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Radical Islamism and Jihad

How Saudi Wahhabism Is the Fountainhead of Islamist Terrorism
Yousaf Butt

The House of Saud works against the best interests of the West and the Muslim world. Muslim communities worldwide certainly need to eradicate fanatical Wahhabism from their midst, but this will be difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish if the West continues its support of the House of Saud. The monarchy must be modernized and modified -- or simply uprooted and replaced. The House of Saud needs a thorough house cleaning….

Has the Third World War already begun?  The question may raise the hackles of security experts. That would be because our minds are tuned to the clash of organised armies on a massive scale in a global conflict. The world has since then changed. Even the most powerful countries realise that a full-scale war could be very expensive. A small country like North Korea is today able to threaten the US with a nuclear attack. The radical Islam is represented by the ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, Tehreek-e-Taliban and their affiliates in different countries.  These are targeting Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus—in fact, all ‘non-believers’, including sections of Muslims considered apostates….

Who's Killing Muslims?
Dean Obeidallah

Who's Killing Muslims?
Dean Obeidallah

Al-Ansi then went on to state in much greater detail that the attack was in response to France and the West killing Muslims: "We will tell you once again ... stop spilling our blood." And then he urged Muslims across the world to "take vengeance for Muslim blood spilled." Well, if spilling Muslim blood is the deciding factor for us Muslims to decide who we should take vengeance against, then al-Ansi and others in al Qaeda should immediately go into hiding. Simply put, al Qaeda has been slaughtering Muslims for years. Islamic clerics, doctors, nurses, women, children, etc. -- you name any type of Muslim, and al Qaeda has butchered them…..


The civil-society response required to effectively challenge extremism is gaining momentum. The barbaric actions of the jihadist gunmen have prompted French citizens to take to the streets in solidarity with the victims and to defend free speech. This, and other positive responses, must continue beyond the immediate period of mourning. We must choose fight instead of flight, but we must fight smart, with improved integration, with messages of pluralism and the compatibility of Islam and human rights in our education programs, and with the promotion of positive role models….

Militancy and Extremism Cannot Be Dealt With Without Eradicating Madrasas Ideological Sources
Zahid Hussain

Sectarian militancy has been deeply intertwined with the radicalisation of the madrasa, as minority sects feel increasingly threatened. Divided along sectarian and political lines, religious seminaries are largely controlled by the two main branches of Sunni Islam — the Deobandi and the Barelvi. Ahle Hadith or Wahhabi Muslims have their own schools, as do the Shias. Most of the madrasas are in time zones centuries away from the outside world…..


I Practice Jihad Every Day and I Am Not a Terrorist
Amal Al-Sibai

“My jihad is to be better than yesterday,” said Saleh Ashaka. “My jihad is to be more patient, speak less, listen more,” said Sandra Amen-Bryan. “Being a better teacher is my jihad,” said Sarah Saharah. “My jihad is to balance work and family life,” said Yasmin. “My jihad is pulling myself out of my warm bed to perform the pre-dawn prayer,” said Nour Moustafa. “My Grandma’s jihad was struggling with diabetes and multiple sclerosis while being bedridden for seven years,” said Ahmed Rehab.

What’s yours?...

In IS, ‘I’ Stands for Infection, Not Islam
Masoud Banisadr

Even among fundamentalist Wahhabis, only a tiny percentage — perhaps no more than 1%, so less than 0.01% of the overall Muslim population — follows this violent and intolerant interpretation of Islam. We should prevent Wahhabi preachers from recruiting and preaching violence and intolerance in mosques and religious schools, because they promote a simplistic black-and-white worldview and intolerance of other beliefs. ….


The Fourth Great War, For Modernity
M.J. Akbar

Pakistan, a unique country that straddled either side of a subcontinent and fondly believed that faith could unite what God's geography had divided. Pakistan could have become a Turkey in South Asia; instead it attempted to mix theocratic impulses with democratic intentions, and succeeded in achieving the worst of both worlds. Pakistan became the first Islamic state in the post-colonial era, and, inevitably, a sanctuary for myriad terrorists flying the flag of jihad in order to gain popular legitimacy.....

Wahhabism to ISIS: How Saudi Arabia Exported the Main Source of Global Terrorism
Karen Armstrong

The Saudi-based Muslim World League opened offices in every region inhabited by Muslims, and the Saudi ministry of religion printed and distributed Wahhabi translations of the Quran, Wahhabi doctrinal texts and the writings of modern thinkers whom the Saudis found congenial, such as Sayyids Abul-A’la Maududi and Qutb, to Muslim communities throughout the Middle East, Africa, Indonesia, the United States and Europe. In all these places, they funded the building of Saudi-style mosques with Wahhabi preachers and established madrasas that provided free education for the poor, with, of course, a Wahhabi curriculum. ....

