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Not A Provocation, It Is the Islamic Middle Ages
Taha Akyol

Muslims do not have any issues with bigotry, violence and gender inequality. Massacre machines such as al-Qaeda, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the Taliban and Boko Haram do not belong to Muslims. They are all “provocations” of the West, the U.S., and Zionism…  “Some people” are using Muslims for a “perception operation” to create hostility against Islam. Do you want proof? Well look, Islamophobia is spreading!....


However, this solidarity will remain incomplete, and any hope that it has of combating Islamic fundamentalism will be thwarted, unless it incorporates those people who suffer by far the greatest threats to both life and liberty at the hands of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, Muslims themselves…..

The Economics of Radical Religious Terrorism
Emre Deliveli

Contrary to popular belief, radical Islamist terrorists are not motivated by the promise of rewards in the afterlife or even by religious ideals. They are best understood as “rational altruists seeking to help their own communities.” When looked through this lens, you immediately notice that terrorist organizations have millions of potential recruits – young altruists who feel that their communities are repressed or endangered. Then, you begin to wonder not why there are so many terrorist organizations associated with radical Islam, but why there are so few. In fact, less than a dozen such organizations are active today. …


So far, Saudi efforts to confront Isis ideologically have mainly taken the form of denunciations from tame clerics – figures who have no prospect of influencing Isis supporters and sympathisers – but it is difficult to see what else they might do without calling their own state system into question. The king and his princes have dug a hole for themselves by harnessing religion in the pursuit of power. Religious credentials bolstered their claim to legitimacy and helped them assert their authority….


Identifying the REAL Enemy: The Problem Is Not Islam, But a Civil War within the Faith That Has Become a Battle for the Religion's Very Soul
Manoj Joshi

But where Christianity itself evolved and modernised, within the citadel of Islam emerged a powerful school led by Muhammad Abdl ibn al-Wahhab, born in 1703, who wanted to return Islam to its original “pure” form, and for whom ‘Bida’ or religious innovation was as big an enemy as shirk or polytheism. Modern Islamism and the direct challenge to western modernism has come from Egypt and the writings of Hassan al Banna and Sayyid Qutub. Their progeny exist in the subcontinent as the Jamaat-e-Islami…..


Eliminate Daesh: They Are Not Warriors for Islam, But Hooligans against Humanity
Philip Parham

These crimes are motivated not by religious faith, but by greed, lust and hatred. Their perpetrators are criminal thugs. Like bullies in a school playground, they resort to violence because they think it will gain them the respect, which they cannot command through merit. And, also like child bullies, they pick on those who are weak and defenceless. They have targeted people of all faiths and ethnic groups: Muslims, Christians, Yezidis, Arabs and Kurds. The majority of their victims are Muslim. They are not warriors for Islam, but hooligans against humanity…..

The Paris Massacres: Sad, Sad, Sad!
Nuray Mert

In the “modern Muslim mind,” evil has turned out to be the “outside” forces that can be referred to for the wrongs of Muslims. In this mindset, it is Western imperialism, historical injustices, Muslims’ enemies, and finally Islamophobia, that lead Muslims to turn hostile, revengeful and even violent. As Islamophobia has become the “new anti-Semitism,” Muslims resemble the apologists of Israel’s terrible politics, who define any criticism as “anti-Semitic.”….

Charlie Hebdo and Western Liberalism: Islam Has Been Unfairly Criticised and Ridiculed In the West for Centuries
Abdullah Al-Arian

One cannot attempt to comprehend the actions of mass murderer Anders Breivik or the recent report on the US government's torture of Muslim prisoners solely against the backdrop of western liberal ideals. However, when one considers the rise of a pervasive Islamophobic atmosphere as seen in prominent discourses across the US and Europe, one can understand the reason such violence becomes possible and, indeed, normalised…..

