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Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee Office-Bearers Apologize For Anti-Indian Slogans

A Roundtable with Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists to Sow the Seeds of Peace in the Diocese of Sylhet

Forced Recruitment by US-Backed SDF Reported Again in Deir Ezzur

Arab States Warned US against Revealing 'Peace' Plan: Report

Palestinians Call for 'Revenge' At Funeral of Boy Killed By Israeli Fire



Karnataka’s Badriya Jum’a Masjid: The First Eco Friendly ‘Green Mosque’

South Asia

Drone Strikes Target ISIS-K Militants, 130 TTP Militants Attack Security Posts in Nangarhar

Arab World

Egypt’s Sisi: June 30 Changed the Nation, Ended Waves of Extremism

North America

Canadian Muslims Face Anxiety, Uncertainty about Crossing U.S. Border


Nasrallah’s Message to Yemen’s Houthi Leaders: ‘I Wish I Could Fight with You’


Pakistan Channel Hires 1st Sikh Male Anchor

China Lends $1bn to Pakistan to Boost Plummeting Forex Reserves


Scotland First Minister Invites Muslims for Eid Milan Party

EU Leaders Overcome Differences To Reach Deal On Asylum Seekers


Al-Qaeda-Linked Support Group Claimed Attack on Mali HQ of G5 Sahel Force

Boko Haram Kills Four in Nigeria Displaced Civilians Camp

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Record Number of Women from India Go For Hajj This Year

Saudi Arabian Woman Designs Abayas for Freer Lifestyles

Swedish Woman Embraces Islam at Imam Reza (AS) Holy Shrine

Muslim Woman Working For Cow Protection Seeks PM Modi Help

More Women Seek Cosmetic Gynaecology Procedures in UAE

Turkish Woman Who Lost All Teeth in Botched Operation Begs For Euthanasia In Europe

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खुलासा यह है कि बीवियों की तरफ से नुशुज़ की स्थिति में शौहर दावेदार, फैसल और सज़ा देने वाले नहीं बन सकतेl इस मामले में हकीकत क्या है इसका निर्धारण करना केवल न्यायालय का काम हैl अगर तम्बीह करने, बिस्तर अलग करने, अलामती ज़र्ब लगाने या उचित तरीके से सुलह से काम नहीं बन्दा तो उस स्थिति में शौहर और बीवी की तरफ से सहीह इक़दाम ए एहसान के साथ तलाक देना हैl


A new Syria is emerging from the rubble of war. In Homs, which Syrians once dubbed the “capital of the revolution” against President Bashar al-Assad, the Muslim quarter and commercial district still lie in ruins, but the Christian quarter is reviving. Churches have been lavishly restored; a large crucifix hangs over the main street. “Groom of Heaven”, proclaims a billboard featuring a photo of a Christian soldier killed in the seven-year conflict. ...


For decades, modern-looking men with clean-shaven faces, sporting silk ties and wearing Italian suits, had led Iran. They could converse in fluent French and, even more conveniently, in English. They were sometimes criticized for being autocratic, but they were at least “our” autocrats. The country is now led by turbaned and gray-bearded clerics aided by stubble-faced technocrats deeply distrustful not only of US foreign policy but also of many aspects of secular culture—except nuclear technology....


We are living in a time of deeply polarised politics, in the midst of which are the victims of a scandalous pay gap, sexual violence, prejudice, bigotry, homophobia and the like. Women are disproportionately affected by most forms of discrimination especially poor women and those from black and minority communities, along with our children. Islamophobia forms another aspect of this....


I believe that Islam has that progressive spirit within. We just need to emphasise on it, so that we can come out of the current situation we are time-trapped in. I hope that this debate, which has been kicked off by this act of bravery on Beevi’s part, sets a good precedent and continues to take place. Only by debating these issues can we move forward in the right direction. For now, good luck to Jamida Beevi, and all the other valiant women who are supporting her!...

مکتوب شریف کے اس اقتباس سے اب یہ بات متحقق ہو گئی کہ توبہ رجوع الی اللہ کا نام ہے۔ اور مرتبہ و مقام کے اعتبار سے ہر انسان کی توبہ مختلف ہوتی ہے۔ عوام کی توبہ دار المعصیت (گناہوں کی دنیا) سے دار الاطاعت (اطاعت و فرمانبرداری کی دنیا) کی طرف ہجرت کرنا ہے۔ خواص یعنی نیک بندوں کی توبہ اللہ کے انعامات اور احسانات کے سامنے اپنے اعمال اور اپنی نیکیوں کو کمتر اور حقیر جاننا ہے۔ اور خواص الخاص یعنی مقربین بارگاہ کی توبہ ذات وحدہ لا شریک کے سامنے خود کو عاجز اور معدوم سمجھنا اور خود اپنے وجود کو ایک گناہ تصور کرنا ہے۔


Such was al-Banna’s hero worship of the Nazi leader, he had Hitler’s autobiography and political anthology, Mein Kampf (My Struggle), translated into Arabic, changing the title to My Jihad. Al-Banna was so obsessed with the Nazis; he also had copies of their anti-Semitic newspaper Der Sturmer, a tabloid published by the infamous Jew hating Julius Streicher, adapted to suit the Arab world, with its despicable anti-Semitic cartoons....

