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Jihad is a part of Islam till Eternity: President Majlis e Ehrar e Islam, Indian Punjab

Al Qaeda leader bin Laden dead, says Obama

25 terrorists killed, hideouts destroyed in gunship attacks

12-year-old suicide bomber kills four in Afghanistan

Al-Qaida No. 2 Zawahri most likely to succeed Osama bin Laden        

Venezuela's Chavez condemns death of Gaddafi's son

World cheers Osama bin Laden's death as victory

Terrorists safe havens in Pak a challenge: Pentagon

Shahbaz meets Gen. Kayani

PPP, PML-Q strike power-sharing deal

 ‘Alliance with PML-Q in country’s interest‘

Women policy not against Qur’an: IOF to Shaeikh Hasina

Terror strike averted: Germany arrests 3 suspected Qaida men

Egypt military warns against sectarian strife

People attack embassies in Libya after airstrike; UK expels Libyan envoy

Thirteen vehicles set on fire amid Karachi shutdown

14 NATO oil tanker torched in Attock

Helicopter crashes on PMA Kakul road: sources

Dollar rises on reports Osama is dead

Three explosions as jets overfly Tripoli: witnesses

Syrian tanks enter Deraa

Yemen power transition deal faces snag Six killed in strike

Afghan Taliban declare start to spring offensive

Egypt’s Islamists announce political party

Saudi king tightens media restrictions

Iraqi judge killed as insurgents bomb house

Syria protesters given surrender ultimatum

Oil, gold fall on dollar, news of bin Laden death

GCC plans more talks on Yemen

Syrians protest from rooftops after army action

Shoura panel calls for reopening of Alkhobar port

Iran’s president backs down on political challenge

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Photo: US forces finally found al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.


Qaddafi survives NATO airstrike but loses youngest son

Attempt to burn church foiled in Gujranwala

Baloch leader accuses agencies of killing non-Baloch in Balochistan

Gaddafi regime offers amnesty to Misrata rebels

Iran president to resign over spat?

Suicide blast kills three civilians in Afghanistan

Iraq suicide bomb kills 7

11 vehicles torched in Karachi

Bahrain group calls for boycott of Iranian goods

Sindh mourns Liaquat Quraishi’s murder on MQM call

Yemen transition deal teeters as Saleh fails to sign

ISI and CIA – The estranged bedfellows

NATO tanker attacked

Afghan Taliban declare start to spring offensive

Karachi tense as one more killed in violence

PPP, PML-Q may sign deal today; PM to attend meeting

Five Nato oil tankers attacked in Balochistan

UN urges all to avoid civilian harm as Taliban threaten offensive

Kadhafi call for Libya talks rejected

Militants kill six in Afghan attacks: Afghan police

Police encounter kills seven in Sheikhupura

US to use Afghanistan as base for drone attacks in Pak

Syrian troops take key Daraa mosque, kill 4

Al-Qaeda plot busted in Germany

Two buses among four vehicles torched in Karachi

Listen to the voice of youth: Salman

In focus: Legal battle to recover money not paid back

Iranians blamed for hacking Bahrain govt website

Iraqi judge killed as insurgents bomb house

Egypt’s Islamists announce political party

Syrians vow for more protests

Taliban announce spring offensive in Afghanistan

Al-Qaeda ordered suspect to carry out attack in Germany

Iraqi PM makes stopover in Dhaka

Mubarak may face death penalty

Terror strike averted: Germany arrests 3 suspected Qaida men

6 killed in south Yemen strike

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Photo: US reports say Osama bin Laden dead

Attacks in Iraq kill 10, including 8-year-old girl

16 dead on Syria day of rage: activists

UK: London’s Oldest Mosque To Hold Royal Wedding Celebration

Pak: MQM’s ex-MPA shot dead in wave of Karachi violence

MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi attacked in Hyderabad

Iran: Leading Clerics Believe Regime Actions ‘Un-Islamic’

Egypt: Military Trials Usurping Justice System

'Pak not doing enough to bring 26/11 perpetrators to justice'

Gujarat's Best Bakery case: Teesta forced me to lie, says Witness

Al-Qaeda suspected in cafe bombing

Terrorists safe havens in Pak a challenge: Pentagon

US imposes sanctions on Assad relatives

Makkah fire kills pilgrim

Afghan insurgents have lifeline in Pak: Pentagon

Gaddafi calls for negotiation with Nato

Qadhafi ready for ceasefire, refuses to leave

Libyan tanks launch assault on Misrata

Libyan government forces make incursion into Tunisia

Pak Hajj scam: SC cancels transfer orders of FIA officials

PPP and Q agree to seal deal: Pak

Clinton demands Syria end violence

Saudi Arabia in focus at Moscow WHO talks

Saudi Arabia amends media laws

Tunisian police fire tear gas on Islamist protest

Islamic Jihad not joining Palestinian unity govt

German police arrest three suspected al-Qaida members

High alert for Jakarta on May Day

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Photo:  Syrian forces kill 62, U.S. tightens sanctions


Explosion hits cafe in Morocco, 15 dead

Bahrain court sentences Shia protesters to death

Syria tried to build nuclear reactor: IAEA chief

Pakistan tests Hatf-8 cruise missile

Pakistan drops US, embraces China as new arms partner: Report

PML-Q supports division of Pak-Punjab province

Libya angers Tunisia as war briefly crosses border

Bahrain sentences four to die over police killing

Hundreds of Shiites protest in east Saudi Arabia

Syria protests toll is 500'

Pakistani soldier killed in explosion at camp

Several shops gutted after blast in NATO tanker: Jalalabad

Woman injured in Gujranwala blast

Pak: Karachi firing kills three, injures two

4 Bahraini protesters sentenced to death

US helps rebels as Qaddafi open new fronts

UN says Turkey should be involved in Libya process

US helps Libyan rebels, fighting rages in west

Osama`s son stayed in Karachi: Wikileaks

Pak: Another navy bus bombed, five killed       

Pakistan, India develop roadmap to boost trade

Strong Kashmir to fortify Pakistan

Pak Muslim League ‘Benzir is shaheed not Zulfiqar Bhutto’

