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Death for 11, life sentence for 20 in Godhra train burning case

Battle for Libya Rages as Qaddafi Strikes Back

'Islamism on Facebook, biggest threat'

Kingdom denies offering $150bn to buy Facebook

Major held in US for killing J&K activist

Third day of unrest in Oman

Omani crowd torches supermarket

Blasts kill at least 10 Afghans at dogfight: Official

4 NATO service members killed in Afghanistan

10 killed during clashes in Sudan

Bangladesh turns up heat on Nobel winner Yunus

Post-Davis, 30 US spies halt covert mission, flee Pakistan

Petition filed to make the US party in Davis immunity case

US not to swap Dr Aafia with Davis In U.S.

Libyan opposition rejects U.S. offer of weapons

Libya: West mulls military options

Now, EU slaps sanctions on Libya

Rebels 'down' Libyan aircraft

US moving naval, air forces closer to Libya

'All my people love me,' Gaddhafi says

Gadhafi forces mass, world raises pressure on Libya

Libya replaces ambassador who defected: US

Gaddafi seeks de-recognition of his UN diplomats

Libyan diplomats in Kingdom back Qaddafi

Saudi scholars support Libyan uprising

Holy cow's now fair game, Libyans take aim at despot

Libya Nuclear Deal, a Qaddafi Threat Faded Away

Fourth special flight from Libya returns with 331 Indians

Food prices skyrocket in Tripoli

No UK refuge or visa for Gaddafi

US moves warships closer to Libya, freezes $30bn in assets

Libyan assets frozen in US; no-fly zone on the horizon

No foreign intervention, Libyans tell West

Libya arrests four Jordanians

On Godhra anniversary, Modi rides on Mahatma

We criticize Israel’s policies, but believe in its right to exist

Egypt bans Mubarak travel, freezes assets

Mubarak, family barred from leaving Egypt

Iraq safest Arab country: Maliki

US weapons killing Arab protesters: Iran

Foreign powers involved in Balochistan situation: Gilani

Iraqi court gives Briton 20 years over slayings

NATO oil tanker attacked in Wah

Iran says hopes for further nuclear talks

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Photo: Dana Al-Hammadi, a 37-year-old mother of five, will be the first UAE woman to land on Antarctica as she is set to start her journey Tuesday from Abu Dhabi.

36 killed in a stampede in Miladun Nabi assembly in Mali

Troops kill 10 terrorists in Kurram Agency

7 Yemeni MPs resign in major blow to Saleh

Yemen rallies after demonstrator killed

Bahrain protesters call for strike to oust government

Fakieh vows more jobs for Saudis in retail sector

Ahmadinejad condemns civilian killings in Libya

Afghan suicide car bombing injures dozens

Vastanvi wins the battle, but with a caveat

Arab Unrest Propels Iran as Saudi Influence Declines

Saudi king announces $35 billion aid for citizens

Davis Case: Shumaila’s uncle poisoned in Lahore

'Davis case mishandled by interior ministry'

Davis ends hunger strike over 'substandard food'

Davis case may end up in ICJ

China, Pak to enhance military ties

Five security officials killed in attack on Khyber check post

India, Pak talks on March 28-29

Two wanted CIA men spirited out of Pak

Jamiat Ulema Hind not happy with Godhra verdict

Gaddafi ordered Lockerbie bombing, says ex-minister

One dead, seven hurt in tribal clashes

Grand welcome for King Abdullah

Kasab to challenge death penalty in Apex Court

Madrasa teachers on dharna at Jantar Mantar for with their demands

Former minister Mahboob Ali passes away

Faith in judiciary further strengthened: Umarji's son

Indo-Arab ties strengthened: Jaipal Reddy

Warships being sent to evacuate Indians from Libya

S Koreans to leave Libya on special flight: Ministry

China plays down “Jasmine” threat; tightens security

Turkey leads the way in evacuations from Libya

World grapples for response as battles divide Libya

Al Qaeda in N. Africa backs Libya uprising: SITE

Minority status will not change Jamia's secular character'

Dar-ul stopgap cleric returns

Didn't arm protesters, Berlusconi tells Gaddafi

'Qadri killed Guv in his own capacity'

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to find out extradition fate

Israel jets hit Gaza after rocket attack

World grapples for response as battles divide Libya

Pakistan’s anti-terror efforts lauded

Zardari quietly visited UAE to explore options

Pak Railways needs Rs 11.5bn to overcome financial crunch

Hussain Haqqani, Marc Grossman meet in US

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Photo: Dual nationality Libyans and some foreigners were detained Wednesday in a makeshift jail in a school in Shahat, Libya.

Two policemen gunned down in Karachi

Gaddafi’s son offers talks with protesters

Bahraini opposition leader back home

Tribal chiefs join opposition to Yemeni president

“India can help build democracy in Arab world”

Reveal your agents in Pak: ISI to CIA

Raymond Davis family not in Pakistan: US embassy

Sadhvi Pragya held in Joshi murder case

Census period should be extended, demand Muslims

Sabotage? Iran's N-reactor runs into trouble

J&K Police gears up for crowd management

Pak court adjourns 26/11 case till March 5

Leading Pak artistes oppose curbs on travelling to India

Russia vows to sell missiles to Syria

Obama calls on Qaddafi to step down

‘Gaddafi forces shooting from ambulances’

Gaddafi won't destroy oil wells'

World powers struggle to find way to stop Gaddafi

Terror in Tripoli as Gaddafi braces for battle

Libya placed billions of $ at U.S. banks: cables

Amid fear for family, Libyans in US take to streets

Nurse stands by Gaddafi, for better or for worse

British military planes in daring Libya desert rescue

World’s religious leaders call for end to violence in Libya

Pluralism is God's Will: Indonesian religious leader

Attack shuts Iraq's largest oil refinery, kills 1

After Mubarak, Egypt fixes president's term at 8 years

Army says sorry after protester clashes

King discuss regional issues with UN chief

World Assembly of Muslim Youth, Muslim Aid in cooperation pact

Students studying abroad on their own to benefit from king’s scholarship program

Two hurt in Israeli raids on Gaza

UAE replaces US as India's top trading ally

Pakistani delegate's money confiscated

Stereotypes break on Kuwait's I-Day

Leading Pak artistes oppose curbs on travelling to India

J&K Police gears up for crowd management

Pak court adjourns 26/11 case till March 5

Afghan defence minister sees better Pakistan cooperation

US Army must prepare for complex threats: Gates

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Photo: A roadside bomb killed nine civilians

