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Radical Islamism and Jihad (16 Sep 2019 NewAgeIslam.Com)


  • @Shaik Abdul Hameed Yes! To some extent, your point is also true..
    By Rajib Mitra - 10/28/2019 9:56:41 AM

  • Should be hacked to death
    By Vijay Kumar Chaurasia - 10/28/2019 9:55:19 AM

    By Krishno Krishno - 10/28/2019 9:54:08 AM

  • Please listen the voice of Mr.Ravish Kumar
    By Krishno Krishno - 10/28/2019 9:53:09 AM

  • Islam is a headache to some nations because of terrorism
    By Reji Abraham - 10/25/2019 11:29:20 AM

  • Every violence happen anywhere u see Muslims r killing still remaining called muslim terrorist such stupid shaitan Shaheen black sheep supporting so called western propaganda shame on u
    By Abdul Muqtadir - 10/25/2019 11:28:51 AM

  • What is fobia? A mental illness..where people are scared with your actions every day every where every time chanting death slogans Ola uber....don't fool people you can only fool dumb famminist libtards etc I can post verses and show that how you lie
    By Praveen Mandal - 10/25/2019 11:28:22 AM

  • @Shaik Abdul Hameed थोड़ी सी कहीं कोई बुराई हो जाती है तो मुसलमानों द्वारा हिंसक प्रतिक्रिया होती है। केवल मुसलमानों ने ही ईशनिंदा विरोधक कानून क्यों बनाये?
    क्या ईश्वर की या मुहम्मद के बारे में कुछ हकीकत बोल देने से इस्लाम खत्म हो जायेगा ।
    संसार में गाजी की उपाधि हजारों हत्याओं के बाद ही मिलती है?
    तो फिर इस्लाम हत्यारा धर्म हुआकि नहीं?
    By Santosh Kumar Vishwakarma - 10/25/2019 11:27:39 AM

  • @Abdul Muqtadir Thanks. Har musalman bhai sahi rastha chalne ki koshish karna hai.
    By Shaik Abdul Hameed - 10/25/2019 11:26:59 AM

  • @Snehashis Kahali good analysis
    By Abdul Muqtadir - 10/25/2019 11:26:26 AM

  • Shaik Abdul Hameed excellent reply to so called muslim,s article other than artificial
    By Abdul Muqtadir - 10/25/2019 11:25:57 AM

  • @Dev Soni 👍
    By Rajendran Pillai - 10/25/2019 11:24:39 AM

    By Dev Soni - 10/25/2019 11:24:13 AM

  • @Dev Soni
    They should improve and adapt policy of live and let others live peacefully..!
    Or else we should make them observe sych polucy...
    By Suryakant Bhuptani - 10/25/2019 11:23:48 AM

  • I liked your shrewdness. This is what Islam enculcates in each of it's follower. Other is never accept your misdeeds and blame others for that also. Idiotic Islamic bigots. Great.
    By Ram Lal Thakur - 10/23/2019 11:30:34 AM

  • @Shaik Abdul Hameed yeah except you everyone is a fool that how you people are forced to believe it seems
    By Dominic Richard - 10/23/2019 11:29:55 AM

  • @Shaik Abdul Hameed
    change your mentality go to deep and accept the truth its a need of hour....
    By Rajiv Engti - 10/23/2019 11:29:27 AM

  • Please think about world's terrorists activity, you will observe more or less
    90% are from Muslim community. Why? Why they are so fanatic to establish their religion through out the
    World? Why they are so under distressed? Why they are not depicting
    Holy Quran in a scientific manner ?
    By Siddhartha Banerjee - 10/23/2019 11:28:58 AM

  • Rajib Mitra My friend, I don't know whether my reply will serve your purpose. I always say and write that blaming any religion is the biggest mistake generally the people talk about. Unfortunately this is a big misconception. Wrongdoers and unlawful elements are always there in all religions. They create the problems and unwittingly the religion is at fault. Hope you realize this. Moreover Islam doesn't need any changes but it's followers need as the followers of other religions too need to be.
    By Shaik Abdul Hameed - 10/23/2019 11:28:28 AM

  • Hinduism discovers the mysteries of Metaphysics of Universe
    By Samit Roy - 10/23/2019 11:24:29 AM

  • @Abhijit Mukherjee We have already paid for bieg honest ,being highly secular and being participated in the freedom struggle. History can not be changed or may it be rewritten.ln Chicago l have listened to a celebrated Historian speaking "lndias's present shape and dimensions are modelled by the sacrifices rendered by muslims".
    By Syed Mohamed - 10/23/2019 11:23:57 AM

  • @Zamiruddin If only you really got entertained! This typical aggressiveness is not what entertainment elicits.

    By Abhijit Mukherjee - 10/23/2019 11:23:23 AM

  • @Abhijit Mukherjee Ah! Abheejeet you are still around to entertain us please continue.
    By Zamiruddin - 10/23/2019 11:22:47 AM

  • We look forward with hope for a new world.
    By Ananta Dash - 10/23/2019 11:20:56 AM

  • So funny😂😂
    By Emaduddin Siddiqui - 10/23/2019 11:20:26 AM

  • @Madan Mohan Sarkar it is their duty to defend Islam by any means. And to destroy the whole world.
    By Arun Chandra Handique - 10/23/2019 11:19:45 AM

  • Saifulla Saifee do not think others fools. Osama Laden was a dreaded terrorist deserved a violent death. He was certainly behind the destruction on 9/11.Why are you trying to defend the killer?
    By Madan Mohan Sarkar - 10/23/2019 11:13:37 AM

  • Heavily radicalized were the people who hijacked the plane. Still 90 percentage people are heavily radicalized, dangerious to humanity.
    By Lucian Dsilva Dsilva - 10/23/2019 11:13:04 AM

  • Saifulla Saifee
    Yes he pre planned every thing...
    Why spread false messages...
    By Suryakant Bhuptani - 10/23/2019 11:12:15 AM

  • Indians have killed sheikh's Nd Muslims in many states ....the insane is that still u have PM Modi the butcher of gugrat mulsims Nd ur conning here to lecture on terrorism have some shame
    By Hilal Rashid - 10/23/2019 11:11:36 AM

  • @Brajesh Singh wah welldon .you replied Very good.
    By Arun Chandra Handique - 10/23/2019 11:10:17 AM

  • Sajjad Hussain He killed enemies but he renounced crown and converted to Buddhism, unlike others who still justify violence, jihad and fidayeen.
    By Brajesh Singh - 10/23/2019 11:08:20 AM

  • Very interesting subject and one can understand the islamiphobia culture and its danger.
    By Sunirmal Ghosh - 10/23/2019 11:06:33 AM

  • Very interesting subject and one can understand the islamiphobia culture and its danger.
    By Sunirmal Ghosh - 10/23/2019 11:02:41 AM

  • Ronald S Sangma fantastic my friend. I am agree with you.
    By Arun Chandra Handique - 10/23/2019 11:02:01 AM

  • More inclination like several times prayers is inducing the people to non material world than the material world. That so why scientific discoveries are affected.
    By Manoranjan Mishra - 10/23/2019 11:00:41 AM

  • The article looks sarcastic and contemptuous.There is no compulsion in Islam.lslam never ever preaches hatred or terrorism.Most of the terrorist violence and explosions are carried out by Europian, US and Israeli provocations.Who has initiated the First world war, Second world war and the Gulf war .Hence the charges made by the writer are inauthentic and baseless.
    By Syed Mohamed - 10/15/2019 8:53:42 AM

  • @Syed Mohamed If you indeed consider concerns at the unduer harassment of the innocent Muslims, cheap and foolish, you are a priceless mind! Or may be something for which a high cost has to be paid.
    By Abhijit Mukherjee - 10/15/2019 8:52:39 AM

  • @Syed Nizamuddin Kazmi A foolish article for cheap popularity.
    By Syed Mohamed - 10/15/2019 8:51:44 AM

  • A sane Islamic voice at last.
    By Radharao Gracias - 10/15/2019 8:50:16 AM

    By Gautam Ghosh - 10/15/2019 8:49:34 AM

  • Islam is religion of Terrorism see the history and justify their killing of millions
    By Prashant Surani - 10/15/2019 8:48:57 AM

  • @Paul Jeyaprakash what would you say about RSS hooliganism and Modi's views over Kashmir issue? Put lights on curfew act in kashmir as well.
    By Hafeez Niazi - 10/15/2019 8:48:19 AM

  • O fine let us discuss debate truth will come one day
    By Rafiqul Islam - 10/15/2019 8:47:21 AM

  • Holy BIBLE, Colossians 2: V 8. Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.
    By Agnelo Diaz - 10/15/2019 8:39:24 AM

  • @Shaik Abdul Hameed yeah except you everyone is a fool that how you people are forced to believe it seems
    By Dominic Richard - 10/15/2019 8:38:29 AM

  • @Rajiv Engti I am very sorry. The whole system lives in Myth and where is the space to accept the Truth. God save Bharat. Jai Hind.
    By Shaik Abdul Hameed - 10/15/2019 8:37:47 AM

  • @ Shaik Abdul Hameed
    change your mentality go to deep and accept the truth its a need of hour....