Bomb squad secures suspected bomb at Hotel Indonesia roundabout

Jakarta outskirts a nest for NII: Police

Libyan forces battle rebels on Tunisian border

Egypt to open Rafah border crossing with Gaza

Thai soldier dies as ceasefire with Cambodia breached

Egypt sending team to help realise Palestinian deal

Senior Iraq general gunned down in Baghdad

Muslim Brotherhood to participate in Egypt's National Dialogue

Palestinians applaud surprise unity deal, Israel growls

Syria threatened Al-Jazeera staff: media watchdog

27 people injured in an attack, including a deputy

Europe must help Mideast countries protect democratic gains, PACE head says

No recognition for south Sudan if it claims Abyei: Bashir

Unity with Hamas to promote peace: Abbas

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Photo: Suicide Bomber Kills 10 in Iraq


Eight NATO troops killed as Afghan pilot opens fire

Blast hits Pakistan navy bus, several casualties

Gaddafi has become liability for Libya: Britain

'Give up war or face assassination', Liam Fox warns Gaddafi

Pak tries to outflank US and India in Kabul with China card

US, Pak cannot allow security ties to unravel: Mullen

Pak admits majority killed in drone strikes are terrorists

Wiki files: 9/11 mastermind Khalid defied Qaida, killed Daniel Pearl

Taslima Nasreen advises Sachin not to pray for Sai Baba

Gaddafi unharmed despite NATO's heaviest attack

US asks Turkey to halt Bank Mellat’s operations, freeze Gahdafi’s assets

Thousands of Syrian troops raid rebellious city

Hasina to meet panel on Islamic references in Constitution

9/11 mastermind Khalid killed Pearl despite being told not to do so: WikiLeaks

‘Q’ officials have authorised possible inclusion in govt: Pakistan Muslim League

Pentagon lists mosques where Al-Qaeda recruited Militants    

Imams hold demonstration in 'secular' Egypt

Indonesian leader warns Islamic radicalism rising

Huji boss captured: Bangaldesh

Gadhafi, al-Assad cooperated with CIA, says agency's ex-chief

Rebels push back Kadhafi forces in Zintan

NATO jets stop attack on rebel-held port in Libya

Deadliest days for Nato in Afghan campaign    

US court to arraign Rana in 26/11 case on May 4      

Yemenis start civil disobedience campaign

11-member apex court bench to hear Bhutto reference: Pak

US town sued over denial of mosque proposal

Saudi woman calls for Royal Court intervention to end ordeal

Kingdom seeks proof of Al-Makhlafi’s death in Afghanistan   

Four alleged Mumbai attack plotters face justice in Chicago

Cairo students demonstrate against Israel

Turkey to help guide Syrian democratization process

Explosion rocks Egypt gas terminal near Israel

Iran welcomes, Israel rejects Hamas-Fatah deal

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Photo:Twenty one people were killed in a US drone 


Former Gitmo detainee now America's ally in Libya

Two bombs hit Pak navy buses in Karachi, 4 dead

US charges four Pakistanis in Mumbai attack plot: Agencies

Eight killed in Karachi violence, Pak

Al-Qaida leaders were in Karachi on 9/11: WikiLeaks

IAS officer offers to reveal Modi's anti-minority stance

IAEA terms Pak nuclear program safe, secure

Libyan rebels claim Misrata success

Qaddafi escapes NATO bombing of his office complex

Baby abandoned near mosque in Ras Al Khaimah : Kuwait

'Qaida chief ran helter-skelter in Af for months after 9/11'

Saudi Arab appreciates Yemen’s cooperation

Arab unrest: OIC should intervene

165 killed in one week of south Sudan clashes

NATO Airstrikes Target Gadhafi Compound

25 killed in Syria crackdown on Daraa: activist

Rain prayers conducted in all parts of the Kingdom: Saudia Arabia

Sadhvi alleges “harsh treatment” in jail

Chidambaram lauds Gujarat police officer

Punjab CM denies statement on ‘Karachi province’

2 shot dead, scores hurt at huge Yemen protests

SIT submits second report

Suspects in Jeddah floods being grilled

Taliban free hundreds in Afghan jailbreak

EU powers push UN council to condemn Syria

Syria has opted for military solution: activist

Yemen opposition agrees to Saleh exit plan

Clashes in Iraq’s Mosul wound at least 10

US eyes possible sanctions on Syrian officials

With big deals ahead, Antony warns military against graft

Italy says its air force can bomb Libya military targets

Anti-nuclear protesters in France, Germany mark Chernobyl

For Egyptians, happiness is a warm gun

Many injured in Meerut violence Special Correspondent

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Photo: A terrorist group that the ISI had used to carry out attacks on India.


Nato kills ‘number two most-wanted’ in Afghanistan

NATO strike raises pressure on Gaddafi

Kadhafi seen on 'back foot' as fighting rages

Involved Gujrat, India,Cops want Ishrat case shifted to CBI

Seven killed as terrorists attack Navy buses

NATO claims of killing key Qaeda figure

Gitmo files show how Osama fled Tora Bora

In the Guantánamo files, Al-Qaeda's post-9/11 plans

Islamicism divides Egyptians

Petrol import from India proposed By Khaleeq Kiani: ISI Chief

Pak-India commerce secretary level talks today

Karachi firing kills three, injures two

Women protection bill: Pakistan

Zardari, Pakistan President approves extension in service of six judges

India-Pak meet on visa issues by May-end

Indian delegation arrives in Pakistan trade talks begin today

Four more Pakistanis charged by U.S. in 26/11

58 target killers nabbed in Karachi: Pak Minister

'Al Qaeda, jihadis may target Royal Wedding'in Britain

Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Muslim leaders invited to royal wedding in Britain

No hospital transfer for Mubarak: Egypt

Is India's influence waning in Afghanistan?

