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Radical Islamism and Jihad

So the Exalted declared takfīr upon the person due to him taking a rival which are partners in worship. And there are many similar verses.

So a person cannot be a muwahhid (Islāmic monotheist) except if he negates shirk, frees himself from it and declares takfīr upon whoever commits shirk.

Then he said – rahimahullāhu ta'ālā: The second: Warning against shirk in the worship of Allāh, being harsh in this, having enmity based on this and declaring takfīr on whoever commits this.

Islamic Identity Crisis at the Core of Radicalisation
Hussain Nadim

The uneasy fact is that Islam is in desperate need of internal reforms that have been delayed to this point where the religion is being damaged from within causing serious identity crisis amongst the Muslim youth. And it is this very identity crisis that is at the core of radicalisation problem leading young Muslims to fall prey to terrorist propaganda joining Islamic State and other militant groups. As long as those at the helms of power in the Muslim community remain in constant denial blaming the government, the "environment"......

In the end, the biggest threat of the IS isn’t its pursuit of statehood but its cultivation of a global constituency of alienated and intolerant Muslims, mostly young, who assure the IS of an inexhaustible supply of fighters and operatives. Spread out in 80 countries, these have been seduced by the viral promise of a paradisal caliphate. If they can’t go to the Middle East to fight, they can wreak havoc on their own societies.....


The Meaning of ‘Being News’: The Persecution of Religious Minorities by ISIS
Louay Fatoohi

ISIS has suddenly got this momentum because it is supported by Sunni tribes and groups. The latter did not ally themselves with ISIS because they shared its inhumane dogma but because they sought liberation from the sectarian persecution and policy of exclusion that the Iraqi government has been exercising for years. This sectarianism got worse when the Americans left Iraq and the Iraqi fanatical politicians got a free hand to carry out their oppressive and exclusive agenda. Nouri al-Maliki and his governments have played a major role in the creation of the current sectarian Iraq. They might be Shia fanatics, but they are also responsible for the creation of Sunni fanaticism....

The Driving Force behind Terrorism Is Not a Lack of Education — It Is Something Far Broader and More Difficult To Constrain
Anam Khan

What is the root cause of terrorist violence? What makes someone disturbingly eager to orchestrate merciless rampages? Both Abdulazeez and Saad had been described as ‘normal’ kids before they plummeted into a wave of darkness. Saad reportedly received special training for the style of executions he carried out in Safoora Goth. In his case, it appears as if a pervading extremist ideology somehow managed to infiltrate his conscience. This comes as no surprise when men like Maulana Abdul Aziz, the hate-spewing Lal Masjid cleric, are allowed to roam free regardless of the numerous arrest warrants that have been issued against them.....

How to Tackle Radical Islam: India Can Learn From the Frankness of Political Discourse in the West
Sadanand Dhume

On Monday, Prime Minister David Cameron delivered a remarkable speech in Birmingham outlining a stepped up government campaign against Islamist extremism. India could learn a thing or two from him on how to address a sensitive subject without either flinching from the truth or carelessly tarring an entire community.....

Historical blunders notwithstanding, the media can do a lot more to even the playing field between extremist and moderate voices. Thanks in part to television; the likes of the rabble-rousing Akbaruddin Owaisi and the fundamentalist preacher Zakir Naik wield a megaphone in India’s public square. Few people have even heard of the insightful anti-extremist scholar Sultan Shahin, or of Tufail Ahmad, who doggedly tracks contemporary Islamist thinking in the Indian subcontinent.

In sum, what Cameron calls “the struggle of our generation” isn’t confined to a Britain roiled by home-grown Islamist extremism. It’s a global phenomenon whose lessons apply as much to India as to any other democracy.....

Even Afghan Taliban insurgents led by Mullah Omar is facing a fundamental problem of how to react to a fast growing ISIS influence in the Middle east, Africa and now in the territories where Taliban traditionally are in power. Although Taliban initially welcomed the formation of ISIS and its objectives,...

Chattanooga Gunman Researched Islamic Martyrdom
Michael S. Schmidt and Jodi Rudoren

“In the ISIS model it’s all about social media and them interacting with people in the United States and quickly trying to get them to launch attacks,” said one of the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he did not want to jeopardize his access to sensitive information. “This case appears to be much more like the old model, where he was interested in radical Islam and sought to learn more about it online by looking at videos and readings.....


