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... Does the above quotation of a top Pakistani cleric Maulana Irfan ul Haq remind you of something? Yes, an obviously concocted or misinterpreted Hadees against idol-worshippers of India that many extremist Islamists of Pakistan like the Maulana openly quote in their crazy bid to incite all Pakistanis to take arms against India and wipe out all idol-worshippers from the region. Needless to say that the word “idol-worshipper” includes in their exclusivist dictionary the overwhelming majority of Muslims who love and venerate the holy Sufi saints who brought Islam to South Asia. Like Maulana Irfan ul Haq, there are some more fanatic Maulvis and extremist political and religious ideologues in different parts of Pakistan who provide religious stimulus to breed terrorism and mindless violence against Indian citizens in general and our non-Muslim brethren in particular. However, many of us Indians might still not know what Ghazwa-e-Hind is and for what purpose it is being propagated. ... Going by any of the five basic criteria of checking the Hadith texts, there is no room for any obnoxious idea like the Ghazwa-e-Hind in Islamic theology.