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The War Within Islam

The House of Saud, Islam and the world
Yasser Latif Hamdani

The state may no longer recognise them as Muslims but both Sir Zafrullah Khan and Dr Abdus Salam, the two great gifts for Pakistan from the persecuted Ahmedi community, claimed to seek inspiration from the Holy Quran. Zafrullah Khan’s contributions to the human rights framework of the UN as Pakistan’s foreign minister are well known. As a jurist he attained high honour by being elevated to the president of the international court. Dr Abdus Salam’s contribution to theoretical physics got him the Nobel Prize for Physics, the only one for a Pakistani and the first one in the Muslim world. Both men attributed their successes — and phenomenal successes these were — to the inspiration they drew from the Holy Quran. This was consistent with the Islamic modernist interpretations of Islam that have sought to reconcile modernity and science with religion....


Historical Significance of President Barrack Obama’s Declarations at the recent Summit to combat Violent Extremism
Muhammad Yunus, New Age Islam

The colossal death and sufferings of Muslim civilians in just and anti-terror or defensive invasions, the massive destruction of infrastructure in Muslim cities, the stigmatization Muslims and Islam in the West and the brush-stroking of the global Muslim community as terror suspects, as the world witnessed over the past decade, represents probably the darkest era in Islam. In historical perspective, Islam became a sinking boat, a growing number of its intellectual elite began to jump out of it for safety or to abuse its Captain and Crew to ventilate their frustrations, and the rival onlookers watched with glee and contempt....

Obama at Extremist Summit: ‘We Are Not At War With Islam’
Dave Boyer

Mr. Obama told the conference that the U.S. is not at war with the Muslim world but it needs to counter the religious ideology that groups such as al Qaeda and the Islamic State are using to recruit young fighters. And he defended his avoidance of the term “radical Islam” to describe terrorists....

Pakistan does not want any other Muslim country to acquire nuclear capability so that its status as the sole Muslim nuclear power can remain intact. This is also another reason why the Pakistani government will never hand over nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia.....


Turkey: The Republic Of Hatred
Mustafa Akyol

“When we used to go out on the streets, our supporters would love us very much whereas our opponents would respect us. Now I detect looks filled with hatred.”…


Two Alternative Paths Separate the Arab World
Rami G. Khouri

The importance of the Tunisian constitutional and democratic transition succeeding cannot be overemphasized, because Tunisia offers the first home-grown Arab alternative to the kind of shameful state conduct that we witnessed this week in Egypt and Bahrain. The modern legacy of brutal, military-based governance sanctioned by dubious laws and no credible legal systems remains the scourge of the modern Arab world. Tunisia, Bahrain and Egypt show us the options we face. I honour and choose Tunisia, as I suspect do most of the 360 million Arabs who can speak freely, if they are not in jail and have not had their citizenship revoked.....


Inequalities of the Islamic Republic
Ayaz Amir

Extremism and terrorism cannot be fought with guns alone. A social reformation, things being turned upside down, something radical – something like Hezbollah in Lebanon, something like the Cuban revolution in its early days of glory – to my flip-flop mind this is necessary if we are to turn Pakistan around and get rid of the shadows of hypocrisy which have turned this into a paranoid land…..


The Vicious Cycle of Hate and Violence
Raza Rumi

The imagined gatekeepers of the Ummah and the country in possession of an ‘Islamic bomb’ must protest against the ‘degradation’ and ‘defamation’ of the ‘faith’. Nowhere in that discourse is mentioned how brutal murders by gunmen could be justified, let alone explained. European societies must not be bailed out for their growing Islamophobia and the uneven integration of the ‘Muslim’ into secular societies. Nor can the double standards on free speech be condoned….


Once firmly established, a norm becomes a part of operational power structures and hence, becomes difficult to change. Our society is rife with absurd norms, such as these, that halt intellectual and collective progress. While all groups within Pakistan do not endorse these norms, the conversation to challenge them has to start from us…


Sharia is open to multiple interpretations. The emergence of numerous sects in Islam is a product of such interpretations at particular times and as responses to changing social and political dynamics. At the same time, the multiplicity of possible interpretations of Sharia has also served political and religious elites well in their effort to consolidate power….

The Mullah’s Utility
Kunwar Khuldune Shahid

The Mullah’s Utility
Kunwar Khuldune Shahid

Junaid Jamshed, the poster boy of religious fundamentalism whose quest for women’s enchainment took him into the unchartered territory of being at the wrong end of blasphemy accusations, can redeem himself by becoming the face of a potential revamp of the blasphemy law. JJ has been selling religion in a fundamentalist package for a decade and a half. The establishment just needs to hand him, and his brethren, a new wrapping paper…


Realignment in the Middle East
Saeed Naqvi

The situation now is this. Saudis will leave no stone unturned to keep the Brothers from gaining influence anywhere. Erdogan has hitched his doubtful regional future to the Brotherhood. This he imagines gives him traction in Egypt, Gaza, Qatar and Jordan – both, in the street as well as in the basement. This also brings him into Saudi Arabia’s firing line. Just as this Saudi-Turkish rivalry is boiling over, the Riyadh Summit of the GCC has approved a list of 83 terrorist organizations including some in the US which are allegedly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Saudi are clearly trying to excavate along some….


