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The War Within Islam

Unlike in the past, when the Arab streets used to be filled by protesters after Friday prayers to protest Israeli actions related to Al-Aqsa mosque, this time the street is empty and silent. Though there has been routine condemnation by the Arab States, such condemnations do not carry much weight in the arena of international politics unless backed by people’s mobilisation on the street, which is often organised and coordinated by the State machinery. What has been transformed in the Arab world which has made the Arab world a bystander; and stopped it from making any symbolic protest both for the cause of Islam and solidarity with their fellow Palestinian Arabs?


Bangladesh Drowning In Its Own Fear
Mohammad Badrul Ahsan

That state of mind is now creeping up on us as distortions are about to begin, if haven't already begun. We are afraid of talking to strangers. Many of us don't answer phone calls from unknown numbers. Unidentified emails are readily deleted. I know of people who don't want to get out of the house unless it's absolutely essential. We are fast becoming a paranoid nation where people are continuously looking over their shoulders. ....


The regions, agencies and tribal communities of the borderlands, the historic Sarhad or the frontier, can and should be converted into a separate province. For that matter, the Gilgit-Baltistan regions have equally valid historical claims and a natural right to form their own province with all the powers vested by the Constitution….

Inside Assad's Echo Chamber
Mohammed Alaa Ghanem

Inside Assad's Echo Chamber
Mohammed Alaa Ghanem

Despite his stellar reporting credentials, Smith appears to lack the specific knowledge of Syria needed to create a documentary on Assad's Syria. That didn't stop him from reaching the broad conclusion that "the goal should not be to...vanquish Assad and his regime...Perhaps new borders will need to be drawn." Perhaps this is easy for him to say as someone who parachuted into Syria, received the royal treatment, and then returned home. But most Syrians who have actually lived in Assad's Syria feel differently. I know, because I am one of them…..


No doubt historians will continue to debate the complex episodes of his life, but many Iraqis are deeply fond of the man and in his passing, it seems his legend will grow. He received nothing less than a state funeral and astonishingly, a final resting place in al-Kadhimiya Holy Shrine, perhaps the ultimate endorsement of Iraq's religious Marjiyah establishment, a fitting end to an epic life. This honour is unprecedented for a liberal Iraqi politician who laid the cornerstone for a democratic, civil Iraqi state….


Does Pakistan Really Need The Council Of Islamic Ideology?
Rabia Ahmed

The chairperson of the CII has clearly forgotten the occasions on which the CII offered opinions on medical and scientific matters. An example is when the CII ruled that DNA results cannot be used as primary evidence in rape, adding that they could be used as supporting evidence alone.


The Saudis and the Arab States Negotiating a Dangerous World Order
Yasser Latif Hamdani

...The Saudis and the Arab states want to build a Sunni resistance to what they perceive as Shia hegemony to their north. In doing so, they are ready — as became abundantly clear with Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal’s statement (though he seems to have recanted and issued a denial since) — to make a deal with Israel. Together with Israel, the UAE and their lobbyists and supporters in Washington DC, the Saudis will attempt to open a diplomatic front against Iran in the US capital. The idea would be to press the US to take a more hardline stance against the Islamic republic only months after the Iran deal.

Selective Outrage And The Death Of Ideas: New Age Islam’s Selection From World Press, 4 November 2015

Selective Outrage and the Death of Ideas

By Moyukh Mahtab

Two More Refugees Commit Suicide In Australia

By Max Newman

Syria: #Just Stop The War

By Ashiya Parveen

After Erdogan's win, Turkey inches closer to civil war

By Gwynne Dyer

Turkish Time Machine: Back To 2011

 By Burak Bekdil

Cameron's cluelessness on Syria hands no one the moral high ground

By Rafael Behr

Erdogan won at the right moment

By Abdulrahman al-Rashed

Can Iran play a part in Syria’s peace and unity?

By Camelia Entekhabi-Fard

Nothing but a dead end with Putin

By Jamal Khashoggi

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So You Say Fethullah Gülen Is A Terrorist: New Age Islam’s Selection From World Press, 31 October 2015

Understanding Terror

By John Muenzberg

Fundamental Liberties, Except If You Are Muslim

By Azrul Mohd Khalib

Russian Strategy in Syria

By Gwynne Dyer

Is Turkey Setting A Kurdish Trap?

By Fehim Taştekin

Turkey’s Problem with the US-Russia Plan

 By Verda Özer

When the State Steals Newspapers

 By Mustafa Akyol

The Sorry State Of Malaysian Politics

By Ann Martinez

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The Ambivalent Notion of Consensus of the Scholars (Ijma) in Islam
Muhammad Yunus, New Age Islam

Human knowledge remains in flux. What is held true today may be proved false tomorrow except in strictly scientific domains that represent the ultimate truths of God (the earth is round; the desert has little rainfall, water flows down the slope for example). However, in matters of human relations, jurisprudence, customs and habits, these are informed by the external environment and stimuli and change with the change in environment and stimuli. The same goes for the views of jurists and scholars of Islam on theological, social, political and legal issues. Hence, any suggestion to take the views and rulings of the present or past scholars as inviolate amounts to giving eternal validity to any ruling by any group of scholars issued under a specific circumstance or context….

In Search Of the Enemy
Syed Badrul Ahsan

In Search Of the Enemy
Syed Badrul Ahsan

Hossaini Dalan is a wake-up call for Bangladesh. If swift action is not taken, it will be liberal Bengalis, pious Muslims and the shrinking numbers of Hindus, Shias and Ahmadiyyas who will see the values they have upheld and propagated for ages slide into greater danger. Wahhabism constitutes a menace that cannot be taken lightly.