Afghans recapture 65 of Kandahar jail escapees

Egypt’s ex-interior minister on trial for murder

Saudi Arabia uneasy with high oil prices

No letup in Syrian crackdown on protesters

Iran wants US woman to return for trial

Saudi Foreign Ministry denies telling Saudis to leave Bahrain

Jordan king sets up panel to amend constitution

Campaign to bar Syria from UN human rights body

Philippines urges citizens to leave Syria

Iran plans gas from joint field with Kuwait

Mohammed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Obama discuss Middle East issues

West struggles to get UN condemnation of Syria

Yemen opposition to approve Gulf mediation deal

Syrian troops pour into Damascus suburb Khaled Yacoub Oweis

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Photo: Muhammad (s) as the primary guidance


‘ Liberated’ Moulana of hurriyat Conference takes on separatists

Drone strikes: Pak may approach UN against US

Pakistani drones protest keeps NATO trucks at bay

No secret talks with Pak army chief, says Indian PM Office

Roadside bombs kill 3 NATO troops in Afghanistan

Oz Christian lobby chief’s anti-gay, Muslim tweet sparks outrage

Fatwa has no legal force: Barrister Rafique of Bangladesh Supreme Court

Police Foil Bomb Plot in Jakarta Targeting Christians

500 Taliban escape in huge Afghan jail break

Besieged Yemeni Prez to end 32- year reign

Syria death toll rises to four

At least 105 dead this week in Southern Sudan’s wave of violence

Many Holes in SIT’s inquiry: Gujrat (India) Sr. Police Officer

Al-Qaeda threatens nuclear hellstorm if Osama is caught or killed

No evidence linking LeT to 2009 attack on Indian embassy: Pak army

Pakistan: Making Sense of Nasr Ballistic Missile Test

'Gaddafi playing dirty tricks': Libyan rebels

Palestinian cop kills Israeli at West Bank tomb

Easter blast near Baghdad church wounds 4

Jordan indicts 146 on terror charges

Syrian armour shooting militant in Daraa

Iran: Free Opposition Leaders and Their Families

Israel: Worshipper Killed In West Bank Shooting Attack

Libyan tribes negotiate rebels exit from Misrata

Bombing destroys presidential building in Tripoli

Saleh defiant, day after agreeing to handover plan

US released ‘high-risk’ Guantanamo detainees

Nigeria rights group says over 500 killed in riots

Yemen: Protests Demand President Quit Immediately Despite Transition Plan

Syria: Calls For World To Impose Sanctions On Leadership

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Photo:Senator John McCain, who visited Libya at the weekend, said that Gaddafi should be targeted


Former Secretary Michael Chertoff and General Michael Hayden write in the Washington Post about the commitment the United States is prepared to make should Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi be removed. They write: "We must acknowledge the real possibility that Gaddafi’s departure will be followed by continued violent resistance carried out by his supporters or bloody score-settling by the victorious rebels. The staying power of Gaddafi’s forces a month after the NATO intervention began suggests that the current fight, largely seen as democrat vs. oppressor, might have a darker tribal underlay. And with arms now generally available because of the weapons caches that both sides have accessed, a tribal-based round two could be dark indeed."


Pope Benedict urges end to fighting in Libya

Nigeria election violence 'left more than 500 dead'

Modi’s Gujarat in damage control

Suicide bomb attack kills four in Pakistan

Thousands flee clashes in south Sudan

2 US soldiers killed in Iraq

115 killings in city this month: Sindh, Pak Information Minister

Mulayam former CM, UP, India to oppose Centre’s move to acquire Waqf property

U.S. has left Pakistan base, says Pakistan Military Intelligence

US unleashes Predator drones on Libya

We have broken jihadis’ backbone: Pak Army Chief

Syria: 12 killed as funerals come under fire; 2 MPs quit

Fresh strikes as Libya vows to leave Misrata to tribes

Govt forces retreat in Libya’s Misrata

Syrian forces raid homes, Assad opposition mounts

2 Afghan police die, NATO chopper crashes in east

Seven militants killed, Afghan Official

Islamic banks’ assets grow over 30% in a year: State Bank of Pakistan

1325 non-Saudis terror suspect in S. Arabia

Pakistan rally halts NATO supplies for Afghanistan

Pakistan ups ante, asks US to review drone policy

US mulling drones for Pakistan

Opposition dragging Yemen into war: Yemen President

Six killed in pro-democracy protests in Syria

Egypt’s fallen president faces execution

Yemen president to step down

Yemeni president agrees to Gulf proposal

Iraq PM pledges not to ask for US troop extension

Arab demos against ‘tyranny’ justified: Iraqi Premier

Israel: UN recognition of a Palestinian state will turn us into ‘colonialists’

Britain can’t arrest Musharraf for lack of treaty, court told

Thai-Cambodian border fighting leaves 10 dead

EU says Syrian crackdown ‘intolerable’, urges reforms

Syrians bury their dead as bloody clashes go on

Militants’ backbone has been broken’

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Photo: Supporters of Col Gaddafi chanted defiance from the ruins of a building hit by the air strike.


Hyderabad, India a U.S. visa fraud hub

Constitutional controls check radical Hindutva, says U.S diplomat

Vatican worries about Catholics in Pakistan

France & Italy to train Libya rebels too

US jets destroy two surface-to-air missile sites near Tripoli

Taliban kills two in Pakistan

US soldier goes on trial in slaying of 2 in Iraq

New Pak missile to deter Indian war doctrine

US unveils new terrorism alerts, scraps colours

Pakistanis happier than Indians: Gallup survey

Poor' Pak politicians are 'stinking rich' in reality

US links ISI to Haqqani militants

Pak-US talks to seek resolution of issues’

Mullen visits Pakistan amid tensions over drones

Pakistan’s convulsed fiscal deficit: former Pak Ambassador to US

Drones shatter US-Pak trust

Oscar-nominated documentary director killed in Libya

Taliban kill two for supplying livestock to Afghanistan

Taliban damage radio station in Charsadda

UK soldier dies after being injured in Afghan blast

Afghan army says ministry attacker was outsider

Fears rising over Taliban infiltrating Afghan police, army

Leaving Baghdad, Hamama win?

