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More than 400 killed, 2,000 hurt in Tripoli: Arabiya TV

Libyans Rejoice in a Castle Filled With Guns and the Trappings of Power

Gaddafi says he quit compound in 'tactical withdrawal'

Col Muammar Gaddafi has vowed death or victory in the fight against "aggression"

UN HR urged the Pakistan to investigate killings and disappearances in Balochistan   

Iran tries 'Israeli spy' for scientist's murder

Syrians taunt Assad, saying regime next to unravel

Gaddafi ready to step down: ex-Croatian President

Intimidated no more, Libyans end Gaddafi's rule

Hunt for Gadhafi Begins as Compound Falls to Libyan Rebels

Death rains from above on Tripoli’s streets

Tripoli 'under control' of Gaddafi forces: Seif al-Islam

What's next in Libya key to US politics, economy?

Indonesian mayor seeks to ban church construction

Women in Saudi Arabia demand their freedom and dignity

Women football making headway in Saudi Arabia

Libya conflict: Defiant Saif al-Islam Gaddafi reappears

Gadhafi will not admit defeat, says former Libyan PM

Gadhafi: Libya Not like Iraq

Rebels’ Assault on Tripoli Began With Careful Work Inside

As Libyan regime crumbles, rebels begin a new struggle

Syrian troops kill 7 after UN team visit

Four target killers confess to 13 murders in Lyari, Karachi

Suspected drone strike kills 4 in northwest Pakistan, officials say

Calls for army grow as Karachi week toll hits 101

Turkey Says It Killed 100 Kurdish Separatists

Vatican message to Muslims: “We are spiritually very close to you…”

Sweden's Jews, Muslims face web hate rise: study

Oslo Terror Attacks and Dilemma of Globalisation

Tehrik-i-Taliban involved in Shahbaz Bhatti's murder: IG Islamabad

Push still on to kill Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

European 'No-Go' Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating

Ansar Burney announces Anna-style anti-corruption campaign in Pak

A truth panel can find answers to unmarked graves: Omar Abdullah

Karachi violence: 'Day of mourning' being observed, 5 killed in metropolis

'Bashar, you will be tried like Mubarak'

British campaigner battles media's cone of silence on Shariah law

Hundreds of Afghans slam UN in vote row

Syria unrest: UN rights body to investigate crackdown

Iran moves nuclear technology underground

Yemeni politician dies of wounds from attack on Saleh

First Day of Eid in Gulf Likely on Tuesday Aug 30

Al Qaeda in Yemen alienates local jihadists

Muslims see ‘foreign law’ bill as attack on Shariah

JEDDAH: Lawyer refutes evidence against schoolteacher in serial rape case

Reconciliation committee to take up case of Sri Lankan housemaid

Nitaqat a boon for Saudi job seekers

Philadelphia locals adopt Muslim-inspired menswear

Iranian Kurdistan: 32nd Anniversary of Khomeini’s Jihad against Kurds

Jakarta's Tough on Terrorists But Not Other Radicals

26/11: India yet to get evidence related to Headley, says MHA

Why are Muslim leaders not condemning violence in Syria?

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Photo: Libyans celebrate as rebels seize Gaddafi’s compound.


Four policemen among 21 dead in Karachi

Taliban attack UK office in Kabul on Independence Day, kill 10

Syrian forces kill 34 despite Assad pledge

Pope alarmed at 'xenophobic ideology' after Norway massacre

Iraq agrees to extend US military role: Leon Panetta

US govt report cites Pak ‘ terror’ in J& K

King Abdullah launches SR80 billion Haram expansion project

Contest aims to project true image of Islam

Pakistan seeks closer links with Xinjiang

Court extends isolation of Norway killer

Libya conflict: Rebels claim Zawiya and Zlitan

Syria protests: 'Deaths in anti-Assad demonstrations'

Suspected Islamists shoot dead policemen in Nigeria

Al Qaeda pall under microscope in Bangladesh

Tarek Fatah: Self-avowed Muslim Marxist Says White House Tied to Muslim Brotherhood

Norway gunman ‘prepared another bigger bomb’

US lawmaker terms killings in drone strikes as ‘extra-judicial’

RIYADH: ‘Grease devil’ haunts Sri Lankan women

JEDDAH: Mother of eight saved from execution gets own home

Prominent Republicans distance themselves from anti-Islam rhetoric

Target India: Pak-based terror groups active in Kashmir, says US

Economist article on Bangladesh was funded by jihadists, says Minister

Jihadi threat to cut off Letterman’s tongue

Rebels reopen Libyan mission in Washington

Bhopal: Slain RTI activist's father expects no justice

UN urges Pakistan to probe journalist killings

Six killed, five injured in Kabul attack

DAMMAM: Woman disables anti-Islam websites

Drone strike kills at least two in South Waziristan

Taliban commander among four killed in Khyber

JEDDAH: Kidney donor paid in full

Renegade commander says he has formed a new Muslim rebel group in Philippines

The political economy of the Boko Haram crisis

Iran’s Supreme Leader Terms Economic Jihad Effective Weapon against Sanctions

Taseer’s “Noon” probes the question of his identity

Egypt: Military court sentences 5 to death for murder, 2 to six months for insulting army     

British Council attackers 'all dead'

Omar dares Mufti Mohd Sayeed to be 'Anna' first

Australia law proposal: Muslims must remove veils

‘Assad slaughtering his own people... must go’

HC notice to Modi govt over Lokayukta’s appointment

MQM chief asks PM to protect innocent Karachiites

Indonesia says Patek could face death penalty

US demands safe recovery of kidnapped American

Terrorists threatening relations between PPP, MQM: Haroon

Pakistan can bring Haqqani to peace talks: official

Egypt military pardons blogger after criticism

Syria may have committed crimes against humanity — UN

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Photo: Blast happened when hundreds of people had gathered for Friday prayers at the mosque in Ghundi village.


Islamists threaten to roll back legal gains for women in Egypt

Islamist Threat With Qaeda Link Grows in Nigeria

Muslim reality TV show targets stereotypes

‘Will Islamic law ever be a part of the U.S. legal system?’

Syria unrest: Obama urges Assad to step down

Afghan roadside bomb 'kills 25' in Herat province

Suicide blasts target British Council in Kabul

Syria: Assad says military operations ended; 18 killed

Pak security agencies tested to limits by terrorism: Gilani

Indonesia reduces sentences for 84 terror convicts

Four more killed in Karachi’s unabated violence

Israel bombs Gaza in revenge strike

33 killed in new Karachi violence; gang wars blamed

Former MNA Karimdad killed: Gang war claims 13 lives in Karachi

Israel bus attacks: 'Several killed'

Six militants killed in central Kurram

Nine killed in Kurdish ambush in Turkey

Suicide truck bomb kills two at US Afghan base

Iftar: A special kind of feast for northern Manhattan Muslims

Iftar Unites Faiths in Qur’an Burning City

Marital rape: Learning to cope in a society that fails to acknowledge its existence

Ramadhan English Programme started at the Islamic Centre of England

Canadian Girl Finds Inner Peace in Islam

15 Ways to Make Ramazan Special for Our kids

Libya rebels fight for refineries; US sends drone

Libya rebel chief fears bloodbath in battle for Tripoli

Gujarat: Modi govt digs out old case against ‘ traitor’

‘Qaeda’ gunmen seize south Yemen town: local official

Thirteen fighters killed in Russian Caucasus

3 Afghan Policemen Killed in Shootout With Army

Human Rights Watch accuses Egypt military of silencing critics

Four top Hizbul militants surrender in J&K

Anna effect: Pakistani to fast against corruption in India

Pakistan not state sponsor of terrorism: US

Syria’s Assad says military assault ended despite new deaths: UN

Bangladeshi war crimes: court to charge first suspect

Bangladesh arrests chief of banned outfit HuJI

Kidnapped US national was doing humanitarian work in Pakistan

It's a challenging relationship, but Pak is a partner: Clinton

OIC members vow to donate $350 mlllion to Somalia

Britain says 400,000 Somali children at risk of death

IIROSA chief reiterates need to reinforce humanitarian work

Netanyahu snubs Clinton over Turkey apology

Filipino Muslim rebels to disown radical commander

Turkey PM compares Syrian leader Bashar Assad to Muammar Gaddafi

Syrian troops detain dozens, 3 killed in north

Hamid Ali Rao appointed new Indian envoy

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Photo: Ahmed Abubaker, a 35-year-old teacher has little interest in politics and barely followed the developments of the Egyptian revolution.


