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Radical Islamism and Jihad

Egypt’s Salafists Win by Pacifying the Jihadists
Mona Alami

And this responsibility may fall entirely to mainstream Salafists. Attempting to pacify the Jihadi faction of the Salafi movement, through either dialogue or coercion, may prove a golden opportunity for the Salafi community to gain legitimacy and a more prominent role in national politics....


The conflict is also becoming more regional after Hezbollah intervened to help Assad defeat rebels in a strategic western town this month. Since then, hard-liners around the region have hiked calls for Sunnis to join the rebels in the fight. There are already believed to be several thousand foreign fighters among the rebel ranks, largely Islamist extremists some with al-Qaida ties.....


Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami: Culture of Hate
Sanchita Bhattacharya

The JeI has set-up mosques, madrasas and other Islamic institutions, all of which preach a radical Wahhabi form of Islam. With the promise of monetary benefits, many poor students from Bangladeshi madrasas have been recruited by the Jamaat and its allies for jihad (holy war) in places such as Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Bosnia and Chechnya. Being a tightly knit-cadre based party, JeI is able to attract a wide section of support through a host of local networks and social welfare programmes....

The Duty to Enjoin Good and Forbid Evil – Part 2
Maulana Abdul Wahhab Hashmi, Nawa-e-Afghan Jihad

The Duty to Enjoin Good and Forbid Evil – Part 2

The implementation of the Shariah is the mission of the Taliban but the unfortunate aspect of this mission is that they interpret the Islamic laws relating to the implementation of Shariah as forceful and often violent enforcement of their version of Wahhabi Islam that does not leave any room for personal freedom in matters of Deen clearly mentioned in Quran. In every sphere of life, people with canes and lashes will move about forcing people to act according to their interpretation of good and evil. For example, the members of ‘Amr bil Ma’ruf nahi Anil Munkar’ will roam the streets and prevent girls from going to school as it is against the Shariah, according to their understanding of Islam.

There will be groups in offices, schools, colleges, markets where they will watch people and force them to act according to their diktats. They can even enter houses without the permission of the owner of the house and inquire about the violation of Shariah by the members of the house. The basis of the article is a Hadith about ‘Amr bil Ma’ruf nahi Anil Munkar’ which has been interpreted as the basis of a group which will take the law in its own hand and punish people for alleged violations of Shariah laws. There have been reports of human rights violations by such Jihadi groups where the so-called members of ‘Amr bil Ma’ruf nahi Anil Munkar’ in the conflict ridden zones of Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan took the law into their own hands and ‘punished’ the ‘offenders’.

We are reproducing the English translation of the 2nd part of the article titled ‘The duty to enjoin good and forbid evil in Islam’ published in the June 2013 of the Taliban mouthpiece, Nawa-e-Afghan Jihad which presents their advocacy of a rigid interpretation of the implementation of Shariah. – New Age Islam Edit Desk

The Pakistanisation of Indonesia: Legal Infrastructure That Discriminates Against Religious Minorities, Allowing Islamists to Take the Law into Their Own Hands
Pallavi Aiyar

A new education bill is about to double the number of hours devoted to religious education in elementary schools at the expense of science classes. A new criminal code under discussion is proposing harsh punishments for couples who live together before marriage, and increasing the maximum prison term for adultery to five years from the current nine months....

Mogadishu’s Dilemma: Who’s in Control?
Muhyadin Ahmed Roble

Though Somali government officials heralded the group’s withdrawal from Mogadishu as the end of an era, the reality remains different.   Al-Shabaab has evacuated its known military bases but continues to maintain a presence there.  Control of the city is divided between two shifts in which government soldiers and al-Shabaab alternate as the dominant force according to the time of day.....


With their mobility restored, the Islamist Jihadists of the Sahel/Sahara will continue to take advantage of regional political rivalries, underequipped militaries and fears of neo-colonialism to rebuild their movement. Libya’s inability to secure its restless south and its readiness at the highest levels of government to ignore terrorist infiltration present the most immediate and most important challenges in restricting jihadist operations....


Qarzawi Fatwa Asking Sunni Youth For Jihad Only Deepens Syrian Crisis, Furthering A Shia- Sunni Split: Where Are The Ulema And World Muslim Bodies?
Dr. Mohammad Ghitreef , New Age Islam

Now Qatar-based renowned Egyptian Islamic scholar Yusuf Al-Qarzawi, himself a member of Muslim Brotherhood, called on the Sunni world to go to Syria and support Sunni Jihadists against this cruel, anti-Sunni, Shiite, Ishmaelite-Alawite regime, yet after his appeal the situation worsened. …   When Qarzawi issued his fatwa, … why didn't he realize that in doing so he was only furthering a Shia- Sunni spilt and making the two factions pitch in a horrible and endless sectarian battle?....

