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  • Kafir in the Quran is also used in the meaning as farmer. farmers cover the seeds with soil while planting, the word kāfir implies a person who hides or covers. So, kafir means  that "someone who knows a truth but denies it for any reason." This meaning totally compatible with the Quran without violating any verses in the Quran.
    By Shanavas - 6/10/2016 10:43:22 AM

  • What confuses us within apostolic Christianity which has been here for 2,000...we appreciate those Muslims who seek to be in good will with all people who have faith in God.
    The problem is how Islam expanded...with much killing, rape, plunder, dhimmitude.
    The Crusades were not on the offensive but to protect those Christian pilgrims murdered the same sa we see today by ISIS...the worst were the women brutally raped before being killed.
    Egypt, Syria, Palestine, the Byzantine Empire, all these were teeming Christian populations who were wiped out or still exist as less than second class citizens, here referring to the Copts of Egypt.

    I hope to see the war crimes by ISIS presented to the world. I still recall seeing this little 2 year old Christian boy hanging by a belt with his trousers pulled down to expose...the horrific treatment of women and girls and even babies...children beheaded in front of their parents....this duplicates the testimonies of past conquests by Muslim conquistadors.

    The world needs much healing and great apology and reparation by those who have done so much evil in the holy name of God.

    By Miriam12 - 5/30/2016 5:49:05 PM

  • If acquiring knowledge, such as of history and geography is universally commendable, as is recommended in 12-109 and in many others places in Quran then, if some ignorant idiots even if Muslims, stop us – mankind in general, by destroying the means – such as ancient Bamiyan Buddhas and Palmyra Ruins by which we can acquire that knowledge and enlightenment; we are logically correct in branding those ignorant idiots; Muslims or not as KAFIRS.

    And therefore we are entitled to take steps to stop them and their idiocy; keeping in mind the command of applying justice as in 16-89.

    By Keen Historyian - 5/30/2016 12:27:21 AM

  • We American Muslims also have faced this challenge of defining the word: KAFIR.  Below is the definition created and given to interfaith community.

    Kafir or Infidels: 

    The word Kafir is derived from the Arabic root word KFR, (Kaf, Fay and Ray) which means to cover, conceal or hide. What is more important is the intentional  misleading, deceiving or suppressing the truth.  Meddling with the Holy Scriptures where intentionally truth is either, concealed, changed, omitted, misinterpreted so that people either begin to doubt or lose complete faith in God, His Signs and His Revelations – this can come in the area of infidelity (being unfaithful to your Creator) or Kufr. 

    Character assassinations of Biblical and Quranic Prophets, done intentionally to undermine the faith or trust/believe in God, His Signs and Revelations can also be classified, as Kufr and people committing such acts are called Kafirs or infidels. 

    One cannot call a believer in God from other faiths as Kafir if they do not believe in Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) as Messenger of God and the Quran as final revelation. 

    In modern language, you can say, it has to be intentional dishonesty, deception and misinformation.  Just like a more sophisticated, premeditated perjury is deep rooted in intentional misleading or deceiving people which can lead to criminal actions so also we have to consider the extent of intentional deception or perjury in explaining Kafir or Kufr.

    Infidel does not really represent the true meaning of the word Kafir. The dictionary merely says an infidel is one who does not belief in any religion, like Christianity and Islam.

    Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs who comprise of 50% of the world’s population cannot all be classified as non-believers or as KAFIRS.  There are billions of them who belief in God, the Last Day and Life after Death and in doing righteous deeds.

    They have also been shown the art of surrender, submission or devotion (which in Arabic is called Islam).   The Quran says, “To every people we send an Apostle in their own language and in their own country to clarify God’s message in Quran 14:4, 10:47 &16:36. 

    Muslims are commanded to believe in the revelations that have come to them (The Quran) and the revelations that came before their times (Torah, Psalms and Gospels, Buddhists and Hindu scriptures) in Quran 2:4.  

    Hence believers in One God from other faiths cannot be lumped or stereotyped as non-believers. No one has the authority to judge others.  Hence they cannot be called KAFIRS/Infidels because they also have been shown the art of surrender, submission or devotion which is the true meaning of the word Islam. 

    The Quran uses Kafir in reference to the pagan Arabs who had unleashed war on Prophet Mohammed and early Muslims.  All the verses on war must be taken in reference to the pagan and idolatrous Arabs.  Muslims look towards war in the Quran to stop tyranny and oppression of the pagan Quresh tribe.  The other side of war was to establish freedom, liberty, women rights and a better law abiding society.

