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The challenges that confront Afghanistan, nevertheless, remain gargantuan. Chief among these is, of course, the Taliban backed by Pakistan's relentlessly malefic state; the problem is infinitely compounded by a glut of arms in the hands of local and irresponsible non-state actors, corruption, the interference of regional extremist groups in Afghan affairs, and serious economic vulnerabilities that can only grow with diminishing international support......

As The US Retreats
Praveen Swami

Historians warn us that contra factual speculation is a useless activity: the world is simply too complex and unpredictable to make meaningful guesses about what might have happened if Nicias had won the debate against Athens’s party of war. Yet, it is hard not to see that the world looks a lot as it likely would have if the wars of 9/11 had never happened. In the great arc from Mali to Pakistan, the jihadist movement is in the ascendant as never before. Efforts to construct stable polities and state structures have failed, from Somalia to Afghanistan…..


I had a strange dream that changed me completely. Was it an Islam calling to study deeper to understand about the truth? The vision was so clear and it was not blurred as most dreams used to be. I was in a green place, splendid in its beauty, the earth was totally green, beauty that I did not see anything like it before, then I saw in the sky, the sun, the moon and a star between them. The dream ended when someone gave me a piece of paper on which was written: “5 times a day.”…..

The immensity of Chomsky’s mind is matched only by its dexterity. In his first triumph as a public intellectual, he reinvented the field of linguistics by developing the now widely accepted theory that the ability to learn language is an innate capacity common to all humans……


It is said the recognition of the problem is the first step towards recovery. Pakistan is yet to take the first step. The symptoms are not expected to subside as long as the cancer continues to be misdiagnosed as pneumonia. We cannot, and should not expect ourselves to get away with treating an internally present disease like a viral infection……

Haj is a trip of lifetime; it is only required once from a Muslim and it is only the first one that counts as the fulfilment of the obligation. All other performances of Haj are voluntary and cannot replace the compulsory Haj. Therefore, it is imperative that it is performed sincerely and correctly for the first time.  Though Haj can be quiet a journey, a little preparation and planning will, Insha’Allah make your journey much easier. This planning should not be limited to the logistics, but should also include spiritual, financial, physical and mental preparations….


Islamic priestly class is still living in the medieval era as far as their approach towards their women folk is concerned. The Mullah argues that his decision was based on Shariat (Islamic law) which is divine and immutable. A similar decision was given earlier by the Mufti of Darul Uloom Deoband in 2005 in a case of Imrana. There were no public protests from the community then and not now either…….

My Day Wearing a Niqab
Radhika Sanghani

There is always a real, breathing woman beneath the veil and she doesn’t deserve to be ignored. I will never look at a veiled woman and just see a Niqab again. I’ll try and see the person beneath it and if she drops her phone, I’ll hand it back with a smile……

It should go without saying that any woman who is forced, whether by the state or her own family, to wear the Burqa or headscarf is indeed oppressed. Nonetheless, many Muslim women do choose to veil of their own volition. That this choice is required only of women does lead to legitimate questions of whether such a choice can actually be free…..


اسلام ہی ایک ایسا مذہب ہے ، جس نے اللہ اور بندوں کے درمیان سے ہر قسم کے راہب،  پنڈت اور درمیانی لوگوں کو خاتمہ کیا ۔ یہ ہے نچوڑ اسلام کا، جس کا رب رحیم اور جس کے رسول کریم  ہیں، جنہوں نے دنیا میں ہر انسان ( بشمول خواتین) کو برابری کا درجہ دیا ۔ یعنی اسلام نے انسانیت کو آزادی اور اخوت  کی ایسی منزل تک پہنچایا، جس کا تصور اسلام سے قبل نہیں پایا جاتا تھا ۔ تب ہی تو پورے قرون وسطیٰ میں مسلمان سُپر پاور بنے رہے اور اسلام کا ڈنکا ہر سو بجتا رہا ۔ آج اسی اسلام اور مسلمانوں کو دہشت سے جوڑا جارہا ہے ۔ آج محسن انسانیت  صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کی شان میں گستاخی کی ناپاک جسارت کی جارہی ہے۔


Many Europeans who would laugh at the idea of negotiating with ISIS or al-Qaeda say that Israel should negotiate with Hamas. Almost nobody sees that the invention of the "Palestinian people" has transformed millions of Arabs into a genocidal weapon to be used against the Israelis, and even, as in Europe recently, the Jews. Transforming people into a genocidal weapon is a barbaric act……


It needs to be repeated that IS, a Caliphate with enormous wealth, large quantities of weapons, and an appetite for power, has ambitions to expand its territorial control in the Middle East. Under its ruthless leader the Caliph and Commander in Chief, formerly known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who claims to be descended from the Prophet, the IS is first consolidating its rule, then plans to conquer the bordering Muslim states, and then to “battle against the Crusaders” (the West)…….


