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Translating the Quran in the Languages of the World
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

Translating the Quran in the Languages of the World
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

This story has interesting parallels with the relationship between people and the Quran today. By their very nature, human beings are seekers of Truth. They want to discover their Creator. The language of the book of the Creator is Arabic, but many people do not know Arabic....

Boycott IS lawn
Afiya Shehrbano Zia

Boycott IS lawn
Afiya Shehrbano Zia

Junaid Jamshed’s earlier advice to Pakistani men to not allow their women to drive or Afridi’s opinion that women are better advised to become cooks rather than cricketers were simply a manifestation of the wider agenda: women should not be allowed to be individuals in any way or form unless they are serving the Muslim man’s cause and for his benefit.


Makkah: The City that Never Sleeps
Raacikh Asghar

All through the night, the constant battle between emotion and devotion continues till the adhaan is called and the people, finally, after spending half of the night in God's worship, get to line up facing the Ka'bah, before their Lord, Allah, to offer the morning prayers....

Perhaps the Houbaras would Approve
Ayaz Amir

How is Houbara-induced happiness measured? What do the hakims say? Or is the evidence for its efficacy merely anecdotal, part of ancient and present desert lore, grizzled and battle-tested elders recounting the virtues of this bird, more magical than the Phoenix, around their winter campfires....


Where is the Beauty of Islam?
Rabia Ahmed

On Eid – clothed in our best attire, shepherding a pair of unwilling children – we would arrive at the mosque where we would split up; dad to the main prayer hall, mum and the kids to the imam’s quarters in the basement. There, safely segregated from the men, the women prayed, kept an eye on the children, and tried to catch the Khutba (sermon), trying to reconcile its content with their surroundings....

Living in Society
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

Living in Society
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

Social existence is always based on the principle of give-and-take. If you are contributing positively to society, society will regard you with respect....


It is easier for a devout Muslim to live in a liberal westernised society than it would be for a liberal Muslim to live in a religiously conservative society….


Save Bangladesh’s Bloggers
Tahmima Anam

Blogging has become a dangerous profession in Bangladesh. In February, a Bangladeshi-American computer engineer and founder of the secularist website Mukto-Mona, Avijit Roy, was hacked to death in a Dhaka street. Then this week, an atheist blogger named Washiqur Rahman was murdered in a similarly bloody attack. Both were killed for their views on religion….


‘Insha Allah’ – The Ultimate Excuse for Everything
Wishal Raheel

Every single day, we blame God for mistakes that we make while at the same time we take credit for things that apparently God did. An individual gets a promotion and he is showered with love and praise….


Maybe a Pashtun is born a religious zealot. If attitudes and behaviours linked with various ethnic groups had anything to do with genealogy then all the members of an ethnic group must act in a strikingly similar way....


.... a particular stream of which is actually disseminating a distorted outlook of life among the students, to an extent that they are apparently willing to kill or get killed without any question in the belief that they would be rewarded in the afterlife. It is instructive that none of the assailants did even read any of Oyasiqur’s blog postings yet killed him because a ‘senior’, maybe a teacher or a student of one Madrasa or the other, told them that Oyasiqur ‘was writing against Islam and the prophet Muhammad’....


When ‘Neo-Ottomanism’ Helps
Mustafa Akyol

The idea is that, unlike Republican Turkey, which is exclusively Turkish, the Ottoman Empire was a multi-ethnic and multi-religious mosaic. Thus it embraced non-Turkish groups, such as Kurds, Armenians or Jews, before the advent of the nationalism that would mark the Republican era....


Un-Islamic Clients of Islamic Banks
Abdulkadir Civan

It appears that even the most devout Muslims in Turkish society do not internalize the teachings of their faith. As it becomes materially costly to stick to these teachings, they easily switch to alternatives. Obviously, as a requirement of human psychology they find many legitimizing reasons for the changes in their behavior. Nobody admits that they are bad Muslims or bad human beings....


Islam stresses the importance of education for both men and women. Prophet Muhammad said, “It is the duty of every Muslim man and every Muslim woman to acquire knowledge.” In another place talking about the status of daughters, the Prophet said, “He who brings up two girls through their childhood will appear on the Day of Judgment attached to me like two fingers of a hand....


