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Radical Islamism and Jihad

Today, Pakistanis are killing each other in the name of religion. Be it Ahmedis, Christians or Shias who are the victims of this never-ending violence, there is chaos everywhere despite the fact that Pakistan is a so-called ‘Muslim country’. Many Pakistanis, especially those who sit online, are feeling repugnant towards the Israelis. We are calling them cruel, insensitive, and soulless and every other bad name we can think of.....

World Media on ISIS, Iraq and Syria - Part 10

Most of today's Salafist jihadist movements have no interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, for the time being regarding it as irrelevant. Instead, their call is to engage in intense, bloody confrontations involving bombings, executions, and suicide attacks against governments headed by Muslims and against Muslim civilians. Al-Qaeda has followed this course for decades, and now the Islamic State (IS) is following in al-Qaeda's footsteps, fighting a brutal war across swathes of Iraq and Syria and in an effort to “purify” these areas through killings and population displacement. .....



The Iraq War’s Key Players: Where Are They Now?

By Priyanka Boghani

Why the Islamic State Has No Sympathy for Hamas

By Ali Mamouri

Islamic State Works to Win Hearts, Minds with Bread

José Ciro Martínez, Brent Eng

Defenceless Turkey in Syrian 'Local' War

By Cihan Çelik

The Chaos that has Erupted in Iraq is part of a Grander Western Strategy of a Fractured and Divided Middle East

The Analysis Report

World Media on ISIS and Iraq - Part 9
New Age Islam Edit Bureau

World Media on ISIS and Iraq - Part 9

The detachment of ISIS from Al-Qaeda has enabled ISIS to act independently without caring al-Qaeda's reputation and baggage. The near future is expected to bring about an abrupt change in Al-Qaeda’s radical ideology towards more moderation due to ISIS’s brutality and intolerance. This resembles the decades-old ideological disagreements between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist movement: when one shows extremism, the other shows moderation.....



ISIS: Rapid Transformation from Militia to State

By Raed Omari

Driven From Their Country, Syrian Refugees Consider Suicide

By Veronique Abu Ghazaleh

How Islamic Is The ISIS?

By Muhammad Abu Talib

Aleppo’s Rebels Struggle to Hold on as Regime, IS Advance

By Mohammed Al-Khatieb

Maliki Furious Over Jordan-Hosted Sunni Opposition Conference

By Omar Al-Jaffal

World Media on ISIS and Iraq - Part 8
New Age Islam Edit Bureau

World Media on ISIS and Iraq - Part 8

The terrorist organization ISIS has set a new low standard of barbarity and inhumanity. Their most recent act of terrorism is a demand that Christians either convert, pay the Jizya, leave their homes, or be killed. Their destruction of an 1800-year-old church in Mosul is painful, condemnable without exception, and wholly in violation of every Qur'anic principle. In fact, the Qur'an 22:41 specifically commands Muslims to protect Churches from destruction. Nothing in Islam or Prophet Muhammad's example supports ISIS's barbarity......



A Muslim's Ramadan Message to ISIS: You Don't Speak For Islam

By Qasim Rashid

The False One: Islamic State's Caliph Is A Fantasy Enterprise

By Farrukh Dhondy

Showdown Begins Between Syrian Army, Islamic State

By Abdullah Suleiman Ali

Islamic State Destroys Sacred Shrine In Mosul

By Ali Mamouri

Does Iraq's President Hold Any Real Power?

By Mushreq Abbas

Prepare for the Middle East’s Version of the Thirty Years’ War

By Richard N. Haass

House Votes to Tie Obama's Hands in Iraq

By Julian Pecquet

World Media on ISIS, Iraq and Syria - Part 7

We are familiar with the bleak narratives of life under the Jihadists: public amputations as punishment for crimes under Sharia law, crucifixions, Christians compelled to pay “minority” taxes, women forced to bundle up in Niqabs, black ISIS flags hanging throughout cities, and an overall dampened social life. But a New York Times article captures streaks of a renewed sense of order in the self-declared caliphate’s capital, Raqqa, and how the insurgents are transforming their ideology into reality by establishing their brand of theocratic rule in the eastern Syrian city. ....