    Christians and Jews who lived during the times of Prophet Mohammed were never defined as Kafirs or infidels.  They are called as, “People of the Book” throughout the Quran.  Prophet Mohammed included them as part of Medina Constitution where their places of worshipped were protected and respected.  This is a very important observation that we all should know.

    Hence believers in One God from other faiths cannot be lumped or stereotyped as non-believers. No one has the authority to judge others.  Hence they cannot be called KAFIRS because they also have been shown the art of surrender, submission or devotion which is the true meaning of the word Islam. 

    Non-Believer:  Non-believers are those who do not believe in God.  There could be numerous reasons, conditions, situations or factors for their lack of faith in God.  There are Americans who are not taught religion at home or public schools hence they become secular in their outlook.  They also grow with no negative baggage as far as religion is concerned.  Their conscience is clear.  They have a sense of equality and justice which is a God-given quality of being just and fair in outlook.

    Sometimes a believer passes from a believing state to a non-believing state and there could be many reasons for that too which can be discussed later.

    A non-believer is not a hypocrite or infidel (kafir).  It is important to know the difference.

    Iftekhar Hai

    By Iftekhar Hai - 5/3/2016 7:38:31 AM

  • Nadia Nongzai - there is absolutely no error in the Quran regarding the mathematics of inheritance. I'm afraid, you have not understood it correctly. Like BODMAS, there is a very simple calculation on inheritance. On priority it is the spouse and then the parents who get half of the share, or something to that effect. After that is taken care of, then the calculation in fractions for the remaining is to be conducted. If this is done, there is no way the total will be more than one. I'm afraid, you did not understand it. Read Surah Nisah - Verses 11 & 12 for clearer understanding. I know this because I witnessed my father doing it at the time of his father's death.

    By Asim Afzal - 8/18/2015 9:22:49 AM

  • Modern Muslims cover up the ugliness of their theologies by defending the term like jihad.
    some don't want to discuss and some want to cover.

    By rational - 8/12/2015 7:44:04 PM

  • Rational says, "let us hear what the scholar of the Quran says about Jews." . . . .

    Only morons consider that to be important; both mullahish morons and apostatic morons. For intelligent Muslims of today Jews, Christians and Hindus are our brothers.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 8/11/2015 2:16:30 PM

  • Rational says, "your violent believer brothers kill apostates and peacful Muslims enjoy and condone the killings." . . . .

    Modern Muslims hold no ill will towards apostates. However when apostates carry on a war of hatred against Islam and rudely and persistently interrupt Muslim conversations, they are not trying to endear themselves to Muslims.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 8/11/2015 2:11:25 PM

  • let us hear what the scholar of the Quran says about Jews.

    Dear Sheikh! As-Salam `Alaykum. What, according to the Qur’an, are the main characteristics and qualities of Jews?

    Answer: […]

    As regards the question you posed, the following is the fatwa issued by Sheikh `Atiyyah Saqr, former Head of Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee, in which he states the following:

    “The Qur’an has specified a considerable deal of its verses to talking about Jews, their personal qualities and characteristics. The Qur’anic description of Jews is quite impartial; praising them in some occasions where they deserve praise and condemning them in other occasions where they practice blameworthy acts. Yet, the latter occasions outnumbered the former, due to their bad qualities and the heinous acts they used to commit.

    The Qur’an praises them on the verse that reads: ” And verily We gave the Children of Israel the Scripture and the Command and the Prophethood, and provided them with good things and favored them above (all) peoples.” (Al-Jathiyah:16) i.e. the peoples of their time.

    Among the bad qualities they were characterized with are the following:

    1. They used to fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah. Allah Almighty says: ” That is because they say: We have no duty to the Gentiles. They speak a lie concerning Allah knowingly.” (Al-`Imran:75) Also: “The Jews say: Allah’s hand is fettered. Their hands are fettered and they are accursed for saying so. Nay, but both His hands are spread out wide in bounty. He bestoweth as He will.” (Al-Ma`idah:64)

    In another verse Almighty Allah says: “Verily Allah heard the saying of those who said, (when asked for contributions to the war): “Allah, forsooth, is poor, and we are rich! We shall record their saying with their slaying of the Prophets wrongfully and We shall say: Taste ye the punishment of burning!” (Al-`Imran:181)

