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What Muslim Women Really Want In The Bedroom
Shelina Janmohamed

I see this pattern often repeated of Muslim women leading their male counterparts in the discussion about sexuality and intimacy. According to Islamic law, sex is limited to between those who are married. But when it comes to exactly what you can do, and how sex is generally discussed, Islam itself is quite open. Sex is of course for procreation, but it’s also for pleasure....


What Do the Quran And the Sunnah Tell Us about Being a Muslim in an Islamic State
Dr A Q Khan

These are the basic fundamentals of our constitution, but many so-called ‘enlightened’ intellectuals have started a debate on the explanation of the ideology of Pakistan in accordance with their own likes and dislikes. In other words, attention is now focused on the lengths of beards and Shalwars and the edicts of Allah and His Holy Prophet (pbuh) have been shelved. Articles 62 and 63 are discussed without considering their essence.....

Prompting Laughter in Society
Dr. Khalid Al-Seghayer

This observation is based on the fact that Islam discourages such universal social practices and maintains that Saudi culture in particular, and Arab culture in general, frowns upon laughter.  As such, Saudi society is indeed classified as a society of solemnity. However, neither Islam nor Saudi cultures explicitly reject laughter, as long as it does not promote immorality and indecency…..


Fun-Loving, Fair-Skinned, Syed and Sunni: Through the Looking-Glass of Online Muslim Matrimonials
Saif Shahin, New Age Islam

Muslim profiles on popular matrimonial websites reveal a focus on education, but also an obsession with “fair skin” and sect and caste-based affiliations in how young men and women present themselves to each other as they look for prospective life partners. These profiles speak much about the social values of the urban Indian Muslim middle class.....

Why Sufis Deliberately Disguise Themselves

That's why Sufis are constantly in hiding. And remember, this is only half the story. On one side they constantly go on hiding themselves, on another hand they go on making themselves available to those who are in search. The other part has not been discussed much. In fact, the first part is necessary only for the other part, otherwise what is the use of becoming invisible? If you simply become invisible to all people then you are almost dead. So you have to become invisible from one side -- to people who are not the right people -- and you have to become more and more visible to those who are in search....


Today, it is acceptable that the boy and girl talk before they get married. So talk about these important issues in these critical meetings rather than each other’s favourite eatery, colour or dress design. Put your cards on the table and if she can accept them, go ahead. If you sense poor compatibility, back out. A few days of hurt are better than a lifetime of regrets, fights and grievances.....


Islamic State Is Responsible For Financial Misery of Its Minorities

Our argument for including the news is: an Islamic country which boasts of the Shariah as the basis for all legislature is responsible to ensure not only religious, physical and human rights of its citizens including the non-Muslim minorities, it also has the obligation of ensuring the economic rights of its non-Muslims who are legally called the dhimmies. Dhimmy, in Islam is not a derogatory word but it connotes special legal status of the minorities in an Islamic country. (In India, we have SCs/ STs and Other Backward Classes but no one considers them derogatory, rather people proudly assert their belonging to these classes to get government benefits).....

‘Getting married is not the achievement; getting along together with each other after marriage is the real achievement.’ This statement repeatedly echoes in my mind as I observe the rising divorce rate in Pakistani society. Of course, this is becoming an issue in all societies around the world, but only a few are left as high and dry, both emotionally and financially as a Pakistani divorcee girl....

The concept of hope, of esperance, in Faiz is, are fond, another aspect of faith. So is the internal contradiction of the romance “Shirin and Farhad”. Shirin was a slave-girl of Armenian origin, bought in the Bazar by Khusro’s servants for their master. Farhad was a skilled worker assigned by Khusro to cut a channel in the mountain-side to bring fresh water into the town....

