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Ramadan is always a very amazing month. Each of us goes through our own personal moments of elation when we complete the day of fasting and take our first sip of water at iftar time. Fasting, like prayers, represents a personal, private relationship each one of us has with God. Every Ramadan, we are blessed with many opportunities to learn valuable lessons that can help us understand life and ourselves better.....

Most Attitudes and Beliefs are Outcomes of Fear
Robert J. Burrowes, New Age Islam

Most Attitudes and Beliefs are Outcomes of Fear
Robert J. Burrowes, New Age Islam

However, because this fear and self-hatred are so unpleasant to feel consciously, most people suppress these feelings below conscious awareness and then project them onto 'legitimised' victims (that is, those people 'approved' for victimisation by their parents or society generally). That is, the fear and self-hatred are projected as fear of, and hatred for, particular social groups.....

Comforting a Baby is Violent
Robert J. Burrowes, New Age Islam

'And, given the pattern of adult behaviour of which this comforting is usually a part, it will contribute to them becoming violent to themselves, others and/or the Earth. The unique combination of "visible", "invisible" and "utterly invisible" violence that each person experiences throughout childhood will determine precisely how their violence manifests.....


What works at the level of individuals can work at the level of entire social groups—communities and countries, too. If communities and countries were to readily apologise for the wrongs they have done to each other, imagine the enormous goodness that could be generated at the global level! Forgiving others for the wrongs they’ve done to us isn’t easy—the ego just hates to do this—and for many of us, asking for forgiveness from others for the wrongs we’ve done to them is still more difficult ....


I finished my tea, wrapped my shawl about me and shut my eyes as I reflected on the ‘postcard’ and the ‘aerogramme’ from God that I’d already received some years ago, and of the ‘Quick Mail Service letter’ and telegrams addressed to me that might soon be on their way! ....


Sometimes, we get so carried away by what we think is the compulsion to put on an act with people whom we consider superior to or more powerful than us or whom we otherwise fear that we begin to mistake the masks we wear as our true faces and lose complete touch with our own reality. A good way to get back to the reality of our selves is to observe how we relate with people whom we don’t fear—often people ‘lower’ than us—for that is often when we clearly express who and how we truly are.....


Not surprisingly, though, in escaping from challenging people and situations, not once did I land up with a perfect job, a perfect boss, a perfect friend, or a perfect place to live in. I wasn’t perfect myself, so why did I expect everything else to be? That was a question that I never asked myself. I simply refused to acknowledge my own imperfection. In my quest for a problem-free life, I was seeking to escape from life as it truly is....

Colours of Contentment
Roshan, New Age Islam

“I’m going to request God, ‘God! This trader whom we didn’t get to meet. He has a huge business. If he refuses to reform himself, please may his business multiply ten times over!’” Naru explained. “And for this couple I’m going to entreat God, saying, ‘God, they had just a pouch of rice, and yet they were so joyful. Please keep them blessed with that in the future, too!’”....


Building Spiritual Capital
David Brooks

Innate spiritual capacities can wither unless cultivated — the way innate math faculties can go undeveloped without instruction. Loving families nurture these capacities, especially when parents speak explicitly about spiritual quests....


Buddha realised that a claim to Exclusivism by followers of different faiths would not be acceptable. He adopted Inclusivism and argued for multiculturalism and religious pluralism in society....

Jainism by Quotation

Jainism relies a great deal on one's own efforts and initiatives, and laws of nature. One, who washes away the dirty heap of greed with the water of equanimity and contentment, attains the everlasting happiness, Moksha….


The news are replete with imageries of crimes, violence, human rights violations, wars, and conflicts between people and nations. Images of ISIS beheading their civilian captives; ethnic wars which led to genocide in Africa and Eastern Europe; America’s pre-emptive war against Iraq which killed thousands of civilians; and tortures of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are some contemporary examples of the evils that humans are capable of doing to their fellow human beings. Then there is the contemporary struggle of mainstream moderate Muslims against Islamic militant groups such as the Taliban.....

Legacy of War
Robert J. Burrowes for New age Islam

Sometimes when we reflect on war, we talk about sacrifice for a good cause. Other times, we talk about the cost, in lives or liberties lost. Occasionally, we talk about the horror. Sometimes we talk about the gains, nationally or internationally, for freedom and democracy. And rarely, we analyse the causes of war and lament that one day we might end it....

