• Yunus Sb, Also the point to be noted is that the Quran does not place any barriers constraining women’s active participation in commerce. A woman ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Sultan Shahin sahib is right. The only way for Indian Muslims to reform their personal laws is by bypassing the AIMPLB. The reformed Hindu ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Iftikhar Hai Saheb has clearly said "righteousness from Islamic perspective is to establish justice through the courts of laws." This clarification is important, as present ...
    ( By Sultan Shahin )
  • Has Hasnain joined the RSS?
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Wrongly placed emphasis on justice may lead to politicization of Islam and jehadism. Hence our concept of justice must emanate from our sense of ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • The Agressors are the Saudis and their friends. Do read the excerpts from this documet: http://www.juancole.com/2015/05/strategic-against-assad.html Did the US DIA see ISIL as a strategic Ally against ...
    ( By Sajida )
  • Excellent article that gives a universal dimension to the core tenets of Islam by tabling comparative injunctions from other major religions. The Qur'an ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • Yunus Sb, I am quite aware of what George Bush said. I was in the US when this took place and am quite aware of ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Lothian Saheb has done well to remind us of the following quote from Dr. K. G. Saiyadain (May Almighty Allah rest his soul in ...
    ( By Sultan Shahin )
  • Responsibility of USA in creation of ISIS was accepted by no less a person than H.Clinton. All politicians are famous for double speak. Naseer ...
    ( By Listener )
  • Dear Sultan Shahin and Naseer Sahban! You should listen to George Bush's defense of Islam in the following link, made in the immediate aftermath of ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • Dear Naseer Sahab, I agree with your concluding remark: "Two witnesses is therefore the optimum number but if one of the witnesses is a female, ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • There is no end to the games one can play with identifying self serving key phrases in any verse ignoring the rest. The extremists do that.
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • key phrase in the verse is one man and two women.
    ( By zakaria virk )
  • m zindgi se bahut presan hu
    ( By baba talvar )
  • Ms Ayesha says: "Mr Naseer either you have not come across that particular verse of the Quran where it is mentioned or you are just ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Ms Ayesha, It is you who is running away. I have responded to one of your statements on what you think the Book decrees ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Mr Naseer either you have not come across that particular verse of the Quran where it is mentioned or you are just pretending to ...
    ( By Ayesha Hareem )
  • Well, Mr Naseer seems to be on war. Fine! Why are you glad by my statement where it says that I know my Islam ...
    ( By Ayesha Hareem )
  • kyon jhut bol rahe hain ahmad bhai. agar is guy ne kuch likha hai to saabit karke batao. dikhao wo newspapers jis me isne ...
    ( By Sami Ahmad )
  • This is exactly the problem with the feminists. They have a problem with those who show no sympathy and a problem with those who ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Yunus Sb, I have gone through whatever I could find on the www on the subject. It is a common mistake people make to say ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • "81% of Al Jazeera Arabic viewers support Islamic State victories in Syria and Iraq." This is not true. I read Aljazeera Arabic and what I ...
    ( By Ghulam Ghaus غلام غوث )
  • Isi ko kahte hain bhoot ke munh me Ran naam. This guy was vociferously writing in support of ISIS caliphate in Urdu newspapers. After ...
    ( By ahmad )
  • THE INTELLIGENCE OF ITS INTERPRETERS AND SCHOLARS Dear Yunus Saheb, Your most recent comment on the New Age Islam forum reads as follows: “The Qur’an ...
    ( By Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia )
  • Good article. Complements the following interpretation tabled in my jt. exegetic work under posting: "Commentators often quote the underlined Qur’anic injunction (2:282) to take two female ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • Ayesha Hareem says "I understand your concern Mr Listener, but I don't need your sympathy!" So very true words. Sympathy, grace and mercy are sought ...
    ( By Listener )
  • Dear Ayesha, As-Salaam Alay-Kum First of all, I am impressed with your right to the point remark, “I know my Islam and my scriptures better than ...
    ( By Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia )
  • I understand your concern Mr Listener, but I don't need your sympathy! Mr Naseer, instead of blaming Noor or any woman who writes on ...
    ( By Ayesha Hareem )
  • "A poll conducted by Al-Jazeera’s Arabic News Desk revealed that a staggering 81% of Al Jazeera Arabic viewers support Islamic State victories in Syria ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Universl brotherhood based on a passion to do the right thing and to promote what is good and just is the true message of Islam.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Yes dear Listener you are very right. But unless the women realize that the Quran and Sunna is in their favour, they will ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Mohtrama, There is an article today in response to your statement: "The holy book also decrees that the testimony of a woman in a court of ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Gender issues are very real. It is really sad that Muslim males (not all for sure) generally don't think it is important. Ignoring the ...
    ( By Listener )
  • Gender issues are very real. It is really sad that Muslim males (not all for sure) generally don't think it is important. Ignoring the ...
    ( By Listener )
  • It's not about disagreeing with Noor Zaheer janab!It's about the categorical usage of the word 'heresy'. I do have problems with Zaheer's s book ...
    ( By Ayesha Hareem )
  • ما شا ء الله مقالة جيدة يستحق القراءة والنشر في الأوساط الإرهابية التي تنفذ الهجمات الانتحارية تحت شعار الدين
    ( By Abu Muhaiman )
  • This is the best chapter in the book.
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Ayesha Saheba, Heresy is not such a bad word nor even inappropriate for Noor Zaheer's book and why should I not criticise her if ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • Waah Naseer sahab! If you agree that you acknowledge these problems are there so please let me know where lies the problem as well ...
    ( By Ayesha Hareem )

