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The War Within Islam

Muslim Disunity: A Real Cause of Decline
Paul Craig Roberts

Muslims are numerous but powerless. Divisions among Muslims, especially between Sunni and Shia, have consigned the Muslim Middle East to almost a century of Western control. Muslims cannot even play together. The Islamic Solidarity Games, a regional version of the Olympics, which were to be held in April in Iran, have been cancelled, because the Iranians and the Arabs cannot agree on whether to call the body of water that separates Iran from the Arabian Peninsula the Persian Gulf or the Arabian Gulf....

Pakistan is one of the main victims of terrorism, a fact often ignored in the West. To put matters in perspective, Pakistan's terrorism-related deaths from 2007 to 2014 numbered 1,592 - a 940 percent increase from 1998-2006, according to the 2015 Global Terrorism Index....


Something Is Wrong In the House of Saud
Shaukat Qadir

In Pakistan, we tend to think of Saudis solely as the custodians of Muslim holy places and, therefore, sacrosanct. The truth is that the residents of that land are Arabs, not Saudis. And, the holiness of the land does not make all its residents holy. .....

Pakistan: Council of Islamic Ideology’s Unhealthy Obsession
I.A. Rehman

What is the CII’s attitude to the Ottoman code, the abolition of slavery in the Constitution, the prohibition of sale of children born of bonded maids, and the principle that whatever is contrary to the public good cannot be Islamic?...


The Demon We Created: The Emergence of Masood Azhar on the Pakistani Jihadi Scene Was Itself Quite a Thriller
Zahid Hussain

Although proscribed some 14 years ago, his organisation continued to operate freely despite the evidence of its being involved in militant activities at home and outside. How come a banned militant outfit was allowed to operate its offices across Punjab that the security agencies now claimed to have closed down? Has the province been in a state of denial, or is there something more sinister?....

The Opening Up Of Iran Will Mean a Return to Barbarity As Usual
Paul Mason

First, there is the ordinary repression: convicts – two-thirds of them drug dealers or drug users according to the UN – were being executed at the rate of three per day last year, the highest per-capita execution rate in the world. Then there’s the suppression of trade unions. Iran arrested 233 labour activists in the year to May 2015. All strikes and labour agitation are treated as threats to national security by the Revolutionary Guards, the hard-line military force that enforces Islamic discipline at home while spearheading military operations abroad....

Mosque versus Pakistan
Pervez Hoodbhoy

Mosque versus Pakistan
Pervez Hoodbhoy

Before the horror of the Peshawar atrocity fades from our collective memory let the state act decisively — albeit in small steps — to restore its right to regulate religious activities within its boundaries. Else the people of Pakistan shall continue to suffer terribly.....

IS and the World: Broad International Consensus against Islamic State is a Hopeful Sign: New Age Islam’s Selection from Pakistan Press, 13 January 2016

IS and the World: Broad International Consensus against Islamic State is a Hopeful Sign

By D Asghar

Learning to Love: Pakistanis Love Their Feeling of Superiority to Others

By Amber Darr

The importance of public spaces for women

By Ume Ayman

Out of the frying pan and into the fire

By Shamim Masih

Pak-Russia relations: certain realities

By Dr Qaisar Rashid

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Who will rule the Middle East?
Syed Mansur Hashim

This is a war of supremacy over who will rule over the Muslim world, Sunni-led Saudi Arabia or Shia-led Iran – pure and simple. The Sauds view themselves as the custodians of Islam and view Shias as heretics. The rise of Iran ever since the revolution in 1979 is perceived as a direct threat to the House of Saud. ...


Saudis Applaud a Tougher Line Against Tehran
Robert F. Worth

The Saudi public’s support for the glut of executions is not just a matter of sectarian affiliation. In Saudi Arabia, as in Egypt, the collapse of authority across the region has fostered a fierce nationalism and a craving for strong, authoritarian gestures.


Iran And Saudi Arabia: The Art Of Islamic Tolerance: New Age Islam’s Selection From World Press, 5 January 2016

Iran and Saudi Arabia: The art of Islamic tolerance

By Hamid Dabashi

Saudi-Turkish cooperation: Opportunities and challenges

By Raghida Dergham

Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood has become one big mess

By Raed Omari

Outrage Over Mass Execution In Saudi Arabia

By Bill Van Auken

Saudi Arabia’s Barbaric Executions

By New York Times

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We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us: New Age Islam’s Selection From Pakistan Press, 31 December 2015

We have met the enemy and he is us

By Harlan Ullman

Price and prejudice

By Mustafa Qureshi

Year 2015

By Khurram Husain

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


If Albert Einstein Were Born a Pakistani: New Age Islam’s Selection From Pakistan Press, 25 December 2015

If Albert Einstein Were Born a Pakistani

By Syed Kamran Hashmi

Always the Woman, Never the Man

By Farrukh Khan Pitafi

Labour Of Love

By Yaqoob Khan Bangash

A Case of Violent Extremism

By Faisal Ali Raja

Ideologues worth the Dumpster

By Umer Sohail

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau

Is Jinnah really Pakistan's founding father?:  New Age Islam’s Selection From Pakistan Press, 21 December 2015

Is Jinnah really Pakistan's founding father?