    2. They love to listen to lies. Concerning this Allah says: “and of the Jews: listeners for the sake of falsehood, listeners on behalf of other folk” (Al-Ma”idah: 41)

    3. Disobeying Almighty Allah and never observing His commands. Allah says: “And because of their breaking their covenant, We have cursed them and made hard their hearts.” (Al-Ma”idah: 13)

    4. Disputing and quarreling. This is clear in the verse that reads: “Their Prophet said unto them: Lo! Allah hath raised up Saul to be a king for you. They said: How can he have kingdom over us when we are more deserving of the kingdom than he is, since he hath not been given wealth enough?” (Al-Baqarah: 247)

    5. Hiding the truth and standing for misleading. This can be understood from the verse that reads: –¦distort the Scripture with their tongues, that ye may think that what they say is from the Scripture, when it is not from the Scripture.” (Al-`Imran: 78)

    6. Staging rebellion against the Prophets and rejecting their guidance. This is clear in the verse: “And when ye said: O Moses! We will not believe in thee till we see Allah plainly.” (Al-Baqarah: 55)

    7. Hypocrisy. In a verse, we read: “And when they fall in with those who believe, they say: We believe; but when they go apart to their devils they declare: Lo! we are with you; verily we did but mock.” (Al-Baqarah: 14) In another verse, we read: “Enjoin ye righteousness upon mankind while ye yourselves forget (to practice it)? And ye are readers of the Scripture! Have ye then no sense?” (Al-Baqarah: 44)

    8. Giving preference to their own interests over the rulings of religion and the dictates of truth. Allah says: –¦when there cometh unto you a messenger (from Allah) with that which ye yourselves desire not, ye grow arrogant, and some ye disbelieve and some ye slay?” (Al-Baqarah: 87)

    9. Wishing evil for people and trying to mislead them. This is clear in the verse that reads: “Many of the People of the Scripture long to make you disbelievers after your belief, through envy on their own account, after the truth hath become manifest unto them.” (Al-Baqarah: 109)

    10. They feel pain to see others in happiness and are gleeful when others are afflicted with a calamity. This is clear in the verse that reads: “If a lucky chance befall you, it is evil unto them, and if disaster strike you they rejoice thereat.” (Al-`Imran:120)

    11. They are known of their arrogance and haughtiness. They claimed to be the sons and of Allah and His beloved ones. Allah tells us about this in the verse that reads: “The Jews and Christians say: We are sons of Allah and His loved ones.” (Al-Ma”idah: 18)

    12. Utilitarianism and opportunism are among their innate traits. This is clear in the verse that reads: “And of their taking usury when they were forbidden it, and of their devouring people’s wealth by false pretences.” (An-Nisa”: 161)

    13. Their impoliteness and indecent way of speech is beyond description. Referring to this, the Qur’anic verse reads: “Some of those who are Jews change words from their context and say: “We hear and disobey; hear thou as one who heareth not” and “Listen to us!” distorting with their tongues and slandering religion. If they had said: “We hear and we obey; hear thou, and look at us” it had been better for them, and more upright. But Allah hath cursed them for their disbelief, so they believe not, save a few.” (An-Nisa”:46)

    14. It is easy for them to slay people and kill innocents. Nothing in the world is dear to their hearts than shedding blood and murdering human beings. They never give up this trait even with the Messengers and the Prophets. Allah says: –¦and slew the prophets wrongfully.” (Al-Baqarah: 61)

    15. They are merciless and heartless. In this meaning, the Qur’anic verse explains: “Then, even after that, your hearts were hardened and became as rocks, or worse than rocks, for hardness.” (Al-Baqarah: 74)

    16. They never keep their promises or fulfill their words. Almighty Allah says: “Is it ever so that when ye make a covenant a party of you set it aside? The truth is, most of them believe not.” (Al-Baqarah: 100)

    17. They rush hurriedly to sins and compete in transgression. Allah says: “They restrained not one another from the wickedness they did. Verily evil was that they used to do!” (Al-MA”idah:79)

    18. Cowardice and their love for this worldly life are their undisputable traits. To this, the Qur’an refers when saying: “Ye are more awful as a fear in their bosoms than Allah. That is because they are a folk who understand not. They will not fight against you in a body save in fortified villages or from behind walls. Their adversity among themselves is very great. Ye think of them as a whole whereas their hearts are divers.” (Al-Hashr:13-14) Allah Almighty also says: “And thou wilt find them greediest of mankind for life and (greedier) than the idolaters.” (Al-Baqarah:96)