ISIS Transforming Into Functioning State That Uses Terror as Tool
Tim Arango

The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, ISIL and Daesh, initially functioned solely as a terrorist organization, if one more coldblooded even than Al Qaeda. Then it went on to seize land. But increasingly, as it holds that territory and builds capacity to govern, the group is transforming into a functioning state that uses extreme violence — terror — as a tool. That distinction is proving to be more than a matter of perspective for those who live under the Islamic State, which has provided relative stability in a region troubled by war and chaos while filling a vacuum left by failing and corrupt governments that also employed violence — arrest, torture and detention...


Hussein said signs of highly effective brainwashing are already evident among new students arriving from those areas to his school in Turkey. “It will take a miracle to make these kids normal again,” Hussein said. “In years ahead, each student will be like a new Baghdadi,” referring to the leader of ISIL, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. Hussein said one 6th grade student, recently arrived after being schooled under ISIL in Raqqa, scrawled on his Turkish examination paper: “All the 6th graders are Kuffar,” meaning disbelievers. “This is what it is like after just two years,” said Hussein, “Imagine what it will be like in 10.”....


In Pakistan, a significant and disturbing number of suicide bombers were between 12 and 18 years of age, with one estimate placing that number at 90%.[2] Although young militants are generally teenagers when asked to carry out suicide attacks, the indoctrination of children often starts at a much younger age. In the PBS documentary Children of the Taliban, journalist Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy interviewed Taliban commander Qari Hussain, who boasted that he also recruits children as young as five, six and seven years old, emphasizing, “Children are tools to achieve God’s will. And whatever comes your way, you sacrifice it.”.....


Pakistani authorities continue to downplay the IS presence in the country that may have very serious ramifications for the country’s security. Though most of the IS-affiliated TTP dissidents have fled across the border and are concentrating their activities in Afghanistan. IS footprints have been found in some of the recent sectarian-based terrorist attacks in the country....


Islamic State: Neither a Death Cult nor Just Terror Group
Deepak Sinha

Finally, the fact that India’s sizeable Muslim population has not yet reacted with any vigour to the ideological inducements offered by the IS — thanks probably to our democratic system — must not be taken for granted. The IS is reportedly already knocking on the doors in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. India, therefore, needs to urgently look at pro-active and out-of-the- box solutions that will help them integrate and achieve Muslim aspirations through the democratic system. One measure that could be given serious consideration is Singaporean housing system — wherein the law there requires each locality and housing community to have specific quotas for every section and ethnicity of the population. This enhances inclusiveness among all sections of society.....


Following the ban on ISIS in India, Urdu media has shown a slight change in its reporting style, though not in its editorial policy,  but the Sunni ulema have continued to maintain a mysterious silence over ISIS claim to represent Islam, with Khalifa  Baghdadi presenting Islam as a religion of permanent war, continuous violence and strife. Even the Baghdadi claim that Islam has not been a religion peace, even for a day, did not bring out any response from Indian Muslim ulema or Urdu media. ....

The following steps and initiatives can be taken by the government if it seriously wants to contain the growing sectarian and radical inclination among the Muslim youth.

1. A joint statement of prominent Indian ulema from all Sunni sects should be acquired, condemning the ideology and violent theology of terrorist organisations like ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, etc by name. General statements criticising extremism have not worked. Ulema will have to be specific.

ISIS: Un-Islamic State?
Kunwar Khuldune Shahid

ISIS: Un-Islamic State?
Kunwar Khuldune Shahid

Notwithstanding that Daesh (داعش) is an Arabic acronym for  الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام which translates into Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which is what it is popularly known as, or that ‘ISIL’ also has ‘Islamic State’ as a part of the acronym, the nit-picking over what to call ISIS is self-defeating.....


Any Decision on ISIS Is Too Little Too Late
Maria Dubovikova

But even if we suppose that ISIS will collapse, the idea of the Caliphate won’t disappear. It will stay and will continue to threaten stability and the future of the region and of the world, especially in the case of the continuing creation of an unfavourable climate and attitude towards the West among the Muslim communities all over the world. Moreover, ISIS’ collapse will lead to the return of ISIS foreign fighters back to their homelands, bringing the extremist ideas with them.....


The Islamic State’s Politics of Blood
Praveen Swami

Even though 62 nation-states are now engaged in fighting the IS, its reach — and lethality — have grown, apparently inexorably. D’Aguilers’ chronicle of his times reminds us that the IS is not a unique pathology: like other millenarian movements through history, it has been spawned by a political crisis, and will need political responses…..


