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A Murder in Makkah
Rafia Zakaria

A Murder in Makkah
Rafia Zakaria

Then suddenly, one ordinary evening, after one ordinary day, he was gone. One of his friends from Pakistan, who was in the habit of calling or texting him several times a day, later said that on one of those tries, a man speaking Arabic with a Saudi accent answered the phone. It was never answered again and was not found in his belongings. When the new friends he had made in Saudi Arabia finally found him at the hospital, authorities handed them the paperwork that listed A’s death as suicide. This apparently is how many mysterious migrant workers’ deaths are classified in Saudi Arabia; it relieves their employers and the Saudi government from having to pay blood money or indemnity to the heirs of the deceased….


A Changing Terrain of Love
Bina Shah

On a recent trip to Denmark, I experienced my first episode of culture shock in quite a while. “Do you have children?” one Danish woman asked me, making polite small talk. “No, I’m not married,” I replied. With a look of incredulity she said, “But you don’t have to be married to have children!” Another new friend, born in Iran but raised in Denmark, told me that many Danish couples, instead of marrying, show their love and commitment simply by having a baby together….

Muslim Heroes and Role Models
Mike Ghouse for New Age Islam

Muslim Heroes and Role Models
Mike Ghouse for New Age Islam

These individuals followed the foundational Sunnah of the prophet to be Amins, the truthful, trustworthy, just and without barriers between them and people of other faiths and traditions. They contributed towards the common good of humanity. Indeed, Prophet Muhammad was called Amin by fellow Citizens who were Jewish, Christian and Pagans. That should be our model; to be contributors and be the Amins of the society....

 He also threw light on the ways and means of bringing Taimiyah graduates to JNU. He advised the gathering to form a delegation which can visit the Taimiyah University and create awareness and interest in the students towards taking admissions in JNU. He advised to prepare a questionnaire based on their experiences for admission in JNU for the help of admission seekers and each one of them should try and help them individually too, in every aspect….

Sufism and Quantum Physics
Ibrahim B. Syed, Ph. D

Quantum Physics and Tasawwuf are two complementary manifestations of the human mind; of its rational and intuitive faculties. The modern physicist experiences the world through an extreme specialization of the rational mind; the Sufi through an extreme specialization of the intuitive mind. Both of them are necessary for a fuller understanding of the world. Tasawwuf experience is necessary to understand the deepest nature of things and science is essential for modern life. Therefore we need a dynamic interplay between Tasawwuf intuition and scientific analysis…….


Phony Muslimness among Muslim Boys in Schools and Colleges in UK
Mike Ghouse

....some of the Imams who come around to give Sermons at special events, invariably make a comment to women sitting somewhere in the darkness in the back to quit gossiping! Darn it, when your lecture is so idiotic, men do the same, either gossip or go to their ‘i-phones’ and Samsungs.  I am glad I don't go to these events, but when I do, I will tear them apart for such an abusive and disrespectful comment towards women. Remember, our silence gives them permission to continue doing the wrong. Speak up; the other goats will jump in later......


...particular type of Islam defines the one kind of Muslim we ought to be as Pakistanis; that is, a Sunni Wahhabi, straight-faced, Abaya-donning and beard-growing people. Where does the concept of this ‘ideal Islam’ come from? I argue that this is the result of our one-sided infatuation with the Arab world, which leads us, as a nation, to develop an inferiority complex about our history and culture......

British Muslims Should Stand Up and Say It: There Is Nothing Islamic About Child Marriage
Mehdi Hasan

It is also an apt reminder of why most countries, including most Muslim-majority countries, have minimum ages for marriage codified in law: to deter adults from exploiting children and to protect the most innocent members of our society....


Poor Paths Lead to Madrasas
Ashfaq Yusufzai

Mustafa Khan, who sells cigarettes by the roadside in a Pakistani village, has a simple reason for sending two of his sons to a madrassa, an Islamic seminary, and not to a proper school. “We cannot afford it,” he says. “We don't have the money to buy textbooks and school uniforms. At the madrassa where my two older sons study, they are given free food besides an Islamic education,”…..


Finding Islam in the Hindu Heartland
Tarek Fatah

While the rest of the Islamic world’s caliphs and sultans were exploiting non-Muslims by imposing on them their second-class Dhimmi status and levying the Jiziyah tax, Nizamuddin was on record rejecting the concept of differentiating people on the basis of religion or race. He said, “We are all God’s Dhimmis. No human being can be another person’s Dhimmi”….

Friendship of Civilisations
Akbar Ahmed and Melody Fox

Friendship of Civilisations
Akbar Ahmed

This year two of the three finalists were Muslim, from two of the largest and globally significant Muslim nations, Afghanistan and Indonesia. Both face a crucial moment in history when the forces of violence in their societies must be countered with education and compassion. The prize went to Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, who has worked most of her life to promote education, especially for women and girls…..


The sound of drums beating loudly all day and night; young boys running through the streets carrying flag-like long green “Nishans” chanting “Ya Husain”; young men enacting battles or indulging in Lathi-play (Akharas); men and women dressed in black beating their chests to dirges lamenting the plight of Husain and his family and scores of Zarihs (replicas of Husain’s tomb) being taken out in processions from all over the city to a designated place called Karbala…..


