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People, unfamiliar with the basic philosophy of Islam find it difficult to assimilate that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’, that it preaches love and care as essential human obligations on every follower of this faith. The Islamic clergy and opinion-makers have just not made serious and widespread efforts to let people of other faiths know that Islam expects its adherents to live in peace with ‘others’, and does not enjoin upon its followers to convert one and all to Islam. How many non-Muslims really understand the true import of jihad and kafir?....

Belgium’s deeply divided society, its sizeable numbers of alienated Muslims, and its constant search for political compromise have contributed in large measure to its image of a ‘weak state’, and hence an easy target for terrorists.....


That’s a start. Obama and Erdoğan are supposed to meet today in Washington. Let’s hope President Obama skips the diplomatic language and goes straight to the point: that any leader who jails journalists—and arms Al Qaeda and bombs the Kurds and jails his opponents—is no friend of the United States......


A former friend of Reda Nidalha who requested anonymity believes that the religious aspect probably played a lesser role in Reda Nidalha's case. “He never bothered about religion, and he had friends from many different cultures. Even when he was already in Syria, he used to talk to me sometimes on social media. I told him I did not agree with his decision. He told me he had a job there and was married.”....


As I bought the sandwich, I noticed a woman in black Hijab and Jilbab walking purposefully towards me. I smiled at her, wished her Assalamu Alaykum — and continued with my vital commerce. A moment later, I was shocked to see this rather young and dignified woman push an empty Starbucks coffee mug into my face. She was begging! In the land of welfare, on the road of gardens, in this country whose exports per capita are ten times those of the United States, one finds Muslim women begging for a living on nearly every corner. Theory, philosophy, ideology aside, this pathetic reality is a poignant commentary on the condition of Muslims today.....

The Qadri Narrative

By Faisal Raja

The Lahore Blast

By Syed Kamran Hashmi

Operation in Punjab

By Zeeba T Hashmi

Bloodbath in Lahore — Where Does The Fault Lie?

By Rustam Shah Mohmand

Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau


The MMA, the ANP and now the PTI (in coalition with the Jamaat-i-Islami) have wreaked havoc on the minds of KP’s children. Tahira points out that the different ideological complexion of these three rulers has not made much of a difference....


I was too awed by the breathtaking sight of the magnificent, black cubic structure to remember any prayers. The awareness that this is where the noblest of prophets, from Abraham to Ismail and the last link of the chain, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them, worshipped bears down heavy on you. This is where Islam and its greats were born, faced existential struggles and eventually prevailed. This is where Abraham left his wife Hajrah (Hager) and baby Ismail after being ordained by Allah when there was nothing here--literally. ....


“God” says Luther “cannot and will not suffer that good works begin by relying upon one’s own power and reason.” Work here was a euphemism for an intense objectified labour. Protest was prohibited. Human being converted into private property emerged as a mere tool for production of surplus value. Coercion was justified yet people were required to embrace the hegemony through consent as the latter was imposed through religious force. “Force” Marx says “is the midwife of every old society pregnant with a new.....


Despite decades of military subjugation, demographic engineering, and the ceding of some territories and influence to China, Islamabad has failed to win the support of the people of GB. Its further militarization of the region perpetuates a strategy of indiscriminate use of force to silence local voices, even as local populations are progressively marginalized.....


Muslim Women Are Against Verbal 'Talaq': First Woman Qazi of India

Majority of Turkish Women Subjected To Violence, Pursue Legal Means: Survey

Muslim Rugby Player in Ireland to Wear Hijab

Public Figures Who Rage Against the 'Burkini' Are Just Islamophobes Hiding behind Feminism

Hijab-Shaming French Minister Spawns Twitter Hashtag Calling for Her Resignation

'I Want Freedom in Europe', Says Baghdadi's ex-Wife in Lebanon

Ex-Afghan MP, Farkhunda Zahra, Talks about Fight for Women’s Rights, Freedom and Change

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

UN Says Saudis Murdering Children in Yemen: What Next

Love India, But Only One God in Islam: Deoband's Fatwa against Bharat Mata Ki Jai

Islamic State Urges Attacks on German Chancellery, Bonn Airport: SITE Group

Arab World

Kurds Set To ‘Liberate’ Raqqa, Keep Islamic State Fighters Who Fled Palmyra to Turkey From Arriving

Syrian Army Discovers ISIL's Arms Depot in Palmyra


Privately-Run Madrasa in Yorkshire Accused of 'Dividing' Communities by Teaching Children Extreme Form of Islam

ISIS Commands Muslims to Attack Angela Merkel, Bomb German Airport


China Again Objects To India's Bid at UN to Ban Pathankot Terror Attack Mastermind Masood Azhar


Turkish Journalists in Clashes with Bodyguards during Erdoğan’s US Visit

Seven Police Officers Killed In Diyarbakır Car Bomb Attack, 27 Injured

South Asia

Taliban Killing Afghan Security Officials on ISI Orders: Former Afghan Defence Minister

Over 200 Taliban insurgents killed or wounded in ongoing Shindand operations

Southeast Asia

Radicalisation Threat Has Grown Larger With Islamic State, PM Lee Says


In 2015, Anti-State Violence in Pakistan Fell Below 2008 Levels: HRCP Report

Musharraf Aide Hints General’s Exit Had PML-N’s ‘Blessing’


How an African Student Went From Giving Free Medical Check-Ups In Senegal To Treating Islamic State Fighters

North America

Obama Nuclear Summit Focuses on N. Korea, Islamic State

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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Amid an ongoing debate in the country over “Bharat Mata ki jai”, Darul-Uloom Deoband, the leading Islamic seminary of the Indian subcontinent, on Friday said that chanting of the slogan was against Islam. …

But scholars like Sultan Shahin, editor of NewAgeIslam.com, a website which talks about advocating reforms in Islam, slightly disagreed with the way the seminary interpreted the slogan 'bharat mata ki jai'. While the Darul-Uloom Deoband said chanting the slogan means “hailing and worshipping” the goddess “bharat mata', Mr. Shahin said, the slogan did not amount to worshipping 'bharat mata' and hence did not go against the idea of 'tauheed' (the belief in oneness of God).

