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Radical Islamism and Jihad

Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood: Islamic Comrades No More
Vali R. Nasr

For six decades, Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood were comrades in arms. Theirs was an Islamic alliance, formed in the 1950s to defend against the secular Arab nationalism that Egypt’s leader, Gamal Abdel Nasser, had unleashed. The alliance survived the end of that ideology, and since the 1980s it had defended the Sunni claim to Islamic leadership against the Shiite challenge from Iran……

Conditions at the shrine have produced calls on the Deobandi clerics to clarify their views: Do they, for example, accept the Sufi practices carried out in the same premises where they operate their madrassa, or not? Are the shrine's Sufis, and the structural complex itself, at risk?......


The magazine carries several articles, among which the notable ones are: 'Hellfire& Paradise' by Imam Ibn Qudamah Al-Maqdisi; 'The Last Night' by Muhammad 'Atta; 'Let's Understand Suicide Bombing' by Maulana Muawiya Hussaini and Ikrimah Anwar; 'The American Gorbachev' by Jaffer Hussein; 'Disavowal of the Kuffar: A Quranic Perspective' by Maulana Qari Tayyab; and 'Fatwa: The Islamic Ruling on Media' by the Scholars of the Taliban Mujahiseen Shoura Council Pakistan, among others. Some of these articles were previously published, such as 'The Last Night' by Muhammad 'Atta, the ringleader of the 9/11 attackers. There are also articles critical of secular education, a first-person account of the life of a Mujahis by Brother Dawood, an article on the current conflict in Syria, and reports from around the world regarding jihad….

When Civilisation Clashes With Terror
Ram Jethmalani

According to information available in the public domain, most funding for radicalisation of Muslim society, funding of madrasas, indoctrination, terrorist training camps, and arms to Jihadi groups comes from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Gulf countries. The US has an amicable and strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia for obvious oil reasons. The radicalised and terrorism trained jihadis, armed by the Saudis, and funded by Saudi money then target the US and the West. And yet, the US continues its strategic partnership with the Saudis, its lust for oil overriding its security interests.....

More than exploring the ancient city of Peshawar, I think all of us had wanted to prove to ourselves that we had not bought into the stereotype of Peshawar being a dangerous city. Other tourists might have stopped coming here but we weren’t like other tourists. We believed superficially that nothing would happen but the truth was that when we were on the road and everyone around us stared at us, we wondered if our bravado might have been a little foolish….


Human Sacrifice and the Taliban
Senge H. Sering

Besides, there is no such proof that killing a human or attempting to kill a human by slitting their throat is prescribed in Islam as a way to please Allah. May be it is Satan and not Allah that commands the Taliban and their fellows to do so. Or maybe, it is Talib’s schizophrenia or dementia that is making him slit the throat of his fellow beings. His obsession to kill others is a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder or clinical depression but not the display of pure faith. Well, enough about the dreadful, psychopathic, delusional, schizophrenic Taliban, especially when a billion and a half Muslims around the world are in festive Eid mood and they have no time to think or talk about humans slitting throats of other humans….

Compulsions and Obsessions of Jihad Adventure Tourism: Jihad Is Personal Duty (Fard-e-Ain), Martyrdom (Shahadat) Will Bypass Tortures of the Grave and Lead Directly To Heaven
Anat Berko

I would like to propose calling murder for the sake of Allah “Shahadah-mania,” which might make it easier for the West to understand and fight the syndrome. It refers to the obsession for Istishhad [martyrdom for the sake of Allah] and includes feelings of transcendence and euphoria after killing the infidel, the capitulation to instinct, the inability to function in daily life, and jihad as a good and even altruistic deed in this world to qualify for a hedonistic afterlife.....

The Jihadis Are Back

It is these militants who, feeling empowered by the imminent US exit from Afghanistan — which they are inclined to see as Uncle Sam’s defeat — may be heading back to Kashmir to pick up the threads of an unfinished jihad. And as Ahmad would like to believe, they are capable of doing this “with or without Pakistan’s help”….


President Abdullah Gül has issued a stark warning over the turmoil across the Middle East, saying ethnic and sectarian identity politics could presage an era of medieval darkness across the Muslim world similar to Europe’s Middle Ages....

Jihadi Battle Cry On Toronto Mural
Tarek Fatah

In the ongoing argument in Quebec about the proposal by the Parti Quebecois to outlaw all displays of religious symbols by public servants, there is general consensus the real issue is not the cross or the Kippa, but the Hijab and Niqab…

Taliban: FAQs
Hasnain Iqbal

Taliban grew up munching on a diet of Wahhabism.  Armed with dollars, American weapons and of course the Jihadi fervour, Russians were given a serious beating and forced to withdraw from Afghanistan. During the Russian episode, Taliban were given sanctuaries in our tribal belt to plan and train. A countrywide network of madrasas was also set up to ensure a never ending supply of ideologically driven Jihadis to the Afghan war….


Terror, from Mumbai to Nairobi
Shaul Shay

Since 2008, al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda-affiliated terror organisations have adopted a modus operandi that can be described as “self-sacrifice mega terror abduction”, first introduced by Chechen rebels against Russian civilian targets. The Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi late last month is itself a variation of previous attacks in Mumbai in 2008 and Algeria in January this year....