Egypt’s Coptic Christians protest, demand divorce rights

French businessman sets up fund to pay burqa fines

Imam at Toronto mosque charged with sexual assault

Ramadan: Muslims Charged To Be Faithful To Allah

Presbyterian Church criticises Order over 'jihad' comment

World Uyghur Congress condemns Chinese policies that led to violence in East Turkestan

Militants kill anti-Taliban tribal elder, son in Bajaur

Syria holds hundreds in stadium; UN eyes tribunal

Syria's Assad says military operations 'stopped'

No Israeli apology to Turkey over raid

US drone kills four in Miranshah

Death toll in US drone strikes in Pak rises to 475 in 2011: report

Gunfire in Syrian coastal city; 35 dead in 4 days

Samjhauta case: NIA to re-examine blast samples

China cracks down on terror in Xinjiang

Fighting for animal rights in the Islamic world

Endgame for Gaddafi?

Egypt Air hostesses fight for hijab right

A child's killing freeze-frames Syria's tragedy

Six lost lives as violence continues in Karachi

PESHAWAR: Domestic violence: 13 killed over family disputes

Chopper reports baseless: Pakistan

Iranian snipers reportedly being deployed in Syria

30 killed as heavy rains cause flood in Pakistan

Pakistan: Boy forgets to feed dog, beaten to death

Motorcycle bomb explodes in southern Afghan market

Liberal intellectuals are frightened of confronting Islam's honour-shame culture

Saudi Scholar: Yes to Sex Ed if it Protects Children from Abuse

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood condemns military trials

Education key to fighting extremism and terrorism: Pak PM

Norway Attacks Reinforce Need for United Stand Against Intolerance

Fasting helps Muslims appreciate our blessings

Indonesia cuts prison sentence of terrorist who was added to US blacklist earlier this week

Controversial Georgia Mosque Wins Approval

Take political initiative in J&K, Tarigami urges Manmohan

Hackers attack 200 websites

Former Balochistan chief minister Mir Humayun Marri accuses forces of plotting to kill him

80 Pak prisoners get pardon by UAE ruler

Israel feeling US heat over Turkey crisis

Australia must fight calls for sharia law

Mladic could face two trials for alleged Bosnian war crimes

Iran is the biggest threat to Iraq's security, says Pentagon official

Despite ties to the Aga Khan, Perry has avoided broadly embracing Islam

Teheran ready to resume nuclear talks: Iranian FM

China denies Pakistan gave it helicopter access

Pak no longer feels threatened by India: Diplomats

Pak military's intentions towards India overrated: Khar

US slaps sanctions on 3 leaders of LeT-linked group

Timeline: Fighting al Qaeda

Akbar Bugti case: Interior ministry says Musharraf cannot be extradited

For the first time in conflict, Gaddafi forces fire Scud: US

Religious leaders Mohamed Al-Darsani react to Pastor Jones's move

UN tribunal releases Hariri indictment

 ‘Punishment of the guilty policemen will be the real compensation’

Rivals suspected in attack on Filipino governor

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Photo: Holy Bible


Taliban blame US economy, London riots on Af war

Pakistan denies giving China access to US chopper wreckage

Rebel gains show Gaddafi's 'days are numbered': US

Zawahiri tells Muslims to target US, avenge ‘Imam of the Mujahideen’

Eight members of a family killed in Peshawar

Eight die in incidents of violence, mishaps in Karachi

Drone kills four militants in North Waziristan

17 militants, 3 soldiers killed in Yemen fighting

Libya Rebels in Zawiyah Threaten Supply Line to Tripoli

Allow EUs Pak package to go through, says Indian PM

Islam teaches peace, harmony, says Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman

Gilani greets Manmohan Singh on India’s Independence Day

Nuclear weapons a waste of money: Iran

Bangladesh to mourn 'Bangabandhu' today

It’s a desperate act of a desperate govt.: Suspended Gujarat IPS

Five hurt in Israeli raids on Gaza

Judge halts live broadcasts of Mubarak’s trial

Al Qaeda in North Africa seeks Arab Spring jihad

Three NATO oil tankers burnt

Somalia famine aid stolen, UN investigating

Frequent flier fracas: Muslims face travel woes

Non-Muslim expats learning more about Islam during Ramadan

Jordan Islamists see proposed constitutional amendments inadequate

Syria ‘will be better off’ without Assad: White House

Punjabis fleeing Baluchistan: Report

Australia 'collar-bomb' suspect arrested in US

Enemies of the state? In a first, terror suspects charged under anti-state laws

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Photo: Residents gather at the site of bomb attacks in Kut, 150 km south east of Baghdad, killing at least 66 people in the worst in a string of bombings and suicide attacks across the country.


Pakistan frets over burqa bombers

China commandos in Xinjiang worries Pak

Heavy clashes as Libyan rebels enter Zawiya

Twin blasts kill Iraqi soldier in Baghdad

Bomb blast at hotel kills 11 in Pakistan

Six terrorists killed in South Waziristan

Three soldiers killed as rockets hit base in Pak

Ilyas Kashmiri threat to hit on Indian Independence Day

Convicted Afghani lens man wanted to pass on navy secrets to Pak

UN says Israel does not Allow Muslims Right to Worship in Jerusalem

15th amendment ensures citizens' equal rights: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

NAC warned against M-worded schemes

Former US Intelligence Chiefs: Pakistan Must Stop Playing Both Sides

Somalia wants humanitarian force to guard food convoys

King Abdullah and Obama tell Syria killings ‘must end now’

Syria unrest: 'Deadly military attack' on Latakia port

Scheme to pay for tertiary education of needy Malay-Muslim students expanded

Foreigners must obtain visa to enter Gaza: Hamas

Democracy guarantor of peace, prosperity: Pak Prime Minister

Indian Malaysian gets 8 years in jail for human trafficking

Yemeni Qaeda’s likely new weapon is deadly toxin

Pakistan Court told: Accused and handler had ‘same voice’

Modi tells PM to rein in PC on ‘careless cops’

Imran Khan is the most popular Pakistani politician: Survey

Canada extends sanctions against Syria

Punjab border farmers still tune into Pak FM

Religious brotherhood: Muslims craft 'kanwars' for Hindu pilgrims

Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani: Islam is the Religion of Peace

Blind reciter says holy Quran has given him eyes

Ahmadinejad says Holy Quran is book of life

Wahhabis only, supporters of Al-Hassan wal-Hussain TV serial

“Risalat Islam” Quranic channel started in five continents of the world

Channel to air English, French translation of Qur'an

Norway attacks: Breivik taken back to Shooting Island

Women bargaining chips in family feuds: Pak rights panel

Pair charged with triple murder over Pakistanis’ deaths

Pakistan wants US ties beyond anti-terror cooperation: Pak PM

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation offers to play role in Syria dialogue

Celebrated Bangladeshi filmmaker Tareq Masud, four others die in road crash

 “An example for others who want to reach out to victims of war”

After last week's riots, Moradabad a tinderbox

Sometimes, solace comes from the “enemy”

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Photo: At least 19 people during an attack on a governor’s compound in central Afghanistan on Sunday


Islamic songs face myriad challenges in Arab world

Wrong to say madrasas hub of terrorism: Author

Pakistan convicts seven over Rawalpindi army HQ attack

Egyptian Sufis Reject Rise of Islamists

Karachi: 9 killed in firing and grenade attacks, 16 vehicles burnt, 50 arrested

DIG Rahul Sharma chargesheeted by Gujarat government

Centre- BJP clash over Modi govt. heat on cops

J&K: Girls to receive arms training to counter militants

Taliban claim responsibility for woman suicide attack

Syria army storms new towns, 14 killed

Mortar attack from Afghanistan kills child in South Waziristan

Afghan blast kills five from same family: official

9 troops die in two days in Afghanistan

Brega battle takes toll on both sides in Libya Robert Birsel

Security beefed up in J-K, Hurriyat calls for strike on Independence Day

Libyan government bans unlicensed satellite phones

US threatens Gaza aid cutoff after Hamas crackdown

'China not supporting India's stand on Pak terror camps'

Norway police search for camera maybe used to film massacre

Sarabjit's lawyer petitions Zardari for his release on Pak Independence-Day

India, Pak govts. still to relax visa regime

US concern grows over al-Qaeda poison threat

Pak agency 'embezzled massive amounts of flood aid money'

Syrians call for Assad's execution

US grand jury to decide if Kashmiri separatist Fai will face trial

US rubbishes claims of massive civilian casualties in Pak drone strikes

Italy paid Taliban not to attack its troops: WikiLeaks

Voice sample of 26/11 accused matches that of handler: Pak witness

China sends anti-terrorism unit to restive west

Ghana schoolboy launches solo Somalia famine fundraiser

Indian Home Minister’s hang terrorists formula an instant hit

Khalistani Terrorist hallucinates as noose around his neck tightens

Centre slams ‘cynical’ article on Indo- Bangla ties

’36pc of Pakistanis undernourished’

Gunmen kidnap US citizen in Pakistan: police

Syrian troops fire as thousands protest Assad

Norway names commission to judge attack response

Taliban free two captives in Peshawar

Pakistanis: Victims of multinational war frenzy

Musician Shafiq denied Baqee burial

Mass rallies in Yemen demand president step down

Cuba’s fading Fidel Castro turns 85 on Saturday

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Photo: Arab singers Mousa Mustafa


