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The War Within Islam

Extremism Feeding the Terrorism in Pakistan
Marvi Sirmed

On one hand is the Deobandi-Ahl-e-Hadith-ideology-inspired outright terrorism, on the other is violent extremism based on Barelvi school of thought. There is yet another challenge of non-violent extremism, mainly propagated by the likes of Tableeghi Jamaat, which has strong potential of turning into violence any time.....


A Culture of Fear: in Bangladesh’s Diminishing Democratic Space, It’s Not Surprising a Prominent Editor Is at the Receiving End
Mahfuz Anam

A prominent editor in Bangladesh is facing the wrath of the ruling party. In less than a month, 79 lawsuits have been filed against him throughout the country, of which 17 are petitions to sue him for sedition. This plight has befallen Mahfuz Anam of The Daily Star, after he made an introspective comment on a TV talk show on February 4.....


Resisting the Murder of Democracy in Pakistan
Afiya Shehrbano

The Jamaat’s consistent sympathy with the Taliban under former Ameer, Qazi Hussain was categorically confirmed by their later Ameer, Munawwar Hasan, who declared them more authentic Muslims than the Pakistan military. Defensive commentators and researchers have buried the vocal and tacit support by the mainstream ‘moderate’ Islamic parties for the militants. They subsume this in the conspiracy theories....


Stop Trying To Be Like Arabs
Wong Chun Wai

“If there are some of you who wish to be an Arab and practise Arab culture, and do not wish to follow our Malay customs and traditions, that is up to you. “I also welcome you to live in Saudi Arabia. “That is your right but I believe there are Malays who are proud of the Malay culture. At least I am real and not a hypocrite and the people of Johor know who their ruler is,”....

A Debacle In Pakistan: State-Sponsorship Of Wahhabism, Pre-Modern Sharia Code, And The Infringement Of Human Rights, Especially Of Minorities And Women
Taj Hashmi

The Pakistani “debacle” I'm referring to is state-sponsorship of Wahhabism, pre-modern Sharia code, and the infringement of human rights, especially of minorities and women. Thanks to its unabated growth, political Islam has already destabilised the country, and has spilled over beyond its borders. It's no exaggeration that the country's criminal justice system – to a large extent – has broken down, and its leftover is comparable to what prevails in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the age-old tribal honour system, “blood money”, and the so-called Blasphemy Law reign supreme.

Killing Karachi
Khaled Ahmed

Killing Karachi
Khaled Ahmed

Karachi is the heart of Sindh, once populated by communities with a highly developed social consciousness from Gujarat. Like Mumbai, Karachi too was developed into a modern metropolis by Hindu, Parsi, Memon and Ismaili traders who lived in harmony. The Sindhi was still in the process of slow gravitation to the big city when Partition happened and Muslim refugees from India’s Uttar Pradesh flocked to Karachi. As the non-Muslim Gujaratis fled to India, Urdu-speaking Muslims filled the gap meant for internal Sindhi migrants. ...


Making Of A Shrine In Pakistan
Ayesha Siddiqa

The blasphemy law and Qadri’s sentence are both highly divisive issues. Ordinary people ask how a person whose funeral was attended by hundreds of thousands could be a sinner. Or how it is that the Asia Bibi case which started earlier has not been decided as yet. People see a foreign, particularly western and Israeli, conspiracy behind the quick decision and hanging.


How Saudi Arabia Turned Its Greatest Weapon on Itself
Andrew Scott Cooper

The I.M.F. has warned that if government spending is not reined in, the Saudis will be bankrupt by 2020. Suddenly, the world’s reserve bank of black gold is looking to borrow billions of dollars from foreign lenders. King Salman’s response has been to promise austerity, higher taxes and subsidy cuts to a people who have grown used to state largess and handouts. ...


Pakistan's Radical Clerics Worse Than Trump?
Harlan Ullman

These radical views of Islam have metastasised into extremist groups such as al Qaeda, the Islamic State (IS) and the Taliban on both sides of the Durand Line dividing Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan has perhaps 20,000 madrassas. In some, radical views of Islam are taught. And as long as radical clerics are allowed to preach and extremism persists, Pakistan will never be safe from violence and even potential civil war or revolution.


Why Saudi Arabia Has Turned On Lebanon with a Vengeance
Robert Fisk

If you drive from Sunni Muslim Sidon to Shia Muslim southern Lebanon, you can travel from Saudi Arabia to Iran in 10 minutes. Sidon - like Lebanon's other great Sunni majority city, Tripoli - has always basked in the favour of the Saudi monarchy. The south, with its mass of Hezbollah fighters - armed and paid for by Tehran, its "martyr" photographs plastered across the walls of every village - has long been a lung through which Saudi Arabia's Iranian enemies breathe....


Once I Saw Light in Iran, Now It’s Mostly Shadows
Azadeh Moaveni

Iran has had it all: Hadith-driven feminism, vibrant civil society, a culture of engagement with politics and a patience for slow, internal reform. If these were the key ingredients required for political change, Iran would have had it by now. The hard truth is that those things are not enough. A country is both its people and its leaders.....