2 Western photojournalists killed in Libya

US rules out sending ground troops to Libya

France vows to step up airstrikes in Libya

Libya offers “verifiable” ceasefire, elections

Calls for foreign troops due to Misurata siege

Mubarak seeks to stay in Red Sea retreat

Syria removes police chief of restive city

Syrian president appoints new provincial governor

Assad faces toughest test from Syrian unrest

Syrian security forces open fire

Yemen president vows to remain amid protests

Syria’s ghosts from the past Shahab Jafry

Forces deploy in Syria's Homs city, people defiant

Anti-Syrian protest to go ahead despite ban

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Photo: Sila Sahin, a 25-year-old Turkish German living in Berlin.

75 killed in deadliest day of Syria uprising, says Amnesty International

UN, West condemn Syria after 75 killed in protests

20 dead in Pakistan drone attack

US drone kills 23 after Taliban assault on Pak army

18 killed in Karachi gambling den blast

Manmohan Singh opened 'secret talks' with Kayani

Koran-burning pastor briefly jailed in Michigan

US exits key drone operations base in Pakistan

Pak army chief says 'terrorist backbone broken'

ISI not behind Mumbai attack, says Rehman Malik

15 killed in Pak check post attack

At least five killed in Syria funeral processions

Obama OKs drone mission in Libya

NATO hits near Gaddafi compound, Libya says 3 dead

Libyan army to withdraw from Misurata

Drones will kill more civilians: Libya

Adhere to U.N. resolution on Libya: Moscow

Northern Ireland on Easter terror alert

Sadr’s threat to unleash his militia remains a worry to fragile Iraq

ISI chief among top 100 influential people

Mubarak's detention extended, may be shifted to prison

On day of rallies, Saleh signals he may resign

Syrian forces open fire on protesters

Mass rallies in Yemen, for and against President

Egypt's fallen president faces execution or life imprisonment if found guilty

Yemen's Saleh cool on Gulf exit plan

Arab-Israeli conflict dominates ME issues: Saudi envoy

Iran Guard warns `enemies’ as far as Indian Ocean

Protester's stage large Oman pro-reform demo

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Photo: Amnesty International says at least 75 people have been killed during the deadliest day of pro-democracy protests in Syria.


More than 100 dead in west Libya district

Pakistan rights group raises concern over forced conversions

Pakistan: One more Christian arrested under Blasphemy in Punjab

Car bombs in central Baghdad kill nine

Mastermind of Sakhi Sarwar, Pak blast arrested

Pak: Car bomb explosion in Quetta injures two

Suspected explosive reported at North Jakarta Islamic Center

Dual Voting Right can ensure equal right for Christian in Pakistan

An Insurgent Bomber in army fatigues strikes Afghanistan Def. Ministry, kills 2

Respect our efforts if you want to succeed in war on terror: Pak PM tells US

Musharraf pledges to return to Pak despite threats to life

Pasha’s US visit was govt-approved: Pak - PM

SC wants President to reframe Z. A. Bhutto reference

Muslim leaders condemn Salman Khurshid’s statement on reservation for Muslims

Civilians slain as Gadhafi’s forces pound Misrata

Libya charge like Iraq WMD claim: Seif

U.N. chief calls for ceasefire in Libya

West wants military, aid action to end Libya crisis

US trying to sow discord among Shiites and Sunnis: Ahmadinejad

12 Iranian engineers kidnapped in Afghanistan

NATO: 3 service members killed in attacks

US pullout only solution to Afghan problem

Syrian forces fire at protesters, unrest intensifies

Mourning turns to rage in Syria

Tension rises between Iran and Gulf states

Turkish envoy: Democracy will spread

King Abdullah meets with Bahraini premier

Bahrain PM says protesters will be held accountable for coup attempt

Israel to lose important maritime passages following Arab revolutions

Turkish-French ties stand to gain from 'genocide' ruling

Turkish PM's 'retreat' on Kurdish issue draws criticism

Stability in Lebanon depends on that of Syria: Pro-Assad gathering

'US secretly funding stir in Syria'

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Photo: Andrew Ryan had stolen a copy of the holy book from the library


Fresh wave of violence claims five lives in Karachi

A law to emancipate Muslim women in India

Quickie divorce banned, Muslim women empowered

UK to send military advisers to Libyan rebels

At least 846 killed in Egypt protests: Govt. Fact Finding Mission

Airline Apologizes To Muslim Woman Taken Off Flight

26 kids killed in 2 months of Yemen unrest: UN

Feminist killed in Afghanistan

French police warned against arresting veiled Muslim women near mosques

Syria arrests opponent as emergency move derided

Christian leaders hold icebreaker talks in Bkirki: Beirut

Pakistan tests short-range Surface to Surface Missile

After Pakistan missile test, India flexes muscle

Pak, U.S. cannot allow ties to unravel: Mullen

Govt in contact with MQM, JUI over cabinet expansion: Gilani

Pak-Afghan water talks under way

Drone attacks are counterproductive:  Pak PM

Yemeni police open fire on protesters, killing 3

Libya warns UK could worsen war

Gaddafi must be toppled 'by force: Rebels

Libya rebels seek UK, France help

Fighting rages in Misrata; NATO frustrated

NATO does not need US for Libya: Biden

Libya rebels plead for help; Gaddafi son defiant

Nato strikes Gaddafi command sites

Around 3,000 more Libyans seek refuge in southern Tunisia

U.K. held talks with oil firms before Iraq invasion

Baghdad protest ban is undemocratic: Sadr

U.S. helped Israel contain U.N. Gaza war probes: Foreign Policy Report

Yemeni opposition urges protests as talks stall

UN council members call for restraint in Yemen

Iran lawmakers: Ahmadinejad must back intel chief

Gunfire erupts as Yemen protesters test limits

Syria vows to suppress 'armed revolt' as protesters dig in

Syria govt lifts emergency law, limits protests

Syria cracks down on “armed revolt

Iran-Saudi Arabia rift widens over Bahrain

Iran to build relations with BRIC Group of Nations

Yemen police kill 3 as protests escalate

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Photo: Zahida has had to drive long distances on treacherous routes to northern areas

