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The Death Of The Shareefs In Pakistan
Maria Sartaj

Buddha said that three things cannot be hidden, namely the sun, the moon and the truth, but since he is not from our faith his words of wisdom mean nothing to us. There are also countless hadiths that strongly discourage lying but we have all come across those who lie and end their sentences with a Mashallah and an Inshallah. ...

Muslim community is referred to as “The Best community” being sent down on earth for the benefit of humanity as whole. They have been given a “3-Point Agenda”, (1) Enjoin which is Good (2) Forbid which is bad (3) Believe in ALLAH (Holy Qur’aan 3:110). For the welfare of humanity, Islam presents a triangular frame work known as “Socio-Politico-Economic Justice System”.


Open Letter To The Future ISIL Recruit
Mustafa Akyol

Traditional Islamic sources, on the other hand, are full of cautions against resolute certainty. Imam Shafi, one of the renowned jurists, famously said that in any debate in which he engaged, he wanted his adversary to win: In that case, he would learn something new, and also would save himself from any arrogance.


Change Must Come From Within For India's Muslim Community
Haris Ahmed

Changes must come from within, and in the end no one else can force it to happen. It is the Muslim society which must realise the benefits of assimilating into the mainstream. They ought to realise that orthodoxy has already hamstrung their growth and continues to do so today. Orthodoxy has impeded the reformation of Muslim society.

Javed's big challenge as Saudis deport, ban 2,000 Umrah pilgrims: Action due to pilgrims offering salaams to Prophet

“Every person has the right to follow Islam the way they want to. Deportation from a country is in instances of having committed an offence. A differing ritual cannot be reason to prevent a Muslim from visiting the holy pilgrimage which happens to be in Saudi Arabia”.

How Tunisia’s Moderate Imams Are Seeking To Reclaim Islam From Extremists
Christine Petré

Developing credible clerics and religious institutions is an important step in the fight against religious extremism, but it is not enough, Boukhars concluded, saying, “Serious and credible theologians can tear down violent interpretations of Islam, but unfortunately they can’t tackle the root causes of militancy.”

The whole Muslim community in Kerala treats the month of Rabi ul-Awwal as bearing special majesty and religiosity. By the end of the month, the soul of each Muslim will be rejuvenated by hymns to the Prophet and salutations upon him.


Don’t Just Demand Respect for Religion
Boo Su-Lyn

If you demand that your religious beliefs be respected, you should be prepared to give equal respect to those of other faiths, atheists, or even fellow believers who have alternate interpretations of the Holy Scriptures.


How To Reform India's Madrasas

Over the years, Wahaabi and Salafi conservatism has rapidly spread unchecked in the country. The BJP government will be accused of being anti-Muslim if it begins to attack madrasas as propagators of radicalisation. Therefore, it needs to do two things: one, the government must order a detailed study of educational infrastructure in areas where poor Muslims have access to no school that offers non-religious curriculum. Madrasas cannot be an alternative to schools with non-religious curriculum.

Islam As Partisan Profit: An Egyptian Epic
H A Hellyer

Egypt is host to the Azhar University and al-Azhar Mosque, the most notable educational establishment in Sunni Islam. The Azharis claim to be rooted in normative Sunnism - something shared with the Tunisian mosque of the Kairouan, or the Moroccan Qarawiyyin, as well as the Nahdhat-ul-Ulama in Indonesia.


Indonesia Confronts Extremists with Their Own Brand of Islam
Ahmad Pathoni

It is believed that the nine saints helped Islam gain a foothold in Indonesia because they blended Islamic practices with pre-existing traditions from Hinduism, Buddhism and other faiths. By doing so, the film argues, they created a more tolerant brand of Islam.

Terrorism and Responsibility of Religious Leadership
Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi

Terrorism and Responsibility of Religious Leadership
Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi

...The Holy Quran explicitly promotes dialogue. In accordance with this Quranic principle, the Mufti-e-Azam of Saudi Arabia and the secretary general of the World Muslim League communicated the message to the entire world that Islam has nothing to do with acts of terrorism. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury and other Christian spiritual leaders to guide Christian youths against violence.

Missing Knowledge: The Barriers to Knowledge Are None Other than Those Who Claim to Be Islam’s Custodians, The Rulers and the Clergy
Nikhat Sattar

Knowledge is an understanding of whatever reality we are exposed to, and is affected by human error, bias and prejudice. Mankind can have knowledge of only those aspects that God chooses to expose. A human being’s innate desire to know the truth has led him to question what he observes. He has been helped partly through God’s guidance, in the form of divine revelations and messengers, and partly through God’s injunctions to seek the truth. “…

Where Did Islam Come From (and Does it Matter)?

Islam is not nearly as alien as some have made it out to be. It was born in the greater Hellenistic world of Late Antiquity, and has always been in conversation with the traditions it has encountered. It is this spirit of desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding -- a spirit which so many throughout time have channeled- that we must harness and project for the sake of our own mutual understanding, betterment, and human camaraderie.


