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Radical Islamism and Jihad

Parallel Standards Offer Way Out Of Violence: Ease the Tension That Breeds Violence And Extremism
Kristin Christman, New Age Islam

If we honestly address legitimate concerns motivating ISIS violence, can we attract away from ISIS those followers who do not admire brutality and intolerance?  Can we prove to ISIS followers they can achieve just goals without violence?  Will our unilateral actions serve as a powerful role model and ease the tension that breeds violence and extremism?..


A Muslim Crossroads: Millions Gather Against Blasphemous Depictions But Similar Numbers Are Not Seen Protesting Against ISIS
Sadia Dehlvi

...terrorists actually use modern Salafi Wahhabi Islamic texts to justify their actions. Salafis reject centuries of Islamic philosophy and teachings, which approaches the Quran as a spiritual treatise and not a political document. Dry, rigid Wahhabi narratives do not leave room even for creative expressions of devotion, destroying the rich and textured legacy of indigenous Muslim communities and their local traditions.....

The Mystery of Radicalisation
Imtiaz Gul

Intellectually unchallenged by Muslim scholars, Western officials, media and intelligentsia also coined phrases such as ‘countering violent extremism (CVE)’ — denoting terrorism being perpetrated by Muslim attackers. To the misfortune of the majority, the intelligentsia in Muslim societies kept parroting this terminology. It failed even in drawing a distinction between counter-radicalisation and deradicalisation.....

ISIS Seems To Be Smelling Its Own Impending Doom: We Need To Brace Ourselves for What Comes Next

If and when the Caliphate collapses, expect a wave of these people to spread all across the region and beyond. But in the meantime, local self-starter cells are preparing the way with attacks such as those in Indonesia, Paris, and the U.S. They seem to be aware of the fact that this will be the most effective way to continue their influence on the global state. So ISIS seems to be smelling its own impending doom: we need to brace ourselves for what comes next.....


His sister and parents, financially struggling refugees in a neighboring country, refuse to talk about him. “What do you want to write, to give advice to others not to be like him?” his sister said bitterly over the phone. “My brother was martyred, and he was still normal,” she said. “May God accept him.”.....


Attacking ISIS: Fighting a Mental Virus
Bobby Azarian

There is no doubt that the fight against religious extremism in all its forms is a complex one with no single solution. While history has clearly shown that religions other than Islam, such as Christianity, can be weaponized in much the same way, radical Islam is a dangerous meme that is currently undergoing exponential growth. ...


Is Saudi Arabia Any Different From ISIS?
Mustafa Akhwand

...That country promotes a false understanding of Islam, persuading others to recognize them as the heart of Islam. With their wealth and oil power, they spread Wahhabi ideology, an ideology with roots in 18th-century, Arabian tribal traditions.

Why The ‘Nation’ Fell Silent On Kaliachak
Swapan Dasgupta

Last Sunday morning, even as the country’s attention was focused on the terror attack on the Indian Air Force base in Pathankot, another drama was unfolding in the Kaliachak area of Malda district in West Bengal. A mob, whose numbers are estimated at anything between 50,000 and over a lakh, first attacked the local police station, drove out the small police force, set fire to all the records in the thana and then proceeded to attack shops and set fire to as many vehicles it found in the vicinity....


Bangladesh’s radical problem
Sudeep Chakravarti

These days, in-your-face extremism across the country is Bangladesh’s headlining global news alongside robust socio-economic growth, booming trade and worker remittances, and among the most successful rural credit networks in the world. ...


Saudi Arabia Will Have To Fight A War Against Itself, If It Is Serious About Defeating Terrorism
Hayder Al Khoei

In order to seriously tackle Islamist terrorism, Saudi Arabia would have to declare war against itself and fight the very same intolerant forces they support. This war would amount to suicide for the ruling Al-Saud family, who have been actively promoting an intolerant and violent form of Wahhabi Islam since the 18th century.


India and Islamic State: Everything under control?
Ronald Meinardus

So does India really have the deadly threat posed by IS under control? If we are to believe the official assurances, we can feel justified in answering in the affirmative. But only the future will tell whether the country with the largest Muslim minority in the world will remain unaffected in the long term by an escalating confrontation that many have long since stylised as a global struggle between the West and Islam.

How The Saudis Churn Out ‘Jihad Inc.’
Asra Q. Nomani

If the alphabet soup of names is confusing, that’s because extremist Islamist ideologies, just like anything, are filled with competition, rivalries and power plays. One Facebook user takes a swath through the groups with this page: “We Sunnis Must Unite to Fight Wahabi/salafi/Deobandi Tablig jamat Terrorism.”


The Stabbing Of A Policeman In Yavatmal Reveals Pro-ISIS Radicalisation
Tufail Ahmad, New Age Islam

Aarefa Johari wrote: "For Abdul Malik’s family, this is just one of the many perplexing questions…." Yes indeed, common Muslims get perplexed about this phenomenon of our times. Bibi Zohra is right too. Her son's story is indeed not a story about beef or cow slaughter ban. It is a story of radicalisation by Islamic scholars in India in favour of the global jihad being inspired by the ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and their little-known cousins in our streets.