Is Al-Qaeda Making A Move From Afghanistan To Syria?

By Abdullah Suleiman Ali

Iran Dominates Iraqi Market after Occupation of Mosul

By Omar Al-Jaffal

Echoes of Apocalypse in Iraq Conflict

By Ali Mamouri

Don't Look To Yemen Model For Solutions In Iraq

By Farea Al-Muslimi

‘ISIS’ Review: Ancient Gods Solve a Murder, Freud’s Involved — What’s Hard To Follow?

By Jane Horwitz

ISIS ‘Worse Than Al Qaeda,‘ Says Top State Department Official

By Tim Mak

ISIS Brings Human Rights Abuses, Order to New “Caliphate”

By Irene Chidinma Nwoye

Expelled Iraqi Christians, Give Witness To ISIS Fascism

By Elizabeth Scalia

Twitter Was So-So At Debunking That False Rumour about Female Genital Mutilation and ISIS

By Jesse Singal

Hundreds of Muslims Join Pro-Christian, Anti-ISIS Rally In Baghdad

By Frances Martel

ISIS Jihadist Group Orders Shopkeepers in Mosul to Cover Mannequins with Veils

By Katherine Weber

ISIS: "Their True Face of Genocide Is Now Showing”

By Brendan Cole

With Friends like These, ISIS Is Doomed

By Jacob Siegel

Is Iraq’s Kurdish Region Outside Of ISIS Calculus?

By Dina Al-Shibeeb

ISIS Leader Threatens Obama: 'We're Coming For You'

By Andrea Billups

World Media on ISIS Iraq and Syria - Part 6

Both are the violent spawn of the already violent, but much reduced, Al Qaeda, the Islamist cult that carried out the attacks on the United States, UK and Spain. There are alarming reports that these poisonous cults are spreading like cancers in Africa, with comparable growth in Pakistan, Afghanistan and even Indonesia. These are all part of the Al Qaeda franchise, with wannabes even in the United States and Canada. Do they have a future? There is an old Greek saying that "Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad."....




ISIS "Greater Threat" to West than al-Qaida

By Daniella Peled

ISIS likely to attack Baghdad before end of Ramadan

By Laura Kokotailo

Syrian rebels say ISIS on the run around Damascus

By Nazeer Rida

Jabhat al-Nusra reveals its true nature

By Abdallah Suleiman Ali

Are ISIS and ISIL based on religion or ideology?

By Laina Farhat-Holzman

Are ISIS and ISIL based on religion or ideology?

By Laina Farhat-Holzman

Life in a Jihadist Capital: Order With a Darker Side: In a Syrian City, ISIS Puts Its Vision Into Practice

By An Employee of the New York Times and Ben Hubbard

Saudi poll to reveal public’s level of sympathy for IS

By Abdullah al-Duhailan, Rahma Thiab and Shaden al-Hayek

Will the young Britons fighting in Syria be allowed to return home and resume their lives?

By Boyd Tonkin

Congress split on keeping Iraq together

By Julian Pecquet

Mosul may mark a critical moment in the region’s history

By Michael Young


World Media on Iraq, Syria and ISIS - Part 5

The green light for the use of ISIS brigades to carve up Iraq, widen the Syria conflict into a greater Middle East war and to throw Iran off-balance was given behind closed doors at the Atlantic Council meeting in Turkey, in November 2013, told a source close to Saudi – Lebanese billionaire Saad Hariri, adding that the U.S. Embassy in Ankara is the operation’s headquarter…..


