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“The very idea of Indian Muslims living peacefully and marching towards prosperity strikes at the very root of Pakistan’s existential philosophy. The very existence of a prosperous Muslim community in India destroys the Two-Nation Theory on which the state of Pakistan is based. The very fact that Muslims in India not only live peacefully among themselves but also in harmony with a variety of other religious, linguistic, ethnic communities while Muslims in Pakistan are deeply divided among themselves and constantly at each others’ throats is a profoundly destabilising factor for the very existence of Pakistan.

“That Pakistan’s Muslim Sindhis, Baluchis, Pathans, Saraikis, and indeed Mohajirs would love to join the Indian mainstream, given half a chance, cannot possibly be lost on the Pakistani establishment that has spawned these terrorist organisations to further its dubious strategic imperatives. We the Muslims of India, by our very existence, more so on account of our peaceful and prosperous existence, are an existential threat to Pakistan. And not just to its terrorists, which are in any case a part of the establishment. We can’t help it. There is nothing we can do about it. That is why it is in our particular interest, in the interest of Muslims of India, that these terrorist camps are destroyed and the criminals who have wreaked so much havoc on our land are brought to justice.”

In a wreath-laying ceremony at the bomb site in Oslo on July 22nd, 20012, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said Breivik had not succeeded in his declared goal of destroying Norway's commitment to being an inclusive, multicultural society. Stoltenberg said: "The bomb and the gun shots were meant to change Norway. The Norwegian people answered by embracing our values. The perpetrator lost. The people won."

Very proudly, we Indians too can say on our commemoration of 26/11 that Pakistani terrorists and their handlers in Pakistan have failed to even so much as create a dent in the multicultural harmony of our society. And if we can say that nowhere in the world is the prevailing state of peace and group harmony being disturbed as a result of terrorist strikes, this is perhaps the best tribute we can pay to the International Victims of Terrorism on the Day of Remembrance. They have been victims of a hydra-headed barbarian ideology that wants to divide us all in exclusive groups. We have not allowed them to succeed and let us resolve that we will not let them succeed anywhere in the world.....Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam speaking at a parallel meeting in Palais des Nations, Geneva on September 20, 2012, paying tribute to the International Victims of Terrorism on the Day of Remembrance.