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Radical Islamism and Jihad

Religious Extremism = Child Abuse?
Engy Abdelkader

In truth, most Muslim parents are similar to other parents in terms of the dreams and aspirations they have for their children: good health, good schools, good jobs and the good life. And most children who have such access have little reason to seek comfort and a sense of belonging in the violent ideologies espoused by Web-based terrorist recruiters looking to seduce them…..


Militancy in Pakistan Getting Younger and Urbane
Mahendra Ved

Militancy in Pakistan is increasingly getting urban and attracting the educated. Besides its numerous local affiliates, the most significant beneficiary is Al Qaida. That Pakistan is home to several Islamist militant groups with Al Qaida connections is not a secret.....


Al-Qaeda and ISIS Fight Over the Jihadist Future
Brian Michael Jenkins

Faced with open defiance from the leader of Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria and Iraq, Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri publicly expelled the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), suspending its franchise and stripping it of its status as part of the Al-Qaeda global enterprise. The split will test the value of Al-Qaeda’s brand….

Al-Qaeda: The Third Generation?
Abdulaziz Alhies and Hamza Mustafa

Al-Qaeda: The Third Generation?
Abdulaziz Alhies

The very concept of al-Qaeda - of the universal Jihad - is crumbling. More precisely, what's coming to an end is the co-existence - within this concept - between the classic model set by Osama bin Laden on the one hand, and on the other, the decentralised model defended by Ayman al-Zawahiri and, more significantly in the Syrian case, Abu Mus'ab Al-Suri....


Tehreek-e-Taliban: Fear Has Transformed Pakistan into Stone
S Iftikhar Murshed

The leaders of the country have seen the head of Medusa in a mirror and fear has transformed them into stone. This is the impact the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has had on the nation. Ordinary people – men, women and children – have writhed under the tyranny of its despotism which has never thought it necessary to proffer a reason for its atrocities other than in terms of false religion. Even the most grotesque acts of cruelty, such as the beheading of soldiers, are presented as piety.....


An overwhelming majority of Taliban fighters and leaders are ethnic Pashtuns, but the movement is neither ethno-nationalist nor is it a tribal uprising. The Taliban has a mix of Ghilzai and Durrani Pashtuns within its ranks, but attracts members from other Pashtun tribes and some non-Pashtuns, too. Clan and tribal identity has never been the sole criteria for membership or leadership. The Taliban have never been able to mobilize a whole tribe or a clan for their cause.....


Egypt Can Stop Its Spiral toward Radicalisation
Emad Shahin

Unfortunately, the regime’s tactics have produced more social polarization and divisiveness, turning Egyptian society Orwellian. Recently a man reported his wife to police for belonging to the Brotherhood, presenting as evidence a picture of her making a Rabaa salute — a symbol of the infamous massacre at a sit-in last August. Similarly, a mother told police her son belonged to the April 6 youth movement….


Jihadist Magazine Azaan’s Call for Western Muslims to Attack Their Own Homelands in Europe and America Violates All Tenets of Islam - Part -1
Ghulam Ghaus, New Age Islam

The write-ups in this magazine would make the impressionable Muslim youth feel as if they were born either to kill or be killed and that there is no better purpose to their life, if they are true Muslims. Thus it is detrimental to their faith as it gives legitimacy to killing all the infidels including non-combatant civilians. It is important to remember that the Jihadi-Wahhabi definition of infidel includes even non-Wahhabi Muslims whose able-bodied men have to be killed, old men and children enslaved and women turned into concubines to the Jihadis....

Zawahiri Asks For An Intifada In Bangladesh?
Taj Hashmi

Most importantly, al-Qaeda is neither just an Islamist terrorist group like the Lashkar-e-Taiba, HUJI or JMB, nor is it an Islamist political organisation like the Muslim Brotherhood or Jamaat-e-Islami. It is a global movement and a franchise like McDonald's. It can open new branches anywhere. No country, including Bangladesh, is off limits to its operators. It loves to explore new opportunities to recruit fighters from trouble spots, especially from Muslim underdogs within and beyond the Muslim World. From al-Qaeda perspective, politically turbulent and socially fractured Bangladesh is an “attractive” place….


