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The War Within Islam

To Be Young and Pashtun in Pakistan
Raza Wazir

I got my Watan Card last March. On it, apart from my biographical details and a photograph, there is a drawing of the Khyber Pass and the abbreviation N.W.A., for North Waziristan Agency. It marks me and other residents of the region as separate from the full citizens of Pakistan....


Palestinians: The Arabs Do Not Care about Us
Khaled Abu Toameh

What is actually happening is that the PA leadership is terrified that many of the Arab countries will support the Trump plan, thus abandoning their Palestinian brothers and leaving them exposed to international pressure to accept the "deal of the century." This fear does not seem to be unjustified....


The Next Palestinian President?
Grant Rumley

In his 13-plus years as President, he has grown increasingly paranoid. Reports surfaced in February that the he had been wiretapping thousands of Palestinians—rivals and allies alike—with the CIA’s help. Among those wiretapped was Mahmoud al-Aloul. Abbas clearly sees Aloul as someone who could one day succeed him. Perhaps international observers should, too....

Let Rouhani and Khamenei Fight
Reuel Marc Gerecht and Ray Takeyh

Iran’s Islamic revolutionaries criticize each other regularly, but recently the level of invective among the ruling elite has reached new heights. The vicious infighting between President Hassan Rouhani and his detractors now threatens the governing edifice of the Islamic Republic. Given the clerical regime’s aggressive foreign policy and nuclear ambitions, it is in America’s interest to see this power struggle intensify....

Erdogan's Rising Islamist Militarism
Eric Edelman and Merve Tahiroglu

Erdogan's Rising Islamist Militarism
Eric Edelman

Erdogan spotted the weeping girl wearing a military uniform during an address at his party’s congress last week, brought her onto the stage, and told her that if she died as a martyr, her coffin would be covered with the Turkish flag she held in her pocket. “You are ready for anything, aren’t you?” the Islamist strongman asked. The terrified child managed to utter “yes,” though it was hard to hear it through her sobs...

Pakistan Army: The Medals of Their Defeats
Khaled Ahmed

General Ayub Khan took over a politically unstable Pakistan and gave it a decade of prosperity before succumbing to the Pavlovian lure of defeat by touching off the 1965 war with India. Pakistan had to endure a Tashkent Agreement signalling the end of the Ayub Khan regime, but Pakistan could still interpret it as a victory....


Just like al-Maliki, al-Abadi rose to power not by virtue of his strength but because of his weakness. Just like al-Maliki, he too may now plunge the country into further sectarian conflict. Another Iraqi leader has succumbed to the sweet taste of power....


Satan’s Eating Habits: Is It Acceptable to Eat with the Left Hand?
Pinar Tremblay

The question was simple, but odd: “Is it acceptable to eat with the left hand?” The expert's answer, based on a well-known saying of the Prophet Muhammad, advised Muslims to eat and drink with the right hand and to teach their children to do the same because the “devil eats with the left hand.” On YouTube, one can find several Turkish Islamic leaders speaking about this issue. The public was angry about the response and asked about people who are born left-handed or have a missing hand or arm. The Islamic decree does provide room for exceptions for medical reasons....


Elusive Palestinian Reconciliation Now More Urgent Than Ever
Osama Al Sharif

Both Abbas and Hamas need to realize that time is running out and that the status quo cannot be maintained for long. The Trump peace deal will attempt to weaken the PA further and isolate Hamas and other militant groups. Unless both overcome their differences, the probable scenario of an inescapable and irreversible separation between the Gaza Strip and West Bank will become increasingly likely....


War of Words in Turkey’s Religious Orders
Taha Akyol

“Just put on a green turban and wear a cloak. If you manage to start by finding a bunch of guys - you can pay them if necessary – you will end up with a thousand followers. Pay a couple of them for showing loyalty, kissing your hand and calling you ‘master highness’ and you will find 2,000 more. What kind of a Tariqat is this? What kind of Sufism is this? How can a Tariqat exist without the religious Sharia? This country is full of such Tariqats and such so-called sheikhs....

Iran, Deeply Embedded in Syria, Expands ‘Axis of Resistance’
Ben Hubbard, Isabel Kershner and Anne Barnard

Iran, Deeply Embedded in Syria, Expands ‘Axis of Resistance’
Anne Barnard

That approach has enabled Iran to amplify its power in the Arab world while decreasing the threat to its own forces and homeland. It has also created a problem for countries including the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia, who fear Iran’s growing influence but have struggled to come up with ways to stop it....


In Turkey, Ruling By Decree
Vijay Prashad

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, it is said in Turkey, now channels the French monarch, Louis XIV — l’état, c'est moi (I am the state). Anyone who crosses Mr. Erdoğan is seen as an enemy of the state, regardless of his or her politics....


Will Israel, Qatar Cooperate To Save Gaza?
Shlomi Eldar

Much about the US-Qatar-Israel triangle is unclear. For example, what motivates the Trump administration to absolve Qatar of responsibility for its support of Hamas and Iran and to undermine the boycott led by its regional Saudi and Egyptian allies. Qatar, for its part, is using Washington in an effort to extricate itself from the Arab sanctions....