Zardari, Gilani vow to protect minorities’ rights

Uighur scholar from China: Pakistan link to Xinjiang attacks questioned

Pakistan Right Activist asks Pak PM to halt execution of death row prisoners

India: Truth is an ‘official secret’ in Modi land

Three dead in Iraq, spate of bombs hit Baghdad

US drone war killed up to 168 children in Pakistan: report

Month after Mumbai blasts: 26 dead, 126 wounded

A UN Envoy: Sexual attacks reported against Somali women

Tanzania study finds high rates of child abuse

Green Muslims promoting environmentally friendly Ramadan

British PM says cops failed, vows zero tolerance

Egypt to target al Qaeda cells said to be training in Sinai

Pak Bar Assn. President for ending discrimination against minorities

Pak Interior Minister: ‘Terrorists have no religion’

Hasina 7th among12 top women

British govt responsible for Pak-origin nationals' safety: Pak

Father too late to save dying son in UK riots

Pak sheltered Osama in return of Saudi cash: Expert

It's Muslim kids, not parents, who are embracing a politicized Islam

UK to limit sharia law to prevent discrimination against Muslim women

Gujarat cop names Narendra Modi's aide in Prajapati 'fake' encounter case

No rift in China-Pak close ties over terror camps: report

Clinton urges new steps against Syria, another 16 killed

UNICEF Youth event highlights issues of tolerance and diversity

Pakistani shooting film paramilitary sentenced to death

Nigeria to probe 'army abuses' in Boko Haram crackdown

China launches new communication satellite for Pakistan

Musharraf says Pakistanis love and trust him

Wife can file case against ill treatment in Sharia court

New Jersey gov defends Judge Mohammed's appointment

Peshawar: Creation of provinces conspiracy against integrity of country

Muslim TV Show Airs on Hispanic Network

A troupe of Muslim comedians prepares to unleash its satirical jihad on the Bible Belt

Azerbaijani president urges greater Muslim solidarity

Protesters oppose Muslim prayer in public schools

Moradabad: Fear looms as Muslims picked from houses during curfew

Pakistan should be declared a terrorist state by UN: Shia cleric

Schools can be used as community study centres in evening: Minister of MinorityAffairs

India: Hijab row in college: Student approaches district administration

Rakhi festival celebrated in Taxila

Look who’s ruling the radio waves in Valley

Fanatics haunt Husain in death

Pak national held under Foreigners Act

558 Indians behind bars, Pak says 309

German etiquette group calls workplace greeting kissing ‘a form of terrorism’!

Delaying wage un-Islamic, says scholar

Tunisians say revolution yet to bring justice

Jeddah: WAMY gives SR4 million for Somalia relief

What happened on the night of deadly Afghanistan helicopter crash

Yemen’s fate discussed on twitter and blogs

Syria's Ramadan Soaps Aren't Bubbling This Year

Manhattan Children's Museum Gets Funding for 'Muslim Worlds' Exhibit

Prisoner in Ajmer, Krishna says he's in Pak

Ramadan: the month of Jihad

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Photo: U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon


Rape, mutilation: Pakistan's tribal justice for women

US man admits to encouraging jihad on web

Breivik's Role Model Condemns Oslo Attacks

2,500 terrorists present in launching pads in Pak, PoK

Tanzania study shows one in three girls sexually abused

Libya says NATO air strike kills dozens south of Zlitan

US drone strike kills 21 in northwest Pakistan, biggest in weeks

Drone strike kills 25 suspected militants; first during Ramzan

‘Dead’ Qadhafi son shown on Libyan state TV

Syrian forces kill 17 civilians

Blast kills five in south Afghanistan

Denying wife money is abuse: Mumbai HC tells Salim Khan

Libya blasts 'ugly massacre'; TNC takes over UK embassy

A friend’s email ‘accessed’ to blow whistle on Gujarat govt

Intel inputs suggest al-Qaida, Ilyas Kashmiri plan to target India: Govt

Parliament attack: Home ministry submits Afzal Guru Case to President

Pak court censures Rehman Malik for 'interfering' in 26/11 case

Pak keen for progress on Siachen, Sir Creek with India: Khar

Pak Taliban releases video of its CID office attack

UN warns of growing al Qaeda threat in Yemen

“Crisis of duality at higher education gives Muslims a schizoid mind": Prof. Kasule

Nearly 5000 attend Malayalis’ ifthar meet in Bengaluru

IIMA and NID provide sehri and iftar to its Muslim students

ISI officer claiming bounty, not bin Laden courier: Expert

Iran asks Britain not to use 'violence' against riots

Pak buoyant over prospects of trade boost with India

After 46 yrs, the healing touch: Pak pilot says sorry for mistake

SC rules death for LeT terrorist Mohd Arif in Red Fort attack

The Left Has No Humanity

Iran: Bill on comprehensive media laws to be presented to Majlis

How Jihad Influenced the Norway Massacre

Islamist militant group resurgent in Egypt

Mumbai blasts: Man who stole two-wheeler used by terrorists held

Afghan president asks clerics to campaign against turban bombs

Pakistani art makes US debut amid political challenges

China-Pakistan war games along Rajasthan border

Antony seeks report on J&K encounter

Syria's crackdown hits ally Hezbollah's image

Treason charge plea filed against Pak PM Gilani

US congressman says writer in Libyan custody

Anti-Muslim lobbyists in India

Billboards advertise hotline about Islam

White House Releases “New” Counter-terrorism Strategy

U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Activist Arrested as Spy for Pakistan

Ansari faces MHA ire over barb against interlocutors

Cracks persist among Kashmir interlocutors

Speakers call for anti-harassment laws’ implementation

Assad promises relentless battle against ‘terrorists’

Egypt’s Moussa campaigns for president, vows reforms

It’s ‘crazy’ to ignore Shariah

Grand Ayatollah Mazaheri’s Guidelines Effective in Promoting Quranic Culture

Calls to tackle racism after attacks in Oslo and Utoya

Top opposition leaders among more than 100 prisoners freed by Bahrain

U.S. set to announce $100M in Somalia famine funding

Kenya burdened by famine refugees; rape attacks up

Crippled terrorists back in action

Attempt at getting fit in Ramadan could prove counterproductive

Punjabis in Iraq want crackdown on agents

Balochistan shadow over Pak leader’s book release

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Photo: Rape, mutilation: Tribal justice for women.


Islam has always been part of our American family: Obama

Modi takes action against second top cop in Gujarat

More Syria deaths as army storms new towns

Five NATO troops killed by Afghanistan roadside bomb

Female bombers strike Pak, 7 dead

Riot hits northern Nigerian town after woman shot

Sufism takes a beating by Pakistani Rangers

Hindu-Muslim custody battle: Childs wish vital, says SC

Muslim and Christian leaders pledge interfaith harmony

Hindus, Sikhs gift Muslims a 65-year-old mosque on Ramadan

US, EU up pressure on Libya as new fighting hits Brega

Koran-burning pastor to be in New York on Sept. 11

Rising tension where black and Asian lived side by side in peace

Taliban says fighters who downed US chopper alive

Military killed Taliban who downed US helicopter

Bomb 'kills two' in Beirut, Lebanon

Afzal Guru to be hanged

The London riot image: Malaysian student recovers

 ‘Pak pilot’s letter brings a spark of forgiveness’

Pakistan link to Xinjiang attacks questioned

Contempt of court issued against Rahman Malik

Obama salutes US soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Peter King queries Bin Laden film White House access

2700 crores for Dalits but just 45 crores for Muslims in Mayawati’s budget

Are secular forces being squeezed out of Arab Spring?

Women Football Making Headway in Saudi Arabia

Norway's a-ha reunite for July attacks memorial

Bugti case: Pak court wants action against Musharraf in 7 days

US alienating Pakistan with 'guns blazing' approach: Haqqani

Soldier's mental health debated in Iraq shootings

India asks Pak to release Sarabjit on humanitarian grounds

Shout down the Shariah myth makers

U.K. cracking down on 'Shariah law zones'

Terror has political goals: Religion should be for Humanism

Red Fort Attack was rarest of rare crime, says SC

Pak sheltered Osama in return of Saudi cash: Expert

US congressman says writer in Libyan custody

First ever print of Taj is up for grabs

90- year- old Mohammad Basheer got married to 80- year- old Rafiquan

Humanity prevails over religious barrier

Pakistan hands over key Bali bombing suspect to Indonesia

Rioting hits northern Nigerian town after woman shot

BNP protesting case against Khaleda

Ramadan, which changes Muslim lifestyle for 30 days

2 Pakistanis acquitted in J&K Sikh massacre

Post-26 /11 action plan never set sail

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Photo: Haroon Jahan, Shazad Ali and Abdul Musavir who were killed when a car crashed into them on Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011, as they protected their community from looters in Birmingham, England.


