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In order to make this transition from plurality to pluralism, Madani would have to forgo his own notion of superiority of Islam over other religions. This he is clearly unwilling to do. Islam for him is the only true religion and it is this conviction which leads him to claim that, ‘while being aware of the truth of their (other religions’) falsehood’, Islam is ready to ‘cooperate and tolerate’ them. In other words, Madani not only disqualifies and derogates other religions as being false, he is also of the view that, ultimately, Hindustan be Islamised: that the Hindu–Muslim entente (composite nationalism) is only required till the time people of this country do not become Muslims (Jab Tak Hindustan Ke Tamam Baashinde Mussalman Nahin Ho Jate). Such a notion hardly augurs well for any kind of pluralism….

Although, Madani accepts that Muslims in India already cooperate with ‘non-Muslims’ on a number of civic and non-religious issues, his plea is that this temporal cooperation should not be confused with any kind of religious co-operation. Even the ‘compositeness’ of his nationalism is not an end in itself. In his own words, this composite nationalism is ‘temporary and special’ and is only required till the ‘light of true religion (read Islam) dispels its (India’s) darkness’. Shedding further light on his ‘special’ and ‘temporary’ concept, Madani elucidates that ‘composite nationalism is needed only till such time different communities (Aqwaam, sng. Qaum) and different religions exist in a country. When the entire nation becomes Muslim (which is the prime real aim: Jo Ki Awwaleen Maksad Hai), where is the need for it?’ It is very clear, therefore, that for Madani, even diversity, (forget pluralism) holds no merit of its own, rather its advocacy is strategically needed only for such time till Islam becomes the sole hegemonic religion of India. ….                                                                           

How far will the Pakistan establishment go in suppressing, if not eradicating, the terror machine that it has hand-held for long as a secret weapon against India? This is a matter of speculation.  Perhaps the political leaders there will have the statesmanship to unite and contain the military and wean the masses away from the Mullahs. “These are high hopes!”...


جس وقت تغلق آباد کا قلعہ تعمیر ہورہا تھا ۔ اسی وقت حضرت نظام الدین اولیا نے عوام الناس کےلیے باولی بنانے کا حکم دیا۔ بادشاہ نے اس کی تعمیر میں رخنہ پیدا کیا اور رات میں کام نہ ہوا اس نے دکانداروں کو حکم جاری کردیا کہ خانقاہ کاتیل بند کردیا جائے ۔ روایت ہے کہ حضرت نے باولی کے پانی کو چراغ میں ڈال کر جلانے کےلیے نصیر الدین سے کہا تو چراغ روشن ہوگیا اور نصیر الدین چراغ دہلوی کےلقب سے مشہور ہوئے ۔ وہی حضرت نظام الدین اولیا کے جانشین اور خلیفہ مقرر ہوئے اور انہیں کو تبرکات بھی ملے۔ انہو ں نے حضرت نظام الدین اولیا کے پیغام کو پورے ہندوستان میں پھیلایا ان کے جانشین خواجہ بندہ نواز گیسودراز ہیں جو اردو کے اہم نثر نگار ہیں۔


Why the Syria Talks Remind Me of The Oslo Process

By Marwan Bishara

Kurds in Turkey: Caught In The Crossfire

By David Lepeska

Western Powers Shamefully Kowtow To Iran

By Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor

Where Is The West's Compassion And Condemnation Following Terror Attacks In Middle East?

By Eva Bartlett

Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau


Not only should we be concerned about the human rights of non-Muslims in Muslim-majority nations, but we must be attentive to the human rights of Muslims in non-Muslim-majority nations. Islamophobia must diminish and neighbourliness in the human family must increase. Toward that end, this Declaration is inspiring!....


