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The War Within Islam

The Berlin Attack Proves Tunisia, the Single Success of the Arab Spring, Is Yet To Overcome Its Past
Rory Maccarthy

But problems have been growing in Tunisia since the 2000s, with mounting unemployment and despair and humiliation among the young. Some of them have turned to radical Salafist movements, inspired by satellite television preachers and driven by anger at the Tunisian regime’s attempts to impose an official vision of Islam....


Mosul, Aleppo, Ankara... Future is bleak
Talmiz Ahmad

Where will this leave the ISIS? During the Mosul operation, the ISIS carried out a series of devastating attacks in Istanbul, Baghdad and different parts of Saudi Arabia. Its “lone-wolf” adherents have also been destructive in several parts of West and South Asia...


Forced Conversions in Pakistan
Bina Shah

There are many things not allowed or discouraged in Islam but they still happen in Pakistan. Forced conversion is one of them. Religious parties should be the first in line to say that they vow to protect the rights of minority converts, and will not support conversions or marriages under duress....

After Turkey’s Failed Coup, a Sense of Fatalism Has Set In
Elif Shafak

The rise of four Ms in Turkey – militarisation, misogyny, mobilisation and martyrisation – is not good news for Turkey’s liberals, democrats and secularists, who already feel depressed, forsaken, abandoned. It cannot be a good omen for the region, either....


Turkey's Slide into Authoritarianism
Burak Bekdil

Religion was why Erdoğan and Gülen had long been allied against the "infidel" Kemalists, leftists, and seculars. Religion was also why Erdoğan's and Gülen's Sunni Islamist followers are now at each other's throat. Erdoğan and Gülen did not break up because one of them abandoned their common faith. They keep praying to the same God, reciting the same prayers, while their followers keep attending the same mosques. One lesson from the failed Turkish coup is that Islam the religion or Islamism the political ideology will never forge the alliances Islamists often seek. Political Islam is not the right glue for enduring political alliances.....


Dr Salam, Chakwal and Symbolism
Mosharraf Zaidi

Dr Abdus Salam is a Pakistani hero, whether buildings are named after him or not. More importantly, his life’s work was science and its promotion. A plaque on a building and five scholarships in his name do not solve Pakistan’s urgent education crisis. They may, however, inflame the easily provoked reactionaries for whom other people’s faith is a matter of life and death. ....


Tragedies That Expose Pakistan's Fault-Lines
Abbas Nasir

All this happened in Pakistan, where most violent incidents and even terrorist attacks are claimed by groups closely associated with the Deobandi ideology rather than the Barelvi School. Tehrik-e-Taliban is said to follow the Deobandi School...


Why General Qamar Javed Bajwa Faces the Abyss in Afghanistan
Praveen Swami

The new General’s spymaster, all those years ago, had outlined a way to walk Pakistan’s policies back from the edge in Afghanistan, involving a political resolution. The Afghanistan it was premised on, though, may no longer exist. For the General, retreat from Zarb-e-Azb may prove impossible, but ahead lies the abyss....


Saudi Arabia’s Uncertainties
Yoel Guzansky

Senior Saudi princes have allegedly called for regime change expressing distrust of the 31-year-old prince. Saudi royals, once prudent and cautious, are now determined to lead a senseless and costly war in neighbouring Yemen. Internal security is another problem as ISIS repeatedly has shown that it has a strong presence inside the kingdom....


How Islamic Will Erdogan’s Presidential System Be?
Mustafa Akyol

They should also realize that the key value of Islam’s political tradition is what writer Hayrettin Karaman mentioned in passing in 2015 — and what I emphasized back in 2013. It is the “separation of powers.” It is, in other words, creating clear boundaries between the executive, the legislation and the judiciary. The most troubling aspect of Erdogan’s envisioned presidency is not that it may be too Islamic in that regard. It may rather be too Platonic....


Bangladesh: Unflagging Determination
S. Binodkumar Singh

"The children of war criminals are not innocent. They are hatching conspiracies and will continue it. We have to remember that and stay alert against them. We have to continue our war against their conspiracies."....

Dhaka’s Rohingya Dilemma
Syed Badrul Ahsan

Dhaka’s Rohingya Dilemma
Syed Badrul Ahsan

After all, the Myanmar authorities would like nothing better than to see the backs of an ethnic group they have doggedly, and infuriatingly, looked upon as Bengali Muslims who had illegally settled in Rakhine State. As the old cliché goes, Bangladesh is on the horns of a dilemma....