U.S. Embassy in Ankara Headquarter for ISIS War on Iraq – Hariri Insider

By Christof Lehmann

ISIS Unveiled: The Identity of the Insurgency in Syria and Iraq

By Christof Lehmann

New caliph makes a murderous mockery of those of old

Peter Hellyer

Iraq’s obsession with Faisal II reflects its hunger for a lost era

By Faisal Al Yafai

Turkey’s benign neglect helped spur the Islamic State’s rise

By Atilla Yesilada


World Media on ISIS, Syria and Iraq - Part 4

The Islamic State, arguably the most dangerous and brutal terrorist group in modern history, now controls more than a third of Syria, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a prominent opposition nongovernmental organization. The group’s stunning victories in Iraq have been repeated in Syria, though to a lesser extent and to even less media attention. IS now controls nearly all of the oil-rich eastern province of Deir ez-Zor, with regime forces controlling only a few pockets. Crucially, after ousting its rival, the al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra, from the provincial capital, IS is now face-to-face with regime forces......




Al-Qaeda Group Divided On Islamic State

By Atef Kadadra

The Islamic State Finds That Politics Is Much Harder Than Power Grabs

By Taylor Luck

Iraq’s Obsession with Faisal II Reflects Its Hunger for a Lost Era

Faisal Al Yafai

Gloves Come Off Between Syrian Regime, Islamic State

By Edward Dark


It is expected that the issue of announcing Shahroudi as the religious authority in Iraq will be postponed until the post-Sistani period to ensure his success and eliminate any strong competitor. In this case, the Iranian guide would have a significant presence in Najaf and Najaf policy would shift from the civil state project sponsored by Sistani to the project of Shiite Islamist parties loyal to the idea of Velayat-e Faqih.



Najaf, Qom Take Different Approaches in Iraq

By Ali Mamouri

Iraqi Crisis Highlights Need for Dialogue

By Mustafa Al-Kadhimi

Jabhat Al-Nusra, IS Compete For Foreign Fighters

By Mohammed Al-Khatieb

Why Islamic State's Caliphate Is Trouble for Egypt

By Mahmoud Salem

Media and the Kurds in Iraq

By David Romano

The Sunni Revolution in Iraq

By Tariq Al-Hashimi

The Past, Present and Future of Mosul

By Cemil Ertem

Reconciliation or Division: Iraq between Skyes-Picot And Biden

By Othman Ali

Europe’s Universalist Islam and Isis’s European Fighters

By Ceyhan Boya


Under The Shadow of the Caliphate
Hasan Suroor

Indeed, in many Muslim quarters — including India’s Urdu press, run mostly by Sunni Muslims — there is a sneaking admiration for ISIS. NewAgeIslam, the Delhi-based progressive news website, has pointed out how the Urdu press “manipulated” quotes from repatriated Indian nurses and workers about their ISIS captors by playing down, or suppressing negative opinions while playing up positive ones.

Poser to the Moderates

“Clearly a section of the Urdu Press has sympathies for ISIS. This requires a rethink. The earlier Muslims make up their mind about them the better. While Nuri al-Maliki is to blame for alienating Sunnis and behaving like a Shia dictator, the answer is not a Sunni band of terrorists loyal to the Islamic Khilafat of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ruling parts of Iraq,” wrote New Age Islam’s Editor Sultan Shahin.

How World Media Views Israel and Gaza - Part 2

So where do the rockets fit in? Hamas is therefore playing a cynical game by firing completely useless and militarily insignificant rockets into Israel. The purpose of these wanton attacks, that cannot hope to penetrate Israel’s Iron Dome, cannot reasonably be other than to provoke Israeli retaliation. As we know from history, this will be overwhelming and disproportionate. And this could be just how Hamas wants it. Their hope is likely to be that this will lead to significant sympathy around the Muslim world, particularly in the month of Ramadan. This will see money pouring into the various global charities of Hamas, from a wide variety of sources. The idea seems to be that this might rescue Hamas financially, and save them from their ideological extinction too....


The Articles:

What is Hamas trying to achieve?

By Dr. Azeem Ibrahim

To Crush Hamas, Israel Must Give Gaza Hope

By Venetia Rainey

What next for Gaza?

By Robert Turner

See how Palestinians depict themselves

By Rami G. Khouri

Death in Gaza, ambivalence and anger in Cairo

By Abdallah Schleifer

How will Lebanon treat the man who fired on Israel?

