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Considering itself a state rather than an armed faction, Isis imposes its version of Islamic law and its own Sharia courts in areas it conquers. Isis regards its rule as God’s rule and opponents are punished severely. Raqqa serves as a model of Isis’s occupation. Shops are made to close at prayer times, male civilians are required to grow beards and attend prayers, and women to cover completely, including their faces. At least one Syrian teenager has been shot dead for making a joke involving the prophet Muhammad. Child soldiers are recruited for front line units. Kidnappings, hostage holding and executions by firing squads or beheadings have been commonplace. People have been crucified and bodies left on roadsides for days as messages to residents to submit to Isis rule. The dead have been dumped into mass graves rather than buried in accordance with Muslim rituals. In Raqqa, the country’s only provincial capital under insurgent control, Isis initially attacked and burned churches. Later the movement demanded that Christians pay a tax consisting of half an ounce (14g) of gold and accept limitations on the exercise of their faith in exchange for “protection”. Christians were presented with three options: conversion to Islam; acceptance of Isis requirements; or death. Some Christians accepted conditions; but most departed.....

Turkey Wakes Up To ‘Jihadist’ Terror
Mustafa Akyol

However, it is also a fact that the armed opposition against this regime, which initially emerged as a demand for a more democratic system, was soon joined by Islamist extremists. These people called themselves “jihadists,” and some of them began committing atrocities that in fact violated even the medieval rules of jihad…


State Response to Terrorism
Najam Sethi

The audacious terrorist attack on Karachi airport by Central Asian terrorists has finally brought home one naked truth. The terrorists have cunningly utilised the space for “talks” and “ceasefire” to entrench their fierce resistance to the state. The application of force only can now degrade and disrupt their plans. Accordingly, the military has announced its decision to go after terrorist hideouts in the tribal areas and solicited the help of American drones to take out targets. Does this signify a resolve by the Pakistani state to uproot the scourge of terrorism by all means possible?.....


Terror’s New Headquarters

Two and a half years ago, as the last American troops left, President Barack Obama described Iraq as “sovereign, stable and self-reliant”. Today jihadists are tearing the country apart….


The United States will avoid sending significant forces back into Iraq, but Washington will ramp up its efforts to contain the ISIL threat by delivering vital equipment such as helicopter gunships, Hellfire missiles, communications equipment, large volumes of small arms and ammunition. This assistance, coupled with a common regional interest to contain the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, will likely contain the threat to northern and western Iraq. Though Iraq's southern energy corridor will probably be spared, the Sunni belt in central Iraq and the territories disputed between the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government will face rising sectarian stress, in line with ISIL's designs for the region……


Uzbeks in Waziristan
Imtiaz Gul

But despite the limits that the new geo-military situation put on the IMU’s area of influence, it has indeed morphed into a lethal non-Arab Al Qaeda entity. From the late 1990s, when the Uzbeks opened their first training camp near Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Afghanistan, to their escape to South Waziristan….


Ex-Islamic Jihad Leader Launches New Armed Group in Gaza
Rasha Abou Jalal

It was shown that the leadership of Islamic Jihad, despite its political closeness to Hezbollah and Iran, cannot withstand the promotion of sectarian Shiite thought in the Gaza Strip and wants to maintain the movement as Sunni, to be in line with the Sunni religious thought followed by Palestinian society……


Assault on Pakistan Airport Signals Taliban’s Reach and Resilience
Declan Walsh

And the discovery that Uzbek jihadis were among the attackers underscores how, even in splinters, the Taliban can draw on an international militant network to conduct sophisticated attacks — which means trouble not just for Pakistan’s government and military, but also for American interests in Afghanistan. The determined attack seems to bear out earlier warnings by counterterrorism experts that the Taliban split two weeks ago is unlikely to erode the group’s capacity for mayhem…..

Karachi Airport Attack: ‎We Learn From History, That We NEVER Learn From History
Afia Salam

Television audience was just trying to catch its breath over the horror unfolding in Taftan, on the Pak-Iran border where over 23 Shia Zaireen lost their lives to a suicide attack, in a manner that has such a familiar, horrible ring to it. As if that breaking news was not heartbreaking enough, news about the security breach at the Karachi airport wherein Airport Security Force (ASF) check post was attacked splashed across the screens....


It should be pointed out that the Iraqi army is not alone in standing against ISIS in Iraq. There is also the Ansar al-Islam organization, noting that this organization now has a branch in Syria, in particular in the Aleppo countryside. And there is information that Ansar al-Islam and Jabhat al-Nusra are cooperating against ISIS……


The late Sunday assault destroyed prospects for peace talks between the Taliban and the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and triggered speculation that the army might opt for an all-out offensive against militant strongholds. On Tuesday, a group of gunmen on motorbikes opened fire on an academy run by the Airports Security Force (ASF) and fled after security forces retaliated. No one was hurt, officials said. "We accept responsibility for another successful attack against the government," Pakistani Taliban spokesman Shahidullah Shahid told Reuters. "We are successfully achieving all our targets and we will go on carrying on many more such attacks."


Pakistan: Where Have All The Pious Nationalists Gone? Why Don't They Condemn The Terror Outfits Even When They Kill Pak Army Soldiers? Should The State Still Continue To Befriend Enemies Of State?
Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

Pakistan must trace out the obnoxious elements that are fomenting the ideology of hatred and mass killing based on their religious doctrines. In such a situation, should the officials of our government build relations with such dangerous radical terror outfits that have now established their state within the state of Pakistan? We have many more questions like this that go unanswered whenever put up. Regrettably, we have left our country in the hands of murderous people who have more power than the state itself and whose exclusivistic view of the world has taken Pakistan far from the universal brotherhood....

