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Radical Islamism and Jihad

Unlike their German counterparts, the robotised cadres of Pakistan’s terrorist organisations are cold-blooded murderers and bomb schools, mosques and shrines without a qualm; their German counterparts confined their violence to breaking up their rivals’ rallies, bashing their skulls and occasionally eliminating political opponents. The fatality toll during the 14 Weimar years was less than 100. In Pakistan, the number of the dead since 2007 has stood between 50,000 and 70,000.....


In Retreat, ISIS Takes Advantage of Libya's Political Divide
Mat Nashed

“Community divisions have resulted in some tribes coordinating with IS [to settle scores with their rivals],” said Badi. “If civil society can improve social cohesion, then terrorist groups will have a harder time to exploit disadvantaged youth, or create further chaos.” While that may be true, weak governance and the absence of a national army remain the biggest hindrances to eradicating IS. According to Rafideh, too many militias have political ambitions, while others prefer profiteering from the chaos than combating terrorism.....


More Civilians Than ISIS Fighters Are Believed Killed In Mosul Battle
Jane Arraf

More than five months later, the civilian death toll is still being calculated. The Iraqi government won't talk about casualties. But figures obtained by NPR from the Mosul morgue put the number of civilians killed at over 5,000. That is likely more than the number of ISIS fighters believed to have been in Mosul and presumed dead....


Will Extremist Movement’s Death Certificate be signed in 2018?
Osama Al-Sharif

But, while the so-called caliphate no longer exists, the brand continues to linger. There are reports that hard-line fighters fleeing Iraq and Syria may be recuperating in Libya — a failing country with rival governments and many militias. Furthermore, Daesh remains active in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria and northern Sinai. Even in Syria, a small heavily armed faction, Jaysh Khaled Ibn Al-Walid, remains wedged...


In Maududi’s hidebound, conservative version of political Islam, there was no room for any western democratic and humanist traditions that are basic to a modern democratic state. There were to be no basic democratic freedoms of civil society (read all Muslim sects, and all religious minorities), and no space for an open and free educational system; such freedoms were subordinated to the Maududi’s Islamic indoctrination....


On Trip to Bangladesh, Subway Bomb Suspect Reached Out to Refugees
Jeffrey Gettleman

Bangladesh’s Islamist political parties, even if not in power at the moment, seem to be shaping the debate. Several intellectuals said they were scared to speak out about friends who had been killed. Islamists have succeeded in branding secularists as atheists; one of the most dangerous things to be called right now in Bangladesh is an atheist.....


 It took Europe over two centuries of turmoil and wars to resolve the issue of the separation of state from religion. European societies were plagued by this problem for centuries and popes and princes fought for the bodies and souls of their subjects. The governed had no role except to remain subservient to one or the other or both. It was Martin Luther (1483-1546) who successfully challenged the pope and his church, laying the foundation for the separation of state and religion. But it didn’t happen overnight or without turmoil and wars....


The Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition: Can It Meet Its Objectives?
Syed Ata Hasnain

The Saudi initiative itself seems strange since it is the ideology which emanates from within the Saudi land which has been largely responsible for the spread of violent extremism around the world. Wahhabi Islam has the more obscurantist ideology. It is centred on Saudi Arabia but various schools of Islamic ideology have morphed today into radical beliefs, which attempt to keep the faith pegged to the conditions believed to exist in the period of the Salaf or the first three generations after the Prophet.....


Islamic Jihad Comes Under Fire for Allegedly Undermining Reconciliation
Ahmad Abu Amer

Pessimism continues to prevail in the Palestinian street in light of the accusations over the reconciliation, which is gradually stalemating as the parties continue to postpone the implementation of what was agreed upon in Cairo Oct. 12. While Hamas accuses Fatah and the PA of delaying the implementation of the Cairo agreement, Fatah believes that Hamas has not totally empowered the government in Gaza.....


Winning Hearts and Minds: Smart Policies to End Extremism and Violent Ideology
Zakir Gul

Democratic values shall never be omitted in the name of fighting terrorism as the democracy and terrorism is mutually exclusive. One critical rule here is terrorist organizations always benefit from the violation of democracy and human rights, and recruit more. Stricter policies and applications may backfire and only worsen the case. Instead, “winning hearts and minds” should one of the policies....


Terrorists Betray Islam’s Peace
Rabbi Allen S. Maller

“Action against terrorism that targets civilians starts with a serious stand against every one of those who have issued and continue to issue Fatwas for targeting any civilians anywhere. From now on, they must be deemed accountable unless they retract their Fatwas; they must be off limits, their movements must be restricted, their media appearances prevented, the sale and circulation of their books banned, and any acts of support or financing for their charities — or even hosting them — criminalized....


Legitimising the Radical
Khayyam Mushir

If the examples of Mohammed Morsi and Rached Ghannouchi offer any counsel, it is that the leadership of a movement, radical or political, determine its objectives and play an influential role in charting its course towards the achievement of those objectives. From what we have seen, the leadership of the Barelvi movements is erratic, violent, confrontational and irresponsible. It will go to any lengths to clutch at power and may not be easily contained or remain a puppet in the hands of an apparently stronger patron....

Pakistan: Targeting the Future
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

Pakistan: Targeting the Future
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

Significantly, after the APS Peshawar attack, many loopholes in the security arrangements of educational institutions had come to light. Then media reports indicated that less than 10 per cent of schools in KP had adequate security arrangements to thwart APS-like attacks, while the rest were functioning without or with insufficient protection for the students. There are more than 3,200 private and public schools in Peshawar alone, but just over 200 were issued "no objection certificates" (NOCs) indicating that they had adopted adequate security measures....