Gaddafi denies fleeing Libya in TV appearance

Taliban bomber kills 31 at Afghan office

Suicide attack kills 12 in Iraq

Car bomb kills 17 in Somalia; Al-Shabaab owns responsibility

Deoband V- C Maulana Vastanvi will not go gently into the night

Hamas orders male hairstylists out of lady salons

Symposium on the life and achievements of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Vastnavi may lose Deoband post as rivals band together

Davis is a CIA agent, no doubt: Pak intel official

Clashes erupt in Tripoli; protesters celebrate in Benghazi

Gadhafi’s son warns of ‘rivers of blood'

US assails Libya’s use of lethal force against protesters

Your time is up, Libyan UN diplomats tell Qaddafi

Libya oil industry faces threat

Libya must stop ‘unacceptable bloodshed’ now: Clinton

Al Jazeera signal jammed in Mideast, Libya suspected

Jordan asks Libya to help nationals go home

Kingdom says world has enough oil as Libya in ferment

Iranian diplomat defects to opposition

Yemen Prez rejects demand to step down

Bahrain protesters seek to overthrow royal family

Mubarak's assets to be frozen

Students protest in Algerian capital

SIT officer misbehaves with Ishrat Jahan’s mother

Two pro-India parties floated in J&K with Army, MHA help

Decision on the minority status of Jamia Millia Islamia today

Maulana Arshad Madani congratulates Fahim and Sabah on their acquittal

Row continuing with US on Davis issue, admits Gilani

Police ban broadcast of riot footage on Godhra judgment day

Prez: Govt firm on tackling corruption

Japan building spy service: WikiLeaks

Blind man resculpts ‘untouchable’ Jesus

Israel and Chile spied on Iran: WikiLeaks

Drone attacks resume in Pakistan

Qureshi still part of PPP, says Gilani

Malaysian police detain Pakistanis over kidnap

US missiles kill nine in North Waziristan

Killers of innocent people enemies of Balochistan: Raisani

Ivorian troops kill protesters, AU team arrives

Iran warships to begin Suez Canal passage Tuesday

Labour strike continues for second day in Makkah

Hamas pours scorn on Fatah call for unity

Tunisia gov’t seeks to dissolve Ben Ali party

Afghans see warlord footprints in new police force

Arab energy ventures to hit $530b

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Photo: Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi makes defiant television address, attacking 'US tyranny' and 'sick people' within Libya

Suicide bomber kills 30 as Afghanistan violence spreads

Maulana Vastanvi to continue as Darul Uloom VC for now

Saudi women fighting the odds

Minority status for Jamia Millia Islamia

Godhra train burning: Court blames 31, acquits 63

Calls for 'Jasmine revolution' continues in China

Pressure builds on Vastanvi to quit

Libyan interior minister joins rebellion

Opposition trying to wrest control of Tripoli

Gaddafi grip weakens as forces take on protesters

Gaddafi says no surrender, protesters deserve death

Obama faces pressure to intervene in Libya

US plans NATO invasion of Libya, says Castro

Gaddafi digs in, Indians to fly out

Bahrain orders release of political prisoners

Thousands call for Yemeni leader’s ouster

Dalit set afire after son elopes with Muslim girl

IDB to help Muslim Aid push social progress

Afzal Guru's mercy petition not yet sent

Kasab to appeal against death penalty

Post-Egypt, Kashmir may put Centre in a spot

Document on 'Political solution to Kashmir' within 2 weeks: Interlocutors

CIA or not, Davis still has immunity, says US

Mullah Omar still calls the shots

Battle-scarred Taliban defying leadership

Davis has TTP links, says Pakistani media

Davis issue could spark Egypt-style revolution in Pak

Musharraf’s extradition not being pursued’

US eyes Iranian warships in Mediterranean

Yemeni army arrests al-Qaeda leader

Pirates kill four US hostages near Somalia

 MNLF to reap fruits of peace in southern

Many expats decide to return to ‘a new Egypt’

Egypt replaces several Mubarak-era ministers

Algeria OKs plan to lift state of emergency

Yamani: Nuclear pact to meet, energy needs

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Photo: Demonstrators in Tripoli ransacked the headquarters of state television during the night and all government buildings on fire.


10 Nato tankers torched; 4 dead in Peshawar

Libya: desperate Col Gaddafi offers protesters concessions as British rescue continues

Britain to seize Gaddafi's London assets: Report

Rebels close in, Gaddafi strikes back

Three activists killed in wave of violence in Karachi

US missiles kill six in NWA

Libya revolt could reveal fate of missing Lebanon imam

Foreign journalists work for al Qaeda, says Libya

Indian employees in Libya are safe, say companies

Pakistan’s intelligence ready to split with CIA

NOC for Pak actors and singers must for visiting India

US arrests Saudi bomb plotter

JEDDAH: Patience does not mean we’re weak, say women suffering in silence

Has Syria built a secret nuclear site?

Gaddafi struggles to hold on to power as opponents make gains

Evil eye cast on Libya, says Qaddafi

Libya denies Gaddafi has Swiss bank funds

Benghazi holding assassins; Residents set up defenses

U.S. keeps options open on Libya

World leaders seek action against Qadhafi over crackdown

3 Navy warships roped in to evacuate Indians from Libya

India trying to save 18,000 citizens from 'drug-crazed' Libya mobs

Qaddafi's charge against Bin Laden angers Saudis

Egypt detains ex-minister and former state TV boss

Clinton sees validation of Gandhi's principles in Egypt

Bahrain opposition leader's passport seized in Lebanon

Yemeni tycoon shrugs off risk from unrest

Saudis use Facebook and Twitter to air their views

Saudi taxi drivers complain about 'unfair discrimination'

Saudi students told they can return to Egypt

Saudi King healthy but needs physiotherapy: Minister

Abdullah driving force behind many diplomatic initiatives, says UK envoy

AIMMM Urges those convicted to Challenge Judgment on Godhra case

Badruddin Ajmal to file Rs 10,000 cr defamation suit against Arshad Madani

Mir Waiz Farooq meets Bilawal Bhutto in London

Trial in double-murder case against Davis to begin

US ‘ready to mend Pakistan ties’

PM calls for political reconciliation

UK court orders Assange’s extradition to Sweden

Taliban warn PPP against freeing Davis

Japan to lend $170m to Pak flood rehab

Israel bombs Gaza after rocket attack

Oil jumps 7.5% to $119.79 a barrel

Death toll from Jeddah floods rises to 13

Israeli gunfire kills Palestinian civilian

Uganda opposition leader urges protests over polls

Palestinian premier seeks youth input on Facebook

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Photo: At least four people have been reportedly killed while 10 NATO fuel-supplying tankers have been burned


Libyan forces open fire again on mourners, total toll may be 300

Libyans have ‘broken the fear barrier’, interview

26/11: HC upholds death sentence for Kasab

63 killed in Afghan east operations’

28 Taliban militants killed in Pakistan

Will Maulana Banarasi be the next VC of Darul Uloom?