Pakistan Has a Drinking Problem
Mohammed Hanif

It’s a law-and-order issue, you see. The rich drink in their own homes and frolic or puke on their own lawns, but the assumption is that if the poor get drunk in public spaces, they’ll make a nuisance. Which is why those who can afford fine scotches can also afford to give everyone else lectures about our religious duties. It seems that those who suck the blood of poor people want to make sure it’s not tainted with cheap alcohol....

They ought to return to dialogue. This is the only way left for them to reach to a final destination and attain a blissful relationship. If one wins and other loses in the current scenario of Middle East, in a long run both will be considered looser and time will reveal this hard reality to them if they do not understand today....

Indonesia's Ideological War
Leo Suryadinata

Beneath the politics, Indonesia is engaged in a quiet but vital ideological struggle - one between the idea of a Muslim or Islamic state, and that of a more pluralistic vision of a multi-religious Indonesia, which in the past was called Pancasila...


45 Years after the War, Dhaka Is Yet To Shake Off Its Legacy of Disappearances
David Bergman

The 17 men and women who were abducted or disappeared in December 1971 were well-known and highly respected people with unblemished reputations – mainly journalists, editors and academics. They were abducted because of their known support for an independent Bangladesh, with the defeated forces seeking to denude the new country of some of its finest minds and characters before departing....


Pakistan: Keeping Religion Out Of Public Life
Rabia Ahmed

There is also the very important question of co-existence with other faiths, and the liberal, radical version of Islam differs a great deal on this point from other less liberal versions. In these latter versions an increasing number of people seem to consider it their religious duty to enforce not just religion but a particular version of it, making persons who subscribes to anything else persona non gratae….


Cleaning up the Fortress of Islam, Pakistan
Ayaz Amir

The Prophet of Islam, upon whom be peace, was the Apostle of God but he was also a lawgiver and a leader of mankind. So it is that there is a ring to his injunctions, cast in such a way that they have a striking effect on the listener. Consider in this light his precept about cleanliness: that it is half of faith and next to godliness. Do we honour this injunction?...


Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Mirage
James M. Dorsey

Bayat noted separately that, “whereas the elderly poor can afford simple, traditional and contained diversions, the globalized and affluent youth tend to embrace more spontaneous, erotically charged, and commodified pleasures.” Further, “This might help explain why globalizing youngsters more than others cause fear and fury among Islamist (and non-Islamist) anti-fun adversaries.”....


Is The Turkish Government Supporting Paedophilia Through A Bill That Sets Rapists Free?
Sarmad Iqbal

“Let’s hope for the best and hope for another Ataturk in future to salvage women, children, minorities and Secular Turkey.”Another Ataturk-like political figure in future might act as a Messiah for Turks who are being oppressed under the repressive autocratic regime of Erdogan....


How the Iranian-Saudi Proxy Struggle Tore Apart the Middle East
Max Fisher

Behind much of the Middle East’s chaos — the wars in Syria and Yemen, the political upheaval in Iraq and Lebanon and Bahrain — there is another conflict. Saudi Arabia and Iran are waging a struggle for dominance that has turned much of the Middle East into their battlefield. Rather than fighting directly, they wield and in that way worsen the region’s direst problems: dictatorship, militia violence and religious extremism.....

Saudi Arabia Losing Ground to Iran
Bruce Riedel

The Saudis support the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria but they worry its defeat will only be the next stage for further Shiite and Iranian domination of the Iraqi polity. Riyadh has little faith in Iraqi politicians who promise not to pursue sectarian agendas....

Turkey Purge Fuelled By ‘Ruthless Ambition’
Gwynne Dyer

It is ugly and sad, for 10 years ago Turkey seemed to be entering an era of stable democracy and growing prosperity. This tragedy was not bound to happen: one man’s ruthless ambition has derailed an entire country’s promising future. It’s not clear when, or even if, it will get back on track…..


Taking On Militants: A Fight for the Soul of Pakistan
James M. Dorsey

“The Saudis sent huge amounts often through Pakistani tycoons who had a long-standing presence in Saudi Arabia as well as operations in the UK and Canada and maintained close relations with the Al Saud family and the Saudi business community. One of them gave 100 million rupees a year. We had so much money, it didn’t matter what things cost,” said a co-founder of Sipah....


‘We Don’t Owe Anyone’: Egypt Jousts With Its Chief Benefactor, Saudi Arabia
Diaa Hadid

Saudi Arabia is going through a period of muscular nationalism and is trying to assert its weight as a Sunni regional power, particularly in trying to counterbalance Shiite Iran. That has created a sense of wounded pride among Egyptians, who have long thought of their nation as the leader of the Arab world....


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