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Radical Islamism and Jihad
The International Community Must Actively Address the Menace of Jihadism and Its Phony Interpretation of Islam, Urges Sultan Shahin in the UN Human Rights Council in Its 25th Session
Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

South and Central Asian nations are deeply worried about the shape of things to come after the NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan and the return of Islamist terrorists from the Syrian theatre of Jihad back to North America, Europe and rest of the world. The upsurge of Taliban Jihadism in Afghanistan-Pakistan may also mean more terror in India and Bangladesh.

As experience has shown, Mr. President, the war on terror cannot be fought merely with military means. This war has an ideological dimension as much as military. The exclusivist, political, totalitarian, Jihadi narrative of Islam has to be contested and the mainstream narrative of Islam as an inclusive, spiritual path for salvation promoted vigorously. Among the Western governments, only Britain has shown an awareness of the ideological nature of this war and a resolve to help Muslims fight it ideologically. But the response of British Muslims has been disappointing.

Muslims across the world continue to be in denial. Not the slightest sign of introspection.

 British Muslims find the Report from the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Tackling Radicalisation and Extremism problematic. The subsequent actions too have caused consternation. But there is no indication that Muslims themselves plan to do something to fight this menace. We Muslims must understand and accept that this is primarily a war within Islam and it is for us to fight it.

Already, the Taliban have started flexing muscles. In Pakistan last month they forced the government to open talks. While demanding the implementation of Shariah they cut the throats of 23 captured soldiers of Pakistan Army. As Pakistan Information Minister pointed out, 90,000 Pak troops were taken prisoner in the 1971 war against India but not one of them lost their heads. He also wondered what sort of Shariah law Pakistan Taliban want imposed that allows cutting the throats of soldiers of their own country.

Clearly the international community must actively seek to address the menace of Jihadism and its phony interpretation of Islam…..

Urdu Section

Is Ambiguity a Reward? ابہام ہی باعث ثواب ہے؟
Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

طالبان کے درمیان پھوٹ پڑنے والی جنگ کے بارے میں جتنی معلومات پاکستانی ذرائع ابلاغ سے موصول ہورہی ہیں اُن سے اندازہ لگایا جاسکتا ہے کہ لڑائی کی شدت غیر معمولی ہے اور طالبان کے درمیان جھگڑے کی اصل وجوہات اپنے اپنے زیر قبضہ علاقوں میں بھتہ وصولی ، پنجابی و پشتون طالبان چپقلش اورتاوان کے لیے اغواء ہوئے لوگوں کی ملکیت جیسے اُمور ہیں۔دوسری طرف مذاکراتی ٹیم کے ارکان کا یہ دعویٰ ہے کہ یہ معمولی نوعیت کا جھگڑا تھا جس کو احسن انداز میں نبٹا دیا گیا ہے اور اب مزید کوئی جھگڑا نہیں ہوگا۔

Urdu Section

حضور آپ بھی کیا سوچتے ہوں گے کہ ایسی بھی کیا قیامت ٹوٹ پڑی ہے جو مجھ بد بخت کو آپ کے دورە کے دوران اپنی یہ فضول کی راگنی لے کر کودنا پڑا۔ تو میں بس اتنا بتانا چاہتا ہوں ہوں کہ آپ بالکُل بھی فکرمند نہ ہوں یہاں سب امن سُکھ چین اور شانتی کا دور دورە ہے۔ بس جعفر آباد کے ریلوے اسٹیشن پر کچھ بے بس مرد عورتیں اور بچے ایک ٹرین میں بیٹھے بیٹھے اُس وقت اچانک مارے گئے جب ایک چھوٹا موٹا معمولی سا بم پتہ نہیں کیوں پھٹ گیا۔

Hindi Section

इस्लाम ने महिलाओं को बहुत से अधिकार दिए हैं। जिनमें प्रमुख हैं, जन्म से लेकर जवानी तक अच्छी परवरिश का हक़, शिक्षा और प्रशिक्षण का अधिकार, शादी ब्याह अपनी व्यक्तिगत सहमति से करने का अधिकार और पति के साथ साझेदारी में या निजी व्यवसाय करने का अधिकार, नौकरी करने का आधिकार, बच्चे जब तक जवान नहीं हो जाते (विशेषकर लड़कियां) और किसी वजह से पति और पुत्र की सम्पत्ति में वारिस होने का अधिकार। इसलिए वो खेती, व्यापार, उद्योग या नौकरी करके  आमदनी कर सकती हैं और इस तरह होने वाली आय पर सिर्फ और सिर्फ उस औरत का ही अधिकार होगा।