Suicide attackers are enemies of Islam and Pakistan: Sunni Ittihad Council

Gunmen, bombs kill six in Iraq

J&K Muslim jawan helped nab Pak spy

8 NATO troops killed as Afghan fighting heats up

Awami National Party supports US-sponsored Taliban talks

Fresh political violence kills 10 in Karachi

Two cops among three killed in Karachi target killings

Pakistan, Afghanistan to boost joint peace efforts with Taliban

If Pakistan fails, US will also fail: Pak PM

US, Pakistan struggle with ‘unhappy’ alliance

European Parliament condemns Pakistan

Musharraf ready to sort out differences with Sharif, former Pak PM

Gulf States call on UN to halt Iran ‘interference’

Libyan rebels want NATO ground forces

Gaddafi presses Libyan rebels, West says no troops

US seeking safe haven for Gaddafi

Gaddafi forces shell Ajdabiya

Palestinian president rules out Israeli troops in future state

Over 50 countries to attend counter-piracy meet in Dubai

IMF, World Bank, tries to tackle ‘Arab Spring’

Syrian protesters tell president Bashar to quit 'stalling', and go

UK defence secy 'moves to secure location over terror fears'

Muslim Brotherhood warns of sectarian strife in Qena

Four dead in new Syria protests

Mubarak's sons grilled on foreign finances

Assad’s pledge met with defiance

Egypt presidential hopeful Sabbahi would revise relations with Israel

Turkey, Iran open third border crossing in regional cooperation effort

Turkish initiative may help resolve Palestinian divide

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood back on the defensive

Majority of Palestinians want armed attacks on Israel ended: poll

GCC leaders, Yemeni opposition hold talks

Protest demos continue across Yemen

Top Israel rabbi urges Obama to free spy Pollard

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Photo: The previous year was a bad one for Pakistan's minority communities.


Gujarat top cop names Chief Minister Narendra Modi in anti-Muslim massacre case

Nato air raid kills 7 civilians in Tripoli

Karachi gambling den blast toll rises to 19

19 killed, 45 injured in bomb blast in Karachi

South Sudan army, militia clash kills 31: army

8 die as tribesmen, troops clash in south Yemen

Insurgents kill 14 Pakistani troops: Officials

Bomb kills 3 policemen in Afghanistan

Blood, flames engulf southeastern Turkey as clashes continue

A Young Woman's Struggle With Southwest Airlines Shows Depth Of Islamophobia

Saudi Imam reprimanded for using sermon to attack journalists

Pakistan bristles at Haqqani connection

23 terrorists surrender to security forces in Khar, Pak

Ishrat Jahan case: Contempt notice to Gujarat official

Hezbollah labels U.N. chief Zionist: over report

Russia kills 'Saudi Al-Qaeda envoy' in Chechnya

MQM, JUI-F leaders meet Shujaat

Challenges remain in US-Pak ties: Mullen

Syria president scraps decades-old emergency rule

Gulf plan offers Yemen president 30 days to quit

U.S. warns of Libya 'stalemate' as Misrata battle rages

Libyan rebels seek foreign intervention

U.S. to provide Libyan rebels with “non-lethal” supplies

NATO warns civilians as Turkey evacuates foreigners from Misrata

Ban on Baghdad street protests angers Iraqis

Christian pilgrims fill Jerusalem for Good Friday

Gulf leaders offer Saleh an exit plan

Egypt PM's visit to Saudi Arabia heralds breakthrough in relations

Tight security in Syria before Friday prayers

Crowds mass in Yemen to demand Saleh's ouster

Iran Foreign Minister may visit Egypt

Analysts: Syria unrest not led by Islamists

France mulls recognising Palestine

Mubarak's name to be removed from all public places

Hillary condemns Syria violence

Turkey encouraging US officials to act 'fairly' ahead of April 24

2 NATO tankers attacked in Bolan

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Photo: Pakistani protesters torch an effigy of President Obama and a U.S. flag during a protest in Multan.

Jamaat activist among eight dead in Karachi: Pak

Gaddafi's daughter sends defiant message

NATO Running Short of Bombs in Libya: Report

Pak, Afghan set up joint commission to pursue peace

10-member Taliban group joins government

Attack on troops shows Taliban danger

3 civilians killed in Taliban-police clash: Afghanistan

Army bound to keep itself away from politics: CJ Pakistan

Jamaat e Islami Hind all set to launch Welfare Party

US never told India not to build Iran pipeline’

India, Kazakhstan ink civil nuclear cooperation deal

Taliban claims responsibility for attack on base

Cirebon bomb victim flown to Jakarta hospital

Indonesian Ulema: Suicide Bombers are enemy of Islam

Babar’s role in ministry not over: Pakistan Law Ministry

2500 terrorists killed in FATA operations: FC

My job is done if India-Pakistan ties normalise: PM

Libya denies using cluster bombs against rebels

Emergency to be lifted: Assad

US groups nurtured Mideast protests

US puts Europe's anti-Iran shield to test over Pacific

Ten ANA soldiers injured in explosion - Afghanistan

Blocking NATO supply JI to join Tehrik-e-Insaf

Over 50,000 rally in Serbia for early elections

Parliament resisting tax reforms: Hafeez

FIA set to lose another Khanani & Kalia case

Egypt court dissolves Mubarak’s former ruling party

US consent clinched the issue

Flight delays cause havoc in Madinah

Extremist attack kills 13 soldiers in Algeria

Mubarak's health stable: state media

Yemen opposition to meet Gulf ministers over crisis

Thousands denounce Saleh’s remarks on women

Ba'asyir says porn-watching PKS legislator un-Muslim

Be careful of Arab-sponsored organizations: NU

Ivory Coast investigates ministers in blood crimes

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: A conference on the topic "NATO, combating international


Suicide bomber kills 5 NATO troops, 4 Afghan soldiers

34 killed at Iranian exiles camp in Iraq: UN

4 Taliban killed, two ANA soldiers injured

Pakistan still smuggling nuclear goods from U.S.”