Jordanian Jihadi Fighters
Mona Alami

Jordanian fighters have come to play an important role in the protracted Syrian conflict. Unlike the previous generation of Jordanian jihadis—al-Qaeda leaders from a decade earlier who professed their belief in a global jihad—this new generation currently fighting in Syria is prioritising regional and local causes. The outcome of their engagement in Syria will define the vision and goals of this rising generation of Jordanian fighters….


TTP under Mullah Fazlullah: What Next For the Pakistani Taliban
D Suba Chandran

This is where one could expect the main difference in the TTP’s focus under Fazlullah, as compared to that of the Mehsuds. Neither Baitullah nor Hakimullah Mehsud attempted to impose their version of Islam. In fact, it would not be wrong even to state that both the Mehsuds did not even have a version of Islam that they attempted to impose. They were ruthless more in carrying out a violent vendetta against the State of Pakistan, than attempting to change its society. .….


There has been demand for outlawing Jamaat. The government, for reasons unknown, is unwilling to oblige. It is time that we deal with the Jamaat issue. Now is the time to get rid of the violent elements in our politics. Don’t we have a finer political vision than Jamaati politics? ….


Bangladesh Islamist Militants Maintain Links with Al-Qaeda
Julfikar Ali Manik

Some Bangladeshi Islamist militant leaders and their outfits have had longstanding relations with the terrorist organisation al-Qaeda and its leaders, including Ayman al-Zawahiri, an audio message of whom has caused concerns across the country since Saturday. The links have been established through journalistic investigations, findings of independent and local researchers, and government investigators, and records in different considerable websites…..

Salafists enforce a fundamentalist form of Islam that promotes violent jihad, or holy war, against non-believers. They settled in Gaza about a decade ago, and have collaborated for some time with militants in Egypt, particularly in the Sinai Peninsula. Shin Bet says West Bank recruits are being managed by the Gaza-based jihadists, who use only nom de guerres...


Saudi Arabia: The Cradle of Terror
Catherine Shakdam

72 preachers across Saudi Arabia have, under strict orders from the royals, called on their congregations to join and support “Jihad” in Syria. Saudi Arabia’s clerics, the very men who should have been advocating peace and restraint, have called on Muslims to wage war on their Syrian brothers, thus directly interfering with a founding pillar of Islamic law. The very militants that claim to be carrying the flag of Islam are no more than abominations, Takfiris radicals, the hellhounds of Saudi Arabia…..

Eradicating a Distorted ‘Jihadi’ Ideology
Samar Fatany

The negative influence of some religious leaders and imams, the inadequate standard of education that fails to prepare them for the work force, the neglect of uneducated parents and the traditional upbringing of many families who dismiss dialogue and communication are some of the major factors that have denied proper guidance for the young. ....


The current Wahhabi movement is working to restore the glorious time of the Muslim Empire and its Jihad against the Christian powers. The leaders of Wahhabism are applying the fanatic Sunni Shariah as it is stated in the old teachings of the old scholars: Ibn Taimiya and Abdel Wahhab and others. .....

Though most of the people consider Wahabism as a branch of Sunni Islam especially in the West, the reality however is contrary. Wahabism is a hardcore Islamic ideology which claims to return to the earliest Islamic fundamentals of Islamic sources of Quran and Hadith. They get their ideologies directly from Quran and Hadith and reject the existence of any medium between the believer and the source….

Wahhabi scholars have from the start, advocated religiously motivated violence and took part in crucial moments within the rise of the Saudi government. The issue which makes them so relevant and dangerous today is the advancement in technology, information and the continuous support of the petro-dollars. It has made this ideology even more dangerous than it was, and there seems to be no reliable attempt to minimize or extinguish the existence of this movement…..