51 member team of Majlis-e-Tahaffuz Darul Uloom leaves for Deoband

Ulema Council organizes Nyay rally in Lucknow

Kashmir will never be separated from India: Farooq

Modi appoints Ahmed Patel in Waqf Board

Davis is CIA spy, claims British newspaper

US could launch an operation to release Davis: Lawyers

Pakistani army’s drama series on War on Terror

Do not hire Pakistan artistes, 'Cine, TV Sena' tells industry

Pak rejects Menon's concerns about safety of its N-weapons

Gaddafi son says Libya will 'destroy seditious elements'

Bahrain protesters retake square, shooting in Libya

Libya arrests Arab 'network' for destabilising country

Libya's ambassador to India resigns in protest against violence: BBC

Indians in Libya safe: Govt

Libyan uprising a ‘foreign plot’: Kadhafi son

Libyan protesters brave bullets to close in on Gaddafi

Egyptian revolution the first drop of rain: JI chief

Egyptian banks reopen after week of shutdown amid employee protests

Muslim Brotherhood expected to win legality, lose popularity

Tunis demands Ben Ali's extradition

Bahrain Opp plots strategy before talks

Thousands demand change in Morocco

Yemen Opp rejects Saleh’s call for dialogue

Gulf monarchies urged to abandon absolutism

Security alert in south Kashmir

Iran warships head for Suez, give Israel the jitters

Pakistan says it is a responsible nuclear state

First Pakistan drone attack in weeks kills seven

Iran awakening: opposition websites

Pak team inspects site of artificial lake in Jammu

Eight killed as coaches collide in Dera Ghazi Khan

US drones hit mostly low-level targets: report

Iraq court delays verdict in trial of Briton

US drone kills six in South Waziristan

Arab world protests at a glance

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Photo: Demonstrators call for the ouster of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi in front of the Libyan embassy in Cairo, Egypt

Libya forces kill dozens as Muslim leaders urge end to "massacre"

Qaddafi’s Son Warns of Civil War as Libyan Protests Widen

Fears of Chaos Temper Calls for Change in Morocco

Turkey may emerge as Arab role model

Turks protest against arrests of army officers

Next Question for Tunisia: The Role of Islam in Politics

Moroccan protests to demand limit to king's powers

Protesters back in Bahrain's Pearl Square

Drone strikes on hold for Davis release?

NATO air raids killed 50 civilians, says Hamid Karzai

Pak films sweep top honours at NID fest

Iranian ships to enter Suez Canal, says official

Netanyahu: Israel takes grave view of Iran Suez move

New party shows deep political change in new Egypt

‘You have to talk to the enemy’

Kasab recites Quran, offers prayers in jail ahead of verdict

Yemen prez offers talks, students take to streets

Youth killed, students hurt in Yemen clashes

At least 18 killed in Afghan bank attack

Pakistan judge orders arrest of US car’s driver

Flood-hit Jeddawis given food baskets, blankets

King Abdullah food bank to expand role

Israel sold 1,400 homes in settlements in 2010

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Photo: Egyptian protesters taped a flag on the front doors of the Libyan Embassy in Cairo on Sunday.

Grenade kills two Yemen protesters, toll hits 10

Scores injured in fresh Bahrain crackdown

Gaddafi hits the streets in fightback as Libya erupts

Rights group puts Libya crackdown death toll at 24

Lankan maid kept as slave for 17 years

Afghan imams wage sermon battle against US

Blood money to solve US-Pak crisis

Petition to lift ban on women driving

Jalna Census officials come with filled in forms with Marathi and Hindi in language columns

India concerned about its citizens in Bahrain: Nirupama

Four killed as anti-Saleh protests sweep Yemen

Violence marks ‘Friday of Rage’ across Yemen

US asks Bahrain to show restraint against protesters

Umrah visas halted for Egyptians, Tunisians

Egypt allows Iranian ships to pass through Suez

Egyptians gather in Cairo to celebrate Mubarak fall

Swiss freeze tens of millions of Egypt’s francs

Uddhav oozes sarcasm, says Pak players are welcome

Terrorists may stoke India-Pak row, fears US

JEDDAH:Cabbie robs passenger

‘Condition of Muslims in Gujarat disappointing’: Study

Probe finds connection between Davis, drone attacks

UAE pledges dignified living for all nationals

“It is the women who have the guts in Pakistan”

Babri case: CBI appeals in SC against Advani, others

Heed warning signs: Saudi king’s brother

Pakistani seeks arrest of second US employee

Riyadh decked up to welcome king

Grand mufti reiterates doubling fine is wrong

Israel calls for direct peace talks to resume after US veto

Afghans need political solution: Clinton

Troops open fire at Bahrain protesters

US in direct talks with Taliban

Saudi abducted by Syrian gang?

US vetoes UN resolution on Israeli settlements

Hamas, Israel discuss talk prisoners swap deal

Obama condemns violence in Middle East

Turkish journalist charged with links to coup plot

Lebanese sentenced to death for spying for Israel

India police broaden graft probe

Pakistan judge orders arrest of US car’s driver

Johny Foster sings Faiz

Babri demolition case: CBI moves SC against Advani, others

Court notice against ‘Shahi Imam’

Clinton urges Pakistan to implement reforms

Being bilingual a good brain work-out, experts say

Saudi seeks share of $100 bln climate aid fund

Asia’s biggest aquarium opened in India

Egypt opens Gaza border crossing, one way

Obama warns Abbas against going to UN

Bahrain protesters shot as their promises talks

Controversial West Bank field trip for Israeli kids stirs anger

Stop fomenting anti-Americanism, Hillary urges Pakistan

Bahrain heir pledges talks after brutal crackdown

US vetoes UN resolution on Israeli settlements

US officials declined to characterize the call.

Mideast unrest puts US military access in jeopardy

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Photo: Yemeni security forces stand next to anti-government protesters calling for the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sanaa
























45 killed in Libya protests

Libya counters 'Day of Anger' after deadly clashes

Libya soldiers in Benghazi after overnight protests

One more encounter: Vanjara & Co. had killed Sadiq in 2003

'Muslims left behind in Gujarat's growth story'

Vastanvi’s hopes rise as Madanis still at odds

For working Saudi women, sometimes money talks

Omar announces removal of twelve more bunkers

Pak singer Rahat, four others questioned by DRI

No end in sight on Davis case

Davis case: LHC orders arrest of accused in Ibad’s killing

Was Davis running drone programme in Pakistan?