Saudi ‘House of Pseud’ Thrives On Deception
Finian Cunningham

The House of Saud is such a decrepit domain of duplicity it is hard to know where to begin in listing its numerous deceptions, but suffice to say that any appraisal should start, in the first instance, with a name change. Henceforth, in the cause of truth and plain language, the Saudi rulers would be better referred to as the House of Pseud. The House of Pseud is anything but the “Custodian of the Two Holy Sites of Islam”. It is the centre of state-sponsored terrorism against Muslims, Arabs, Christian and anyone else who dares challenge their tyrannical despotism.…..

Reflections on Hijrah and the Muslim Calendar
Shaykh Mohammed Amin Kholwadia

After the Prophet (upon him blessings and peace) left this world, his Companions compiled, and thus preserved, the Qur’an in the very order it was recited during his life. Muslims have always held the view that this order of recitation was also divinely inspired and that the Companions preserved the pre-ordained order of recitation. The science that inevitably emerged from this is that of understanding the Nazm, or literary arrangement, of the Qur’an. ….


I Don’t Believe In God; Is That Going To Be A Problem?
Haroon Moghul

Maybe the question of atheism, with the increasingly audible pondering over whether religion has any utility, might restore Muslims to ambitiousness and openness. Of course, when the very mention of religion can be greeted with the severest, most wounded skepticism, that there is in Islam some basis for common ground with those who might call themselves agnostics or secular humanists could surprise…..


Cult Pakistan: Forgotten Mysteries, Bygone Strangeness and Odd Folk
Nadeem F. Paracha

I do wonder though, what he would’ve thought about his work today in which quotes from his book regularly appear in ‘Jihadi literature’ that not only advocates but boasts of committing terrible violence on civilian and military targets alike and then justifies it as something sanctioned by the scriptures? Would he have been elated, or distraught by the way his reactive diatribe that he moulded and presented as a scholarly study was first used by a manipulative military dictator to justify his illegitimate hold over power as a ‘soldier of Islam....

What Muslims Really Think (Part 2)
Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

What Muslims Really Think (Part 2)
Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

Strong majority of Muslims say that women should be allowed to work in any job she is qualified for. 96% in Lebanon, 92% in Malaysia and surprisingly, 82% in Saudi Arabia feel that women can join the workforce. John Esposito says “What becomes surprising is that in many countries majority of Muslim women and men (emphasis added) believe that women should have the same rights.”…..

What Muslims Really Think (Part I)
Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

What Muslims Really Think (Part I)
Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

John L Esposito, Professor of Religion and International Affairs or Georgetown University, says that the poll found that what Muslims actually think is against the conventional reality that is presented in the media and the stereotypes prevalent in the Muslim as well as non-Muslim world.......

“The most important lesson Ayman has given us at the Masjid is that we should be more open when talking to other people,” he said. “In Islam we do not judge other people for their actions, we do not know whether those other people are better than us or not, no matter what they’re exterior tells us. We do not know what’s inside of them.”…


Oh, Look, A Pakistani Hindu …
Priyanka Rajani

To keep it simple, it’s scary to live in Pakistan — Hindu or not. And as much as we’d all like to escape the dread of this life, there isn’t any other place I’d much rather be living, after all, Umeed Pey Dunya Qaim Hai — all we need now, is the Himmat….

"There is an organised effort to raise awareness against violence, terrorism and al-Qaeda that is carried out by my office in co-operation with the Office of Endowments and Guidance" ….


If the Muslim nations were to disappear from the map of the world today, what harm would it do to the world? Dr. Hamid Abd Ul Samad says: “almost nothing”. He believes Muslims are looking back to their past, unable to find any solution to their present problems. The reason why they are clinging to the past is simply their inability to tackle the issues emerging in the present and the future.

According to him, there is no panacea for the ills of the community that fails to rise above the religious dogmas and divides the world into Muslim, Kafir, Darul Islam and Darul Harb etc. It is simply impossible, in his eyes, for Muslims to make any headway until they turn their religion into a spirituality that can help them attain a personal relationship with God, with no interference of any religious or non-religious organization in their faith…….

In fact, the core essence of all Islamic precepts and practices lies in the purification of heart, mind and deeds with intent to build up a noble humane character. Therefore, the revelations of God to the Prophet Muhammad pbuh give paramount significance to the behavioural attitudes as mentioned in the holy Quran.....

Want To Marry Your Cousin? Think Again!
Shakir Lakhani

This does not mean, of course, that marriages between first cousins should be banned altogether as it is in 24 states in the US. What I mean to say is that if the boy and girl are not the end products of generations of inbreeding and if there is no known genetic defect which can be passed on to their offspring, they should not worry about their children being born with genetic defects. ….


Pakistan Needs To Revive Its Cultural Roots, Reach Out to Others
Khaled Ahmed

Culture is another name for tolerance among potentially violent identities. Pakistan killed culture to face India more effectively in the battlefield. Now, it is being asked to survive economically by getting it back from India. Much of it we have done surreptitiously. As a nuclear power, we have to be more agile intellectually to benefit from India’s rise as a regional and world economy….


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