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Radical Islamism and Jihad
Bangladesh: Talibanised Surge
S. Binodkumar Singh

Bangladesh: Talibanised Surge
S. Binodkumar Singh

Bangladesh is locked in a struggle between those who supported the Liberation war, and those who collaborated with Pakistan in the atrocities of 1971. The latter have sought to protect themselves under the banner of radical Islam, and to manipulate public sentiments, both to escape culpability for their criminal past, and to dominate the fractious politics of the country.....


The Bangalore Bombing: The Jihadist Political Tendency in Southern India Isn’t Of Recent Vintage
Praveen Swami

In 2003, for example, the Lashkar had argued on its website that violence against Muslims in India was an outcome of the core character of Hindus, who “have no compassion in their religion”.   Lashkar chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed also said that “the Hindu is a mean enemy and the proper way to deal with him is the one adopted by and forefathers [who] crushed them by force”. In the wake, SIMI called for Muslims to avenge the act by following in the steps of the eleventh century conqueror, Mahmud Ghaznavi.

It isn’t that the jihadists and neo-fundamentalists are the only—or even principal—voice of Muslims along the spice coast today.  The region is also seeing the birth of a secularised middle-class, fighting for opportunities in the new economy. Yet, religious chauvinism and discrimination have empowered those—like the Lashkar and SIMI—who argue that democracy offers no way out of the crisis the community faces. Facing up to the challenge will need both introspection and vision—qualities leaders in both communities have shown little of so far…..

The Salafi Wave in South Asia - 3rd Episode
Khama Bagosh Madzallah, New Age Islam

The Salafi Wave in South Asia - 3rd Episode
Khama Bagosh Madzallah, New Age Islam

Political parties are dependent on Salafi extremist’s help who provide armed support and protection, either to run political campaign or in other matters. Today many politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen, agriculturists and even journalists and intellectuals pay protection money to these extremists. One of the highest ranking officials of Punjab also pays protection money to a Salafi organization to save his life. The situation is going to be much worse in coming days as Pakistan is losing control over internal affairs very quickly. Deteriorating economic condition is another problem which raises the morale of such organizations as many jobless youths are trapped by such organizations, the best example being that of Ajmal Qassab, the lone survivor of Mumbai attack who joined Salafi camp due to unemployment....

The Acute Jihadist Threat in Europe
Scott Stewart and Sidney Brown

Trained, dedicated and armed operatives with international connections, such as Merah and Benladghem, pose a very different threat than the aspiring and incompetent jihadists frequently seen in the United States. This means that European authorities will have their work cut out for them....


The Hizbut Tahrir Manifestos: The Caliphate will carry out the twin aims of Dawah wal Jihad as its foreign policy
M A Niazi

The Hizb has issued two connected position papers, one on Indian aggression, and the other on military doctrine. In both, it discusses how the USA relies on Pakistan, particularly its armed forces, to pursue its aims in the region. It also discusses how the Caliphate will carry out the twin aims of Dawah wal Jihad as its foreign policy. How is the Caliphate supposed to control the armed forces?...

The Salafi Wave in South Asia - 2nd Episode
Khama Bagosh Madzallah, New Age Islam

The Salafi Wave in South Asia - 2nd Episode
Khama Bagosh Madzallah, New Age Islam

A new religiously rigid behaviour has become a common attitude in both India and Pakistan. Political, economic as well as social terminologies are also changing on T.V programmes and social media. For example social changes under the Salafi influence are quite evident in Pakistan. The centuries old term “Khuda Hafiz” (may god protect you) has been replaced with “Allah Hafiz”. Quite a movement was run in this connection sometimes ago that the word “Khuda” has been derived from the multiple Persian and Indian Idol gods and “Khuda” is used for a kind of god which can be shaped, whereas Allah is the singular God of Islam. The person would mind it, if we say “Khuda Hafiz” to him/her in Pakistan and would try to correct you if he has got time. You might get yourself killed if you try to reason with him/her on this topic because there could be something considered as blasphemous. An angry mob may torture and burn alive the person involved in the argument. We postpone the discussion over such incidents for some time, although I can present a dozen such examples where some people lost their lives over a small debate.............

Let Hefazat-e-Islam Not Dictate Terms
Hiranmay Karlekar

 It also called upon the Government to stop “attacking, shooting, killing and persecuting...Prophet-loving Islamic scholars, madrasa students and people united by belief in Allah”, to release “all arrested Islamic scholars and madrasa students”, lift “restrictions on mosques and remove obstacles to the holding of religious programmes”, “declare ‘Qadianis' non-Muslim.....