    By Rajiv Engti - 10/15/2019 8:36:48 AM

  • Please think about world's terrorists activity, you will observe more or less
    90% are from Muslim community. Why? Why they are so fanatic to establish their religion through out the
    World? Why they are so under distressed? Why they are not depicting
    Holy Quran in a scientific manner ?

    By Siddhartha Banerjee - 10/15/2019 8:36:13 AM

  • @Rajib Mitra My friend, I don't know whether my reply will serve your purpose. I always say and write that blaming any religion is the biggest mistake generally the people talk about. Unfortunately this is a big misconception. Wrongdoers and unlawful elements are always there in all religions. They create the problems and unwittingly the religion is at fault. Hope you realize this. Moreover Islam doesn't need any changes but it's followers need as the followers of other religions too need to be.
    By Shaik Abdul Hameed - 10/15/2019 8:35:35 AM

  • We can't have Islam in this holy land where it was imposed by violence and treachery.
    By Madan Mohan Sarkar - 10/15/2019 8:33:19 AM

  • @Madan Mohan Sarkar what's your problem in accepting the facts.
    By Sayed Abdullah - 10/15/2019 8:32:40 AM

  • @Madan Mohan Sarkar have you heard of jihad or Islamic terrorism before 1979?? In fact US and western world poured millions of dollars in Pakistan to start jihad specific madrasa. They were provided training and weapons by CIA and NATO. The media glorified jihad as a noble cause to fight for freedom to defeat the then ussr .But when Russia was defeated by Taliban they were hailed as mujahideen.
    By Sayed Abdullah - 10/15/2019 8:32:07 AM

  • @Sayed Abdullah don't blame US. Can't hide the dark side of Islamisation effort blaming US.
    By Madan Mohan Sarkar - 10/15/2019 8:31:04 AM

  • The whole theory of equating Islam with Islamophobia is like equating a murderer with the murdered, a dacoit with the robbed and an oppressors with an oppressed.Such a conclusion has been drawn without any evidence to justify it. One should know that the madrasa education has been a continuous system in practice since centuries. It's not a modern day phenomenon. Why was there no talk of jihad etc before 1979??This whole drama was designed by US and it's allies to fight erstwhile USSR .
    By Sayed Abdullah - 10/15/2019 8:30:29 AM

  • @Talha Haroon आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद 
    By Prabhat Maheshwari - 10/15/2019 8:29:25 AM

  • Good effort, but the fanatics will reject his LOGIC because they are FANATICS,
    By Manoj Kumar Sarkar - 10/15/2019 8:26:45 AM

  • श्रीमान प्रभात माहेश्वरी जी इस स्पीच का हिंदी अनुवाद हमारे वेबसाईट के हिंदी सेक्शन में उपलब्ध है जिसका लिंक निम्न में दे रहा हूँ-

    Islamism and Islamophobia इस्लाम परस्ती और इस्लामोफोबिया ने हिंसा को आधार प्रदान किया है, सुलतान शाहीन ने मुस्लिम देशों से संयुक्त राष्ट्र संगठन के घोषणापत्र पर अमल करने की मांग की

    By Talha Haroon - 10/14/2019 12:14:48 AM

  • @Shaik Abdul Hameed This article is written by a learned , considering the present situation and how a Religion is decaying towards anarchy.. The author could realise the actual facts and findings .. Because present day Islam is spoil and unfit to consume.. It needs some scholers for rectification of the same..
    By Rajib Mitra - 10/13/2019 11:58:07 AM

  • @Kalyan Kishore Singh Dear Sir, A lie written several times becomes a myth, and the present day world believes the myth as truth.
    By Shaik Abdul Hameed - 10/13/2019 11:57:31 AM

  • @Shaik Abdul Hameed Pl accept the facts. This is a fact well recognised by the world. Remaining in denial mode will not help.
    By Kalyan Kishore Singh - 10/13/2019 11:56:15 AM

  • @Snehashis Kahali Sir, sub ko apni apni lagi hai. I mean who is dare enough to bell the cat. It is the responsibility of a every citizen to come out openly if the situation warrants. Unfortunately nobody wants to come out of his den and take the risk. Even the sane behaves insane.
    By Shaik Abdul Hameed - 10/13/2019 11:55:06 AM

  • @Shaik Abdul Hameed You are right but it is our duty to clean bad elements from our society.Bad elements always try to safe themselves under the umbrella of religion so always project the good thing of religion.
    By Snehashis Kahali - 10/13/2019 11:54:28 AM

  • The article looks funny and it is totally wrong to blame any particular religion for the present day happenings throughout the world. I agree that certainly there are some unscrupulous and hawkish elements in every religion and they have become tools in the hands of some politicians resulting creating xenophobic violence undermining wisdom. Truth is far away from the bundle of lies. 9/11 is a glaring example.
    By Shaik Abdul Hameed - 10/13/2019 11:52:44 AM

  • हिंदी अनुवाद करने की कृपा करें
    By Prabhat Maheshwari - 10/13/2019 11:51:03 AM

    By Dev Soni - 10/9/2019 11:23:39 AM

  • Religion is fake and scam, let people wake up
    By Bobby Chuks Brawn - 10/9/2019 11:22:41 AM

  • Islam survives on conspiracy theories, suspicion, hatred and violence.
    By Om Prakash Trivedy - 10/9/2019 11:22:07 AM

  • @Rabindranath Polai U r a teacher from Orissa also a worshipper of many idols Basic of Islam is One God and messanger of ALMIGHTY ALLAAH is Prophet Mohammed very simple Don't worry nothing to happen to human race Reading Quran is better than blaming about Islam That's all
    By Abdul Rawoof Dawood - 10/9/2019 11:21:10 AM

  • @Pranav Patnaik First u think urself U r one drop sperm of your father Then carry you in a form of blood clot by ur mother From that stage till ur end who give d knowledge and other good tidings? It's not a matter of centuries but from first man and woman created by d almighty Allaah Fundamental principles of Islam is bow before almighty Allaah without hesitation.That enough for till d end of d universe.
    By Abdul Rawoof Dawood - 10/9/2019 11:20:34 AM

  • Islam is insulted by. it's own halala. boys
    By Pramod Mahakul - 10/9/2019 11:19:14 AM

  • HONOUR KILLINGS AND BLASPHEMY KILLINGS SHOULD STOP. Many pakistanis feel it is their right to abduct and forcibly convert christian women and marry them. A land where fundamentalists rule the land and there is no law and law abiding people suffer. Thousands of Yazidi women were raped and sold into sex slavery . why the umma did not question that.
    By Philip Chandran - 10/9/2019 11:18:28 AM

  • Attention-claiming state of affairs .
    By Tanmoy Bhattacharya - 10/9/2019 11:17:44 AM

  • Ashish sb says, "Islam is a religion that forces people to still think like 7th century fanatics."

    The term 'fanatic' is not suitable for those people of faith. 
    I have not seen in this age any of the people who can be equal to those of the seventh century in any good attributes. 
    From Chowkidar to Hawaldar, there is so much corruption in this century that is extremely painful. 
    This age has produced the most destructive weapons ever to claim peace! 
    The Powerful strikes the weak. Murder, indiscriminate killing, all such crimes are rampant. But the people call themselves progressive. 
    Except for a few, most people are progressive in cunning, prejudice, harassing noble men, oppressing Minorities, and to say, which crime is not existing in this world?! 
    To your misconception, Islam does not prohibit from rethinking in the 21st century but only for good cause. 

