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Radical Islamism and Jihad

Syrian Jihad Spawned the Islamic State
Nauman Sadiq, New Age Islam

Syrian Jihad Spawned the Islamic State
Nauman Sadiq, New Age Islam

Machiavelli advised his patron that invent enemies and then slay them in order to control your subjects. The Arab autocrats are paying heed to this Machiavellian advice; they have invented a Shia enemy to control their Sunni subjects. But why did the West chose to become a part of this evil scheme? Last year the chiefs of staff of the US, Britain, France, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey met in Jordan; and a report by UAE’s newspaper [1] also mentions the existence of a secret command centre in Jordan which is staffed by military officials from 14 Western and Arab countries including Israel.…..


According to media reports, police and intelligence officials foiled a plot to kidnap a random member of the Australian public, drape them in the Islamic State flag and behead them on YouTube. If true, it is indeed terrifying. Such criminal intentions must be motivated primarily by the rise of the so-called Islamic State and the much-publicised beheadings of three westerners, among other, larger-scale atrocities against locals…..

How Will The Islamic State Be Designed?
Hasan Kanbolat

The IS has made it clear that its next target is Riyadh. IS activists in Saudi Arabia protest the current administration in Riyadh, writing "The Islamic State is eternal and spreading" on walls around the country. That the IS has made the Saudi administration a direct target is a source of uneasiness both for international oil corporations and the US. The third reason is that by acquiring the surface and underground economic resources of Iraq, the IS is disrupting the regional balance of power. For this reason, the US hit various IS targets in Baghdad and Arbil…..


ISIS Is Not Just Un-Islamic, It Is Anti-Islamic
Nihad Awad

If we want to stop ISIS, we must deny it any claim to represent Islam and starve it of the fuel of injustice. It is up to our political leaders to take the lead through a comprehensive international strategy, not in the number of bombs that can be dropped, but in the establishment of the freedom and justice that will spell the end for ISIS and its ilk......

Why Did ISIL Agree To Give Up The Turkish Hostages?
Emre Uslu

Although ISIL had the Turkish diplomats in its hands, they were treated as if they were not hostages. For instance, the Turkish consul was allowed to use his cellphone during his captivity of more than 100 days. ISIL is not a stupid organization which does not know that an electronic signal could be used as intelligence to reveal where the hostages are. In order for ISIL to allow the Turkish diplomat to use his cellphone, it must have had a guarantee that Turkey would not conduct an operation to rescue the hostages. Like its beginning, the hostage-taking saga ended in a bizarre way. ISIL released the Turkish hostages, but left many unanswered questions behind it…..


Portugal's Jihadists: Take Heed, Every Time These Jihadists Mention the Recovery of Al-Andalus They Are Also Referring To Portugal
Soeren Kern

Security analysts from Spain, however, are warning the Portuguese government against complacency. They argue that although the number of Portuguese jihadists may be small compared to other European countries, radical Muslims are becoming increasingly strident in their vows to re-conquer Al-Andalus—of which Portugal is a key component—for Islam. Al-Andalus is the Arabic name given to those parts of Spain, Portugal and France occupied by Muslim conquerors (also known as the Moors) from 711 to 1492, when both the Moors and the Jews were expelled by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella……

Islamism – The Radical Impostor Form of My Religion – Has Declared War on Islam
Qanta Ahmed

As a devout Muslim, the tragedies of recent days have packed an added blow for me. Along with the senseless loss of two promising young lives, I have been forced to confront the fact that the beautiful religion that continues to sustain me – that supports me in my life-giving work as a physician – is increasingly the domain of those who would use it to destroy everything I hold dear…..

Ban ISIS in India
New Age Islam Edit Desk

Ban ISIS in India

The security agencies, particularly the NIA have been reportedly monitoring the social media. But why only the social media? A section of the Urdu media has been publishing material that projects the ISIS as the fulfilment of the aspirations of the Muslims by establishing the so called caliphate. It has been ignoring its brutalities and atrocities against Muslims and non-Muslims alike. ISIS has been perpetrating these atrocities in total violation of Islamic precepts of peace and compassion for humanity, but doing it in the name of enhancing the glory of Islam which in their view calls for dominating the whole world……

