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Radical Islamism and Jihad

ISIS: Having Spent Billions, the Wahhabists of Saudi Arabia and Qatar Find They Have Created a Monster
Paul Vallely

Saudi Arabia has been a major source of financing to rebel and terrorist organisations since the 1970s, thanks to the amount it has spent on spreading its puritan version of Islam, developed by Mohammed Abdul Wahhab in the 18th century. The US State Department has estimated that over the past four decades Riyadh has invested more than $10bn (£6bn) into charitable foundations in an attempt to replace mainstream Sunni Islam with the harsh intolerance of its Wahhabism....

The Difference between Children
Gideon Levy

After the first child, nobody batted an eye; after the 50th not even a slight tremor was felt in a plane’s wing; after the 100th, they stopped counting; after the 200th, they blamed Hamas. After the 300th child they blamed the parents. After the 400th child, they invented excuses; after (the first) 478 children nobody cares…… Something here has to rise up and scream: Enough. All the excuses and all the explanations will not help – there is no such thing as a child that is allowed to be killed and a child that is not. There are only children killed for nothing, hundreds of children whose fate touches no one in Israel, and one child, just one, around whose death the people unite in mourning…..


The Rise of Ideological Jihadists: And Why India Should Be Really Worried
Tufail Ahmad

The current waves of conflict in the Middle East and Afghanistan-Pakistan region should also remind Indian Muslims that Islamic reform is urgent, and such a task must be accomplished by Islamic scholars from India. This is because India is the only country where Muslims have consistently experienced democratic values for more than half a century. There is absolutely no Muslim nation that can compare with this extraordinary experience of Indian Muslims on almost all conceivable parameters: political and religious freedom, educational and economic opportunities, freedom of thought and expression, individual liberty or right to form political association. The constitution of India contains hugely relevant ideas from the Enlightenment to address Muslim issues.....

Do Indian Muslim Religious Scholars Support Islamic State? Their Absence from Joint Statement of 'Indian Muslims' Condemning ISIS Atrocities in Iraq Raises Serious Questions

... What is perplexing is the name of Mujtaba Farooque among the signatories. He is the President of Welfare Party of India; the political wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. Jamaat-e-Islami has been openly and vociferously supporting not only the ISIS but also other terrorist organisations like Boko Haram which has been involved in abductions of Muslim girls and killings of innocent people in Nigeria. Recently Boko Haram abducted more than sixty schoolgirls from schools who have not been traced yet. Dawat, Jamat-e-Islami’s mouthpiece has been publishing articles and news expressing the organisation’s support to ISIS and Boko Haram. By joining the press conference and endorsing the statement he has either violated the party line or has tried to hoodwink the Indian society on behalf of the Jamaat. If the latter, it is Jamaat-e-Islami's hypocrisy of highest order....

We have just run an article in 3 parts titled “Jihad vs Terrorism” by Dr Muhammad Farooq Khan. When I submitted his article to New Age Islam for publication, I did not know that the good doctor was a martyr to the cause of the fight against terrorism. On further research, I found that his martyrdom was preceded by the martyrdom of two other clerics who were fearless opponents of terrorism. This is an attempt to pay a tribute to the three great souls of Islam. May Allah reward them for the best of their deeds. Amen…..

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Saudis Must Stop Exporting Extremism: ISIS Atrocities Started With Saudi Support for Salafi Hate
Ed Husain

Let’s be clear: Al Qaeda, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Boko Haram, the Shabab and others are all violent Sunni Salafi groupings. For five decades, Saudi Arabia has been the official sponsor of Sunni Salafism across the globe. Most Sunni Muslims around the world, approximately 90 percent of the Muslim population, are not Salafis. Salafism is seen as too rigid, too literalist, too detached from mainstream Islam. While Shiite and other denominations account for 10 percent of the total, Salafi adherents and other fundamentalists represent 3 percent of the world’s Muslims......

What the Jihadists Who Bought 'Islam for Dummies' on Amazon Tell Us about Radicalisation
Mehdi Hasan

Sarwar and Ahmed, both of whom pleaded guilty to terrorism offences last month, purchased Islam for Dummies and The Koran for Dummies. You could not ask for better evidence to bolster the argument that the 1,400-year-old Islamic faith has little to do with the modern jihadist movement. The swivel-eyed young men who take sadistic pleasure in bombings and beheadings may try to justify their violence with recourse to religious rhetoric ....

Aggressive Propaganda Helps Islamic State Lure Followers Away From Al-Qaida
John Rossomando

The Islamic State has tactical advantages over al-Qaeda, which formally renounced ISIS in February. These advantages over al-Qaeda also include at least $1 billion in precious metals, tanks, helicopters, heavy weapons, and control of an area the size of Indiana, Rogers said. Rogers also noted that the Islamic State earned an estimated $1 million per day from illicit oil sales. Islamic State terrorists have better training than their current al-Qaeda competitors….


