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The War Within Islam (10 Nov 2018 NewAgeIslam.Com)


  • Definition of a Sect? So sad to see a country filled with millionaires and educated people doing stupid things. What does the world think of the countrymen- 
    1) cockroahes going out into the world professing everything and still cannot fix their own country
    2) spreading stupid beliefs such as these
    3) CORRUPTION  in the worst way
    I sincerely hope that the masses belonging to this country start cleaning up and fixing their mess of a country. Clean your name. Be proud of India but make a change. 

    By James Noku - 8/23/2019 6:52:09 AM

  • I am not same Ayina who commented earlier.

    There was one man who owns thousands of cow, he tried to tie all cows at one pole, he cannot, but he tried and tried, than was mange to put some together but than due to overcrowding cows started to apart, this man started to wipe and wipe and the end when he cannot control he started to shoot.

    Scholars and so call all (except Moses) paigmenrs born in Middle East see this  freedom of expression of faith in their own see as Sectarianism. They want to tie all cows at pole, God himself had made whole earth in varieties, how he will not all to worship him different varieties.

    Muslims of India who adopted middles east supremisim cannot understand.

    By Aayina - 11/24/2018 6:11:20 PM

  • Partisan story written from non neutral perspective ignoring main issue in the debate of regular loot and misbehaviour of khadims at dargah Ajmer. Dehlavi has mixed several issues together to show support for his favourites.
    Author is member of one of the organisation which is also aparty in this debate so fairness is unexpected from him.

    By Shahnawaz Ahmed Malik Warsi - 11/12/2018 11:19:13 AM

  • missing point 

    Shakeel Shamsi'S POEM "Bughz-o-Inaad Ka Waseetar Hota Daira” (escalating scale of sectarianism). " also applies to you 

    like barelvis and non-barelvis you too have worn the same garment of sectariniasm 

    By Arshad - 11/11/2018 12:22:22 AM

  • i know you are working for RAW and they sent you UN - they gave you lots of money for that 
    you take money from asian age 
    you take money from raw-affliated agencies 
    and may be you are taking money from newageislam 
    o that i were able to play such various agenda at the same time i would have been given chance to earn money from various sources 

    By Arshad - 11/11/2018 12:03:19 AM

  • raping, exploitation of women at ajmer dargah by custodians , forcing visitors to pay donation are very common at Ajmer dargah
    if you pay money to these custodians, they will provide you with all facilities but if you do not give them their demanded money they will mistreat you 
    i have faced such situations many times 
    we must be against such situations and it was therefore Ammen Miyan opposed these custodians but Delhvi sb's stand is very sectarian, 
    this is one sided pictuer 
    i am not supporters of barevlivs but they have told their audience that they are opposing these custodians not the shrines 
    they say khwaja live in their hearts but in the name of khwaja they are mistreating people belonging to barevlism 
    these custodians abused barevlis and called them kaafir because these custodians supported Rafziyat when being criticized by barelvis they started mistreating barelvis 
    it was that report
    anyway this article displays your reactioanry agenda and that is that you personally attacked them and they attacked you personally and now you are taking this news on media 
    so you have power in media use thsi media to show your authority 
    most of your writings posted on asian age and other sources tell me many things 


    By Ahmad - 11/10/2018 11:52:07 PM

  • even you too are so-called sufi. 
    you abuse them they abuse you- it is the story between you and them
    actually you earn money from various sources to write against which you call extremism  -
    anything which goes against you is not true islam or true sufism but when it suits you it becomes true sufism - i am schocked Delhvi sb has changed - may be there are some hidden agenda 

    By Ayina - 11/10/2018 11:34:44 PM

  • Lol , dont waste u r time ..expecting hatred
    By KS Nathan - 11/10/2018 5:52:55 AM