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Islam, Women and Feminism


  • I think it is much older than Islam like get up of people including cap, beard, dress etc. Kindly enlighten me. By Vasudeva Reddy Mucheli - 4/1/2017 10:28:13 PM

  • Jaabbbbrrrr hero 😍 😃 By Kashan Khan - 4/1/2017 10:27:49 PM

  • Talaq is the final step needed to uncouple the married pair. It is not the first step. There ways .... .... . ... . ! ;
    By Gh Rasool Mir - 4/1/2017 10:27:23 PM

  • Move towards right direction. Allah bless you brothers By Nagesh Narayan - 4/1/2017 10:26:40 PM

  • @Jb Singh Bhai jub tum log bachche yoon ko maa ke pait me marna bandh ker do ge or jahaz ke leye jala ker marna bandh ker doo ge

    By Mohd Danish Syeed - 4/1/2017 10:25:36 PM

  • @Mohd Danish Syeed Arey bhai sidetrack q hotha hai.muslim women se kab tak gulami aur halala karvata rahogay

    By Jb Singh - 4/1/2017 10:25:09 PM

  • Bhai new age islam tumhe muslim aurton ke badhe feeker he yeah jo hindustan me her saal lakho bachhe yoan ko operation ker ke maa ke pait me mardeeya jata he es per bhi lekho yeah jo hazaron aurton ko dahaje ke naam per mardeeya jata he us per bhi kabhi lekho bus ke he toh

    By Mohd Danish Syeed - 4/1/2017 10:24:16 PM

  • @Jb Singh In your religion, you follow saints and pandits but I never saw on them in western dress, if they wear jeans and shirt and I think you don't go near them .
    And you said about women , first of all you should read history before Islam , what was the condition of women and Islam gives justice and best rights.
    Those women who can't cover their body what they will stop from prostitution.
    By Muhammad Shah Rukh - 4/1/2017 10:23:24 PM

  • @Muhammad Shah Rukh Does islam mean how the woman dress themselves.it is a ISI ideology By Jb Singh - 4/1/2017 10:22:50 PM

  • It is high time to get rid of all orthodox and derogatory customs and practises like tripple talak, dress etc. There should be no gender-inequality, laws should be based on fair and rational grounds. By Jagdish Shrivastava - 4/1/2017 10:21:46 PM

  •  We are living in the21st century By Om Parkash Verma - 4/1/2017 10:21:25 PM

  • Goa,is the only state where in no triple Talak is permissible in Goan Muslims for last 75 years and more.All community's needs to approach civil court for annulment of marriage,wife can arrest the husband if he gets married second time. By Mp Naik - 4/1/2017 10:21:00 PM

  • Kal yug has started at its peak when hindus. Muslims. Sikhs will forget why elders were tough on religion. With the time due to influence of global village one day india will also have a rich culture heritage where no one will wear clothes like a state of america. I wonder how it will be i as an advocate, my judge, my client, and all court room with out clothes as the theory is man was born naked but slavered in clothes. It is not odd what we consider sometimes norm with passage of time changes this is evolution of society so does triple talak not touching any religous point viz a viz triple talaq. By Tawheed UL Haq Farhan - 4/1/2017 10:13:59 PM

  • Mr Raja Ram Yadav Ji: What best solution have you given to convert all the Muslim women to other religion?
    Such an idea didn't even creep in the mind of Raja Ram Mohan Rai when he fought against the Sati Pratha and Bal Vivah.
    Hindu religion is the mother of all social evils, why don't you convert your women to other religions? Islam is the only religion which has guaranteed women a respectful life, honor, security, care etc etc.
    The groups like BMMA are the sister concerns of RSS and BJP which are hungry of petty fame, working for their own selfishness. They have nothing to do for the society or the women.

    By Raihan Nezami - 3/26/2017 10:29:24 PM

  • Dictatorship of male By Ashok Bharti - 3/26/2017 12:11:10 PM

  • supperb anna By Murari Bhai - 3/26/2017 12:10:42 PM

  • Kathmullas are more harmful to Islam.. By Ram Avtar Gupta - 3/26/2017 12:10:07 PM

  • The best way to get rid of Tripple Talak is that all muslim women (no need of men) should desert Islam and embrace any other religion which has modern outlook. They will be free from Islamic dress, Tripple Talak or any other orthodox and derogatory practices, practised in Islam. Let the men live in the way they like. By Raja Ram Yadav - 3/26/2017 12:09:28 PM

  • Yeah jo tum matam me aapne aap ko marte ho hazrat hussain (R.A) ke naam per yeah kon se hadees se sabit he

    By Mohd Danish Syeed - 3/26/2017 2:15:38 AM

  • Sahee lekho ke shia ho hazrat umar ke dushman hazrat umar ne jo ijtehad keya wo sahe hain quran hadees ke roshni me tum jo yeah moota kerte ho yeah konse hadees se sabit he

    By Mohd Danish Syeed - 3/26/2017 2:15:15 AM

  • Kese maulana ho dadhee toh tumhare he nhi bus dushman islam se wah wahe lene ke leye maulana shaitan ho tum darasal

    By Mohd Danish Syeed - 3/26/2017 2:14:49 AM

  • It is clearly one of the many Bidaat ( Innovations / Highhandedness) of Hazrat Umar. Most of the Muslims are knowingly, Practice this totally un Quranic, Un-Islamic, Bida't.

    By Maulana Khushtar Hallauri Rizvi - 3/25/2017 12:24:32 AM

  • Islam dose not accept instant triple tallaq By MD Aslam Khan - 3/25/2017 12:23:32 AM

  • Gud job New Age Islam By Hardesh Kumar - 3/25/2017 12:20:13 AM

  • Nice Initiative by New Age Islam By Avijit Adhikary - 3/25/2017 12:19:49 AM

  • I saw these womens are not in Islamic dress , so who will follow them.They have no right to lead such issue of Islam.
    If they want discuss on such issue , must be look Islamic.
    I confused what does it mean New Age Islam... Islam is Orthodox and will remain till the day of judgement.
    By Muhammad Shah Rukh - 3/25/2017 12:19:19 AM

  • Instant triple talaq has no legtimacy in islam point out scholars By Waqar Bashir Rounyal - 3/25/2017 12:18:15 AM

  • How come so many are divorced this way ? By Arvind Bhel Manit Srivastava - 3/25/2017 12:17:40 AM

  • Gives me thoughts for our blog By Revelatory insight from Tai chi - - 3/25/2017 12:16:57 AM

  • A ban on triple talaq would be the appropriate step to take at this time. Our laws must be gender-equal, fair and rational. They should uphold the dignity of both men and women. By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 3/22/2017 10:42:55 AM