    By GGS - 10/8/2019 10:11:30 PM

  • Islam is a religion that forces people to still think like 7th century fanatics. It calls for elimination of other faiths and cultures by conversion or by jihad. The complete reluctance of "peaceful" muslims to even acknowledge this fact ensures the continuity of this barbarism. That is the sole reason for hate against all muslims and islam as a religion itself
    By Ashish Kanti - 10/8/2019 4:43:50 AM

  • Religion and hate are two sides of same coin! and humanity is diminishing very fast due to selectivity approach!!Humanity is the only coin to replace both religion and hate!!!
    By Neelakanth Kulkarni - 10/8/2019 4:42:56 AM

  • @Rabindranath Polai Muslim Radicals and Sangh parivar are same.
    By Azeefiya Chelannur - 10/8/2019 4:41:57 AM

  • @Pranav Patnaik could you make a better world? What is statecraft BTW?
    By Shahab Aryan - 10/8/2019 4:41:04 AM

  • One day Islam will destroy the human race.The Muslim radicals don't have tolerance to other religions .
    By Rabindranath Polai - 10/8/2019 4:40:28 AM

  • No terrorist leader does the attack. They manipulate kids and then make them do the attack in the name of jihad. Islam is the curse on this world. A violent ideology that is eating the world from inside.
    By Ashish Kanti - 10/8/2019 4:37:54 AM

  • Yes, And Muslims didn't kill each other in Afghanistan Iraq Lebanon Kuwait Yemen Syria And
    Yes The Pakistani muslim army didn't butcher the Muslim Bengalis is then East Pakistan...
    I think this man is pathetic

    By OldSukkur Panchayat - 10/8/2019 4:37:15 AM

  • Change is inevitable..
    By Suresh Krishnan - 10/8/2019 4:23:55 AM

  •  Indian Muslims are the sufferers where as they all express highest regard ,allegiance and respect to the law of the land where ever they stay.
    It is like somebody has sadistic pleasure and other has the baby.

    By Somnath Bose - 10/8/2019 4:17:56 AM

  • Though the world wide violence in the name of Islamic jihad is active worstly, some secularist are sympathetic and believe in such evil Islamic practice.
    Now, question is how the peace loving world can overcome such devils? What is the preventive measure that to be taken? UNO has already failed to prevent such religious Zihadism.
    In my opinion, prominent Muslim countries should come forward to do something against that Practice of Zihadism.

    By Bimal Majumdar - 10/8/2019 4:14:08 AM

  •  मजाक है या हकीकत या फिर आपका दीवाना पन ।
    इस्लाम के बनाने वाले ने सोच कर अच्छा बनाया । मज़हब और सियासत के ठेकेदारों ने अपने मतलब के लिए जैसा दिल आया चलाया । अकबर ने भी ,,,नये इस्लाम ,,की तरह ,,दीन __ ऐ__ईलाही ,, चलाया ,उसका क्या हश्र हुआ आप को मालूम होगा ।
    न्यू एज इस्लाम। अच्छा ख्याल है ,केवल उन लोगों के लिए जो इंसानियत को सबसे उपर मानते हैं , भाईचारे , मुहब्बत में शांति में यकीन रखते हैं।
    इसके उल्ट मज़हब और सियासत के धंधे बाज और उल्टी सोच के बिमारो को यह सब पसंद नहीं आयेगा ।
    दिल का हाल कहे दिल वाला । कोई तो आग में हाथ डालेगा इस समाज को जगाने के लिए।
    इस प्रस्तुति के लिए आपका धन्यवाद।

    By Madanlal Arora - 10/8/2019 4:09:27 AM

  • Dear Mr Shahin.
    Salam Alaikum.( Hope you as founder editor of New Age Islam will not be upset by my offering "peace upon you".
    I am not your fan,neither appreciated the contents of your NAI and had unsubscribed . This was about nearly  decade back,though i acknowledge your command of the language.
    However,recently i have again been included in the mailing roster and have found that you have changed your approach and have adapted an inclusiveness by giving space to traditional and mainstream writers and thinkers on various aspects and issues of a religion followed by over 1.8 billion souls.
    I appreciate the change and hope it would go a long way in creating tolerance of diversity in views and thoughts from minds that have common thread running through their souls.(Ummah and Wahdat)
    Syed Qamar Hasan.
    Former Abu Dhabi Bureau Chief Gulf News,Khaleej Times.(UAE)

    By Syed Qamar Hasan. - 10/7/2019 10:56:41 PM

  • Ashoka's contributions to promote peace,  tolerance and justice in the late period of his life must be appreciated.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 10/6/2019 11:31:18 PM

  • but (historians say) ashoka waded through knee deep blood to reach the throne. that sort of dents the nice image does it not? and to boot he learnt the value of peace after he made rivers of blood to flow. slow learner maybe.
    that again creates some drift!

    By hats off! - 10/6/2019 6:01:53 PM

    By Ranjan Gogoi - 10/6/2019 11:49:40 AM

  • Bobby Rai, well said.
    By Dinabandhu Nayak - 10/6/2019 11:49:01 AM

  • False narrative.
    Was #Expansion of #Islam not sololy made by mere violence since its inception ? How Islamic states were established in India, Africa, Spain and in other parts of the world ? By preaching ?
    Did in those days Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism resort any kind of violence to spread their Beliefs ?
    So how is it true to preach that Jehadist violence is a new feature of Islam growing with the time?
    To convert followers of other Beliefs into islam by any means whether violence or money is the instruction of Quran. Continuance of the Jehad against non believers until followers of other Beliefs are converted to Islam never stopped, only slowed down in some phases of Time during History.
    Learn from Ashoka the Great who never sought the help of Violence or Money to spread Buddhism.
    By Bobby Rai - 10/6/2019 11:48:22 AM

  • @Dinabandhu Nayak It is a perversion of theism and obscenity against God.
    By Dinabandhu Nayak - 10/6/2019 11:47:48 AM

  • Find islamophobes here....just go through the comments -
    By Shahab Aryan - 10/6/2019 11:46:59 AM

  • No terrorist leader does the attack. They manipulate kids and then make them do the attack in the name of jihad. Islam is the curse on this world. A violent ideology that is eating the world from inside.
    By Ashish Kanti - 10/6/2019 11:46:25 AM

  • Yes.A Muslims didn't kill each other in Afghanistan Iraq Lebanon
     KuwaitY Syria And Yes The Pakistani muslim army didn't butcher the Muslim Bengalis is then East Pakistan...
    I think this man is pathetic
    By OldSukkur Panchayat - 10/6/2019 11:45:51 AM

  • Saifulla Saifee justifications are part of jihad ul asgar
    By Maanas Sharma - 10/6/2019 11:45:16 AM

  • I think it is very a realistic representation of situations prevailing in most of the Muslim countries today. In my opinion vanishing values, ethics and morals are playing significant role in development of such conditions. Islam has clearly identified respective spheres of religion and state. Yet we can notice, and as covered in article, that in history as well as in recent times clerics and statesmen have, either knowingly or unknowingly, tried to cross the boundaries. Albeit, the interpretation of jihad is another issue of great importance if we want to resolve the so called clash of civilizations. In my opinion it is again unethical practice  of clerics and statesmen to emphasize the status of selected interpretations for their vested interests. I would like to suggest all friends to study how Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at is dealing with this issue as they only accept Holy Prophet Muhammad' s (pbuh) life as criterion to describe Islamic Jihad. 
    By Sultan Mohammad Ahsan - 10/6/2019 10:39:06 AM

  • Islamism or Islamofacism is the main issue.
    Islamophobia is a natural & justifiable.
    The issue is there is a 1400 yrs old doctarin is still kept in the same format when every other contexts have changed.
    By Somnath Bose - 10/6/2019 9:14:24 AM

  • Newspapers should print Shahin's article
    By Brijkishore Thanvi - 10/5/2019 12:44:21 AM

  • Sultan Shahin is perhaps a paid agent of Zionism & neoChristianism.
    By Hussain Rabi Gandhi - 10/5/2019 12:43:39 AM

  • One day Islam will destroy the human race.The Muslim radicals don't have tolerance to other religions .
    By Rabindranath Polai - 10/5/2019 12:42:56 AM

  • @Azeefiya Chelannur You are equating 14th Century with 21st Century ! That's the fanatic fault with you ! Moreover relligion is for the believers who believes in it not meant for State Crafts ! Relligion and State are two different things ! But you people always mixed state craft with relligion which is known as Fanaticism which you people unable to understand ! Nobody talking about Bharat by whose name Bharat was named which was known later Hindustan or lndia ! Nobody talking about for the reign of the Kings and Emporers whom the people of this World discarded for better a better world but you are still talking about 14th Century Adminstration ! Really horrible for the civil society of 21st Century !
    By Pranav Patnaik - 10/5/2019 12:41:57 AM

  • I do agree with. Mr. Pradhanmantri.
    By সুনিম'ল ধর চৌধুরী - 10/5/2019 12:39:02 AM

  • @Saifulla Saifi Yeah"closed minds..... reasoning" or urguing with people who believe in their own lie..waste..
    By Parag Das - 10/5/2019 12:38:19 AM

  • U think d leader himself will choose to be d suiceder bomb? The leader in obscure gives d order. Still continuing. Wants to finish off d earth in d name religion. What sort of religion is theirs. World would v been better without religion. Only livingbeings.
    By Kkpradeep Pkumar - 10/5/2019 12:36:53 AM

  • Saifulla Saifee is looking like Another islamist/terror apologist in the garb of conspiracy theorist
    By Kurian George - 10/5/2019 12:34:40 AM