Understanding and Countering ISIS: The Roots Of IS Lie In Wahhabism, A Stricter, Puritanical Stream
Stanly Johny

Wahhabism, which is derived from the preaching of Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, an 18th century religious scholar, denounced as un-Islamic many of the popular beliefs and practices prevalent among the Arabs those days. Wahhab rejected Muslims worshipping the dead or having any saints and making pilgrimages to tombs or special mosques. He asked his followers to return to the “fundamentals” of Islam, condemned practices of Shia, Sufi and other Muslims as invalid interpretations of the religion, and emphasised that his version of Islam alone had validity. The modern-day Islamic State uses Wahhabi ideals to explain its barbarism.....

Jihadism: Who Will Contain the Evil?
Tufail Ahmad

Arguably, Islam represented a new civilisation in the seventh century CE, but civilisations too decay and become redundant over the course of centuries as their members acquire new beliefs, attitudes and outlooks. Civilisations that don’t accord with change harm the interests of their people. The failure of Islam as commonly practised to accommodate change means it is damaging the interests of Muslims everywhere. If Muslim teenage girls are migrating to Syria to wed jihadists, it is reasonable to infer that their attitudes were shaped at least partly by their parents at the dining table…..

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Warned Us of the ISIS
Kashif Chaudhry

Reflect on this critical point. Whenever ISIS kills in the name of Islam, claims to follow the Holy Quran, or uses the Holy month of Ramazan to spread anarchy across the globe, know that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) explicitly warned us of these imposters, and entrusted us to root them out. The only people who refuse to reflect on this point are ISIS, ISIS sympathisers and anti-Islam extremists who want the world to believe that ISIS is legitimate. Intelligent people, meanwhile, see Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) prophetic wisdom and thus remain united against both ignorance and extremism.....


Islamic State: Spreading Its Tentacles

Affiliates use varied tactics. In the Gulf, IS members have targeted Shia mosques to foment sectarian strife. In places such as Yemen and Afghanistan, IS seeks to undermine strong branches of al-Qaeda, its jihadist rival. Elsewhere spectacular attacks, such as the massacre in Sousse, have helped IS live up to its slogan of “remaining and expanding”; conveniently diverting attention from the group’s losses not only in Syria and Iraq but farther afield. ....


Retell the Narrative of Islam to Attack ISIL’s Core
Sholto Byrnes

But Rezgui had recently been radicalised and Salhi had been on a watch list in the past. That these massacres, as well as the suicide bombing of a mosque in Kuwait, were seemingly perpetrated in the name of religion, however, only underlines once again that it is more essential than ever that the true Islam – moderate, tolerant and peaceful – asserts itself and makes its presence in the world known more and more loudly…..


In The Name Of Religion, They Kill
Mohamed Chebarro

The struggle in Iraq is to redress balance between an oppressed Sunni population in post Saddam Iraq and the oppressing Shiites who were installed in power due to Western intervention and later Iranian clout and influence. But it is the Sunni Iraqis that are displaced and Sunni Iraqi cities and heritage that they continue to destroy after looting them. In Libyan town, Kuwaiti and Saudi mosques the victims are innocent civilians, in Somalia, Egypt and Yemen too.....


Countering Preachers of Violent Extremism: Indian Muslims As Well As Government Need To Get Proactive?
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

An ideology of hatred and terror can only be countered by an ideology of love and peace. Moderate Islamic preachers can play a proactive role in countering extremist discourses and promoting progressive and moderate ones. Although civil society activists also have an important role to cover this area, Ulema and other religious scholars can best work out strategies to control extremists’ preaching.  First and foremost, they must exhort their youths not to leave doors open to any religious preacher trying to fill their minds with hate-filled sermons. The state also has an important responsibility in preventing radical preachers from spreading their nefarious influence.....

The Jihadist Trap of Here and Now
Scott Stewart

The Islamic State, consequently, will eventually follow the same strategy as the Taliban, al Shabaab, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. The group will abandon its territorial gains to return to an amorphous, low-level insurgency and terrorism campaign. It is, of course, the same strategic shift the group made in 2010. If it had not done so, it would not be here today. If the Islamic State does not abandon its here and now attitude, deciding to stand its ground and defend its caliphate to the end, it will be destroyed.....


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