Self-inflicted Wounds: Pakistan Can Only Continue Its Accelerating Hurtle Into Chaos
Ajit Kumar Singh

In an attack symbolic of the deteriorating security environment across Pakistan, more than 10 terrorists, equipped with suicide vests, grenades and rocket launchers, infiltrated the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh, at mid-night on June 8-9, 2014, engaging in an extended firelight against Security Forces (SFs), that had resulted in 24 deaths till the time of writing. The dead included the 10 attackers, and at least another 14 people, including 10 members of the Airport Security Forces and a flight engineer with Pakistan International Airlines.....

…. the various nationalities currently fighting in Syria—Lebanese, Jordanians, Iraqis, Palestinians, Kuwaitis, Tunisians, Libyans, Saudis, Yemenis, Afghans and Pakistanis—are divided among many factions and schools of thought. Three among them espouse the most hard-line Takfiri - al-Qaeda’s Abdullah Azzam Brigades, the Doura Fighting Group, and the Jabhat al-Nusra li-Bilad al-Sham. The Bilad Al Sham Media group, which appears to have been set up for the purpose of publicising the activities of Maldivian ‘jihadis’, has confirmed that the Maldivians are with Jabhat al-Nusra, the deadliest of the three……


Doors Open for Muslim Brotherhood?
Tarek Fatah

Goddard found the organizers using the event not so much to showcase the architecture of the institution, as to offer free literature proselytizing about Islam, prohibited by the policies of Doors Open. One book called on Muslims to wage armed jihad....In the book, Maududi exhorts Muslims to launch jihad against Islam's oppressors, meaning armed struggle against non-Muslims. The book states: "... this word (jihad) is used particularly for a war that is waged solely in the name of Allah ... This supreme sacrifice of life devolves on all Muslims." Maududi labels Muslims who refuse the call to engage in armed jihad apostates: "Jihad is as much a primary duty of the Muslims concerned as are daily prayers or fasting. One who shirks it is a sinner. His very claim to being a Muslim is doubtful."…..

Pakistan IEDs: The Price of Deceit
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

Augmenting specific counter-IED capacities and capabilities may help contain the rate of escalation in terrorist trends, but will inevitably be neutralized by improving terrorist resources as well. The Pakistani state has created vast spaces for the operation of armed terrorist formations on and from its soil. .....


Exclusive Photos: Syria’s Oldest Synagogue, Destroyed by Assad
Josh Rogin

Activists estimate that at least 33 churches and hundreds of mosques have been destroyed by the Assad regime since the start of the Syrian civil war. Six UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Syria have been destroyed in Syria since the fighting began…..

The ‘al-Qaeda’ interpretation fails to provide an understanding of Boko Haram, its behavior, its sources of support, and its reasons for carrying out atrocities like that committed in Chibok in ways which fall in line with Nigeria’s often-violent history and extremely complex political culture…..


The Nigerian Kidnappers’ Ideology: It Is the Ideology, Not Just the Acts of Extremism That Must Be Confronted
Tony Blair

That ideology is based on a warped and false view of religion. It is taught in formal and informal school settings worldwide. Of course, the hideous and crazed words of the leader of Boko Haram, the group that kidnapped the girls, are representative only of the most extreme fringe of this ideology. But, until we clean the soil in which this poisonous plant takes root, it will continue to blight the life chances of millions of young people around the world – and jeopardize our own security……

Balochistan: Taliban's Southern March
Ambreen Agha

This new threat further compounds the already poor educational access and high dropout rate in the Province. A November 20, 2013, media report, for instance, noted that more than 2.3 million children had no access to education in Balochistan. The report quoted the Provincial Secretary for Education, Ghulam Ali Baloch, noting that only 1.3 million out of a total of 3.6 million children were going to schools in the Province.....


The current Afghan conflict is an insurgency-counter insurgency conflict, but it is ultimately to be fought as a war of information supported by military action; it is a battle for hearts and minds. If this is true, then it is in this battle that the Taliban have a clear edge over their more sophisticated enemy , because they are able to tap into Afghan cultural references in a way that the foreign forces and even the Karzai government has been unable to do. .....

Coups Won’t Help In Fight against Radicals
Harun Yahya

I just want the best for my country. That is what people who carry out coups with weapons in their hands in front of government buildings always say. They claim to be acting for the best, yet point their guns at democracy. A coup d’état is a proof that guns cannot help achieve “good.” Such coups are always followed by deaths, executions, unease and conflict….

Militant Islam is the enemy, plain and simple. An Islamist may claim to be a Muslim, wear Islamic clothing, and engage in Islamic rituals, but he is as inferior to a Muslim as an ape is to a human. Islamists are to Islam what Nazis were to Germany; practitioners of a despicable and subhuman behavioral choice that is as much a menace to decent Muslims as Nazism was to decent Germans. Most victims of senseless Islamist violence are, despite spectacular examples like 9/11 to the contrary, Muslims……

Pakistan's Boko Haram
Malik Siraj Akbar

Pakistan's Boko Haram
Malik Siraj Akbar

...mosque-goers were almost always sure that what they learned from the mullah in the mosque should always stay within the mosque. The other two occasions when the society agreed to give the mullah the leadership role were funerals and wedding ceremonies which would also last for less than one hour.....


Somali Refugees: Victims of Both the Terror of War and the War on Terror
Hamse Warfa

I have seen the issue of religion drawn into the war on terror both in Kenya and across the globe. On quite a number of online forums, I have seen the close association that people have been drawing between Islam as a religion and terrorism. With this close association, a terrorist attack gets interpreted as an attack from the religion of Islam, and a hunt for the attackers quickly getting interpreted as a hunt down for Muslims……

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