گزشتہ دنوں انٹرنیشنل یونین آف جرنلٹس کے حوالے سے منعقد ہونے والی ایک کانفرنس میں شرکت کیلئے جب میں برلن میں تھا تو جرمن اخبارات و رسائل کے مطالعہ سے پتہ چلا کہ نسلی تشدد کی ایک شدید لہر نے ان دنوں جرمنی کو اپنی لپیٹ میں لے رکھا ہے ۔وہاںنسلی منافرت تیزی سے پھیل رہی ہے اور اقلیتوں کو نسلی طور پر ہراساں کیا جارہا ہےاور حملوں میں اضافہ ہوتا جارہا ہے جس کا نشانہ وہاں کی سب سے بڑی(مسلم ) اقلیت بن رہی ہے۔


Muslims opposing Islamism are in many, if not all, instances, anti-Sharia, and opposed to the political parties or movements associated with Maududi (the Jamaat-i-Islami in South Asia), with Hasan al-Banna and Sayyed Qutb (the Muslim Brotherhood in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa), with Khomeinism (the Shi'i version of Islamism in Iran and among Shi'i Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere), and with the Wahhabi-Salafi version of Islamism espoused and propagated by the Saudi and Gulf Arabs with their petrodollars......

Based on nearly 1,500 quantitative and qualitative questionnaires that were distributed in 12 Malaysian states, the Sisters in Islam study is one of the largest ever conducted on the issue. Its findings were alarming. Results showed that not only did polygamy negatively affect the wives; it also had extremely harmful effects on children who were the product of such unions….


Despite attempts by some prominent Saudis to do so, it is difficult to link IS to Kharijites and separate the group from Wahhabism, as the group has explicitly adopted the ideas of Abd al-Wahhab and is spreading and imposing them on the regions it controls. The current challenge is to prove that the ideas of Wahhabism are the primary reason for the creation and mobilization of jihadist organizations and is not a distraction from the political collapse of the region as the facilitator of the growth in extremism……


Yemen Pupils Find Classes Turned Into Weapons Dump

Arab World

Wave of Attacks in Shi'ite Parts of Baghdad Kill 35

Blasts in Syria’s Homs kill 18, most children

Islamic State militants behead 9 Kurdish fighters


In Al Qaeda Attack Lines Blur between Pakistan’s Military, Militants

Six killed, 12 injured in Quetta blasts, firing

South Asia

Watchdog Says No to Reduce Girls’ Marriage Age in Bangladesh

Twin suicide attacks on army buses in Kabul kill 7


ISIS Could Become World's First Terrorist State, Warns UK

Dutch Teen Claiming To Be Part of ISIS Threatens To Behead Jews

Pope calls Mideast envoys to Vatican as Islamic State advances

North America

American football player Husain Abdullah gets penalty for praying

Obama hails signing of BSA with Afghanistan as ‘historic’


Saudi Minister of Haj Calls For Further Cementing Saudi-India Relations

‘Love Jihad’ a Social Problem, Not RSS Coinage: NCW Chief

Southeast Asia

Islamic banking hopes for account development incentives from Budget 2015


Libyan Islamists reject U.N.-led peace talks

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Poster Girls for Jihad: Young Women Raised In West Joining Militants

Better To Be Prostitute, Says Blogger of Muslim Woman Joining DAP

Heroism of Indian Muslim Woman in World War II Inspires Today

Hijab Selfies Fad Takes Off As Australians Show Solidarity with Muslim Women

Pakistan: Police Foil Marriage of Two Underage Girls

Armed Woman Arrested Outside Lahore High Court

An Unfortunate Name: Family Concern over Daughter Named ‘Isis’

Muslim Women Break Their Silence on Life under Honour Culture

Pakistan Empowering Women: ‘Minimum Age for Marriage Should Be Fixed At 18’

Missing Bristol Girl Feared To Be Heading For Syria to Join ISIS - Police

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