The Salafi Wave in South Asia - Episode1
Khama Bagosh Madzallah, New Age Islam

The Salafi Wave in South Asia - Episode1
Khama Bagosh Madzallah, New Age Islam

….Lashkar-e-Taiba they openly declare that Hanafi- Barelvi Muslims are quite similar to Hindus in worshiping Idols. There is a complete unanimity between the Ahl-e-Hadees (Wahhabi) clerics nowadays that people with Barelvi beliefs are at deviance from the definition of Islam. They have discontinued matrimonial alliances with them, but even if it happens somewhere incidentally and either the bride or bridegroom is Barelvi they try to convert him/her to Ahl-e-Hadees immediately, and for this the Ahl-e-Hadees clerics are given responsibility for the reversion of the astray…….

An analysis of 900 biographies of Lashkar-e-Taiba operatives killed between 1989 and 2008 chips at the argument that youngsters in Pakistan take to terrorism out of poverty and deprivation alone....


This news has triggered a political debate in the Netherlands and resulted into calls for stripping youths of Moroccan origins who fought in Syria of Dutch citizenship. It is something that indicates re-exporting the threat to Morocco. The head of Moroccan mosques in the Netherlands Mohamed Cherouti says: “As custodians of mosques and associations, we try to sensitise the youth and warn their fathers and mothers about these ideas that are imported from foreign. We try to make them aware and ask them to be cautious about calls for jihad. We also explain to them the true meaning and conditions of jihad in Islam. For several years, we've been tackling these calls for jihad which target our uneducated youths and cunningly turn them into cannon fodder in wars...


The True Meaning Of Jihad: Refutation Of Extremist Islamist Ideology By Ulema And Sufis
Ghulam Ghaus, New Age Islam

But the actions that are forbidden, unjust, unlawful and blasphemous cannot be made permissible, lawful, just and creditable by even extremely good intentions joined together. This is such an Islamic principle and legal formula as no one of the Companions, pious predecessors, Imams, and authorities of Hadith and exegeses has departed from to date. Some scholars have also interpreted this Hadith, ‘actions are judged according to intentions,’ as pointing to manifestation of deeds according to intentions. The actions take shape according to the intentions. So a terrorist’s actions speak of his intentions....

Islamists are like us, people of this world. The “sexual jihad” fatwa presages the era launched amid the changes witnessed by the Arab world. First there was a fatwa to breastfeed men, then there was a fatwa to engage in sexual intercourse with one’s wife after her death and later there was a fatwa to kill Mickey Mouse, and so on.....

Karachi: From Melting pot to Melt down
Gajendra Singh

Laiq Hussain, a member of the radical Sunni group Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, was riding his motorbike down a busy street in central Karachi, with a friend on the pillion, when they were ambushed. A bullet hit Hussain in the right temple: "I thought someone had thrown a sharp stone at me. My friend told me to start reciting verses from the Holy Qur'an; that's when I realised someone was shooting at us, probably using a silencer."...


Mullahs Spark Sectarian Conflict In Bareilly

Some villagers have contacted Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind to find a solution to this crisis. The pamphlet was titled ‘Tahaffuz-e-Iman’ (saving the faith) which said that marriages in families belonging to a particular sect were not permissible as they were Kafirs. 30 girls whose matches were found with great difficulty by their guardians now have to wait for some more years while these mullahs continue to fight to save the Iman of fellow Muslims....

Dar ul Uloom, Deoband: Putting Genies Back in the Bottle
Murtaza Haider
The Deoband-based seminary, Darul Uloom, is perhaps the most radical of all religious seminaries in South Asia. And whereas, religious leaders of all stripes in Pakistan, with the exception of the Taliban who are not necessarily religious but religiously motivated militants, have issued religious edicts against suicide bombings and targeting civilians, the India-based Darul Uloom has failed to do the same. Indian authorities will be well-served to recognise the challenges at home before they accuse others.....


Radicalisation is not a quick process; rather, it is the product of historical events, ideological conflict, and social and economic deprivation. The mistreatment of the masses by the mighty has been a reality throughout history; it is this injustice that propels people towards radicalisation and extreme actions. De-radicalisation is an endeavour directed at changing an individual’s value system...

July 1, 2012, will remain a sad day for Mali, the Islamic world and humanity as a whole. On this day, centuries-old Sufi shrines and mosques of the ancient city of Timbuktu, known as the "City of 333 Saints", began to be systematically demolished by Wahabi extremists who are wrongly portrayed as Muslims – or hard-line Sunnis - although their actions and beliefs have nothing to do with Islam….


Till now, more than 34 shrines have been attacked in eight months. It suggests out that these attacks are being launched with a deliberate intention and systematic plan by extremist religious movements. These radical groups want to provoke strife by desecrating the mosques, mausoleums and shrines of Auliya (Sufis) in the name of Islam. A 60 year old Tunisian woman, Zubaida Salihi says: “It's good to see the government pays heed to the preservation of the rich cultural and historical symbols of our country, and has decided to tackle those who want to impose their extremist ideas by force and violence. But we criticise the government for its delay. All that we demand from the government now is to hold to account those extremists and safeguard our religious heritage, without trying to sympathise with them for political interests and electoral gains".