War on Terror in West Africa:  The Rise of Nigerian Islamic Militant Group Boko Haram and Others
Poppie Mphuthing

This war of attrition by Boko Haram against Jonathan’s government in a bid to create an Islamic Nigeria simply goes on, while the casualties and fatalities steadily rise. While Jonathan insists that the fight against Islamists is being successfully fought by the Nigerian military, the tone is more one of false bravado than the self-assured sentiment of a man with a plan. The man with the plan seems to be US President Barack Obama, putting money where his mouth is in a bid to disable Boko Haram….


Apropos Our Doubtful Religiosity
Jibrin Ibrahim

They way we practice our religions erodes our civil culture and focus on what divides us. And yet, we all know that the core values of Islam and Christianity are capable of bringing us together in a life of peace, tolerance, honesty and morality. If only we believe in what we say, we will stop killing each other....

‘Azan: A Call to Jihad - On the Road to Khilafah’: A Comprehensive and Conclusive Refutation by an authoritative Quran exegete

In a grand irony of history the divine scheme has set the mightiest nation on earth to defend the faith of Islam on pressing political and terrorism grounds, but which country can be more suited for this noble task than the One that has the name of God engraved on each of its trillions of coins and printed on billions of currency notes. To wrap up this Refutation, let the following concluding remark, appearing in a recent exegetic publication [#] warn the ideologues of terror and assuage the anxiety of the terrorized humanity:  “Finally, as a word of reassurance, the violent extremists – the modern Kharijites and Qaramites (brutally fanatic sects of early Islam) are no more than poisonous sediments of history, and like their counterparts of almost a millennium ago, they are bound to be increasingly marginalized, and eventually jettisoned from the world of Islam.” ...

Hardly a day passes on without any issue relating to Islam making the headlines in a very sorry manner. If it is not the Boko Haram 'Islamic' sect, it is the Ansaru 'Islamic' sect  or better still a Michael that was converted to Islam. Even if they never had any link with Islam as a religion, or whether such heinous activities run contrary to the teachings of Islam, it wouldn't matter to them. It is Islam here and there....


Moderate Muslims Must Oppose Islamism
M. Zuhdi Jasser

The “morphine” of jihadism numbs their identity and drives them to destroy free societies. It infects them, dehumanizes their fellow Americans, and instructs them to commit acts of terrorism against their own — Muslim and non-Muslim alike. As is often the case with Islamists, their radicalisation is preceded by misogyny and a learned behaviour that dehumanises women and then all those who seek to be free. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was arrested in 2009 for assault and battery against his girlfriend....

The Rise of Global Islamism
Tufail Ahmad

Islamism is a cultural and political movement aimed at eradicating secular and democratic ethos of a society in a bid to pave the way for Islamic ascendancy. It introduces exhibitionist religiosity in people’s lives: there is no issue if a woman wears a Burqa, but the problem is a body of religious and political ideas that makes her choose such a dress code. Subsequently, these ideas begin to strike at the roots of individual liberty, women’s freedom, rights of non-Muslims and a free press....

Saudi Arabia Funding Fuels Jihadist Terror
Jonathan Manthorpe

The Saudis began exporting Wahhabism in the early 1970s when the country’s oil wealth began growing at an ever-increasing rate. The amount the Saudi royal family, both by government donations and the generosity of individual princes, now lavishes on Wahhabist schools, colleges, mosques, Islamic centres and the missionary work of fundamentalist imams around the world is extraordinary....

The New Suffragettes: Taking on the Taliban
Malala Yousafzai

The youngest-ever nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, Malala also had a UN petition launched in her honour – “I am Malala” – to demand universal girls’ education across the world.  She has spoken of her ambitions to work as a doctor or politician in the future. For now, however, her greatest objective is to inspire: “If one girl can make a difference, then every one of you can make a difference....