    Islamic Culture
    The Islamist War on History
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    The Islamist War on History
    Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

    Historical sites associated with important personalities in early Islamic history have made way for public lavatories and luxury hotels. Mecca today is all set to become a consumer’s paradise; in this consumer city, Muslims will be able to consume the Hajj the same way they consume burger with coke. In short, there is no room for reflection, an interior dialogue with one self which was the sole point of this pilgrimage, rather it is being replaced by an air conditioned Hajj where you could look down at the Kaaba from your suite in one of the many hotels which would eventually dominate the skyline and eventually engulf (and perhaps eclipse) the House of God.. .....

    Interfaith Dialogue
    Righteousness from a Global Perspective
    Iftekhar Hai, New Age Islam

    Righteousness from a Global Perspective
    Iftekhar Hai, New Age Islam

    Hence to be correct, to be fair and to be righteous is not exclusively a Muslim domain.  Righteousness is multifaceted with doing good, i.e., believing in ONE GOD, praying, giving money in charity, helping the poor, homeless and the downtrodden, doing work honestly, not taking advantage or robbing the weak etc. etc.  However, the Quran not only supports all of the above, but also connects it to JUSTICE.  Justice has to be understood in a Global context and across inter-religious lines across all spiritual traditions......

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Forced Sex with Kidnapped Women Is not Rape: ISIS Woman
    Netherlands Ban Full-Face Muslim Veils

    Hindu Woman Wants To Marry Muslim, Sent To Nari Niketan

    Bride at 14, Mom at 16, Sumaiya Still Emerges Topper in Std XII

    A Muslim Girl's Prayer for Her Hindu Brothers

    Netherlands Plans to Ban Full-Face Muslim Veils in Public Places

    Swabi Women Take Part in Election Campaign for First Time

    Sydney mother allegedly abandoned her two children to join Isis in Syria

    Study Claims 19,333 Prostitutes ‘Work’ in Four Major Moroccan Cities

    Study: ISIS Girls Seek Sisterhood, Not Just Marriage

    Saudi Women Constitute 51% of University Students

    Women’s Municipal Role under Shoura Scrutiny

    Women Recent Victims of Anti-Muslim Hate Crime in West Yorkshire, Helpline Reveals

    Khloe Kardashian Angers Fans by Wearing Traditional Muslim Garment

    KCPW Presents: America Abroad – Understanding Islamic Feminism

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    Islamic World News

    Mosque Makes French Legal History in Its Fight against Religious Extremism
    Halim Dhanidina, Judge Of California