  • @Saifulla Saifee like he had to personally go there. He had young men do that thing for him.
    By Anand Swayamshri - 10/5/2019 12:33:35 AM

  • @Arun Kumar Sharma, It is good that you are proud of your Sanatan Dharma. Everyone should be proud of what they believe in and should stop badmouthing others.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 10/5/2019 12:31:40 AM

  •  @Ghulam Mohiyuddin---Sanatan is a evolutionary religion---its goes with.nature --there are thousands of scriptures and 33 types of.gods but no.infighting----every person is free to worship this way or.that way or not worship et.al----sati practice was not frequent but some widows used to burn themselves to.save them from muslim barbarians -- joharpratha was also there---because the muslims used to rape even the corpses of Hindu women---
    By Arun Kumar Sharma - 10/5/2019 12:30:44 AM

  • @Kkpradeep Pkumar, all three of your assertions are false. But you don't have to worry. Other communities are equally bad or worse. As I said before, all of us have murky pasts.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 10/5/2019 12:29:56 AM

  • Sati only in two or three states. Human sacrifice very acient all over d world. Untouchability sparingly. These doesn't exist.
    By Kkpradeep Pkumar - 10/5/2019 12:29:09 AM

  • Muslim scholars have been going hoarse reiterating that all war verses in the Quran are contextual. We should get over this parroting of: "We better than you."
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 10/5/2019 12:27:54 AM

  • @Dinabandhu Nayak Dinabandhu Nayak very good explanation.
    By Ajoy Dutta - 10/5/2019 12:24:15 AM

  • A thought provoking article
    By Syed Nizamuddin Kazmi - 10/5/2019 12:22:37 AM

  • It takes only a negligible few to cause destruction. That possibility can never be corrected by any logic. New generations among Muslims, would simply abandon their religion, and create another one for themselves. 
    By Tulsi Tawari - 10/4/2019 5:31:20 AM

  • @Sultan Shahin Why don't u come on TV channel? Or u already have?
    In order to make above statement a genuine thought on social media, it is necessary that this should be published in the form of a news paper or a magazine article
    Till that moment wisdom demands that I should treate this post as I cognizable
    By Natrajan SwamyRao - 10/2/2019 11:09:23 AM

  • This reaction should come from muslim people.also.Whether educated or educated they want to be conservative and Orthodox only.They used all modern method to destroy people of other faith in Islamic countries.
    By Natrajan SwamyRao - 10/2/2019 11:08:12 AM

  • @Abdul Rawoof Dawood  Yh we are in a process from long time and so we also moved to a different religion in that process. We are evolvin, liberalising,reforming continuously....Thx
    By Ajay Hoke - 10/2/2019 11:07:24 AM

  • @Ajay Hoke u r a Ambahkarist from India First u think what happens in India those innocent Sc women who killed for go to toilet by the Hindu upper caste people some days ago First u try to up lift Ur Sc and ST community who r suffering lots of trouble from so called Hindu fundamentalist elements of Independent India
    By Abdul Rawoof Dawood - 10/2/2019 11:06:38 AM

  • There is an urgent need of reforms and liberalisation in Muslims....
    By Ajay Hoke - 10/2/2019 11:05:55 AM

  • @Pisharath Balakrishnan U r from Thirissur Kerala. R u have any friends of Muslim or u have any relationship with Kerala Muslims If no u r spreading hatred among the people of South India
    By Abdul Rawoof Dawood - 10/2/2019 11:05:02 AM

  • @Azeefiya Chelannur what shit are you spewing? Total dishonesty. No one can ever live in peace with your barbaric cult
    By Thiru Sethuraman - 10/2/2019 11:04:31 AM

  • Why god created muslims :(

    By Jamir Wati - 10/2/2019 11:03:43 AM

  • There shall be no rug if you take out its roughs.
    By Dinabandhu Nayak - 10/2/2019 11:03:04 AM

  • @Abdul Rawoof Dawood, Koran has no context and it is considered eternal and applicable for all time to come. But Gita has a clear context and Krishna's advise was addressed to Arjuna, not to 'believers'. So your attempt to draw parity between Koran's incitement to violence and Gita's call to fight Kauravas is wrong.
    By Dinabandhu Nayak - 10/2/2019 11:02:27 AM

  • @Pranav Patnaik Prophet governed his state as per Qiram. Now, even muslims are not using it. That is the problem.
    By Azeefiya Chelannur - 10/2/2019 7:31:56 AM

  • @Pisharath Balakrishnan In Mahabharatha Arjun is asked by Krishna to kill his cousins. Does it mean all cousins are to be killed. Regarding terrorism, when it started? By whom? When people are supressed by political terrorism like Palastine like situation, it will take place. How ISIS was created Tony blare confessed his mistake of invading iraq telling lie on WMD. Same way countries like USA is invading and supressing people and now Sangh Parivar government is doing same in Assam and Kashmir. They don't have guts to tpoch Naga dissidents.
    By Azeefiya Chelannur - 10/2/2019 7:31:28 AM

  • @Abdul Rawoof Dawood Quran is meant for Muslims only for their relligion not to be used as functioning of the State ! But Jihadis misused Quran for their ugly intentions for which most Muslims are suffering for it than other relligion !
    By Pranav Patnaik - 10/2/2019 7:30:42 AM

  • Abdul Rawoof Dawood
    What is stated in Qur'an is not the question, but what is being followed and practiced by the extremists in Muslim religion. In Islam, we find religion first, country second and humanity as last in their approach.
    By Pisharath Balakrishnan - 10/1/2019 11:41:53 PM

  • Randev Ronzo Dey don't get upset by response of Saifulla Saifee on the article. The truths the article stated is also finding resonance in the comments of Saifulla Saifee. Closed minds can't be opened with reasoning.
    By Sonti Ganesh - 10/1/2019 11:40:50 PM

  • @Saifulla Saifee lol
    By Biswadeep Das - 10/1/2019 11:40:12 PM

  • @Saifulla Saifee burn your book first.
    By Randev Ronzo Dey - 10/1/2019 11:39:37 PM

  • Do you still believe that 9/11
    was carried out by binladin who was at the time of attack leaving in a hills of afghanistan, one of the most backward and remote areas of the world. A single person with the help of any country in the world cannot defect the defence system of the super power and you are made to believe....
    Use your common sense.
    The way the attack carriedout and the way the way the trade center tower collapsed..
    By Saifulla Saifee - 10/1/2019 11:39:02 PM

  • There is nothing new islam....
    Islam always believed in Allah ke naam pe de de
    They will loot,murder,jihad,hallal but will never work.
    Honesty is nothing in Qur'an
    Once shell gas output reaches its optimum islam will have to bear the burnt.
    Russia will isolate Pakistan and turkey
    Islamic theft will be bruised once for all
    Jai sri Ram
    By Lakshman Bijanni - 10/1/2019 11:38:02 PM

  • @Rajagopalan Ganapathi Subramanian The pasts of all of us are murky, including such practices as untouchability, burning widows alive, and doing human sacrifice. All communities need their Martin Luthers, Gandhis and Ambedkars, and that is what some Muslims are trying to do.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 10/1/2019 11:37:13 PM

  • @Ghulam Mohiyuddin It seems quran teaches only terrorism. In any case, about 1450 years ago one decended on the earth, and ensured that his followers remain a threat to whole human kind, and live like cannibals only. Another is 2019 year old, which does the samebin a different manner.
    By Rajagopalan Ganapathi Subramanian - 10/1/2019 11:35:46 PM

  •  Misinterpretation of Koran is the root cause of all evils. Different sects of muslims interpret islamist ideals suitable to their own ulterior motives. There should be a single authority for Muslim religion. Scholars and sane minded people who are well versed in theology should give appropriate guide lines for different kinds of practises and law. Islam has no scope for violence. It exhorts people for camaraderie. To help poor. Not to allow interest to accrue for their deposits in Bank. So it is high time a suitable convergence of muslim scholars reassert their authority on Islam, so that it doesn't deteriorate further.
    By Jayan Narayanan - 10/1/2019 11:33:03 PM

  • @Mansoor Hakkim Ahamed It's not more than holy bluff.
    By Dinabandhu Nayak - 10/1/2019 11:32:28 PM

  • Islam is a final reminder for final period of this planet Earth n it is not a religion but final prophet dismissed all religions n insisist Mankind not to follow any religion.Sultan shahin like bias n duffer criminals r trying to make Islam as religion,It is a Deen" system" final prophet established a well fair state ,form institutions n make laws Ist time on Earth,before Islam nothing was existing like this n today whole mankind is following the same system.
    By Mansoor Hakkim Ahamed - 10/1/2019 11:31:34 PM