How Can ISIL, PKK And Assad Unite?
Mustafa Akyol

In yesterday’s Hürriyet Daily News, the headline story came from a statement by President Tayyip Erdoğan: “ISIL, PKK, Syria intelligence behind Ankara bombing.” The president had spoken at a gathering of trade unions, touching upon the recent horrible suicide bombing in Ankara that killed more than 100 people.

Reconfiguring The Arab Region And Its Global Space: New Age Islam’s Selection From World Press, 22 October 2015

Reconfiguring the Arab region and its global space

By Raghida Dergham

Has the Syrian cause been sold?

By Abdulrahman al-Rashed

Has Israeli-Palestinian violence crossed the point of no return?

By Yossi Mekelberg

Palestinian protests: Rocks, knives and cameras

By Diana Moukalled

Assad summoned to Moscow

By Dr. Theodore Karasik

Ankara Has To Get Real In Syria

By Semih İdiz

Europe’s Refugee Saga

By Mustafa Aydin

The 100-year Intifada

By Ramzy Baroud

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What It Feels Like To Live In Turkey: New Age Islam’s Selection From World Press, 19 October 2015

What It Feels Like To Live In Turkey


Why is Turkey not hitting ISIL?


A Way to Investigate ISIL Atrocities

By Günal Kursun

Why Russian actions will help keep Turkey aligned with Western powers

By Paul Iddon

Germany and Refugees


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Regime Change In Saudi Arabia?
Jonathan Power

Is Saudi Arabia a house built on sand? If so, are the sands shifting? Even Hillary Clinton, the candidate for US president, until recently a staunch ally of the House of Saud, has publicly criticised the appalling human rights record of Saudi Arabia. Mrs Clinton also made the point that over the years it was not just rich Saudi individuals who had sent donations to Islamist militant fighting groups, it was also the government itself.

Mina Tagedy: The Powerless Pilgrims
Rafia Zakaria

THE death toll of pilgrims killed in Mina during Eidul Azha has apparently almost doubled. According to the Associated Press, nearly 1,400 people are now believed to have died in the stampede that took place on the path known as Street 204. This number is significantly larger than the official figures reported by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which puts the total number of deaths at 769.


International Organisation For Hajj
Dr Mahjabeen Islam

Accounts vary: Lebanon-based Arabic-language daily Ad-Diyar alleged that the convoy escorting Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud, comprising 200 soldiers and 150 police officers, played a central role in the incident by making some pilgrims turn around against the flow, which triggered a stampede....

Of Mumtaz Qadris and Aasia Bibis

The debate on the blasphemy laws began at the start of this decade when Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman, was charged with alleged blasphemy after she got into trouble with a group of enraged Muslim women who objected to her drinking water from their container. Based on mere heresy, Aasia Bibi, a mother of five children, was quickly sentenced to death by a sessions court, convicting her of a crime that she has persistently denied....


More Essential Than Executing Qadri The Man, Is The Elimination Of Qadri The Cult
Kunwar Khuldune Shahid

There is more to a Muslim’s identity than theological adherence and it’s adopting Muslim pluralism that will breed religious coexistence in Pakistan. This would in turn create as society that is democratic, humanistic and tolerant enough to abolish the capital punishment. And that is when Mumtaz Qadri will truly be eliminated.....

Here’s The Real War Within Islam
Tarek Fatah

In one short sentence, 29-year-old Karim Jivraj, the Conservative candidate in the federal riding of Rosedale-University in downtown Toronto, summed up the crisis that dominates political discourse today, including in Canada and the U.S.

Jivraj was speaking Sunday at an all-party debate hosted by the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW).


Attacks On Civil Society Should Be Seen In The Context Of Deviations From The Democratic Norms: New Age Islam’s Selection From Pakistan Press, 8 October 2015

Attacks on civil society should be seen in the context of deviations from the democratic norms


The winter of Afghan discontent

Dr Mohammad Taqi

Barack Obama, a fantastical strategist?

Harlan Ullman

Mistrust and hostility: A Pakistani journalist in Afghanistan


The Pope & Putin


How much should we celebrate the Supreme Court’s verdict on Mumtaz Qadri?

By Noman Ansari

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Beyond the fall of Kunduz

By Dr Qaisar Rashid

Christians in district Narowal

By Ethsam Waheed

Pakistan’s Afghan predicament


A bloody history


The ‘Ugly American’?

By Jonathan Power

The pope with the Midas touch

By Bisma Tirmizi

Afghanistan’s terrible war: money for nothing

By Vijay Prashad

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


What a Pity That an Event Meant To Foster Spirit of Unity and Brotherhood among Muslims Has Descended Into an Embarrassing Spectacle Feeding On the Deep Divisions within the Islamic World
Hasan Suroor

What a pity that an event meant to foster spirit of unity and brotherhood among Muslims has descended into an embarrassing spectacle feeding on the deep divisions within the Islamic world, and further exacerbating the existential crisis facing Islam. And, all thanks, to its own self-styled gatekeepers........

In a week in which two of the holiest dates in the Muslim and Jewish calendars coincided (Eid al-Adha and Yom Kippur, respectively), the city of Jerusalem, which should bring all people together, is more divided than ever, ridden by hatred and violence. The recent flare-up in violence is a reflection of the unsustainable pretence of a united Jerusalem under Israeli ‘sovereignty.’


Instead Of Inclusiveness and Unity, Afghanistan Has an Isolated Government
By Ershad Ahmadi

Continued and enhanced economic and political support to Afghanistan is crucial for the viability of the government. Afghanistan is faring better than Syria and Iraq in many ways, but it appears to have exhausted its stay on top of the American and international community agendas. If Afghanistan is to have the chance to become a success story because of the United States and NATO intervention, it cannot be abandoned halfway.


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