The juvenile reformatory in Kabul contains dozens of children, all of whom security forces detained before they could commit suicide bombings, Mahmoud Ahmadzai, an Afghan civilian, said, noting the Taliban's propensity to use children for such missions….

Talibanisation of Society and State Of Denial
Zubair Torwali

Since its very birth, Pakistan has favoured the Deobandi School. This favour touched new heights during the ‘darkest ages’: the years of General Ziaul Haq who was a puritan Muslim himself in addition to being a protégé of the Wahabi state of Saudi Arabia. Under Zia’s policies, the Deobandi (read Wahabi) version of Sunni Islam was inculcated in the youth and children through public schooling and a network of Deobandi madrasas. The textbooks for Pakistan Studies, Urdu and other subjects were filled with lessons on Deobandi scholars and there was no mention of the other schools. In these textbooks, scholars were painted as saints and sages. A religious scholar, Syed Ahmad Sarhindi, was made Mujaddid-e-Alf-e-Saani (Sage of the Second Millennium) and his achievements were exaggerated hyperbolically.

Similarly, Shah Waliullah, another great scholar, became the subject of many lessons in Pakistan Studies and Urdu textbooks. Both these scholars were great intellectuals in their particular spheres but their inspiration was mainly drawn from the urge to ‘purge Islam from the norms or influences of Hinduism’. In this way, it was an antithesis of Sufi Islam. Sufi saints were the real harbingers of Islam in the subcontinent. Syed Ahmad Barelvi, though an inhabitant of Rai Bareily, was a disciple of the school of Shah Waliullah. He waged a jihad against the Sikhs and ended up in Balakot in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He has been made a hero in Pakistan Studies textbooks....

Are Wahhabis on Warpath against Moderate Muslim Sufis in Sri Lanka
Shenali D Waduge

Saudi embassies are said to be acting as centres to promote or outsource Wahhabism. Local Wahhabi institutes, publications and propagandists are funded through the embassies. If we were to designate extremist Islamists – they are the Wahhabi followers and not Sufis. Sufis are those who are religious inclusive and assimilate with local traditions and they do not shun other religions and certainly tolerant. Sufis do not shun music, poetry and other artistic forms; they inculcate intellectual exploration and open to modern knowledge and science. Wahhabis are against music, dance and social mixing of sexes....


…. jihadists in most places, including Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya, are conducting most of their fighting against fellow Muslims. Indeed, over the past decade, jihadists have killed far more Muslims in terrorist and insurgent attacks than they have non-Muslims. This fact, along with the manner in which jihadists have governed areas under their control in places such as Yemen, Mali, Somalia and Syria, has been working to undermine the jihadist ideology and to show Muslims that jihadist rule will not produce paradise on earth…..


Understanding and Treating the Cancer of Islamic Extremism
Ribal Al-Assad

Peace and prosperity will enhance our safety, wherever we are. They will annul the allure of extremism and as people cease to run from violence and poverty the emigration crisis will disappear. That's the potential of Western involvement and investment. The alternative is to allow Saudi and Qatar to continue to dominate the region through investment in and the aggressive promotion of Islamism is an appealing message for the many young, disenfranchised people in the region and beyond. Islamism simply fills a void that is so clearly avoidable.…..


One of the most influential groups in the jihadist movement is al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Jihadist activity in Yemen has been cyclical. Yemen was the location of the first jihadist attacks against U.S. interests in December 1992, and it was the site of one of the first Predator strikes against jihadists in November 2002. The U.S. and Yemeni campaign against jihadists in Yemen was initially considered one of the successes in the "Global War on Terrorism," but a February 2006 jailbreak from a high-security prison outside Sanaa and political chaos in Yemen allowed the jihadist movement there to re-energize…..


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