    19. Miserliness runs deep in their hearts. Describing this, the Qur’an states: “Or have they even a share in the Sovereignty? Then in that case, they would not give mankind even the speck on a date stone.” (An-Nisa”:53)

    20. Distorting Divine Revelation and Allah’s Sacred Books. Allah says in this regard: “Therefore woe be unto those who write the Scripture with their hands anthem say, “This is from Allah,” that they may purchase a small gain therewith. Woe unto them for that their hands have written, and woe unto them for that they earn thereby.” (Al-Baqara: 79)

    After this clear explanation, we would like to note that these are but some of the most famous traits of the Jews as described in the Qur’an. They have revolted against the Divine ordinances, distorted what has been revealed to them and invented new teachings which, they claimed, were much more better than what has been recorded in the Torah. It was for these traits that they found no warm reception in all countries where they tried to reside. Rather, they would either be driven out or live in isolation. It was Almighty Allah who placed on them His Wrath and made them den of humiliation due to their transgression. Almighty Allah told us that He”d send to them people who”d pour on them rain of severe punishment that would last till the Day of Resurrection. All this gives us glad tidings of the coming victory of Muslims over them once Muslims stick to strong faith and belief in Allah and adopt the modern means of technology.”

    By rational - 8/11/2015 2:56:48 AM

  • GM
    apostates are trying to save their necks from your believer brothers. believers are killing apostates and apostates are not killing believers. so your statement is a mirror to your mean mentality.
    your violent believer brothers kill apostates and peacful Muslims enjoy and condone the killings. they make sure state kill the apostates.

    By rational - 8/11/2015 2:47:31 AM

  • Rational says, "if this is the case jehadis are mirrors of the Quran." . . . .

    Militant jehadis and militant apostates  do not respect the beliefs of others. They are brothers.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 8/11/2015 2:25:54 AM

  • if this is the case jehadis are mirrors of the Quran.
    By rational - 8/11/2015 1:04:12 AM

  • Rational says, "if i was mullahish i must have been happy with Tablighi Jamat." . . . . .

    You are now just a mirror image of a Tablighi!

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 8/11/2015 12:56:24 AM

  • GM
    baghlen mat jhaankiye.
     if i was mullahish i must have been happy with Tablighi Jamat.
    and your Naseer Ahmed you are defending now is averse to interpretation of the Quran. He advocates literal reading of the Quran.
    are you aware of it?

    and your mohammed yunus and others are busy in reinterpretation.

    By rational - 8/10/2015 11:48:37 PM

  • Rational says, "you are averse on discussion on Quran and hadith." . . . . .

    I am averse to any literalistic reading of the verses. God gave us the Quran, but he also gave us brains. We have to use both. Your being stuck on the written words is just mullahishness in reverse!

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 8/10/2015 10:55:33 PM

  • GM
    i need not your lecture on what the faith is. we watch daily what  faithful do everyday.

    You have given the expression in your nitpicking that you are averse on discussion on Quran and hadith. it has been observed not only by me but also by naseer ahmed and few others.
    if you deny this clear observation it suits to you.
    i have no interest who speaks deliberate lies. the observation is about your aversion not how you reconcile your moderate faith with violent verses of the Qur'an.

    By rational - 8/10/2015 7:53:46 PM

  • Rational says, "meaningful effort are  telling untruths and covering ugliness." . . . .

    You fight age-old books and delude yourself into believing that you are doing something meaningful! You do not seem to have the faintest idea what faith is, why people need it and what place faith has in people's lives. Instead of helping in removing the thorns you are devoting your life to destroying the flowers.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 8/10/2015 2:53:18 PM

  • You will not go back to the thread on any of the topics that you have named because you know that you have been answered and you have nothing further to say.

    You will however make comments irrelevant to the topic of this article here. You will comment about this article I am sure some day under some other thread and refuse to discuss it under this article. 

