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Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Ottawa Shooting Magnifies Extremism’s Lone-Wolf Threat
Joyce Karam

The lone-wolf style of terrorism, whereby one individual plans and carries out the attack, is not by any means nascent or exclusive to extremist groups such as al-Qaeda or ISIS. It is as old as Ted Kaczynski, the “unabomber,” who carried series of bombings in the United States between 1978 and 1995. It is also versatile in its roots in that it also encompasses anti-Islamist terrorists such as the Norwegian Anders Breivik who killed 69 teenagers in 2011, or the neo-Nazi Neil Lewington who is serving a life sentence in Britain……

Current Affairs
Less LoC, More FTA
Khaled Ahmed

Less LoC, More FTA
Khaled Ahmed

Nawaz Sharif won the 2013 election riding a national consensus in favour of free trade with India. In 2012, “a nationally representative poll among a cross-section of more than 2,600 men and women showed that 67 per cent Pakistanis thought the country should trade with India”. This was found by Gallup Pakistan, which also estimated that “only 29 per cent of people were opposed to the idea of trade with India”......

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

Muslim Denial Knows No Bounds: One Way Of Dealing With Self-Styled 'Khalifa' Baghdadi Is To Call Him A Jew And A Mossad Agent, As Does Maulana Abul Irfan Firangi Mahli, But Will It Work?
Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

Is the self styled caliph of Muslims, Abu Bakr Baghdadi alias Ibrahim a Jew and a secret agent of Mossad?... Some conspiracy theorists also suggest that many ‘neo-Muslims’ coming from Jewish background have joined Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations with a motive....

However, while some find comfort in newer and newer conspiracy theories, many Muslims all over the world have responded to Baghdadi with support and acceptance, little realizing that he might be an enemy of Islam in the same way as the Saudi Wahhabi Kingdom that has by now destroyed almost all symbols of Islam's historicity....

Conspiracy theories have not worked in denying Muslim support to Saudi Kingdom; they are not likely to work in the case of this self-styled Khalifa Baghdadi. What could have worked then but was not tried with any degree of coherence and consistency and what could work now is a serious rebuttal of the extremist ideology of Kharjites and now neo-Kharjites by all sections of mainstream Islam.

There is a whole galaxy of extremist ideologues who have existed throughout the history of Islam. They cannot all be called MI6, CIA, KGB and Mossad agents. These ideologues have enjoyed varying degree of support among the masses. When the ideological mentor of Abdul Wahhab, Taqî ad-Dîn Aḥmad ibn Taymiyyah, for instance, died, while in prison for several years on charges of heresy, hundreds of thousands of Muslims turned up to pray for him, and, incidentally, he was buried in a Sufi cemetery and is still called Sheikh-ul-Islam by some.

We Muslims, at least those of us who want the community to come out of the mess in which we have put ourselves, have to recognise that we have a serious problem on the ideological plane and have to exert hard to sort it out, starting from the most basic question: who is a Muslim. A community that cannot sort out the question of who has the right to be considered its member obviously has a long way to go to join the modern world.

Please read below the Urdu translation of Maulana Abul Irfan Firangi Mahli's essay. When I read it first, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Please share your reactions with us on the New Age Islam forum.

Interfaith Dialogue

The Nath Pantha rejected communal or sectarian hierarchy or untouchability that marked the Indian or the Hindu society. In the Guru-Shishya Parampara that the Naths believed in did not bar Muslims from initiation into the sect.  Among the disciples of Gorakhnath, there were both Hindus and Muslims. Later, Baul sect which was influenced by Natha Pantha also adopted this philosophy. A Hindu Baul can have a Muslim disciple and a Muslim Baul can have a Hindu disciple or Guru. Peer Haji Ratan or Ratannath was one of the Muslim disciples of Gorakhnath who is said to have performed pilgrimage at Makkah. In the folk culture of Mewat in India, Muslim Mirasis sing praise of Gorakhnath as a Muslim peer. One of the followers of Nath Pantha, Karim Shah spread the message of Nath Pantha in the eastern districts of Bengal (now in Bangladesh)……