Hindi Section

अल्लाह का फरमान है- हल यसतविल्लज़ीना यालमूना वल्लज़ीना लायालमून (39: 9) क्या ज्ञानी और अज्ञानी समान होते हैं? हल यसतविल आमा वलबसीरो अफला तफकोरून (6: 50) क्या अंधा और देखने वाले एक समान होते हैं, तुम इतना भी नहीं सोचते। साबित हुआ कि अल्लाह न जानने वाले पर जानने वाले आलिम को महत्व देता है। तो क्या नबी को अज्ञानियों में से चयन करता?

Islamic Society

Chaos and violence in the name of Islam across the Muslim world should make us pause and evaluate the root cause of the problems. Is it not true that some Muslims (i) believe in violent Jihad against non-Muslims, (ii) believe in applying Takfir against fellow Muslims who disagree in interpretation of religion, and (iii) believe that punishment for apostasy or blasphemy is death? We must admit that these very beliefs are the root cause of so many conflicts. We must not deny that these so-called “Islamic” beliefs…..

Islamic Society

Imagine Telling the Taliban A Woman Could Lead You to God
Anwar Iqbal

“Send a bouquet of your face with the morning breeze,” wrote Persian poet Hafez (1320-1389), who caught the fleeting glimpse of a beautiful girl on a terrace when he was 21. That one glimpse captured his heart, and he fell madly in love. This love ultimately led him to God…..

Islam, Women and Feminism

Emirati Women Embrace Abandoned Children
Mossarat Qadeem

Fast-Paced Parkour an Outlet for Constrained Iranian Girls

World Cup Is Next Goal for Soccer Teens in Hijab

Austrian Girls Leave Home to ‘Fight for Islam’ In Syria

Alleged Saudi 'No Male-Guardian, No Shisha' Cafe Rule Sparks Controversy

Afghan 6-Year-Old Saved From Child Marriage After Dad Used Her To Pay Medical Debt

Physical Education for Saudi Girls Stirs Debate

Pakistan’s Women Are Helping Identify and Counter Extremism

Hundreds of Moroccan Women Take To the Streets to Demand Gender Equality

Darfur HR Activist Details the Ongoing Suffering of Her People

Newham College Student Organises Seminar on FGM and Forced Marriage

SAARC Women Entrepreneurs’ Core Committee Meets

Saudi Religious Police Urges Crackdown on Blackmailers of Women

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Islamic World News

Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation Charity Advisors 'Linked To Muslim Brotherhood'
Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri, PTI leader


25 Birmingham schools inspected over jihadist ‘takeover plot’

Arab World

Syrian Army Units Killed a Big Number of Militants in Homs

Syria: US, Israel, Turkey to blame for past, future chemical attacks

Al-Qaeda Militants Close All Water Supply Gates in Fallujah


‘Israel’: Hezbollah Ready to Launch Commandos Attacks, Other Military Tactics

Turkey 'aided Islamist fighters' in attack on Syrian town: report


Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar for seeking guidance from Quran

Modi won't get tougher on Pakistan: PTI leader

South Asia

7 Taliban militants killed, 6 others arrested in Afghan operations

Southeast Asia

The Philippines to create autonomous area for Muslims

17 Filipino students in Riyadh win scholarship

North America

Local Muslim Community Bleeds with Boston

US citizens return over 9,100 antiques to Saudi Kingdom


No real proof of linkage between Al Qaeda, Maghreb and Boko


We are scared of Narendra Modi, but Rajnath Singh is like Vajpayee, senior Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawwad says

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Current Affairs
The Echoing Silence of Caste
Nissim Mannathukkaren

The Echoing Silence of Caste
Nissim Mannathukkaren

How is it a “Hindu problem” when Islam, Christianity and Sikhism in India are equally bedevilled by the monster of caste? What makes an “upper caste” Kerala Syrian Christian or a Goan Catholic revel in their supposed Brahmin origins, the Ashraf Muslims to refuse to interact with, or marry a Pasmanda Muslim, and caste divisions within Sikhs erupt in violence even outside the shores of India?....

