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Islam and Pluralism (01 Jul 2015 NewAgeIslam.Com)


  • Rational says, "i can't let them go. they coerce on every step and everywhere." . . . .


    You can spend your life fighting them or you can build a message of love and brotherhood which, if it grows, can drown out their message of obscurantism and of coercion.


    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 7/3/2015 1:31:48 PM

  • "Let them believe what they believe and I shall believe what I believe." Unless they try to coerce you to their way of thinking."

    i can't let them go. they coerce on every step and everywhere.

    Close NAI or disassociate yourself because Editor is not against debates.
    Editor has maintained the policy to not delete quotations from islamic authentic sources.
    problems are in Islamic authentic sources, not in their quotations.

    if you are so much interested in what you have suggested to me, then let me do my work(it can be anything  to you, who bothers), you do your work(nitpicking).

    if Islamic sources are so offensive that you don't want to read, write on them, build your pressure on the Editor so that nobody can post from them.

    i have no interest in your nitpicking. say, whatever you like to say.
    assume whatever you like.

    By rational mohammed yunus - 7/3/2015 2:57:32 AM

  • Rational asks, "why it is not important?" . . . . .


    It is important only if polemics and debate were your main interest. Otherwise your attitude would be, "Let them believe what they believe and I shall believe what I believe." Unless they try to coerce you to their way of thinking.


    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 7/3/2015 1:22:23 AM

  • Let us recall first interfaith dialogue between the prophet and Christians of Nazran.
    what was its motive? and what it ended into? finally  how it was beneficial to Christians? what they achieved through it?
    Muslims never forget to mention this event, but they forget to tell what was the result.
    to Muslims interfaith dialogue is not sharing beliefs, it is Dawa with predetermined mind that we are right and you are wrong. my book is intact, your book is correct.
    it has no similarity with secular dialogues. people come, discuss their ideas, arguments counter arguments may cause heat, but finally some agreement is made. proceedings are noted, distributed.

    By rational mohammed yunus - 7/2/2015 8:23:31 PM

  • correction:
    well i believe based on history written by Muslims that Islam didn't give to non-Muslims what it should have given neither in prophetic era nor in khilafat e rashida.
    if it gave, we could have some worship places of non-Muslims.

    By rational mohammed yunus - 7/2/2015 8:08:37 PM

  • ("People, We created you all from a single man and a single woman, and made you into races and tribes so that you should recognize one another,"
    Is it talking about religious diversity even if religion is one factor behind being in groups?
    it is negating superiority based on color, geographical division etc. there are many verses which are anti-pluralism. 
    if you wan to say prophet didn't discrimante based on color and nobility of birth then , you are right up to some extent, but if you extend on religious ground you are dead wrong? the prophet didn't established a pluralistic society?  where were worship places of non-Muslims in that society.
    so there is a difference between  what was and what should be?
    if you say common sens tell that we must have pluralistic society, why should i object, if you say Islamic society was pluralistic and non-Muslim were living with dignity and freedom of practicing their religions you are wrong.

    well i agree that Islam didn't give to Muslims what it should have given neither in prophetic era nor in khilafat e rashida.
    if they were we could have some worship places of non-muslims.
    were they wahabi who destroyed them? do you want to distort entire history?
    s objection is not to what should be, objection is to historical and religious untruths you people want to turn in truth. who am i block the process? if i were happy with Islamic intolerance or other evils i would have been a mullah enjoying like others are enjoying.

    and please stop nitpicking. it doesn't suit to you, if you write on humanistic ground accepting blunders of religions, cruelties inflicted due to religious beliefs and telling what should be and how it can be achieved, i will be first to support you.
    historical, and religious lies are to be exposed.
    I have no objection to some of good teachings of the Quran and Hadith, but that is not monopoly of Islam. even atheism which is most condemnable in Islam, teach those values.
    so yes to good wherever it is, and no to bad, wherever it is.
    this is not the issue at all.

    By rational mohammed yunus - 7/2/2015 8:05:30 PM

  • GM
    why it is not important? If all were peaceful, Is it not an effort to divert from Sufis? why their beliefs are not important? for example if there is no belief in "khilafat", then where the silent support will come from?
    Because they are projected as ambassadors of peace though they are not, their beliefs must be questions and they must be asked where they stand?
    why not they must be asked? why should we believe in their claims without asking them?

    By rational mohammed yunus - 7/2/2015 7:35:26 PM

  • Rational says, "ask Sufis if they agree with this." . . . .


    Why ask anyone? If you agree with it, that is all that should matter.


    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 7/2/2015 2:50:38 PM

  • "In addition, Kurdish theologian Said Nursi (1877-1960) and author of the Quranic commentary "Risale-i-Nur," asserts that if followers of other faiths perform a genuine worship of God, then "the manifestations of the unseen and the epiphanies of the sprit, revelation and inspiration," are not exclusive to Islam and can be found in other divinely guided faith traditions."

    ask Sufis if they agree with this. Do they agree people who are not believers in hz mohammed will be successful in here after?
    this kind of nitpicking from some Sufi scholars have little weight. Over all Islam doesn't accept other ways of prayers.
    it must be as the prophet has instructed.
    is there any muslim who perform namaz in other than Arabic language? Can he increase the number of rakats in farz namaz?
    can he fast from sun setting to sun rise?

    By rational mohammed yunus - 7/2/2015 3:10:25 AM

  • Good article! Worth reading.
    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 7/1/2015 2:28:07 PM