France’s Sept 11 Is Different
Ertugrul Özkök

Nearly all Muslim associations are strongly condemning the massacre. On Jan. 9, the number of people participating in Friday prayers in Paris mosques doubled. The president of the Council of French Muslims called on all Muslims to participate in the Republican rally, and indeed many Muslims attended. However, Muslims in France certainly believe that their lives will become more difficult from now on…..


Charlie Hebdo made fun of Islam. It poked fun at all religions, and it loved to ridicule extremists, but it didn’t shrink from antagonizing Muslims. In 2006, it reprinted Danish cartoons that mocked the prophet Mohammed. In 2011, it published a “Sharia” edition in which “guest editor” Mohammed promised “100 lashes if you don’t die of laughter.” A year later, the magazine depicted the prophet naked. On Wednesday morning, its Twitter account wished a happy, healthy new year to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi…..


Barbarians of the Faith: They Are At the Gates of both Peshawar and Paris
MJ Akbar

In a marvellous message, Gandhi urged that the Gita should be read with the eye of a Hindu and the Quran with the eye of a Muslim: with sympathy, not invective. Swami Vivekananda, who sought India’s resurgence through India’s unique philosophy, was equally forth-right: if you were born a Hindu, he said, be a good Hindu; if born a Muslim, be a good Muslim, and that would make both good Indians…..

For example, members of the Gülen movement, who believe that they are being targeted by the government on false and intentional accusations, often refer to divine justice since they have lost hope in the Turkish courts. Many followers of the movement often write on social media that “God’s approval is enough for us.” The justice system in the country is so messed up that even the secularists “threaten” politicians accused of corruption, saying “God will hold you accountable in the afterlife, even though you avoid prosecution in this life.”….


Will 2015 Be The Year Of The LeT?
Rana Banerji

LeT’s younger ideologues believe that Pakistan is destined to lead the global jihad and JuD would not be averse to having an Islamic caliphate in South Asia. Though, at present, the Army leadership appears sanguine about controlling the LeT, given the JuD’s ability to systematically and diabolically pursue its plans, this may inevitably bring it into confrontation with the Pakistan Army in the days ahead…..


On the ISIS Attack on Saudi Arabia’s Borders
Abdulrahman al-Rashed

The threats by terrorist groups against Arab countries are actually home-grown. The threat of radicalism among us is real and it provides rich soil for extremism to grow. It attracts youths and ensures the collection of funds. Radicals and terrorists perceive the religious society as an ally not a rival. This is because they adopt the same rhetoric and they just come up with excuses when they disagree. The problem of ISIS is domestic; it’s not imported from Iraq or Syria or Yemen. This is what we discovered in 2003 when terrorism shook most Saudi cities. We couldn’t eliminate it until we admitted that the al-Qaeda rhetoric was present in Saudi society and until we stopped blaming others for it….


Barbaric Attack In Paris another Wake Up Call for Muslims
Orhan Kemal Cengiz

When I talk to pious Muslims about the barbaric acts of jihadist Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere, I always get the same reaction: They say that what these barbarians are doing has nothing to do with Islam, or that these acts are just a kind of conspiracy; namely, that there are dark forces using these jihadists for shadow boxing. Here we come to the core of the problem: These Muslims, who themselves maybe would not hurt a fly, do not want to see these jihadists acting on certain interpretations of holy texts and Islamic sources….


Fight Terror with Terror? Muslims Have Been Its Chief Victims
Aijaz Zaka Syed

Indeed, America’s war has not just inflamed and turned the whole of the Muslim world, including Pakistan, upside down and created monsters like Isis, the west itself is now beginning to feel the heat of the ‘far war’, the latest example being the attack on an Islamophobic Paris rag. Is Pakistan looking to go down that road? Has it drawn no lessons from the war next door? Don’t get me wrong. I am all for fighting extremism. Whatever its causes and whoever sowed the seeds of strife, terrorism has emerged as an existential threat to Pakistan and the Muslim world. Indeed, Muslims have been its chief victims. Extremism needs to be dealt with firmly and effectively.....