The Clergy’s Power in Pakistan
Yasser Latif Hamdani

It was not meant to be a theocracy to be run by priests with a divine mission. If there must be a CII, it must be populated by modernists, progressive Muslim scholars, enlightened jurists and renaissance men and women, not reactionary Mullahs who want to turn back the clock....

Reform Bumps Into Wahhabism: Will Al Saud’s Partnership with Wahhabism Hold?
James M. Dorsey

Instead, it will be determined by how the kingdom’s rulers restructure their Faustian bargain with Wahhabism, the puritan interpretation of Islam in which the Al Saud cloak themselves but which increasingly looms as a prime obstacle to resolving their problems. Founded on an alliance between the Al Saud family and descendants of 18th century preacher Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahhab, modern Saudi Arabia adopted an interpretation of Islam that is in many respects not dissimilar from that of the self-styled Islamic State.....


Who's Behind Vote To Label Muslim Brotherhood A Terror Group?: A Trio Of Outside Influences: Egypt, The United Arab Emirates and Donald Trump
Julian Pecquet

"The Muslim Brotherhood’s embrace of terrorism and the very real threat it poses to American lives and the national security of the United States make it long overdue for designation," Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said in a statement after the vote. "This will make it less likely that members of the Muslim Brotherhood will be able to enter the United States."...


Kurdophobia in Turkey?
Burak Bekdil

Similarly, has the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) been engaged in terrorist activity - the thing it does best - because there has been “Kurdophobia” in Turkey? If Islamist terror targeting western cities should be blamed on Islamophobia in the West, as the Turkish leaders persistently claim, should the PKK’s terror targeting Turkish cities be blamed on “Kurdophobia” in Turkey? ....

What Is The Pakistani Dream?
A Panel of Commentators

In a country like Pakistan, which is in a perpetual state of identity crisis, the Pakistani dream is more elusive to imagine, let alone realise. Is there even such a thing as the ‘Pakistani dream’? What are the nation’s collective desires, hopes and goals? Here, a panel of commentators deliberates.....


Saudi Arabia’s Devastating War between Conservatives and Liberals
Jamal Khashoggi

I cannot forget the image of a government official watching on TV representatives from the rival camps trading accusations and claiming to have Saudis’ best interests at heart. The official would laugh and say: “Let them fight and burn each other.” Both sides are burning their country amid this power struggle, preferring to fight about matters that have been settled by younger countries.....

Have The Saudis Learned Nothing From Pakistan?
S. Mubashir Noor, New Age Islam

Have The Saudis Learned Nothing From Pakistan?
S. Mubashir Noor, New Age Islam

Why are world powers mum on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen? Are Yemenis any less human than those trapped in or fleeing Syria? Three thousand civilians have fallen to Saudi warplanes and weaponry since March last year. In seeking to pulverize the Houthi rebels who deposed unpopular President Mansour Hadi, Riyadh has laid waste an entire country. All for the sake of getting even with Iran…..

Pain? Who Cares: Is the Latest Ankara Blast a Message Addressed To Someone
Yusuf Kanli

Anyone recall how many people perished in the Diyarbakır blast? Does anyone remember what happened at that Suruç gathering of young people carrying toys to the children of Kobane, the Syrian Kurdish town besieged by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorists? Was it not very strange that all the cameras overlooking that garden where people gathered for their unfortunate end in the hands of some bloodthirsty beasts were all out of order?...


Syria Is a Nasty Complex of Wars within a War

Syria is a nasty complex of wars within a war: an uprising against dictatorship; a sectarian battle between Sunnis and Alawites (and their Shia allies); an internecine struggle among Sunni Arabs; a Kurdish quest for a homeland; a regional proxy war pitting Saudi Arabia and Turkey against Iran;....


Reassessing Pakistan’s Counter-Narrative
Syed Mohammad Ali

There are many progressive Muslim scholars who can help utilise over 1,400 years of knowledge production from within the Islamic faith to help build an effective counter-narrative. It is about time that such religious scholars are actively engaged by the state and its relevant public institutions to highlight intrinsic principles of moderation, tolerance and critical thinking from within the Islamic tradition, which can refute and override the...


The lurch toward a more Islamist, autocratic posture by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has long worried regional and western observers, particularly his strong curbs on political speech and active political repression of the Kurds. That policy has taken a bloody turn with the repeated bombing of Syrian and Iraqi Kurds — both of whom have been anti-ISIS bulwarks....


Iran 37 Years Later: Any Hope for Reforms?
Massoumeh Torfeh

"Long live hope, long live reform," goes one reformist campaign poster. Will that long-awaited hope have a chance after 37 years? Not if we go by what the supreme leader says: "Beware of those who want to change the Islamic Republic from within."...


When Malala Becomes a Traitor
Malala Yousafzai

One of the assumptions that she is anti-Pakistan is made from her expressed distrust of the army for facilitating the Taliban, which ultimately led to the Taliban takeover of Swat. How she has come to such a view is not surprising, as many like her have pointed out before that militancy in fact had the support of some elements in the army....

Balochistan: Unending Misery
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

Balochistan: Unending Misery
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

The Government's apathy towards the Baloch and to development in the Province continues to be reflected in the region's economic human development profile, despite its enormous wealth in natural resources, and the location of a range of high profile projects backed by China. The impact of these projects on local populations has been nil, and outside workers have been brought in, to the exclusion of locals...


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