World Disorder on Human Rights

By Fawad Kaiser

Rethinking Justice

By Reema Omer

Schools under Siege

By Hajrah Mumtaz

Hunger Pangs

By Haseeb Ahsan Javed

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The dialectic I first explored 20 years ago began as speculative theory; in 2001, with the 9/11 cataclysm it began prophecy; today, in the age of ISIS on the Internet, it is simply reality. For unlike Al Qaeda, Jihad’s early manifestation, the new ISIS with its quest for a territorial Caliphate married to its campaign to engender a virtual Caliphate on the web, rejects capitalism and materialism and the commodities they produce even as it puts those commodities to work to inspire terrorism across the world. Science is the work of infidels, secular reason is a form of blasphemy, yet science’s finest product (technology) is the best instrument the true believers have to wage war on the West....


Iran’s Beleaguered Bahá'ís

By KG Suresh

Pathankot Attack Provides India an Opportunity To Strike, Prepare

By Rajendra Abhyankar

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عسکریت پسند تنظیموں کے درمیان اس طرح ایک نظریاتی اور آپریشنل تقسیم نے 'اچھے' اور 'برے' طالبان، اور بعد میں اچھے اور برے جہادیوں کی درجہ بندی میں مدد کی۔ تاہم حقائق کی رو سے  اچھے اور برے زمرے کی درجہ بندی اس قدر لغو ہے کہ ایک دہشت گردانہ حملے کےبعد ریاست اور شہریوں کے درمیان اس بات کی تشویش پیدا ہو جاتی ہے کہ کون مجرم تھا اور کس کی جانب سے انہوں نے یہ حملہ انجام دیا۔


Moreover it can be argued that, in some senses, the military operations have strengthened the region’s fractious jihadist organisations by forcing them to put aside their differences and work together. For example the government’s commencement of the Zarb-e-Azb Operation in North Waziristan district and supplementary operations in other districts of the tribal areas, served to soften the TTP’s differences over the leadership and to bind these groups together against a common enemy, which is the Pakistani state....


The Iranian regime uses religion as cover for its shameful crimes. Back in the 1980s, Ayatullah Mesbah Yazdiwas, allegedly issued death Fatwas against anyone who disagreed with his evil theological ideology.....


Two things, he legalised Islamisation—whether it was bringing in the Hudood (ordinance in 1979 under which Sharia laws applied in cases of extramarital sex, theft and prohibition). From very little things like introducing prayer times in government buildings to very, very, very harsh laws of blasphemy. The other thing would be the birth of these Jihadi groups in a very, very big way. He attempted to alter our culture—Pakistani diplomats’ wives could no longer wear saris—they were considered Hindu and un-Islamic. You could no longer say Khuda Hafiz; you had to say Allah Hafiz.....

Top Yemeni Salafi Cleric Killed In Aden Following an Anti-Extremism Sermon

Three Seminaries Sealed In Quetta, Four Clerics Detained For Interrogation

ISIS Warns Of Severe Attack on Britain That Will 'Turn Children's Hair White'

Arab World

Syria: ISIL Commander Detonates Himself among Al-Nusra Members in Damascus

Syrian Children Found In Turkish Garment Factories Making British High Street Brands

Al Qaeda Militants Seize Southern Yemeni Town: Residents


182 Pak 'Madrasas' Sealed Since 2014 Peshawar School Attack


Europe Is Training Financial Firepower on Terrorism

South Asia

Ministry Of Interior Says Kabul Suicide Bombing Left 10 Killed, 20 Wounded

Two Landmine Planters Killed By Own Explosives in Kandahar


Individuals Holding Qurans Protest Alevi Foundation

Israeli PM Pushing For Liberal Jewish Prayer at Holy Site


Arrested Islamic State Men Were Using Matchsticks to Make Bomb

North America

Nine Americans among Terror Suspects Arrested In Saudi Arabia – Report

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Training Program to Boost Arab Women Entrepreneurs’ Skills

Limitless: Women’s Rock Climbing Gains Foothold in Iran

Sania Mirza Describes Australian Open Win as 'Unreal Feeling'

Obesity, Diabetes in Mother Increases Autism Risk in Child: Study

President Ghani Inaugurates Fund for Women Victims of Violence

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Giving The General His Due: Is Operation Zarb-E Azb Enough?