By Abdulrahman al-Rashed

World Media on ISIS, Iraq and Syria - Part 1

Even mighty, meddlesome Shiite Iran’s offer to help Iraq with “everything” will not decisively tip the balance of power, crush the Sunni insurgency, and keep Maliki permanently in power. If the Iraq of today falls to pieces, the US should have allies – Sunni allies, that is – that would be willing to talk with tomorrow. As one sheikh from the Albu Rahman tribe recently said, “There is no way back.”  The brutal intra-Sunni civil war is rapidly approaching. We should get ready for the next bloodstained chapter of Iraqi history.......


Can ISIS maintain its self-declared caliphate?

By Paul Crompton

The Islamic State expands in Syria

By Hassan Hassan

Obama’s unconvincing aid to Syria’s rebels

By Joyce Karam

Three paths for the Middle East’s states

By Mohamed A. El-Erian

Iraq's Next War: Tribe vs. Terrorist

By Aki Peritz

Caliphate of Terrorists
New Age Islam Edit Desk

Caliphate of Terrorists

It is interesting to note that it is these terrorist and retrograde organisations that have accepted and recognised Abu Bakr Baghdadi’s caliphate and have sworn allegiance to him. No Islamic country has accepted it. By swearing allegiance to Abu Bakr Baghdadi the Boko Haram has proved him the Emir of the terrorists. Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Khilafat has dissociated from Al Qaida and has sworn allegiance to the ISIS caliphate. The terrorist group fighting Bashar Al Assad in Syria has also announced its allegiance to the ISIS and has accepted Abu Bakr as their caliphate. In short, Abu Bakr has been accepted as the caliph of terrorists and his caliphate has acquired the status of caliphate of terrorists. This caliphate of terrorists will get oxygen as long as it works for the interests of the US and Israel in the region. The day they cease to work for the US and Israel, they will meet the same fate as Osama bin Laden.  Their caliphate will die a dog’s death…..

Taking Hi-Tech Steps to Root Out the ISIS Threat
Jamal Khashoggi

I received the following tweet: “I saw you yesterday in (...) the restaurant. The state supporters are everywhere. Be careful.” Is this a threat, or advice? Or does the person who tweeted this want to tell me “we’re here?” I checked out the account of Abu Abed al-Mowahad, the man who made this tweet, and realized he’s a committed supporter of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and not just a passerby joking with me. He’s been professionally active at distributing the ISIS publications and news and at calling for supporting it. He does not engage in debates and conversations exchanging threats and insults like most of this extremist movement’s supporters do…..


Israel's Real Purpose In Gaza Operation? To Kill Arabs
Gideon Levy

One must, of course, be outraged by the modus operandi of Hamas: Not only does it aim its rockets at civilian population centres in Israel, not only does it position itself within population centres — it may not have an alternative, given the crowded conditions in the Strip — but it also leaves the Gazan civilian population vulnerable to Israel’s brutal attacks, without seeing to a single siren, shelter or protected space. That is criminal. But the barrages of the Israel Air Force are no less criminal, on account of both the result and the intent…..


ISIS Is Not Bad News!
Abdulrahman al-Rashed

ISIS Is Not Bad News!
Abdulrahman al-Rashed

The sweeping advance of ISIS fighters in Syria, Iraq and Yemen and the targeting of Turkish, Jordanian and Saudi borders sounded alarm bells across the world for the first time since the end of the 9/11 phase. Different civil and governmental powers woke up from their slumber to the news of consecutive victories of groups like ISIS, the al-Nusra Front and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. A state of alert reigned supreme because everyone witnessed that nothing seemed impossible for these groups……


The problem, as per the Saudi view, originates from the fact that any effort to form an Iraqi government must be negotiated in Tehran, rather than Baghdad. For Iran to be able to maintain influence over Baghdad - and have all Iraqi politicians undertake a political pilgrimage to Tehran - it must continue to rely on theologically extremist recruitment techniques as well as some Shia actors and Shia militias…..