Islamists attack Jordanian police with swords, wounding 51,

US groups nurtured Mideast protests

Tunisians call for Ben Ali's extradition

Afghan suicide blast kills Kandahar police chief

EU rebukes Pakistan for going slow against Taliban

Libya in stalemate, but Gaddafi will go: Obama

Yemen's Saleh calls for talks as protests escalate

Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron jointly ask Gaddafi to quit

Pakistan still smuggling nuclear goods from U.S.”

Saleh defiant, leaders serve him ultimatum to quit

Thousands protest in key Syrian city

Mubarak could face execution: Top judge

Iran: Bahrain unrest could destabilize entire region

Islamists kill Italian kidnapped in Gaza: Hamas

Fighting rages in Misrata, Gadhafi told to leave

‘Lebanon's Hariri wanted Brotherhood to replace Assad in Syria’

Western allies considering Libyan regime change, says France

One more dies as response to Minsk bombing remains uncertain

Taliban free aspiring Afghan policemen, official says

How Gamal brought down the whole Mubarak house

Mubarak's arrest appeases protesters, for now

Rocket salvo hits Misrata, 'allies' say Gaddafi must go

NATO missiles strike Al-Aziziyah - Libyan TV

NATO and UK hopeful on Libya strike aircraft

Musharraf to hold public meet on Sunday

Government rockets rain on Libyan city

Iran sees no need for emergency OPEC action

Gaddafi forces kill seven in Yafran

US admits CIA spy network in Pakistan

Clinton defends Taliban talks

Iran building concrete fence on Pak border

Kashmir should assume centre stage in Pak-India talks: Geelani

Obama kicks off re-election bid, says he has to 'finish job'

“US never told govt don’t build Iran pipeline

Russian copters for Afghanistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Aisha Gaddafi at the Bab Al Azizia compound in Tripoli


Taliban suicide squad kills 3 Afghan cops

Hamas man's death raises Gaza toll to 19

AP Exclusive: Militant's road ends in Pakistan

34 die in Iraq raid on Iran opposition camp: UN

Pakistani jets attack terrorist hideouts in Mohmand, kill 18

Suicide bomber hits Indonesian mosque, wounds 26

Sudan forces 'kill over 20 people' in South Kordofan

9 MQM men killed in 48 hrs: Raza Haroon

Suicide squad kills three Afghan police

26/11 case: Will India become party to lawsuit in US against ISI?

89 Indian prisoners set free by Pakistan

Attorneys deny any ‘knowing involvement’ of Rana in 26/11

Pakistan willing to back Taliban office in Turkey, official says

Lahore police arrest two French terror suspects

Pakistan refuses to comment on ‘arrest’ of IA plane hijack mastermind

‘Terrorism in Karachi a conspiracy against govt’

Iran building 'anti-terror' fence on Pak border

Pak Embassy official shot, wounded in Nepal

US drones killed 957 Pakistani civilians in 2010

13 killed as Gaddafi forces attack Misrata: Libya rebels

UK, France for intensifying military pressure on Gaddafi

Libyan rebels plead for NATO rocket shower

Libya future with Kadhafi 'unthinkable': Britain, France, US

Libyan fighters seek NATO help

BRICS speaks out against use of force in Libya

UN chief calls for an immediate ceasefire in Libya

Cracks exposed as NATO seeks Libya solution

NATO calls for Gaddafi ouster as bombs hit Tripoli

West scrambles to end Libyan crisis

Clinton warns against hasty Afghan withdrawal

Arab summit unlikely to convene

Muslim Brotherhood denies backing ElBaradei as presidential candidate

Israeli tanks cross fence near Adaysseh

Be careful of Arab-sponsored organizations: NU

Saleh must go: Yemen religious, tribal leaders

Mubarak’s prosecution moves 6 April Movement to praise the army

One injured after pro, anti-Gaddafi protesters clash in Cairo

Israel tank enters disputed area with Lebanon

Details emerge of Mubarak brothers' arrest

All Syrian protesters ordered released

Bodies litter Abidjan as Ouattara stamps his authority

Egyptian expats welcome arrest of Mubarak, sons

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Libyan rebel fighters riding armed pickup trucks in Ajdabiya, Libya.


Iraq bombs kill eight, 12 wounded in Baghdad

Al-Azhar's Grand Imam insists on Vatican’s apology

Egyptian Army sides with Radical Muslims who attack Three Churches

5 civilians killed, 8 injured in Kandahar blast

Pakistan-based LeT expanding: US general

Pak and India cannot afford another war: Yousaf Raza Gilani

Pakistan to set free 89 Indian prisoners

Pak, US discussing reduction in US operatives

People demand was to reopen Bhutto case: Sassui

Dual Voting Right can ensure equal right for Christian in Pakistan

Peace to be main condition for Afghan-US partnership: Karzai

France says NATO not doing enough in Libya

West wants Gaddafi gone, but divided over how

‘NATO must step up bombing’

New battles in Libya, strains in NATO campaign

Libyan opposition says Kadhafi forces killed 10,000 people

Libya’s Koussa to meet rebel leaders in Doha

Nato must do more on Libya, say France & UK

Young Gaddafi hated 'British, drank water from a finger bowl'

Libyan fighting goes on after peace bid fails

AU plan in tatters ahead of Qatar talks on Libya

Kussa not representing us in Qatar: Libya rebels

Libya rebels seek recognition as powers meet

Britain, France push NATO allies to step up in Libya

Obama to recognise Palestinian state with '67 borders

Istanbul's al-Qaeda chief reportedly detained

Yemen opposition rejects Gulf plan, Saleh accepts

Can Lebanon avoid another Civil War?