By Hasnain Iqbal

What Is The Karachi Turmoil?

By Shaukat Qadir

Netherlands Fights Radicalisation

By Musa Khan Jalalzai

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مسلم امہ اور اس کے اتحاد کے بارےمیں ہماری تاریخی غلط فہمیاں ہیں کیونکہ جہاں تک ابتدائی دور میں مسلم امہ کا تعلق ہے وہ ہمیشہ سے اندرونی طور پر اختلافات کاشکار رہی ۔ سیاسی گروہ بندیاں ، فرقے عقائد کا اختلاف اور سماجی و سیاسی اختلافات نے اسے کئی ٹکڑوں او رجماعتوں میں تقسیم رکھا اور ہوا کہ بیرونی طور پر ان جماعتوں اور گروپوں کو معاشی و سیاسی مفادات نے جکڑے رکھا، مگر جیسے ہی یہ مفادات کمزور ہوئے مسلم امہ کا اتحاد اس کےساتھ بکھر گیا۔


Turkey’s European Problem

By Semih İdiz

Saudi Women’s Empowerment

By Nabeela Husni Mahjoub

Saudi Women’s Work and Challenges in the Council Just Starting

By Maha Akeel

Compiled By New Age Islam Edit Bureau


On the other hand, an informal system in tribal settings punishes the entire family of the accused by yet another injustice to the female members of his family through the custom of Vani and Swara or honour killings.


We have managed to alienate many long-time allies such as the Saudis and the Israelis; we have lost much faith within NATO as the United States has been caught spying on Angela Merkel and other European heads of state, and so on.....


Nothing excuses terrorism. I condemn it categorically. It is inconceivable, though, that security measures alone will stop the violence. As I warned the Security Council last week, Palestinian frustration and grievances are growing under the weight of nearly a half-century of occupation. Ignoring this won’t make it disappear......

Driven by abject poverty in the pre-Dubai Kerala they were lured by the money they could earn in Karachi. When they wanted to visit their families back in India, touts suggested they get a Pakistani passport and then apply for an Indian visa. Oblivious of concepts like citizenship, they didn’t realise the trap.


Religious discourse always seeks an enemy. It can be you or me if we do not comply with popular sentiments and the thinking of the majority. In order to always have a front open, this discourse presents the rest of the world as an enemy, and to perpetuate this confrontation the bearers of this discourse create various conspiracy theories so as to further alienate the masses from any discourse that may focus on their poverty, ignorance and the injustices done to them.....

Where Islamic State is obsessed with harsh Shariah and “avoids compromising its severe religious mores by intensively collecting local intelligence, strictly controlling local populations, and brutally suppressing dissent,” the analysis said, al Qaeda seeks to “durably root itself within Muslim societies and build a sustainable jihad capable of simultaneously targeting the ‘near’ and ‘far’ enemies.”....


Studying the origins of terrorism indicates that there were objective circumstances that drove some groups of youth into searching for an ideology that stimulates rebellion against despotic regimes, after the glow of leftist Marxist “ideologies” waned. They found their long lost authority in extremist Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) notions. This terrorism came out from the darkness of government prisons that carried despotism to an extreme. Then the extremist Fiqh interpretations were extracted from obscurantist books .....

Mian Mir was an icon of unity, tolerance and love during and after the Mughal era. According to Sufi as well as Sikh traditions, Mian Mir laid the foundation of, what is now known as, the Golden Temple Amritsar, also known as Harminder Sahib. Mian Mir is said to have travelled from Lahore to Amritsar on the invitation of Guru Arjun Dev, the fifth Guru of Sikhs, who asked Mian Mir for his blessings.....

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