“Primarily the idea of tauheed is believing into one God. However, there is a variety of interpretation of god and tauheed in Islam. The idea of tauheed (oneness of god) is vast enough to accommodate the idea of praising the motherland and showing love for her. I would not like to go into literal translation of Vandana or saying 'bharat mata ki jai' because I find the controversy unnecessary and irrelevant as there are enough controversies around the idea plaguing us,” said Mr. Shahin.

Talking about a variety of interpretations of 'tauheed', Mr. Shahin presented the instance of Sufis traditions in Islam and said that “a section of Islamic scholars, find even Sufi practices like going to Sufi Dargahs and praying to Sufi saints as against the idea of tauheed. Does that make Sufism un-Islamic? I do not think so. All versions of oneness of God are right but none should be forced on anybody”.

But Mr. Shahin also said that the slogan 'bharat mata ki Jai' should not be forced on anyone as the Constitution did not require anyone chant the slogan.

Spineless In Lahore

By Irfan Husain

Battle for Hearts, Minds and the State

By Farrukh Khan Pitafi

Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau


The blackmail of threatening to allow nuclear weapons to fall into the wrong hands cannot continue to cut off progress in resolving the region’s very serious issues....


Many believe that the radicalisation of Muslims in Belgium was initiated at the behest of Wahhabi imams from Saudi Arabia who preached at Brussels Grand Mosque, which was constructed in 1967 as part of an oil deal with the House of Saud. The unemployed and marginalised Muslim youth in Europe, particularly in France and Belgium, turned to radical Islam in order to assert their identity even at the cost of harming the global diversity of the religion.....


Often I come across someone from the ‘Aam’ Pakistan who doesn’t even know the full words of the Namaz, and no one damns them to hell for that. Someone very close to me is an atheist, and although we often argue, he respects my religious practices, and I leave his Dawkins alone. And me…I exist amidst all these real Pakistanis with my shades of grey, and when I sleep, my dreams are multi-hued, not black and white.....


For Akbar Ahmed and others, broken communities are the source of the problem, and only by healing them can the problem be solved. ISIS is haemorrhaging territory in Iraq and Syria, and is likely to be defeated in the coming years, but Europe will continue to suffer serious terror attacks until its elites face up to what’s causing a small but deadly fraction of its citizens to lash out with violence....


A coalition of more than 30 religious and political parties has declared the law un-Islamic, an attempt to secularize Pakistan and a clear and present threat to our most sacred institution: the family. They have threatened countrywide street protests if the government doesn’t back down. Their logic goes like this: If you beat up a person on the street, it’s a criminal assault. If you bash someone in your bedroom, you’re protected by the sanctity of your home.....


The horrible scenario in the Iraq-Syria battlefield first unfolded in Pakistan. No one in the Middle East took note of it; no one analysed Pakistan. Pakistan, sunk in denial, was not able to undertake self-analysis. Foreign reporters were kicked out for predicting Pakistan’s endgame. Today, Pakistan is surprising itself on a daily basis.....


The contemporary appearance of Muslim world reflects general stagnation, backwardness and monotonous orientation. Muslim societies instead of analysing the reasons of their degradation have formulated an imaginary ‘external enemy’ to be blamed for all wrongs done to them. The tendency of blaming others is a constant in Muslim tradition of historiography. In the first half century of Muslim history, emergence of political disputes and internal strife among different contenders of power is simply narrated as a conspiracy of Jews, Christians and idolaters by Muslim scholars...

Promoting Global Culture of Respect

By Marghoob Saleem Butt

The Oldest Church In The UAE, And The Roots Of Tolerance

By Turki Al-Dakhil

Iran’s Asymmetrical Warfare: the Cyber attack Capabilities

By Dr. Majid Rafizadeh

Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau

Death from Kabul to Brussels
Fahad Suleiman Shoqiran

The night before he was killed, Massoud had an appointment with Belgian journalists. Prior to the meeting, his friend Massoud Khalili read out to him as usual the poetry of Hafez Shirazi. They had a habit of randomly choosing a page from a book of a collection of Shirazi’s poetry. Khalili read: “Enjoy this night which we will spend together. Days pass by, months go by and years come to an end, and you will never get to live this night again.”....


So is the Sufi conference willing to engage with Hinduism with a genuine desire to understand this religious tradition as having a ‘true’ belief system for its followers? Or is it that as is the general practice with many other Islamic orientations, the Sufis will also club Hinduism with other idolatrous faiths and then will consider it only fit to be refuted and not engaged with?....

UK Urged To Give Asylum to 100 Women Who Fled ISIS Captivity in Iraq

Factors Pushing Lankan Muslim Women to Seek Work in Middle East

Remembering Zaha Hadid: The World’s Most Famous (And Controversial) Female Architect

"She Who Tells a Story” Exhibition Lets Muslim Women Tell Crucial, Relevant Stories

Police: New York Woman in Headscarf Lied About Being Slashed

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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