Rewriting the Pakistani Script
Ayaz Amir

I have no problem with patriotism but I do have a problem with the myths and fantasies surrounding Muslim power in the Subcontinent. This power reached its zenith under Shah Jahan. Aurangzeb was also a great emperor but by his time the empire had begun to show signs of exhaustion.....


Ashura and Pluralism: The Spirit of Resilience, Valour and Bravery Is Awakened On the Day We Know As Yom-e-Ashura
Zeeba T Hashmi

Hussainiat is a strong phenomenon that the oppressed can identify with. It is inspiring for thousands of Muslims across the world; even non-Muslims and Sunnis are much impressed by it, which elevates the essence of Islam itself. To understand Hussainiat is to understand suffering and to keep the struggle against tyranny alive....


Madrasas and Militancy: Dogma in Education Leads to Intolerant Worldviews
Javed Hasan Aly

Studies show that the vast majority preached an inclusionary approach to Muslim social life with little prejudice against others, often associated with the Bareilvi School. The other faction, known as the Deobandis, was in a minority. Many were seen to have an exclusivist approach to Muslim life and were regarded as intolerant of other worldviews.....


Countering Negative Portrayal of Islam
Alaa Alghamdi

I do believe that humankind’s inherent need and desire for a spiritual practice will eventually translate into a more positive public image for Islam.  And then, perhaps, the world will find that a different term to describe its relationship with Islam is needed. In place of Islamophobia, it is not farfetched that the world may coin and new phrase, Islamophilia….


Women’s Day in Islamabad
Nuray Mert

I am interested in the modernization processes in Muslim countries, the politics of nationhood, modernity, secularism and Islamism, and Pakistan is a very interesting case in this respect. Nevertheless, for decades Pakistan has mostly been known for its ties with the Afghan jihad and the troubles of fundamentalism and corruption.....


Religious Fanatics Who Wreck Lives
Mariam Mokhtar

Are the fanatics claiming that it is better to be a bad Muslim, than be a good non-Muslim? Are fanatics more concerned about the total numbers of Muslims in the population, or are they more bothered about the person’s piety and compassion? To the fanatics, being a Muslim is more about quantity than quality......


Iconoclasm — literally, idol-smashing — is not the feature of any one faith. The ancient Hebrews developed a dislike for statues and images sometime in the first millennium BCE. Christians also recognise a rich pagan legacy of temples and statues, but most finally succumbed to the temptation to make icons, name churches after saints...


Does Luck Explain My Life As A Muslim?
Essraa Nawar

As a kid, my mum (a very modest Muslim woman) used to quote a very important verse from the Quran whenever I had questions about people of different faiths: “Unto you your religion and unto me my religion” (Quran, 109:6). According to Qazi Abdul Qadeer Khamosh, “this verse clearly forbids Muslims to interfere in other peoples religious affairs and affirms the freedom to live according to one’s faith.”….


The State and the Ulema: Comparing Indonesia and Malaysia
Norshahril Saat

The Indonesian and Malaysian experience shows the contrasting impact of contrasting strategies of state co-optation of the Ulema. Leaders in these countries had been committed to keeping Islamisation in check and in line with the goals of the state. Suharto and Mahathir envisaged Islam to be respectful of their respective countries’ multi-racial and multi-religious societies and wanted the Ulema to conform to their ideals....

Is Isma saying that I will be committing a crime if I go up to a non-Muslim who is being proselytised by a Muslim and tell the non-Muslim to think very carefully before he makes his decision to convert for converting to Islam in Malaysia is a narrow one-way street with no U-turn?....


Alexander Burnes, the 19th century Scottish traveller and explorer, had a fascinating impression of the Shikarpuri. He was in Kabul, where he met Shikarpuri bankers who offered to provide him with Hundis payable in Bukhara (Uzbekistan), Astrakhan (Russia), Nijni-Novgorod (Russia) or St Macaire (France). Burnes took up their offer on Bukhara, and as he writes, “to [his] complete satisfaction.” Burnes didn’t know at the time, but Shikarpur’s ancient trade and commerce network connected more than just Shikarpur and Kabul; it was the preferred route for merchants travelling from South Asia to Central Asia and vice versa throughout the 18th and 19th centuries......

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