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Women’s Fashion another Aspect of Change in Saudi Arabia

Asia Bibi Pleads For Justice for Victims Of Pakistan's Harsh Blasphemy Laws As She Plans To Settle In Europe

Sudan Women Fight Gender Imbalance In Transition

Hubby Booked For Triple Talaq; Two Firs Lodged In Four Days

The Lebanese Bus That Fights Gender-Based Violence

Most Kuwaiti Citizens Content With One Wife; Only 15 Men Married To 4 Women

Pakistan Women’s Foundation calls for peace on garbage

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Saudi Human Rights Commission To Modernize, Be Granted More Powers, Say Sources

Al Shabaab Bribing Elders to Have an MP In 2020 Polls

Angry Muslim Voters Clamor For Democrats’ Attention At Annual Conference

‘Islam Has Nothing to Do With Terrorism’, PM Imran Addresses American Muslims

Kerala: 30 Students Booked For Waving Flag Resembling That of Pakistan inside Campus

More Than 50 Taliban Militants Killed, Wounded In Faryab Airstrikes

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The Chinese government has built a vast network of re-education camps and a pervasive system of surveillance to monitor and subdue millions from Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang region....


Khan has been staunch nationalist and a devoted secular, who is well-versed in religious and historical texts. He has consistently attacked conservative trends within Islam, called for greater social reform in the Muslim community...


2018 ഓഗസ്റ്റ് രണ്ടിന് ന്യൂ ഏജ്  ഇസ്ലാമിൽ പ്രസിദ്ധീകരിച്ച ലേഖനത്തിന്റെ പതിപ്പ് അവരുടെ അനുമതിയില്ലാതെ ഇന്നത്തെ ഉറുദു ദിനപത്രമായ ഇങ്ക്വിലാബിൽ പ്രസിദ്ധീകരിച്ചത് കണ്ട വായനക്കാർ പ്രക്ഷുബ്ധരായി എന്നെ വിളിക്കുകയുണ്ടായി.ഇത് ഞങ്ങളുടെ സാധാരണ കോളമിസ്റ്റായ ശ്രീ….


دین اسلام یقینا وہ دین ہے جس کو ان  الدین عند اللہ الاسلام جیسا ہی اعجاز ملنا چاہیے جو کہ کلام الٰہی سے اسے ملا ہے بے شک اس دین نے اپنے ہر طریقہ تعلیم میں امن و شانتی ایثار و قربانی رحم و کرم کا درس عظیم سکھایا  ۔………


On the other hand, it is also clear that in Islam, man’s natural condition is freedom; when an abandoned child is discovered, it is assumed to be free...


 Serious discourse about apportioning blame for present conditions upon liberalism is widely reported. Nearer home, a particular version of liberalism we know as secularism has been pushed into retreat by an aggressive version of nationalism....

According to media report, in Mari village, due to scourge of unemployment Muslim population has slowly eased themselves out of the village into places where their life could be possible, leaving behind their immovable property that is their place of worship....


Sixty-five-year-old Rajkumar Gaur used to stay at Saddam Hussain's residence in Rangia's Khandikar village after the death of his father rendered him homeless in the 1990s...

Scholars of every religion have every right to present the ruling of their respective religion on particular social practices or crimes. But while discussing the subjects in public or before the family, the scholars should follow standards of social and religious behavior. Unfortunately, the scholars of Peace TV showed a total lack of understanding of true Islamic norms and spirit....

Women Teach Young Boys for the First Time in Saudi Public Schools

Iran Starts New Hijab Enforcement Plan to Suppress Women

Iran Arrests Female Political Activist Requesting Khamenei's Resignation

Brave Iranian Women Step Up Their War on ‘Gender Apartheid’

Woman Hunted By Cops after Muslim Women in Hijabs Left With Broken Ribs And Internal Bleeding In Tube Attack In West London

Another Hindu Girl Abducted, Forcefully Converted To Islam In Pakistan

Saudi Justice Ministry Completes Reform Project, Including Hiring Of Women Notaries

ACJU Requests Muslim Women to Avoid Full-Face Cover

Kerala Woman Alleges Torture For Declining ISIS Service

Palestinian Teen's Suspected 'Honour Killing' Provokes Outrage In West Bank

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

India Is Willing To Discuss ‘If Pakistan Stops Terror’: EAM

Pakistan Jamaat-i-Islami Chief Asks Govt to Scrap Shimla Agreement, Dismantle Fencing on LoC

UN Refugee Chief Urges India to Ensure No One Left Stateless

Christian Funeral in Mosque Brings Hope for Tolerant Jakarta

Hezbollah Shattered Israel's Sense of Impunity: Expert

Canada: Quebec Youth Adopt Islamic Customs in ‘Solidarity’ with Muslims

Special Forces Storm a Facility Run by Pakistani Nationals to Treat Taliban Militants

Libya Marks 50th Anniversary of Qaddafi Coup D’etat

Hezbollah Rejects US Demand to Give Up Response to Recent Israeli Attacks

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The onset of the new Cold War should motivate the players to try to resolve their differences quickly. Time is not guaranteed to be on anyone’s side and stalemates are not useful for either side in any of the regional conflicts: Yemen, Somalia or the conflict between Iran and its neighbours....


