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The writer has done a fairly good number of articles, posted at New Age Islam over the last four years that can be used as basis to have fresh insights on a whole range of Islamic issues - all within the ambit of Islam as preserved in the Qur'an. Each article is designed to be a work of Ijtihad (fresh insight) and draws on his duly authenticated joint publication, Essential Message of Islam and there does not suffer any doctrinal vacuum. As Ghulam Mohiyuddin Sahab has correctly said, and the Qur'an encourages, he has engaged Aql (intellect), Fiqh (logical reasoning) and Tadabbur (cognitive faculty) to frame the articles, and has also delved into the secondary and external sources of knowledge – as knowledge has no religious boundary and God alone is the fountainhead of all knowledge….

Female Trainer Motivates Saudi Students to Do Community Work

Malawi Islamic Charity Empower Rural Women

Anti-Muslim Sentiment Targets Women on Melbourne's Streets

Fatwa against Indian Model over Sex Tweets

She’s Solved 124 Cases of Corruption & Domestic Abuse, Meet the Fiery Founder of the Red Brigade

97-Year-Old US Woman Gets High School Diploma

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South Asia

Rocket Hits Mosque in Eastern Afghanistan, 6 Killed

Arab World

33 Terrorists Killed, Injured in Damascus Countryside

Tens of ISIL Terrorists Killed in Army Operations across Iraq

Al-Jubeir: Yemen War in Final Stage

Russia Delivers Powerful Bombs to ISIL's Doorstep


9 Killed As Islamic Extremists Attack Somalia Hotel; Siege Continues


Turkish, US Air Strikes Kill More Than 50 Islamic State Militants in Syria: Report

Divided Turkey Votes In Critical Election as Violence Spirals


At Least Four Dead as IED Blast Hits Passenger Train in Mastung

Senate May Discuss Modi’s Remarks


Must Worry About Female Foeticide, Not Religious Imbalance: Muslim Cleric

Review Policy to Check Muslim, Christian Population: RSS Resolution


Australian Muslims Being Forced To Assimilate, Islamic Conference Told


Still the Refugees Are Coming, but In Europe the Barriers Are Rising

North America

US Troops in Syria Will Only Fight Islamic State: John Kerry

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Hate in Europe
Steve Paikin

The National Front in France, Jobbik in Hungary, and Golden Dawn in Greece: Far-right parties seem to be gaining in popularity in Europe. How does hate continue to fester in a continent marred by the tragedies of WWII? And what does the rise of the political far-right mean for the future of Europe and the security of its many minorities? .....



The Muslim community in the West, now over half a century, that is after the decolonisation of their countries, who have made their home and now have a few generations born and raised with the values of the West, must appreciate the fact that in the Western countries religion is a private aspect of life. Some of their public values put in practice take precedent over all other customs. This is also reflected in the Constitution of some of these nations. .....

This level of harmony is common in Bangladesh, even outside an Islamic context; Hindu Pujas are routinely attended by Muslims and Hindus alike, across the country. None of this has ever been an issue in Bangladesh, not that is, until a strident and divisive Salafism started taking root here.


In 1993, the United States unilaterally replaced reliance on the balance between Iraq and Iran with so-called “dual containment” of both directly by the U.S. armed forces.  This created an unprecedented requirement for a large, long-term U.S. military presence in the Gulf.  That, in turn, stimulated the birth of anti-American terrorism with global reach.  One result: 9/11.


During the last decade, Bangladesh turned into a pivot for international terrorism. First of all, it serves, besides the Af-Pak region, as one of the most significant recruiting bases for the global jihad. The tremendous amount of Bangladeshis joining the Taliban in Afghanistan to fight NATO/ISAF troops or the (sporadic) arrests of recruiters, for example for Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front in Syria, can be seen as proof. Secondly, Bangladesh became a place for training and regrouping, as well as a platform to conduct terrorist attacks abroad.


...The Saudis and the Arab states want to build a Sunni resistance to what they perceive as Shia hegemony to their north. In doing so, they are ready — as became abundantly clear with Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal’s statement (though he seems to have recanted and issued a denial since) — to make a deal with Israel. Together with Israel, the UAE and their lobbyists and supporters in Washington DC, the Saudis will attempt to open a diplomatic front against Iran in the US capital. The idea would be to press the US to take a more hardline stance against the Islamic republic only months after the Iran deal.

We are told that activists of the Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT) attacked some girls at Karachi University for the crime of playing cricket on the university campus while they were waiting for their transport to take them home.


The ISIL leadership recognises the leaders of this area as officials of the caliphate. Hafiz Saeed, a former Pakistan Taliban member from Orakzai agency, whom Raqqa has appointed as amir of Khurasan province, is the top ISIL authority there. Saeed is aided by a few Arabic-speaking emissaries sent by ISIL central, who have also brought cash. Local Afghans report that the ISIL has more money than the Taliban (there is no government presence in the area).

They have now targeted the publishers because publishers are free thinkers who believe in freedom of opinions. If the government now trivialises these incidents, there may come a time when they, too, will be obstructed from giving their free opinions. I don't understand why the government is failing to see the impending danger.


Bangladesh has witnessed these high levels of violence against communicators, but there has been a deeply concerning lack of response and investigation from officials and government. The absence of accountability for crimes against communicators endangers freedom of expression in the country as well as those exercising it.

