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The War Within Islam

An Imminent Disaster in Pakistan That We are Unable to See
Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

One of the clear reasons is that many members of Pakistan National Assembly are linked with local religious and sectarian extremists. In fact, they seek to strengthen their political existence by providing assistance to the terrorists. This is precisely why tackling the growth of terrorism and extremism in the urban areas is becoming a more difficult task day by day. The political parties in Pakistan are suffering from a disease which no one is trying to cure. They have adopted a policy of giving concessions to the culprits for political gains. This raises questions over the existence of the entire Pakistani state.....


Iraq Elections and Turkey
Verda Özer

The civil war in Iraq has escalated since the U.S. withdrawal at the end of 2011. Sunnis, which make up one-fifth of the country, are rising up against the Shiite government’s authoritarian tendencies. Sunni uprisings in Syria have also been another source of motivation. In addition, the al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has gained strength in the country. Al-Maliki is gaining from all of these sources of violence…..


The strategic expediency of the superpowers will outweigh the merits of the dispute. The Palestinian issue, like Tibet, Nagorno-Karabakh and Kashmir, has remained unresolved during the Cold War and post-Cold War era. It will be interesting to see whether these problems will at all be addressed during the re-emerging Cold War. Jerusalem in the meantime will remain a disputed territory but it belongs neither to Israel nor to US citizens born in Israel. Jerusalem belongs to the people of Palestine and none else....


Hamid Mir Vs Ideological Security Establishment
Beena Sarwar

This if for the first time a media house has gone in contradiction with country’s most powerful and feared institution. Why has it happened? Is it an expression of military’s slipping control over country’s vital organs? Also, what will be the outcome in your opinion: will Geo surrender or will there be a rapprochement?....

Hamid Mir: Conspiracy Theories and ‘Patriotism’
Farooq Sulehria

As is often the case, fantastic conspiracy theories began to make the rounds in cyberspace. While a few thought that the assassination attempt was a self-staged ‘drama’ wherein the intention was to wound but not kill Hamid Mir, others claimed that Hamid Mir was not attacked at all. Parallels with the Malala Yusufzai case were drawn....


Attacks and Amnesia
Irfan Husain

If our police and our judges cannot deliver, who’s left? The world over, it is law enforcement agencies that are tasked with investigating crime. Occasionally, judges examine matters with a political dimension that might result in criminal prosecution. But nowhere do judges investigate straightforward crimes because that just isn’t their job…..

An Act of Desperation
Dr Mohammad Taqi

An Act of Desperation
Dr Mohammad Taqi

The consistent meddling in Afghanistan via jihadist proxies has earned Pakistan only the ire of the Afghans. The election ink-stained finger became a universal symbol of the Afghans voting not just for their presidential candidates but against any intruders and their backers....

Libya: Restoring the Monarchy?
Anna Mahjar-Barducci

Libya: Restoring the Monarchy?
Anna Mahjar-Barducci

If the government fails... to assert its power in the months to come it will become a de facto Somalia II.... Soon, these militias, if they have not already done so, will have their own government that will contest the decisions of the paper government of Tripoli… Indicators show that it is already fragmenting into three countries."….


The Military-Muslim League Spat in Pakistan
Dr Mohammad Taqi

No names were named but, taking their cue, some sections of the media went after Mr Khawaja Asif with a vengeance. A hard-hitting speech that Mr Asif had made in the National Assembly’s 2006 budget session, criticising the junta and its exploitation of the country, has since been played ad nauseam on various channels. ….

Are Iran and Israel Trading Places?
Abbas Milani and Israel Waismel-Manor

Are Iran and Israel Trading Places?
Abbas Milani and Israel Waismel-Manor

By contrast, Iran has a falling birth-rate — a clear indication of growing secularism and the sort of thing that keeps Ayatollah Khamenei awake at night. The long-term power of these demographic trends will, in our view, override Iran’s current theocratic intransigence and might eclipse any fleeting victories for liberalism in Israel.....


Turkey Is Now Turning Its Focus to the Next Battle: The Presidency
Mustafa Akyol

Notably, this will be a new experience for all Turks. Because to date, the presidency, the largely symbolic yet highest post in the republic, has been elected by the Parliament. Some political scientists have warned that this unusual system would create problems, by creating two popularly-elected top seats, but others welcomed it as more “democratisation.”….

Bhutto and I
Nadeem F. Paracha

Bhutto and I
Nadeem F. Paracha

Today is the 35th anniversary of that judicial crime.

Then Radio Pakistan announced that the Pakistan armed forces have surrendered. But we kids were too busy collecting the smothering splinters of the bombs that had been dropped by Indian jets only miles away from our area of residence, not knowing that the country had acutely been split into two. Bhutto was no stranger in our house....


Hooked On Jihadism: Pakistani Military-Intelligence-Jihadi Complex Is Not Inclined To Correct Its Course
Dr Mohammad Taqi

The signs are that the Pakistani state remains hooked and high on jihadism. From meddling in the Middle East at the behest of its Arab patrons to continuing to stoke the fire in Afghanistan, the Pakistani military-intelligence-Jihadi complex is not inclined to correct its course in the near to midterm. From the Pakistani government’s statement endorsing the Saudi bid for regime change in Syria to turning a blind eye to, if not actively dispatching the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Taliban jihadists to achieve that goal, Pakistan’s role is plain dubious....

