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Afghanistan: Critical Cusp
Ajit Kumar Singh

More worryingly, civilians continued to face the brunt, with civilian fatalities increasing by 7.44 percent in 2013. According to United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), the number of civilians killed through 2013 surpassed civilian fatalities in all the previous years since the beginning of war in 2001, barring 2011, when the civilian fatalities stood at 3,021. UNAMA, however, started compiling data only from 2007, in which year 1,523 civilian deaths were documented across Afghanistan....

Listening to al-Qaeda
Frank Domenico Cipriani

Listening to al-Qaeda
Frank Domenico Cipriani

Would I send my brother to blow himself up and kill my sisters and brothers, children and grandparents? Would I willingly pay taxes to send drones to kill my daughters and granddaughters? I am no scholar, no expert on any religion, but if I maintained an attitude of fatherly responsibility about all of God’s children, how would it be? Would I really send my 21-year-old son to risk arrest in the name of promoting a video I clearly didn’t even take that much time to make?....


Egypt's 'Shallow State' and Hamas
Khaled Hroub

It is a basic tenet in politics that severing links with political actors is an extreme step that many countries should avoid. When these actors function in neighbouring countries, ignoring this tenet becomes an act of stupidity and comes at a high cost. By comparison, Iran has maintained its links with Hamas despite the latter's outrageous position, from Tehran's perspective, regarding the Syrian revolution against Bashar al-Assad, Iran's vital ally in the region.....


Terrorist Attack On India’s Maulana Usaidul-Haq Qadri In Iraq And Wanton Killing Of Sufi-Minded Ulema By Extremists In The Muslim World: A Probe Into The Ideological Links
Late Maulana Usaidul Haq

The nefarious series of deadly attacks, wanton killing and suicide bombing of Sufi-minded Ulema and spiritually-inclined Islamic scholars, at the hands of the neo-Kharijites, Salafists, Wahhabis and other religious goons of radicalised ideological strains, continues today unabated. To my horror, Maulana Usaid-ul-Haq Qadri Badayuni, who many of us adored as a source of intellectual and spiritual inspiration, was targeted and martyred on the 4th March of this year in a terrorist attack during his visit to the Sufi shrines in Baghdad, Iraq. He went there to visit particularly the shrine of the most revered Sufi saint Hazrat Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani (r.a)....

"We will ensure that the fight against terror is not misconstrued by Muslims in Nigeria as a fight against them. The terrorists are an influential minority who live with and claim to be Muslims but through their activities bring harm and ridicule to Muslims and the religion of Islam. Concerted efforts are being made to isolate the terrorists from the communities in which they find sanctuary,"…..


Al-Shabab and the Party Balloon Effect
Abukar Arman

This extremist neo-Islamist group represents one of two nihilistic worldviews that dominated the 21st century political discourse - global (dysfunctional) jihadism and global war on terrorism. Both, due to their applied mantra - with hammer, all problems are solvable - are destined to self-destruct....


Pakistan Still Dilly-Dallying On Crushing the Taliban
Mansoor Jafar

The decade of instability, including blasts, drone attacks and targeted killings, has thrown Pakistani people deep into a grave sense of insecurity as nearly one hundred thousand people, including security personnel and terrorists, have so far been killed. The growing sense of insecurity has generated a strange kind of sadism and numbness among the people; they have become desensitized to the everyday killings as if it is some kind of routine affair in the country......


However, it is Gulf petrodollars, Salafi ideology, exporting militancy and funding sectarian ventures based on the intrigues of feudal kingdoms, where all the barbaric synergy comes together……


How Can Moderate Muslims Battle Extremism in Islam?
Bakir Oweida

The consequences of former U.S. President George W. Bush’s war on terror may be responsible somehow, albeit not directly, for the emergence of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). It may be an exaggeration to say that the situation is out of control and that it has become difficult, if not impossible, to contain the danger or overcome the consequences of the jihadist phenomenon, with those involved competing to see who can be the most violent…..

When Killers Become ‘Patriots’
Zahid Hussain

There is nothing to worry about the Taliban, the majority of whom are not anti-state; the minister assured a nation still reeling from the latest killing spree in the heart of the capital. He even sought the TTP’s help to track down the attackers who may well have come from the banned group’s own ranks. What an excellent example of bonhomie even though the newfound ‘patriots’ never falter when it comes to blowing up soldiers on the frontline and killing innocent civilians in the country’s heartland.....


Saudi Arabia’s Approach to Terrorism, Hypocritical
Dr. Kevin Barrett

The first Saudi who ought to go to prison is Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, former head of Saudi Intelligence. "Bandar Bush," as he is affectionately known in American organized crime circles, ran the main conduit of arms to the terrorists until he was relieved of his Syria duties two weeks ago. Bandar should be arrested and charged in connection with the false-flag chemical weapons attack in al-Ghouta last August. The whole Obama Administration, along with several top Israeli leaders, should be also arrested as suspected accessories. But the Saudi government is hardly in a position to prosecute terrorists. If laws against terrorism were enforced in the kingdom, the whole Saudi elite would have to go to jail…..


Pakistan Punjab: Simmering Cauldron
Ambreen Agha

With no one to hold them to account, these radicalized forces find fertile grounds in Punjab, creating an escalating threat of destabilizing across the entire region. With little realistic expectations from the peace talks, several of the Army's self-created terrorist proxies have turned against their masters......