  • खत्म किया जाए मुस्लिम का वोट
    By Mohan Lal Sharma - 10/1/2019 11:30:57 PM

  • When Pak priminister justifies jihad,what to expect?
    By Ratnakar Sahu - 10/1/2019 11:30:21 PM

  •  Yes ISLAM stands for "Inter Services of Living Armaments for Murder"
    By Ronald S Sangma - 10/1/2019 11:29:46 PM

  • Start with Saudi Arabia, see how they are at destructive war with neighbour Yemen.
    By Lucian Dsilva Dsilva - 10/1/2019 11:29:05 PM

  • Mansoon, Hakkim Ahamed, You have mentioned Islam is not a religion.  Let's meditate the Quranic verse below:
    religion seems to be matching 15 verse(s).
    To hear the Arabic, click on the script(s)
     Al-Imran (The Family of Imran) 3:19
    Basit -   Hussari -   Minshawi -
    إِنَّ الدِّينَ عِندَ اللّهِ الإِسْلاَمُ وَمَا اخْتَلَفَ الَّذِينَ أُوْتُواْ الْكِتَابَ إِلاَّ مِن بَعْدِ مَا جَاءهُمُ الْعِلْمُ بَغْيًا بَيْنَهُمْ وَمَن يَكْفُرْ بِآيَاتِ اللّهِ فَإِنَّ اللّهِ سَرِيعُ الْحِسَابِ
    3:19 Behold, the only [true] religion in the sight of God is [man's] self-surrender unto Him; and those who were vouchsafed revelation aforetime [12] took, out of mutual jealousy, to divergent views [on this point] only after knowledge [thereof] had come unto them. [13] But as for him who denies the truth of God's messages - behold, God is swift in reckoning!
    Inna alddeena AAinda Allahi alislamu wama ikhtalafa allatheena ootoo alkitaba illa min baAAdi ma jaahumu alAAilmu baghyan baynahum waman yakfur biayati Allahi fainna Allaha sareeAAu alhisabi
    The above extract is from Quran 3:19.
    The phrase, the only [true] religion in the sight of God is [man's] self-surrender unto Him, as mentioned here implies God's recognition of religion in this world.  Besides, nothing is mentioned in this verse that it has to be for those who are in Islam.  As nothing is mentioned here that someone must be in Islam is to be considered as he is in religion, the phrase, the only religion in the sight of God is self-surrender unto him, here implies those people in the world whether they are in Islam or not as long as they can self-surrender to him instead of do it reluctantly and unwillingly to submit to him, He considers them as they are in the true religion.
    The same is in the extract below:
    Al-Imran (The Family of Imran) 3:85
    Basit -   Hussari -   Minshawi
    وَمَن يَبْتَغِ غَيْرَ الإِسْلاَمِ دِينًا فَلَن يُقْبَلَ مِنْهُ وَهُوَ فِي الآخِرَةِ مِنَ الْخَاسِرِين
    3:85 For, if one goes in search of a religion other than self-surrender unto God, it will never be accepted from him, and in the life to come he shall be among the lost.
    Waman yabtaghi ghayra alislami deenan falan yuqbala minhu wahuwa fee alakhirati mina alkhasireena
    The above extract extract is from Quran 3:85.
    The phrase, if one goes in search of a religion other than self-surrender unto God..it will never be accepted from him, as mentioned here implies His seriousness in considering whether a person really self-surrenders him.  In other words, if a person is forced to be Islam and as a long he serves him reluctantly and unwillingly without full surrender to him, Allah will not accept him.  In other words, whatever thing we do to Allah, we must do it willingly instead reluctantly with full self-surrender to him, we will then accept us and will recognise our religion.
    This refutes your sharing that Allah does not recognise the existence of religion.
    By zuma - 9/30/2019 11:01:59 PM

  • Fantastic
    By Kartik Rajpoot - 9/30/2019 10:43:54 AM

  • @Abdul Rawoof Dawood What is stated in Qur'an is not the question, but what is being followed and practiced by the extremists in Muslim religion. In Islam, we find religion first, country second and humanity as last in their approach.
    By Pisharath Balakrishnan - 9/30/2019 10:40:58 AM

  • @Brajakishore Pradhan First u read holy Quran Chapter like Al Bakra An Nesaa At Thalaaq then u come to know it's better than human make laws
    By Abdul Rawoof Dawood - 9/30/2019 10:39:53 AM

  • I don't support madrasa education which is the main cause for backwardness of the muslim world.Modern western education could have solved many of our present day problems.We can study about our religion on holidays.
    By Khurshid Ahmed - 9/30/2019 10:34:53 AM

  • Dear sir, 
    the words "thinking, arguing and reasoning" are pretty good, but they too are controversial in their areas of scope and definition; whcih might or might not be alike for all the thinkers, arguers and reasoners.

    But which mode of thinking or reasoning is acceptable and rational is still a part of reasoning.  
    Though I am born as a Muslim, I have been doing thinking and reasoning since I got ability of thinking, and will continue to do till the last breath. But within very short spain of time, I have reached so far to deduce that my reasoning is in harmony with the Quran and also with the present times of the world. 
    I have even read the invitiation of reasoning by some oritntal scholars in the books they wrote about Islam and found that what they expected us as readers to think was the acceptance of their own reasoning, which may not be acceptable to my rational faculty. 
    I do not think that If I accept their reasoning, I will be the one who uses faculty of reasoning. In my quest, I want to be the one who uses the power of reasoning in what is more ratonale and intellgible for me.  

    By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi غلام غوث الصديقي - 9/30/2019 2:01:44 AM

  • Dear Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqui Saheb, I am writing with reference to your following  comment: By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi غلام غوث الصدیقی  - 9/24/2019 10:26:50 PM
    I don’t understand the logic of this comment. You seem to be saying that we should first believe something and then start finding ways of proving it. But sir, where does this belief come from. A scholar is a neutral person. He or she doesn’t start from a belief. If you already believe something, where is the need to prove it. I would have thought that you will believe something that has been proven to you. But perhaps for you belief comes as an inheritance. There is no need for thinking, arguing, reasoning, before forming a belief. I used to think that arguments come first, conclusion at the end. But for you it’s clearly the other way round. 

    By Sultan Shahin - 9/29/2019 2:34:21 PM

  • God has chosen this clash as a means to the destruction of the world.
    By Ram Sri Ram - 9/29/2019 1:50:52 AM

  • Ban islam, ban the prophet who promotes pedophilia.. World will be at peace
    By Tarak Hari - 9/29/2019 1:50:11 AM

  • Yes sooner the better ,the Jihadi terrorists dont even spare the house of Sauds the official beholder of Islam ,they too are on the hit list.A few years ago they had bombed the mosque in Mecca where Prophet Muhammad used to pray. They dont care for Islam they just want 'Power' to rule over the masses.
    By Anil Kumar Sharma - 9/29/2019 1:49:29 AM

  • Islamophobia is a political motive which works through malicious , vicious literary repetitive propaganda . Muslims needs to handle them in a matured way through literary effective repetitive rebuttals !
    N.B : The whole and sole tools of Islamophobes literary source is fake and distorted hadees of the liar and thug hadees writer Ibn Ishaq who has been rejected , exposed and outcasted by eminent Islamic scholars like Maulana Abdullah Bukhari the writer of the collection of Hadees books The Bukhari Shareef , the most acceptable authentic Hadees books to Muslims worldwide . Expose Ibn Ishaq then all the Islamophobes will get exposed because whatever hadees these Islamophobes bring up as reference they all have lineage of liar Ibn Ishaq in narration .
    By Irfan Ali - 9/29/2019 1:48:50 AM

  • Well written... the World at-large voices, share your concern. For few fanatics a large innocuous people are suffering and a Great Religion is more Sinned against than Sinning... Millions n Millions are dying of violence across the Globe.
    By Brajakishore Pradhan - 9/29/2019 1:47:54 AM

  • Islam is a final reminder for final period of this planet Earth n it is not a religion but final prophet dismissed all religions n insisist Mankind not to follow any religion.Sultan shahin like bias n duffer criminals r trying to make Islam as religion,It is a Deen" system" final prophet established a well fair state ,form institutions n make laws Ist time on Earth,before Islam nothing was existing like this n today whole mankind is following the same system.
    By Mansoor Hakkim Ahamed - 9/29/2019 1:42:31 AM

  • Kulkarni Exactly correct
    By Vivek Shankarrao - 9/29/2019 1:37:19 AM

  • Relevent article.
    By Dilip Sahasrabudhe - 9/29/2019 1:36:29 AM

  • Well said.
    By Lalit Gurjar - 9/28/2019 11:16:24 AM

  • Imagine being a cuck who prenteds to fight Islamophobia by legitimizing xenophobic violence and reinterpreting Islamophobic rants in guise of being a "Humanist"
    Nice try qadiyani
    By Mohammad Hussain - 9/28/2019 11:15:45 AM