Islam, Women and Feminism
Boko Haram Abducts 60 Women in Adamawa
New Age Islam News Bureau

Boko Haram Abducts 60 Women in Adamawa
Malala Yousafzai

Four Saudi Women among 5 Jailed For Terror Links

Woman Arrested In UK on Terrorism Charges

High in Pakistan's Mountains, Women Break Taboos

In Iran, Lavish Divorce Parties on the Rise

Man in Pakistan Guns down Wife, Infant for ‘Honour’

Sindh Govt Endorses Mol’s Proposals for Women Empowerment Package

More Women Cops Need of the Hour: Pak Ex-Secy

Buses Featuring Women of the Wall Posters Vandalised By Haredi Extremists

No Celebrations for Malala’s Nobel in Pakistan For fear Of Taliban

All Female e-Mail at BHP Shows Mine Shift from Boys’ Club

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Islamic World News

Canada Blames 'Terrorist Ideology' For Attack
Canadian PM

North America

Canada’s Pm Vows to 'Fight Terror' After Ottawa Attack

Us, Canada Air Defences On High Alert after Ottawa Shooting


Muslim-Based Parties May Change Basics of Indian Politics

Arab World

Saudi King’s Nephew Admits to Riyadh Support for ISIL

ISIL launches chemical attack in eastern Kobani: Kurds

Iraqi Kurds approve deployment of fighters to Kobani


Pakistan for Collective Action to Defeat Islamic State

Pakistan Gunmen Attack Bus, Kill 8 Shias

Six militants killed as Pak forces continue operation


Al-Qaeda kills 30 Shiite rebels in Yemen

Yemeni Ansarullah forces flush out terrorists from Yarim


Somalia's al Shabaab says stones man to death for rape


British militant fighting for ISIL killed in Syria

South Asia

In Afghan north, Taliban gain ground and court local support

Southeast Asia

Indonesian fighter jets intercept Australian plane

Indonesian Hindus pray for nation during Deepawali

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Islam,Terrorism and Jihad

An Open Letter To All Canadians – Canada Is Under Attack!
Raheel Raza

Today we have two clear options. We can either continue to believe in the handbook titled “Radicalization for Dummies” or act vague and politically correct on clear indications of where the problem originates from, or we can take immediate action as Canadians. Otherwise rest assured the rabid ideology behind acts of blatant terrorism will only grow. And when that happens, please don’t come looking for ‘moderate Muslims’ as we have been saying this since a decade and continue to stand on guard for Canada but is anyone listening?....

Islamic History

Mullahs and Heretics: A Secular History of Islam (Concluding Part)
Tariq Ali

How dare you slumber in the shade of complacent safety, leading lives as frivolous as garden flowers, while your brothers in Syria have no dwelling place save the saddles of camels and the bellies of vultures? Blood has been spilled! Beautiful young girls have been shamed . . . Shall the valorous Arabs resign themselves to insult and the valiant Persians accept dishonour . . . Never have the Muslims been so humiliated. Never have their lands been so savagely devastated…..

The War Within Islam

When incitement to violence becomes a staunch media campaign, managed from abroad and being persistent on people's minds night and day. When, this incitement is backed up by aberrant Fatwas that confer religious legitimacy on burning, sabotaging and violating the sanctity of money and honour and portray the inter-fighting between sons of the same country as Jihad in the name of Allah. When arbitrariness increases in order to arrest innocent people, unsubstantiated accusations are leveled randomly on those who have nothing to do with anything and the most basic human rights of those detained are violated. When the blood of dozens is spilled recklessly, what will prevent a teenager or even a youth in his twenties from dipping himself into the quagmire of declaring Muslims as unbelievers (Takfir)? It isn't a prerequisite that the victim of a Takfiri thought be brought up in an intellectually distorted environment or a socially poor milieu…..

Islam and the West

End of the American Century
Prem Shankar Jha

This is not a battle between Sunni good guys and Shia devils, but an attempt by a tiny Wahhabi-Salafi fringe of Islam to take over the entire Muslim world, and the Americans are on the wrong side. It is America’s so-called friends that are digging the grave of American hegemony….