How To Fight Jihadi Terrorism
George Soros

Jihadi terrorists, like the Islamic State (ISIS) and Al Qaeda, have discovered the Achilles heel of our Western societies: the fear of death. By stoking that fear through horrific attacks and macabre videos, the publicists of ISIS awaken and magnify it, leading otherwise sensible people in hitherto open societies to abandon their reason.


Osama bin Laden didn't claim to be descended from Muhammad. The Saudi religion didn't demand he be, any more than it had demanded Muhammad Ibn Saud to be. But, the 100% fundamentalists do demand it — and ISIS is 100%. (In fact, the Wahhabist “Hanbali” system of legislation demands everything fundamentalist but anointment-by-descent-from-the-prophet.) So: ISIS is a direct threat to the Sauds: it labels them “impostors” and “infidels.”.....

The Imperiled Bloggers of Bangladesh
Joshua Hammer

Threats of violence against freethinkers in Bangladesh were common, but at that point they had seldom been carried out. A rare exception was in February 2004, when Azad, then a professor at the University of Dhaka, was stabbed and critically wounded by radical Islamists near campus. ...


India Must Act Urgently Against Wahhabi Organisations
Tufail Ahmad, New Age Islam

The problem of Wahhabism is compounded by the fact that non-Muslim government officials, due to their lack of knowledge of Islam, are bound not to notice which mosques and madrasas belong to the Wahhabi sect. Across India, all mosques and madrasas are controlled by clerics who are ideologically affiliated to some or the other sect of Islam. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the Indian government to ensure that every mosque, madrasa or religious institution is registered with the government in the same way as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are registered.

Watch Mumbai and Hyderabad Regions for Pro-ISIS Radicalisation
Tufail Ahmad, New Age Islam

There are definitive signs that radicalisation of Indian Muslim youths in favour of the Islamic State (ISIS) is increasing by the day. While concerns over radicalisation of Muslims have been reported from many parts of India including Assam, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, India needs to focus its counter-radicalisation efforts on the two key regions surrounding Mumbai and Hyderabad. During the course of 2014 and 2015, these are the two regions of India that have emerged as a cause of concern due to pro-ISIS activities.....

“If you asked these youths, they probably wouldn’t know who I am. This is not a matter of provocation. When you present a new idea, or warn of certain disease and offer treatment – of course it is painful. This is not a provocation. This is picking [at] the wound. It is time to stop ignoring our wounds and pains just so we won’t provoke anyone. You cannot go to a doctor, for example, and tell him not touch your wound because it hurts. Of course it hurts. It is a wound, and it was caused by many things. If you want to treat this wound, you must touch it and deal with it directly. Unfortunately, we have not yet acknowledged the fact that ISIS is an organization that only reaps what has previously been sown.”....


Saudi Arabia's Phoney War on Terror
Brahma Chellaney

Saudi Arabia has been bankrolling Islamist terrorism since the oil-price boom of the 1970s dramatically boosted the country's wealth. According to a 2013 European Parliament report, some of the US$10 billion (360 billion baht) invested by Saudi Arabia for "its Wahhabi agenda" in South and Southeast Asia was "diverted" to terrorist groups, including Lashkar-e-Taiba, which carried out the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

It just so happens that Hashmi’s brand of Islam is identified by most Muslim laymen as belonging to the more conservative and literalist end of a particular sort of Islam called salafism. This term has become the catch-all phrase for explaining the ideological roots of pretty much all Muslim terrorist groups—from al-Qaida, to ISIS, to Boko Haram.


How Saddam Hussein Gave Us ISIS
Kyle W. Orton

It’s true that disbanding the Iraqi Army after 2003 put professional soldiers at the service of the Sunni insurgency. It’s also true that Al Qaeda in Iraq — the small, foreign-led nucleus of what became the Islamic State — used poorly run American prisons like Camp Bucca to recruit former regime elements. But the significant fact is that those who assumed leadership roles in the Islamic State’s military council had been radicalized earlier, under Mr. Hussein’s regime.


...”The Islamist worldview is stagnant” because today’s followers “want women to live by 12th century standards.” She pointed out that women were honored and revered in Islam back to the days of the Prophet Mohammed. “Prophet Mohammed’s wife… was a businesswoman…his daughter Fatima was held up as an example of piety,” she said. Today, “Islamists insist on recreating the norms of the earlier eras,” Ispahani declared. “Groups such as ISIS have been able to recruit women who join extremist men in oppressing fellow women and even acting as facilitators of renewed slavery,”...


For Many, Faith Comes at a High Price
Nicholas Kristof

We don’t need to give Christians preference. But we should recognize that Middle Eastern Christians, along with Yazidis, Mandeans and others, are facing an ethnic cleansing, and that confronting this should be a global human rights priority. As we celebrate the holidays, let’s speak up for those for whom faith is a matter not of casual worship but of fear, rape and murder.


A Medieval Antidote to ISIS
Mustafa Akyol

This is why the Islamic State’s religious ideology needs to be taken seriously. While it’s wrong to claim that the group’s thinking represents mainstream Islam, as Islamophobes so often do, it’s also wrong to pretend that the Islamic State has “nothing to do with Islam,” as many Islamophobia-wary Muslims like to say. Indeed, jihadist leaders are steeped in Islamic thought and teachings, even if they use their knowledge to perverse and brutal ends.

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