Pakistan A Sinking State
Ajit Kumar Singh

Pakistan A Sinking State
Ajit Kumar Singh

Rampant corruption continues to afflict Pakistan, ranked 134th (out of 183 countries) on Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index 2011 (CPI). In the 2012 Index, Pakistan's position dropped to 139th (out of 174 countries). A volatile political scenario, approaching elections, sharp sectarian and political polarization, growing institutional confrontation between various branches of Government...

“Killing Jews Is Worship That Draws Us Closer to Allah,” “That’s His Jihad. What’s Yours?”
Poh Si Teng

Supporters say jihad is a spiritual concept that has been misused by extremists and inaccurately linked to terrorism, and they are determined to reclaim that definition with the ad campaign, called My Jihad. “My jihad is to stay fit despite my busy schedule,” says a woman in a head scarf lifting weights in an ad that started running on buses in December. “What’s yours?”

The Taliban View of Islam and Governance: ‘We Do Not Accept This Anti-Islamic System Called Democracy’ – Concluding Part

The author of this article Asmatullah Muawiyah is the former head of the banned terrorist organisation Sipah-e-Sahaba (Militia of the Companions of the Prophet) and the emir of Punjabi Taliban, Pakistan. In this article, he reiterates the Taliban’s ideological stand echoing Maulana Maududi’s view on democracy that it is an un-Islamic form of government and a system based on Kufr (non-belief). Of late, he has been trying to have a ‘meaningful dialogue’ with the Pakistan government for reasons known to him since his organisation Taliban has declared the Pakistan government a government of Kafirs though the majority  of the ministers are Muslims and Islamic Shariah is the basis of the law of the land.

In this article the Maulana has tried his best to drive home the point that all the social, political and economic ills of Pakistan are the result of the 65 years of this democratic system based on non-belief (Kufr) and only a system governed by the Taliban will rid the country of the corruption the country is mired in.

It should be noted that in their writings, the Talibani scholars harp on common issues of the people of the Pakistan and shed crocodile tears for them by mentioning the poverty, corruption of their leaders, plundering the wealth of the country by the feudal lords and Nawabs who have captured power, and never ever say anything on the issues of killing of Shias, destroying the Sufi shrines and carrying out suicide attacks on civilians in the residential and commercial areas.  In the concluding part of this article the Maulana exhorts the youth and the common people of Pakistan to revolt against the government with the help of bullet not ballot and encourages them to cause bloodshed and anarchy in the name of implementing Shariah. He has tried to show the human face of Taliban (though it has none) by shedding tears on the plight of the common people. Like most Urdu writers, he has used rhetoric and emotional rants to arouse public sympathy in favour of the Taliban covering up their inhuman terrorist activities killing everyone who disagrees with them. They did not hesitate even to attack a 13 year old Muslim girl for peacefully opposing their policy. This article shows their duplicity in the worst form. We at New Age Islam will keep exposing this duplicity of these terror mongers and enemies of Islam. — New Age Islam Edit Desk

Jihadis Will Disappear the Day Their Creators Run Out Of Uses for Them
Ayesha Siddiqa

In any case, these are risky assets to maintain in a nuclear environment. Going by the splinter-group theory, what if they start an accidental war? Getting rid of them at this stage is not hugely difficult either. In Punjab and Sindh, where these are spreading rapidly, they could be removed through an intense intelligence and police operation. It is mainly the intent and planning that could get things going....

As in Pakistan, the party’s aim in Bangladesh is to create an Islamic state, where the party is the sole arbiter of what counts as Islamic. The essential question for the party leadership is how it will achieve power. After the Pakistan Army launched its murderous crackdown in East Pakistan on 25 March 1971, Jamaat threw in its lot behind the generals....

Vulnerable Pakistan on the Brink of Collapse
Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

Vulnerable Pakistan on the Brink of Collapse
Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

On June 13, 2009, the most circulated English daily of Pakistan The News published an advertisement  on behalf of one Muslim Khan warning the Shias of Pakistan of leaving their atheistic beliefs within one month failing which the Shia men would be killed, their women would be held concubines and their children enslaved. It can be guessed from the content of this abominable letter what kind of Muslims Taliban are and how superficial their knowledge about Islam is. .....

Al Qaida’s Roadmap to Self-Destruction
Md Badral Din, New Age Islam

Now the ‘holy warriors’ might be hiding in some caves or jungles of Timbuktu preparing another ‘vision statement and roadmap’ for their self-destruction and the enslavement of some other independent Muslim country. The Saudi cleric Abdulaziz al-Fouzan rightly criticized the Al Qaida for the problems of Muslim countries. He said that their (al-Qaeda’s) actions open the door to “the enemies of the Islamic nation” to intervene in their affairs....

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