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Radical Islamism and Jihad

Idealism and Jihad: Growing Fears in Europe of Battle-Hardened, Radicalised, European Muslim Fighters of the Syrian Civil War Returning Home To Launch Terrorist Attacks
Irfan Husain

We can point to the terrorist attacks carried out by Islamist extremists to justify our rejection of the whole movement. But the truth is that jihadis don’t have a monopoly on violence against non-combatants: the 19th century Anarchists shook Europe with their campaign of indiscriminate violence. They, too, had utopian goals….


Charity Work in Britain: A Cover for Extremists?
Abdulrahman al-Rashed

Charity itself is a core value of faith in Islam and it’s a tax paid to a deprived category of people, like the poor, orphans and the needy. Extremist groups exploited alms-giving and charity to gain prominence and they have managed to collect hundreds of millions throughout the years. Money and preaching are a dangerous mixture which enabled an organization like al-Qaeda to spread and engage in acts of sabotage. Al-Qaeda used this mixture to buy explosives and suicide bombers…..


Therefore, Wahhabism is not a new brand of Islam or any offshoot of Islam; rather Wahhabism is the re-orientation of the original pure Islam. That is Wahhabism is the old pure wine in a new bottle. Wahhabism does not have any separate scriptural book, Qur’an and Sunnah (hadiths) are the principle guidance for Wahhabism. Actually, Wahhabism is nothing but the real Islam of 7th century in a sheer rejuvenation by the grace of Arab’s petrodollars. Most importantly, Wahhabism (pure islam) is dangerously intolerant towards other religions and infidels as it was during early period of Islam (Starting from Prophet Muhammad up to the end period of four rightly guided caliphs).  ...

For the last 30/40 years period, this so called Wahhabism (real Islam) has rapidly invaded the lives of Muslims throughout the whole world. Especially, Muslim majority countries in the south-east Asia were silently invaded right before our eyes by this so called wahhabite pure islam. Not to be mistaken that—it came by the name of Wahhabism, actually it came as the purification of Islam which was considered polluted by many centuries of neglect by the guardians of Islam Saudi Arabia. Thanks to two generals (Zia and Ershad) of Bangladesh for vigorously importing Wahhabi Islam in lieu of Arab petro-dollars. ...

Followers of Wahhabism prefer to identify themselves as Muwahiddun—which means “the unifiers”. Wahhabism is simply the political Islam that has been adopted for power sharing purposes. It has no special practices, nor special rites, and no special interpretation of the religion Islam that differs from the main body of Sunni Islam. Wahhabite followers consider every Muslims should follow the practice of Islam like Wahhabite Muslims and regard all those who do not follow them as the heathens and enemies of Islam. Osama bin Laden is the true follower of Wahhabism. 

Brandeis Bows To Radical Islam
Gina Miller

For over a decade, Hirsi Ali has spoken out against such practices as female genital mutilation, “honor killings,” and applications of Sharia Law that justify beatings and rape. Her outspoken criticism of Islam was dubbed by CAIR as “anti-Muslim hate” and led Brandeis University President, Frederick Lawrence, to comment in an online statement that Ali’s criticisms were ‘inconsistent with Brandeis University’s core values.’ So, Ms. Hirsi Ali’s fight for freedom conflicts with Brandeis’ “core values?”.....


Salafism and the Threat to Peace
Syed Farid Alatas

It is a fact that many acts of physical as well as verbal violence are perpetrated in the name of Islam. It is therefore necessary to clarify that the problem lies not in the religion of Islam itself but in certain orientations to be found among Muslims. One such orientation is that of Salafism….

Libya: Is Derna Becoming An Islamist Emirate?
Aya Elbrqawi and Essam Mohamed

With the absence of state institutions, the region is fertile ground for extremist organisations looking to grow and thrive. The Shura council declared their hostility to about anyone who, in their view, antagonises God and the Prophet......


Hypocrisy and Tyranny Cannot Fight Extremism
Aijaz Zaka Syed

How did we end up here and where are we headed? How did we allow a tiny fringe to become so powerful that it now pretends to speak on our behalf?  Religious scholars, intellectuals and ordinary believers have endlessly condemned and rejected the utterly brazen acts and atrocities in the strongest terms possible. Perhaps never in their long history have Muslims faced a crisis of such nature and proportions. Muslim historians see the Mongol wave of death and destruction in the 13th century as the greatest catastrophe to have struck the world of Islam.….