Contemporary So-Called Jihadi Movements
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

In present times, in many countries some Muslims are engaged in armed conflicts in the name of ‘Islamic jihad’. The fact of the matter is that no movement can become a genuine jihad simply because its flag-bearers give it that label. An action can be considered an authentic Islamic jihad only if and when it is fully based on the conditions that Islam has laid down in this regard. If a movement does not fully meet the conditions laid down in Islam for a jihad, it will not be a jihad…


Al-Qaeda killing Muslims: Kenya and Beyond
Joyce Karam

... they are innocent Muslim victims who happened to be at a shopping mall in downtown Nairobi on Saturday. The al-Qaeda horror machine did not spare them, nor did it spare those Iraqi Muslims who were killed during a funeral procession this week, or their fellow Syrians. The al-Qaeda horror machine feeds off chaos and sectarian divisions. From Nairobi to Mogadishu to Najaf and Idlib, al-Qaeda continues its hallmark of indiscriminate killing that is now taking more Muslim lives than ever before….


The Medium Is the Message
Aijaz Zaka Syed

These days as the world increasingly debates Islam and its followers, I often find myself revisiting this piece of wisdom. On the one hand, we have these spectacular acts of extremist violence around the world – the most recent ones being the Nairobi mall siege, the despicable strike on a church in Pakistan and the latest outrage targeting college students in Nigeria – all ostensibly orchestrated by people seen as Muslims....


Jihad Is the War That Won't End; Jihadism Is, Indeed, a Religiously Motivated Ideology
Ted R. Bromund

In the Middle East, strong governments, like Iran's, are often bad. But an absence of government is no better: Islamist radicals happily fill the vacuum. With a weak regime in Egypt, a weaker one in Libya, and the near-collapse of Syria, these vacuums are multiplying. The radicals have one weakness: They try to control territory. They tried earlier this year in Mali. Now they are trying in Syria….

'If You Convert Just One Woman, You Convert an Entire Family'
Joe Shute

THE woman in a full-length Burqa walked calmly into the drab government office. She moved close to the desk behind which an administrator was shuffling his papers. Others queued around her. Suddenly, without warning, she detonated the suicide vest she was wearing. The explosion flashed a brilliant white on the grainy CCTV before the cameras cut out, obliterating everything – and everyone – in the room…..


Kenya Terror Strike Was Part of Al-Qaeda’s Latest Global Jihad
Bruce Riedel

Al-Qaeda has achieved a long-sought goal of Islamist politics: the creation of a pan-Islamist militancy that operates across national borders and national politics. This transnational quality is one of the keys to al-Qaeda’s remarkable regenerative capacity, its ability to survive massive counterterrorism campaigns and rebuild operational capability quickly….


“The purpose behind sending these "professional fighters" is to ensure better success rates of infiltration attempts and use them to trigger a direct confrontation with the Indian security forces deployed in Jammu & Kashmir”. With pro-active operations lately on the slow-burner, the civilian casualties have been minimal and “by engaging the forces, these war-ready Taliban elements aim to provoke the security forces into intensifying active operations…


Let's start with the word "terrorists."  Members of al Shabaab are not terrorists; they are Jihadists, or Mujahedeen.  That is what they call themselves. So what difference does it make which words we use?  It makes all the difference in the world.  You cannot think precisely with imprecise words, and a Kafir is much more than non-Muslim. The word "non-Muslim" does not imply anything, except not being a believer in Islam….

Tableeghi Jamaat: Candy Floss and Cyanide
Nadeem F. Paracha

Ever been approached by a member of the Tableeghi Jamaat(TJ)? How soft-spoken and friendly they sound. So much so, that even if you disagree with their overly ritualistic interpretation of the faith, you can’t help but listen to them before (politely) excusing yourself….. Crude, crass, abusive and entirely reactionary. One was surprised at how easily the veneer of gentility that usually defines the personalities of Tableeghi Jamat members and of their supporters rubs off at the first sign of criticism….

Skewed Logic of Al-Qaeda
Tufail Ahmad

Islamic scholars have evolved a moderate interpretation of Islam by transcending the classification of Dar-ul-Harb (the land of war) versus Dar-ul-Islam (the land of Islam), the latter denoting Muslim countries and the former referring to non-Muslim countries. They have, notably, evolved the concept of Dar-ul-Aman, the land of peace, to describe countries like India where Muslims co-exist with non-Muslims….


The criminal insanity of your al-Shabaab youth that stormed the mall in Kenya and killed 64 innocent people and counting, represents the height of moral depravity. It is ironic that you were asking people if they were Muslim or not and then letting the Muslims go, while killing the non-Muslims, when in reality, you are the ones whose religion and adherence to Islam needs to be questioned….


The Fanatics of Islam
Mustafa Akyol

We Muslims should thus be clearer about what the problem is: It is fanaticism. And it will not go away unless we show a concerted effort to heal its religious, cultural and political roots.....

Al-Shabab has warned for two years that it will attack Kenya in retaliation for the country’s leading role in sending troops to Somalia in 2011 and effectively reducing the extremist group’s power in Somalia. Al-Shabab also claimed responsibility for the July 2010 suicide bombings in Kampala, Uganda, that killed more than 70 people watching a World Cup final soccer match at two different restaurants popular among foreigners. Ugandan troops also are fighting in the African force in Somalia….

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