Talks with the Purveyors of Terror
S Iftikhar Murshed

“But whoever deliberately slays another believer, his requital shall be hell, therein to abide; and God will condemn him, and will reject him, and will prepare for him awesome suffering.” These timeless words should be included in the opening statement of the empowered government committee of negotiators when they establish the first direct contact with the TTP central Shura in the coming days.....


Were It not For the French, Hezbollah Would All Be Syrians Fighting On Their Own Government’s Side Inside Their Own Country
Robert Fisk

“Israel is technically at war with Lebanon and Syria.” Well, blow me down! Back to borders. There were, many decades ago, several villages in Lebanon which the French handed over to the Brits – when the Brits ran “Palestine” and the French controlled Lebanon and Syria….


Standing Up to Taliban
Mehr F Husain

It is these young ones who are in the right as they do not just represent peaceful resistance but also a way of existence which consists of education and progress. And this is why their future is the one that the TTP aims to destroy. May more of our young, mighty ones survive to tell the tale so future generations can learn and may our dead ones’ sacrifice never be forgotten....

Kunar:  The Afghan Province Is Emerging As The Future Capital Of the Taliban’s Envisioned ‘Emirate’
Khaled Ahmed

As Taliban leaders go, Baitullah Mehsud was “flexible” enough to oblige the deep state in Islamabad by striking at proposed targets. Later, Hakimullah was a prickly customer and preferred a less-murky relationship with his victims. Now, the shift of Taliban headquarters to Kunar has moved the “Emirship” from the Mehsud tribe to a man from Swat. But he appears more pathologically focused on killing than even Hakimullah.....


Time to Act Forcefully To Defend Pakistan
Najam Sethi

For months, as the government, political parties and media all dithered over the pros and cons of a military operation against the murderous Taliban, the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan flatly rejected the idea of a ceasefire prior to negotiations, instead setting up impossible preconditions for talks. Indeed, the more Pakistani politicians like Maulana Fazal ur Rahman and Imran Khan, demanded All Parties Conferences to cement a consensus about talking instead of fighting, the more the TTP was liable to launch attacks on military and civilians alike across the country…..


Imran Khan on Haqqani Network
Raja Arsalan Khan

Can anyone question him on how a sovereign state could allow foreigners the use of its territory for purposes like terrorism, jihad or freedom struggle?....

In addition to being required to practice Christianity behind closed doors, Christians in Raqqa must now follow 11 other conditions in order to keep the agreement with their Muslim overlords. Among those conditions are prohibitions on building new sanctuaries or restoring those damaged in the civil war, aiding any faction or government opposed to ISIL, and discouraging conversions to Islam from within the Christian community….


The Normalisation of Syria’s Tragedy
Diana Moukalled

And yet we find ourselves unable to resist this daily flogging of the soul. We have become like addicts who, while a small dose used to satisfy their craving, now cannot get their fix no matter how much they increase the dosage of their chosen poison. Our situation is just the same, as we find ourselves unmoved by everything going on around us……


Sindh: Year of Horror
Ambreen Agha

We were going shopping for our sister's wedding when my cousin suddenly stopped the car in the alley where our house was located. I saw two men standing at the entrance of the lane and a group of eight to ten people, including young men aged 17-18 years approaching us, loading their guns.... I had never seen this kind of ferocity on the streets in India... my cousin, whose place I was visiting in Karachi, pleaded to me to be quiet and not to get into any argument with them. He referred to them as Balochi gangsters and exclaimed, "These are Balochis and you should not utter a word, just surrender and give whatever you have." They held my two sisters at gunpoint and put a sharp knife on my chest, making it bleed. Each of us gave whatever possessions we had. My cousin lamented, "This is the drudgery of our daily lives here. We live in fear..."...


These voiceless people happen to be the families, who lost their near and dear ones to TTP’s brutalities. We have no right to make deals with TTP at the cost of the victims’ families, denying them their right to seek justice and get their victims honoured by bringing those, who killed their sisters, mothers, fathers and children to the book......


Many of the most significant rebel militias have explicitly and unequivocally rejected the legitimacy of both the SNC and the SMC, decrying them as exogenous tools of outside interests — this despite the massive and growing reliance of the militias themselves on foreign money, supplies and fighters. They have opted instead to form the so-called Islamic Front. Relations between various armed factions have since devolved into an open civil war…


Russia Deals With Rise in Terrorism Linked To Syria, Mideast
Dr. Vitaly Naumkin

The charitable foundation Al-Harmain, which was founded in Saudi Arabia in 1991 under the patronage of influential figures, was also banned in Russia. Representatives of this organization were also accused of recruiting believers to take part in the anti-Russian jihad in Chechnya. In those years, Arab missionaries frequently organized youth camps to propagandise radical Islam and jihadist ideas. Today, that practice has been discontinued. Of course, the authorities and the local clergy clearly understood that the foreign, and primarily Arab, teachers were bringing the seeds of aggression and hostility to local traditions….


In northeast Nigeria the barbaric Islamist Boko Haram slaughtered many teenage boys based on their lust for killing. Currently it is known that 29 teenage boys were brutally murdered by Boko Haram but some sources state that 42 individuals perished in the latest attack by this Islamist terrorist organization. It is nothing to do with poverty because Nigerians irrespective of faith or no faith face the same problems. However, how can northeast Nigeria progress with maniac killers within Boko Haram frequently slaughtering for the pure fun of it?...

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