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

It is not the ideology primarily

By Farman Kakar

Bengal 1971: revolution, war and defeat

By Lal Khan

No one wants to be wrong, This is what terrorism does

By Fawad Kaiser

Trump that

By Kamal Siddiqi

The Balochistan saga

By Tariq Khosa

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


Islam, Islamism and Islamophobia: The Dilemma of Secular Muslims
Raza Rumi

Last week’s mass shooting at Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino has generated a climate of fear for Americans. Leaders like Donald Trump have asked for a “total and complete shutdown” of the entry of Muslims to the United States until the United States country’s representatives can “figure out what is going on.”


Islamism Versus Liberalism: New Age Islam’s Selection From Pakistan Press, 11 December 2015

Islamism versus liberalism

By Zeeba T Hashmi

The lost souls of Tashfeen and Rizwan

By Sherezade Tabrezi

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


From Indonesia, A Muslim Challenge To the Ideology of The Islamic State
Joe Cochrane

The Islamic State’s theology, rooted in the fundamentalist Wahhabi movement, takes its cues from medieval Islamic jurisprudence, where slavery and execution of prisoners was accepted. The filmmakers accept the legitimacy of those positions for the time but argue that Islamic law needs to be updated to 21st-century norms.


Are Syria’s Salafi Movements Witnessing a Split?
Mona Alami

The creation of Jaish al-Sham might be indicative of widening ideological fissures inside Ahrar al-Sham and other Salafi movements. This year was marked by an ongoing rivalry between two competing currents within Ahrar al-Sham, namely between the “more moderate” movement of Labib al-Nahhas, the head of foreign political relations at Ahrar al-Sham, and the more conservative views of the military branch represented by Mohammed Abu Sadek, which is believed to be closer to Jabhat al-Nusra. ....


Unlike in the past, when the Arab streets used to be filled by protesters after Friday prayers to protest Israeli actions related to Al-Aqsa mosque, this time the street is empty and silent. Though there has been routine condemnation by the Arab States, such condemnations do not carry much weight in the arena of international politics unless backed by people’s mobilisation on the street, which is often organised and coordinated by the State machinery. What has been transformed in the Arab world which has made the Arab world a bystander; and stopped it from making any symbolic protest both for the cause of Islam and solidarity with their fellow Palestinian Arabs?


Bangladesh Drowning In Its Own Fear
Mohammad Badrul Ahsan

That state of mind is now creeping up on us as distortions are about to begin, if haven't already begun. We are afraid of talking to strangers. Many of us don't answer phone calls from unknown numbers. Unidentified emails are readily deleted. I know of people who don't want to get out of the house unless it's absolutely essential. We are fast becoming a paranoid nation where people are continuously looking over their shoulders. ....


The regions, agencies and tribal communities of the borderlands, the historic Sarhad or the frontier, can and should be converted into a separate province. For that matter, the Gilgit-Baltistan regions have equally valid historical claims and a natural right to form their own province with all the powers vested by the Constitution….

Inside Assad's Echo Chamber
Mohammed Alaa Ghanem

Inside Assad's Echo Chamber
Mohammed Alaa Ghanem

Despite his stellar reporting credentials, Smith appears to lack the specific knowledge of Syria needed to create a documentary on Assad's Syria. That didn't stop him from reaching the broad conclusion that "the goal should not be to...vanquish Assad and his regime...Perhaps new borders will need to be drawn." Perhaps this is easy for him to say as someone who parachuted into Syria, received the royal treatment, and then returned home. But most Syrians who have actually lived in Assad's Syria feel differently. I know, because I am one of them…..


No doubt historians will continue to debate the complex episodes of his life, but many Iraqis are deeply fond of the man and in his passing, it seems his legend will grow. He received nothing less than a state funeral and astonishingly, a final resting place in al-Kadhimiya Holy Shrine, perhaps the ultimate endorsement of Iraq's religious Marjiyah establishment, a fitting end to an epic life. This honour is unprecedented for a liberal Iraqi politician who laid the cornerstone for a democratic, civil Iraqi state….


Does Pakistan Really Need The Council Of Islamic Ideology?
Rabia Ahmed

The chairperson of the CII has clearly forgotten the occasions on which the CII offered opinions on medical and scientific matters. An example is when the CII ruled that DNA results cannot be used as primary evidence in rape, adding that they could be used as supporting evidence alone.


The Saudis and the Arab States Negotiating a Dangerous World Order
Yasser Latif Hamdani

...The Saudis and the Arab states want to build a Sunni resistance to what they perceive as Shia hegemony to their north. In doing so, they are ready — as became abundantly clear with Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal’s statement (though he seems to have recanted and issued a denial since) — to make a deal with Israel. Together with Israel, the UAE and their lobbyists and supporters in Washington DC, the Saudis will attempt to open a diplomatic front against Iran in the US capital. The idea would be to press the US to take a more hardline stance against the Islamic republic only months after the Iran deal.

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