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The Hidden Spiritual Sanctuary of Cairo Where Sufi Mystics Celebrate
Omneya El Naggar

The first Friday of the month of Muharram is a day that Sufi murids (students) and seekers never miss. It is the mawlid of al-Muharram, one of the established festivity traditions of the Wafa’iya Sufi order. This tradition was brought about in the 18th century to celebrate the new Islamic year by dhikr circles, prayers and almsgiving.


In keeping with Abdul Wahhab's teaching against idolatry, authorities have made no effort to preserve sites linked to the Prophet Mohammed in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, says Alawi, a prominent supporter of Islamic pluralism. Some of these sites have already disappeared in redevelopment, he says. Alawi is among those who contend that Wahhabism has inspired the militants of IS, also known by the Arabic acronym Daesh. "You have first, Wahhabi ideology, and then you have offshoots which have become even more extreme,".....

Let Us Call a Martyr a Martyr
Syed Mansoor Hussain

Let Us Call a Martyr a Martyr
Syed Mansoor Hussain

Most believing Muslims will agree that Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions who perished in Karbala were martyrs. Based upon my understanding of the concept of martyrdom not just in Islam but also in other religious, political and even secular traditions, three things distinguish a martyr.

Religion classes have a reputation for being tedious and dull. Yet religion is a mandatory subject and perhaps the only subject in school that is still under the central government’s control, having lost sway over everything from the curriculum to teachers’ salary slips.  The Religious Affairs Ministry manages around 200,000 religion teachers in the country, plus madrasah (Islamic schools) from elementary to senior high schools. 

Melancholy is a genus of sadness that emerges when we are open to the fact that life is intrinsically difficult and that suffering and disappointment are a core part of the universal experience. Melancholy is not a mental disorder that needs to be cured. Melancholy is not despair or hopelessness.


First Asia-Pacific Countries Muslim Religious Leaders' Summit in Turkey: A Welcome Effort

...the event was solely aimed at recognising Muslims in Asian and Pacific countries, exchanging ideas on problems of the Islamic world and discussing solutions, re-establishing historical ties with Muslim countries and communities in the Asia-Pacific region and discussing opportunities for cooperation in religious education and services. The summit also dealt with the effects of new mindsets in the Muslim world on the Asia-Pacific Muslim communities, the future of the Muslim world and Islamophobia. .....

Austerity In Saudi Arabia: The Start Of Something

MONEY is the glue that holds Saudi Arabia together. To maintain a loyal citizenry and counter radicalism, the kingdom’s rulers pamper their subjects with lavish benefits and cushy government jobs. In times of uncertainty, such as during the Arab spring, workers are handed pay rises and bonuses. …


Perils And Politics Of Pilgrimage
Dr Mohammad Taqi

The controversy over the largest death toll in the modern history of hajj is not over yet. The Saudi Arabian government has drawn unprecedented criticism for its management of the hajj with calls for not just overhauling how the pilgrimage is managed but also who should do it. ...


Thanks to Urdu Department CUK and Sahityya Academy we had, after much time, a seminar on Sufism and Urdu Literature. Some points that emerged in the papers and discussions may be summed up in the following propositions.

Jinns Invade Pakistan Campuses
Pervez Hoodbhoy

Interesting logic was used to prove the existence of Jinns and black magic. The speaker first categorised all unseen creatures into three types: those that fly; those that change shape and appearance depending upon circumstance; and those that find abode in garbage or dark places. Why, he asked, would Hollywood invest in horror movies and paranormal phenomena if these didn’t actually exist?......

Will Saudi Arabia Give Up Hajj Management?
Ali Mamouri

The storms that hit Mecca on Sept. 12 caused a crane to collapse on the Grand Mosque, killing 107 people and leaving 230 injured of various nationalities. On Sept. 17, a major fire broke out at a hotel for pilgrims in Mecca, injuring two people and leading to the evacuation of 1,028 others. Most recently, a stampede killed 717 pilgrims and injured 863 others, according to the Saudi version of the story.....


In the aftermath of the Mina stampede, which claimed more than 1,000 lives during the haj last month, two things are noteworthy for evaluation. First is how the tragedy has caused further friction in sectarian politics, particularly between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Iran was the quickest to blame Saudi Arabia for the incident.

Why Progressive Muslims And Atheists Should Work Together
Kile Jones

Can progressive Muslims and atheists actually find ways to work together? Some of my atheist comrades may disagree with me, but I think so. Of course we may diverge on whether a God exists, or if there is an afterlife, but when it comes to this world and the problems humans face, our tribes have much we agree on.