15 tankers ferrying oil to NATO forces destroyed in Pak

57 die, Syrian tanks attack eastern city of Deir al-Zour

Europe’s violent right embrace Norway attacker’s ideals

Foreign policy in Khaki: Pakistanis begin questioning role of ISI

Egypt Sufis plan mass rally to counter Salafist and Wahhabi muscle flexing

6 Killed by Bombs in Central Iraq, Officials Say

Violence claims three lives in Karachi

Pak 3rd largest immigrant group in Norway

Obama mourns dead in likely Afghan shoot-down

India NOT behind every trouble in Pak: Gilani

Mumbai Urdu dailies scream at bail to saffron terror accused

Gujarat Massacre Case: Running with the hare & hunting with hounds

Suffer in Gujarat but seek justice elsewhere

Another chapter in Gujarat riots shame

Three killed in Iraq prison jailbreak: officials

Amnesty urges action to save 10 missing Baloch

NATO Says 4 Killed in Afghan Attacks

Israel ex-president appeals rape conviction

UN chief urges Assad to end Syria crackdown

China remodels Silk Road city but scars run deep

Pakistan's poor dying in Karachi violence

J& K youth pick up stones again ending fragile calm

Pehchan: Transforming Muslim women’s lives

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood holds 1st open vote

Palestinian Envoy Calls Israel Root Cause of All Miseries in Muslim World

Rights Group Condemns Massacre of Iranian Diplomats by Taliban

Facebook 'used to hunt down Bahrain dissidents'

Fai invokes Lincoln to continue Kashmir campaign

Iranian Minister: West Fomenting Hatred against Muslims

Quick Facts: Sharia law in America: Myth or reality?

Venezuelan President sends letter to Gaddafi wishing him victory

29,000 kids perished in Somalia famine

195 People Convert to Islam in Kuwait during Ramadan

Egyptian singer Hassan El-Asmar dies

Syria govt. says it has ended revolt

South Sudan’s Muslims council says Islamic principles respect human rights

Physical, Social, Mental & Spiritual Benefits of Fasting Explored

Egyptian Nour: Mubarak's trial is beginning of a process awaited for 30 year

Somali government declares Islamist rebellion defeated

MAKKAH: Grand Mosque imam calls on Muslims to fortify faith

Malik twists PC's remark, says Mumbai blasts an inside job

Clarification on LoC firing doesn’t deny mutilation of jawans’ bodies

U.S. Military Trainers Could Be Targets-Iraq's Sadr

Crossed over: Indian national detained at Chaman checkpoint

3rd Spring of Quran Fair opens in Kabul

Iran Blasts Growing Trend of Isalmophobia in Western Societies

The fine art of protest from a safe distance

Prince Alwaleed tops list of 50 most influential Arabs

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Photo: Militants have destroyed hundreds of container trucks and tankers ferrying supplies to Afghanistan


At least eight killed in Karachi violence

Islamabad sees rise in court marriages

Muslim Brotherhood Wants Shariah Execution for Mubarak

Family rivalry behind Pak minister Bhatti's killing: report

IPS officer who took on Modi suspended

Muslim Radicals Kill Ten Christians in Nigeria

6 militants killed in Orakzai

Syrian security forces kill at least four: rights group

Paris Muslims offered disused barracks to stop prayers in the streets

Muslim man sues after being fired because of his beard

Muslim Teenagers Convicted After Painting Burkas over Women in Advertising Posters

‘UK diplomats tell Pak to rein in JuD chief Hafiz Saeed’

US slams Pak media on conspiracy angle in Afghan helicopter crash

AIDS Cases Increasing in Muslim Countries

US Museum Explores Muslim Roots

Syria Comes Under Global Reproach for Crackdown

How Jihad Influenced the Norway Massacre

UK Shariah Law Alarms Critics

Shifting loyalties among Libya’s Islamists

Shariah law in the West goes against fight for reforms

Under NATO’s Flag: An Interim Assessment of the Mission in Libya

ISI trained Ulfa, says outfit's 'foreign secretary'

Egg on Army face: J&K encounter fake

Only words cannot stop slaughter in Syria

Special Forces key to new AfPak strategy

U.S. convinces Saleh not to return to Yemen: report

Pak agencies ''fail'' to dismantle HuT communication network

Punjab youth lured into Iraq death trap

Damages for men ‘framed’ for blasts

US will succeed in Afghanistan: Obama

Islamophobes Strike Whilst We’re Being Spiritual

Karachi will be de-weaponised in phases: Malik

Quran wants obeying of Allah’s orders: Pakistan Ulema Council

Kuwait, Bahrain follow Saudi lead as Syria crackdown continues

Sri Lankan officials in last-ditch effort to save a housemaid on Death row

Rights situation is Fragile in Iraq: UN

Visually impaired, 8-yr-old competes for Quran Award

Toronto district school board sees dueling demonstrations over Muslim prayers

Radha Kumar has not quit Kashmir panel: Government

Pakistan-born Khawaja claims his Indian visa held up

Oslo massacre inspires tolerance and an activist spirit for a more open society

Change and freedom squares in Yemen

American survey reviews Al-Qaeda popularity in Yemen

Yemen: It ain’t over till the fat lady sings “Freedom”

Arab awakening and western media: Time for a new revolutionary discourse

No shame for religious killings in Indonesian town

No bail for Sadhvi Pragya Singh in Malegaon bomb blast case

Boko Haram is not Jihad, rather it is bringing Islam backward: Al-Azhar Cleric

Bangladesh braces for more protests as ex-PM charged with corruption

Expatriates — between the oppressor and oppressed

Lebanon must denounce Syria ‘massacre:’ Hariri

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo:  Eight people were killed during incidents of violence in Karachi during the past 12 hours.


UK soldier chops off fingers of dead Taliban as souvenir

Pak nationals helped Taliban to shoot down US helicopter'

Saudi Arabia Recalls Syria Envoy as Assad Defends Crackdown

'South Punjab' demand gains momentum in Pakistan

Why Karachi’s violence shouldn’t define city: Fatima Bhutto

British soldier killed by Afghan boy for $80

Osama killers dead in Afghan crash? ISAF says no

'Terrorist' killed in Poonch encounter not a Lashkar man: Army

Woman, children killed in NATO raid in Afghanistan

Two French soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Pluralism, Tolerance in Indonesia under Growing Threat

Disrupted dialogue: Purported Taliban negotiator ‘goes missing’

Pak aspiring to send astronaut aboard Chinese spacecraft

CIA behind Karachi violence: Hafiz Saeed

Article sparks protest at Swamy house

Has Vastanvi been wronged?

Kingdom seeks end to bloodshed in Syria, recalls ambassador

China unrest: Xinjiang's Zhang Chunxian vows crackdown

Second NATO Helicopter Crashes; Afghans Protest Over

Al-Qaeda targets children with new cartoon

Is global Islamophobia to blame for the Oslo massacres?

Taliban: Most Islamic Battles were Fought During Ramadan

Pakistan’s Super flood was not a natural disaster

Karzai calls Obama to condole death of marines

Ramadhan, a time to promote unity in Nigeria

Never mind the jihad, The protesters of the Arab Spring are both Muslim and radical

Sheikh with links to Irish Muslims is refused visa

Resentment growing over bail to saffron terror suspects

"Islamic humanities should be based on Islamic philosophy"

Fear of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant attacks now spreads to Greece

Pakistani official: 200 militants killed in a month

Moktada al-Sadr Warns U.S. Troops to Leave Iraq

AQIM launches indoctrination campaign along Mali-Mauritania border

Another fake encounter in J&K, slain Lashkar 'terrorist' a Hindu civilian

UK diplomats talk to Pakistan to rein in JuD chief Hafiz Saeed

'We're relieved Bangladesh isn't with Pakistan anymore': Bangladeshi writer

Muslim Law Pronounced in London

Muslim “Shariah” law comes to Britain

Withdrawal of Islamic Insurgents a ‘Golden Opportunity,’ says Somali Government Official

Agencies struggle to dismantle Hizb ut-Tahrir network

Solomon’s solution: Babies swapped at Karachi maternity home

Massive protests hit Netanyahu Govt in Israel

 ‘India can help nail ISI in US 26/ 11 trial’

Tough Ramzan for Pakistanis

Exorbitant rents leave many unable to spend Ramadan in Grand Mosque

India’s Picasso finally home after death: His works up for display

Arrest warrant issued for ex-Bangladesh PM's son

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Uighur Muslims are suffering under the latest episode of Chinese government crackdown on their ethnic minority in the northwestern region of Xinjiang.