Prepare Muslim Youth to Behead Ahmadis through Suicide Bombing, Demand Radical Mullahs in Punjab: Preventing Radicalisation of Muslim Youth in India No Less Challenging Than It Is In Pakistan

Recently, the head of anti-Ahmadiyya movement, Tahaffuz-e-Khatam-e-Nabuwwat Conference, Maulana Habib ur Rehman Sani Ludhianvi said that Muslims should abandon Sufism. Speaking against the need to root out Ahmadiyas he said that Muslim parents should prepare their children for jihad. It suggested that Muslim parents should prepare their children for the beheading of Ahmadiyas by carrying out suicide blasts in India as they were doing in Pakistan. That Such open invitation to Qital (killing of non-believers) can be given in a secular and non-Muslim majority country of India gives the hint that jihadist and extremist elements among Muslims are lurking in India as well and looking for an opportune time when they will themselves train and prepare Muslim children to carry out suicide bombings against Ahmadiyas, Shias, Hindus and Christians and also against those supporting democracy....

Mohamed Hamid: From Petty Criminal to Tutor of Terrorists
Cahal Milmo

When Mohamed Hamid had his first brush with criminality, it saw him thieving a tin of sweet corn and a packet of fish fingers. By the time he had finished, he had become one of Britain's most prominent recruiting sergeants for Islamist extremism. The 55-year-old former crack addict was for years a prominent figure within fundamentalist circles...


The Abuse of ‘Takbir’ From Ballot Boxes to Woolwich
Nervana Mahmoud

Not much good comes out of horrific crimes such as the one in Woolwich, yet the graphic video that later emerged serves as another reminder to many devout Muslims of the glaring abuse of their religion, and has led the Muslim community in Britain to stand firmly against this abhorrent act. Meanwhile, in the Arab world, many Muslims continue to fight hard against radical Islamism to reclaim Islam from hijackers who use and abuse their religion for a wide range of purposes, ranging from winning elections to violent crimes....


Reclaiming the Jihad: A Response to Tarek Fatah
Maryam Sakeenah

While we correctly acknowledge Woolwich as savage terrorism, why are similar instances in Afghanistan or Pakistan or Yemen or Iraq also not recognized as equally unacceptable, intensely provocative and deeply damaging? As long as contemporary politics continue to operate on the premise of ‘some are more equal that others’, such ugly outrages will keep happening at the hands of the psychologically vulnerable. The need is an all-out struggle- a progressive ‘Jihad' if you will- against all wrongs that fuel the vicious cycle, regardless of who the perpetrators may be....

Muslims Should Always Keep Weapons with Them According To Sunnah, prepare your children for Jihad: Maulana Habib Ur Rehman Sani Ludhianvi
President Majlis-e-Ahrar

‘The Ulema have put the importance of jihad in the present day behind them. The Ulema of Deoband have become cowards. Muslims should always keep weapons with them according to the Sunnah. They should keep a sword or a dagger even at the time of Namaz’. These views were expressed by the national president of Majlis-e-Ahrar Maulana Habib ur Rehman Sani Ludhianvi...

Looking at this from a Christian perspective, while we might engage in a war with the Taliban in Afghanistan, this is not a holy war for us but a military campaign, even if Christian soldiers in the military feel they are doing God’s work in protecting America and rooting out terrorism. But no one – or at least, hardly anyone with a working brain – is thinking that it is our Christian duty to kill Muslims or that by decimating the Taliban we are advancing the gospel....

They Rise From the Ashes of Isolation
Farrukh Dhondy

He gravitates towards those like himself who have for similar reasons formed a cabal, one that allows them to believe that they are part of a universal purpose. What’s more, they believe it’s a purpose ordained by God himself and that the Kafirs who don’t understand that deserve to be destroyed. Then comes the confident theology of paradise with its 72 virgins and, finally, the degradation of butchers’ cleavers to hack and behead strangers...


The Children of Anwar Al-Awlaki: Woolwich Attack Confirms That the Jihadist War against the West Is Heading In a Worrying New Direction
Jeremy Havardi

Today al-Awlaki exercises considerable influence from beyond the grave through the political warfare magazine Inspire. It conveys his idea that extremist Muslims should carry out covert operations against targets independently, both to terrorise populations and disrupt the security services. If one cell is captured, it will not compromise the plotting of another....


The ideology of violence and sectarian and communal hatred that the terrorist organisations, Salafi governments and lone preachers have instilled in the minds of the Muslim youth all over the world will continue to inflict damage to the Muslims themselves even if all the European nations withdraw from all the Muslim countries as has been witnessed in Iraq. In fact they will create situations when only European countries will be able to resolve their mutual religio-political conflicts with their force as happened in Mali and as is going to happen in Syria. The Jihadi outfits in Syria as well as Muslim youth like Faisal, Jauhar, Tamerlane and Michael Adebolajo are eagerly looking forward to the supply of arms and ammunition from the same NATO countries they so intensely hate to fight their own Muslim brethren. What a confusion and dilemma of the Muslim Ummah....

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