    Sheikha Moza Highlights Growing 'Fear of Muslims' In Europe

    Muslims Say No to Cartoon Provocation

    North America

    Meet the first Muslim judge of California

    Rising Islamophobia Concerns US Muslim Organizations

    Arab World

    Chief of Al-Qaeda’s Syria Affiliate Pledges No Attacks on the West

    Islamists Execute 20 People in Syria’s Palmyra

    Islamic State Photos Purport To Show Unharmed Palmyra Ruins


    100 Dead, 300 Injured in Fresh Saudi Attack in Sana'a

    Iran Launches International Anti-ISIS Cartoon Competition

    South Asia

    Five Soldiers Martyred, 107 Militants Killed In Military Operations

    Airstrike Target Taliban Gathering In Kandahar, Leaving 35 Dead


    Handover TTP chief, Senate panel asks Afghanistan

    Jirga Active in Swat for ‘Ban’ On Women Voters


    Mumbai Muslim Woman Alleges She Was Asked To Vacate Flat Because Of Her Religion

    Fear Rules Village after Axe Attack on Muslim Farmer

    Confront Those Who Wave Pakistan Flags: Union Home Minister


    Zanzibar Police Beef Up Fight against Sexual, Physical Abuse of Women

    Southeast Asia

    Putrajaya Says Islamic Law Must Be In Line With Constitution

    Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

    For Details and More Headlines from All Regions, Please click, ‘More’

    Islamic History

    Islamist terror groups in West Asia have not only destablised entire nations but have also threatened to snap mankind's civilisational linkages with its ancient past. Not satisfied with having laid waste to modern-day Iraq and Syria, the savages of the Islamic State are steadily obliterating the historical remnants of the ancient empires of Mesopotamia, Rome and Greece — one museum, statue, temple and tomb at a time.

    Current Affairs

    Waseem Raja, History department professor at AMU and a teacher at the university for around 30 years, allegedly said in a WhatsApp message which was sent to a TV channel that "Maulanas are involved in such activities", adding that the condition of Muslim youth will only improve if Madrasas are banned, according to India TV….

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: It is Time to Take Example from Farkhunda’s Case and Do Justice with Shama and Shazad’s Case
    Nasir Saeed

    An Afghan woman accused of blasphemy, for burning pages from the holy Quran. After that a court in Kabul gave the death sentence to four men who were found to be involved in killing Farkhunda. Eight people were jailed for 16 years and an additional 18 were found not guilty and freed....

    The War Within Islam
    Pakistan: Blasphemy Law Boomerang
    Kunwar Khuldune Shahid

    Pakistan: Blasphemy Law Boomerang
    Kunwar Khuldune Shahid

    In a country where other religions are blatantly insulted in school curricula, defilers of other places of worship, like Mahmud Ghaznavi, are celebrated as national heroes and takfiri kings like Aurangzaib Alamgir (who co-authored the Fatwa-e-Alamgiri to excommunicate the Shia) are extolled as flag-bearers of Muslim rule, applying sections 295-B and 295-C to other religions would mean mass executions of authors, teachers, TV artists and almost every renowned member of the Muslim clergy.....

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    Filling the Political Vacuum: IS is Witnessing a Rebirth at a Time When It Should Be Diminishing
    Osama Al Sharif

    IS fighters were able to capture the strategic Syrian city of Tadmur with its world heritage ruins of Palmyra, as Syrian government forces pulled back suddenly even after repulsing the first wave of attack. Few days later IS militants took over Al-Walid border point; allowing them to link large swaths of territory between eastern Syria and western Iraq….

    Current Affairs

    Kaazi Nazrul Islam the National Poet of Bangladesh: A Profile Study
    Kazi Nazrul Islam

    Nazrul entered a world of increasing isolation, though still revered by Bengalis. In 1945, Calcutta University awarded him the “Jagattarini Gold medal”. In 1952, he was transferred to the Ranchi Mental Hospital from where he was sent to London for treatment at the initiative of the “Nazrul Treatment Society” formed and financed by some of his ardent admirers when they came to know of his financial hardships....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    IS Recruits by Presenting an Idealised Utopia
    Syerleena Abdul Rashid

    The threat of IS is real and the atrocities committed against women, men and even young children are repulsive. Therefore, it is only in our country’s best interest that those in power refrain from making chauvinist statements that alienate and demean women....

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    Choosing the Known Devil in Desperation
    Gwynne Dyer

    The Islamic State and the Al Nusra Front are both takfiri groups who believe that Muslims who do not follow their own extreme version of Sunni Islam are ‘apostates’, not real Muslims, and that they deserve to be killed. Around one-third of Syria’s population are ‘apostates’ by this definition — Alawites, other Shias, and Druze — and they are all at great risk....