  • Relevant article. Comment later
    By Aditi Lahiri - 9/28/2019 11:15:02 AM

  • Could Muslim extremists use Quran 8:39 and 65 to promote physical violence? Muslim extremists tend to read a few verses without reading the entire chapter is proven. If they would have read Quran 8:30, they should realize how evil and barbaric the pagans were. The following is the extract: Al-Anfal (The Spoils of War) - 8:30 وَإِذْ يَمْكُرُ بِكَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُواْ لِيُثْبِتُوكَ أَوْ يَقْتُلُوكَ أَوْ يُخْرِجُوكَ وَيَمْكُرُونَ وَيَمْكُرُ اللّهُ وَاللّهُ خَيْرُ الْمَاكِرِينَ (8:30) Basit - Hussari - Minshawi - f Waith yamkuru bika allatheena kafaroo liyuthbitooka aw yaqtulooka aw yukhrijooka wayamkuroona wayamkuru Allahu waAllahu khayru almakireena Topics discussed in this Verse: [Allah:is the best of planners] [Allah's attributes:Lord of grace abounding] [Unbelievers:plotting and planning] [Unbelievers] 8:30 (Asad) AND [remember, O Prophet,] how those who were bent on denying the truth were scheming against thee, in order to restrain thee [from preaching], or to slay thee, or to drive thee away: thus have they [always] schemed: [30] but God brought their scheming to nought-for God is above all schemers. - The phrase, those who were bent on denying truth..slay thee..or to drive thee away, as mentioned here implies pagans in the past were as evil as barbarians that they slew Muslims and even drove them away. As they intended to wipe out Muslims and that caused Quran 8:39 and 65 to mention to call Muslims to defend themselves. These verses could not be applicable in this modern world since non-Muslims do not even fight with Muslims. Yet Muslim extremists simply extract 2 verses from Quran 8 to justify their fighting. They fight even when non-Muslims do not fight with them. All-in-all, it is visible to our sight that Muslim extremists abuse Quran to justify their act, since they do not read the entire chapter of Quran to see why the battle begun in the past and they simply see the word, fight, in Quran and then to justify their fighting.
    By zuma - 9/26/2019 12:12:58 AM

  • In order to prove the danger of how Muslim extremists use simply one or few verses from Quran to conclude physical violence without reading the entire chapter of Quran, let's give the illustration of Quran 3:13, 111, 156 and 167.  At a glance, these verses seem to create havoc among Muslims for physical violence.  However, Quran 3:21 gives the reason why Quran 3:13, 111, 156 and 167 demands Muslims to fight with non-Muslims.  The following is the extract:
    Al-Imran (The Family of Imran) - 3:21
    إِنَّ الَّذِينَ يَكْفُرُونَ بِآيَاتِ اللّهِ وَيَقْتُلُونَ النَّبِيِّينَ بِغَيْرِ حَقٍّ وَيَقْتُلُونَ الِّذِينَ يَأْمُرُونَ بِالْقِسْطِ مِنَ النَّاسِ فَبَشِّرْهُم بِعَذَابٍ أَلِيمٍ (3:21)
    Basit -   Hussari -   Minshawi -  f
    Inna allatheena yakfuroona biayati Allahi wayaqtuloona alnnabiyyeena bighayri haqqin wayaqtuloona allatheena yamuroona bialqisti mina alnnasi fabashshirhum biAAathabin aleemin
    Topics discussed in this Verse:
    [Faith:rejecters of] [Jews:slew prophets] [Prophets:slain]
    3:21 (Asad) Verily, as for those who deny the truth of God's messages, and slay the prophets against all right, and slay people who enjoin equity [15] - announce unto them a grievous chastisement. -The phrase, they who deny the truth..slay the prophets against all right..and slay people, here implies that pagans at the time when Prophet Mohammad was around were as barbarians and they dared to slaughter prophets.  As they were evil to be against Muslims to wipe them off, it gives no choice for Muslims to command them in Quran 3:13, 111, 156 and 167 to defend themselves.
    However, these verses do not have any implication in this modern world since non-Muslims do not fight against Muslims.  Yet Muslim extremists abuse these verses without reading the entire chapter why the people in the past had to raise commands to battle against non-Muslims.  They simply war against non-Muslims who do not war against them. 
    By zuma - 9/25/2019 11:31:59 PM

  • Muslims abuse Quran 2:190 to support physical violence.  Let's examine Quran 2:190 below whether it encourages physical violence from Muslims:
    وَقَاتِلُواْ فِي سَبِيلِ اللّهِ الَّذِينَ يُقَاتِلُونَكُمْ وَلاَ تَعْتَدُواْ إِنَّ اللّهَ لاَ يُحِبُّ الْمُعْتَدِينَ (2:190)

    Basit -   Hussari -   Minshawi -  f

    Waqatiloo fee sabeeli Allahi allatheena yuqatiloonakum wala taAAtadoo inna Allaha la yuhibbu almuAAtadeena

    Topics discussed in this Verse:
    [Fighting (and striving) in the ca'use of Allah]

    2:190 (Asad) AND FIGHT in God's cause against those who wage war against you, but do not commit aggression-for, verily, God does not love aggressors. [167] - - 

    The phrase, fight..against those who wage war against you, as mentioned in Quran 2:190 implies Muslim only fight with non-Muslims if non-Muslims war against them.  Yet Muslim extremists accepts the phrase, fight in God's cause, and rejects or ignores the subsequent phrase, those who wage war against you, it turns up that Muslim extremists wage war against non-Muslims who do not war against them.
    As Quran 2:190 calls Muslims to fight against those who wage war against them instead of to those who do not wage war against them, it implies that Quran does not encourage aggressive fighting from Muslims.
    From the above illustration, it is obvious that Muslim extremists have abused Quran for physical violence.

    By zuma - 9/25/2019 5:46:08 AM

  • Sometimes it is hard to argue with Muslim extremists since they like to take one or two verses in a chapter to conclude what Allah means without reading the entire chapter.  That is very wrong since most of the time they interpret particular verses out of context.  With their wrong interpretation of Quran, they do what they think is right just basing on particular verses even though the entire chapter might not mean that.  Let's take a popular verses that they use to take, Quran 9:13-15, 38-39 and 111, to justify their fighting for the proof on how they abuse Quran:
    If Allah demands all Muslims to kill all non-Muslims, why should Quran 9;6 demands Muslims to grant them protection?  The following is the extract:
    At-Tauba (The Repentance) - 9:6 
    وَإِنْ أَحَدٌ مِّنَ الْمُشْرِكِينَ اسْتَجَارَكَ فَأَجِرْهُ حَتَّى يَسْمَعَ كَلاَمَ اللّهِ ثُمَّ أَبْلِغْهُ مَأْمَنَهُ ذَلِكَ بِأَنَّهُمْ قَوْمٌ لاَّ يَعْلَمُونَ (9:6)

    Basit -   Hussari -   Minshawi -  f

    Wain ahadun mina almushrikeena istajaraka faajirhu hatta yasmaAAa kalama Allahi thumma ablighhu mamanahu thalika biannahum qawmun la yaAAlamoona

    Topics discussed in this Verse:
    [Islam:study and teaching in wartime] [Pagans and polytheists] [Warfare rules of]

    9:6 (Asad) And if any of those who ascribe divinity to aught beside God seeks thy protection, [10] grant him protection, so that he might [be able to] hear the word of God [from thee]; and thereupon convey him to a place where he can feel secure: [11] this, because they [may be] people who [sin only because they] do not know [the truth]. -

    The phrase, those who ascribe divinity beside God, in Quran 9:6 refers undoubtedly to non-Mulims.  The phrase, those who ascribe divinity to aught beside God seeks thy protection..grant him protection, in Quran 9:6 demands Muslims to protect them.  If Allah wants Muslim to annihilate all non-Muslims, why should Quran 9:6 demand them to protect them?
    Quran 9:13 in the same chapter even hints non-Muslims are the first who fight against Muslims.  The following is the extract:
    At-Tauba (The Repentance) - 9:13 
    أَلاَ تُقَاتِلُونَ قَوْمًا نَّكَثُواْ أَيْمَانَهُمْ وَهَمُّواْ بِإِخْرَاجِ الرَّسُولِ وَهُم بَدَؤُوكُمْ أَوَّلَ مَرَّةٍ أَتَخْشَوْنَهُمْ فَاللّهُ أَحَقُّ أَن تَخْشَوْهُ إِن كُنتُم مُّؤُمِنِينَ (9:13)

    Basit -   Hussari -   Minshawi -  f

    Ala tuqatiloona qawman nakathoo aymanahum wahammoo biikhraji alrrasooli wahum badaookum awwala marratin atakhshawnahum faAllahu ahaqqu an takhshawhu in kuntum mumineena

    Topics discussed in this Verse:
    [Fear of Allah] [Fighting (and striving) in the ca'use of Allah] [Noah:rules regarding] [Pagans and polytheists]

    9:13 (Asad) Would you, perchance, fail to fight against people who have broken their solemn pledges, and have done all that they could to drive the Apostle away, [20] and have been first to attack you? Do you hold them in awe? Nay, it is God alone of whom you ought to stand in awe, [21] if you are [truly] believers! -

    The phrase, Would you..fail to fight against people who..have been first to attack you, in Quran 9:13 hints non-Muslims are the first to battle with Muslims.  As non-Muslims are the first to battle with Muslims, it implies Quran 9:13-15, 38-39 and 111 should be meant for the battle that begins by non-Muslims.
    Yet Muslim extremists without reading the whole chapter using these verses conclude they have to fight with non-Muslims even if they do not fight with them.  They simply take a few verses in this chapter to conclude it is right to fight without reading the entire chapter.  They simply abuse the Quran to justify their act.