Muslims and Islamophobia

For any political party with a touch of imagination, here is an important - and surprising - finding: rather than fund overseas military operations, a considerable number of Australians would prefer to see Australia pull out of Iraq and instead spend the hundreds of millions of dollars on reducing social problems that might give rise to extremism in parts of Australia's Muslim community…..

Islam and the West

Hijabs and Yarmulkes: Tolerance and Religious Attire
David Dumke

The Sikh Dastar has been similarly been misinterpreted, and subject to prejudice, as have other clothing of religious significance. But part of tolerance, and a basic human right, is the necessity for believers of different faiths – including Muslims who wear the Hijab – to practice their religious as they see fit – including wearing religious attire. And it is up to interfaith groups at all levels …. to help educate and increase tolerance between and among religions. …..

Current Affairs

The normally bustling streets near Canada’s Parliament were transformed on Wednesday as thousands of government workers were kept inside their buildings for hours while police and military officers in combat gear swept the area, fearful that shootings that morning had been part of a larger plot. Anxious workers pressed their faces against the windows of nearby offices, trying to figure out what had happened in a city so peaceful that pedestrians can usually walk unimpeded into the Parliament building before being checked by guards. “I never thought this would happen,” said one woman, who refused to give her name as she hurried along a main street after the police allowed people in her building to evacuate the area in the afternoon. “This is Canada.”....

Another Report:

Gunman Panics Canadian Capital, Killing Soldier in Rampage

Current Affairs

The Myth of Hindu Monogamy
Audrey D’Mello

Section 5 of the Hindu Marriage Act stipulates that neither of the party should have a spouse living at the time of marriage. Section 11 of the Act, renders polygamous marriages void. Due to this, Hindu men who contract bigamous marriages are allowed to go scot-free without any legal obligations towards their partners. Faced with this travesty of justice, it is important to compare the legal provisions under the Muslim Personal Law….

Radical Islamism and Jihad

ISIS Is the Latest of Many Islamisms
Rami G. Khouri

Whatever else it represents, including a postponed and displaced resurgence of Saudi Wahhabism from the 18th century, in contemporary terms ISIS is the latest manifestation of at least half a dozen other Islamist movements that have entered the stage of Middle Eastern society and its recurring citizen discontents since the 1970s. The very different natures of these movements and the reasons for their emergence are very relevant for anyone interested in understanding how ISIS came to be and how it could be confronted and defeated. This is because ISIS, like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, Gamaa Islamiya, nonviolent Salafists, militant Salafist-Takfiris, Al-Qaeda and others before it, fundamentally is a symptom of, and a reaction to, deeper ailments in society…..

Islam and the West

Thomas Jefferson Was a Muslim - A Candidate Was Accused Of Being A Closet Muslim, In The 18th Century, Not The 21st
Abbas Milani

What makes matters even murkier, and potentially perilous, is that there are, as Spellberg herself points out, many “sacred” histories of Islam. Virtually all the schisms in the history of Islam are the results of these conflicting “sacred” histories. The version believed by Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia is considered sacrilege by Shia clerics in Iran; and in Iran, a writer was sent to prison and his paper shut down, and the works of his father—a dead cleric—came under attack for his daring to offer a version of “sacred history” different from official Shia dogma……

The War Within Islam

Obviously, some of the militant Islamic groups are targeting Western interests. And Iran’s government has long been hostile to the United States, the “Great Satan.” But a great deal of the strife in the Muslim world today is among religious groups, sects and governments, mixed into a toxic brew by power politics, religious ideology and historical enmities…..

Islam and Politics

Malala Yousafzai and the Future of Islam
Stephen Schwartz

Notwithstanding the abominable condition of women in many Muslim, as well as non-Muslim, societies around the world, Islam includes important factors for women's rights. One of the fundamental changes in Arabia after the revelation of Muhammad was the abolition of the abhorrent practice of female infanticide, which had been common since girl children were considered a burden. As stated in Qur'an (81:8-9), at the end of time, "the female child who was buried alive will ask for what crime she was killed.".....