'Baloch madrasa students cultivating poppy in Afghanistan'

Saudi Women Must Ask Salesmen in Lingerie Store for Intimate Wear

Libya Denies Report Gaddafi's Son Khamis Killed by NATO

Kenya drought: Starvation claims 14 lives in Turkana

Syria violence: 'At least 2,000 killed', says US

China vows to show no mercy in restive Xinjiang

Bali bomb suspect to be repatriated from Pakistan ‘soon’

UNSC meet, chaired by India, condemns Syria crackdown

Norway attacker got help to purchase equipment: Lawyer

Hunt for the “fifth column” could be the beginning of the end for Libya’s rebels

Gaddafi seeks Islamist allies, rebels nab fuel tanker

CAIR Asks FBI to Probe Iowa Mosque Vandalism  

Muslim Countries Financing Jihad in Spain

Visiting Jamaat chief blames US for Pakistan’s woes

China to boost ‘anti-terrorism’ forces after attacks

Israel to limit Al-Aqsa access Friday

Fearing attack, Pak moves away warships from Karachi

Two Bahraini female prisoners on hunger strike: Amnesty

Egypt press gasps at images of fallen ‘Pharaoh’

Chris Christie slams fear mongering over Shariah law

Islamist parties in Bangladesh accuse teacher of blasphemy

Italian Hijab fashion online soon!

How Islamic punk went from fiction to reality

Indonesia expects Bali bomb suspect home ‘soon’

Turkey appoints military heads aftershock resignations

BBC journalist Shaimaa Khalil released in Cairo

Amnesty International 2011 Report on Yemen

Arab awakening and western media: Time for a new revolutionary discourse

Israeli police deploy in force for Ramadan

Arabs move to drum up UN support for Palestinians

Philippine President Benigno Aquino meets Muslim rebels

Saudi prince wins libel damages over Independent story

Mubarak's 'not guilty plea' becomes hit ringtone in Egypt

Indo-Pak talks are encouraging: Mullen

Mullah Omar, al-Zawahiri not hiding in Balochistan: Pak CM

Afghanistan ready to include Pakistan in Taliban dialogue

Chacha Pakistani reaches Sukkur, but no one welcomes him

Terror tag for dowry killings

Embattled Syrian Prez opens door for oppn. political parties

Virginia Tech issues lockdown after ‘gunman’ seen on campus

US gears up to fight home-grown jihadis

13/7 blast suspect held in W Bengal

FIA’s anti-terror wing to grill Karachi suspects: Malik

Iraqi security forces harassing media: watchdog

Shoura member wants minimum wage for Saudis fixed

Hamas lawmaker, 770 Palestinian prisoners freed

Prosecutor says Norway terrorist holding back info

Aspects of Islamic faith — 111: Fasting has its own special level

650,000 children acutely malnourished in Somalia

12 Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh militants acquitted

Al-Qaida still remains a threat to US: Panetta

Survivor says around 100 died on Libya refugee boat

Pallone introduces resolution on Kashmiri Pandits in US House

Haqqani Network Growing Stronger at the Expense of the Tehrik-e-Taliban

Mauritania Confronts Structural Problems as It Steps Up Counterterrorism Efforts

Afghan Taliban statement seeks legitimacy for Islamic emirate

A History of Islamist Militancy in Pakistani Punjab

Syrian siege of Hama raises humanitarian concerns

What the Qur’an teaches: God in heaven and on earth

Translator of the Qur’an in English, French and German

What the Qur'an teaches: Concerning the truth about Jesus

Nepalese Muslims pray for tolerance during Ramadan

‘Malays less sensitive on corruption than Chinese’

Clinton Islamic group reports vandalism

Foreign states host Iran Qur'anic week

Razavi Festival Spreads Islamic and Shia Culture

Sharjah Museums Dept hosts over 750 students

Tolerance and diversity: America’s Achilles heel

Dargah Jihad o Shahadat president dies of heart attack

Jordanian woman Files against Israel’s ambassador

Turkish groups cancel iftar programs to send aid to Africa

With Arab Spring in full bloom, Jordan’s jihadists look to turn new leaf

Pakistan, US headed for showdown over n-arms, warns daily

Every effort to be made for Karachi’s law and order: Malik

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Children are routinely engaged by Afghan farmers for poppy cultivation.


J& K militants beheaded two jawans & took back ‘trophies’

NATO airstrike kills eight Afghan civilians

'Copter crash kills 31 US, 7 Afghan troops'

Cop among 4 Afghans killed as anti-NATO demo turns violent

'Playing with non-Muslims is haram', Oz Muslim dad tells daughter

China vows to show no mercy in restive Xinjiang

Pak fears terror attacks, moves warships out of Karachi

UAE praised for pluralism in its Islamic character: Islamic Scholar

The US debt crisis and a Pakistani riddle

Mubaraks not guilty plea a hit ringtone

During the month of Ramzan Punjabis donate blood in Dubai to meet shortage

Gunman killed at Saudi prince's palace

In Abu Dhabi, lingerie reflects retail allure

Gaddafi son ‘dead’ but Libya denies it

Pakistan: Crimes against women go up by 18 percent in a year

Breivik’s idol calls him boring, slams brutal killings

'Jihad' is most misunderstood term: Malaysian law professor

Syrians pour into the streets despite deadly siege

US diplomats caught in cat fight at Kabul mission

Al Qaeda may turn to cyber warfare, says CIA veteran

US soldier gets 3 years for Afghan killing spree

Fight for food in Mogadishu leaves 7 dead

India, Pak can play 'decisive role together' for peace: Malik

Under NATO’s Flag: An Interim Assessment of the Mission in Libya

Protest marches across Syria on first Ramadan Friday

Somalia's al-Shabab rebels leave Mogadishu

Taliban promised to pay Afghan boy $80 to blow up British marines

Far-right racist anger, violence thrive in Europe

2011 is bloodiest year for Karachi since 1995

Religious party chief asks Muslims to return back to roots

Nigeria: There's No Boko Haram in Islam - Muslim Group

Nigeria: A Muslim's Thoughts on Christian Banking in the Country

Chris Christie smacks down the Shariah crowd

Islamic heritage museum combats Islamophobia

“Islam Without Extremes: a Muslim case for liberty”

The Appreciation of European Islam

German official named to head UN mission in Iraq

US lawmaker urges humanitarian corridors in Somalia

Court orders detention of former Ukraine PM Tymoshenko

U.N. peacekeeper killed in Darfur attack

Mushahid for cooperation with China on war against terrorism

Turkey calls for Islamic meeting on Africa famine

Muttahida Qaumi Movement agrees to Karachi’s ‘de weaponisation’

Grand Mosque imam calls on Muslims to fortify faith

‘The Ministry’ puts satirical spin on Afghan govt

Comedy actor Talat Zakareya believes Mubarak is innocent

During Ramzan, no one notices Kashmir's fasting teachers

US State Department to coordinate measures against “religious defamation”

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: US has snatch-and-grab plan for Pak nukes.

Karachi violence toll rises to 47

Syrian tanks thrust into Hama, 45 killed – activist

3 NATO service members killed in Afghanistan

Women-oppressing Islamic Shariah law thriving in Australia

Tajikistan bans Muslim youths from praying in mosques

New US strategy: To treat Muslims as ally to combat radical Islam

Albania Muslims protest over nude exhibition near mosque

Beards insulted: Lahore Maulvis to move blasphemy case

Sacred thread that stitches together Hindus, Muslims

Muslim veil no excuse for discrimination: New Zealand PM

Pakistani religious party chief asks Muslims to return back to roots

Car bomb kills Afghan provincial intelligence chief

6 more killed as Rangers conduct search operation

Three militants killed in encounter in Jammu and Kashmir

Right-wing terror enemy like IM and SIMI: Indian Home Minister

Clashes in front of Mubarak court, 53 injured, 3 arrested

Chopper crash kills 10 in Indonesia: officials

Afghan in uniform kills NATO soldier: military

20 yr old Ethiopian Maid sentenced to death for RAK double murder

Syrian army shells Hama, seizes Central Square

Al Ghurair: "The issue of Palestine as the great battle of the Muslim world"

Sydney teenager freed safely after 10-hour bomb scare

Gaddafi son claims pact with rebel Libya Islamists

Libyan general’s murder sparks rebel schism

'Most American Muslims loyal to US, against Qaida': Gallup poll

Woman from Jenin Now Longest Serving Female Prisoner in Israeli Detention

Religious, Quranic Weeks Planned in 40 Countries

South Yemen tribes to rejoin army offensive against militants

Under rising pressure from West, Syria seeks India's support

Pak bans LeT, JeM from taking donations

Homosexuality: The position of Supreme Council of Tijaniyya Islamic Affairs

Amnesty International: Bahraini Imprisoned activists on hunger strike

UN condemns Syrian attacks on civilians

UNSC condemns Syrian govt. for human rights violation

Iranian president urges 'reverent' ties with Europe

Afghan TVs broadcasting Iranian religious films in Ramadan

 “Message of Islam” Quarterly Published in Thailand

Vast Sit-in of Bahraini Revolutionaries on Thursday, Aug 4

Leading Islamophobe publishes new anti-Islam Book

Bangladesh plans deportation of Ulfa leader

Pak navy’s lie nailed

Syria tanks occupy Hama main square

US breached Pak airspace twice during May 2 raid: report

After pointing fingers, China lauds Pak coop against terror

Mubarak faces trial from hospital bed

For ailing Pakistan prisoner in Ajmer, freedom remains elusive

Bid to placate Pakistan on Afghanistan

 ‘God’s will is beyond all creatures’: Saudi scholar

Israeli official denies Mubarak offered asylum

Muslim minorities remain on margins of Telangana debate

Malawi leader once heralded abroad now condemned

Police deny responsibility for wrongful detention in rape case

Hezbollah hands over material for Lebanon tribunal

London’s historic connections to Islam

Sixteen Pakistanis working as slaves in Afghanistan set free

Hashmi wants Punjab divided into four provinces

‘Ramazan offers opportunity to quit smoking, other addictions’

PNS Mehran attack: Three Navy officers face court martial

Ramazan in Sri Lanka: A Sri Lankan teenage-boy's recollection

Kashgar incident: Beijing downplays risk of rift with Islamabad

Swedish man arrested after trying to split atoms in his kitchen

US contractor to sue Donald Rumsfeld over 'Iraq torture'

Video shows Briton, Italian hostages 'held by al-Qaeda'

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: With twelve more people being killed on Wednesday, the death toll from the latest wave of ethnically fuelled violence over the past three days in Pakistan's southern city of Karachi rose to 47.