Top US lawmakers reject Pakistan aid cuts over Davis issue

Geelani’s Kashmir sold as a calendar

Islamic women's issues highlighted by CBS reporter's case

British soldiers in Afghanistan 'freezing sperm'

Abducted Italian woman says held by Al Qaeda

Pakistan man seeks arrest of second US employee

Egypt 'victory march' tests military rulers

Egypt fallout: Oman ruler postpones India trip

Brotherhood role rising in Egypt

Thousands of Egypt protesters keep up the pressure

Egypt says finds fourth stolen Pharaonic treasure

Egypt military junta launches Facebook page

Logan’s case highlights Egyptian women’s issues

US readying $150 mn in aid to Egypt

After hurling abuses at India, Pak media silent on Rahat issue

Urdu Persian Arabic University to be named after Kanshi Ram

SRK's documentary on Mughal-E-Azam

U.S. Tries to Head Off Vote Against Israeli Settlements

260 passengers in narrow escape at Madinah airport

Israelis kill three Palestinians

World Cup: 'Thackeray to decide if Indo-Pak final in Mumbai'

5 killed in Bahrain crackdown

Military deployed in Bahrain clampdown

LeT has acquired lethal capabilities: US intelligence chief

Iran’s Suez move lifts Egypt diplomatic strain

Angry Iraqis hold rally

Bangladeshis party at World Cup opening gala

Two Egyptian workers killed in Makkah workshop blaze

Two killed in Iraqi Kurdistan protest

Abbas holds urgent talks ahead of settler vote

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Photo: Libyan security forces were expecting violent demonstrations Friday, a day after an estimated 45 people were killed in clashes across the country.

Blast at hotel complex in Afghan capital kills 2

US says will provide evidence on Davis’ immunity

Give us Aafia and take back Davis: Pak

Emergence of Hindu Teror a cause of worry: Indian Hime Secretary

Was 7/7 accused a US informer?

Congress condemns Yahya Bukhari’s statement against Digvijay Singh

Innocent Muslim youth should be released immediately

Saffron Muslims preach RSS values in Lucknow

New Disclosures in Ajmer Bomb blast case

Electronic university in the offing: Saudi official

Islamic encyclopedia released in Bangalore

JEDDAH: SR500m car plant planned in Dammam

It’s mayhem in Manama as Bahrain follows Egypt

Muslim teaches Jainism to munis

Pakistan, Afghanistan delay start of trade accord

NATO containers case: 600 FBR officials on ECL

Afghan war costs USD 300 million a day: Pentagon

Strikes pose challenge to Egyptian military

Egypt protests spread across the Arab world

Mullen: U.S. depends on military ties with Israel

To check hawala, cross-LoC barter will now have bank trail

'Mubarak moves assets from European banks to Gulf states'

Police disperse Iranian protesters with tear gas

Qureshi has 'no future' in PPP, says party leader

Dawood's second daughter ties knot with Pak-American

Foreign exchange case: India releases Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Pakistan army turns to war movies to counter jehad

Malaysia arrest Indian activists for protesting against book

Turkey’s suspected ‘coup’ leader held

Cops, protesters clash in Yemen

Yemenis protest against President for 4th day

16 Indian fishermen held by Pak officials

Clinton picks new envoy to Afghanistan, Pakistan

One dead as Iran protesters clash with police

Qureshi affirms loyalty; PPP says he faces no action

US: Time for Iran to 'open up,' follow Egypt

Recruitment from Indonesia suspended

Kingdom endorses anti-piracy code of conduct

Lebanon: Hariri says he will join opposition

Sudan's ex-revolutionaries warn Egyptians to be wary

Palestine: Abbas asks Fayyad to form new Cabinet

Iraqis in Baghdad protest bad services, corruption

Israeli PM: Arab world undergoing ‘earthquake’

Turkey’s Gul, in Iran, urges respect for people power

Armed Yemen govt supporters chase down protesters

Bahrain police disperse demonstrators ahead of major rally

Shoura Council wants ceiling on housing loans increased

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Photo: A suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance of a Kabul shopping and hotel complex Monday

Riot breaks out in Libyan city of Benghazi

Libyan online protesters prepare for “day of rage”

Dar Al-Ifta denies backing Al-Qaeda

Pak Jamiat chief stirs up Deoband battle

Malaysia bars Iranian singer for insulting Islam

Hindi is mother language of the whole country: Census officials to Muslims

J-K sex scandal: Two witnesses turn hostile

Blasts hit Tanzania military depot, casualties unclear

Blasts near Karachi railway station disrupt train services

Muslim, Christian officials warn of continuing Israeli violations in Jerusalem

Blasphemy case against Sherry

Heartbroken Pakistani ends life in Makkah

LeT could hit US, Europe, says Washington

Yunus must quit Grameen Bank: Minister

Pakistan court adjourns US prisoner case

Egyptians air grievances, ignoring army warning

Egypt’s Health Ministry says 365 killed in unrest

Four killed in violent Bahrain crackdown: opposition

35 prisoners flee after beating guards in Tunisia

Iran regime calls for 'hatred' rally against opposition

Hezbollah Egypt cell chief appears at Beirut rally

Somali pirate gets over 33 years in prison

Jilted Pak girl films her lover's brutal murder

Davis case posing ‘difficult questions’ for Pak: Gilani

Toppled Mubarak wants to die in Egypt, claims report

US insists shooting has not harmed Pakistan ties

Eight dead in Mardan flour mill wall collapse

Palestinians say vote Friday on settlements

Security forces attack Bahrain protesters: witnesses

Algeria to lift state of emergency before end of February

Iran warships to transit Suez for Syria, says Israel

Davis is a US govt employee, reveal documents

Anti-government protests spread to Libya

US Powell asks answers over false Iraq info: reports

Afghanistan violence to rise in 2011: Mullen

Hezbollah leader warns of border conflict

Saudi youth struggle to find work raises urgency for reform

Kingdom to continue its efforts to reconcile Iraqis

Obama calls for peaceful response in Middle East

Jordan distances from itself minister’s 'hero' remark

Syria releases activist who called for protests

Mubarak loyalist becomes Egypt’s transition leader

Spain approves new law to battle Internet piracy

Anti-government protests in Yemen spread to south

Egypt military rulers face Iran warship passage

Pak singer to rock Dubai tonight

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Photo: Protesters take over the governorate building and set it on fire in Kut.