Is Islam A Solution or Is It In Need Of One?
Nastik Durrani, New Age Islam

Since the time Muawiyah turned Islamic caliphate into a kingdom, Muslims have been facing various problems which still persist. The first problem is the issue of succession of power which left the issue of reform of the ruler of the Muslims to his fate. If a just and noble ruler comes to power, he can lead the country to progress in his short tenure and if a corrupt ( and mostly so) ruler assumes power and creates a horrible condition then the subjects have the only option of waiting for his death.....

It Is The Muslims Who Defame Islam, Not Others: Do They Even Understand Islam?
Abdulateef Al-Mulhim

The Muslim world is losing many of its talented brains who immigrate to non-Muslim countries, ironically to seek social and religious freedom. And we are beginning to see happy Muslims not in Muslim capitals, but we see them in Australia, Europe, America and Canada. We see the Muslims in the West enjoying social equality, religious freedom, political participation and good education.....

Kashmir: From Pir Vare (Abode of Saints) to 'Porn Vare'
Mushtaqul Haque Ahmad Sikander, New Age Islam

A few days back one of my friends intimated me about the availability of the Kashmiri porn videos on the internet. ... My friend, whose conscience was bruised when he came to witness these videos on various porn websites, made me an accomplice too in his repeated browsing and locating the Kashmiri videos. I never had a taste or experience of such bestiality and vulgarity but just had a bird’s eye view of the filth and logged out soon, only to be depressed and numb to my core. For a couple of minutes both of us were shocked to utter a word. … One video was related to a couple enjoying bliss of lawful sex, but the husband seems to have placed a hidden camera in the bedroom. Another video related to smooching and necking and petting with a Hijabi girl. Another one was related with certain vulgar acts in a car with a Burqa clad girl. A video depicted vulgar activities of a boy and girl in a bathroom. In this video it appears that the girl had invited the boy to her home when none is around and the girl also appears to be aware of the camera, as she time and again tries to cover her face. Another such video depicts a college girl in her uniform indulging in an open sex at some hilly area. … The boys or men want to keep a record of their sexploits and adventures, and in some cases even display it to their friends. ...


Saudi Arabia to Tourists: We Are Just Not That into You
Aryn Baker

There are no tourism visas for Saudi Arabia, a fact made all the more frustrating for would-be visitors enchanted by the tantalizing glimpses of the country’s fantastical archaeological record found in the Roads of Arabia exhibit currently travelling between a series of U.S. and European museums. “We have so much to show the world,” laments the de Tinguys’ guide, Abdulaziz. “From the outside, I think, Saudi Arabia doesn’t look like such a nice place....

Change the Game, but First Change Yourself
Aamir Hussain Shah, New Age Islam

Muslims were not always merely Maulvis. During the golden age of Islamic empire (usually between 10th and 13th century), the Islamic world flourished and they were regarded as the masters of science, art and even literature. It was the period when they made most of its contribution to scientific and artistic world. Contributions were made in chemistry, botany, physics, medicine, mathematics and astronomy as many Muslims regarded scientific truth as tools for accessing the divine. It was also the period when Western Europe was intellectually backward and stagnant.....

Sufi Mysticism Holds Key to Islamic Peace
Prahlad Shekhawat

The Pakistani Prime Minister’s recent India visit to pay homage at the Ajmer Dargah is ironical because the spirit of Sufi Islam has been mostly crushed in his country by fundamentalists propagating Wahhabi Islam which is orthodox and intolerant. Strengthened by millions of Saudi petro dollars, Wahabi Islam is also spreading in India, particularly in vulnerable Kashmir. In fact, Maulvis trained at the Wahhabi-oriented Darul Uloom Deoband seminary now travel all over India to teach the supposedly pure strain Islam that has its roots in Arabia....

The seeker must show himself to be worthy of the blessings conferred on him. His life must be above reproach, as nobody would cast precious jewels in an unclean vessel.  It is this belief that man can overcome the baser passions and temptations and rise to an awareness of his higher nature which impels the Sufis to declare in a spirit of paradox: “It may take time to be a man, but it does not take any time to be God.”...