Egypt, Sisi and the Next Generation of Jihadists
Anthony Bubalo

Everyone expects Sisi to win. He is genuinely popular among older Egyptians who want a strong hand to restore stability. The opposition, both Islamist and secular, has been corralled – in large part as a result of the extensive military crackdown that has seen large numbers arrested, especially from the now banned Muslim Brotherhood. Sisi will also have strong backing from outside the country….


Saudi Arabia: A Kingdom on Guard
Roula Khalaf

Saudi Arabia’s efforts to bolster the authority of the GCC, however, have been frustrated on other fronts. Smaller Gulf States have been willing to co-operate when their interests converged with those of the Saudis, mindful of the benefits of closing of ranks to counter regional turbulence. But they have also continued to guard their independence carefully…..

Splitting Libya
Gwynne Dyer

Splitting Libya
Gwynne Dyer

Now it has expired, and nothing has happened yet, but neither has there been any sign that the two sides are talking. Besides, it is misleading to talk of “two sides”: the country has become a jumble of militia-run city-states with rapidly shifting alliances. But the east-west split is real, and it is getting worse…..


Spare Us the Gamal Abdel-Nasser Imagery
Rami G. Khouri

First is the persistence of a power structure that took 60 years to implant itself deep in the Egyptian mindset, society, bureaucracy and military, and will not let go easily. Second is the reflexive demand of an anxious society for a strong leader who can make the world right....


529 Reasons to Doubt Egyptian Justice
Louisa Loveluck

It was the kind of mass death sentence that seems to come from another time and place. But the news on Monday that an Egyptian judge had handed down a verdict condemning 529 people to execution was all too real, even as the particulars of the case, the trial and the public reaction all conjured a sense of what could be called Egypt’s current brand of magical realism. In the end, Judge Saeed Elgazar’s gesture was at once brutal, tragic, absurd — and most likely futile…..


Fate of Ottoman Heritage in Mecca
Sinem Cengiz

Turkish officials, who insist on preserving the city's architectural heritage as well as the legacy of the Ottoman Empire, have raised the matter several times at meetings with their Saudi counterparts and have requested that the porticos, the only remnant of Ottoman heritage in Mecca, be left intact…..


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Destruction Of Islamic Cultural Heritage: Muslims Must Reclaim The Spiritual Values Of Islam, Sultan Shahin Tells A Public Dialogue During UN Human Rights Council’s 22nd Session At Geneva

Although this isn’t the first strain in the Saudi-Muslim Brotherhood relationship, the kingdom is unlikely to backtrack on its anti-Islamist stance – at least anytime soon. The royal family is now convinced by the argument, often made by UAE officials, that the Muslim Brotherhood and all similar groups represent an existential threat for Gulf monarchies. Seen from Riyadh, the solution is to turn the clock back to the pre-1970s era, when the official religious establishment’s quietist brand of Salafism had a monopoly over Saudi Islam. In a globalized kingdom with the largest proportion of social media users in the world, this will not easily succeed…….


The Great Game Folio: Divided Gulf
C. Raja Mohan

Delhi, currently preoccupied with elections, will have to grapple, sooner rather than later, with the consequences of the changing regional balance of power in the Arabian Peninsula, the extension of the Saudi-Iran rivalry into the subcontinent and the multiple contradictions in US policy towards the Gulf......


Making Peace with the Enemy: Negotiating With the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Is Not Just Dealing With One Entity but With a Hydra-Headed Monster
Meena Menon

Peace has never been so elusive or desirable for the Pakistan government. Faced with the limited success of a military operation, it is engaging with an enemy which is egregious and unrepentant. The start of the talks was not propitious and there is a sense of déjà vu of little coming of it. On the other hand, the government and the military say they can strike when needed, without resorting to a full-fledged operation. For now at least, that seems to have brought the TTP to the table once again and the peace dialogue seems to have been revived....

Given the awkward nature of identity incongruence within Bahrain, it is argued that the kingdom witnesses grave internal-security challenges. Bahrain is a sectarian fault line between Sunnis and Shias, positioned within a few kilometres of both Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is a station where a confrontation between the two regional mighty rivals can happen, with overwhelming geopolitical consequences. Both Iran and Saudi Arabia realise the significance of Bahrain and conflict between the two for lasting influence on Bahrain has a long history.....


In Libya and Yemen, Tribes with Flags
Rami G. Khouri

Both countries face a problem of strong regional or tribal identities that never fully accepted their inclusion in the independent Arab countries that came into being in the 20th century. As Libya and Yemen move ahead with plans to draft new national constitutions, they remain threatened by destabilizing regional tensions, including armed clashes and threats by certain regions or tribal groups to break away from the state…..


The Muttahida Qaumi Movement Conundrum
Nadeem F. Paracha

Three years ago graffiti appeared on the walls of Karachi with the word ‘Altafism.’ To be precise it went something like this: ‘Altatfism = Realism.’ When I approached a few of the party’s senior leaders and asked them what this realism was about, they proposed that the party stood for ‘progressive pragmatism.’ Some further inquiry into the matter suggested that the party was trying to rationalize some of its policies and actions that had seemed contradictory…..


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