Qadri indicted in Salman Taseer murder case

Omar slams PDP, says can’t ‘gift away’ territory

More troops may be pulled out of Kashmir valley

Jamiat Ulema Assam committee dissolution vindictive: Badruddin Ajmal

Jamat Islami to launch political party on March 26

Treasures looted from Egypt museum

‘Hindus are stupid & drink cow urine’

Ayodhya case: Hashim Ansari to file appeal

Couples find novel ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Terror crimes are falling in the Kingdom: Justice Minister

Pakistan hopes diplomatic row won’t scuttle US talks

740 trainers still needed for Afghan forces: NATO

Gilani in Kuwait on two-day official visit

Palestinian government resigns

Pakistani officials denied access to Rahat Fateh

Jobless Tunisians arriving at Sicilian Island

Mubarak still in Egypt: PM

Indonesia's radical cleric on trial for terrorism

Thousands of Italian women rally against Berlusconi

Economy of love at full play in Pakistan

Pakistani singer Rahat hits a bad note with dollar stash

Govt plans to question Headley again

PPP turns on Qureshi

Egypt must change legal system too

Mubarak legacy gone and heat is now on army to go

Pak court issues arrest warrant for ex-Haj minister

Egypt's Parliament dissolved

Bahrain pledges media freedom

Police attack peaceful Sanaa demonstration

Jeddawis make documentary to highlight flood problem

Iranian opposition defies warning, calls for rally

18 items missing from Egyptian Museum after unrest

Is Al-Ain new home for Mubarak?

Loyalists open fire on Qureshi

Algerian opposition announces new march, despite ban

Three more gas pipelines blown up

Thousands rally in Yemen, demand political reforms

Pakistan supports Afghan-led reconciliation process: Haroon

Seven killed in separate incidents of violence, mishaps

Pakistan: 12 die as bus caught fire in Sohara

5 die in Peshawar roof collapse

Four flood-hit districts to be included in ROZ law

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, arrested after he murdered the former Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer.


Muslims complain of anomalies in census: Use of pencils and Hindi as language already filled

Defence of motherland a religious duty: Arab Islamic scholar Al Qarni

Pak minister thanks Chidambaram for Rahat Fateh Ali's release

US diplomat Davis formally charged with murder

Obama proposes $3.1 bn aid for Pakistan in 2012

Multi-week offensive kills 120 terrorists

Afghan war costs $300 million a day: Pentagon

Protests no longer need permission in Jordan

Thousands of protesters march in Bahrain capital

Tunisia extends state of emergency, lifts curfew

Saleh to talk with people; no letup in anti-govt rallies

Iranian lawmakers demand death for opposition leaders

Iraq protesters demand jobs in countrywide rallies

Thousands recreate Tahrir in Bahrain

Protests in Iran claim one life

Egypt forms panel to rewrite Constitution; fires 2 officials

Yemenis trying to oust leader protest for 5th day

Yemen Prez fans, opposition clash

Stability in Egypt fails to bring down prices

Egypt army seeks 6-month handover

Egypt junta names panel to reform constitution

Is the Egyptian uprising running out of steam?

Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) a source of spiritual strength for humanity

Muslims should get equal opportunities: Bengal CM

Pak warns Lakhvi will walk free

Kerry heads to Pak to calm diplomatic tension

Obama joins pressure team, wants Davis treated as diplomat

Militants blow up gas pipeline in Dera Murad Jamali

Pak-Afghan transit trade pact delayed by 4 months

800 buildings in Jeddah on verge of collapse

Indonesian media blamed for halt in hiring of workers

Protests no longer need permission in Jordan

Israel arrests 11 Palestinians

Iraq diverts $900 mln from F-16 jets to food

Ahmadinejad wanted direct talks with US: ElBaradei

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Photo: Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Egypt celebrates, as Mubarak quits
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Earlier report: Egyptian Army Backs President but Urges End to Emergency

US tells Pakistan to release Davis or its envoy would be kicked out: Report

31 Pak soldiers killed in ‘schoolboy’ suicide attack

Al Arabiya TV says Mubarak, family leave Cairo

SM Qureshi dropped as Pakistan's foreign minister

Blasts in four sites across Pakistan damage rail tracks

Tempers run high in Deoband in Vastanvi

Ajmal ouster may hit Jamiat Assam base

Pak begins construction of fourth N-reactor: US report

Obama Tested on Whether to Break With Mubarak

Hopes Dashed, Protesters’ Anger Spills Over

Julian Assange has four 'love children': Book

Egypt protesters mass for demonstrations, vow to drive Mubarak out

Al-Qaida committed to acquiring weapons of mass destruction: US

Egypt PM to appoint deputy from 'wise men' council

Suleiman is 'de facto head of state': Egyptian envoy to US

Mubarak had told US not to topple Saddam: WikiLeaks

US piles pressure on Mubarak to hasten democracy

Egypt protests swell despite govt threats

Pak court sends US official to jail on remand

Pak agrees to resume dialogue on all issues

Exhibition targets Christianity, Islam

CBMs on table in run-up to Qureshi's visit

SP plays Muslim card, hauls up Cong, BSP in resolution

Investigate conspiracy to kill our leaders: RSS to PM

US efforts to resolve Kashmir issue not gone anywhere: CIA

Saudi students warned against returning to Egypt

Saudi-Bangladesh ties to reach new heights, says envoy

Afghan bomber kills northern district chief

Muslim sect in Nigeria demands troop withdrawal

Indonesia says will act against brutal attacks on religious sect

900 Afghan militants join reintegration program

ElBaradei warns Egypt will ‘explode’

US intel chief says terror still top threat to US

Nawaz behind conspiracy against Moonis: Shujaat

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Egyptians celebrate in Cairo's Tahrir Square after President Hosni Mubarak resigned.


Saudi women protest, web activists call for reform

Pakistan court orders arrest of Musharraf in Bhutto case

Musharraf will not comply with Pakistan warrant: Spokesman

Islamabad refuses to let Davis go scot-free

Top press award for photo of disfigured Afghan woman

Tajik leader orders crackdown on ‘illegal’ mosques

Obama recalls Gandhi in welcoming Mubarak's exit

SM Qureshi dropped as Pakistan's foreign minister

Hindus have never accepted Pakistan since its creation: Nizami

Brainwashing drives young suicide bombers

The nation remembered Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad

I will be the first to apologise if Muslim youth are proved innocent: Raghuvanshi

Urdu is proud of the services of Gopi Chand Narang: K Rahman Khan

Muslim Rashtriya Manch to hold countrywide celebrations of Eid Miladun Nabi

Book on Kasmir ‘Blunders and the way out’ presented to the President

Residents slam Jeddah municipality for slow cleanup work

Residents slam Jeddah municipality for slow cleanup work

Israel used excessive force on aid ship: Turkish inquiry

Egypt govt officials banned from traveling abroad

Obama urges Egyptian army to ensure democratic change

Wall Street stocks jump on Mubarak resignation

Egypt: gone in 18 days

Egypt: Rewriting history in 140 characters

Mubarak Family Fortune Could Reach $70bn, Say Experts

Children of Saudi women married to foreigners face plethora of problems

Analysis: Egyptians will resist any army bid to keep power

Sweden calls Assange public enemy no. 1

Yemeni protesters scuffle after overnight clashes

US not asking me to leave, says Haqqani

US demands ‘full immunity’ Davis’s self-defence claim rejected

Switzerland orders freeze on Mubarak assets

New leader doesn't score too high either

Yasin Malik faces protests in Ajmer

Assange's plea rejected

LeT gained from Pakistan's support: U.S.

