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The War Within Islam

Islamic Debates on Apostasy in Egypt
Bassem Youssef

Heated debate about this phenomenon has appeared on Islamist websites, YouTube and religious TV programs. As usual, extremist people have surfaced who know nothing other than insults. Some of them have even called for punishment for apostasy....

All in all, the crux of the matter therefore revolves round two important questions to be answered. One is as to whose wealth is it that lay under the feet in the ground of the prince’s kingdom and the whole region as oil wealth and two, how that wealth including the additional wealth that is acquired by the huge religious industry in his domain, is spent? ......

Tele-Clerics and Custom-Made Fatwas
Bassem Youssef

Last year, loans were prohibited. This year, the interest on loans is seen as administrative fees. Elections were prohibited, but it is okay to resort to them now to attain authority. Females going out to vote is prohibited, but if the candidate is an Islamist, then we need the vote of every sister for the sake of God’s victory. At this point, I cannot help but repeat the question of the Muslim American sister: “Okay, fine. They are fooling us, but do they think they will fool God?”...


Wahabi Shari'a law and tribal customs combine to keep Saudi Arabia as the most-conservative society. The cultural norms present to narrowly defined standards of ethics. Men and women are not permitted to attend public events together (M’enoret 2005).Saudi Arabia hosts one of the pillars of Islam, which obliges all Muslims to make the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca. Many Saudi Wahhabi Imams criticize the Islamic history in which men and women were never segregated in great mosque of Ka’ba in Mecca and during annual Hajj or Umrah.....

Islam’s Civil War: As the Sykes-Picot borders disappear, a Muslim Thirty Years’ War may be breaking out in the thrice-promised land
Patrick J. Buchanan

Syria is disintegrating, with Alawite Shia fighting Sunni, Christians siding with Damascus, Druze divided, and Kurds looking to break free and unite with their kinfolk in Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Their dream: a Kurdistani nation rooted in a common ethnic identity. Shia Hezbollah controls the south of Lebanon, and with Shia Iran is supporting the Shia-led army and regime of Bashar Assad....


Dirty Saudi Royal Family Making Mockery of Shariah Law Completely Exposed



Islamists vs. Islamists in the Arab world
Abdulrahman Al-Rashed

The paradox is that Ennahda Islamists doubted the presence of terrorist groups. They condemn the prevention of preaching campaigns and charity activities under the excuse that they are Islamic acts. But history repeats itself. The Islamist Ennahda government is currently the one setting the prohibitions. What is prohibited today is the Ansar al-Sharia group....


Saudi Arabia-Developing Capitalism with Wahhabi Characteristics
Atul Aneja

The Saudi state appears engaged in a project of developing a unique brand of capitalism with Wahhabi characteristics. One of its starkest illustrations of this exercise is the new campus on the outskirts of Riyadh of the Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University - the largest women’s university in the world. The university encourages its women students to research in modern cutting edge disciplines such as nanotechnology, information technology, and bioscience, without infringing the segregation norms of Wahhabi ideology. Hoping to develop a new breed of technocrats and entrepreneurs the government has sent hundreds of thousands of students on scholarships abroad....

The Looming Civil War within Islam
Waheeduddin Ahmed for New Age Islam

As if the danger to Muslims from external enemies was not serious enough, we are facing the prospects of a civil war between the Sunnis and the Shias on a global scale. Such a war could have all the characteristics of world war three. Sectarian passions seem to be brewing with sizzling effervescence in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Eastern Arabia. There are ominous signs of states such as Iran, Iraq, Qatar and Saudi Arabia getting involved in the conflict. … Are we now to rethink our loyalties and our associations? Is there a conscious attempt to divide the Muslim world on sectarian ground? Are the Saudis, their protégés among the Taleban and the Takfeer-mongers of Pakistan right? Have the enemies of Islam struck their final blow? There is still time to avert this impending Armageddon in the Muslim world. The ball is in the Iranian court....