Longing Is a Central Note on the Sufi Path; It Is the Feminine Side of Love
Llewellyn Vaugh-Lee

Life and the soul are always beckoning us, wanting to share the real wonder of being alive. When we really listen, our outer and inner life can speak to us, and take us on a journey far beyond the limited world of the ego. We can begin to discover the divine mysteries of love within our hearts and in the world around us. The mysteries of love are feminine in their nature, just as the nature of the soul is feminine as it looks towards God....


Politics of Power Has No Room for Free Spirits and Unformatted Souls
Muhammad Hassan Miraj

“The work of Bulleh Shah cannot be mastered without consulting the first five Path-Shahis of Granth Saheb”. She oversaw as we gathered the passersby for Niaz and prepared the Puris all night. On growing up, I was told by a friend that “Koonda” was a Shia custom. Gayarweeh Shareef, a distribution of food on the 11th of the lunar month, faded away when a new neighbour binned the rice I took for them....


The Arabs and Their Flying Shoes
Hamid Dabashi

Awaiting a promising revolution in the field of cultural anthropology, all I can do in a spirit of collegiality is to admit here publically that I have been repeatedly tempted to throw my shoes at the president of my own university Lee Bollinger but have never managed to collect enough courage to do so - for I have no clue how he would interpret the gesture - in the common culture of New Yorkers as a sublime sign of love, respect and admiration,....

A Karachi Dream
Babette Niemel

Steering through the mad Karachi traffic, it wasn’t long before he pointed to an ambulance, one of the Foundation’s brand new fleet. Painted a distinctive cheerful yellow, the vehicle was parked under a flyover. We were on our way to the headquarters of the ambulance service, which was then situated in the north of the megapolis. As we drove and Ahsan explained his passion…

A Harmonious Marriage
Asghar Ali Engineer

A Harmonious Marriage
Asghar Ali Engineer

Thus any attempt to force women to merely fulfill men’s lust would be un-Quranic in spirit and against her dignity. Love and tenderness are most fundamental where relations between man and wife are concerned. It is these feelings according to the Quran which create a strong marital bond. If there is no love and tenderness, such a marriage cannot be successful….

Islam and Gender Partnership
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Islam and Gender Partnership
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

“Men and women are members one of another.” The same concept was emphasised by the Prophet of Islam: “Men and women are two equal halves of a single unit.”  These references are very evident. To illustrate this point, I would say that life is like a cart with two wheels. The cart cannot move without the joint action of both the wheels. No wheel is superior or inferior; both are equal and both have an equal role to play....

What Do I Do? & Where Are We Going?
Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

What Do I Do? & Where Are We Going?
Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

Many of us do not know what to do and whom to listen. The Muslim world does not like to read, so what do we do? - we take a shortcut, we go to second hand information and that is, to listen to and follow the sayings of a Maulana, especially from our sect, i.e., if I am a Wahabi/Hanafi then I will go to a Wahabi/Hanafi mosque on Fridays and listen to and follow his interpretation of Islam. This in turn creates more division. ....

Freedom of Religion and Belief in Pakistan
Rehman Anwer

Owing to the contemporary climate of extremism in Pakistan, the key is to bring various faith communities together and make collective efforts to foster peace and stability Faith Matters, a conflict resolution and interfaith organisation, has developed a unique programme to promote harmonious relationships between the Muslim and Christian communities based in Pakistan through the training and development of young people from both faith communities. ...


Islamic Socialism: A History from Left to Right
Nadeem F. Paracha

Between the 1950s and early 1970s, a powerful ideology in the Muslim world galvanised itself from the minds and fringes of modern Islamic intellectualism and made its way into the mainstream political arena. But this ideology did not have a single originator. Its roots can be found amongst the works of Muslim thinkers and ideologues in South and East Asia, Africa and in various Middle Eastern (Arab) countries....

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