It Sounds Like We Are All ‘Reluctant Fundamentalists’
Nuray Mert

It sounds like we are all “reluctant fundamentalists” now - this is what the debate over the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has turned into in Turkey. It feels like if we condemn ISIL without finding excuses we will betray our religious identity, legitimize Western interventionism, or even whitewash Western imperialism. That is why it is not only the Turkish hostages in the hands of ISIL that prevent us from discussing the issue. In fact, the best way to challenge all sorts of interventionism - or any kind of Western meddling in regional politics - is to have an honest debate on radicalism and fundamentalism in the name of Islam……


Is the Islamic State Really ‘Not Islamic’?
Jonah Goldberg

As for its not being Islamic, that’s at best unclear, if not just clearly wrong. And the fact that the majority of its victims are Muslim is irrelevant. Lenin and Stalin killed thousands of Communists and socialists; that doesn’t mean Lenin and Stalin weren’t Communists and socialists. If such terrorists who kill Muslims aren’t Muslims, why do we give them Qurans when we imprison them?.....

ISIS Acts Out Of Islamic Beliefs
Farzana Hassan

That’s all there is to it, and the sooner Muslims realize the origin of the ideology, its moral bankruptcy and its potential for devastation, the better it will be for them and the rest of the world.. ….

Gauging those characteristics without exposing the individuals concerned to operational information will be very difficult. The Islamic State group is unlikely to take a risk in most cases and will probably only attempt to release a few trusted individuals for uncomplicated suicide missions. The challenges of making and deploying suitable bombs without detection back in their home countries will probably be beyond most of these few. So, while the threat is real and must be taken seriously it must also be seen in context; one that is not as numerically great as the assessments of officials and experts have so far indicated……


‘Islamic State’ Is an Ephemeral Phenomenon, Before It Is Consolidated, It Will Be Eliminated
Farooq Sulehria

Daash, or Isis, and the ‘caliphate’ it has founded very much resemble Tashbash’s character. Mullahs have been telling us: a caliphate is the solution to all our ills. Ironically, in the Middle East what unites Washington and Moscow or Iran and Saudi Arabia is a pathological opposition to the ‘Islamic State’. The absurdity of puritan utopia is evident from the fact that every time a Tashbash of an ‘Islamic State’ arrives on the scene, fellow Muslims want to lynch it in horror. In my view, the ‘Islamic State’ is an ephemeral phenomenon. Before it is consolidated, it will be eliminated……


The Impossible War: ISIS Cannot Be Beaten As Long As There Is Civil War in Syria
Patrick Cockburn

The five or six million Sunni Arabs who live in areas controlled by Isis in Iraq and Syria may not be happy with the brutality, bigotry and violence of their new rulers. But they are even more frightened of the prospect of the soldiers and militiamen of the Baghdad or Damascus governments recapturing and wreaking vengeance in Sunni cities, town and villages. The Sunni communities in both countries have little choice but to stick with Isis as their defenders….


…the major issue remains that there is no national consensus among Nigerians on what Boko Haram is, what it stands for, what threat it poses to Nigeria and how it can be obtained. An insurgency with social and ideological roots has been thoroughly politicised by the political elite who accuse each other falsely as “sponsors” of the insurgency. These accusations and counter-accusations dominate public discourse and the media, and have obscured the real situation….


The Children with AK-47s Who Defied IS
Gabriel Gatehouse

Mother and son wept, as fear and uncertainty dissolved into tears of relief. Both were healthy and well. Ali bent down and kissed his mother's feet. The house soon filled up with relatives and neighbours. Two young boys were pushed forward through the crowd. Abdallah and Abdelhadi, aged 10 and 12, stumbled forward. Each was clutching a Kalashnikov rifle. "My nephews - these are the heroes of the siege…

Romeos of Terror
Sangram Parhi

After the Arab Spring, hailed so naively by the West as a reawakening of the Middle East’s soul, collapsed into insurgency and jihad, young men and women are flocking from all over the world to join Islamist fundamentalist guerrillas fighting in Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Palestine. Many of them are dirt poor, uneducated with little employment prospects or disillusioned with their irrelevance in society. Spurred on by radical preachers financed with mainly Saudi and Qatari money, they are part of a growing legion that hates anything that goes against their twisted version of religion…..