There were efforts – sometimes individual and sometimes collective – to re- “Wahhabise” the Saudi state. But these efforts failed. Within the Wahhabi religious sphere, the guardians of the doctrine faced successive challenges to keep the Saudi state under the influence of the Wahhabi teachings developed by Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdel Wahhab through his letters, compilations and biography. There were efforts – sometimes individual and sometimes collective – to re- “Wahhabise” the Saudi state....


The Islamic State (IS) extremists are on a gruesome killing spree. The video of the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley, 40, disseminated worldwide, is only the latest reminder that, unless nipped in the bud, IS will kill and maim anyone crossing its path as it attempts to enforce its nihilistic ideology in large swaths of Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, and elsewhere.....

In fact, only a government can organize an army, support their families and run the institution of an army in a disciplined way subject to a command/control structure. On the contrary, if a few people declare Jihad by forming their own group it would lead to the formation of several more such organizations. All such groups, owing to no binding of any rule or law upon them would exercise absolute liberty of action. They may fight with each other or indulge in local politics and sectarianism. Every organization would come up with its own political agenda. They will unite to face a common enemy against which they can succeed but fight with each other when there is no common enemy or when the enemy is too strong to overcome. Such groups will always end up fighting with each other and this point requires no elaboration as we can see the proof of it in today’s World where every Islamic country that has private armies, is at war with itself......


Islam instructs us not to violate any treaty and any war initiated by a Muslim government disregarding an existing treaty would not be considered as “Jihad Fi-Sabilillah”. It is therefore necessary to urge upon the government that every step is taken by an army working under the same discipline and answerable to the government. The government must be reminded that this is nothing but deceit and lies which is a grave sin and a nation which indulges in the same loses its honor among the world community. Above all, if a government itself violates its own laws, there would be no one else to uphold the respect of law.

 The Quran clearly directs Muslims not to co-operate with anyone in any matter that is a sin or in lies or deceit or oppression. A Muslim is expected to stand up and boldly oppose anyone who does so, no matter whether he is his own kin……

The Yazidis: Finding New Friends

Many blame Iraq’s Kurds for failing to protect them. “We begged them to give us weapons so we could defend ourselves. They refused and abandoned us without firing a bullet,” says a Yazidi economist. Others point fingers at their Arab neighbours…..


The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was not a ruler during the earlier Makkan period and therefore he never took up arms despite oppression and even the killing of his followers. He directed his companions during the Makkan period to show tolerance. For example when Sumayya and her husband, Yasir were martyred, he told their relatives not to take revenge rather said, “I assure you of paradise in return to this oppression”. The Prophet explained the concept of ruler and Jihad through one of his orders:…..

Join Khilafat Movement (not ISIS), Turn Darul Kufr Into Darul Islam, Unite The Ummah (Global Muslim Community), Radical Islamist Hizbut Tahrir Tells Indian Muslims

Hizb-ut-Tahrir, the radical Islamic political organisation originated and based in Jerusalem having a worldwide network and proscribed in many western as well as Islamic countries seems to have established its base in the Indian subcontinent, in order to further radicalise Hindi speaking Indian Muslims. The content and messages posted in its Hindi language website, Khilafat Hindi, are clearly meant to inject the Jihadi venom into the Indian society. Since Hindi is the language spoken and understood by Muslims of a large part of India, the website seems to be targeting Muslims of the northern, central and eastern India. The articles posted in the website exhort the Muslims to join the movement for the establishment of caliphate that will unite the entire Muslim world. After the caliphate is established, the non-Muslim countries that are called Darul Kufr will also be turned into Darul Islam, according to their plan…..

ISIS T-Shirts, Gear Help Terror Group Spread Murderous Message

“What is relevant is that ISIS is mobilizing Islamic youth through commercial products that support their brand of radical Islam by using a solid story and the free market,” he said. In the months since the Islamic State launched their offensive, the shirts and other items like hoodies and even bobble head dolls, were already being sold on websites and on the Facebook pages of manufacturers based in Indonesia…..


World Media on ISIS and Iraq (20 August 2014)

There are many theories regarding the identity of ISIS and of those behind it. One theory considers it an infernal combination of a group of intelligence services from multiple countries, from the Middle East and Western and Eastern powers. Another theory holds that it is an Iranian instrument to spread chaos as part of reinforcing the need for Iranian control over Iraq to control the situation and deter extremist terrorism there. And of course, there is the theory that considers ISIS to be the making of Sunni Salafism and Wahhabism with support from Qatari and Saudi families and parties, with a view to confront Iran and its allies using the language of “fire for fire” in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.....


ISIS Becomes a Catalyst for Reviving Sunni Moderation

By Raghida Dergham

Actions, Not Words, Needed To Counter Bloodshed

By Khaled Almaeena

Anti-Arab Feelings on the Rise in Kurdistan As Islamic State Spreads Fear

By Cathrin Schaer

ISIS on Film: Swords, Deaths and Clichés

By Diana Moukalled

Who Are Iraqi Kurdistan’s ’Peshmergettes?’

