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Turkey - The Land of Dualities
Inas Younis, New Age Islam

Turkey - The Land of Dualities
Inas Younis, New Age Islam

There is the universally recognized Muslim mystic Rumi, with his timeless, spiritual legacy. And then there is Ataturk, who transformed the former Ottoman Empire into a modern and secular nation state.  Turkey's spiritual past and its current staunchly secular posture may seem to appear at odds; but spend enough time there and you get the impression that many Turks are secular precisely because they want to protect and preserve religion. Turks seem to believe that faith needs the friction of secularism to find full expression, while the sobriety of secularism demands the sweetness of faith in order to keep from becoming bitter......

Haj Shows Muslim Unity

At Haj, all Muslims are equal; nothing about the rituals they perform makes one person better than another. Millions of Muslims stand in one place, wearing the same simple clothing, following the same rituals and saying the same words. They are united in their devotion to God. The black man stands next to the white man and they call on God with one voice. The king stands beside the pauper and they declare their submission to the will of God using the same words…..


I Want a Muslim Girl, But…
Umm Zakiyyah

In this environment, it’s not surprising that many Muslim men marry non-Muslim women, especially when these are often the only women they have the opportunity to talk to without cultural restrictions. Of course, Islam itself puts limits on male-female interaction, but many Muslim cultural practices go far beyond what even Allah requires. Thus, if Muslim parents and communities would like to facilitate more opportunities between Muslim men and women for marriage, we have to be honest with ourselves about what is really making Muslim men say to themselves, “I want to marry a Muslim girl, but…how?”…..


The Rise and Fall of A Spiritual Rebel, Ghulam Ahmed Parvez
Ghulam Ahmed Parvez

….in the mid-1970s his books were banned in various Arab states — especially the UAE and Saudi Arabia, countries that were (and still are) ruled by monarchies belonging to the more rigid strands of the faith. Parvez responded to the bans by accusing the Arab monarchies of behaving like ancient Muslim kings who had used ‘fabricated religious traditions’ to justify their rule, subjugate the people and demonise their opponents……

War and Peace in Islam
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

War and Peace in Islam
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

There are more than one billion people in the world who claim to be Muslims. To understand Islam, one needs to study the Quran and Sunnah, rather than the actual behaviour of these people who claim to be its followers. The right method of studying Islam is to differentiate between Islam, on the one hand, and Muslims, on the other. Muslims have to be judged in the light of Islamic teachings, and not vice versa. To properly understand and appreciate Islam, we also need to know what its principal objectives are. The Quran clearly tells us that the mission of the Prophet is peaceful dissemination of the Divine message. For example, it says: “[O Prophet] remind them: your task is only to remind, you are not a master over them.” (88:21).....

Twin Visions of Islamic Feminism Split Muslim Community
Shaheen Pasha

“In Western feminist thought, religion is generally a tool of patriarchy. But for many Muslim women, religion is seen as a source of liberation rather than a source of oppression. This (difference in thought) can create a lot of tension for Muslim women.”

Throughout the Haj, the largest annual gathering of people on earth, pilgrims must avoid getting involved in any disagreements or squabbles. Courtesy and helping others are the norm. Peace, serenity and piety pervade the entire Haj experience…..


Since times immemorial it has been human nature to reverentially elevate a human being to a level of supremacy well beyond the normal standard of the society. Superstitions and ignorance had played an important role in it.  Taking advantage of these conditions, the people with higher intelligence procured and sometimes demanded such status for themselves. Often their attendants and hangers-on; the people with vested interests voluntarily accorded them even higher positions and sometimes made them gods and sons of gods. Pharaohs, Caesars, Emperors, Conquerors and Holy men fall into the above category......

Changing Face of a Holy City: Makkah
Rafia Zakaria

It is not, of course, simply a consumer-driven consequence, since it depends crucially on the stark imbalance of power that exists between Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Muslim world. In the case of Pakistanis in particular, whether they are crushed labourers building walls or eager pilgrims clutching their visas, their status in Saudi eyes as lower people and even lesser Muslims leaves them few tools to question the morals of the Kingdom. But while they may not be able to question or even criticise, they could and should be asked to curtail their consumption, to forego — for the sake of a more seriously considered conscience — visits to clock towers and malls, stays in luxury hotels and to remember that the piety that is the purpose of pilgrimage cannot be attained by visiting the summits of tall buildings…..


After hearing Supreme Court’s judgement a desire was ignited in my heart to appeal to the Government and the Supreme Court to order a judicial inquiry into the growing grievances of a community and if it is needed clarify the difference between the ‘terrorists’ and ‘those who have simply been labelled as terrorists’. But in an atmosphere like the one that Salman and other youths like him help create, who will be there to make such an appeal and who will be there to hear it?.....


Financial Duties of the State and the Individual in Islam
Nikhat Sattar

Islam brought a system of cumulative financial responsibility based on a unique understanding of custodianship of resources, equity and interdependence among human beings. Everything in the universe belongs to God. But if we can never ‘own’ anything and must eventually return to Him, how can we lay claim to wealth that we only appear to accumulate in this world?....

My Prayer for Peace
Sahil Khan, New Age Islam

It was especially after 9/11 that Islam and Muslims were dragged onto the world map with discussions, debates, opinions and analysis in every country, and maybe in the drawing room of every household…..