    By naseer ahmed - 8/10/2015 9:37:47 AM

  • Naseer Ahmed

    you have nothing more to say except joining hands with GM and Sultan shahin on name calling.
    it is almost certain that instead of giving any example you will attack on my person.
    in past i have seen how you and sultan saheb have behaved against each other.
    Shall i believe that you both are liars?
    there is nothing new in your tactics.
    what you have proved bye the way? respond under the thread you are trying to take me.
    i have read your answers on jizia, urine of babies, killing of innocent people and animals in the story of Lot, Allah's partiality on improper behavior of man and women, and many more.

    i stood alone before the gang of moderates. so being scared is out of question.
    it were you who fled many times.

    i am right here not running away like you have run in past.

    if you are interested answer the question on this topic.

    By rational - 8/10/2015 9:19:28 AM

  • Rational,

    Why are you scared of resuming where you left off? All your posts in this thread are a lie since I have not quoted the verse that you allege I quoted for diversity in this article or any of my comments in this thread.

    So what makes you dread taking up the discussion in the thread where the discussion took place? You know that you have nothing to prove and you have been adequately answered.

    So continuing on a discussion which does not belong here when you are free to continue it where it belongs proves that your intention in doing so is simply to mislead others about the subject of this article from the irrelevant comments under it.

    Shahin Sb must find a way to fix determined and unreasonable trolls like you who are misusing the facility of commenting whatever and wherever one wishes to comment and refusing to use the appropriate thread. Nobody is curtailing your right to post your comments. Do so in the right thread and continue where you left off. 

    Will you now get off this article if you wish to continue your discussion on diversity and continue in the thread where you left off?

    Keeping your very limited talents in mind, I have even provided the link to the article under  which the discussion took place to make it easy for you to continue where you left off. You will find the link in  my comment By Naseer Ahmed - 8/6/2015 3:17:40 AM below.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 8/10/2015 4:10:52 AM

  • NA is saying as if Muslims are flocking to his thesis.

    By rational - 8/10/2015 3:59:58 AM

  • GM and NA
    when you people fail you take refuge in such mean attempts.
    it is predictable behavior of moderates who when fail to attract responses from their Muslim brothers they shout at who point out their failure.
    it is clear that nobody has responded to his thesis. so what is the best way to hide their failure.
    now who is proving "khisyani billi khamba noche?

    apne chehre dekh kar khaas log
    aaine ko hi bura kahne lage.

    meaningful effort are  telling untruths and covering ugliness. period.

    By rational - 8/10/2015 3:27:46 AM

  • You are right GM Sb. His clear intention is to take the focus away from the article. 

    By Naseer Ahmed - 8/10/2015 3:03:11 AM

  • Rational's diversionary tactics are designed to prevent any meaningful discussion on important topics.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 8/10/2015 2:16:21 AM

  • Rational,

    Can you explain your reluctance to go back to the thread where this subject has been discussed and you have been answered and raise further questions there if you have any?

    By Naseer Ahmed - 8/10/2015 12:02:41 AM

  • Naseer Ahmed

    Since you have not provided any example of religious deiversity in mecca and medina, and early Muslims understood the Quran well, it is clear that the verses quoted for religious diversity is not valid.
    the Quran didn't speak  on religious diversity neither first addresses followed it.
    the Quran has spoken on geographical and cultural diversities.

    Quting this verse for religious diversity is equivalent to putting own words into the mouth of Allah or playing like Allah.
    So moderates are inventing and propagating lies.

    By rational - 8/9/2015 11:33:56 PM

  • Abdurrahman Guner,

    My article makes no mention of the Shias leave alone an ideology that opposes them. Although, I have talked about Sunni theology alone, Shia theology is no different on this question. Almost every sect has the same concept of "Kafir". This can be easily established by going through translations of the Quran and Tafseer on it  by the leading lights of every sect. 

    By Naseer Ahmed - 8/7/2015 11:35:24 PM

  • Rational,

    Why don't you go back to the thread where your question is answered and raise any further question you may have? 

    By Naseer Ahmed - 8/7/2015 11:25:59 PM

  • Did you answered the question"is there any example of diversity in prophet and time and khilafat a rashida time"
    have you or anybody else ever given any example of worshiping place of non-Muslims in the period of early Muslims.

    this is the reference of my statement you are quoting. and it is here you are a liar not me.

    i repeat. Why there was no worship place for non-Muslims in the time of early Muslims if the Quran speaks on religious diversity and it treats non-worship places where the name of God is extolled?
    now answer it with example.

    this question was open to all and nobody answered it.

    i asked this question to Sultan saheb too but he went into silence.