By Salma El-Shahed


O Islamists! Return To Islamic Values!
Ekrem Dumanli

Once, the inquisitive reasoning developed by Islamist groups also paved the way for a generation of ideas. However, now, they have become intolerant of discussing an idea developed by the others, let alone generating new ideas. They have also become unable to generate value. Those who used to develop ideas have become public servants. And unfortunately, their new positions, fame and wealth prevent them from developing ideas……


World Media on ISIS and Iraq (18 August 2014)

Even before its swift and bloody control of one third of Iraq, uprooting and killing Christians and Yazidis and occupying Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, ISIS was made everywhere except in Syria or Iraq or by Arabs generally. Depending on one’s sectarian background or political leanings, ISIS for many was made in America with a little help – as usual- from the Israelis; others, especially those who loath the Iranian-Syrian-Hezbollah axis would say with equal certainty that ISIS was made in Iran, with the conniving of the Syrian regime.....


Enough lies, the Arab body politic created the ISIS cancer

By Hisham Melhem

ISIS: the new Red Line

By Abdulrahman al-Rashed

Terrorist Group is Fusion of a Quasi-State, Radical Islam

By Jeffrey Young


World Media on ISIS and Iraq (17 August 2014)

"All the implications so far in the public record are that ISIS [IS] is a covert US intelligence operation," Boyle told RIA Novosti Tuesday. "Head of ISIS Abu Bakr Baghdadi spent five years in an American detention facility, and also three of the four military commanders were also in detention by the US forces. So, my guess is that ISIS is indeed a covert US military intervention to set precedent for US escalation in Iraq."....



Islamic State Is US Covert Intelligence Operation, Says American Law Professor

By Lyudmila Chernova

Could Islamic Militants In Iraq Bring Their Fight To America?

By Anna Mulrine

How Haider Al-Abadi Became Iraq's Next Prime Minister

By Ali Hashem

Abadi Must Build Bridges over Iraq’s Troubles Waters

By Raed Omari

Did Ankara Miss Its Chance To Head Off The Islamic State?

By Tulin Daloglu

How Islamists Forced Obama's Hand in Iraq

By Michael Knigge

Iraq Is Caught Between Glory and Despair

By Rami G. Khouri

Has Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Possibly Peaked Too Soon?

By David Ignatius

UN Resolution Tightens 'IS' Noose

By Gero Schliess

Watch For the Economic Fallout As ISIS Extends Its Power

By Mohsin Khan


World Media on ISIS, Iraq and Syria Part - 14

Does the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group constitute a radical shift in the history and the future of the Arab region, or is it a transient phenomenon, no matter how formidable it seems with its strength and its performance in the battlefields of Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon today? Obviously, trying to answer this question unleashes various theories regarding anything from the composition of this group to its ultimate fate.....



Iraqi Kurds Accuse Local Arabs of Supporting IS

By Wladimir Van Wilgenburg

The Need for A Syrian Awakening To Defeat Terrorism

By Raghida Dergham

Removing Maliki: The End of a Nightmare

By Abdulrahman Al-Rashed

Too Little Too Late For Iraq’s Yazidi Minority?

By Abdullah Hamidaddin

Obama Stirs the Hornets’ Nest with Strikes on ISIS

By Dr. Theodore Karasik

Aleppo's Forgotten Christians

By Edward Dark

Barrel Bombs Pummel Anbar

By Omar Al-Jaffal

Syrian Refugees Pose A Growing Social Question In Turkey

By Ilnur Çevik


Countering ISIS: India Must up Cyber Surveillance and Field Moderate Muslims to Engage In Online Debates
Sreeram Chaulia

India has the world's second largest Muslim population. Even if ISIS converts 0.1% of them to its fold, it would be a numerical windfall. The key for ISIS lies in connecting perceived or experienced injustices felt by purposeless or alienated young Indian Muslims to a bigger global cause of 'liberating' oppressed coreligionists worldwide......

But among the believers of Islam, there is a certain segment of followers who have interpreted Islam in an utterly unrighteous way and have hijacked Islam by a discourse of anger and rhetoric of rage. While it is as true as sunrise that there are radical Muslims, there has never existed something known as radical Islam. “Beware of extremism in religion, for extremism destroyed those who went before you” said Prophet Muhammad, believed by Muslims to be a messenger and prophet of god…..

Jihad Is Built Into the Fabric of Arab Islam
Paul Sheehan

The killing will go on because jihad is built into the fabric of Arab Islam. It is the way to power for those who chose to read the Quran as a call to arms rather than a call to peace. The Arab spring quickly turned into the Arab winter, making a mockery of Western wishful thinking. We can only be thankful that the human spirit of kindness far outnumbers the closed and uncompromising certainties of fundamentalists in all their forms.…..


"The ISIS jihadis are terrorists and can't be called Sunnis. They're defaming Islam and acting at the behest of the enemies of Islam. They've demolished shrines of prophets as they're opposed to visiting shrines of Sufis. Some Kashmiri youths might have got influenced by their ideology..."

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