Islam and Science

Is Muslim Religious Discourse On Scientific Matters Killing The Scientific Aspirations Of The Religious?

The universe is truly magnificent, and for a religious person to appreciate it as a Creation in the broad sense of the word, they have to negate their presumptions. If there is an Islamic position on science, it is that when you do not invoke God as an explanation that His magnificence unfolds in your quest to understanding His Creation……


People who say they can reduce terrorism to any one or handful of factors are wrong. What I do at the Centre is one component of a multidisciplinary approach that we call “bio-psycho-social-spiritual.” And while Islamic legal counselling is another crucial component, we believe that terrorism at heart has no religion....

Current Affairs

Muslims Will Vote For Change
Aishwarya P. Sharma

The question we need to ask ourselves is how a religious and god-fearing Muslim is different from a religious Hindu. Why are we hell-bent on dividing the country? Have we not understood that this is only pushing us back by several decades while the world laughs at our inability to set our house in order? …..

Islam and Politics

Despite the Palestinians making a sudden about turn to the United Nations, who can blame them, Secretary of State John Kerry is to be applauded for his efforts to bring the peace process back into focus. Not only has he dragged both sides to the negotiating table, he has also attained crucial concessions from both the Palestinians and the Israelis…

Islam and Politics

Islamic parties may not be in terminal decline as many have predicted and they are likely to have a little more clout in the next government than they did in the previous one.  But these results have been greeted more with relief than elation in Islamic parties and questions remain about their longer-term competitiveness, particularly if, as seems likely…

Islamic History

Last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar wrote poetry in Punjabi, too, and had his works published at Royal Press situated inside Red Fort in 1855. A mathematics professor of Benaras College John Thompson had his A Hindustani-English Dictionary published in 1881 and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, known as the brain behind Aligarh Muslim University had written A'thar-as-Sanadid....


Encroachments of Pathan-Era Monuments in Delhi Eat Up Slice of History By Richi Verma


Jimmy Carter Talks About Iran, Campus Rape, Jesus Christ and the Paintings of W.
Elizabeth Dias

But unfortunately there have been interpretations of what Jesus did by very wonderful theologians that wrote individual letters to individual churches all across Asia minor and so forth, that can be misinterpreted and to prove by male religious leaders that women should not be equal in the eyes of God…..

Islam and Politics

Central African Republic:  Wronged By Colonial Mindset
Harun Yahya

The UN estimates that more than 1,000 people were killed in December alone and almost a quarter of the population has now been displaced due to the conflict. The Central African Republic’s capital of Bangui has seen its Muslim population drop from 130,000 to under 1,000 over the past few months. Out of the capital’s 36 mosques, just eight are left and out of the 375 mosques across the country, 118 have been destroyed…..

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad
Al Qaeda in Sindh
Ali K Chishti

Al Qaeda in Sindh
Ali K Chishti

Al Qaeda has been shifting its base from North Waziristan to the urban areas of Pakistan, and especially to Karachi, to avoid US drone attacks. In Karachi, it is in a better position to disrupt NATO supplies to Afghanistan, and plans to exploit sectarian and ethnic conflicts in the city to create a trap for Pakistan Army in Karachi –Pakistan’s commercial capital and among the most dangerous cities in the world……

Books and Documents

The Emergence of violent Islamism in the heart of the Western world, and the "war on terror" proclaimed against it, led to some interesting ideological trends. One might be described as progressive Islamophobia: a school of thought which, from a left-of-centre perspective, insisted that militant Islam was really a reactionary force ….

Islam, Women and Feminism

The “Global” Malala
Rafia Zakaria

In the limited local context of Pakistan, a critique of Malala is difficult to posit; the narrow straits of political choices situate critics of Malala in the subterranean anti-intellectual realm of those who imagine Islamic authenticity as an entirely illiterate female population. However, while Malala’s story exists within this narrow space of war-weary contestation in Pakistan….