    By rational - 8/7/2015 8:57:27 PM

  • It seems as if the author refers to the Wahhabi creed by the Word "sunni" in his statement "Sunni theology has erred grievously in treating all non-Muslim as kafir because the Quran does not do so".  It should be noted that the Wahhabite creed, or any other path against the Shi'ite creed is not necessarily sunni; they should not be categorized Sunni just because they ,somehow, oppose the Shi'ites. 
    By Abdurrahman Guner - 8/7/2015 4:23:18 PM

  • Rational,

    You have lost your mind completely!

    Your repetition is not a lie. But your statement:

    "this particular question was never answered by anyone on the forum.

    if you have no answer no problem but don't speak a lie."

    is a lie because it has been answered.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 8/7/2015 12:27:19 AM

  • Naseer ahmed
    what has happened to your rationality? you are calling "quoting from other thread here" a lie.
    have you left with only this lie.
    other threads can be quoted.

    i have never accepted your defense of Medinian verses.
    since you have left with nothing worth you are accusing of lies. a typical characteristic of a believer.

    your entire thesis can be refuted through one single comment. so what is left to comment in this thread?

    By rational - 8/6/2015 9:06:56 PM

  • Naseer ahmed
    what has happened to your rationality? you are calling "quoting from other thread here" a lie.
    have you left with only this lie.
    other threads can be quoted.

    i have never accepted your defense of Medinian verses.
    since you have left with nothing worth you are accusing of lies. a typical characteristic of a believer.

    your entire thesis can be refuted through one single comment. so what is left to comment in this thread?

    By rational - 8/6/2015 8:54:33 PM

  • repetition is not a lie mr naseer.
    if it is the greates liars are God and the prophets who are worst repeaters.
    shall i accept your answers like on the urine of male and female babies.
    shal i accept you answers which are not near to the truth.
    you keep repeating "read this article of mine".
    Sultan shahin repeats on wahabism.
    you need to speak lie to save the image of Islam and its prophet. i just quote from the sources of Islam.

    By rational - 8/6/2015 8:37:26 PM

  • It is Rational who lies. Why does he  repeat a question asked in another thread here? Because he has run out of ideas.

    My response is the last comment in the thread after which Rational had nothing further to say. The link to the thread is below:

    By Naseer Ahmed - 8/6/2015 3:17:40 AM

  • Naseer Ahmed -
    this particular question was never answered by anyone on the forum.

    if you have no answer no problem but don't speak a lie.

    By rational - 8/6/2015 3:04:12 AM

  • Rational,

    You are repeating your questions which have been answered.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 8/6/2015 2:21:33 AM

  • Naseer ahmed
    you have not provided any proof of religious diversity in prophetic and khilfat e rashida period?
    Give one example of one worship place of non-Muslims.
    who stopped the prophet and companions to practice diversity?

    By rational - 8/6/2015 2:17:11 AM

  • Naseer ahmed
    to save the prophet you will slaughter other people.
    it was the prophet who suffered with amnesia. the Quran is proof.

    this has been practice of all defenders of Islam.

    By rational - 8/6/2015 1:55:28 AM

  • Secular Logic,

    I don't think that you have read the article. Section 3.3 answers your question comprehensively. 

    As far as other faith systems are concerned read section 1.2 above and:

    Is the Quran a Book of Contradictions?


    The Concept of Unity in the Quran While Celebrating Diversity

    The Quran not only expects multiple faiths to exist but considers this highly desirable.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 8/6/2015 12:17:15 AM

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=163&v=hiWMNzbnfi0

    Watch this, and see the madness. A 10 yr old wants to blow up the Kafirs of India. 

    What has inspired him? 

    By secularlogic - 8/5/2015 10:41:23 PM

  • Well, you have presented your hypothesis on Kufr before. So I guess I can present a counter to your thesis again. If you have the privilege of repetition, so do I.

    You have not answered the question, you have attempted to answer the question. Quite unsuccessfully, I might add.

    Any discerning person can see the big holes in your answers. 

    Islam does not give validity to other belief systems. If it does, it is under duress - where they are unable to do anything about the fact that non-Muslims exist. Where they are in a position to impose Islam, they are ordered to do so - through physical violence, preaching or discrimination. When you say there is only one truth and all those who dont accept it after hearing it are Kafir, you produce people like the pakistani fellow captured yesterday - who says it is fun to kill Hindus. 

    Demons. the faith is producing demons. 

