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Dear Naseer Saheb,

This dialogue has taken a rather serious turn in a somewhat different direction with wider implications. I am, therefore, taking it to the home page for a wider participation of our readers.

Religion may have nothing to do with terrorism in our view. But when terrorists put out manifestos (you have read Osama bin Laden’s letter to America, now on the site) and publish magazines (look at Nawa-e-Afghan Jehad, for instance, and many others) which shout from rooftops that their inspiration for terrorism for the sake of world domination is their religion, Islam, and Islam is our religion as well and I don’t think that my religion teaches terrorism, then I do have to protest. I do have to point out that though these people are indeed part of my religion, they are a small group called Wahhabis or Salafis and they all come from only one set of madrasas, Deobandis, which were founded over a century ago with similar intentions of “fighting the infidel.” ...

Before you go further reading this comment, please go to http://nawaiafghan.blogspot.in/  Find a recent issue, say July 2012.  The cover Story screams “Shariat ya Shahadat” (Islamic code of life called Shariah or Martyrdom). It asks Muslims to choose between the two. There is no third choice: either establish Islamic Sharia in the world or gain martyrdom.  And, I am sure you know that many Muslims around the world including those living in and enjoying the munificence of the West have made this choice in favour of Martyrdom in the pursuit of establishing Shariah.

In this issue alone you will come across articles like: Sahaba-e-Karam rizwan alaihum ka shauq-e-Shadat (how the companions of Prophet Mohammad saw loved martyrdom) by Shah Moinuddin Ahmad Nadwi Rahmatullah Alaih, How companions died for the Prophet by Hafiz Ibnul Imam, My Days With Shaikh Osama bin Laden Rahmatullah Alaih, (a tribute  to the late terrorist-in-chief ) by Shaikh Dr. Aiman Al-Zawahiri madzillahu, A call for action to my brothers in the land of revelation and Islam – Saudi Arabia – by Shaikh Dr. Aiman Al-Zawahiri madzillahu, Woh haalatein ke jin mein kuffar kea am logon ka qatl jayez hota hai (Situations that religiously justify killing common people among infidels by Shaikh Yusuf al-Abeeri Rahmatullah Alaih Ta’a’la, Jihad fi sabeelillah aur uska maqsad (Jihad in the way of God and  its objective) by Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Nomani Rahmatullah Alaih, In praise of martyrdom by Muhsin-e-Ummat Shaikh Osama bin Laden Rahmatullah Alaih , Wana Operation ke bare mein Lal Masjid ke fatwa par Pakistani ulema ka ittefaq (All Pakistani ulema agree on the fatwa given by Mullahs of Islamabad’s Red mosque denouncing Pakistan’s political, bureaucratic and military leadership for their WANA operation), the criminals of Jamia Hafsa by Silsabeel Mujahid, Why we reject the United Nations way of life and accept Allah’s way of life by Abdul Aziz al-Jaleel and so on. ...