Confessions of an Ex-Muslim
Omar Shahid

Islam is often perceived as a religion antithetical to British, secular values. But between 2001-2011, more than 100,000 British people converted to Islam. This may come as a surprise, especially considering the virulent climate of Islamophobia supposedly pervading the country in the shadow of 9/11. Yet, while Muslims may rejoice at the news of many British people flocking to Islam, little is known about the large proportion of converts who later become apostates…….


The Islamists' Paradox: Inclusion and Moderation
Khalil Al-Anani

First, a quick comparison between Brotherhood rhetoric and conduct before and after the revolution reveals that oppression, not inclusion, was the motivation for developing the group's intellectual discourse and maturity and rationality of its political conduct. This is perplexing and perhaps requires behavioural and psychological study of the group....


The Salafi View of Islam: Joining Islam Is Like Joining an Army: Pakistani Muslims Who Do Not Like Islam’s Military Discipline Should Get Their Names Registered As Minorities
Anwar Ghazi, Tr. New Age Islam

If someone has not accepted Islam, there is no compulsion on him and he has total protection under the Islamic system. But one who has accepted Islam, there are some rules and obligations for him and these rules cannot be considered oppression but are for the protection of humanity. If the people of America and Britain have formed some rules and they are not disapproved by them why can’t we consider the best Shariah brought by the holy prophet (pbuh) our asset? Now if someone does not want to follow Islam’s military discipline and Sharia brought by the holy Prophet (pbuh) and finds them problematic, he can be best advised to get himself enlisted as a minority....

Pakistan’s Sipah-e-Sahaba promotes Genocide of Shias in the name of Jihad, republishing in al-Rashideen, hate speeches of Haq Nawaz Jhangvi and Allama Sher Haideri
Tufail Ahmad

Recently, the Sipah-e-Sahaba, Pakistan (SSP) released the third issue of a magazine called Al-Rashideen in English language. In the first issue, published in March 2013, the magazine’s cover page declared that "Iran must fall before Palestine can be liberated." It produced a number of hateful articles against Shia Muslims, republishing speeches of Haq Nawaz Jhangvi and Allama Sher Haideri.....

Swat: How Green Was My Valley?
Nadeem F. Paracha

What do we have to say about the blowing up of girls’ schools, CD and barber shops in our own backyard? Happenings that are still a reality in various towns, enclaves and cities of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, south Punjab and parts of Karachi? What do we have to say about men of faith in our very own country who actually believe that suicide and multiple murders in the name of God will land them a cosy little corner in paradise?...

Destruction Of Islamic Cultural Heritage: Muslims Must Reclaim The Spiritual Values Of Islam, Sultan Shahin tells a public dialogue during UN Human Rights Council’s 22nd session at Geneva
Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

In modern world, human right to preserving and maintaining cultural heritage is considered universal and inalienable. But there are some forces of darkness, unfortunately professing my own faith, Islam, who are enemies of cultural heritage. Schooled and trained in Saudi-Wahhabi-Salafi version of Islam, the Taliban in Afghan-Pakistan region and Boko Haram in Africa have wreaked devastation of precious Islamic heritage in parts of Africa and Buddhist heritage in Afghanistan. The fabled city of Timbuktu in the present-day Republic of Mali in West Africa, also called, the Jewel of the Desert, was known as the City of 333 Sufi Saints.  I don’t have to remind the knowledgeable audience in this hall of the state of ruins to which it has been reduced recently by the same forces of darkness that destroyed the Bamiyan Budhas, though they may go by different names in different parts of the world.

 Their inspiration comes from Saudi Arabia which is engaged right now in the destruction of oldest Muslim heritage buildings in Medina in the name of expansion of the Prophet's Mosque (Al-Masjid al-Nabawi) to facilitate the building of luxurious seven star hotels. The tomb of the Prophet is once again the prime target of the Saudi regime as it has been ever since the illiterate Najdi Bedouins captured what used to be a more cosmopolitan society that had developed over the centuries in Hejaz.

Pakistan: A Very Modern History
Nadeem F. Paracha

The only difference is, in the Stone Ages, these Neanderthals were armed with clubs and stones, but today they are armed with guns and bombs. Remarkably though, they remain as furry as they were millions of years ago....