Islam preaches ‘don’t commit adultery,’ Christianity preaches the same thing, ‘be nice to people’, ‘be a giver’ and all that, are the same in the two religions. Anyone that goes outside the Quran to do some other thing is on his own. Initially, he wanted me to be a Muslim; probably I would have joined him. But, there was a period in my life, when I was very ill, though everything seemed okay, within me I knew I was not okay. That was around 1998, during the first Holy Ghost Congress of the Redeemed Christian Church of God tagged Lekki 1998, with the theme: ‘Divine Visitation.’ I was actually visited by God, I went with my daughter, and actually it took us hours to get there. I then said; ‘God, you have to heal me here today, if you cannot heal me, I want to die here.’ That was what I said and since then, I have never been admitted in the hospital….

Urdu Section

Muslims to be Proud of   ......ایسی چنگاری بھی یارب میرے خاکستر
Khalid Sheikh

ہر قوم کی شناخت اس کی تہذیب و ثقافت اور طرز معاشرت سے ہوتی ہے او رنئی نسل اس کا چلتاپھرتا اشتہار کہ راہ راست پر ہوتو فخر و امتیاز کا سبب بنتی ہے  ، گمراہ ہو تو ذلت و خواری کا ۔ ہماری نئی نسل کی اکثریت بے راہ روی اور گمراہی کا شکار  ہے اور تہذیب  و اخلاق سے عاری  نظر آتی ہے ۔ اسے ٹی وی، فلموں، موبائل اور انٹرنیٹ کے مضراثرات کہئے یا تربیت کی کوتاہی کےبچے وقت سے پہلے جوان اور جوان وقت سے پہلے بوڑھے ہورہے ہیں ۔ نوجوانوں نے شور  شرابے اور ہنگامے کو زندگی سمجھ  لیا ہے کسی بھی قوم کے نوجوانوں کی شناخت اتنی آسان نہیں جتنی ہمارےنوجوانوں کی ہے۔ ان کی حرکات و سکنات اور طرز تعلیم،  ہر جملے میں گندے الفاظ اور گالیوں کا بے تکلف استعمال چیخ چیخ کر ان کے مسلمان ہونے کی گواہی دیتا ہے ۔

Urdu Section

نصاری الفانسوششم نے اس بکھراؤ کافائدہ اٹھایا اس نے الجوریا  ، لیون اور قشتالیہ کی سلطنتوں  کوباہم ملا کر اپنے  تحت  کرلیا اور اپنے اقتدار کو آگے بڑھانے لگا تب اشبیلہ  کے بادشاہ ‘‘ معتمد ’’ نے شمالی افریقہ  کے بڑے بڑے حاکم کو امداد  کے لیے طلب کیا یہ مردانی بادشاہ یوسف بن تاشقین تھا اس نے پہلے الجسرہ پر قبضہ کیا پھر زلافہ  پہنچا اور 479 ھ کو الفانسو حکومت کا خاتمہ کردیا ۔ یوسف بن تاشقین بانی خاندان المرابطہ حکمرانِ  مراکش  449ھ میں حسب وعدہ  مراکش لوٹ گیا اور کچھ فوج یہا ں حفاظت کے لیے چھوڑ گیا  501 ھ میں یوسف نے انتقال کیا اس کے بعد اس کا بیٹا علی جانشین ہوا غرض  یہ سلسلہ کسی نہ کسی شکل میں چلتا رہا ۔

Current Affairs

Ottawa shooting wounds Canadian soldier at War Memorial

A soldier was shot at the National War Memorial by an unknown assailant Wednesday morning and there are reports of 30 to 50 shots of gunfire inside the halls of Parliament.

 “Gunman at Parliament’s Centre Block has been shot and killed,” Conservative MP Bernard Trottier tweeted at 10:30 a.m. Tory MP Bob Zimmer also reported the same. Those reports are unconfirmed as police are still actively searching the area and say it is “not a secure scene” as there may be multiple shooters.

Police have expanded their perimeter and say they are actively investigating “several shooting incidents in downtown Ottawa.” Police are also asking citizens to not tweet the locations of the officers involved.