    Islam and Politics

    "The term 'atheist' is used as a harsh insult - one of the harshest in the country. Furthermore, atheists are commonly and publicly discriminated against and are subjects of public and private hate speech in Yeni Turkiye all the time....

    Current Affairs

    Is Prime Minister Narendra Modi A Truly Strategic Leader?
    Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd)

    I have purposely kept the handling of Pakistan at low key because the issue otherwise hogs the limelight. In the case of Mr Modi he has displayed strategic balance by not going overboard in his dealings with Pakistan, treating it more as an irritant. The handling of the Afghanistan issue has shown greater strategic orientation….

    Islam and Human Rights

    Rohingya Muslims: Victims of Ethnic Cleansing
    Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi

    The United Nations recently described the Rohingya Muslims in the Arakan state of Myanmar as the “the world’s most persecuted minority.” For several decades, these people have been subjected to murder, arson, displacement and deprivation....

    Islamic Society

    Rediscovering Her Muslim Faith after Climbing the Corporate Ladder
    Ashley Walls

    Afzali examined Islam and other faith traditions in a comparative religions class. As she explored facets of her identity — her race, gender, and socioeconomic status — Afzali decided that Islam was a revolutionary faith. “That’s when I decided I was Muslim by choice, after exploring religion on my own. I accepted Islam as the right path. But the college scene distracted me from actually practicing religion....

    Islam and Sectarianism
    Deadly Delusions
    Dr Mohammad Taqi

    Deadly Delusions
    Dr Mohammad Taqi

    The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has already raised concerns about the increasing civilian casualties in the ongoing operation in Kalat, Balochistan. On the other hand, by delinking the brutal sectarian slaughter of the Ismaili Shias from endemic rabid Jihadism, the state gets to skirt its responsibility to confront and control the latter. Conceding, on the state’s part, the bitter truth that sectarian killers such as those who perpetrated the Safoora Chowk massacre are but a subset of the rampant and increasingly virulent jihadist milieu will require soul-searching and correcting policies that have taken Pakistan from one disaster to another....

    Debating Islam

    Overcoming a Resilient Islamic State
    Vijay Prashad

    Da’esh will not be defeated on the battlefield alone. It will have to be suffocated by lack of resources. Grievances of the sect were set in motion by the bloody Lebanese Civil War, which lasted 15 years and left the country exhausted into peace. A police officer of the time told me that the Lebanese Civil War has not ended but is “at half time”. Even an intermission would be a relief for the people of Syria....

    Urdu Section

    The Broader Notion of Din Al-Islam  دین اسلام کا وسیع ترین تصور

    "ایک مسلمان وہ ہے جو اپنے پورے وجود کو اپنے خالق کی اطاعت و رضا میں صرف کر دے۔ تاہم، اولین مومنوں نے اپنے مذہب کو 'تزکیّٰ' کا نام دیا تھا۔ یہ ایک پیچیدہ لفظ ہے اور اس کا ترجمہ بہت مشکل ہے۔ 'تزکّٰی' حاصل کر کے محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کے پیروکار ہمدردی اور سخاوت جیسے فضائل کے لبادے میں سما گئے۔ وہ احساس ذمہ داری پیدا کرنے کے لیے عقل کا استعمال کرتے تھے، اور اسی وجہ نے ان تمام چیزوں اور مال و اسباب کو خلق خدا کے درمیان تقسیم کر دینے کی خواہش ان کے اندر پیدا ہوئی جو ان کے پاس تھے"۔