It is important to note that not only will we be judged on the basis of whether we fulfilled our duties towards God, but also whether we fulfilled our duties towards our fellow men, or Haqooqul-Ibaad as they are called....


Part of the strategy for this movement has been to brand itself precisely as fighting against “foreign invaders” who are themselves depicted as “Nazis” or “fascists,” thus cementing the movement’s self-portrayal as an “anti-Nazi” movement...

A pious Muslim couple Subaida Thennad and Abdul Azeez Haji had three children of their own and they fostered three more, Sreedharan and his two elder sisters Ramani and Leela. The Muslim couple adopted these Hindu kids when their widow mother, Chakki passed away due to sudden illness....

According to various media reports, Saeed has, so far, been ‘arrested’ nine times (including the latest occasion) and released thereafter. He was last arrested on January 30, 2017. However, predictably, the Judicial Review Board of Pakistan’s Punjab province ordered his release on November 22, 2017, on the grounds that "the government was not able to present any evidence to justify [Saeed's] continued detention...


 Taqlid can be classified into two groups; (1) Taqleed-e-Shar’i and (2) Taqleed-e-Ghair-Shar’i. Taqlid-e-Shari’ means to follow someone with related to the rules of Islamic Jurisprudence without knowing the evidence. For example, the following the four imams; Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Shafi’, Imam Malik and Imam Hambal in the detailed rules related to the prayer, fasting, Zakat, pilgrimage, public dealings etc. ...

First Saudi Woman Appointed As Traffic Collision Inspector with Najm

First Major Russian Brand to Feature Hijab-Wearing Model, Titled 'Just Be Yourself'

Aasia Bibi: Pakistan Is My Country, Pakistan Is My Homeland, I Love My Country, I Love My Soil

Two Muslim Women Brutally Attacked At London Tube Station

Muslim Woman’s Niqab Is ripped off as she’s ‘Beaten in London Street In front Of Her Horrified Children’

Pune: American Woman Abuses, Assaults Doctor Wearing Burqa, Booked

249,000 Kuwaiti Women Married To Foreigners Until 2018

Islamophobic Incidents Rose 375% After Boris Johnson Compared Muslim Women To ‘Letterboxes’, Figures Show

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Ravidas Temple: Muslim Groups Support Dalit Community Demand, Joint Protest on September 15

Any Process That Could Leave Large Numbers of People without A Nationality Would Be An Enormous Blow To Global Efforts To Eradicate Statelessness: UN Urges India Not To Render Anyone Stateless

Boycotting Non-Muslim Businesses Bad for Malaysian Economy, Says Perlis Mufti

'Husband of Pak Sikh Girl Member of Saeed's JuD'

Hezbollah Chief Says ‘No More Red Lines’ Against Israel

UN Official Blasts Nigeria’s Use Of ‘Lethal Force’ On Muslims

Arab Parliament Urges Honduras, Nauru to Reconsider Jerusalem Al-Quds Decisions

US Reaches Agreement with Taliban: US Peace Negotiator

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

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शैख़ यूसुफ अल अबीरी के इन कलिमात को आतंकवाद का ज़हर मैंने इसलिए कहा क्योंकि उन्होंने अपने उपर्युक्त बयान में बे दरेग कत्ल की हिमायत की है और एक ऐसे नरसंहार का समर्थन इस्लाम और पैगंबर ए इस्लाम सल्लल्लाहु अलैहि वसल्लम के हवाले से पेश करने की कोशिश की हैl.........


The steady watering-down of American demands is a worrying sign, in their eyes. Whereas America once insisted that the Taliban would need to negotiate directly with the Afghan government on a political settlement for the country...


For some, the religion has been influenced by norms and traditions. It is shocking when you witness the rise of vice while virtues continue to fall asunder. It has been long since I met someone who perfectly adheres to moral standards...


Since a law making it illegal for Muslim men to divorce their wives by pronouncing the word “Talaq” three times was finally passed by the Indian parliament at the end of July, it has been the focus of bitter argument....

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