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Arab World

Saudi Warplanes Supplying Terrorists with Weapons, Munitions in Yemen


‘We Don’t Need Missiles’: Houthis Threaten To Attack Saudi Arabia If Bombing Continues

Airstrikes Pound Yemen Rebel Positions in Taez


Islam Forbids Violence, Ka’aba Imam Tells Lahore Congregation

Pakistan Calls for Regional Cooperation against IS


Beef Ban: Police Will Enter Homes, Ask What Are You Eating

Probe Doesn't Show Foreign Funding For ISIS Activists

South Asia

Rocket Attack on Govt Compounds in Ghazni as Taliban Launches Offensive

North America

US Admits Two Hostages Killed In Al-Qaeda Raid

US To Deliver F-35 Jets to Israel to Maintain Military Edge


Libya Militia 'Launches Air Raids' Against ISIL

Southeast Asia

Cross Protest Due To Poor Interfaith Exposure, Says Minister


Italian Authorities Dismantles Network of Pakistani Radicals

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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