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The War Within Islam

China–Pakistan Economic Corridor: A Baloch Perspective
Sanaullah Baloch

However, immediately after annexation with Pakistan a deliberate policy of under-development of the province started, keeping a resource-rich region dependent on financial handouts. A new breed of rulers from Karachi, Lahore and then Islamabad arrived to replace the white colonisers...


In its push for Saudi Arabia to lose the custodianship of Islam's holiest sites, Iran is proposing that the cities of Makkah and Madinah be administered like the Vatican....


How Proud Community Names Have Been Reduced To Insults in Pakistan
Haroon Khalid

Many people might not even have racist or casteist intentions as they use these words, but that does not condone them of the prejudice they create each time they refer to these communities as slurs. Kanjar, Mirasi, Chuhra and Changar are not insults but proud communities with a long history of perseverance in the face of major institutional bias....


UAE vs. Saudi: Fighting for the Soul of Islam
James M Dorsey

In defining Sunni Islam, the conference explicitly excluded Wahhabism, the Saudi state’s adopted version of Islam, as well as Salafism and Deobandism from its definition. The assault is all the more significant given that Saudi Arabia has over the last four decades invested tens of billions of dollars into promoting globally ultra-conservative interpretations of Islam....


Why Is Turkey Reviving An Ottoman Sultan?
Mustafa Akyol

This not only indicates that there is a very parochial, narrow-minded definition of “religiosity” among Turkey’s “religious youngsters.” It also indicates that history is more complex than today’s ideological imaginations. If the ruling Justice and Development Party is really a “conservative” party as it claims, it should honour history by discovering it, rather than sacrificing it to current political needs....


Saudi Arabia: The Real Game of Thrones

Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, now 57, is officially next up. That now seems less certain. In the past year King Salman’s own much younger son, also a Muhammad, aged only 31, has burst onto the scene as minister of defence and deputy crown prince, tasked with weaning the kingdom off oil. Overshadowing his older cousin....


World of Islam Failing People of Syria
Ayaz Amir

They claim to be leaders of that mystical concept with no basis in reality, the Ummah. Far from displaying the wisdom that should come with this pretended role, they have stoked the fires of conflict across an arc stretching from Libya to Yemen, with the Syrian civil war the starkest testimony of the fecklessness and narrow vision guiding the wayward destinies of the world of Islam....


Terrorist Attack on Immunisation Teams in Pakistan: Generations at Risk
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

Among the worst affected areas are KP, Balochistan and Karachi, mostly due to terrorist threat and the sheer number of children. On December 12, 2015, Senator Ayesha Raza Farooq, the Prime Minister's focal person on polio, identified three "polio virus nurseries" from where the crippling disease continues to re-emerge and spread across the country. These nurseries are located in the Khyber-Peshawar conveyer belt, the Quetta block and Karachi. ...


Pakistan’s Own Duplicity Failed Its Own People
Prem Anand Mishra

The post 9/11 world order compelled Pakistan to forsake it’s once upon a time protégé whom the Pakistan establishment used against India. It is a fact that Pakistan has lost almost 50,000 lives to terrorist violence and billions of dollars since 2001 but the state’s owns duplicity failed their own people. ...

Bangladesh: Inexorable Justice
Sanchita Bhattacharya

Bangladesh: Inexorable Justice
Sanchita Bhattacharya

The evidence presented proves it beyond reasonable doubt that the harrowing dynamics of terror, violence, torture impeccably demonstrate that the system of cruelties and terror even transformed to brutal murder of many detained civilians in the 'death factory' of AB [Al-Badr] force headquartered at Dalim Hotel... Accused Mir Quasem Ali had been in steering position of the Al-Badr detention and torture camp. The accused was an indispensable cog in the 'murdering machinery' implanted at Dalim Hotel."...


Turkey’s Intelligentsia Kneels to Erdogan
Sevgi Akarcesme

This selective application of democratic rights by Turkey’s intelligentsia only helps Mr. Erdogan consolidate his power. In their double standards, he finds tacit approval for his purges. Turkey lacks not only sturdy institutions that guarantee a system of checks and balances and the rule of law, but also a critical mass of citizens with the courage and integrity to demand them...


A Legacy of Sponsored Warriors in Pakistan
Khaled Ahmed

But domestic terrorism has not died down. On August 9, a suicide-bomber killed over 70 in Quetta, many of them lawyers visiting the hospital where their leader had been brought earlier. Two terrorist organisations, Islamic State and Jamaat ul Ahrar, announced they had carried out the massacre...


