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The War Within Islam

Without Politics, the Mob Rules
Rami G. Khouri

…Egypt has experienced neither real politics nor meaningful Islamism in recent years, but rather only superficial caricatures of both of those phenomena. I suspect that what Egypt is experiencing now is not the end of Islamist politics, but the start of its first real test in the public political sphere that is still in the process of being born in Egypt and other Arab countries….


Egypt Needs More Facts
Iris Boutros

We have an opportunity to move forward as a nation. That opportunity is always there for us, despite the horrifying events of the last week. In it is a power that cannot be taken away by the powerful entities around us. We can seize the opportunity and harness that power by working together to spread more facts…..

Saudi Prince Khaled Bin Farhan Al-Saud, who spoke to RT from Dusseldorf, Germany, confirmed reports of increased prosecution of anti-government activists and said that it’s exactly what forced him to defect from his family. He accused the monarchy of corruption and silencing all voices of dissent and explained how the Saudi mechanism for suppression functioned. …

Is This The Solution For Pakistan's Ills? A Caliphate With Arabic Speaking Muslim Citizens, No Useless Minorities Or Heretical Sects, No Ethnicities, Women Giving Birth To Plenty Of Male Muslim Kids, And No Mango Trees, Only Date Palms
Nadeem F. Paracha

o yes, the solution to Pakistan’s many problems lies in the imposition of a caliphate in which every citizen is an (Arabic speaking) Muslim; where there are no useless minorities or heretical sects; where women are free to give birth to as many male Muslim babies as their husbands want them to; where there are no ethnicities; where men all look and behave alike (true equality, this); where women can only be seen in their households by Mahrams; and where mango trees are replaced with date palms. Now that we know what Pakistan requires, how can we achieve it? It’s simple: the army, media and the judiciary should join hands to get rid of all politicians. Then they should form a government headed by pious drone-downing men who should then negotiate a peace deal with the Taliban. After the deal, the Taliban should be allowed to form a Shura (assembly of wise male elders, and/or those with the most weaponry, camels and date palms). The Shura should then elect a caliph who is ready to impose strict laws, especially those that constitute public whippings. Yummy......

Egypt: A Tissue of Lies
Tariq Ramadan

It’s dangerous to be a friend of the United States in the Middle East. A fact the US government knows better than any political player in the Arab world, starting with America’s best friends! The strategy is simple: cover your tracks, forget history, and don’t let cold hard facts get in the way. For the last sixty years, the United States has supported the Egyptian army and the successive dictatorial regimes...


THE forces of political Islam - expounding an ideology to transform Muslim societies along a variety of Islamic lines, depending on one's interpretation of the Islamic faith - have been dealt a serious blow in Egypt and, as a consequence, in the region. Yet, unless the new rulers of Egypt come up with a viable alternative ideology of nation-building, political Islamism will continue to be a critical variable in shaping Egyptian and regional politics in the years to come……


A Bad Day for Four Leading Arab Cities
Rami G. Khouri

The four leading Arab cities of recent eras – Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Cairo – were simultaneously engulfed in bombings or urban warfare, mostly carried out with brutal savagery and cruelty against civilians in urban settings. Even more problematic is that the carnage was predominantly the work of Arabs, not foreign invaders. Our four greatest modern Arab cities are now routinely depicted around the world with scenes of bomb craters, flames and rows of dead bodies…..

Why Don’t More Muslims Speak Out Against the Wanton Destruction of Mecca’s Holy Sites?
Jerome Taylor

One area that you might think would see Muslims speaking out with one voice is the wholesale archaeological and historical destruction of Islam’s birthplace. Over the past twenty years, fuelled by their petro-dollars and intolerant Wahabi backers, the Saudi authorities have embarked on cultural vandalism of breath-taking proportions. Mecca and Medina, the two holiest cities in Islam, are being systematically bulldozed to make way for gleaming sky scrapers, luxury hotels and shopping malls....


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No One Can Question the Terrorist Raj in Pakistan: Growing Frustration among the Few Secular Intellectuals
Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

There is continuity in the access of the terrorists to our communication media. Some days ago a documentary was shown even on BBC’s program “Sairbeen” in which sales of newspapers and journals of the terrorists in all big cities of the country could be seen. The journals were “monthly Al-Shariat”, “Nawa-e-Afghan Jihad”, “Hateen”, “Murabetoon”, “Al-Qalam”, “Zarb-e-Momin”, “Al-Hilal”, “Sada-e-Mujahid”, “Jaish-e-Muhammad” and “Rah-e-Wafa” in which it is proved that to attack Pakistani forces is Jihad as they along with the pagans have waged a war against true Muslims.

No Pakistani intellectual sitting in a T.V. studio can utter a word against these terrorist publications but would speak like a parrot while telling the stories of conspiracies of Jews, Christians and Hindus against us and would point the finger towards a few secular people of the country so that his Jihadist fellows can eliminate them. Sometimes it feels as if there is a consensus that all the minorities and non-jihadists people should face genocide so that there should be no confronting voice or even a risk of it....

When Armies Lose Their Way
M Saeed Khalid

 These are not the best of times for the Egyptian army. The Arab world’s largest military force has strayed far away from its benevolent act of overthrowing King Farouk, a rotten monarch given to all sorts of excesses who preferred to enjoy life in Monte Carlo and Capri than be bothered about the growing hunger and misery surrounding His Majesty’s opulence....


