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During the recent past and this week there has been a notable rise in the number of explosive devices planted across Egypt, most of which were home made and had limited impact, if real at all. Many of these bombs, reported on a daily basis, were apparently aimed at civilians, and not security personnel who have borne the brunt of bombings that have grown rife since the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013....


ISIS’s Dark Theatre
Praveen Swami

The world has become familiar, these past three months, with this aesthetic, which has flowered in the Islamic State’s execution videos, culminating with the macabre immolation of the Jordanian pilot, Moaz al-Kasasbeh. But the slaughter recorded in the seven-minute video took place in Mexico, half a world away from the IS.....

From the 1970s, as France pedal-pushed capitalism, Wolinski's left-wing commentaries took flight to publications like Le Journal du Dimanche, L'umanite, Paris Match and Charlie Hebdo among others."I could draw anything I wanted. Before this thin-skinned age, you could joke about religion and paedophilia," he said. With freedom came threats, but mild ones….

Saudis Struggle To Reconcile IS Fight, Wahhabism
Madawi Al-Rasheed

Instrumentalising Islam, and especially sponsoring and propagating radical interpretations of its sacred texts, in an international conflict with wealthy powers, like the United States, proved to be disastrous. Both the United States and its Saudi partner have paid a high price for the unintended consequences of this misguided foreign policy. ...


How to Reverse Surge in Religious Hate Crime?
Dominic Casciani

Decades ago, the British extreme far right and fascism were the forces behind anti-Semitism. But on the face of it, the figures are now pointing to widespread anti-Jewish feelings among some Muslims in Britain. This analysis is shared by many leading progressive Muslim thinkers….


North Carolina Killings Not an Act of Terror?
Aijaz Zaka Syed


Comparisons are odious. But if all lives are equal in the eyes of the world, why do we not see the same global outrage and outpouring of grief and solidarity with the victims that one witnessed following the Charlie Hebdo carnage? Where are the righteous statements from London, Washington and Paris, condemning the act of terror in this case?....


Muslims and Extremism: A Difficult Dialogue
Jawad Iqbal

The bigger school of Islamic thought is believed to be that of the Deobandis, a conservative interpretation of Islamic law that governs teaching in almost half of Britain's mosques…..


Sources said the number of active supporters in this network could be higher. The group is working on the ground and not in cyber space as its members fear they could be easily tracked, the gathered inputs reveal….

Iraq's Kakais: 'We Want To Protect Our Culture'
Mohammed A Salih and Wladimir van Wilgenburg

Iraq's Kakais: 'We Want To Protect Our Culture'
Wladimir van Wilgenburg

The Kakai faith, also known as Yarsanism, is a syncretistic mystical faith that is believed to have originated in Kurdish dominated parts of western Iran in the 14th century. Its followers speak a dialect of Kurdish known as Gorani and are scattered across northern Iraq, Iran and many live in exile in Europe and North America....


How the Muslim Brotherhood Fits Into a Network of Extremism
Andrew Gilligan

It is expected to say that the Brotherhood, a multifaceted organisation, is not itself a terrorist group and should not be banned, a verdict most analysts agree with. However, the report will dismiss claims by the Brotherhood that there is “no evidence” of links between it and terrorism….

The War against Islamic State: It Will Be a Long Haul
The Economist

These setbacks may help explain the group’s turn to ever more ghoulish acts to bolster morale and keep up the flow of new recruits. That suggests an opportunity, says Mr Levitt. Stories are emerging of IS fighters who are killed or jailed by the group when they try to leave it, but they are not widely circulated. “We need [videos of] foreign fighters who have returned saying: ‘I went but was cleaning toilets;’......


We Must Take the Fight to ISIS’ Doorstep
Octavia Nasr

Reading between the shadows of busy bodies hopping on planes and serving diplomatic jargon to a media corps still in a deep coma, it seems that the west is desperately looking for a temporary solution. Maybe even a simple mending of its battered image. While ISIS distracts us with theatrics, tyrants run amok to keep their clout…

‘It Is Islam versus the Rest of the World’
Vikram Sood

Another definite yes as it follows from the right to free speech. The freedom to offend? The answer to this iffy and complex question is: perhaps. The fifth is freedom to practise one’s religion, adhere to one’s faith or practise no religion. The answer is yes. The right to get hurt by criticism? Yes. But the right to kill for that? A resounding no…..