Ankara's Climb-down on Assad
Vijay Prashad

 Rather than overthrow Mr. Assad, the war has placed Turkey itself in danger — a ‘failed coup’ on July 15 came alongside a renewed war against Turkey’s Kurdish population, just as Islamic State (IS) attacks in the country have raised alarm bells about Mr. Erdogan’s adventurism. An adjustment of Turkey’s policy is now on the cards....


Shifting Boundaries: Anti-ISIS Forces In Syria Are Redrawing the Country’s Map
Rudroneel Ghosh

Turkey’s game-plan seems to be to create a buffer zone between itself and an eventual autonomous Kurdish territory in Syria. For what Ankara fears is that the Syrian Kurds will link up with Turkish Kurds to push for greater Kurdistan spanning Syria, Turkey and Iraq. And given that the Kurds have emerged as the most effective fighting force against IS on the ground – earning them the support of Washington – Kurdistan can no longer be seen merely as a distant possibility....


Turkey’s Great Purge
Mustafa Akyol

Turkey is further traumatized these days by repeated terrorist attacks from the Islamic State and Kurdish militants. To be able to deal with these crises within the boundaries of democracy, Turkey needs not hostile critics, but critical friends. The West should extend that friendship; by first understanding what Turkey is really going through, and then offering advice on how to uphold human rights and rule of law....

The suicide bombing which shredded almost a full generation of Baloch lawyers in a Quetta hospital was instantly declared the work of India’s spy agency RAW by Balochistan’s Chief Minister, Sanaullah Zehri. No proof was offered that a foreign hand was responsible for this grisly act of terror...


Pakistan’s Distinction…A ‘Dry’ Democracy
Ayaz Amir

Imbibing is the mother of all sins, Umm-Ul-Khabais, say moralists and doctors of the faith. And they surely are right. But if we carry this argument further, prohibition should make Pakistan a superior democracy to all others...


How Ambitions of 'Islamist Cult' United Islamists, Secularists in Turkey
Mustafa Akyol

...Gulenist community has a largely positive image, if any, as a moderate Islamic group that preaches love, tolerance and dialogue. In Turkey, however, almost everybody knows that beyond this facade,...


Erdogan Seizes Failed Coup in Turkey as a Chance to Supplant Ataturk
Tim Arango

Mr. Erdogan’s own story on the night of the coup, of narrowly escaping as he fled a hotel just before coup-plotting commandos arrived to kill or kidnap him, is already being compared to a famous story about Ataturk, who during the battle of Gallipoli supposedly missed death when his pocket watch deflected a bullet....


Choreographed Putsch: Turkey at a Crossroads
Makhan Saikia

The people of Turkey have very little choice: either they continue with the present dark days of the smouldering civil war and the threat to terrorism or else replace insanity with wisdom at the earliest. But, both cannot run on equal footing under the hawkish Erdogan....

A Deadly Rivalry: Erdogan's Hunt against the Gülen Movement
Onur Burçak Belli, Eren Caylan and Maximilian Popp

Gülen denies any blame. "It is absurd, irresponsible and erroneous to claim that I had anything to do with this appalling coup attempt," he said from the US state of Pennsylvania. His supporters present themselves as modern and tolerant. They have opened schools, universities, hospitals and media organizations in more than 140 countries....


Battle For Bangladesh's Soul As Islamic Radicals Push For Power
Nirmal Ghosh

There is growing evidence of links between the JMB and ISIS. Arrests in Bangladesh - the latest being four individuals on July 21 - have shown that cadres of the JMB have been regrouping and rebranding as ISIS flag bearers in Bangladesh....


Democracy in Turkey Is Under Threat after Failed Coup
Mohammad Behzad Fatmi

Has their protection protected the democratic values in the country? The answer is “no”. Though this is not to suggest that the situation would have been better otherwise, there is hardly any doubt that the survival of the Erodogan government has led to a further deterioration democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Turkey.....


The Liberal, the Mullah and the Silent Moderate of Pakistan
Maria Sartaj

The centrists or the moderate-minded folks, who have been meticulously blending Deen (religion) and Dunya (world), in whatever proportions in their lives, need to be seen and heard. In this battle of extremists, the pseudo-liberal versus the in-your-face-Muslim, someone needs to bring in a sense of balance....


Why Blasphemy Laws Are a Global Concern
Nasir Saeed

The international community believes that Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are a real threat to religious freedom and freedom of expression, and are in contradiction to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, as Pakistan has ratified several international conventions including the ICCPR. Pakistan is under obligation to bring its laws in line with these conventions....

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