Nevertheless, the most dangerous aspect related to the issuance of Fatwas and rulings by ISIS, al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood is the latter’s establishment of Fiqh groups claiming they represent the Ummah. They attempt to break down religious institutions in each country in order to issue their disastrous Fatwas and terrorist rulings....


Isis repeatedly focuses on misinterpreting Islam for justifying suicide bombing but we Muslims do not concentrate on rebutting their falsehood or misrepresentation of Islam. Except for NewAgeIslam.com, such an attempt is not being made anywhere else in a systematic and organised manner. Suicide bombing is extremely forbidden in Islam in all cases, even in wartime. The Quran and Sunnah have asked the people not to go for suicide attacks. Now we will have to tell the gullible Muslims who are trapped or brainwashed for suicide bombing that this act is absolutely forbidden....

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Malaysia Investigating Marriage of Man To 11-Year-Old Girl

Egyptian Website Seeks To Combat Female Genital Mutilation

Pakatan Misses 30pc Women’s Quota for Ministers and Deputies

240% Increase in Licenses Granted To Saudi Women Lawyers in Three Years

Forgiven By Her Native Chechnya, a Woman Is Returned From Islamic State

Saudi Teenager Jailed for Drifting, Impersonating Woman

OIC Prepares for Ministerial Conference on Women’s Role in Development

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Ratifying Convention against Torture Not Against Islamic Law, Forum Told

Three Afghans Beheaded, School Torched In Suspected Islamic State Attack

US Criticises Taliban, Pakistan over Peace Talks

Imran Calls Maulana Fazl-Ur-Rehman a ‘Magnet Drawn To Power’


Arab World

US-Backed Militias Continue Looting People's Assets in Northeastern Syria

Southeast Asia

DPM Laments Racism and Extremism Permeating Islam

South Asia

63 Insurgents Killed In ANSF Operations: Afghan Ministry

North America

Muslim Candidates Rise Above Trump Hostility to Focus on Issues


Hekmatyar Suggests Extending Olive Branch to Taliban


Mandsaur Rape Case Spurs Protests by Hindu, Muslim Groups; Lawyers Refuse to Represent Accused

Indian Embassy in Afghanistan Condemns Deadly Attack on Hindus, Sikhs


President Hadi: Houthis Must Surrender Weapons, Withdraw For Peace In Yemen

Assault on Yemen's Hodeida Halted As UN Pursues Talks


French, Malian Forces Attacked In Northern Malian Town of Gao


UN Terror List Implicates Turkey in Jihadist Enterprise


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अब वह समय आ गया है कि मुख्यधारा कश्मीरी जनता अपनी खोई परंपरा कश्मीरियत की प्राप्ती पर ध्यान केंद्रित करें जो कि सूफियों की इस धरती पर ऋषियों और सूफियों की परंपरा का सबसे बड़ा उपहार है। दरअसल कश्मीर काफी विविध और बहुसांस्कृतिक राज्य है और आसानी से अतिवादी इस्लामी राज्य में बदल सकता है। इसलिए, ऐसा मालूम होता है कि घाटी में एक लंबी और कठिन राजनीतिक संकट के बाद गृहमंत्री के इस दौरे से हालात सामान्य हो जाएंगे।


This has implications not only for the rights of migrants, but for the shape that our politics will take in years to come. The most extreme of these leaders are trying to use the issue of migration to push a vision of the nation based on ethnic privilege and defined in opposition to racialised outsiders, be they Muslims, or unspecified dark-skinned “migrants” or indeed Roma....


Another important innovation by RM was using social media 2.0. That is, going beyond web pages to develop a presence on sites such as YouTube (RM had its own YouTube channel), Google Groups and Blip.tv. Morton claimed RM was “the first jihadist group in the English language and the West to access all the social media sites” as well as the first such group to publish an English-language magazine....


In ancient times, it was more than a cultural and trade fair, serving as a point of social and political gatherings for the people of the region. The ancient souk was also a cultural platform where Shaikhs met their tribes, initiated agreements and exchanged prisoners. It provided opportunities for reconciliation, declaration of alliances and ending of hostilities....


What are the long-term implications of excluding Muslim migrants? That Poland avoids Western Europe's looming crisis. As countries, starting with Italy, try to control their borders and expel illegal migrants, tension, insurrection, and violence will follow. In contrast, Poland (and its former Soviet-bloc neighbours) will sit out that crisis and may take in expatriates from Western Europe. Though those expatriates head primarily to Australia, Canada, and the United States, Poland might soon – given its proximity, personal security, and inexpensive cost-of-living – become an attractive destination, especially for pensioners and for Jews, singled out as targets in Europe's West but increasingly safe in Poland....