Palestinian Authority ready to govern: UN

Legal steps against Mubarak underway: Egyptian PM

Drone ‘friendly fire’ kills two US troops

Israel to Judaise 6000 Islamic and Christian Arab landmarks in Jerusalem

European Union hits 32 Iranian officials with sanctions over rights abuses

Mubarak in hospital after heart attack, son Gamal facing prison

Killer handed over in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp

Belarus police hunt for suspects after Minsk bombing kills 12

Outtara urges peace after Gbagbo arrest

Protesters take down barricades and reopen Tahrir Square

Israel urges Turkey to avert new aid convoy to Gaza

Fatah rejects Turkish mediation offer

Turkey seeks thaw in Iran-Azeri ties

'Heavy fighting' between Sudan army and Darfur rebels

Clashes in pro-Gbagbo parts of Abidjan: Witnesses

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: 26/11 attack on Taj hotel,Mumbai


France bans the burqa

Taliban’s Suicide Squad Commander’s Killing Confirmed

War in Afghanistan is destabilising Pakistan: Zardari

Political leadership united against challenges: Gilani

Regional cooperation essential for effectively fighting terrorism: Pakistan

Pakistan says seven militants killed in Swat

Blast kills Afghan tribal elders

Jama’at to back Left in Kerala

Pak prosecutors seek more time to serve warrant to Musharraf

China rejects reports about troop presence in POK

Malaysia: Imam sued for fatwa

Libya rebels fight Gaddafi forces for strategic town

NATO says it struck 25 Libyan tanks near Ajdabiya, Misrata

Explosions rock Libya’s Ajdabiya battleground

Iraq’s Christians, Lebanon’s shame

Israel, Palestinians reach truce after spike in killings

Egyptian demonstrators defy Army order, continue protest

Israel vows ‘most harsh’ response; ceasefire in sight

Mubarak breaks silence: welcomes investigations to clear his name

President Saleh demands Gulf initiative be amended

“Yemen will put an end to terrorism if revolution succeeds”

Obama dispatches top aide to visit Saudi, UAE

I am victim of defamation: Mubarak

Gulf ministers meet to review Yemen mediation

Egypt's ex-President Mubarak denies abuse of power

Turkey denounces Israeli attacks on Gaza

Syrian Army mobilizes in Banias after killings: activists

More Lebanese expats fleeing Ivory Coast arrive in Beirut

Beirut sees fourth anti-sectarianism protest

Egypt's Tahrir Square goes from battle ground to forum for debate

Ex-Premier Nazif sentenced to 15 days in jail, pending investigation

Revolutionary Youth Coalition suspends dialogue with military council

Deadly shooting in Banias, Syira: witnesses

Envoy asks Turkey to convince Hamas

Turkish FM Davutoglu holds talks in Egypt as protesters defy army

Violent crackdowns in Sana’a, Taiz and Aden leave thousands injured

Ben Ali brother arrested in Tunisia, says report

Hundreds of families flee fighting in Tirah valley

Iran expels Kuwaiti diplomats in tit-for-tat move

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: A woman wears a burqa as she walks on a street in Saint-Denis, near Paris.


French ban on face-covering Islamic veil met with protests

Woman arrested over defying veil ban

French cops fear ban will be impossible to enforce

Libya 'risks becoming new Somalia'

India releases 39 Pakistani prisoners

Kandahar hijack money man Abdul Rauf caught in Chile?

US committed to improving ties with Pakistan: Munter

Pakistani-American sentenced for plotting US subway bombings

ISI chief meets CIA head and leaves Washington

Musharraf says his comeback plan is intact

El-Feki frontrunner to succeed Moussa for top Arab League post

Israeli FM: Ceasefire a mistake

Turkey considers Afghan peace role

African leaders in rebel talks after Gaddafi backs plan

No ceasefire without Gaddafi pullback: Libya rebels

Gaddafi forces flout international law

Anti-Qaddafi forces reject African cease-fire proposal

Libyan fighting goes on after peace bid fails

Libyan rebels clean up eastern battlefront town

Clinton urges Kadhafi to leave Libya

Rebels resort to guerrilla tactics in western Libya

NATO airstrikes help break attack on east Libya town

Palestinians to tell West they are ready for statehood

New Gaza flotilla ‘must be stopped’: Israel

Hamas can't set terms of truce,

Islamic enclave in Yemen shows militant risk

Mubarak to be questioned over violence, corruption

US disembarks 350 on terror suspicion

Protesters reject Gulf exit plan

Tensions cloud relations between Egypt's revolution and army

Egypt presents candidate for Arab League chief

President Sleiman: Taif needs some amendments

First five Lebanese deported from Bahrain

Safadi: Entire Lebanese view Israel as sole enemy

Russian envoy: We support Tribunal, Arab reforms

Cairo's pro-Gaza protests herald shifting attitude towards Israel

'Iron Dome' facilitates escalation of Israeli military operations

New Gaza flotilla 'must be stopped,' Israeli PM says

Hamas gives its conditions for Istanbul meeting with al-Fatah

Talks continue over Taliban office in Istanbul

Iranian students hurl firebombs at Saudi embassy

Bahrain frees 86 protesters

Yemen Saleh ready for power-transfer

Israeli travellers to India warned of possible terror attack

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: A armoured Pakistani police vehicle is seen on patrol in Peshawar.