Eleven killed in Karachi; Malik says situation improving

Drone attack kills four in North Waziristan

CIA in Pakistan: fiction that mirrors reality

'Pak army's focus on countering India self-destructive'

SEALs always intended to shoot Osama

NIA tightens noose on Geelani over ISI funding

Rebels killed, Gaddafi camp says NATO can't stop war

Bahrain: If You’re a Pro-democracy Activist, Make Sure it’s in the Right Country

American pundits' anti-Muslim hate speech predictably ends up costing lives

US Women falling away from religion, survey finds

J&K turns blind eye to flesh trade

Syrian forces hit Hama again, U.S. senators seek sanctions

Meanwhile in China, not an auspicious start to Ramadan

Vastanvi’s battle for Darul Uloom reaches Supreme Court

A look at Indian Muslims religious and spiritual leaders on Facebook

First Muslim saint of Kashmir Hazrat Bulbul Shah's shrine to undergo restoration work

Half of US Muslims face prejudice

Twin Cities Muslims, Christians use Ramadan as an opportunity to get to know each other

Mubarak leaves for trial, to face charges of corruption, murder

Solution of evils lies in Quran: Dr Jallali

Don’t rush to criticise UN report, Muslim leader tells colleagues

America against the Sharia law

4 UN peacekeepers die in Sudan

Govt inquiry into Sharia courts falls at first hurdle

4 killed in two bomb blasts in Baghdad

Five abducted Bangladeshis freed in Afghanistan

Guatemalan ex-soldiers get 6,060 years in prison each

A bold and brilliant poet remembered

Shia cleric enters Limca Book for longest majlis sermons

Kenya: Feed the Hungry During Ramadhan

Grand Shia Cleric Severely Slams Islamophobia in Tajikistan

Union of Islamic World Students Announced bank Accounts to aid Somali people

Tehran to Celebrate Ramadan with Bismillah Festival

Armenian President Casts Doubt On Ongoing Negotiating Processes

Four killed in suicide blast at Afghan hotel

US warns of tit-for-tat, Pak eases travel curbs

Syria burns, US urged to step in

13/7 effect? Centre to roll out exclusive phone network for officers

Hindu teacher suspended for blasphemous remarks in Bangladesh

Malaysia Ramadan TV ads axed amid racism complaint

Fatwa allows fasting men to use nicotine patches

Iraq sentences 3 to death in Baghdad church attack

Italian parliament commission approves burqa ban

Syrian leader Assad 'has lost all humanity': UN chief

Son of Algerian who fanned jihad reported killed

Egypt military arrests BBC journalist

Depressed mothers’ children at risk in poor states: study

Pak army's focus on countering India self-destructive: NYT

U.S. Muslims More Tolerant, Opposed to Violence than Other Faiths

India wants constructive ties with Pakistan: Krishna

Thousands Rally to Press for Independence From Indonesia

Homophobia stymies HIV fight in Islamic countries

The feminine face of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Tajikistan bans minors from entering mosques

Uighur militants have been getting training, support in Pak: US reports

US Ambassador had called CIA to call-off March 17 attack

Unaware of Ramzan, Kasab feasts on bananas in prison

Iran arranges Quranic weeks in over 20 countries

'We were trying to raise awareness of Islam in the US'

NYC Islamic center likely years from being built

One man's crime is not enough to sanitise radical Islam

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo:  Egypt's ousted President Hosni Mubarak and his two sons pleaded "not guilty" to charges of murder and corruption


13 dead in suicide blast at Afghan police HQ

Fresh violence in Uighur area kills 14

US ambassador stopped at Islamabad airport; asked about NoC

Chidambaram assures all help to Bangladesh in finding Mujib's killers

Clerics support demand for inclusion of Dalit Muslims in SC list

Mamata announces sops for Muslims

India-Pakistan ties: More than good looks needed

Forgiven Iran acid attacker will not be blinded

‘A guy in my place will never get such attention’

ISI chief asked US to stop drone strikes

No end to killings in Karachi

Norway killer had palace on crosshairs

Yes, Pak has more bombs than us!

Extremists using networking sites to recruit

Dismiss 26/11 case, ISI tells US court

Gaddafi threatens to kill Berlusconi: Italian daily

Ties with Pakistan essential to fight terror: US

One killed, eight injured in Hub blast

US commanders concerned about attacks in Ramazan

More than 40 dead in south Yemen violence

Turkey to appoint new military commander

Suspected militants kill pro-government tribal elder

Iranian tribal leader, four others shot dead

CIA’s Pakistan chief leaves country

UAE Ruler orders release of 162 prisoners

Tens of thousands protest cost of living in Israel

Tribal sheikh among three killed in US-Iraq raid

Airstrikes kill 14 pro-govt Yemeni tribesmen

Three journalists killed in NATO raid: Libya

Afghans arrest Taleban leader, army turncoat

Kingdom extends helping hand to Horn of Africa

Indonesian Muslims demand Ahmahdiyah be outlawed

Lawyer sees release of 2 Americans held in Iran

Syrian forces killed at least 19 protesters: Activists

ISI may try its best to rescue Fai: prosecutors

'Pak 'delayed' raid that killed Osama fearing fallout'

Malaysian youth dies after failing to change gender

After Indo-Pak talks, Krishna advises wait-and-watch approach

Number killed in Egyptian car crashes last year exceeds Revolution's martyrs

Syria's exiled opposition senses historic moment

Account of the Islamists’ overtake Friday demonstrations in Alexandria, Egypt

World must not be 'indifferent' to famine: Pope Benedict XVI

Lebanon MP Qabbani demands territorial water demarcation

Maternal Deaths Focus Harsh Light on Uganda

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: 95 people have been killed after the army launched an attack on the flashpoint protest city of Hama in central Syria.


Syrians mark bleak Ramadan after 140 killed in Hama

Libyan rebels round up 63 of pro-Gaddafi cell

Muslims feel vulnerable after Norway terror attack

RSS leader denies reports of connection with 2007 Ajmer blasts

World Uyghur Congress condemns China for Kashgar attacks

Chinese police kill 2 suspects in extremist attack

ISI chief Pasha makes trip to Beijing: Power play or summons?

US talks to Pak for free movement of American diplomats

In Afghanistan, Rage at Young Lovers

Oslo attacker had plastic surgery to look 'more Aryan': report

Indian Americans express alarm at Breivik's Hindutva nexus

Violence continues in Pakistan’s Karachi; 200 killed in July

'Pak govt too weak to control Jihadi-infested areas'

The man behind the anti-Shariah state law push

Living the Ramadan in Malta

Pakistan releases lashkar-e-jhangvi leader

A Portrait of Abu Bakr bin Abdul Aziz al-Athri: Salafi-Jihad’s Emerging Internet Ideologue

Sudan’s Taha says country to apply Shariah, warns Al-Bashir’s detractors

Thrashed at Tihar for being Muslim?