But bin Salman’s pronouncement flies in the face of a female dress code that had been for decades strictly enforced by law. Adhering to a literalist strain of Sunni Islam known as Wahhabism, Saudi authorities required all women in the country—foreign and local—to wear Abayas in public. They required Muslim women to cover their hair with a hijab or a headscarf. And though the state did not require Saudi women to cover up almost completely with a Burqa, many chose to do so anyway. Given the ambiguities between long-time expectations and bin Salman’s recent pronouncements, observers are now wondering if al-Rifaie was out of line....


The differentiation between committing an act of terror in the name of ISIS and for ISIS is important to understand, as this definition stands at the cusp of knowing how to not fall into ISIS’s narrative trap. Even though Fazili’s act was broadcasted by ISIS’s official media outlet Amaq, technically legitimising the act, it is important to note that it was Fazili himself who alerted ISIS’s online apparatus to what he had done, asking them to stake claim and not the other way around. ...


"Islam is part and parcel of African history and it has been for over a thousand years. In today's society, Prophet Ibrahim's wife Hajar, who was Egyptian, would have been considered black," he says. "The rites and pilgrimages we have in Islam in terms of Hajj (pilgrimage) were built by the participation and the efforts of a black African woman. Before Islam was accepted in Saudi Arabia or any Arab societies, Islam was first established in Africa. The first [journey] was to Abyssinia, where Muslims established the first community where they could practice Islam freely."...

Why Saudi Reforms are a Sham
Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

If he is really serious about bringing reforms, then it must start with a deep introspection rather than blaming someone else. And one of the first questions that he needs to ask is how the pernicious ideology of Wahhabism has very nearly destroyed the soul of his country. From the looks of it, one can only say that he is not ready to question anything related to the Wahhabi superstructure. Till the time that happens, MBS and his reforms should only be understood as a mere sham. There comes a time in any nation’s present when it is confronted with its own history. Very often, the present offers two possible ways to deal with the situation: either

Will Consider Creating Larger Bench on Pleas against 'Nikah-Halala', Polygamy: Indian SC

Married To Muslim, Woman Barred From ST Seat

On College Campus, It’s 'Saffron Shawls Vs Burqas'

Malaysia: Include Child Marriages under Sexual Offences Act

Hundreds of Terrorists Disguised as Women Among Daraa Displaced Syrians

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Spain's Forgotten City Is Now on UNESCO’s World Heritage List

Religious Tourism Back On Agenda as India, Pakistan Focus on Positives

Allah-o-Akbar Tehreek Fields 14 Women Candidates in Elections

What Turkey’s New Islamist-Nationalist Alliance Means for the World


Arab World

How Egypt’s Salafi TV Shows Are Preaching Islam through Ronaldo and Messi


How Muslim Immigrants Are Treated As the ‘Ghetto’ Population In Denmark


UP Muslim Businessman to Donate Land, Cash for 51 Temples


Pakistan Polls: Islamic Hard-Line Party Vows to Bring ‘Surprising Results’


Qatar Stresses Crucial Role of Palestinian Cause to Islamic World

South Asia

Afghan Air Force Target Large Taliban Gathering in Faryab Leaving Several Dead

Taliban Has No Excuse for The Continuation Of War, Says President Ghani

Southeast Asia

Malaysia's Opposition to Seek Coalition with Islamic Party


Jihadists on Rampage in Mali Force Schools to Close in Boko Haram-Style Campaign

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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एर्दोगान से पहले तुर्की का हाल यह था कि वहाँ जो भी प्रधानमंत्री चुना जाता, फ़ौजी आमरीन पश्चिमी शक्तियों की शह पर उसे बर्ख़ास्त करके फांसी पर चढ़ा देते थेl अर्बकान ताज़ा उदहारण में से एक हैंl राष्ट्रपति एर्दोगान ने बग़ावत की इस रिवायत का खात्मा किया और देश में लोकतांत्रिक मूल्यों को बढ़ावा दियाl सैन्य विद्रोह को कुचल दियाl धार्मिक स्वतंत्रता: अता तुर्क के दौर में इस्लामी प्रतीकों पर प्रतिबन्ध लागा दी गई थीl जैसे कोई मुस्लिम महिला हिजाब नहीं बाँध सकती थी, स्कूलों में लड़कियों के लिए स्कर्ट पहनना अनिवार्य कर दिया गया थाl हिजाब बाँधने पर जुर्माना देना पड़ता थाl एर्दोगान ने आकर इस जब्र का अंत किया और देश में धार्मिक स्वतन्त्रता का माहौल स्थापित कियाl

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