Waging Ideological Battle Against IS
Harun Yahya

As the numbers of those seeking a solution in destroying Islam and Muslims, who do not want Muslims in their country and who sit back and watch the oppression of Muslims in the world has grown, this has further served to incite hatred. The horrifying images left behind by the coalition forces’ interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq were the final straw. Nobody could or did remain unmoved by the western powers’ indiscriminate killing of families and destruction of homes. Savagery inevitably incites hatred……

Rise of the Jehadis
Vijay Prashad

Rise of the Jehadis
Vijay Prashad

The U.S. knows very well that it is Saudi Arabia that is responsible for the miserable growth of the most extreme forms of Salafi extremism in the region; the U.S.’ elected officials, such as John McCain, cheered on the Jehadis in Afghanistan and Syria, finding them to be useful cannon fodder for games that were played on a global chess board.....


The Myth of Religious Violence
Karen Armstrong

As we watch the fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) rampaging through the Middle East, tearing apart the modern nation-states of Syria and Iraq created by departing European colonialists, it may be difficult to believe we are living in the 21st century. The sight of throngs of terrified refugees and the savage and indiscriminate violence is all too reminiscent of barbarian tribes sweeping away the Roman Empire, or the Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan cutting a swath through China, Anatolia, Russia and Eastern Europe, devastating entire cities and massacring their inhabitants. Only the wearily familiar pictures of bombs falling yet again on Middle Eastern cities and towns – this time dropped by the United States….

Wake Up Muslims! Muhammad Says ISIS Leaders Are Demons from Hell
Dr. David Liepert

There is no religion on earth that promotes rape, murder, torture, infanticide, oppression, tumult or war. But there is certainly a long history of politically motivated evil leaders who have abused faiths to that purpose, and today the Middle East has become that abomination’s “Ground Zero”. However, since religion’s abuse is the problem, religion remains the best answer, because Muhammad himself predicted ISIS, and said their leaders would be demons from hell…..

ISIS Is a Victim of Its Own Narcissism
Diana Moukalled

This narcissistic infatuation which ISIS has with its own image is most clearly evident in the videos which the group produces. The locations where these videos are shot sometimes seem akin to movie sets, and the footage itself like a movie, one where unfortunate actors are forever coerced to play the victim, and where, of course, they always die at the end. We watch these deaths—with all the accompanying fear and pain and horror this entails—at the hands of killers who do their deeds while looking straight into the camera for that inevitable close-up: yes, these killers slaughter and stone and crucify . . . all for the camera, and for nothing else……


Pakistan: Jama'at-ul-Ahrar: Obsessive Pursuits
Ambreen Agha

Significantly, the announcement of the formation of JuA was made on August 26, 2014. Maulana Qasim Khorasani, the former head of the TTP-Swat Chapter, was appointed emir (chief) of TTP-JuA and Ehsanullah Ehsan its 'spokesman'. Declaring the formation, Ehsan stated, from an undisclosed location, "the new group only wanted the Sharia'h system to prevail in the country."....

The Long Road from Islam to Islamism
Mushfique Mohamed and Azra Naseem

As the story goes, the demon appeared like a ‘ship of lights’ once a month, demanding virgin girls to be delivered to it at night to a designated location. In the morning the demon would be gone, and the virgin would be found dead. A Berber or Persian, who was visiting Maldives at the time, volunteered to go to the demon in place of the chosen virgin one night. He stayed up all night reciting the Qur’an. When the demon appeared, the sound of the Qur’an gradually diminished it in size until it was small enough to be put into a bottle. The Arab traveller sealed the bottle and disposed of it into the deep blue sea, banishing it forever. A grateful King Kalaminja converted to Islam, and his obedient subjects followed suit. ….

Baghdadi vs. Zawahiri: The Battle for Global Jihad
Bruce Riedel

Of course, one way to win a terrorist loyalty contest is to be the architect of an attack on the Crusader homeland. Nothing would cement Baghdadi's or Zawahri's credentials as the true heir to Sheikh Osama bin Laden than a spectacular attack in America….


From Teenage Colorado Girls to Islamic State Recruits: A Case Study in Radicalization via Social Media
Rita Katz

The abrupt journey of the three girls from American teenagers to jihadi recruits, as shocking as it may appear, is far from unique. The processes they underwent—from use of social media, radicalization, recruitment online, and even the actual travel route to join IS—all follow the exact same pattern shared by several hundreds of Westerners.

The process Grape underwent begins sometime over a year ago. In response to "What is the most important lesson you've learned in life?" Grape replied on Ask.fm, "To always do my homework" (ask.fm does not provide accurate dates beyond one year). Her responses to questions on ask.fm portray a typical girl next door….