Hijab Is Not For Only One Gender
Ebrahim Moosa

The usage of the word Hijab nowadays tends to immediately conjure up imagery on Islamic clothing obligations for women, the Jilbab, Niqab, Abaya, headscarf etc. and the uphill battle many Muslim women face in embellishing themselves islamically. What, I feel, seems to be far less considered in the public discourse today is the male factor: How males should conduct themselves and the Shariah protocol relating to their dressing….


Fifty Shades of Life in Pakistan
Mehr Tarar

Children of the feudal lords grew up in two worlds, with the rules etched in centuries of patriarchal dynamic, that of the boys-are-superior and girls-just-obey. While there were some feudal families where the females were treated with as much or even more importance than the bratty boys, the majority followed the simple maxim: girls don't matter in the world of lands, politics and narratives that decide how the girls don't matter…..


Terrorism teaches hate and violence while Sufism teaches Love and nonviolence. Majority of Indian Muslims and Non-Muslims love and respect Sufism and Sufi teachings. India learnt these messages from great Sufi personalities like Hazrat Khawaja Ghraib Nawaz (R.A), Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia, Delhi Sabir Pak Kaliyari, Roorkee, Sarkar Waris Pak Deva Shareef Lucknow, Shah Barkatullah, Marehra Etah, Hazrat Gesu Daraz Banda Nawaz South, and Imam Ahmed Raza Qadri Bareilly among others......


The fact is that even the Azan, for the acceptance it has enjoyed universally, should take into account its environment. Its objective is to announce, with the intention to make those Muslims who happen to hear it to heed the call to remember God. It has never been the goal of Azan to wake up tired people deep in slumber in the wee hours of the morning, or exhausted mothers trying to get some sleep after breastfeeding hungry little thugs throughout the night…..

Wahhabism in South Asia: Wahhabi Organisations in India Have Created a Network and Sophisticated Methods of Indoctrination and Recruitment of the Youth
Maj Gen Afsir Karim

The polarisation of the social environment in the aftermath of the demolition of Babri Masjid, in 1992, weakened the long-standing traditions of Sufi Islam in India, but the Muslim community still instinctively shuns the rigid code of conduct and practices advocated by the Wahhabis. However, radical ideologues of a few revivalist schools are approaching youths in colleges and schools to join the Wahhabi sect. Apprehensions of the Muslim community after the communal riots in Mumbai and Gujarat led many into the Wahhabi fold......

I'm sure that it’s an international issue but I'm going to specifically discuss public washrooms around the religious sanctities. Since Tahara (cleanliness) is our half faith. But in my travels, it has become clear that people don't understand how to behave in them, let alone taking care of Tahara….

Thoughts on the ‘Conspiracy Theory’
Maulana Dr. Waris Mazhari

Thinking in terms of the ‘conspiracy theory’ is absolutely un-Islamic. If this theory were accepted as true, it would mean that the collective fate of Muslims is not in their hands, but, rather, in the hands of their supposed enemies. It would mean that their supposed opponents, rather than Muslims themselves, are writing their fate. If this is accepted, one would have to invent a new meaning of the following Quranic declaration (13:11):

God does not change the condition of a people’s lot, unless they change what is in their hearts.....

Woven With Devotion: The Sacred Islamic Textiles of the Kaaba
Rym Ghazal

Weighing more than 670 kilograms, Quranic verses are beautifully and skilfully embroidered in different calligraphic forms by more than 200 talented artisans onto the Kiswah, in threads of pure gold and silver…..

The Caliphate Dream: A Personal Viewpoint
Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam

The Caliphate Dream: A Personal Viewpoint
Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam

The dream can be met by creating an Islamic Union on the lines of the European Union. Such a Union can be created right away and its first task could be to preside over the redrawing of boundaries to meet the aspirations of all the people. The hurdle to cross would be the monarchies which are likely to drag their feet or oppose openly. Those who oppose could be bypassed to be dealt with later. Once some reorganization takes place which ends strife, then the success achieved will provide the impetus for others who initially opposed the idea to join and fall in line.....

The very act of practising as a religious Muslim, for those who have grown up in the West, begins as an oppositional stance. A unique feature of the Islamic community in Western countries such as Australia is that while every other ethnic group tends to become less religious after migration, Muslims have the tendency to become more religious. This is confirmed by multiple studies….

It is difficult to say if acts of cruelty against serfs in Pakistan are increasing, or whether they are simply receiving more public attention, just as it is difficult to determine if some landlords’ cruelty is harsh resistance to an increasing demand that conditions for rural Pakistani serfs be more in line with international labour standards…..


Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “They (servants) are only your brothers. Allah has placed them in your care. So whoever has a brother under his care, then let him feed him from what he eats himself, clothe him with what he clothes himself. Let him not overburden him with that which he cannot bear. And if he overburdens him, then let him lend him a hand.”….

Muslim Minority in China under Siege by Communist Government; Religious and Human Rights Violated While the UN Remains a Silent Spectator

The World Uyghur Congress (WUC) condemns in the strongest possible terms, Chinese military's use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) during the operations against the Uyghur population in Yarkent county of East Turkistan. The WUC calls on international community to hold China accountable for its brutal crackdown of targeting peaceful Uyghur civilians protesting against Chinese government repression since July 27, 2014. As reported by Hangtian News on August 16, 2014, the UAVs (commonly known as drones) were transferred from Beijng to Kashgar on the night of August 1 and were immediately flown to Elishqu in Yarkent County at 3am on August 2 for emergency use.


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