    Urdu Section

    Muslim Quawwali in a Synagogue  یہودی عبادت گاہ میں مسلم قوالی
    Azeem M Mian

    مسلمانوں اور یہودیوں پر ایک طویل مدت تک اسپین جانے پر پابندی لگی رہی۔ 500 سال تک قرطبہ ہی نہیں پورے اسپین میں اذان تک دینے پر پابندی رہی۔ نظم مسجد قرطبہ اور ہسپانیہ کی عظمت رفتہ اور حالت زار بیان کرنے والے ہمارے مفکر و دانشور علامہ اقبال کو بھی قرطبہ جانے کے لئے حکومت برطانیہ سے خصوصی اجازت لینا پڑی تھی۔ علامہ اقبال نے مسجد قرطبہ کے محراب میں جا کر جو نماز پڑھی وہ بھی اسپین کے قانون کی خلاف ورزی کرتے ہوئے پڑھی تھی۔ آج بھی مسجد قرطبہ میں بنائے گئے چرچوں میں سیاحوں اور زائرین کو عیسائی عبادات کی کھلی اجازت ہے مگر کسی مسلمان کو وہاں نماز پڑھنے کی اجازت نہیں ہے جواز یہ ہے کہ یہ کتھیڈرل اور ثقافتی آثار قدیمہ ہے لہٰذا محراب کے حصہ میں مسلم عبادت کی اجازت نہیں۔

    Hindi Section

    ‘क्या बॉलीवुड के तीन खान (शाहरुख, सलमान और आमिर) की जोरदार सफलता यह संकेत करती है कि भारतीय मूलत: धर्मनिरपेक्ष होते हैं, अगर वे राजनीतिक स्वार्थ से वशीभूत न हों या उन्हें कुछ उलटा करने के लिए भड़काया न जाये?’ एक महिला ने यह सवाल एक साप्ताहिक पॉडकास्ट में किया, जो मैंने ऑडियोमैटिक डॉट इन वेबसाइट पर शुरू किया है. इस मसले पर मैंने भी अकसर यह विचार किया है, लेकिन कभी किसी निर्णय पर नहीं पहुंच सका हूं.

    Books and Documents

    The Broader Notion of Taqwa (Heedfulness) and Universal Brotherhood of Humanity: Chapter 8 and 9, Essential Message of Islam

    Pieced together, the foregoing verses and those in the last two chapters bring across the Qur’anic vision of a universal brotherhood of humanity that will allow people of diverse faith, culture, colour and language to live together, to know each other and to assist each other to make life easy and peaceful for all human beings. Some Muslim scholars, however, advocate that the non-Muslims (in its present day sense), who do not believe in the Prophet Muhammad, will not qualify for God’s mercy.....

    Islam, Women and Feminism

    Is A Woman’s Testimony Worth Half That of A Man?
    Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam

    Nowhere does the Quran say that a woman's testimony is worth half that of a man's. All that it says is that commercial deals be reduced to writing and duly witnessed. Even to this day, any document witnessed has two witnesses. The function of the witness is simply a safeguard against repudiation of the contract on the grounds that it was never executed and that it is a forgery. The witnesses then provide evidence that it was duly executed in their presence. The defendant and witnesses are cross examined to explore inconsistencies in their versions to try to prove that the event of execution of the document never took place. If the testimonies of the two witnesses differ, then the plaintiff has a good chance to repudiate the contract. …..

    Islam and the West

    Western Mainstream Media Must Stop Referring To Isis As ‘Sunni Muslim Militia’!
    Prof. Henry Francis B. Espiritu, New Age Islam

    ISIS is US-made monster! ISIS Caliphate is never an Islamic Caliphate. It is “US-made Caliphate” that does not have any binding authority whatsoever over worldwide Muslims. It is known truth that CIA constantly backs-up and supports all known so-called jihadist groups from the Taliban of Afghanistan and Pakistan, to even Jemaah Islamiyya and Al-Qaeda in the Middle East, and the Boko Haram of Nigeria. That is why US will never seriously fight these monsters it created. US is the invisible director of all international terrorism groups so that these monsters can commit crimes mercilessly and with impunity against humanity. These monsters are made alive and sustained by American dollars......

    Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

    Facing The Jihadist Challenge: Muslims Need To Refute Jihadis’ Xenophobic, Supremacist, Millenarian Thesis And Focus On Islamic Pluralism, Says Sultan Shahin At UNHRC In Geneva
    Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

    Facing the brutalities of Islamist terror, while President Obama will not go beyond calling it violent extremism, the head of Sunni Islam's oldest seat of learning, Jamia al-Azhar admitted in a counter-terrorism conference in Mecca that extremism was caused by “corrupt interpretations of Quran and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad”, and Islamic curriculums needed to change.