Arabic Section

The alliance between businessmen and religious populists is hardly unique to Turkey. Many of the new entrepreneurs, like the women in headscarves, are from villages in Anatolia. These newly rich provincials resent the old Istanbul elite as much as businessmen from Texas or Kansas hate the East Coast elites of New York and Washington. But to say that Turkey has become more democratic is not to say that it has become more liberal. This is also one of the problems revealed by the Arab Spring. Giving all people a voice in government is essential to any democracy. But those voices, especially in revolutionary times, are rarely moderate.

قد يبدو الأمر إذن وكأن الدين في قلب المشكلة التركية، وأن معارضي الإسلام السياسي ينظرون إليه باعتباره معادياً للديمقراطية بطبيعته. ولكن الأمور ليست بهذه البساطة. ذلك أن الدولة الكمالية العلمانية لم تكن أقل سلطوية من نظام إردوغان الإسلامي الشعبوي؛ بل إنها كانت أشد سلطوية.

Hindi Section

The Collection of Qur'anic Verses into a Book Form: Perceptions and Reality क़ुरान संकलन के बारे में प्रचलित धाराणाएं और वास्तविकताएं
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

क़ुरान की सुरक्षा इस्लाम में इतनी महत्वपूर्ण रही है कि वही के नाज़िल होने के प्रारंभिक चरण में ही अल्लाह ने एक ज़बरदस्त क़ुरानी आयत नाज़िल फ़रमा कर क़ुरान के संरक्षण को सुनिश्चित बना दिया: "यह अनुसरण निश्चय ही हमने अवतरित किया है और हम स्वयं इसके रक्षक हैं।" (15: 9) ये क़ुरान का ही चमत्कार है कि अरब के काफिरों की हर सम्भव कोशिशों के बावजूद भी क़ुरान के पाठ में एक शब्द भी का परिवर्तन और इसे विकृत करने में वो सफल न हो सके।

Urdu Section

عیسائیوں میں مظلوم صنف  کو جس قدر پستی میں پھینکا جا سکتا تھا پھینک دیا ۔ چنانچہ  طر طولین ( مذہبی کلمات) کے مطابق عورتیں مجرم ہوتی ہیں ۔ وہ شیطان کا دروازہ ہیں ۔ عورتوں نے ہی خدا کے حسین تصویر یعنی مرد کو ضائع کیا ۔ سینٹ پال ( مذہبی رہنما ، پادری) کے مطابق عورت کو چپ چاپ مردو ں کی تابعداری کرنا چاہئے اور عورت معلم نہیں   ہوسکتی اور مرد پر حکم نہیں  چلا سکتی ۔ ایک دوسری جگہ ہی پادری فرماتے ہیں کہ عورت مر د کیلئے پیدا کی گئی ہے ناکہ مرد عورت کیلئے ۔ اس لئے عورت ہر حال میں محکوم ہے اور اسے محکوم ہی رہنا ہوگا ۔

Islam and Politics

Pakistan at a Decisive Crossroad: Taliban, Pakistan Army and Nawaz Sharif Government at Loggerheads While Engaged In Peace Talks
Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

If we take cognizance of the daily activities, official statements, publications, speeches and pronouncements of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), they will honestly tell us what plans they have devised to achieve their objectives ranging from an armed Jihad in Pakistan to the elimination of the religious minorities from the region. ... Just a cursory glance at Taliban website “Umar Media” will patently reveal what the real Taliban stand for and what are their true views on the Pakistani state, army and security agencies. The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan calls the Pak (pure) or Pakistan army as “Napak (impure) army” and openly acknowledges responsibility for all the atrocities that have been perpetrated against the Pakistani army during the last few years. .....

Islam and Politics

Nouri al-Maliki Makes Allies Of Sunni Extremists
Abdulrahman al-Rashed

He aims to win the elections by pushing Shiite voters to stand by him against Sunni extremists and by benefiting from the ISIS’ operations and from the rebels who are in solidarity with the ISIS. Either that, or the lack of security will justify the declaration of a state of emergency and the extending of his term for another two years. This would happen thanks to Sunni extremists and fools among them…..

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