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The author of this document, who earlier proposed for an international fatwa against terrorism (link below) [3] hereby declares the expulsion of ISIS from the pale of Islam in his personal capacity and calls upon the Muftis and Ulama of different countries of the world where there is at least one mosque, to declare them as such and to have nothing to do with them and warn all members of the community to disown them and have no sympathy for them as their Islamic title may evoke.

Faith is between man and God but ISIS leadership has overstepped the limits of faith by inflicting the punishment of burning alive a fellow human (the just reported case involving a Jordanian captured Pilot) – a punishment that the Qur’an reserves only for God, albeit in the Spiritual Realm. Hence, this humble writer entertains no doubts in his mind that ISIS ideologues have nothing to do with Islam – and have broken the bond of faith by virtually acting like God on earth.