Committed to sponsor the legitimate demands of the people, says Army

Stone- throwers back after attack on Yasin

Violence as strike shuts down

US-Afghan-Pakistan meeting in doubt amid US prisoner row

Magic of light sweeps Sharjah

Gunmen attack police HQ in Afghanistan

US considers tougher approach with Pakistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Egyptians wave their country flags after President Hosni Mubarak resigned and handed power to the military at Tahrir Square in Cairo

Three car bombs kill seven, wound 78 in Iraq

Ahmadis Should Declare a New Religion: Indonesian Politician

‘South Sudan Minister shot dead in Juba’

Symposium on resemblances in movements led by Gandhi and Khamenei

Indonesian Clerics Ban Valentine’s Day

Islam's holiest imam to lead Deoband prayers

Ban on book labelling Sir Syed as separatist, communal demanded

Musharraf knew about Baitullah plot

Egypt and US swap barbs as tension mounts

Egypt army would intervene in case of chaos: minister

Now, call to storm Egypt Parliament

Egypt gets a new messiah in released Google man

US terror threat at highest since 9/11: Napolitano

Israel’s Barak in US for talks amid Egypt crisis

CBI to quiz suspects in Ajmer case

US denies dictating to Egypt

Opposition party pulls out of Egypt dialogue

Allies press US to go slow on Mubarak

Firebrand Islamic Cleric’s Trial Adjourned in Indonesia

Iran warns oppn on proposed rally

LeT operations growing in Afghanistan: US

Pakistan to get leaner Cabinet

Whirling dervishes and Sufi balladeers

Six dengue fever, four malaria cases confirmed

East Jeddah residents flee looming disaster

Turkish woman again acquitted of bombing charge

Omrania gets Kingdom Riyadh Land contract

Israel demolishes Khirbet Tana for 4th time

Prince Saud opens new embassy building in Berlin

Women meet to discuss evolving roles in society

Government denies US drone crash

Youth groups hit out at Yemeni opposition

Piracy: a growing problem for Yemen

PAS Youth chief claims misquoted over anti-Valentine’s Day push

CD of IAS topper Shah Faisal’s lecture released

Compiled by New Age Islam Bureau

Photo: A member of the Kurdish forces (L) stands guard as firefighters hose a building down after a bomb attack in Kirkuk


Egypt military vows democracy after Mubarak’s fall

Zardari, Gilani meet to discuss Pak-US relations, Davis case

Stampede at Nigerian president’s rally kills 11

Vastanvi after-effects in Assam

Thousands demand reforms in Algeria; 400 arrested

Campaign against Cupid targets Malaysia's Muslims

Pak, US cancel Afghan meet over arrested American official

Israeli satellite: Brinda seeks clarification on deal

'Qureshi's oath, seat removed at the last moment'

Qureshi wants PM post

What has Pak done for talks to resume?

Without Mubarak, Egypt state TV switches sides

Pakistan seeks role of ‘game changer’: Bashir

Obama welcomes commitments from Egypt's army

Ex-PM, senior officials barred from leaving Egypt

Cairo is warning to world’s dictators

Govt to ensure implementation of court order on Musharraf

Omar attacks PDP for controversial J&K map

Pakistan confident US, Afghan talks will continue

Palestinians to hold elections by September

New Israeli army head must pacify warring generals

566 Indonesian overstayers in Saudi to be flown home

Indonesia Congratulates Egypt on Democratic Change

Egypt military rulers under pressure from protesters

Iran will not allow 'illegal' opposition rally

Security forces in Yemen beat protesters

India wants China to be 'sensitive' on Pak issue: Nirupama Rao

US decries Iranian ban on protest

After Mubarak, Berlusconi', Italy protests

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: The victims of the Samarra attack were all Iraqi Shiites returning from the Sunni-majority city 110 kilometres.

Kasab to be included in census

Al-Qaeda in Iraq calls Egypt protesters to wage jihad

Sangh Parivar tries to build bridges with Muslims

Four blasts reported in Gujranwala

Balochistan without gas after blasts in pipelines

Tabassum Niaz dies

Musharraf will have to prove his innocence, says Awan

US lawmakers threaten to cut Pakistan aid on Davis detention

No guns, no bombs: Film follows Pakistani slackers

ElBaradei, young protesters draw closer

Mubarak forms reforms panel; protesters vow to step up struggle

Saudi investors undeterred by Egypt turmoil

Rise of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt worries Israel

US urges Egypt to uphold international treaties

India-Pak to work on 'law of comity' for 26/11 probe

US threatens Pak over detained American

Media cautioned on medical malpractice

Municipal polls: Fatah proposes, Hamas disposes

Syria may lift Facebook, YouTube ban

Ties with U.S. on course: Islamabad

Iraq: Rumsfeld blames it on Bush

US denies suspending all high-level dialogue with Pak

India will share Samjhauta details once probe ends: Rao

3 Hizb militants gunned down in Jammu encounter

Kids fight war in Afghanistan

Somali pirates hijack ship with 17 Indians on board

PIA strike grounds some flights

US warns Pakistan on talks: diplomats

US presses but Egypt rejects ‘hasty’ reforms

Al-Attiyah sets fastest time on Saudi Ha'il super special

Fakieh assures support for Bangladeshi workers

No takers for Mubarak’s new carrot

US Embassy’s local workers ‘exploited’

Jeddah still somber two weeks after floods

Compile by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Indonesian youths gather outside the church that was attacked by hardliners in Temanggung, Central Java


