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Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is reported to have said "It is better for you to take your rope, go to the mountain (cut some foreword) carry it on your back, sell it and thereby save your face than begging from people whether they give or refuse you" This shows that though charity is encouraged in Islam, begging should be the last option if one can work to earn a livelihood....


A custodian of Dalits and lower castes, the Sufi leader of 19th century had strong bonds with Konthu Nair and Kappratt Krishna Panicker, who were among the influential Hindu leaders of the time in Malappuram.....


The beauty of Islam is its relative simplicity of practice.  Unfortunately purists not only in Islam but in all religions compel the faithful to follow a rigid and hard-line interpretation of the faith. They do not permit any changes to cope with and keep pace with new challenges. The people that refuse to change, to embrace and acquire new knowledge, cannot progress, and yet they also cannot afford to stand still. Any society that forbids learning will stagnate, be exploited by others and finally be doomed to implode and collapse....


Pakistan Supreme Court to Decide Christian Mother's 'Blasphemy' Case This Week
Aasia Bibi

The atmosphere in the High Court when appeal judges upheld the death sentence jeopardized the safe administration of justice with dozens of bearded clerics present, and religious extremists reciting verses of the Qu’ran a few feet away from the two Muslim judges. The same points of law at stake at the appeal hearing are being addressed again before the Supreme Court of Pakistan but in a different atmosphere....

A Tale of Three Camels
Rafia Zakaria

Over a week after Eid, one neighbourhood’s tale of sacrifice came to an end, or at least to a pause, until next year, when more camels and their entrails, will again become the stench of indifference that the pious cannot smell....


I knew this phenomenon, which was displayed in images or in words, was being marvelled at by millions of others behind luminescent screens. I saw tears well in the eyes of people who were thousands of miles away in flesh, but deep within the heart of this earth-beat in spirit. I saw the values of this journey, of this visitation, of this commemoration, taken up by the lovers of the Martyr all over the world and I thought, “This is the legacy of Hussain.”...


The Problem with the Islamic Apocalypse
Mustafa Akyol

Muslims can understand Jesus’s Second Coming in the horrifying way of the Islamic State or the inspiring way of Abduh. That is because religious texts come to life at the hands of men. And it makes a great difference whether the believers’ purpose is to self-righteously sharpen their blades against others, or to humbly educate and enlighten themselves....

The Life and Vision of Malcolm X Is Relevant To Muslims Now More Than Ever
Malcolm X

The sectarian differences in the Middle East are having knock-on effects in Europe and beyond. I have seen how within the Muslim community in which I live, differences are played up between Sunni and Shia along with fierce arguments and divisions between rival schools of thought within Islam – a far cry from the unity that Malcolm thought had come to define Islam...


And The Most Truly Muslim Country in the World Is Ireland
Patsy McGarry

“If a country, society, or community displays characteristics such as unelected, corrupt, oppressive, and unjust rulers, inequality before the law, unequal opportunities for human development, absence of freedom of choice (including that of religion), opulence alongside poverty, force, and aggression as the instruments of conflict resolution as opposed to dialogue and reconciliation, and, above all, the prevalence of injustice of any kind, it is prima facie evidence that it is not an Islamic community”...


Are Donors On Global Terror Watch Lists Funding Saudi-Style Islam In India?
Sreenivasan Jain

The money to this institution is shown as coming for construction and expansion of buildings - schools orphanage, and a madrasa. But it is run on core Salafist beliefs, which are dismissive of the Sufi Islam practiced in the Indian subcontinent. "What you call Sufi Islam isn't Islam at all. It is the distorted face of Islam. Calling themselves Muslims, they are distorted faces," ....


Deen-e-Islam or the Moral Way of Living in Islam
Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam

The unparalleled excellence with which the Quran teaches us the moral way of living is at several levels. The first level is the principle itself which is illuminating in itself. The second level is the use of imagery created with words and using the most effective devices of the psychology of influence such as priming and through reinforcement by repeating the message but in different ways and in different contexts to make the point clear and beyond doubt. The third level is the linguistic excellence and all of these within the framework of a complete and self-sufficient system of belief in a God who is the Creator…

Overcoming Historical Amnesia: Muslim Contributions to Civilization
Craig Considine

Muslims have actually made enormous contributions to civilization, perhaps due to the heavy emphasis that Islam places on knowledge. People who forget or blatantly ignore major trends or events in world history can be said to suffer from "historical amnesia."...

Illusion of Legality:  Muslim Personal Law Has To Be Extracted From the Sources of Islamic Legal Tradition
Faizan Mustafa

The Quran has only 83 verses relating to law. Just like the American Constitution’s seven articles, Islam believes in minimum interdiction and leaves maximum scope for human interpretation of laws. “Law” has to be extracted from the sources of Islamic legal tradition. Such extraction is called Ijtihad — endeavour or self-exertion....