Modernity According To the Islamic State, Boko Haram, the Taliban Et Al
Hasan Azad

The historic Sharia was not punitive. It is important to appreciate the history of sharia because the efforts of modern groups at establishing an Islamic state revolve around the desire to implement Sharia. Hence, much of their violence may be traced back to their understanding of what Sharia entails, both now and under the aegis of a dream Islamic state. The purpose of pre-modern Sharia was to bring about communal cohesion, through local Quadis or judges - who were not affiliated with the state in any way - and their mediation between and for aggrieved parties. In pre-modern times, the punishments we are now conditioned to instantly associate with Sharia were rarely, if ever, carried out.....


Why the World Is In the Grip of Jihadist Menace
Saeed Naqvi

When Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, all with American and European help, provided men, money and arms for the civil war in Syria, Sunnis began to sense power. Now external support is drying up. The moment has produced the man. In the persona of Abu Bakr Baghdadi of the ISIS, has emerged a latter day Otaybi, independent of all past sponsors, turning viciously to bite the very hand that feeds. Americans are beginning to learn yet again an old lesson: in the ultimate analysis, there are limits to power…..

ISIL and the Caliphate
Dogu Ergil

This development requires analysis of the concept “caliphate.” It is a term that emerged after the death of Prophet Muhammad and as a noun “caliph” means successor. The person who holds the post of caliph has the authority to preside over and manage the affairs of the Islamic community. The first caliphs that followed Prophet Muhammad were called “Rashid,” meaning the rightful, wise and mature and showing the right way…..


ISIL Becoming a State

ISIL is unequivocal concerning its ultimate goals: It aims at creating a state where Shariah law will be strictly observed. Women will have to “dress decently” and only go outside “if needed.” Muslims must go to prayers on time and thieves would have their hands cut off. It is not easy to sustain such a strict implementation of Shariah in the 21st century. However, the longer it takes to mobilize the international community to counter ISIL, the more difficult it will be to fight it……


ISIL and Hybrid Salafism
Hasan Kanbolat

The emerging anachronistic take on Salafism, which can be defined as a “return to Islam's origins,” is boosting the global perception of Islam as being synonymous with terror and depravity. And so it is that humanism-focused Islam is being dragged into a potentially endless ideological crisis.....


The Caliphate Returns
Gwynne Dyer

“We hereby clarify to the Muslims that with this declaration of Khilafah (caliphate), it is incumbent upon all Muslims to pledge allegiance to the Khalifah Ibrahim and support him.” They are not going to do that, and the sheer radicalism and intolerance of ISIS’s members make it unlikely that their project will survive unaltered for more than a year or so even in the territory that now makes up the “Islamic State”. Nevertheless, it is extraordinary that the 7th-century caliphate has reappeared even fleetingly in the modern world. Bush and Blair have a lot to answer for…..


Expanding Vistas of Nigerian Jihadism [II]
Femi Fani-Kayode

"What do Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Central African Republic, Mali, Pakistan, India, Russia, China, Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, Indonesia, Myanmar, Lebanon, the Philippines, Malaysia, Turkestan, Chechnya, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and many more countries all have in common? The answer is that they are all fighting against Jihadists that are determined to overthrow their secular constitutions and replace it with a fundamentalist Islamic Caliphate in either the whole or part of their countries!"…..


Jihadist Scholars Have Started Denying the Established Islamic Doctrine of Greater Jihad (Jihad Al-Nafs), Declaring It a Sufi-Invented Campaign against Jihadism
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

This is an instance of how the self-styled Jihadist scholars and radical zealots have started denying the established Islamic doctrine of greater Jihad blaming the Sufis for preaching it as a campaign against the rampant murderous Jihadism. They have now started to totally deny it to the extent of declaring all the Prophetic traditions (Hadees) in its favour as Maudu (fabricated) or Daeef (technically weak). Not only this, they are also rejecting or misinterpreting the Qur’anic texts establishing the beautiful concept of jihad al-Nafs, while the holy Qur’an has exhorted this spiritual Islamic Jihad against one's negative ego in various places .........

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