This phenomenon is among the main viruses infecting contemporary Indonesian democracy. In the case of Sampang in Madura, the supposed deviance of Shia is being exploited by certain groups to gain political support for the upcoming local elections there. In other regions, local leaders have passed sharia-based bylaws to woo popular support.


He has a mandate; he is the leader. He is not corrupt, he has credibility. Maybe the land Bill was wrong, and the GST is now stuck. But in the long run, he will be successful and the hotheads will be marginalized once there is visible economic growth. Yes, I will say a PM has to have badappan, he must reach out, he must have dialogue, win over the Opposition.

How Phone Apps Are Helping Women Travel in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Woman Defies Driving Ban

Why B-Schools Have Fewer Women? Here's What ICICI Bank chief Says

Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs Showcase Products

Saudi Woman Declares Victory over Breast Cancer

Unlicensed Weapons Found On 17 Saudi Women

Japan and Korea to Step up Talks on 'Comfort Women'

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Arab World

Dozens of ISIL Militants Killed in Army Counter-Attack East of Aleppo

33 ISIL Militants Killed in Iraqi Army Operations in Anbar Province

Iraq Parliament Bars Govt from Passing Reforms


Turkish, US Airstrikes Kill Over 50 IS Militants in Syria

Army Spokesman: Saudi Claims about Ending Aggressions On Yemen Untrue, Deceptive

Erdogan’s Party Regains Majority in Crucial Poll

South Asia

Supporters of al-Qaeda and Taliban now Support Daesh: Afghan Minister of Interior

ISIL Recruiting and Brainwashing Afghan Children, Report

Dissident Taliban Choose Mullah Rasool as Their Leader


12 Killed As Shebab Attack Somalia Hotel

Libyan Court Adjourns Trial of Qadhafi’s Son


Revive Rishi-Sufi Harmonious Traditions, Reclaim the Syncretic Culture of India, says Governor, J&K

Modernise Madrasa in Militant Hotbed in Jammu & Kashmir


Security Forces Kill Six Suspected Militants in Kalat

Minorities Participate, Christian Parties Boycott Elections


British FM Says It’s ‘Business As Usual’ With Saudi Arabia

German Coalition Fails To Reach Agreement On Refugees Plan

Southeast Asia

Angkasa: Consortium of Mosque Cooperatives to Be Set Up By Year End

Najib: Govt does not force people to convert to Islam

North America

55% of Calif. Muslim Students Bullied: Study

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في الواقع ، المملكة العربية السعودية تضفي الشرعية على الأصولية والتمييز الديني وعدم التسامح والتعصب واضطهاد المرأة. بالإضافة إلى منع السعوديات من قيادة السيارات، فإن بعض رجال الدين يمنعونهن أيضا من وضع حزام الأمان تفاديا لإظهار تضاريس أجسادهن. وتشعل المملكة العربية السعودية التوتر والانقسام بين السنة والشيعة وتضرب مثالا سيئا لعدم التسامح والتعصب بحظرها للكنائس.


Where are the Syrians?


What brought down the Russian jet in Egypt?

By Dr. Theodore Karasik

Only fifty U.S. military personnel in Syria!

By Abdulrahman al-Rashed

Can the Vienna Talks bring breakthroughs in Syria?

By Raghida Dergham

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The tragedy in Bangladesh is that we, as a nation, have not been able to come out of our self-centeredness and it was, thus, no surprise that it took 21 years to officially recognise the culpability of a heinous offence committed in the most blatant manner.


A century on, nothing has changed and everything has changed. As these 100 years of dreams and nightmares, of illusion and disillusion, with a few measures of delusion, reach their dissolution point, what does the next century hold in store for the region?


Earlier, the program started with a theme presentation by Prof Naseem Ahmad Shah, who also moderated the session. It was followed by Ali Zahiri Tousi’s Sufism and its Cultural Manifestations, Sultan Shahin’s India and its Vibrant Sufi Connect and Prof Hameed Naseem Rafiabadi’s  How do we Preserve and Promote the Values Enshrined in Reshi-Sufi way.

When earth is less than sacred, we become less than human – a truth I believe both Islam and Buddhism, as I have listened to their teachings, affirm. When we fully acknowledge the sacredness of the earth we also become aware of our particularly human task as khalifa, stewards, or as those beings living in that unique realm where we have both the teaching of the Buddha and the capacity for taking moral responsibility for other creatures.

Pakistan: The Sectarian Fire
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

Sectarian strife has afflicted Pakistan virtually from the moment of its birth, but has escalated continuously since 1979, with the then President General Zia-ul-Haq's 'Islamicisation' of Pakistani politics. Shias resisted this process as the 'Sunnification' of Pakistan, since most of the laws and regulations introduced were based on Sunni Fiqh (Jurisprudence). Notably, in July 1980, 25,000 Shias gathered in Islamabad to protest the Islamicisation laws....


…It was during one of my expeditions that I traveled to a small town named Hazro - a tehsil of the Attock district, Punjab, and was instantly smitten.

Formerly a fortified town with four gates, Hazro is home to many temples, gurdwaras and havelis believed to have been built during the Sikh and British era.

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  • I think some part of article is exaggerated but no one denied the fact that in India for being secularist, you should be pro- Pakistan, ...
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