We Need Mellow Muslims And Moderate Imams
Concetta Fierravanti-Wells

Simplistic calls for “revolution”, “change” or “reform” fail to take into account these complexities, especially the lack of hierarchy and authority. A more realistic and achievable approach lies in ensuring imams preach a more modern and moderate interpretation of the Koran. There is no official training institute for imams in Australia and no system to regulate the teachings and conduct of imams. Most of our imams come from overseas undertaking religious studies at an Islamic university such as al-Azhar in Egypt. It is the influences of such universities that guide the moderation or otherwise of the imams.

5 Pillars of Knowledge: What Everyone Should Know About Islam
Andrea Oranday

The word "Islam" literally means "to submit": Each Muslim is as unique as anyone else and therefore has a unique understanding of their faith and how it guides their life, far beyond just Shia and Sunni association. The word Islam means to submit, that is, to submit to God over their vices, ignorance, or malignancies; but only the individual submitting can truly determine what it means to do so.


Religion ‘Helps Muslims Belong’, Says Study

Deakin University researcher Fethi Mansouri said that in similar work he had found that Australian Muslims who followed both regular law and sharia — the latter in regard to conducting aspects of religious behaviour — did not experience a sense of not belonging. “The really practising (Muslims) are active citizens ... (involved in) civics, wanting to volunteer and do things for the community,” Dr Mansouri said. “There’s a very direct correlation with Islamic ritual and faith and ...(being a) better citizen.”


Damascene Sufism: The Antidote to ISIS
Sami Moubayed

Sufism is an order of peaceful mystics that once reigned in both Damascus and Baghdad during Ottoman times. It discards ISIS Salafism as un-Islamic and bases all of its teachings on the Sunni Muslim version of Islamic History. Sufi Mujtahids(diligent scholars) have wide authority to interpret religious issues, and take action when not otherwise explicitly mentioned in the Holy Quran. …

The Stark Problem of Family Violence: How Does Islam Resolve It?
By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi, New Age Islam

A family can never achieve progress unless all its members are non-violent, tolerant, benevolent, loving, caring and peaceful towards one another. Therefore, the husband and the wife, the parents and the children, the neighbours and the relatives- all should remember this Islamic suggestion for a successful life in the world and a great many rewards in the hereafter. Though, the problem of family violence is not confined to Muslims alone and though Islam forbids family violence, they should never forget that the problem is not only destroying their family life but also defaming the Identity of Muslims and Islam together.....

A Letter to Prophet Muhammad
Taymullah Abdur-Rahman

A Letter to Prophet Muhammad
Taymullah Abdur-Rahman

I cry for Islam today Muhammad, because these evil people have misunderstood the Quran altogether. They claim that Allah ordered you to kill the 'People of the Book' but they don't understand that you weren't ordered to kill Jews and Christians at all. You taught us that those verses of war were ordering you to defend yourself against your own pagan Arab tribe at that time. These evil people discount the fact that you did business with Jews and Christians and had relationships with them.

What Can We Do as Muslims in Wake of Paris Attacks?
Saud Inam

Yes, we are all frustrated. We feel sorrow. We feel pain. We’ve been here before time after time. A violent act occurs in the name of Islam, and we’re expected to condemn or apologize and the same cycle of Islamophobia occurs again. We get angry, we get frustrated and have a storm of emotions when these events happen.


Tragedy of the Muslim Youth
Rasul Bakhsh Rais

Western powers cannot escape blame for this tragedy. They have patronised the most corrupt of the leaders in the Muslim world and have taken no effective steps to investigate the wealth they hold in Western countries. A series of shorted-sighted, vengeful invasions, of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, and the intervention in Syria, have destroyed the basic structures of society and state in these countries. The monsters we face, of radicalism and the corrupt ruling elite, if not intended, are surely the unintended consequences of the lack of vision and bad policies of many Western powers.....

Not Educated In Islam: Shocking, Senseless and Cowardly Paris Attacks
Shawki Allam, Grand Mufti of Egypt

I have been absolutely clear and unequivocal in condemning all acts of terrorism and vigilantism like this one, and I reiterate that Islam stands utterly against extremism of all kinds. If we wish to tackle this problem however, we must make an effort to properly understand the many factors that provide a rationalization for terrorism and extremism of all kinds in the modern world. Otherwise, we run the risk of never being able to properly address and eradicate this scourge. There is no option but to understand this if we are serious about building a better future, one which confronts and puts an end to this grave situation that threatens people in all parts of the globe....

The Pursuit of Peace Shrouded In Darkness
Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi

The Pursuit of Peace Shrouded In Darkness
Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi

There is a need to take practical steps to address issues and challenges of the Muslim world and to initiate measures that could end the deprivations of Muslims. It is the need of the hour that the Muslim and non-Muslim religious leadership step up to the task of guiding the youth — intellectually and psychologically.....


Monitor Dawah (The Act of Preaching Islam) and Irshad (Guidance) Offices to Curb Extremism
Khaled Almaeena

Well done, office of Dawah and Irshad! Extremism and hatred had been planted in the hearts of these five new Muslims. Who knows whether another sheikh may ask them to go and blow themselves up in the name of Islam? These are naive people. I was very concerned and spoke to someone who had connections with Dawah and Irshad. He just listened and said nothing. It is clear that we must keep a watch on such organizations so that they are not used by those who wish to further their extremist agendas…..

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