    By secularlogic - 8/5/2015 10:08:47 PM

  • Rational, You are quite wrong and you merely keep repeating yourself no matter how many times you have been answered. Is it amnesia that makes you forget my article which provides a clear answer for people of other faiths?

    By naseer ahmed - 8/5/2015 11:09:32 AM

  • Secular Logic, I have answered your question before. On judgement day, the condemned will be those whose own self will testify against them. So you know better where you stand. How can I answer for you or for others?
    By naseer ahmed - 8/5/2015 10:46:57 AM

  • Naseer saheb
    it is just plain truth that the prophet called his message only truth. no matter how much a person is good but if he rejects the truth is punishable in hereafter life.
    this truth is known to every Muslim.
    and therefore there is pin-drop silence of scholars of Islam.
    to discover this truth one has not to be master of any scripture of Islam.
    it is boldly written on the face of Islam.
    the fate of Dr.Maurice Bucaille and his likes is even darker than ignorant people who rejected the Quran as their guidance.
    these scientists may may earn applauds from Muslims for their comments on the Quran but the Quran has decided their fate for certainty.
    who can be greater denier than those who found the truth in the quran but didn't take it as his guide. it is open rejection of the truth for which they will be thrown into hell.

    By rational - 8/5/2015 8:28:08 AM

  • Since I do not know whether Ram Krishna Paramhans was 'ignorant' of Islam, I will shift to other people, spiritual/intellectual in their own right, who were not 'ignorant'. Three characters: Swami Vivekanand, Gandhiji, Ambedkar. All three had read the Quran, so technically, you cannot call them ignorant. Yet, they did not embrace Islam. That means they rejected what you call the 'truth'. By your definition, which derives from the Quran, all three of them are Kaafir. I know the stock answer you will have for this "Only God can decide who is Kaafir". Not really. The Quran has already given you a yardstick to decide. By the same definition - a person who has heard the Quranic ideology and rejects it, I am a Kaafir. I neither believe in one God, nor in Judgment day, nor that Mohammad was a messenger of God - leave alone the last one. I claim to be a better person than many religious people I know, if measured by a secular yardstick. Do I deserve all the punishments that are prescribed for me in this world and the imaginary afterlife? I think not. 

    It is not possible to justify what is said in the Quran about belief and disbelief. You should give up. 

    This path to reform is guaranteed to just ensnare you in a bog of theological stalemate.  

    By secularlogic - 8/5/2015 6:20:09 AM

  • In Islam the truth is not discovered. one has to bow before the truth Allah revealed on his prophet.
    The prophet never said that truths can be different to different people. He said he brought the truth so believe in it.

    Belief in the last prophet is the central core of Islam. if you deny him you deny Allah. and hell is the abode of deniers.
    this is the truth of Islam. All Muslims believe in it.

    By rational - 8/5/2015 3:32:01 AM

  • Can much debated truth be so different that it is unknown to those who claim to hold it?

    By rational - 8/5/2015 3:18:41 AM

  • Thank you Shahin Sb for reposting the revised paper as a single article. As may be seen, it is completely revised and a great improvement on what was published earlier.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 8/5/2015 2:09:26 AM

  • It is not difficult for me to accept that Ram Krishna Paramhans was ignorant of what I know and I am ignorant of what he knew. I do not reject what I am ignorant of and if Ram Krishna Paramhans did not reject what he was ignorant of, then there is no problem.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 8/5/2015 2:03:01 AM

  • When you define the truth in a particular way:

    1. worshipping one god
    2. accepting Mohammad as his messenger - the last one
    3. believing in the hereafter

    This is the truth that others are expected to believe in for salvation. If they die disbelieving, it is because they are "ignorant" . Imagine calling Ram Krishna Paramhans ignorant; or Swami Chinmayanand; or Sri Sri. Islam does not accept that each person may have his own truth. Every non Muslim becomes a Kafir and all the conditions then apply, when truth is defined by Islam. The problem is with the definition of "truth". All the words of the author cannot wash this faith of this sin. 

    By secularlogic - 8/5/2015 1:49:43 AM

  • Methinks thou protesteth too much...
    By secularlogic - 8/5/2015 1:41:47 AM

  • "Those who fight the Muslims for their faith and drive them out of their homes." . . . .

    Let us call them "enemies". Let us get rid of the word "kafir".

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 8/5/2015 1:21:39 AM