Dubai Cares launches girls’ education drive

In an Oslo mosque, a 'special' Ramzan begins after attacks

Somali refugees: No food to break Ramadan fast

Hooligans attack Islamic center in north Serbia

Yemen army raid kills 15 Al Qaeda militants

Suicide attack kills three guards in Afghanistan

NATO airstrike kills 4 policemen in Afghanistan

23 wounded in church attack in north Iraq

Chinese media highlights Pak angle, seeks action on terror

No licence to any Indian channel: Pakistani minister

Gaddafi seeks to hire PR firm to improve his bloody image

A Flamboyant Friend Killed in Norway Is Mourned

First on chest, second on head, that's how Osama bin Laden was killed

Benazir Bhutto killing accused shines in secondary school examination

Pak tries to placate China, offers help

US considered tunneling to bin Laden: report

Vigil up on Afghan border to nab Haqqani men

Madam Qaida’ faces trial in Saudi Arabia

Al-Qaida confirms militant's death in Algeria

Wedding stopped as groom is woman

'Mohabbat-the-Taj' - new attraction for tourists in Taj City

Egypt: Fundamentalist Muslims joining protests in force

Ramadan 2011: Discovering the Culture and Traditions of the Holy Month

Kelly Brook and the jihad seekers' allowance

Norway gunman wants Japanese psychiatrist

Ties with Pakistan biggest challenge for new foreign secy

Kashmir’s theatre of the ‘oppressed’ scales new heights

P. Chidambaram uses Hindu terror shield to offset blame

Born in Hyderabad, 9/11 lawyer is made jurist in NJ

Karachiites welcome Ramazan with religious zeal

Royal pardon for 143 Bahraini convicts

Jailed Norwegian attacker wants govt to resign

U.S. Military Claims Success Curbing Attacks in Iraq with Iranian Weapons

Al-Jazeera English launches in New York

Deewaar 2: Salim vs Javed in Narendra Modi-starrer

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: The Pakistani government appears helpless to stop the violence in Karachi.


Osama poetry contest at Pakistan's varsity

'Enforced disappearances in Balochistan tied to ISI, army'

Muslim Soldier Arrested For Plotting Attack on Ft. Hood

German Muslims ‘took bomb manuals into UK’

'26/11 accused in Pak will be prosecuted'

Maulana Vastanvi’s Removal was pre-planned: Convenor Investigation Committee

Indonesia rejects outrage over anti-Ahmadi mob sentences

Hina Khar unhappy over her depiction as 'fashion icon'

26/11 samples sought by FBI already destroyed

Two Malaysian girls held for kissing!

The book ‘Ross Masaud’ released by Vice President Hamid Ansari

Obama administration accuses Iran of 'secret deal' with al-Qaida

Security chief: Norway attacks work of lone wolf

Rogue Afghan who killed three British soldiers 'not seen as risk', inquest told

Four more killed in Karachi

Ex-Tunisian president Ben Ali given 16 years for corruption

US special ops chief warns of Qaida 2.0

Pakistan releases 14 Indian fishermen

Pakistan: Jihadi threat to expel journalists

40 dead in clash between Yemen army and tribes

South African fast bowler Wayne Parnell converts to Islam

Human rights abuses: ‘We can torture, kill, or keep you for years’

New al Qaeda leader slams Syrian president, praises protesters

Kasab appeals death sentence

Roadside bombs kill 23 in south Afghanistan: Officials

Gilani govt vows to defend 'supremacy of Parliament'

Nine militants killed in Kurram clash

Clinton slams Republican push to slap new terms for aid to Pak, others

It’s face- off between Pak government and judiciary

3 Indonesians get jail for attack on Islamic sect

Skeletal, frail and hours from death

US accuses Iran of ‘secret deal’ with Al Qaida

Iqraa to telecast multilingual programs in Ramadan

Enrollment closes for regular programs at Umm Al-Qura

Ministry says no foreign teachers in girls’ schools

OIC calls on Somali sides to stop fighting

Indian Embassy announces Ramadan work timings

Khar says Manmohan ready to 'walk extra mile' on resolving all issues

Pakistani Taliban say they have Swiss tourists

Egyptian army in a bind over Mubarak trial

Body of human rights activist found in Sri Lanka: UN

Libyan Woman Who Claimed Rape Arrives in U.S.

Lebanon Tribunal Names Suspects in Hariri Killing

Ex-Counterterrorism Aide Warns Against Complacency on Al Qaeda

Tens of thousands rally in Syria; 1 killed

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo:  Abdel-Fattah Younis was shot dead by assailants on July 28, 2011 according to Libyan rebel leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil. Younes was killed by assailants after he had been summoned before a judicial committee that was looking into the military operations. 


Germany's Muslims want an end to anti-Islamic websites

Saudi Islamist activists criticize anti-terrorism law

Australia: Shariah-Sanctioned Polygamy and Child Marriage

11 more killed in Karachi

Attack on government buildings in Afghanistan kills 18, wounds 35

King of Saudi Arabia tells ‘True’ Islam is not terrorism

Iranian guards kill more than 50 Kurdish rebels, assault to continue

Assad on the rampage: Syrian forces kill 11 people, including a child, near Damascus

Bomb Blasts Kill 12 in Iraq

British anti-Muslim group says no tie to Norwegian mass murderer

Human Rights Watch lauds law banning female genital mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan

17 Indians on death row in UAE to walk free

Abu Sayyaf kills seven Philippine soldiers

Subcontinent scholars raise voice against dowry

Bnagladesh: Five Hizb ut-Tahrir men held in city

Khar prays for Indo-Pak peace at Nizamuddin shrine

Human rights group calls on governments to teach peace, not Islamophobic 'holy war'

Islamic Scholars of Nigeria Urge Preachers To Promote Unity

Breivik: Bad man from Scandinavian crime fiction?

Deoband slams Right to Education Act, to oppose it

Egyptian women demand equal rights in new constitution

Dhyan Chand Award for former Indian football captain Shabbir Ali

109 Afghan army personnel killed in one month

US soldier found guilty of killing Afghan civilian

Zawahiri releases first tape as Qaeda chief

ICC prosecutor says Libya obligated to arrest Qaddafi

Saudi Arabia to set minimum marriage age following surge in such weddings

Millionaire Arabs snub Paris and flock to UK

Never used Hindu outfit’s term in connection with 13/7 blasts: Digvijay

Talks back on track well and proper

Kashmir rape case: SIT detains man for instigating woman

Somalia's al Shabaab recruited dozens of Americans: US report

Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri hails Syrian protestors

Indonesia sends ‘chilling message’ in mob trial: HRW

Presidential hopeful apologizes for comments after meeting with Muslim leaders

Separatists, not Islamists, behind most of terror strikes in Europe

India ‘ goofs up’ again in statement with Pak ... this time over 26/ 11

Fai says he took money from ISI

'Uzbek charged with threatening to kill Obama'

Songwriter of Syria uprising meets gruesome death

Bush got ‘closure’ with Bin Laden death

From Today’s Zaman: Weddings, ethics and moral dilemmas

"Independence and Freedom" Meeting, the Product of Sacrifice and Martyrdom in Afghanistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: The posters warn passers-by that they are entering a zone where Islamic rules, such as 'no alcohol', are 'enforced'

Pak man kills six daughters for 'honour'

Pakistan Taliban make bonfire of ‘un-Islamic’ cloth

Kashmiri separatist leader Ghulam Nabi Fai remanded to house arrest

Pakistan: Husband remanded in custody to stone woman with accomplices

At least 12 killed in Karachi violence

35 Pakistani Taliban killed in US air strikes in Afghanistan

Norway killer admired bloggers who believe Europe is drowning in Muslims

France's burqa ban is Britain's gain

Ghulam Nabi Fai admits to receiving money from ISI

Pakistani American poet who helped Indian gays migrate dies

Syrian Serial ‘Sabaya’ tells tale of five ambitious girls

Somalia’s Islamist group bans samosas, calling it 'too Western'

Libyan rivals deeply divided over ways to end fighting: UN

Help Bangladesh journalist Nahid Jahan Lina live

12 suspected Qaeda militants killed in south Yemen

US puts 'ISI-backed' Kashmiri separatist leader Fai under house arrest

Lockerbie bomber seen on Libyan TV rally

Up to 100,000 flee Kurram offensive

Forty Americans join terrorists in Somalia: US lawmaker

‘Positive’ Indo- Pak secy talks on eve of ministers’ meet

Egypt women demand equal rights in new charter

Mayor of Kandahar killed in suicide attack

Qaeda militant, children, killed by own bomb

Hizb 'district commander' killed in encounter in Kishtwar

 ‘Dad, someone shooting’: victim’s last call home

Lawyer Suggests Suspect in Norway Attacks Is Insane

Libyan expat announces 'first' political party in Benghazi

Lockerbie bomber attends pro-Gaddafi meeting

Muammar Gaddafi cannot wait us out, says NATO

UK to expel all Libyan diplomats

‘We are thirsty for capacity-building,’ young Libyan journalists

Two government schools blown up in Khyber Agency

Osama's death ups terror risk for Americans: US

Al-Qaeda eyes strikes in several regions: US warning

 ‘Pak N- hit will face violent retaliation’

India releases 91 fishermen

US helping Pakistan to make it stronger: Munter

Indian Community Raised Blood money in death row case

US tries 'mango diplomacy' with Pak as ties sour

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak is 'depressed and refusing food'

Uzbek Ulugbek Kodirov accused of Obama death threats

Kosovo Police Take Control of Border Crossings

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Indian Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna, left and his Pakistan counterpart Hina Rabbani Khar pose for photographs before their talks in New Delhi, India, Wednesday, July 27, 2011.