Jihadis threaten attacks on France for niqab ban

Turkey attacks France for face veil ban

Eight gunned down in Karachi

US tells Pakistan to bring 26/11 plotters to justice

India plans peace and cricket with Pak, despite Rana's revelations

Widening reach: India enemy no. 1, US high on LeT hit list

World powers rally behind Benghazi as rebels consider Turkey's plan

Nato split wide open over ending stalemate in Libya

Drone attacks follow ISI chief to Pakistan after modest gains in US visit

Pakistan lodges protest against US attack

US, Pakistan negotiate CIA, special forces’ numbers

Babar Awan resigns to plead Zulfikar Ali Bhutto case in SC

UN: Over 800 killed in south Sudan since January

Turkey vows to 'use all capabilities' to help win peace in Afghanistan

Gulf states want to cancel Arab summit in Iraq

Done strikes resume, six Haqqani men killed in South Waziristan

Gilani slams US drone strikes

Liberal groups wary of Obama’s cuts

Libyan rebels urge stronger US military role

NATO strikes two Libyan cities

World powers rally behind Libya rebels

Mubarak, 3 others, detained for graft investigation

Clinton condemns continued Kadhafi forces attacks

BRICS speaks out against use of force in Libya

Western, Arab nations say Gaddafi must go

West, Mideast powers agree on Gadhafi ouster

Amnesty urges Lebanon to trace Civil War missing

Tunisia probe says Ben Ali ordered airstrikes on region in revolt

Palestinians seek clear American position on statehood

Corruption by Egypt's Mubarak 'not a one-man job,' say experts

Hopes dim for a breakthrough between Turkey, Israel at the end of UN inquiry

At least seven dead in Yemen as protesters rally

New push for Israeli-Palestinian peace at US forum

Days of confusion end with the Mubaraks detained

Mubaraks go the way of their henchmen

Israeli-Palestinian status quo unsustainable: US

Laurent Gbagbo under house arrest

Iran stops refueling ‘Western planes’ in tit-for-tat move

Doha meeting reveals divisions on Libya

Syrian troops shot for refusing orders

Parties fight it out for Muslim votes

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: A suicide attack ripped through a gathering of tribal elders in eastern Afghanistan today


Forces kill 7 militants on Dir-Swat border

Evidence against 9/11 plotters revealed

PM Gilani, Altaf vow to support, strengthen democracy

Pak export boom will not repair economy

Pakistani boy apologizes for suicide mission

Cooperation must for fighting terror: Zardari

Altaf seeks support against feudalism

Once-armed Islamists talk tolerance by Egypt temple

US-Pakistan intelligence operations frozen: official

Pak, Iran, N.Korea eyed Swiss technology: cable leaks

'Pak-US joint intel operations on hold'

Pakistan rejects US criticism

Another Person After Swami Aseemanand, turns hostile in Ajmer blast case

UN killings raise Afghan transition fears

Al-Qaeda not on rise in Afghanistan: US Gen

Bangladesh's Yunus loses battle against sacking

Swat Taliban used grievances: WB

Afghanistan: Five civilians were killed in Sar-i-Pul offensive’

7 injured in Kabul suicide attack foreign forces kill three Taliban

Two rebel helicopters downed near Brega: Libya

Yemen pulls envoy from Qatar in row over Gulf plan

The fog of rumour shrouds Qadhafi flank attack

Libyan rebels suffer losses in Misrata attack

Libya stalemate could thicken fog of war for NATO

AU mediators want end to hostilities in Libya

42 people arrested at Tahrir square

Friday protests sweep Arab world

2 reported dead in Tahrir Square clash

Egyptians turn anger on army in Cairo protest

Arab earthquake disrupts US counter-terror effort

Mastermind of Sakhi Sarwar blasts arrested in Bajaur

Israel 'truce will be met with a truce': Hamas

Tribesmen start migrating, four more killed in Tirah

Barak’s offer of Gaza ceasefire answered by mortars

Syria deploys army after clashes

UN chief ‘greatly disturbed’ by Syrian violence

EU urges Syria to stop violence

Syrian activists call for daily protests

Israel and Hamas look to end Gaza flare-up

Syrian security forces fire at mourners

Makkah red tape creating problems for Saudi

Geopolitics rears its ugly head in Libya’s turmoil

Egyptian uprising set for a revival

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Palestinian children gather around a destroyed car in Gaza City


20 Taliban killed in Jawzjan, Parwan

22 Syrian protesters killed

Rebels repel assault on Misrata, 5 dead

Taliban say six police killed in Khost blast

Afghanistan: 5 civilians killed in blast

French burqa ban goes into force on Monday

Sarkozy’s France-Islam debate increasingly poisonous

400 suicide bombers being trained in Pak: Teen jihadi

Police beat protesters at Damascus mosque

Deadly clashes at Iran opposition camp in Iraq

‘Biased’ emphasis on Malays, Islam in history syllabus, says historian

Three civilians killed Friday in Israel's strike on Gaza

Israeli strike kills 2 Hamas militants in Gaza

Turkish Islamic aid group mobilizes for Libya, Gaza

Turkey 'world leader' in imprisoned journalists, IPI report says

Turkey seeks international support for its road map on Libya

Turkish, Azeri defense ministers meet in Ankara

Russia says nuclear fuel being reloaded at Iran plant

Abusing women is un-Islamic: Saudi mufti

Violence erupts across Syria

Saleh rejects Qatar’s call for him to quit

Arab expat killed, two others wounded in Riyadh shooting

German soldiers may be sent to Libya after all

Obama, Congress in deal to avert gov’t shutdown

Prospects fade for military overthrow of Gaddafi

US troops could remain in Iraq after 2011: Gates

US welcomes GCC effort to addres Yemen crisis

Raqi forces clash with Iran exiles in camp

Egyptian protesters call for Mubarak trial

The West calls for President Saleh to leave

Saudis ask US for price quotes for warships

Bahrain touted ties with Israel

Yemen's leader rejects Gulf exit plan

Protesters call for Mubarak's trial in Egypt

US, Pakistan seek new era in relations

Siraj Durrani to replace Mirza

Zardari urges envoys to pursue country’s interests

Gillani meets Nawaz in London

Nato denies apology for hitting rebels in tanks   

Separatists, terrorists involved in human rights abuses in India: US

Officer killed in shooting on British nuclear submarine

Obama condemns Syria violence

Gaddafi hunkers down for a long siege

Iran-Pakistan fallout over Bahrain

LeT seeks to pin cleric's murder on Hindutva groups

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Photo: Pakistani relatives and residents offer prayers for the blast victims of yesterday's bombings.


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  • Looks like Mr. Naseer is an advocate of Wahabi Islam.
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