Kashmiri Pandit diaspora seeks separate homeland in Valley

Two blasts in Karachi, no casualties reported

Shariah the only path for Arabs: Al-Qarni Ayed bin Abdullah Al-Qarni

FAITH ACCOMPLI - Where Hindus and Muslims pray together

India, Pakistan begin talks on cautious note

Sufi poet bridges cross-border divide

Man hurls shoe at former Pakistani President Musharraf

Egypt talks break down

Egyptians pledge not to buy the reforms decoy

Egyptian protesters vow to escalate pressure on Mubarak

Obama steps up diplomatic efforts over Egypt

Saffron ATM of Ajmer and Mecca blasts held

Zardari wedding a gossip mill tale

Kasab judgment: HC to decide date today

US uses two tongues for Egyptians and Mubarak

Wife of man killed by American attempts suicide, dies

Seven of a family burnt alive in Ghotki

Al-Jazeera English correspondent detained in Egypt

Planes carrying students evacuated from Egypt land at KLIA

Don't try Egypt style power grab in Malaysia, says Najib

British soldier killed in Afghanistan

Haiah cars attacked in Madinah

Gandhi, Akbar among TIME top 25 political icons

Tuning in to a revolution

Special development projects for Muslims in WB

Wily Kayani scuttled deal on Kashmir

Uprising rings in talks of ‘change’

Taliban blames US for Afghan Guantanamo death

Khaled Said, the face that sprouted revolution

Foreign cooking shows banned on Iranian TV

Saudi Arabia to export urea to Pakistan

SQ Chy's US lawyer 'denied entry to Bangladesh'

US ‘spies’ go on trial in Iran

Slow Jeddah cleanup stirs anger

Women launch Facebook campaign to participate in municipal elections

Over 100,000 visit Saudi expo

South Sudan may build new capital

Yemen opposition MP survives attack on life

Kuwait appoints new interior minister

Israel to seize Palestinian properties in East Jerusalem

Filipinos in Egypt shrug off safety fears

Iraqis protest poor public services across country

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Muslim devotees march during a rally in Lahore.


Arab uprisings sign of 'Islamic awakening': Khamenei

22,000 Pakistanis flee fighting near Afghan border

PPP leader Sherry Rehman withdraws bill to amend blasphemy law

3 killed, 27 injured in Lahore shrine blast

Over 20,000 take to streets in Yemen “Day of Rage”

Six Afghans killed by roadside bomb blast: Nato

26/11 hero’s uncle sets self on fire near Parliament

Is Indresh RSS’s Achilles heel?

SIT indicts Modi for riots, but says not enough proof

Egypt's Mubarak says resigning would bring chaos

Egypt: 'I am going to Tahrir': FB message that started it all

Egypt PM apologises for Tahrir Square clashes

US in talks over possible Mubarak departure

European leaders tell Mubarak to go

Arab stock markets shed $49bn over unrest in Egypt

Al Jazeera demands release journalists in Egypt

Egypt crisis pains us, says Abdullah

Manmohan, Karzai discuss security of Indians in Afghanistan

Iran could make nuclear weapon in 1-2 years: IISS

Bomb explosion in Baghdad kills two

Iraqis protest power and food shortages; 3 shot

UN alarmed at increasing death penalties in Iran

German state mulls burqa ban for civil servants

Islam teaches respect of other religions: Gilani

Khalifa calls for conservation of environment

Jamia Millia: Students shiver at the mere mention of ‘Jang’

Foreign journalists caught in pincer attack

India condemns detention of, attacks on scribes in Egypt

India, Iran resolve crisis

Hurriyat hardliners call for a shutdown in Sopore on Friday

Jordan's king acknowledges reforms have stumbled

Malaysian evacuees to land in Jeddah

Morocco Facebook group calls for protests

190 Pakistanis deported from US during last two years

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Demonstrators listened Friday as the cleric Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi spoke in Tahrir Square.


Azadi not main concern in Kashmir, Islam is: Jamaat

Saffron blast funder says Indresh is Joshi’s killer

Jamaat’s welfare programs impress Saudi delegation

Pakistan brings up 'Hindu terror' again as talks fizzle out

Cops' fleeing theory debunked? Sohrabuddin shot point-blank

Qaeda plans a Mumbai rerun at UK airports

HC fixes Feb 21 to deliver Kasab verdict

Inspector killed, 4 police hurt in Peshawar

Musharraf accused in Benazir case

Mubarak uses sop tactic to hold on

Concessions not enough, Mubarak told

Cairo seeks normalcy after days of unrest

Scene in Egypt changing, future depends on Brotherhood, Army

Tunisian and Egyptian unrest a wakeup call for Arab leaders: US

Obama sees progress in Egypt

Cairo clashes: Mubarak orders probe

Kingdom urges peaceful resolution of Egypt crisis

Egypt’s unrest will change region, say Hezbollah chief

‘Nile Revolution’ makes way in Egypt

Mubarak fights Egyptian protest with pay rise

Renewed pressure on Hosni Mubarak to quit as talks fail

Islamic party hopes comeback in Egypt

New twist in Davis saga, victims were ISI agents

Delays hit homegrown Awacs as Pak races ahead

U.S. piles up pressure on Pakistan

 “Assange will not get fair trial in Sweden”

Pak debars NIA team from quizzing 26/11 masterminds

Obama sure of representative, responsive Govt

Pak radical groups plan protest ahead of V-day

Ground zero of protests takes on a festive mood amid gloom

Muslim sect in Nigeria demands troop withdrawal

Police, opposition supporters clash in Bangladesh

Drop in number of Egypt’s Umrah pilgrims feared

We can’t return home yet, say families who’ve been told to vacate apartments

Tourists preferring Madinah to Jeddah

Chechen rebel leader claims Moscow airport bombing

Jury convicts US Pakistani TV executive of beheading wife

‘Afghan Taliban would be open to talks’

Iraq to sign Akkas gas contract

Iraqi flour prices triple

Hundreds of Afghan fighters to lay down arms: NATO

Burundi arrests eight Pakistani preachers

Sufi again refuses to hire lawyer to defend him

Prof Dr Naeem appointed Jinnah University for Women VC

Nine stabbed to death in Mandi Bahauddin

Roof collapse kills five in Skardu

Imran urges people to come out for ‘change’

President Zardari calls Nawaz Sharif

New vistas to open for a 'dead' airline

Compile by New Age Islam Bureau

Photo: Tabassum Niaz before and after immolation and her husband Munawwar.

Mubarak hangs on after mass protests in Egypt

Millions of expats don't understand a word of Friday sermon

Indian Union Muslim League attacks Kerala chief minister's office

Car bomb blast kills three in Khyber

Two soldiers killed in Afghanistan bombings

7 killed in northern Iraq plane crash

Dog ordered to leave Madinah

Zardari secretly married to NY physician?

Bangladesh hands over 2 top ULFA leaders

Plans to distance Mubarak from power being discussed, says report

Campaign against graffiti in Madinah

Mubarak ‘fed up’ but will not go just yet

Tahrir Square reveals festive side of Egypt

Egypt chaos hikes food prices in Kingdom

Journalist dies of injury in Egypt protests: Jazeera

Ex-trade minister of Egypt barred from traveling

Chip in with your ideas for a solution, Chidambaram tells Congress in J&K

Gujarat questions IPS officer for furnishing riots call data

Omar Abdullah tweets: 'How can one not condemn the death of Manzoor?'