Love Wins: Happy Easter!
Kitty Chappell for New Age Islam

The living God who lovingly created everything and holds our world, the universe and all the galaxies in balance. A God who, by creating mankind—you, me, us— in His own image, endowed us with a powerful gift that only he and we have....

Dates on a Calendar
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

Dates on a Calendar
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

One is to simply pass your time, and the other is to avail of your time. If you live just to pass time, you are simply wasting your life....


India’s Heart Is in the Right Place
Peter Ronald Desouza

In India’s new expressive humanism, in the form of the green corridor for heart transplants, there are no caste, community, or gender biases. None of India’s prejudices can be seen in this act of giving life to total strangers. How different it is from the politics of today where the other is regarded as a hostile other....

Who’s a ‘Friend Indeed’?
Roshan, New Age Islam

There are some people who don’t even have an animal as friend, though, but even they have, if they choose to remember, a friend they can always rely on: God. As the Hindi/Urdu saying goes, Jiska koi nahi, uska Khuda hai (‘He who has no one [as a friend] has God’)….


Dealing with difficult situations isn’t easy, of course. It requires great wisdom, patience, large-heartedness and tact. How quickly we succumb to the temptation to react to such situations immediately and unthinkingly, completely forgetting that we’re doing ourselves much greater harm than the person we get angry or irritated with!....

Always Be Ready For Reassessment:  the Future Is Yours
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

It is dangerous to live in the past. Also, it is disastrous for a person to refuse to go beyond the present. This kind of thinking is not good for anyone, neither for individuals nor for nations. One has to reassess and re-examine one’s life on a daily basis. Only by adopting this practice can you save yourself from negative results. ....


I wasn’t pleased with myself then, as you can imagine. I had taken to prayer recently, but I had never bothered to pray to God for the victims of any of the terrible incidents that I had read or heard about in the media. Not once had any of these people—victims of wars, terror attacks and communal riots, of rapes and murders, and all other sorts of horrific crimes—ever figured in my prayers. Instead, my prayers were essentially all for and about myself...

The other extreme reaction we often take, especially as Christians, is passivity.  We become like doormats and we allow difficult people to walk all over us.  This is how we interpret Jesus' words in Matthew 5.  We think the best response is no response.  We think difficult people will repent when they see our inaction, hear our silence, taste our saltiness, or feel our love.....


On our first date, she asked me if I believed in God. I told her that I did, but I wasn't sure about religion. She, too, was raised culturally Muslim. She told me that she didn't drink alcohol, that she prayed regularly, and that her relationship with God was very important to her. I was quite surprised that we were talking about this on our first date. Both of us were comfortably "out" to our friends and were involved in social justice activism - where sexual politics are familiar topics - but I wasn't used to discussing my relationship with religion and faith in this context…..


Get Rid Of Depression: Discover the Creation Plan
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Man has a dual personality; physical and spiritual. In physical terms, man's body measuring no more than a few feet is very limited. Due to this limited being, man develops boredom as far as his physical domain in concerned. But, his spiritual or intellectual being has no limits. Your mind travels in an unlimited space. It travels by means of thinking, and there is no boundary for the thinking process. It continues its journey unfettered, by crossing all kinds of barriers…..


In Maya, the Killer and the Killed
Devdutt Pattanaik

Those who felt gleeful self-righteousness in mocking the Prophet are in Maya. So are those who took such serious offence to it. The killer is in Maya and so is the killed. Those who judge one as the victim and the other as the villain are also in Maya. We all live in our constructed realities, some based on measurement, some indifferent to measurement, each one eager to dismiss the other, rendering them irrelevant: The other is the barbarian who needs to be educated. The other is also the intellectual who is best killed….


Pinky, Khush, Husain, Divya, the Cats, Curly and the Squirrels may not have scripted any tomes on spirituality, God or religion. Nor have they trained in theology at seminaries and universities. But they are all helping me learn and understand God and faith better than many wordy and voluminous tomes could. Truly wonderful spiritual teachers they are! A huge ‘thank you’ to them all!.....

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