Islam: The Danger Within
Sami Jamil Jadallah

Islam: The Danger Within
Sami Jamil Jadallah

The “Mujahideen “ war in Afghanistan is and will remain the incubator of “Islamist’ terrorism and the radicalization of so many young Muslims who are now engaged in and are waging a war of terror against Muslims and Islam in countries like Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in India, Kashmir, Somalia, Iraq, and recently in Tunisia. Assisting this international war on Islam are “radical” clergymen who are doing their best to emulate the Rabbis of Christ time...


Preachers and orators of Islam’s Ahle Hadith and Deobandi sects, considered hardliners in Islamic dispensation, strongly oppose the presence of US forces in Iraq, the military operation in Wana in Pakistan’s tribal areas and the arrest of people from various parts of the country in the war on terror. They also do not want the government to send troops to Iraq, while the Barelvis and Shias want peace in Iraq and power transferred to Iraqi people....


The Islamic Emirate of Syriastan
Pepe Escobar

Al-Zawahiri called for all the Islamist brigades in the Jihad Inc business fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to found an Islamic emirate, the passport du jour leading to an Islamic caliphate. Two days later, the Islamic State of Iraq - for all practical purposes al-Qaeda in Iraq - announced, via a video starring its leader Abu Bakr al-Husseini al-Qurashi al-Baghdadi, a mergers and acquisition spectacular;....

Absence of Self-Criticism in Saudi Arabia
Dr. Khalid Al-Seghayer

“There is no critical self-analysis and no admission of fault.” If I had to choose a statement to describe the social fabric of Saudi Arabia, I could not come up with a better one. Basically, one can confidently state that there is almost an absolute absence of self-criticism in Saudi Arabia with reference to a wide range of aspects and issues by all strata of Saudi society….

New Threat in Nigeria as Militants Split Off
Adam Nossiter

The clash between Boko Haram and Nigerian security forces last week was even deadlier. Much of a fishing town was destroyed, with more than 180 people killed and almost 2,000 homes burned, the governor there said....


I thought of our Pirs and Babas, and their graves, where lakhs from all over the country come to pay their respects. And of the miraculous Ajmer Sharif that has withstood and weathered the scorn of any bigot summoned mystically to its presence. Of legends about Jesus in Kashmir and how he learned to turn the other cheek there. But what about this aggressive face of radical Islam that seems to have taken over the citadel?....


Khwaja Muhammad Ahmed Samdani: the Sufi judge
Dr Mohammad Taqi

“My reason for the refusal was that because I had read the text of the oath, which in effect meant an oath of allegiance to the martial law regime as against the constitution.” He then collected his belongings all of which, wrapped in sheets, neatly fit in his compact car along with his young children and wife and set off for Peshawar, the city where he had started his career as a teacher in Mathematics and Physics....

Like in other countries, different professionals, including propagandists, Islamic scholars, and self-proclaimed atheists write blogs in Bangladesh. When a new medium like blogs had not been introduced, people expressed their ideas through traditional media like newspapers. Before introduction of blog, there were some self-proclaimed atheists but they did not have any open sources for writing....

In Afghan Peace, the Pakistan Factor
Jyoti Malhotra

The Afghans argue that the Pakistanis have done little since the 9/11 incidents to eliminate terrorist havens and safe spaces inside their country, which the Taliban brazenly uses as sanctuary to mount attacks inside Afghanistan and then return home to Pakistan. But Pakistan continues to demand a position of primacy in the Pakistan-Afghan relationship, citing its front line state status as well as deep ethnic, civilisational and religious links...


Did Saudi Arabia send Qaeda prisoners to Syria?
Abdulrahman Al-Rashed

This would actually be a good idea to watch al-Qaeda and the Assad’s regime fight each other until they both die. But if they don’t eliminate each other, al-Qaeda fighters will pose a major threat. They may turn back and threaten their countries and the allies of their countries. This is what we have tried in Afghanistan, and this is what Bin Laden did to us…..

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