How the Clerics Have Hijacked the Babri Masjid Issue
Firoz Bakht Ahmed

It is really appalling to see the television channels today hovering around the lumpen clerics of All India Muslim Personal Law Board who are certainly not the voice of sanity but insanity! It is owing to such obscurantist platforms pretending to represent Muslims that the Islam baiters have a field day. They dictate terms and espouse views on issues that extend from the public domain of Indian Muslims to the privacy of their bedroom....

In The Land Of Heer: What Does Fighting Valentine’s Day Have To Do With Saving Pakistan’s Culture?
Haroon Khalid

How are we to explain these interpretations of culture to Waris Shah, who equated the love between Heer and Ranjha to that of a devotee and the divine? How are we to understand the spirituality of the relationship between Heer and Ranjha without reflecting on that between Radha and Krishna? Doesn’t Bulleh Shah in his poetry blur the difference between Ranjha and Krishna? Is there anyone in Pakistan today who would dare claim that Bulleh Shah is not part of our culture?...

Why Peace Can’t Be Processed Now
Clifford D. May

Decade after decade, one administration after another has set in motion what has been called a “peace process.” None has come close to ending the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Over the past year, President Trump has been hoping he might succeed where others have failed. ...


Jihadi Cleric Syed Salman Husaini Nadvi's Reasons for Shifting Babri Masjid Are As Complicated As His Ideology
Tufail Ahmad

Nadvi is a pro-jihad cleric who founded the Jamiat Shabab-il-Islam (Organisation of the Youth of Islam) in 1974. This is a radical group that seeks to mobilise the youth for Islamic causes and accuses non-Muslims of spreading unbelief among Muslims, observing: "The flag-bearers of disbelief: Jews, Christians and Polytheists [i.e. Hindus], concentrated all their efforts to detract the Muslim youth from the mainstream of Islam."...

Erasing Arab Identity: Iran Demolishes More Historical Sites in Ahwaz
Rahim Hamid

Unfortunately,  as has been the case since the 1925 annexation and occupation, which was supported by the then-British empire, successive Iranian regimes have worked tirelessly to erase the Arab cultural heritage and landmarks of the Ahwazi people; this is part of a larger effort to eradicate their Arab identity, history and heritage....


Selective Judicial Activism Is Now Seen As the Dominant Force against Democratic Representation in Pakistan

With Pakistan dominated by the military for many decades, all conspiracy theories regarding changes in government, or the dismissal of Prime Ministers, naturally land on the military’s door. Hence, many retired generals and analysts stated, without offering any proof that Mr. Sharif's dismissal by the Supreme Court was on the behest of the military, rather than a decision made independently by the court...


There Is Increasing Talk of War All Around Israel

However, with everyone on edge, it may not take much to start a conflict. A rocket from Gaza, an air strike by Israel, a bullet from Hizbullah—any of these could ignite the next one. Bismarck famously predicted that “some damned foolish thing in the Balkans” would start a European war (he was eventually proved right in 1914). In the Levant it may be some damned foolish thing on the border....


Desperate Islamist Parties Raise the Bogey of Baath Resurgence in Iraq
Adnan Hussein

Some Iraqis amuse themselves by imitating the reply of an elderly woman who was approached on the street by a television reporter a few years ago. The reporter had asked her, “In your opinion, what is the difference between the current regime (under the control of Islamist parties) and the former regime (that of Saddam Hussein)?” In a very distinctive and outspoken manner she answered: “May God punish the current regime which makes Saddam Hussein’s era look like a blessing.”...

Living under Assad’s Siege
Yassin Al-Haj Saleh

Living under Assad’s Siege
Yassin Al-Haj Saleh

Eastern Ghouta has been turned into a concentration camp by the Assad regime. Mr. Assad has perfected a system of political nihilism, which wipes out people who oppose it and enslaves those who acquiesce and submit. Even after five years of siege and bombardment, the residents are holding on to human dignity, mourning each death, not turning callous in the face of its familiarity....


Iraqi Kurds Manoeuvre to Get Closer To Iran

Iraqi Kurds have given reassurances to Tehran that they will not allow Kurdish opposition groups to launch cross-border attacks from Iraqi Kurdistan, a major development in the warming up of relations between Erbil and Tehran. This comes as ties reached a breaking point following the controversial Sept. 25 independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan...


39 Years since the Establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Doron Itzchakov

Tehran’s quest for regional hegemony has sparked a wave of social protest that arose from the gap between the Islamic leadership’s ambitions and the ordinary person’s desire for a more affordable and improved standard of living. These expectations stemmed from promises made by President Rouhani that were reinforced after the July 2015 nuclear agreement (JCPOA), and the attendant release of Iranian assets worldwide. ....


Tackling Pakistani Madrasas an Uphill Struggle
James M. Dorsey

In many ways, the question whether madrasas or religious seminaries contribute to instability in Pakistan and Afghanistan goes far beyond an evaluation of the content of what students are taught and how they are being taught. In fact, it could be argued that the train has left the station and that there are no magic wands or simple administrative and regulatory fixes to address problems associated with madrasas....

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