A Jihadi Battle of Brands: For al-Qaeda, as for Any Fundamentalist Religious Movement, India’s Diversity Will Always Represent a Bitter Pill to Swallow
Bernard Haykel

Avoiding such topics is deliberate, not least because the historically dominant form of Islam in India, which is strongly inflected by Sufism and somewhat syncretistic, is inimical to al-Qaeda’s ideology and teachings. Even the Salafis in India, the otherwise named Ahl-e Hadees, among whom I have done extensive fieldwork research in such places as Batla House and in Old Delhi, are committed to an Indian nationalistic agenda, and readily participate in electoral politics. Indian Islam, in other words, does not fit the rigid categories that al-Qaeda would like to impose on the wider world of Muslim belief and practice. Hence, it is better for al-Qaeda not to delve into such matters for fear of losing further credibility and audience share. It is challenging enough to have to contend with the threat that ISIS poses, and it would be suicidal to have to argue also with the Barelvis, the Deobandis, the traditional Hanafis, the Ahl-e Hadees and the Sufis…..

What We’ve Learned about Terrorism in 13 Years
Fareed Zakaria

I began by noting that Islamist terror is not the isolated behaviour of a handful of nihilists. There is a broader culture that has been complicit, or at least unwilling to combat it. Things have changed on his front but not nearly enough…..


ISIS Campaign: Bingo! Here’s Another Force of Evil to Be ‘Vanquished’
Robert Fisk

Obama is going to resurrect the Sunni “Awakening Council” militias – a creature invented by a certain General David Petraeus – who were paid to fight al-Qaeda by the Americans during the US occupation of Iraq, but who then got blasted by al-Qaeda and betrayed by the Shia-dominated Iraqi government. Obama has even invented a new name for these militias: he called them “National Guard Units” who will “help Sunni communities secure their own freedom from ISIL”. National Guard indeed!......


Al-Qaeda’s Move to Create a South Asian Wing Should Be Viewed in the Context of Its Patchy Sub Continental Record
Shashank Joshi

Over 6,000 Indian Muslims did apply for visas to Iraq but these were Indian Shias who wanted to fight against Sunni jihadists. While this throws up its own set of problems for India, given the prevalence of Iran-backed hard-line Shia militias in Iraq and Syria, it doesn’t help al-Qaeda.  “Zawahiri’s first public message in two years looks like a desperate gamble intended to help al-Qaeda keep up”……


It Should Be a Matter of Great Shame for All Clerics, If Even One Muslim Is Involved In Terrorism
Javed Anand

“It is not a question of numbers. For me, as police commissioner of the city and for the police force under me, it should be a matter of great shame if even one police man or woman is communal.” Call it “zero tolerance” policy. For Muslims, the takeaway from Sahney’s comment should be this: It is not a question of how many Muslim youth have taken to terrorism. Since it is oft reiterated that Islam strictly prohibits the killing of even one innocent person, it should be a matter of great shame for all Maulana’s, muftis and Maulvis if even one Muslim is involved in a terror act. Who would pretend there is none?....

Al-Qaeda's Zawahiri Eyes India but Stays Silent on Islamic State
Bruce Riedel

The new group is called al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), and Zawahiri named as its leader Asim Umar, a Pakistani who had written previous messages for al-Qaeda threatening India. Last year, Umar said to Muslims in India, “You ruled India for 800 years,” and that it was time to return to the Islamic rule and law across the subcontinent. This ideological fantasy of restoring the Mughal Empire in India is not unique to al-Qaeda; other terror groups in Pakistan share it….


Her parents, Muzaffar and Khalida, said they were horrified that their 'sweet, peaceful, intelligent' child had joined jihadists in Syria and had hoped she would become a doctor in Britain.  In a statement issued today, they said she had 'betrayed' the family but begged for her to return home. They said: 'We still love you, Aqsa, but we now have to put your family, your brother and sisters first as you have betrayed us, our community and the people of Scotland when you took this step. 'You have torn the heart out of our family and changed our lives forever. Please come home.'....


Another Related Story:

'You've betrayed us': Parents of private school jihadist in emotional appeal for her to stop inciting massacre and return home from Syria

By Emma Glanfield


Al-Qaeda’s Play in the Sub-Continent: An ISIS Evolution?

This analysis may be missing the mark: What may be occurring is the evolution of Sunni extremism and proto-state development into Pakistan and India while at the same time that the Islamic Caliphate is in its early stages of functioning. This activity is not to set up an epic competition and battle between the ISIS and al-Qaeda: Instead, the move is looking towards the next level of the concept of Caliphate construction in the coming years….


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