Taliban and ISIS -- The Difference
Barrister Harun ur Rashid

Taliban and ISIS -- The Difference
Barrister Harun ur Rashid

ISIS is fighting more like a conventional army than al-Qaeda ever did. It has seized a large territory in northern Syria and Iraq and declared a caliphate there. ISIS is also employing more conventional military tactics, using assault rifles and grenades. Al-Qaeda has not sought to hold on to territory as much as it has been focused on carrying out spectacular attacks that would grab attention of international media...


Governments Mustn’t Be Lured Into an ISIS Trap
Fareed Zakaria

The many recent acts of terror committed in Europe don’t have behind them a coherent strategy. But they could make European governments and people treat all Muslims in Europe as suspicious and dangerous – and then the terrorists will have achieved an important goal....

The Bride of Daish
Rafia Zakaria

The Bride of Daish
Rafia Zakaria

Just like the exploitative patriarchies of tribe and caste dominant in so many Muslim societies, women’s choices and their bodies are put into the service of a war machine, where their only role is to serve their husbands and breed their children.....

Is Radical Islam A Threat For Belarus?
Ryhor Astapenia

Currently radical Islam lacks substantial footing in Belarus. But it can arrive with preachers from other states, who import not only money for the construction of mosques, but also radical views…..


Eye for an Eye: Killing All Jihadists In The Name Of Islam
Özgür Korkmaz

Muslims and the countries of the Middle East must leave their traditions behind and renounce violence and killings, regardless of its source. They must find a tool other than violence to fight those who they disagree with.  Until then, their complaint that “Islam cannot be associated with violence” will continue to go unheard.....

How Much Of A State Is The Islamic State?
Quinn Mecham

To date, the Islamic State does not align well with this notion of statehood. ... Effective states have a wide range of functions, including “rule of law,” “administrative control” and “creation of citizenship rights, “among…..


This anti-Semitism is at the root of the Islamist ideology and we must fight it instead of using it to prove points about the Arab-Israeli conflict. Islamist ideology and anti-Semitism are intertwined. One of the main themes is that Jews and Islam have been at war since the times of Prophet Mohammed and will be at war until the end of days....

No End to Brutality of ISIS
S. Nihal Singh

Everyone is agreed that there are no quick-fix solutions to a region possessing more than its share of autocratic rulers, the countries’ oil wealth acting as both a wealth producer and a source of conflict, the Shia-Sunni schism a fault line and any number of outside powers more than willing to fish in troubled waters. What is new is that with the advent of the ISIS, the game is getting uglier and more brutal by the day and the fear is that, whatever a country’s objectives, everyone is fated to lose.....


Intelligence officials and security analysts agreed that India could not afford to let down its guard even though the IS did not pose an immediate threat to the country. "These militants cannot take over our country or our government but it requires only 10 militants to carry out a spectacular attack like the one in Mumbai to change the course of foreign policies of countries," said Tufail Ahmad Director of South Asia Studies Project at the Middle East Media Research Institute who specialises in tracking Jihadi movements in South Asia....


Fighting Extremism: Beyond Free Speech and ‘Freedom to Insult’
Desra Percaya

It has also brought again to the surface the controversy over the limits of free speech, tensions between civil liberty and public security, perceived double standards and even the disintegration of values or incoherence in their observance in those societies that pride themselves as champions of equality and human rights advocacy.  Without seriousness shown in addressing these value-related issues, this situation could worsen the trust deficit existing in some societies and prevent the international community from developing a united front to combat violent extremism in all its aspects....


Last weekend, Muslims gathered at the Japan Islamic Trust in Tokyo to pray for the safety of Goto but the prayer session turned into a memorial service as news of his death spread. Pakistani Muslim Haroon Qureshi, the general secretary of the Japan Islamic Trust, expressed his grief. "It's extremely regrettable," he said, quoted in the Mainichi Shimbun. "We have worked for the release of Goto and another hostage Haruna Yukawa." Japan had not been caught up directly in the fight against the ISIS until the hostage crisis unfolded last month, with support for the U.S.-led coalition limited to financial and humanitarian aid. But following the latest killing, graphically depicted in a video that also carried a threat to Japanese nationals around the world, the country is re-evaluating its response to terrorism and has already introduced new security measures at potential targets such as airports and embassies, and schools abroad….


Muslims, Non-Muslims Need To Battle Terrorism Jointly
S. Amjad Hussain

People ask me how they can help. Here is how: Stop parroting the mantra of right-wing media, some Protestant pulpits, and politicians on the right that when Muslims don’t condemn terrorism, they must condone it. Terrorism is a deeply rooted disease that will take time to eradicate. Muslims and non-Muslims have to band together to oppose this menace….


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