    By zuma - 9/25/2019 5:22:38 AM

  • Muslim extremists interpret Quran in such a way that they use particular verses from the Quran without reading the entire relative chapter to jump into conclusion that all moderate Muslims are rebellious and that causes they to hate them and even kill all of them.  The way they interpret the Quran to justify their doing is indeed erroneous.  Let's give an illustration for Quran 4:74-75.  They use killing to justify their act simply by using Quran 4:74-75 without reading the entire chapter of Quran 4. 
    Let's meditate Quran 4:14 prior to Quran 4:74-75 as below:
    An-Nisa (The Women) - 4:14
    وَمَن يَعْصِ اللّهَ وَرَسُولَهُ وَيَتَعَدَّ حُدُودَهُ يُدْخِلْهُ نَارًا خَالِدًا فِيهَا وَلَهُ عَذَابٌ مُّهِينٌ (4:14)
    Basit -   Hussari -   Minshawi -  f
    Waman yaAAsi Allaha warasoolahu wayataAAadda hudoodahu yudkhilhu naran khalidan feeha walahu AAathabun muheenun
    Topics discussed in this Verse:
    [Day of judgment]
    4:14 (Asad) And whoever rebels against God and His Apostle and transgresses His bounds, him will He commit unto fire, therein to abide; and shameful suffering awaits him. -  
    The phrase, whoever rebels against God and His Apostle and transgresses His bounds, in Quran 4:14 implies the warning those who battle against God and His Apostles and yet this Quranic verse does not give warning to those who do not rebel against Muslims.  As people rebel against God and His Apostle in Quran 4:14, it cause Quran 4:74-75 to mention to battle against them.  Yet Muslim extremists battle against non-Muslims without cause, they even battle against them when they do not have the intention to fight against them.  They indeed act contrarily against the book of Quran.  The reason that they behave in this way is their wrong interpretation of Quran.  They should not pick a few verses of the Quran and to jump into the conclusion without reading the whole chapter.  They simply justify their doing by picking verses that they like to justify their act without reading the entire relative chapter to see why Quran has written for that verses.
    Quran 4:16 even warns they to stop fighting with them if they repent and mend their ways not in battling with them.  The following is the extract:
    An-Nisa (The Women) - 4:16
    وَاللَّذَانَ يَأْتِيَانِهَا مِنكُمْ فَآذُوهُمَا فَإِن تَابَا وَأَصْلَحَا فَأَعْرِضُواْ عَنْهُمَا إِنَّ اللّهَ كَانَ تَوَّابًا رَّحِيمًا (4:16)
    Basit -   Hussari -   Minshawi -  f
    Waallathani yatiyaniha minkum faathoohuma fain taba waaslaha faaAAridoo AAanhuma inna Allaha kana tawwaban raheeman
    Topics discussed in this Verse:
    [Allah's attributes:Most Merciful] [Allah's attributes:Oft_Returning] [Zina]
    4:16 (Asad) And punish [thus] both of the guilty parties; [13] but if they both repent and mend their ways, leave them alone: for, behold, God is an acceptor of repentance, a dispenser of grace. [14] -
    Quran 4:16 calls Muslim extremists to leave them alone if they no longer rebel against God and His Apostle, Quran 4:14.
    The reason why Muslim extremists must leave them alone if they do not rebel against God and His Apostle is spelt out in Quran 4:17 for his acceptance of them for their repentance in rebelling against him and his apostle.  The following is the extract:
    An-Nisa (The Women) - 4:17
    إِنَّمَا التَّوْبَةُ عَلَى اللّهِ لِلَّذِينَ يَعْمَلُونَ السُّوَءَ بِجَهَالَةٍ ثُمَّ يَتُوبُونَ مِن قَرِيبٍ فَأُوْلَـئِكَ يَتُوبُ اللّهُ عَلَيْهِمْ وَكَانَ اللّهُ عَلِيماً حَكِيماً (4:17)
    Basit -   Hussari -   Minshawi -  f
    Innama alttawbatu AAala Allahi lillatheena yaAAmaloona alssooa bijahalatin thumma yatooboona min qareebin faolaika yatoobu Allahu AAalayhim wakana Allahu AAaleeman hakeeman
    Topics discussed in this Verse:
    [Allah's attributes:Knows all things] [Allah's attributes:Wise] [Allah's mercy] [Repentance]
    4:17 (Asad) Verily, God's acceptance of repentance relates only to those who do evil out of ignorance and then repent before their time runs out: [15] and it is they unto whom God will turn again in His mercy - for God is all-knowing, wise; -
    The extract proves the wrong interpretation of Muslim extremists.  They pick certain verses what they like to suit their taste and to justify their fighting without reading the entire chapter.  That is very wrong!  They proclaim they are right simply pick verses that they like to justify their action.
    By zuma - 9/25/2019 2:51:41 AM

  • What are the causes, because of which, we believe that Jihad is not in harmony with Terrorism?
    These causes are multiple in number. 
    But before we deal with this question, we have many questions to solve.
    Do we believe that what the terrorists are doing is "Jihad"?
    If our answer is yes, then we can't prove our claim over the following of the Quran, which apparently declare Jihad to be a duty of Muslims, regardless of its multiple meanings and applications.

    On the contrary if we believe that whatever the modern terrorists such as ISIS, are doing is not an act of Jihad but an act of rebellion or terrorism; it is only then we can go ahead to look for the evidences so as to refute their claim of doing "Jihad".
    In this regard we should be very truthful and not adopt the selective approach, whether intentionally or unintentionally. 

    By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi غلام غوث الصدیقی - 9/24/2019 10:26:50 PM

  • @kamil Blame your muslim leaders they are very easy to buy and sell!
    By Suraj Yadav - 9/22/2019 10:48:10 PM

  • What resources do Islamic countries possess? Oil? US, Russia, Venezuela have more it and people are going beyond that commodity. Your problem is that you are illiterate and believe in something else than your own capacities. And, what are these Islamic countries? Islamic invaders invaded other people' lands, forced people to convert and declared those places as Islamic countries. Even Mecca and Medina had Pagan and Jewish origin. Read your plundering history before you post. Find out why Muslims were thrown out from Spain?
    By Avinash Kumar - 9/22/2019 10:47:23 PM

  • perhaps if you would stop stealing the resources from muslim countries then they wouldn,t come to your door, which itself was stolen from the natives
    By Muzzafar kamil - 9/22/2019 10:46:07 PM

  • Most Indians are not Muslim.  Most Indians are Hindu. They do migrate for a better future and don't integrate into society unless it suits them.
    By Ajay Singh - 9/22/2019 10:45:12 PM

  • The angels of the world? They migrate everywhere for better future but fail to integrate in any society. And then, they need their own country and Islamic laws. Keep playing the victim-hood card!