In an audio recording released Nov. 11, al-Qaeda adherent Jund al-Islam declared war on much larger Wilayat Sinai, which is associated with IS, and claimed responsibility for the Oct. 11 attack on a Wilayat Sinai vehicle that killed the four passengers. Jund al-Islam is vowing to eradicate Wilayat Sinai members if they do not repent and abandon what it calls “Baghdadi law,” which it says violates Sharia in part because it targets civilians and fellow Muslims....


After the gunfire stopped, the boys emerged from the bathroom to find their mother wailing as she flipped over their dead neighbours and friends to search for her husband. She found his body lying over their 5-year-old son. The father, 52, had taken a bullet to the head but apparently saved the child....


To Find the Extremism Behind the Egypt Terror Attack, Start With Anti-Sufi Preachers
HA Hellyer

In much of the international reportage around this brutal massacre, words such as “Sufi minority” were used, as though Sufism was some kind of marginalised sector cult, somehow dubiously related to Islam. That perception is not the perspective of the mainstream of Islamic thought. Historically, Sufism was regarded by Islamic scholars as being an integral part of the broader religious disciplines, and the practices of Sufis as being part and parcel of religious devotions....


Why Moderate Muslims Come To Support Extremist Groups
Barbara F. Walter

If these groups have proliferated because Muslim citizens are supporting them for practical reasons — because Salafi-jihadist groups are better able to fight or offer greater reassurances against corruption — then effective counterstrategies have to address the conditions that make support for these groups advantageous. Eliminate the underlying conditions that make an extreme ideology beneficial to embrace, and you eliminate the incentives for elites and moderates to back it....


But ISIS writ large isn’t just going after Sufis in Egypt. It continues to attack Sufis around the world, especially in Pakistan. Most infamously, ISIS bombed a Pakistani mosque in February that killed at least 70 people and injured more than 250. Four months before, ISIS murdered 52 people at a Sufi shrine. And in April 2011, suicide bombers killed 41 Sufis during a three-day festival....

Is Sufism A New Target For Terrorists In Sinai?
Sonia Farid

The beheading of Sheikh Abu Heraz was preceded by the bombing of two Sufi shrines in North Sinai in August 2013: the shrine of Sheikh Selim Abu Garir in the village of Bir al-Abd, where al-Rawda Mosque is located, and the shrine of Sheikh Hamid in al-Maghara region. Several village residents said extremists threatened them a few days before the attack to kill them if they celebrate the prophet’s birthday, which falls this year on November 30, since it is considered an un-Islamic “novelty.” …


With The Loss of Its Caliphate, ISIS Could Turn Even More Reckless and Radical
Joby Warrick

The group views Sufi Muslims as apostates and has attacked Sufi shrines in northern Africa and Iraq. But the Islamic State has generally not targeted Sufis in Egypt, where the strain of Sunni Islam has deep roots that date back centuries and broad popular appeal. “As you get more desperate, you also get internal feuding over who is more puritanical,”...


On May 17, the IS set out its new Takfir stance. Bin‘ali said this entailed a sequence of excommunication to which there was no end. As Bunzel puts it, if A is an unbeliever and B excuses A’s unbelief, then B becomes an unbeliever; and if C excuses B’s unbelief, then C becomes an unbeliever, and so on ad infinitum....


Do-It-Yourself Terrorism: The Threat Has Evolved From Trained Professionals to Simple ‘Singletons’
George H. Wittman

Less than a year ago, the focus of counter-Islamic terrorism was based on the fact that very few terrorists acted as “lone wolves” or, as they are known in intelligence jargon, “singletons.” That perception has changed dramatically. It’s now realized that a wholly new tactic requiring little training and organization presents an even more dangerous threat than the earlier operational approach of carefully organized, vetted and trained small “professional” groups....


At least 235 people have been killed after dozens of militants set off a suicide bomb and opened fire at a mosque in Egypt's restive northern Sinai province in the worst religious extremism attack the country has ever faced. The attack on Friday targeted supporters of the security forces attending prayers there, two eyewitnesses and a security source said….

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Attack On A Sufi Tomb In Kerala: Discern Between Malik Bin Dinar’s Islam And The Self-Styled Islamists Vandalising A Tomb And Chopping Off A Christian Professor's Hand
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

Why the Keralite Salafist activists systematically target the Sufi shrines, while they seem ‘peaceniks’ loudly talking about ‘Islam as religion of peace’? But when it comes to show peace and toleration within Islam itself, they find no room for other schools of thought! Literally, there is no diametric difference between the ISIS onslaught on tombs of the Prophet’s companions and the demolition of the Sufi tomb by the Salafis at Nadukani in Kerala. Worst of all, the deafening silence by the ‘popular’ Muslim fronts, Islamic media outlets and political parties particularly those formed in the name of Islam and Muslims in Kerala is appalling....

Autocracies Breed Terror in Middle East
Patrick Wintour

“Recent examples of the catastrophes created by evil ideologies can be found across my region: children who have lived through the mass atrocities of the Syrian regime, Isis in Iraq and Syria, or the war in Yemen are now young adults with little hope for a better future.” He said the risk was that such conflicts will breed a new generation of young extremists....

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