Oslo attacker feared ‘Pakistanisation’ of Europe

UK turns spotlight on far right after Norway killings

Defend Islam from deviant ideologies: Saudi King to Muslim scholars

JuD's Hafiz Saeed declares suicide bombings un-Islamic

Jordanian kills sister over alleged sex case

Norwegian killer Anders Breivik's manifesto supports Hindutva

Pakistan: Dalit girls complain against discrimination

The West need not fear the resurgence of Islam

ISLAMABAD: Seminar on women rights: Talking feminism and religion

Pakistani women advancing on their rights front

Comics superhero takes on Qaida

Fanar lessons in Islamic culture at Katara

Islamic Sharia Law is imposed in a Toronto Public School?

Urdu dailies: Darul VC a liability

Vastanvi supporters slam Shoora, ready for PIL war

Kurram violence leaves 27 militants dead

Nigerian police killed 23 after bomb attack - amnesty

Iranian shelling kills 2 in Iraq’s Kurdistan

Karachi bloodbath continues, 6 killed

South Waziristan: Soldier killed in bomb attack by militants

TAIF: Woman who sent officer to jail finds herself behind bars

JEDDAH: Victims of serial rapist told to take DNA tests

Bangladesh honours Indira Gandhi with highest award

Nepal police arrest Mumbai blast suspect

Norway Killer’s Hatred of Women

Oslo Attack Highlights the Dangers of Islamophobia

Norway self-confessed killer wants to explain motive in court

Oslo killer says he was not alone

Oslo attacker feared creation of several 'mini Pakistans' in Europe

Germany first EU nation to say J& K is safe for tourists

Hezbollah wants to wipe out democracy

Pamela Geller Discovers Taxi Drivers Anti-Porn Jihad Plot to Impose Sharia

Jaleel Morejo: ‘My 17 death sentences’

Folk festival: ‘Spirit of Swat’ ends with a musical evening

Pakistani Hindus: Separated, even in death

Karachi: Dalits want greater share in census over upper caste Hindus

Pak law does not permit taking voice samples: Rehman Malik

Mass rallies remember Breivik victims

Eminent Islamic Economist Dr. Fazlur Rahman Faridi passes away

40,000 famine-hit Somalis flee to Mogadishu: UNHCR

US take on Iraq pullout ‘one bite at a time’

Documents reveal Rana was unaware of Headley's 26/11 links

Pak plans to add 24 n-capable missiles to its arsenal

150,000 throng Oslo flower vigil for attacks victims

Hafiz Saeed vows to enter India

Norway killer's father wishes his son killed self

Hina Rabbani Khar a misfit, say most Pakistanis

Ex-scientist fights odds to get justice for slain son

South Sudan says North’s new currency is ‘economic war’

Turkish court sentences Armenian journalist Hrant Dink assassin to 23 years

Second Sudanese reporter jailed for rape article

Advanced Zamzam dispensers to replace orange drums in holy mosques

Shooter in US soldier killing sentenced to life

Maulana Mirza Mohammad Athar in Limca Book of World Records-2011

Ramadan Starts August 1 in Europe: ECFR

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Oslo attacker feared ‘Pakistanisation’ of Europe-  People crowd around a flower tribute in Oslo to the victims of the bomb explosion.


Oslo killer waging a Christian war

Admission denied for students with Islamic Beard in Rajasthan College: Jamaat-e-Islami seeks to inflame Muslim sentiments

Vastanvi sacking a Madani ploy to gain power over Dar- ul?

Deoband not the private property of any family: Vastanvi

18 killed as Target Killing spreads in Karachi

Mughal-era haat reopened on India-Bangladesh border

Uzbekistan Publishes Quran In Braille For The Blind

ISI spied on Pak diaspora in US, operative forced to leave

Majlis Wahada Muslameen Pakistan stages sitting outside parliament house

Blast kills 8 in Nigeria

Pakistan: Seven die as militant groups’ trade fire

Blast Religious Extremists in Pak hotel during fashion show

Hindustani classical to jazz: Pak band rules US charts

Bangladesh: Introduce quota for Urdu-speaking people'

Muslims can eliminate Islamophobia

Attention of Muslims being diverted from major issues: Chairman S J C, Mecca

The son of the late Shiite preacher: Israel sole foe of Lebanon’s Shiites and Sunnis

Focus on Islamists let other extremists go under radar: Experts

Norway suspect's father 'in shock': paper

No data of illegal migrants from Bangladesh, Pak, says MHA

NATO hands model anti-Taliban province to Afghans

Norway killer wants to wear uniform at court: Lawyer

Vastanvi axed as Darul V-C for praising Modi

Vastanvi to focus on his Rs100cr college

Nomani Emerges Trouble Shooter At Deoband

Govt. plans shy of Muslim tag

Arab Spring not Islamist uprising, says Muslim intellectual

Mulayam was not interested in saving Babri Masjid, says Union Minister

Pakistan bars US embassy staff from entering Peshawar

U.S. Envoy Minimizes Mounting Evidence of Mass Graves in Sudan

Norway Massacre Suspect Anders Behring Breivik, Hitler, & the Jerusalem

Women’s rights activist calls for ‘equality and justice for all Muslims’

Views of U.S. Muslims worsened after bin Laden's death

Zain Ali: How the Muslim world can help New Zealand

Bahraini Sunni Former Army Officer "Mohammed Al-Buflasa" Released

Haneyya calls on world parliaments to work for lifting the siege on Gaza

Nato helicopter downed in Afghanistan

Pakistan won't accept India's regional hegemony: Khar

Banned Bin Hammam wants FIFA evidence in public domain

Yemen: Ceasefire agreement to be signed in Taiz

Conflict generating more child soldiers

Hundreds displaced by Iran-Iraqi Kurd clashes

State Dept, CIA came in way of FBI's plans to arrest Fai

‘Benazir always believed in policy of reconciliation’

Nawaz and Zardari are both in the same boat: Imran Khan

Israel’s Lieberman won’t quit on apology to Turkey

Iraqi forces arrest 16 suspected Qaeda members

Ukraine: Gay church in Donetsk prays for tolerance

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Pope Benedict XVI


Man arrested in vicinity of Norway PM with knife: Report

Norway attacks: Queen expresses UK's sympathy

Norway Camp Shooting Is a Mom's Summertime Nightmare

Haqiqi tries to stage comeback; Karachi party feud claims 13 lives

For Fai and Pakistan, Kashmir was a cash cow

Islamic, Western worlds 'still at odds'

Islam not supporting terrorism: Indonesian Ambassador

Australian Muslim women choose to live by own code

Muslims told to shut up or get out! By Australian PM

Hurriyat strike to protest Fai's arrest disrupts normal life in Kashmir

'Fai's ISI links were well known'

Peshawar mosque Ulema refuse to accept Ruet-i-Hilal committee

Osama vs. Obama ‘terror chess’ game big hit among troops in Afghanistan

Asiya Nasir a Christian woman MNA affiliated with Jamiat Ulma-e-Islam JUI

Belgian ban on public burqa-wearing takes effect

The omnipotence of Al Qaeda and meaninglessness of "Terrorism"

I’m a victim too, claims Ahmad’s Killer stepmom in Saudi Arabia

Remove bras to enter Israeli PM's office, guards tell scribes

NATO operation kills 50 militants in Afghanistan

Thousands of Protesters Attacked, 1 Woman Martyred, Many Injured in Bahrain

Pakistani Shia Dr Abid Hussain Martyred by Wahhabi terrorists in Karachi

Three militants killed in encounter in Jammu and Kashmir

At least 20 militants killed in central Kurram

Six Revolutionary Guards killed in Iran

Militants’ attack on Hamza Baba shrine foiled

Troops patrol Malawi towns after 18 killed in protests

Conscientious Objector Discharge; AWOL after Child Porn Charges

Jordanian Mosque One of Many Named in Honor of Jesus Christ

Libya rebel casualties mount in battle for Zliten

Iran denies shooting down US spy plane

Imran Khan fears revolt in Pak Army

Egypt's Christians Work to Stop Islamic Takeover

Basque ETA leader jailed for 377 years

Headley received 4 'jihadi' videos

Another Abbottabad-like operation will be totally unacceptable: Gilani

Barack Obama urges anti-terror cooperation after Norway attack

Syrian security forces kill four civilians

'Double agent' Manzar may now be in Bangladesh

'Cowardly' Norway attacks trigger widespread condemnation

CIA trains covert Afghan units to fight Taliban

Tiny 2,000-year-old golden bell found in Jerusalem: Israel’s Antiquities Authority

Israeli PM turns to Arab TV in call for peace

Congress' Hussain Dalwai wins Rajya Sabha by-poll

Forbesganj issue: Muslim groups move to Governor as Nitish trashes their request

 ‘Top Lashkar leader asked Headley about Mumbai rush hours’

S. Sudan rebel leader Gatluak Gai shot dead: army

UN points to possible Syrian crimes against humanity

New Jersey Gets Its First Indian American Judge

Man sentenced to death for raping daughter in Pakistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: 32-year-old, a right-winger suspected of bomb blast at Oslo


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