    By Mahesh - 9/22/2019 10:44:33 PM

  • Some european countries welcome these Radical terrorists , under pressure from the usa government because the terrorists are not fighting against the usa government, but are fighting for the usa government , against rivals of the usa government , and the rivals of the usa government are Syria, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, China, Venezuela, Philippines, Indonesia, and that is why the isis terrorists will just pop up and attack the rivals of the usa government and yet, the isis terrorists will never ever attack the usa government or Israel.
    By Philip Hai Qing - 9/20/2019 9:56:14 AM

  • They appear to be totally out of their collective minds(borg), why would you support know jihadists terrorist when they return to the country of origin, they should be charged with war crimes and punished not rewarded.
    By Atul Bhatt - 9/20/2019 9:55:30 AM

  • Only in the West would such madness be carried out mean while Julian is rotting in an English jail waiting extradition to the States for simply being a whistleblower
    By Adam McAnulty - 9/20/2019 9:46:47 AM

  • Respect for Abrahamic cults is what's dangerous to the future of humanity. Such insanity and meddlesome ignorance should not be tolerated.
    By Durk Ghyselen - 9/20/2019 9:44:25 AM

  • Radical Islam began when "D**k 1' the Norman/English king and others invaded the Mideast in search of gold a millennia or so ago, and were thwarted initially by Saladin, after some early successes, and then routed in Egypt sometime later..
    By Mcdonagh - 9/20/2019 9:43:18 AM

  • When Quran mentions to do things in the cause of Allah, it is meant for good deeds instead of evil.  The following is the extract:
    Al-Baqara (The Cow) - 2:218  [read in context]
    إِنَّ الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ وَالَّذِينَ هَاجَرُواْ وَجَاهَدُواْ فِي سَبِيلِ اللّهِ أُوْلَـئِكَ يَرْجُونَ رَحْمَتَ اللّهِ وَاللّهُ غَفُورٌ رَّحِيمٌ (2:218)
    Basit -   Hussari -   Minshawi -  f
    Inna allatheena amanoo waallatheena hajaroo wajahadoo fee sabeeli Allahi olaika yarjoona rahmata Allahi waAllahu ghafoorun raheemun
    Topics discussed in this Verse:
    [Allah's attributes:Most Merciful] [Allah's attributes:Oft_Forgiving] [Allah's mercy] [Fighting (and striving) in the ca'use of Allah]
    Verily, they who have attained to faith, and they who have forsaken the domain of evil [203] and are striving hard in God's cause - these it is who may look forward to God's grace: for God is much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace. - 2:218 (Asad) -
    The phrase, they who have forsaken..evil..are striving hard in God's cause, as mentioned above implies those who intend to jihad for the cause of Allah has to forsake evil deeds.  As the above extract demands Muslims to forsake evil, it is irrational to assume that it demands Muslims to seek physical violence.
    The extract below proves that Muslims to do something for Allah's cause is to do good deeds to the needy instead of using physical violence against them:
    Al-Baqara (The Cow) - 2:273  [read in context]
    لِلْفُقَرَاء الَّذِينَ أُحصِرُواْ فِي سَبِيلِ اللّهِ لاَ يَسْتَطِيعُونَ ضَرْبًا فِي الأَرْضِ يَحْسَبُهُمُ الْجَاهِلُ أَغْنِيَاء مِنَ التَّعَفُّفِ تَعْرِفُهُم بِسِيمَاهُمْ لاَ يَسْأَلُونَ النَّاسَ إِلْحَافًا وَمَا تُنفِقُواْ مِنْ خَيْرٍ فَإِنَّ اللّهَ بِهِ عَلِيمٌ (2:273)
    Basit -   Hussari -   Minshawi -  f
    Lilfuqarai allatheena ohsiroo fee sabeeli Allahi la yastateeAAoona darban fee alardi yahsabuhumu aljahilu aghniyaa mina alttaAAaffufi taAArifuhum biseemahum la yasaloona alnnasa ilhafan wama tunfiqoo min khayrin fainna Allaha bihi AAaleemun
    Topics discussed in this Verse:
    [Charity [zakah]] [Spending in the cause of Allah]
    [And give] unto [such of] the needy who, being wholly wrapped up in God's cause, are unable to go about the earth [in search of livelihood]. [261] He who is unaware [of their condition] might think that they are wealthy, because they abstain [from begging]; [but] thou canst recognize them by their special mark: they do not beg of men with importunity. And whatever good you may spend [on them], verily, God knows it all. - 2:273 (Asad) -
    The phrase, give..unto..the needy..in God's cause, as mentioned above refutes the teaching that Muslims who do something in the cause of Allah have to use physical violence.  Instead, this phrase implies Muslims are doing in the cause of Allah if they can assist the needy.
    By zuma - 9/19/2019 8:41:26 PM

  • Jihad in Quran does not imply physical violence.  The following is an extract from another translation from Quran 2:196:
    وَاَنۡفِقُوۡا فِیۡ سَبِیۡلِ اللّٰہِ وَلَا تُلۡقُوۡا بِاَیۡدِیۡکُمۡ اِلَی التَّہۡلُکَۃِ ۛ وَاَحۡسِنُوۡۤا ۛ اِنَّ اللّٰہَ یُحِبُّ الۡمُحۡسِنِیۡنَ
    And spend for the cause of Allah, and cast not yourselves into ruin with your own hands, and do good; surely, Allah loves those who do good.
    The phrase, for the cause of Allah..cast not yourselves into ruin with your own hands, as mentioned here implies none should cause themselves to be ruined by the work of their hands.  As the verse forbids people to ruin themselves by the work of their hands, it certainly forbids them to use their hands for fighting so as to cause themselves to be in the ruin or in danger.
    Thus, all the above explanation in regard of Jihad that is meant for physical violence is not acceptable from Quranic point of view, since this verse demands Muslims to do anything in the cause of Allah should try to avoid to ruin or to risk themselves by the work that they do with their hands.

    By zuma - 9/19/2019 5:01:00 PM

  • Thaks for updating.
    By Naman Ojha - 9/18/2019 11:05:56 PM

  • Every nation goes through this kind of thing as they develop. Violence is bad way
    By Sudhir Kishor - 9/18/2019 11:05:10 PM

  • Amazing! As A Muslim Woman I can only say that this man Knows Qur'an.
    By Vinayak deshmukh - 9/18/2019 11:03:43 PM

  • Thanks for sharing great Question by Sultan Shahin
    By Vikas - 9/18/2019 11:02:28 PM

  • 1slam, Welcome to the Dark Ages where our religion sets all Western advances back Hundreds of years! Stoning, murder and mutilation is all good! Enjoy and feel free to spread it throughout the rest of the World!
    By Kyle Reese - 9/18/2019 11:31:11 AM

  • Religion is riddled in darkness all of them, pedophilia is sick no matter how people try to spin it. Children are born with a light to be protected til they can protect it themselves. Children are our future and should be protected not violated and treated like meat. That is more like Luciferian stuff with no heavenly support without a doubt.
    By Atheist - 9/18/2019 11:30:10 AM

  • Every nation goes through this kind of thing as they develop.  Christianity gone through pretty savage times over the past millennia or two. And all religions are simply lies. Let them kidnap rape and kill, hopefully one day they will come to the realisation that it's not worth it, in 20,000 years or so.
    By Kelsey Bouchard - 9/18/2019 11:28:52 AM

  • every day muslims brag about how their religion is the fastest growing this is just one example how they do it , they call indians kind & gentle but for how long they think we will tolerate them & sit idle while they continue any day Hindus in a whole wake up that will be the end of islam bluntly speaking
    By Himanshu Kukreja - 9/18/2019 11:27:18 AM

  • I can see clear cultural differences in the sob-continent. In one country, they rape, convert and marry. In another, they rape, kill and mutilate/burn  - or alternatively they marry, kill and burn for dowry. I think it is not due to religion, but because of different cultural practices.
    By Weltshmerz - 9/18/2019 11:26:38 AM

  • WOW!!! As A Muslim Woman I can only say that this man Knows Qur'an. 
    Simply Beautiful.
    Ashkrun (Thank you) Sultan Shaheen

    By Yushra K - 9/18/2019 11:21:44 AM

  • The UN has failed to curb oppression over Muslims around the world. 
    By Sohail - 9/18/2019 5:32:55 AM

  • Excellent speech! The urgency of social reform and political liberalization in Muslim majority countries cannot be over emphasized. There is no excuse for the persistence of backward and inhuman practices in the 21st century.
    As Sultan Shahin sahib says, there is no inconsistency between the teachings of the Quran and the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I might add that the concept of jihad should be considered obsolete and regressive in our pluralistic world.
    Shahin sahib did not have much to say in this address about the problem of Islamophobia which is as virulent and lethal a doctrine  as Islamism.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 9/16/2019 10:16:50 AM

  • #Islamophobia is inverse of what Left Liberal Lobbyists peddled. It's Fear of Left Liberal Lobbyists (read NGOs) & Coward Leaders of West: Who fear fighting Islamist Terrorists; so, they have joined them. They believe, appeasement & surrender shall save them from Terror Attacks
    By Anil Kumar Dikshit - 9/16/2019 9:29:11 AM

  • This is why I reject every Imam and his bigoted fiq. And that is why I say that no fiq should be called Islamic but by the name of its author so that the religion of Islam is not conflated with man- made fiq.

    Reform is not possible unless we make a distinction between what the Quran commands and man-made fiq.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 9/16/2019 5:37:16 AM