Radical Face of Saudi Wahhabism
S. Irfan Habib

However, the stark parallels between IS and its ilk and the Saudi-Wahhabi travesty are telling. If IS is detonating shrines, it is following the precedent set in the 1920s by the House of Saud with the Wahhabi-inspired demolition of 1,400-year-old tombs in the Jannat ul Baqi cemetery in Medina. Again, the hatred for the Shia Muslims is one of the core beliefs of the Wahhabis. The earliest destructions and killings they carried out were in Karbala in the early 19th century, which was followed by the looting and wrecking of the tomb of Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet. Whatever be the face, bile against the Shias has remained a constant throughout Wahhabi-Saudi history, which is being carried forward by its latest flag bearers, the IS and Al Qaeda…..

The ISIL within - Defeating Them Begins Long Before Their Call to War
Habib Ali al-Jifri

These (Islamist terrorist) groups came into existence in part because the erroneous beliefs they espouse are deeply rooted in our education systems, our mosques, and the media and even in the way we think, react and live our lives. School curricula in some Muslim countries are filled with the virus of fundamentalism and extremism resulting in a generation of extremists. These schools are now trying to exonerate themselves for producing these graduates. Similarly, other institutions provide ineffective and feeble education. The amount of knowledge about Islam that these students gain is not enough to protect them from falling into the spider’s web of extremist recruitment. We see doctors, engineers and mathematicians – all graduates of these institutions – fighting in the ranks of ISIL. We have also seen graduates of regionally-based foreign institutions and American universities enlist for ISIL. ...


Can ISIS Maintain The ‘Caliphate’ Without Baghdadi?
Dr. Theodore Karasik

According to the reports, Baghdadi, was “critically wounded” in the American-led air strike that targeted the western Iraqi border town of al-Qaim. The key question is how ISIS fighters will interpret the loss of the leadership and especially if al-Baghdadi is critically injured and ultimately dies. We must recall that al-Baghdadi was reportedly injured just months before. We have a number of occasions where American airpower decapitated the leaderships of Islamist extremist terrorist groups. The deaths of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and U.S.-born radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki immediately come to mind…….


The Ugly Attractions of ISIS’ Ideology
Amir Taheri

“Pure Mohammadan Islam”: This is what ISIS, Daesh in Arabic, promises to deliver once the caliphate has defeated “Infidel” enemies and secured its position. The promise is at the core of its propaganda, including in cyberspace. Its recent blitzkrieg victories and high-profile beheadings are not the only reason ISIS has attracted universal attention. Perhaps more interesting is Daesh’s ability to seduce large numbers of Muslims across the globe, including in Europe and the United States…..

Violence, Islam And The Islamic Movement: Can Terrorism Be At All Justified In Islam? - Part 4
Dr Mohammad Nejatullah Siddiqui

Many misinformation and misunderstandings could be spread about Islam and Muslims because the people of Europe and America, rather the non-Muslims of our own country India do not know much about Islam and Muslims. It is very difficult to acquire information about the past history of Muslims and requires a lot of time but the misunderstanding about the Present of the Muslims can be removed easily. The answer to all  the  misleading propaganda about what is taught in madrasas, what is done inside mosques, what is taught and preached during the Tablighi tours and assemblies is that everything should be in full view of the public. It should be possible for every individual to observe the activities going on in Muslim institutions directly. Not only that, the internal well being of the Ummah also depends on the fact that finances and the management of all these institutions should have transparency and there should be no secretiveness in them....


Violence, Islam And The Islamic Movement: Can Terrorism Be At All Justified In Islam?  - Part 3
Dr Mohammad Nejatullah Siddiqui

If in a democratic non-Muslim majority country, the Muslim minority is being persecuted and the government fails to protect their life and property or does it deliberately, or even goes one step ahead and patronises those perpetrating violence, as happened in Gujarat in 2002, what should the Muslims do? Can they resort to violence in retaliation to violence? There is no doubt in the fact that like other Indians, Muslims have the right to defend their life, property and honour. The national law permits them to adopt every method to stop attackers even if the life of the attacker is lost in defending themselves. But under the pressure of the situation, some Muslims also resort to offensive violence which they term as Preventive Strike. In our view it is not right.....

Extremist Ideology: Jail, Jihad and Exploding Kittens

From Syria to Sinai, where Bedouin jihadists killed 30 Egyptian soldiers last week, militants are raising the black flag of jihad, and often in the name of IS. The large coalition led by America to roll back IS opens a new chapter in what ideologues hail as the climactic battle for Islam. As if anticipating the End of Days, Abu Qatada’s young son has a ringtone on his mobile phone of the crash of an incoming missile followed by a jihadist anthem.....


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