26/11 martyr Major Unnikrishnan's uncle dead

Pakistan regrets slow Indian investigation into Samjhota Express blasts

Militants kill four ‘spies’ in northwest Pakistan: police

Seven killed in road accident near Hyderabad

LeT hideout busted, OGW arrested in Jammu region

Foreign secretaries of India, Pak to meet tomorrow in Thimphu

British officials described Zardari as numbskull: WikiLeaks

U.S. plotting Mubarak's exit: reports

Student killed during Army's ambush operation in Kupwara

Gilani may dissolve Cabinet soon

3 Pak ‘Spot-Fixers’ Face Criminal Charges In UK

Pak to Release US Diplomat?

As protests linger, Mubarak holds meeting with economy team

Archaeologist in Australia finds ancient sites near Jeddah via Google Earth

Families frown upon marriage for younger daughter before older

Iraq PM says he'll cut his salary by half

Israel bars Palestinians from reaching Al-Aqsa

Michigan mosque plot suspect gets rid of 'Shi'ite' lawyer

Um Al-Khayr Dam burst because of washed-away vehicles: Official

UAE statute
respects free speech, says
Nahyan (Wam)

Israel, Palestinians float Gaza gas rapprochement

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Flames are seen after an explosion at a gas terminal in Egypt's northern Sinai Peninsula on Saturday


Hindu man gunned down in Pak

Indonesia mob attacks 'heretic' Muslims, kills 3

We killed the sisters; say ‘LeT’ posters in Sopore

Islam a great religion and Quran great scripture: Shankaracharya

Muslims must abide by Western values, says Cameron

Kashmiris should be final arbiter of their destiny, says Zardari

Pak Parliament clears Bill to regulate loudspeakers

King Abdullah waives SR585 million in housing loans

Zardari threaten to sue newspaper for $100m

Hosni Mubarak resigns as head of Egypt's ruling party: TV

113 students unaccounted for in Egypt

Egypt VP meets with opposition on reform

Egypt’s loss Dubai’s gain: Locals avoid trouble spot

A 'perfect storm' is brewing in Mideast: Clinton

Pak raises Hindu terror bogey ahead of foreign secretary talks

President Obama calls world leaders to discuss Egypt situation

Egypt's regime makes new concessions to opposition

Islamists reject offer to join new Jordan govt

Spot-fixing: ICC hands out massive bans to Pakistan tainted trio

255 border outposts to come up along Bangladesh, Pakistan border

Two dead as Tunisian police fires on protesters

Cameron says British multiculturalism has failed

Kit Siang tells Najib to heed Egypt, free Shuhaimi

Petro Saudi to lease 747s to evacuate Malaysians

Karzai to announce Afghan handover start March 21

South Sudan mulls new capital after independence

Govt aims to get Egyptians back to work

Quartet urges Israel, Arabs to heed Egypt risk

Guardian’s attempt to stop woman from marrying genuine suitor a crime

Jeddah: City with a survival instinct

Eye on unrest, Iraq PM says he won’t seek 3rd term

2nd imam is out at Islamic center near WTC site

Syria proves immune to upheaval roiling the region

3-day festival to highlight Kashmir culture

Compile by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Jamaat-u-Dawah Chief Hazif Muhammad Saeed

Tens of thousands of Yemenis demonstrate in Sanaa

Jordan's opposition says new PM must step down

Girl whipped to death by clerics for illicit affair in Bangladesh

WikiLeaks nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Kerala High Court clears way for India's first Islamic bank

Qaida plotting ‘nuclear 9/11’, say Wiki cables

Five months before 26/11, India warned US of 'white faces' in terror camps

For better Indo-Pak ties, India suppressed infiltration figures: WikiLeaks

Yemeni president says he won't seek another term

Six killed in fresh violence in Egypt

Protesters say now more determined to topple Mubarak

Egypt's ElBaradei, Islamists reject govt talks offer

3 dead, 1500 injured as clashes continue in Cairo

Concern over Muslim girls’ misuse of mobile phones in Bhiwandi

Burqa clad woman beaten up for adultery, burqa burnt in Bhiwandi

US warns citizens against travelling to Pakistan

Police nab Hizbul worker who distributed Rs 70K to stone-pelters

Egypt protests: Third batch of Indians arrives in Mumbai

Israeli PM says Iran wants 'another Gaza' in Egypt

Nitish reads the Egypt act to UPA

Al-Qaeda suspects killed in Mauritania

Violence against women: 8,433 cases registered in Punjab in two years

Afghan, Pakistani troops exchange fire; one killed

I will not be President for life, says Saleh

Israeli PM says Iran wants 'another Gaza' in Egypt

7/7 bombers trained by unknown

Bangladesh: 44 Rajshahi jawans jailed

Govt asked to explain failure to stop fatwa

Gunfire pounds anti-Mubarak protest camp in Cairo:

Women key to economic growth in Middle East

Hamas rejects holding elections in Palestinian territories

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Supporters of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, take part in a rally in support of Saleh in Sanaa, Yemen


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  • Excellent article that gives a universal dimension to the core tenets of Islam by tabling comparative injunctions from other major religions. The Qur'an ...
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  • Yunus Sb, I am quite aware of what George Bush said. I was in the US when this took place and am quite aware of ...
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  • There is no end to the games one can play with identifying self serving key phrases in any verse ignoring the rest. The extremists do that.
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  • key phrase in the verse is one man and two women.
    ( By zakaria virk )
  • m zindgi se bahut presan hu
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  • Ms Ayesha says: "Mr Naseer either you have not come across that particular verse of the Quran where it is mentioned or you are just ...
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  • Ayesha Hareem says "I understand your concern Mr Listener, but I don't need your sympathy!" So very true words. Sympathy, grace and mercy are sought ...
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  • Dear Ayesha, As-Salaam Alay-Kum First of all, I am impressed with your right to the point remark, “I know my Islam and my scriptures better than ...
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  • Universl brotherhood based on a passion to do the right thing and to promote what is good and just is the true message of Islam.
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  • Yes dear Listener you are very right. But unless the women realize that the Quran and Sunna is in their favour, they will ...
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  • Gender issues are very real. It is really sad that Muslim males (not all for sure) generally don't think it is important. Ignoring the ...
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  • Gender issues are very real. It is really sad that Muslim males (not all for sure) generally don't think it is important. Ignoring the ...
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  • It's not about disagreeing with Noor Zaheer janab!It's about the categorical usage of the word 'heresy'. I do have problems with Zaheer's s book ...
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  • This is the best chapter in the book.
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