Islamic Ideology

Refutation of Taliban Magazine Nawa-e-Afghan Jihad’s Article titled 'Kufr and Apostasy united against Islamic Mujahedeen' - Part 4: Summing up
Ghulam Ghaus, New Age Islam

General Muslim public as well as target readers of the Fatwa are counter-indoctrinated against jihadist-Kharjiite ideology through exposure to Qur’anic message on the “universal brotherhood of humanity that allows people of diverse faith, culture, colour and language to live together, to know each other and to assist each other to make life easy and peaceful for all human beings.”....

Related Article:

Summing Up: Refutation of Sheikh Yousuf Al-Abeeri's Fatwa Supporting Wanton Killing of Innocent Civilians under Special Circumstances and Thus Justifying the 9/11 Attacks – Part 8

Islamic Ideology

Saudi Wahhabism and ISIS Wahhabism: The Difference
Stephen Schwartz

Looking back at Saudi Arabia's reaction to the atrocities of September 11, 2001, we would find little public dialogue over the role of Wahhabism in the origins of al Qaeda. The Saudi monarchy and their representatives denied a linkage and discouraged investigation of it. After the U.S.-led Iraq intervention in 2003, Saudi media and websites were replete with praise for Saudi citizens who had died as terrorist combatants north of the kingdom's border. The Saudis created an ineffective anti-terrorist "rehabilitation" program before "deporting" al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula ....

Islamic World News

In ISIS Video, Father Stones Girl to Death
PAT Chief Dr Tahir ul Qadri

Arab World

Syria Wants Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel Punished

Army Kills Dozens of ISIL Terrorists in Iraq's Samarra


Taliban Commander among 30 Killed In North Waziristan

Pakistani Taliban Re-Affirms Allegiance to Mullah Mohammad Omar

D-Chowk: Tahir Ul Qadri Calls It A Day

South Asia

Taliban Militants Suffer Heavy Casualties in Kandahar

Southeast Asia

Ulema Who Mislead Are Like Dogs with Tongues Hanging Out, Says Religious Scholar


ISIL onslaught on Yazidis may be attempted genocide: UN

EU sets 'red lines' for Israel in W. Bank, Jerusalem


Ottomanism a guise for Islamic ambitions, Turkish prominent historian says

Turkey turning into semi-open prison: CHP

North America

Kerry: status quo between Israel, Palestinians ‘unsustainable’

Canada raises its terrorism threat level


India Wins another Term at UNHRC

Police Identify Youths Who Waved IS Flags


Nigeria Truce Is Shaky, No News of Abducted Girls

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Radical Islamism and Jihad
Facing massive appeal of Radical Islam, Moderate Muslims must refute Jihadist theology of violence with a coherent narrative of Islamic moderation, says Sultan Shahin at UNHRC in Geneva
Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

We, the silent majority of moderate Muslims are disoriented. Can those Muslims who cherish democracy, peace, and pluralism still have a say in world affairs? Only a tiny fraction of one and a half billion Muslims see in the Quran and Hadees a permission to kill innocents from other sects and communities. But Islam or Islamism is being equated with terrorism because the vast majority of Muslims are still passive and silent.

Thirteen years after 9/11, the Islamist terrorist threat has become more diverse, more complex, and more dangerous. It seems that while the world has focused on fighting the terrorists militarily, it has not faced the challenge of the ideological narrative that Jihadism offers. It is this Islamist extremist narrative that has gained momentum now, animating not only groups like al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, al Nusra, ISIS, etc but also independent actors who may prove even more dangerous. ...

What are we, the Muslim moderates, doing wrong? Why are our youth joining the radicals?

What has happened is that Jihadists have worked out a radical narrative of Islam, a complete theology of violence, xenophobia, hate and Islam-supremacism based on common Muslim beliefs which they are using to brainwash Muslim youth, while we moderates have no coherent narrative or theology of peace, pluralism, co-existence and gender justice to counter that.

So what is the way forward? In my view, this situation calls for a clear refutation of the Jihadist ideology and working out a coherent narrative and a consistent theology of Islamic moderation, peace and gender justice. If not now, when?.....

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