lesser motivation or Iranianswho are more insecure than ever or Pakistan who are suicidal in their hatredagainst India to produce the same.

     A Pakistan is what could have been ifJansanghis had become more strong to overthrow democracy and constitution inIndia. Remember, how many times Pakistan has overthrown democracy andre-written its constitution? Remember, how Pakistan has declared itself to be anon-secular nation? Remember, how Pakistan has spent its wealth on wars, directand indirect, against India and now is almost broke. These are the reason whyPakistan is a poor nation today with no electricity and no proper hospital.Their hatred for India has corroded them from within. Their indiscipline anddistrust in democracy has brought out their Generals to find an excuse ofover-asserting themselves. Their treatment of their minorities is a shame forthem.

    Jansanghiswill of course credit entire Muslims for that but instead of fighting withJansanghis over this as Muslims- even though in much different scenario andhaving much different target of being Super-Power, Indian Muslims need tocommunicate to all, including Pakistani Muslims and Muslims of rest of theworld that all is not well in Pakistan and Pakistan should be pressurized by nationslike Saudi and China to whom Pakistan listen to not suppress their minority. Ofcourse these nations have their own bad record of suppressing their minorities.So basically, Indian Muslims as Muslims can just let Pakistani Muslims knowthat now when you have an independent country of your own which you wanted, youshould have no excuse of not being on Islam. Islam asks to protect the rightsof Minority. Where is the ‘Islamic’ in Islamic Republic of Pakistan?Unfortunately the shameless Pakistanis laugh back at Indian Muslims saying youall are doing politics for your own survival but we don’t care for being‘Islamic’ as we never really cared for even being ‘Republic’.

     All that Pakistan cares for Kashmir, for whichthey will continue to beg around the world but pay for. As Indian Muslims, weknow Pakistan can never have Kashmir and Indian Muslims will never let themhave it as neither it is in interest of Indian Muslims nor Indian Muslims arethat weak to let anyone take away a single inch of India.

     Just as we do not accept anyone to encroachupon our property and do not tolerate anyone threatening to encroach it, IndianMuslims can never accept Kashmir to be handed over to Pakistan. If it willrequire going for more wars, Indian Muslims will go for it because that is inIndian Muslim’s interest. Pakistan cannot afford more wars with India andcannot survive any war for long. People have always fought for their land andpride, so has Indian Muslims fought over centuries and so will they fight itagain. And it has got nothing to prove their Indianness or loyalty towardsIndia. Such cheap tests are only for Jansanghis.

     Jansanghis have yet to prove how good they areat fighting; Indian Muslims have history of victories and God willing they willhave victories in future too.

     Call it a day dream, but I can foresee thatwithin next 200 years from now, Lahore and Karachi will be part of India andIndian flag will flutter over there. No Jansanghis of our time will survive tosee it happen just as no one of us will survive to see it, but those who willlive in that time will see it. Boundaries do change over a period of time andso will it change again. But of course it won’t be that the flag of Pakistanwill flutter on Delhi but Jansanghis paint such a picture to arouse normalHindus. And if they can hope to be successful in arousing then I too can hopeto arouse Indian Muslims. And if they fail in arousing then even if I too fail,that wouldn’t be of much shame. But one thing is there in our respectivefailures to arouse passion and it is that Jansanghis aren’t going to succeed indestabilizing normal Hindu or even normal Muslim and therefore the majority ofIndia. It is only SIMI kinds who will bite the bullet.

    By sadaf - 3/26/2012 7:13:45 AM

  • Kahkashan,

    Islam is what we aspire to. If we truly aspire it, we have to work to reach it.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 3/26/2012 12:13:43 AM

  • Maybe Islam does fully protect Human Rights of Religious Minorities, as Sultan Shahin tells UNHRC at Geneva. But as he himself admits, Muslims don't. 
    Now what is Islam, the one found in books, or the one that one can discern from Muslim conduct and behaviour?
     I wonder if this is a good enough question for our thinkers on the site to ponder over.
    By Kahkashan - 3/25/2012 6:05:16 PM

  • While I agree with Mr. Ghulam Mohiyuddin, we should remember that at some stage, most societies did not have equal rights and dignity for minorities and women. Of course,these concepts have come late to the Islamic countries. But it does not mean that the ideas of equality and human rights are alien to Islam or, Islamic countries. It is only a transitional phase. Islamic countries have good future as they possess scarce resources and also have the potential to develop good talent.
    By Ashok Sharma - 3/20/2012 11:09:46 PM

  • True, Almost any state which has muslim are majority, the minority will not have any rights is the rule than exception. Tone of the Muslim mob changes the moment the critical mass is achieved is the sad reality. Even in the internet, but for this site, nobody wants any feedback whether it is constructive or otherwise.
    By satwa gunam - 3/20/2012 10:44:42 PM

  • Well-said Mr. Reyaz!
    By Raihan Nezami - 3/20/2012 10:37:37 PM

  • The reason why the Muslim world is down in the ditch is because we are not following the Qur'an and we are not following the teachings of the Prophet. The Qur'an Says: ‘you follow your religion, I will follow mine’; ‘let there be no compulsion in religion’; ‘whoever will, let him believe, and whoever will, let him disbelieve’. Still, and more specially the Arab world, because their mother tongue is Arabic, we do not follow the simple, basic message of the Qur'an. Without a doubt, Islamic states are the biggest violators of minorities. If the same thing starts happening in India then over 18 crore Muslims will unite together to protest the action, citing the reason of 'equality', but when it comes to their non-Muslim brothers then 'equality' is nowhere to be found. Since we are all the children of Adam and Eve or according to the Hindus, the self-made Manu, we are all brothers and all the people around us is our family, even atheists, agnostics, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs etc we are all brothers, not just for the name sake but it is a fact.
    By Aiman Reyaz - 3/20/2012 7:33:35 PM

  • How civilized a community is can be judged by two criteria: (1) Equal rights and status for members of minorities and (2) Equal rights and status for women. Based on these two criteria, over 90% of Muslim majority countries can be called uncivilized.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 3/20/2012 1:37:36 PM