Death of Bin Laden, It Seemed, Delivered the Final Blow but Today Al-Qaeda Is Resurgent
Owen Bennett-Jones

The relative weakness of the Al-Qaeda leadership in Afghanistan and Pakistan is deceptive. The organisation’s strength now lies at the periphery. Today the Al-Nusra front controls huge tracts of Syrian territory. And there are signs that the jihadis there have learnt an important lesson: if they want the consent of the people, it’s best not to murder too many of them....


Muslims cannot hope to tackle the scourge of terrorism unless its real sources and causes are identified and eliminated
Aijaz Zaka Syed

Ninety percent of the images that Google search came up with were those of terror attacks, suicide bombings or some such glorious adventures involving Muslims...Muslims wielding fearsome weapons; Muslims wearing masks and issuing wild threats or bearded believers angrily protesting in European capitals. ...Muslims cannot hope to tackle this scourge unless its real sources and causes are identified and eliminated. Where are these fountains of hatred and who is fuelling them?

Who are these forces that are out to destroy our world, trying to distort the teachings of a faith that came as hope and salvation for the whole of mankind into a cynical cult of death? Who is poisoning young, impressionable minds? These are questions that have to be confronted effectively and forcefully by everyone who cares for the faith and humanity at large. 

Our religious and political elites and scholars are content with issuing perfunctory calls against extremist violence while doing little to check the springs, sources and factors that feed, fuel and spawn the menace. Instead of speaking truth to power, they are busy propitiating and perpetuating it, ignoring worst excesses and abuses.

The Quranic Understanding of Jihad
Waris Mazhari

Jihad is not limited to engaging war with external enemies. Nor does it always have that connotation. For war against one’s enemies the Quran uses another word—Qital—which is an exceptional form of jihad. The issue of jihad in the sense of Qital needs to be understood in the context of Islam as a missionary movement that is based on Dawah, inviting others to God’s path. This movement, which aims at strengthening the relations between God and human beings and establishing justice and goodness in society, is an entirely peaceful one.….

Gulf Citizens Returning From the Syrian War Are a Serious Threat
Jassir Al-Jassir

When Al-Qaeda first began its terrorist pursuits, Saudi Arabia operated as its launching pad, both in ideological and operational terms. Perhaps this is because Saudi Arabia’s religious structures and Salafist approach exposed the pronounced flaws in Al-Qaeda’s ideology hence the reaction by most Al-Qaeda members, who accuse Saudi Arabia of apostasy and deny its religious legitimacy…..


Salafists have been advertising their events on schoolyards - and some of their recruiting is successful. "It's not only one school where Salafists are trying to recruit teenagers," said Saloua Mohammed, a 32-year-old social worker who has been working in Bonn for many years. She has a good idea of what is going on in the Salafist scene: Young Muslims as well as pupils from educationally disadvantaged background have been a particular focus in her work. Her explanation for that focus is that she is "afraid that disadvantaged teenagers in particular will fall into radicalism."…..


Turkey: The Grand Coalition of Islamists, Opportunists and Islamist Opportunists Are Resorting To What They Are Always Best At: Religious Hate Speech
Burak Bekdil

How bizarre. Turkey, under Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s rule, would be the role model for Muslim countries without democracy. It would be the bridge between the West and the Muslim world. It would prune Muslim radicalism. Sorry, gentlemen; the days of fantasy and fairy tales are over. While you were enthusiastically waiting to see the days when the Hamas mind would reform itself and look more like the more reasonable Turkish mind, the opposite has happened. ….


Fanatics are religious zealots and apply fraudulent religious modes. Faithful apply the Code of their Creator intelligently and only for positively good outcomes. In the case of Muslims, the former, operate under the guidance of their ignorant Religious priests. The later, the faithful intelligently obey Codes of behaviour as ordained in scripture Quran. A poet compares the two as:-

Deen-e-Kafir Fikr-O-Tadbbeer-e-Jihad—Deen-e-Mullah Fi Sabilillah Fasaad .......

The Anti-Thesis of Radical Islam
Mümtazer Türköne

In my final analysis, radical Islam starts to rise when Islam's democratic methods fail in the face of monarchies and dictatorships. Because of this recurring mistake in the Middle East, we have seen the rise of al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and similar organizations…..