Lessons from My Recent Trip to the USA: The Importance of Dawah
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

Wherever I travel—and this happened in America on our recent trip as well—I meet people who are searching for a message that addresses their minds. A message that addresses their innate nature. A message of spirituality. A message that has nothing to do with political wrangling and conflict. A message free of hate. Everyone seems to be searching for this. But only God can satisfy this inner thirst. And that indicates the importance of Dawah, of inviting people to God.

Kabira is Still Crying in Pakistan
Raza Naeem

While many progressives are fond of extolling Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s lament on the unfulfilled promise of postcoloniality, his evocative poem Subh-i-Azadi (The Dawn of Freedom), in prose, it is actually Saadat Hasan Manto who captures the opportunism and political chicanery which characterised the newly-formed state of Pakistan.

Life And Love Of Sufis
Raziuddin Aquil

Like everyone else, medieval Indian Sufis also struggled with questions of identity and some of the big names chose to defy easy classifications. Sufis were organized into chains of lineages or silsilas – Chishti/Suhrawardi/Firdausi/Shattari/Qadiri/Naqshbandi – to name just a few, with distinguishing markers and traditions of each of them, ...

In Abraham’s Footsteps

Nothing celebrates the oneness of humanity and submission and surrender to the will of God as Haj does. The millions of voices perpetually chanting in unison, Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik, La Shareek Laka Labbaik, Innal Hamdah, Wan Nematah, Laka wal Mulk, La Shareek Laka, reaffirming their faith and commitment to the ideals of sacrifice, peace and unity of mankind re-create every year a surreal, out-of-this-world experience.

Is Eating Meat an Obligatory Act in Islam?
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

Is Eating Meat an Obligatory Act in Islam?
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

With scores of communities, castes and religions in India, some norms, religious rites and customs will obviously have to clash or overlap. It’s quite natural. Nevertheless, any attempt to create communal disharmony out of this ritualistic conflict does not augur well. Mutual understanding and tolerance is the only way out for the forward-looking Indians. Just as it is mandatory for the Jains not to slaughter, and for the Hindus not to consume the meat, it is mandatory for the wealthy Muslims to sacrifice animals on the Eid-ul-Adha to distribute to the poor in remembrance of the sacrifice of the Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh).......

The Absurdity of Fatwa against A.R. Rahman
Javed Akhtar

The very fact of Raza Academy issuing a fatwa against A. R. Rahman (for giving music to Majid Majidi's film Muhammad) is absurd. They are not qualified to give a fatwa. They can only give out a statement as an organisation. Even if somebody does issue a fatwa against Rahman then perhaps some other qazi will say something else. …

Sufism 'Primarily a Holistic Discipline'

Sufism has been distorted primarily through the propaganda of Salafi sources—that is, fundamentalists influenced by Saudi Arabia's Wahhabi sect. In their view, Sufis are unbalanced people who avoid everyday responsibilities, indulge in unorthodox practices like wild sessions of music and chanting, worshiping dead saints at their tombs, and becoming mindlessly subservient to shaikhs who are no more than cult leaders.

TOBB’s March Against Terror

Did the TOBB's protest produce the outcome that was initially expected? Did it raise social awareness? Why has it failed to mobilize the masses? Mainstream media also supported the protests against terrorism, held under the auspices of the TOBB. Despite this, the initiative did not attract much attention.


Wahhabism, Saudi Arabia, and Their Gift to Yale

The first thing you need to know about Saudi Arabia is that it is not a country but a financial and religious empire with a million poisonous tentacles stretching across both the West and the Muslim world. …

Let Prophet Muhammad Movie Speak For Itself

Majidi’s film is not the first attempt at putting the Prophet’s life on the silver screen – that honour goes to Moustapha Akkad’s “The Message” (1977) – but it is the first that has depicted the Prophet in some form. According to reviews and images posted online, it includes shots of the Prophet’s hands and legs as a baby, his back and as a silhouette against the sky.

Fa Ayna Tadhaboon – It is very difficult to understand the depth of emotion behind these words in the Quran when god asks us with so much of love and compassion, “Where are you going?” The concern with which we are asked about the path we have taken, if heard and understood correctly, could so easily bring us back to the right path. Unfortunately the people of this world, especially the Muslims have gone deaf.....

Are India's Muslims a minority?

One newspaper interpreted Heptullah's statement to say that Muslims were "too large to be considered a minority". When journalists asked her what her ministry would do for the Muslim community, she said: "This is not the ministry for Muslim affairs, this is the ministry for minority affairs."….

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