Did the Prophet Have Concubines?
Dr. Mohsen Haredy

“Your servants and your slaves are your brothers. Anyone who has slaves should give them from what he eats and wears. He should not charge them with work beyond their capabilities. If you must set them to hard work, in any case I advise you to help them.” (Al-Bukhari)Did the Prophet Have Concubines

Not only is there evidence, from at least a thousand years before the lifetime of the Prophet, of trade from these lands with Europe and Africa, and certainly with Arabia, from long before the Common Era, but the history of Islam in Central and East Asia gives a fair indication that Islam spread, even during the Prophet’s lifetime. Amongst the most interesting pieces of tangible “evidence” for the spread, even during the Prophet’s lifetime, are mosques in Kerala and the famous Huaisheng Mosque in Guangzhou, China....


Demeaning the Sprit of Sacrifice
Durdana Najam

The spirit of sacrifice that Allah made Abraham practice when he took his son in the wilderness and laid the knife on his neck was about giving up the dearest of things to uphold the will of Allah. The lesson is: the will of God is all-encompassing. Since Allah is Omnipresent and knows what has come before and what will come after we should not but bow ourselves down to His wishes and command. The easiest thing to give away in a sacrifice is anything material....

Allah Hafiz to Khuda Hafiz
An Editorial in Dawn, Karachi

The immediate history of the demise of Khuda Hafiz can be traced back to a mere six to seven years in the past. It was in Karachi some time in 2002 when a series of banners started appearing across Sharea Faisal. Each banner had two messages. The first one advised Pakistani Muslims to stop addressing God by the informal 'Tu' and instead address him as 'Aap' (the respectful way of saying 'you' in Urdu). The second message advised Pakistanis to replace the term Khuda Hafiz with Allah Hafiz....

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Let Us Rid the World of Wahhabism
Mohammad Javad Zarif

“The Saudis completely changed Islam here with their money.” Though it has attracted only a minute proportion of Muslims, Wahhabism has been devastating in its impact. Virtually every terrorist group abusing the name of Islam — from Al Qaeda and its offshoots in Syria to Boko Haram in Nigeria — has been inspired by this death cult...

The ‘Feast of Sacrifice’: Its Spiritual Significance for the Muslim Ummah
Prof. Henry Francis B. Espiritu, New Age Islam

As per Hazrat Shah Waliullah Dehlavi, when the animal is being sacrificed, the sacrificer is explicitly making the direct action while implicitly intending (Niyyah) that he is sacrificing and slaughtering his animalistic Nafs (the lower desires or base ego) within himself. This is the significant purpose and profound meaning of the sacrifice which has been ordained by Almighty Allah and continued as a practice in Islam up to now and until the Day of Judgment.....

What Muslims Do on Hajj, and Why
Diaa Hadid

The Kaaba, which is also known as Bait Allah, or the House of Allah, is in the Grand Mosque of Mecca. It houses el-Hajar al-Aswad, or black stone, which is believed to have descended from paradise whiter than the colour of milk, but was later stained by the sins of humans. At the start of the hajj, pilgrims dressed in white circle the Kaaba seven times, trying to kiss the black stone. This is one of the most iconic images of the hajj and is known as the Tawaf....


It is time to confront problems that act as obstacles in achieving unity as a community because as He said, “… hold fast on to His rope all together, and do not be divided among yourselves…” (3:103)...


Is There Safety in Piety?
Tahmima Anam

I would be learning them out of paranoia, an invisible shield meant to protect me. And if I do that, then those five young zealots who killed those hostages would triumph in a way they could never have imagined....


The Barricaded Muslim Mind: The Sufi Way Was Being Lost; the Wahhabi Interpretation Is Gaining Ground
Saba Naqvi

... sadly the Sufi way was being lost, the Wahhabi interpretation is gaining ground because of the money and influence they have. Part of the problem I believe is in the condition of the popular Sufi shrines themselves. For instance Hazrat Nizamuddin himself espoused expansive humanist ideas that can be described as genuinely secular. ..

Iqbal's New Muslim Man
Nadeem F. Paracha

Iqbal's New Muslim Man
Nadeem F. Paracha

Iqbal wrote that Islam was not opposed to Philosophy because the Holy Quran urged believers to reflect upon God’s creations and to peruse knowledge for the sake of it. Iqbal did not see Islam and its holy scriptures as a ‘block universe’; instead he saw them as processes of ‘continual actualisation’. Iqbal and his new Muslim man was to reconcile faith with the realities of the now and the here. Like Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Iqbal, too, was a steadfast advocate of interpreting the scriptures according to the realities of the day....

The Sufi Art of Devotion
Maria Sartaj

Hundreds of years later, people still take their names together, often in the same breath: Rumi and Shams, Khusro and Nizamuddin. The level of commitment to their beloved was so profound that the association continues even in the afterlife. In Qawwalis penned by Khusro, his mentor’s name keeps popping up, and when people read Rumi they end up looking for his Shams....


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