Religious Extremism = Child Abuse?
Engy Abdelkader

In truth, most Muslim parents are similar to other parents in terms of the dreams and aspirations they have for their children: good health, good schools, good jobs and the good life. And most children who have such access have little reason to seek comfort and a sense of belonging in the violent ideologies espoused by Web-based terrorist recruiters looking to seduce them…..


Militancy in Pakistan Getting Younger and Urbane
Mahendra Ved

Militancy in Pakistan is increasingly getting urban and attracting the educated. Besides its numerous local affiliates, the most significant beneficiary is Al Qaida. That Pakistan is home to several Islamist militant groups with Al Qaida connections is not a secret.....


Al-Qaeda and ISIS Fight Over the Jihadist Future
Brian Michael Jenkins

Faced with open defiance from the leader of Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria and Iraq, Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri publicly expelled the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), suspending its franchise and stripping it of its status as part of the Al-Qaeda global enterprise. The split will test the value of Al-Qaeda’s brand….

Al-Qaeda: The Third Generation?
Abdulaziz Alhies and Hamza Mustafa

Al-Qaeda: The Third Generation?
Abdulaziz Alhies

The very concept of al-Qaeda - of the universal Jihad - is crumbling. More precisely, what's coming to an end is the co-existence - within this concept - between the classic model set by Osama bin Laden on the one hand, and on the other, the decentralised model defended by Ayman al-Zawahiri and, more significantly in the Syrian case, Abu Mus'ab Al-Suri....


Tehreek-e-Taliban: Fear Has Transformed Pakistan into Stone
S Iftikhar Murshed

The leaders of the country have seen the head of Medusa in a mirror and fear has transformed them into stone. This is the impact the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has had on the nation. Ordinary people – men, women and children – have writhed under the tyranny of its despotism which has never thought it necessary to proffer a reason for its atrocities other than in terms of false religion. Even the most grotesque acts of cruelty, such as the beheading of soldiers, are presented as piety.....


An overwhelming majority of Taliban fighters and leaders are ethnic Pashtuns, but the movement is neither ethno-nationalist nor is it a tribal uprising. The Taliban has a mix of Ghilzai and Durrani Pashtuns within its ranks, but attracts members from other Pashtun tribes and some non-Pashtuns, too. Clan and tribal identity has never been the sole criteria for membership or leadership. The Taliban have never been able to mobilize a whole tribe or a clan for their cause.....


Egypt Can Stop Its Spiral toward Radicalisation
Emad Shahin

Unfortunately, the regime’s tactics have produced more social polarization and divisiveness, turning Egyptian society Orwellian. Recently a man reported his wife to police for belonging to the Brotherhood, presenting as evidence a picture of her making a Rabaa salute — a symbol of the infamous massacre at a sit-in last August. Similarly, a mother told police her son belonged to the April 6 youth movement….


Jihadist Magazine Azaan’s Call for Western Muslims to Attack Their Own Homelands in Europe and America Violates All Tenets of Islam - Part -1
Ghulam Ghaus, New Age Islam

The write-ups in this magazine would make the impressionable Muslim youth feel as if they were born either to kill or be killed and that there is no better purpose to their life, if they are true Muslims. Thus it is detrimental to their faith as it gives legitimacy to killing all the infidels including non-combatant civilians. It is important to remember that the Jihadi-Wahhabi definition of infidel includes even non-Wahhabi Muslims whose able-bodied men have to be killed, old men and children enslaved and women turned into concubines to the Jihadis....

Zawahiri Asks For An Intifada In Bangladesh?
Taj Hashmi

Most importantly, al-Qaeda is neither just an Islamist terrorist group like the Lashkar-e-Taiba, HUJI or JMB, nor is it an Islamist political organisation like the Muslim Brotherhood or Jamaat-e-Islami. It is a global movement and a franchise like McDonald's. It can open new branches anywhere. No country, including Bangladesh, is off limits to its operators. It loves to explore new opportunities to recruit fighters from trouble spots, especially from Muslim underdogs within and beyond the Muslim World. From al-Qaeda perspective, politically turbulent and socially fractured Bangladesh is an “attractive” place….


Jordanian Jihadi Fighters
Mona Alami

Jordanian fighters have come to play an important role in the protracted Syrian conflict. Unlike the previous generation of Jordanian jihadis—al-Qaeda leaders from a decade earlier who professed their belief in a global jihad—this new generation currently fighting in Syria is prioritising regional and local causes. The outcome of their engagement in Syria will define the vision and goals of this rising generation of Jordanian fighters….

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