Doubts are also expressed over the Jamaat’s ability to influence and woo back more radicalised segments who now have multiple options to work with to bring about an Islamic revolution through jihad. Indeed, we’ve seen the JI cadre leave the ‘vanguard of Islamic revolution’ for extremist groups such as the Taliban and Al Qaeda in recent years, giving ‘ideological’ opponents like the MQM the opportunity to label it a ‘terrorist’ party.....


Darkness Ahead: The 21st Century Is the Worst Time for Muslims
Khaled Ahmed

I.A. Rehman of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan — often accused of working for the rascally West — wrote this month: “Congratulations to the Muslim majority of the Islamic republic that their flock has been increased after the abduction of a 12-year-old Meghwar (an underprivileged Hindu caste) girl, her conversion to Islam and her marriage to a Muslim. Greetings may be addressed to the Dargah at Dharki, Sindh, where the girl saw the light, and the court in Sadiqabad, Punjab, where her statement was recorded.”…


Maldives: Gangsters, Islamists, Police, and the Rule of Law
Zaheena Rasheed

Yameen’s comments came in the same month that hundreds of protestors took to the streets of Malé carrying black ISIS flags, calling for the implementation of the Islamic Shari’ah and rejecting the laws of the 2008 Constitution. ‘We want the laws of the Quran, not the green book [Maldivian constitution]‘, ‘Islam will eradicate secularism’, ‘No democracy, we want just Islam’, ‘To hell with democracy’, ‘Democracy is a failed system’, read some of the placards, which were all written in English…..


Pakistan: Of Peace Talks and Peace Prizes
Afiya Shehrbano Zia

Ironically, international recognition seems to bring suspicion and dishonour rather than respect and pride for Pakistani achievers, regardless of their contribution to the fields of scientific progress or peaceful resistance. Meanwhile, the only ones seemingly commanding sympathy, recognition and respect for their cause and who are considered worthy of trust, are the ones who are anti-science and armed militants…..

It is too useful. The political elite thrive on the battles of generations past to divert the people from focusing on present problems. The question is: How long can one string along this agenda? One by one, political parties are imploding as biology catches up with once-evergreen leaders. A generational change is unfolding and uncertainty and instability loom…..


Beheadings and Suicide Bombings: The New Rage in Libya
Abdallah Schleifer

How many more beheadings have to take place in Benghazi and Derna before U.N. representatives or Western statesmen stop talking about the need for all parties in the Libyan civil war to sit down and negotiate away their differences? Those same statesmen and representatives should instead put their own heads together to work out a plan to rescue the Libyans from a terrorist take-over…..


Old Turkey in a New Bottle
Mustafa Akyol

One of the ongoing controversies in Turkey is the new “Presidential Palace” President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had built for himself in the outskirts of Ankara. The complex is simply huge, with some 1,000 rooms and a size six times bigger than that of the White House in Washington D.C….

Don't Tell Erdogan Jihadists Kill People
Burak Bekdil

It was vintage Erdogan. There is no Islamic terror. ISIS is not an Islamic organization and its name is not even ISIS; it is "Daesh." And foreign journalists are plotting treason against Turkey.....

The demise of progressive ideology was a gradual phenomenon in Pakistan with successive military governments. The final nails in the coffin were the fall of Soviet Union and shift in China’s economic policy to rule the world. The dark years of Gen Zia’s Martial Law and rise of reactionary forces after 9/11 left no room for ideological freedom…

Suicide Attacks: Jihadist and Academic
Dr Mohammad Taqi

General Hamid Gul, who is practically a fixture at religio-jihadist parties’ gatherings, was on television pointing a finger at India and its intelligence agency, RAW. The former general obviously did not produce a shred of evidence supporting his assertion but was successful in dividing public opinion at a critical juncture when unity in opposing and condemning jihadist terrorism was badly needed….


The Death of Discourse in Pakistan
Fahd Husain

When convenience replaces conviction, rulers stay silent on lynching of minorities. They betray an utter lack of a moral centre. They betray the absolute and sheer absence of a political spine. And their silence and inaction expose their inability to visualise a future where Pakistan would be a multiethnic, multicultural, pluralistic, progressive and dynamic nation at ease with itself and the world at large.....


Pakistan’s descent into darkness furthered as it typically does: when TV channels aired self-congratulatory messages for reporting the tragedy first; when multiple militant outfits clamoured to take responsibility; when our leaders made empty condemnations, just like all the other attacks.....


Cut out the Charade: There Is a Runaway Train Heading towards a Crash
Zainah Anwar

In 2002, Sisters in Islam wrote a letter to the editor in The Star, asking why the rights of those who publicly preach hate, injustice, discrimination, intolerance, and extremism are protected while the rights of other citizens who speak out for justice, equality, tolerance, respect, and moderation in Islam are denied? The question remains as valid today....


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