    This call for reform, coming from Jamia Al-Azhar, is gratifying. But a half-hearted approach to reform will not work. The problems Muslims face are very basic and cannot be solved with mere tinkering with text-books. The global Muslim community will have to introspect. One question repeatedly asked, for instance, is about the contextual verses of the holy Quran that are utilised by Jihadists to brainwash our youth. Jihadists present these contextual verses as an eternal guide for Muslims.

    One would imagine that the followers of Islam who believe, and many certainly do, that Islam is a religion of spirituality, peace, coexistence and tolerance, would be up in arms against the Islamic State. But while routine denunciations from some sections do come occasionally, there is no outrage visible in the Muslim society. The world cannot help noticing that while tens of thousands of Muslims come out on streets to demonstrate the moment there is an allegation of so-called blasphemy against any one, hardly any Muslim would protest at the myriad brutalities perpetrated by Islamist terrorists.

    Clearly there is something wrong, some disconnect, some deeper and more complex phenomenon at work than what can be understood from a superficial look at the issue. Instead of expressing outrage, we find thousands of Muslim young men and women running from their comfortable homes, private schools and cushy jobs to fight and join in the brutalities of the so-called Islamic State. Some 12,000 Muslim young men and women are said to have joined so far from 80 countries……


    Radical Islamism and Jihad
    Preventing Further Radicalisation Is the Challenge Muslims Must Undertake: Some Concrete Suggestions
    Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

    Now the question is, how do we go forward? If we really want to make a difference, we will have to start a substantive dialogue with the ulema and make sure that they agree to:

    1) open the gates of ijtihad, rethinking all tenets of Islam in the light of the situation prevailing today. As we have not done our homework for over a millennium, this will have to be pretty revolutionary.

    2) declare that only constitutive and essential, not the contextual and allegorical verses of Quran, are meant to guide us today.

    3) compile Qur'anic verses in the order in which they were revealed, thus restoring primacy to Meccan verses that mostly constitute the essential and universal teachings of Quran, as they can be understood without any need for knowing the context in which they were revealed.

    4) declare that Ahadees cannot be considered any form of revelation from God. Islamic State’s millenarian thesis is almost entirely based on ahadees, though they use some allegorical verses of Quran as well. The claim of al-Baghdadi leading an end-time war, al-Malhama, just before the final Armageddon, has been a big draw. Some Muslims have come to think life on earth has no meaning left in the times of al-Malhama and so are rushing to join the war.

    5) declare that Sharia (fiqh) is not divine. It was created over a century after the demise of the Prophet by ulema who tried to codify laws on the basis of Qur'anic postulates and Arab cultural practices.

    6) declare clearly that Islam believes in co-existence with other religions, not dominion over the world.

    7) re-define commonly used Islamic terms like Muslim, kafir, mushrik, ahl-e-kitab, jihad, qital, farz, sunnat, etc.

    In a word, we must evolve a truly Islamic and a coherent theology of peace and co-existence, moderation and modernity, to counter the very coherent theology of violence and xenophobia, intolerance and supremacism that Jihadi ulema have created over centuries. All ulema say Islam is a religion of peace and co-existence. It's time for them to walk their talk. But if they refuse to consider change, we will need to directly reach the Muslim masses. ...

    Finally, the larger Indian community too should introspect. As Daniel Pipes said in an international counter-terrorism conference in Jaipur recently, in this war of ideas, the world should not only encourage and support progressive, modern Muslims but also oppose and refrain from supporting the fundamentalists and extremists.

    1) Our national leadership supported Khilafat in 1920s, considering it an essential part of Islamic theology. That was wrong. Now we must repudiate that stance and acknowledge our mistake.

    2) Muslim Personal Law in India has not been reformed even to the extent it has been in Pakistan and Bangladesh. This must change. At least General Ayyub Khan’s reforms in Pakistan must be introduced and Ulema should be told to accept what their Pakistani and Bangladeshi counterparts did decades earlier. This is not a satisfactory solution but at least it will be a start and it is doable.

    3) Madrasa education is a serious violation of the human rights of Muslim children. It destroys their lives and fills their minds with xenophobia and intolerance. Our government not only allows this but partly funds some madrasas. This must stop, unless, of course, madrasas actually change to become modern versions of what madrasas used to be like, in the Golden Age of Islam, and produce scientists and philosophers. A secular, democratic government should not be in the business of funding xenophobia and intolerance.

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