Fanaticism: From Peshawar to Paris
Murtaza Haider

The massacres in Peshawar and Paris, and the daily bombings in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq must provide the impetus for a tolerant and forgiving Islam to emerge in Muslim societies, where the majority needs to shun its justifications or silence, and loudly refuse to tolerate killing in the name of Islam…..


Charlie Hebdo Attack: Intolerant Islam Creates an Un-free Muslim World
Ajaz Ashraf

It is this Quranic verse cultural critic Ziauddin Sardar cites in his book, Reading the Quran, to say, “If there is no compulsion in religion then all opinions can be expressed freely, including those which cause offence to religious people. The believers will show respect and use respectful language towards God and His Prophet simply because they are believers. Non-believers, by definition, take a rejectionist attitude to both.”….

In Post-Peshawar Pakistan, We Have to Believe That the Darkest Hour Is Just Before the Dawn
Reema Abbasi

However, the memorial was attacked by Mumtaz Qadri’s supporters, who reportedly belonged to a banned terror outfit. The scene was as tragic as it was violent. Placards such as “ST Hum Sharminda Hain, Tumhara Qaatil Zinda Hai” were set ablaze as baton-wielding villains pounded participants, including campaigners of renown. ….


Governor Taseer: A True Martyr
Governor Salman Taseer

And by comforting her did he uphold the core Islamic principles of clemency and compassion? Yes he did. Then what was his crime? Everyone knows Salmaan Taseer did not commit blasphemy in regards to the Prophet (PBUH) and always expressed his indebtedness to the Apostle of God. However, he did blaspheme when he raised his voice against the priests who abuse the law. He did blaspheme when he stood up for the weak and he did blaspheme when he defended hapless minorities. That was his real crime and in Pakistan everyone gets punished for it…..

Charlie Hebdo Attack: Who Said What
Associated Press Report

World leaders, journalists' groups and others around the world have expressed horror at the deadly attack Wednesday by gunmen on the Paris offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo…..


Why Islamophobes Love Terrorism In The Name Of Islam
Ihsan Yilmaz

…many Islamists and Islamophobes are mirror images of each other. They both want to prove that Islam is intolerant, exclusive, hostile, anti-pluralist, antI-democratic, anti-secularist, and anti-human rights. This is much more the case with the terrorists who claim to be Muslims. They simply prove the point of the Islamophobes. As a matter of fact, they both dislike the fact that Muslims and their religion have been flourishing in Western secular democratic societies. They hate to see that the overwhelming majority of Muslims have successfully integrated to Western societies and have been increasingly become “good” citizens. They deplore the fact that many practicing Muslims with their manifest Muslim identities can become engineers, doctors, judges, teachers, mayors, artists, members of the parliaments in almost all Western countries. Both Islamophobes and so-called “Muslim” terrorists denigrate pluralism and co-existence….

Why This Has Stunned Paris — But Isn’t A Surprise
Praveen Swami

The recruitment has been cast, in some media accounts, as a consequence of France’s muscular secularism — in particular, laws which forbid some forms of public display of ostentatious religious symbols, like the Hijab, Sikh turbans, Jewish skullcaps and large Christian crosses…..


Global Jihad Will Find Little Appeal in India
Talmiz Ahmad

Muslims’ concerns can be easily addressed by the toning down of communal rhetoric, strong intervention to handle emerging communal situations, even-handed police machinery, and a judicial system that dispenses justice quickly and effectively. This is not just an issue between two communities: it pertains to a national consensus on the idea of India. We are all part of this debate…..

Paris Attack Was Not Only a Heinous Attack on the Media; It Was Also an Attack Aimed At Triggering Culture and Religion-Based Fault Lines in French and European Politics
Murat Yetkin

The weekly magazine has been subject to protests in the Muslim world since February 2006 when it reprinted cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, which had been printed by Danish daily Jyllands-Posten. French News Agency AFP said that despite being taken to court over anti-racism laws because of its publications in 2011 and 2012, the weekly continued to publish controversial cartoons of the Muslim prophet….

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