A Muslim Malaise: The Spread of Obscurantism, Hatred and Religious Violence across the Length and Breadth of Islamic Lands
Zubair Murshed

The spread of obscurantism amongst followers of various denominations, in recent times, though has emerged as a reaction to or an inspiration from one streak of faith – the Salafism or Wahabism. The Salafism prides itself upon ultra-conservatism, hate-speech and forceful action to prevent vice and spread virtue. In many cases now it calls for achievement of political power to spread faith....

Gilgit Baltistan: Terror Thrives
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

Gilgit Baltistan: Terror Thrives
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

All the terrorist groups operating in GB have primarily been engaged in state sponsored sectarian violence. According to partial data compiled by SATP, GB has recorded at least 115 fatalities, including 89 civilians, 14 SF personnel and 12 terrorists since 2000. Most of these killings have been sectarian in nature....


Battle for Bangladesh
Javed Anand

In the raging battle for hearts and minds in Bangladesh, on one side is the Jamaat and some extremist Islamist outfits together fantasising about an Islamic state and Sharia law, and on the other are a large majority of Bangladeshi Muslims who love “their Islam” but want religion to stay far away from politics. What does the future hold?....


Pakistan and Bangladesh's Octogenarian War Criminal
Syed Badrul Ahsan

Hamid Mir springs quite a surprise on us when he attempts a study of the Ghulam Azam case in Bangladesh. In a recent write-up in Pakistan’s Urdu-language daily Jang, Mir makes little attempt to conceal his concern over the judgment delivered against the pro-Pakistani Bengali Jamaat leader by a war crimes tribunal in Dhaka. Mir refers to the ninety-plus Ghulam Azam as a Buzurg, Urdu for respected elder. He also notes that Bangladesh has not been able to emerge free of its 1971 fixation, which is indeed surprising seeing that the columnist knows only too well why 1971 takes up so expansive a slice of the Bengali psyche…..


Bangladesh: Momentous Ruling; Registration Of Jamaat-e-Islami Declared Illegal
S. Binodkumar Singh

In a landmark ruling, the Dhaka High Court (HC) on August 1, 2013, declared the registration of Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI), the biggest right-wing party of Bangladesh, illegal. In its verdict, the Court observed: "By majority, rule is made absolute and registration given to Jamaat by the Election Commission is declared illegal and void. It is hereby declared illegal."...


Though differences of opinion persist concerning the correct variant to use, religious authorities say it is the meaning of the holy month – not quibbles about terminology – which should really matter….

Except for Professor Abdus Salam, Maulana Sattar Edhi and now Malala Yousafzai, how many other outstanding person has this country of 180 million produced in 65 years? I mean people who have attained international acclaim and have touched the lives of millions of people. None....


Egypt and Pakistan: Brothers in Arms
Dr Ahmad Faruqui

But Egypt and Pakistan are the outliers to an international trend away from military rule. For decades, juntas held sway in most Latin American countries. And military rule was the norm in Indonesia and Turkey. However, all these countries eventually transitioned to democracy. How did this salubrious outcome materialise?...


The Great Trickle-Down Brainwash: The Meeting Of Minds Between The Terrorist And The Victim Is Complete In Pakistan
Khaled Ahmed

One can’t avoid noting, however, that hate speech growing out of extremism is not a disease exclusive to Pakistan. The entire Muslim world is quivering in its vice, and what starts as an outward thrust of maniacal anger re-enters the domestic space and targets Muslim and non-Muslim minorities, and potentially “excludable” communities. In Pakistan, the anti-Shia trend is on the upswing — backed by al-Qaeda and its affiliates — but in the Arab world, there is a full-blown sectarian war going on that will inevitably relocate itself in Pakistan, leveraged by Arab dollars....


What Failed In Pakistan Will Not Work in Egypt
David Rohde

White House official told the New York Times. “We will not say it was a coup, we will not say it was not a coup, we will just not say.” In other words, America will look the other way to maintain “influence” with the Egyptian military. One of the lessons from the last decade in Pakistan is that money might buy American officials a seat at the table. But Pakistani generals — or Egyptian generals — will not necessarily listen….


Egypt’s press has started comparing Mr Sisi to Gamal Abdul Nasser, the hero-general who eventually became president after deposing the country’s last monarch in 1952. Protesters who helped the army to end the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood last month have plastered the streets with posters of the army chief. Many see him as a font of the dignity and security which they feel Egypt has lacked since Nasser’s time.......


The Epic Arab Trek between God and Gun
Rami G. Khouri

Hold on to your seats, for the four most powerful and influential Arab countries – Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt – are all experiencing significant, sometimes violent, internal changes that touch on the most basic elements of identity, power and national authority. What happens in those countries in the years ahead will shape the Middle East for generations perhaps, creating new patterns of stable statehood on the way…..


When the Mountains Were Red
Nadeem F. Paracha

Many Pakistani Pushtuns find themselves in a spot of bother when some political commentators and analysts define extremist organisations like the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) as an extension and expression of Pushtun nationalism. Though religion has always played a central role in the make-up of Pushtun identity, Pushtun nationalism (especially in the 20th century) was always a more secular and left-leaning phenomenon. It still is....


The army’s apparent determination to quash the Brothers and its indifference to inflicting such bloodshed seems to worry few Egyptians. Despite decades of military misrule under Mr Mubarak, many appear happy to defer to the generals, and seem to have given the state a green light to deal violently with Morsi supporters, whom they consider terrorists....


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