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Western Public Opinion Should Not Be Manipulated
Samar Fatany

The liberty of taking up arms against a sovereign country is illegal under the UN charter.  Advocates of peace should mobilize global public opinion to stop the escalation of conflicts and wars. They should exert more pressure on Western policy makers to apply justice and promote peaceful coexistence.  The expansionist policy of Israel, which continues to defy international laws and UN resolutions, remains to be one of the root causes of terror in the region.  The deliberate Judaisation of Al-Quds and the systematic changes in the demographic make-up of the city is an antagonistic practice that is also the source of much rage in the Arab and Muslim world. …..


Islam And Terrorism: When Will Muslims Understand What Needs To Be Done?
Wus’atullah Khan

If a Hindu, Christian or Jew commits terrorism, no one says that it is religious terrorism but it is said that it is his personal act. But whenever, the word Muslim is uttered, eyebrows are raised. See, he is a Muslim; he is an Islamic terrorist. Yes, this is what is happening. But why was this impression created. After nine eleven, especially due to Al Qaida, terrorism has become internationalized. This is the reason for this impression. Yes, there are Hindu terrorists too. But till now, no Hindu terrorist exploded himself even in Pakistan, leave aside in the west. Indeed, Hindu terrorists were caught in India. The individual terrorism of the Jews has been confined to Israel and Palestine. No Jewish terrorist has been caught in Saudi Arabia till now. The American Christian is exploding bombs in Oklahoma, and not in Toronto and the Swedish Christian is massacring seventy people on an island near Stockholm, not in Sydney. No Hindu, Christian or Jewish terrorist has raised the slogan that he will not rest until he turns the entire world into a Hindu, Christian or Jewish world. If the non-Muslim world thinks that all this is happening in the name of Islam it is because an Uzbek is exploding himself in Islamabad instead of Ashkabad; an Algerian is exploding in Baghdad; a Saudi is crashing an aeroplane in New York; a Moroccan is exploding a train in Madrid; an Afghan is fighting in Syria; a Pakistani is firing in Mumbai; a youth from Bradford is bombing a tube rail station in London as well as taking Yazidis hostage on behalf of the ISIS in Iraq…..

If anything, this episode should open the discussion on some important questions of our day. Is there a legal line to be drawn between free speech and hate speech? If anything, in light of the current Islamophobic climate where feverish anti-Islam rallies are being conducted in Germany, and where large bulks of the Muslim youth feel estranged and placeless, the “Muslim context” must be considered to better integrate Muslims in much the same way as the “Jewish context” is considered to tamp down anti-Semitism….


Keep an Eye on the Loony Fringe
Farrukh Dhondy

The designation of India as a secular state was a founding principle of the mainstream Independence movement, made more urgent when the agitation for religious supremacy and for separate electorates and then for Partition began. The principle can serve as India’s example and legacy to all democracies, but that depends on the maintenance of the principle in every aspect of the law and in all institutional practice. It means keeping a beady eye on Mad Mullahs and Sinister Sadhvis.....


The only way to tackle this problem is to convert the incentive into a disincentive by pursuing a relentless military campaign against the Islamic State. The latter will find it increasingly difficult to recruit foreign fighters if it faces successive battlefield reversals. The US-led coalition airstrikes are all very well. But much tougher, sustained military action is needed to completely degrade and destroy the Islamic State. Simultaneously, there needs to be religious reforms from within the Islamic community....

Down and Out In Paris
Radha Kapoor Sharma

Down and Out In Paris
Radha Kapoor Sharma

Identifying would-be jihadists and setting up effective “de-radicalisation” programmes are certainly required. France has lagged behind the UK in this regard, mainly because the strict separation of state and church places religion squarely in the private domain. However, instead of a post-affliction cure, the need of the hour is to prevent the radicalisation in the first place. Something that is easier said than done.....


On one level, of course, Christians can agree that mocking the religious beliefs of others is deplorable. In fact, we face that kind of mockery ourselves. Who can forget the piece of so-called art produced by Andres Serrano in which a crucifix was immersed in a jar of urine? In more recent days, the exhibition of blasphemous nativity scenes has become something of a pop culture trend. So we can identify with the outrage that many Muslims feel when their religion is mocked. …

Belgium's Jihadist Cells: A Terror Plot Apparently Foiled

Intelligence experts have warned for years of the dangers posed by native-born jihadists when they return to Europe, but it has not been clear just how many of them would actually go on to carry out attacks. That ratio now seems to be rising by the week. Yet for those worried about the growing risk of terror, it is striking that each of the recent plots involves such returned jihadists—a group that forms a tiny portion of the Muslim population, and one that is comparatively easy for security services to monitor…..


The Attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a Kosher Supermarket Brought the French Together, but the Unity May Not Last

Like other European countries struggling with high unemployment, France is not short of disaffected youths and petty criminals among whom jihadist recruiters have often thrived. It is home to Europe’s biggest Muslim minority, its members found disproportionately in the grim high-rise housing estates of the banlieues that ring many French cities. Nearly three weeks of riots in these banlieues in 2005 illustrated the potential for violence among a French-born generation with a grievance……


What To Do Before Prophet Muhammad Cartoons Are Drawn?
Ahmet Hakan

Before cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad are drawn, we should tell the drawer that the significance we attribute to our prophet is enormous. We should tell them that we – let alone the drawing of a cartoon of our prophet – are even offended at drawing of a picture of him. We consider this insulting. In the case of our prophet being mocked, we feel humiliated and attacked. Respect our stance. Try to understand our perception of our prophet. Don’t do this…..


An Islamic Reformer, Lashed
Nicholas Kristof

Maybe if these “journalists” left their bubble and actually talked to more Muslims, they wouldn’t spew nonsense — such as that Pakistan is an Arab country or that Birmingham, England, is entirely Muslim and a no-go area for Christians. That paranoid claim by a Fox News “expert,” later retracted, led wags to suggest that the city had renamed itself Birming, since Muslims avoid ham......


Paris Terror Is an Attack on Good Sense and Left
Saeed Naqvi

When Punch magazine became the premier vehicle for English satire, the Urdu elite in India did not allow itself to be left behind. They proceeded to publish a satirical magazine with anti colonial cartoons galore and proceeded to name it Awadh Punch. From the second half of the 19th century, for a hundred years, everybody — statesmen, politicians, priests were in the Awadh Punch firing line…..


Hypocrites Shine on Paris Catwalk
Pepe Escobar

The difference is that now the Masters of the Universe cannot so easily fool the overwhelming majority of the Global South, which understands   there is hardly any substantial difference between the House of Saud, the myriad declinations of al-Qaeda, and IS/ISIL/Daesh – the fake Caliphate now in possession of “Syraq”......


Malala Factor a Prelude to the Peshawar’s Tragedy and the Pakistani Public’s Role
Syed Rizvi

One cannot doubt that this hatred against Malala among the Pakistanis arose as a result of the solidarity with the Taliban the Pakistani people have harboured for quite some time.  Muslims saw the Taliban as the saviours of Islam in its purest form.  The word “Islam” is a magic wand that comes in handy to arouse emotions, especially in the Islam-obsessed society of Pakistan, and incite Muslims to do most dire deeds with neither shame nor remorse……

'Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Are Bigoted'
Vidya Venkat

That people “need to learn to laugh at themselves” is often a point made by publishers of provocative cartoons. You could place those same words in the mouth of the publishers of the Danish Cartoons or Charlie Hebdo, and it would reflect their views accurately, that the problem with Muslims is that they lack a sense of humour, and that the solution is for Muslims to learn to laugh at themselves. But laughing at oneself is not quite the same as being laughed at, especially as a group….


France Attack: Limits of Solidarité
Rakhshanda Jalil

While it is true that the newspaper has taken pot-shots at all religions, including Christianity and Judaism, it is also true that its staff dip their pens in a special vitriol when it came to Islam. It has always derived a perverse pleasure in displaying a gleeful irreverence for Islam and its Prophet. Given that Muslims constitute the single largest — and most visibly distinct — minority in France, its darts have found a perfect target among the immigrant populations crowded in the urban ghettos that skirt Paris. Given also that Muslim immigrants are the poorest and most disenfranchised of French citizens, the consistent attacks in print acquire a sinister xenophobic tinge…..


France after the Terror Attacks
Dileep Padgaonkar

The commitment to these values is deeply embedded in French culture and in France’s national life thanks to her thinkers ranging from Rabelais, Pascal, Voltaire and Molière in centuries past to Sartre, Camus, Malraux and André Breton in our own times, not to mention those that were in the forefront of the anti-clerical movement along the way.....


Hate Speech versus Satire
Sabria S. Jawhar

The media’s glib labelling of the murderers as “Islamic extremists” ignores the fact that Islam does not teach killing people who blaspheme. The Qur’an is explicit in its response to blasphemers: “Do not sit with them.” Since these individuals did not follow the holy book, how does that make them religious extremists when religion doesn’t enter the picture? Murder is murder and has no religion. While I shed no tears for these men, it doesn’t mean that I stand with Charlie Hebdo…


Paris Attack: The Terror Within
Ayesha Siddiqa

Muslims are generally sensitive about the depiction and discussion of Prophet Muhammad, who himself discouraged drawings, so that people wouldn’t start worshipping them. One of the stories from Muhammad’s life that most Muslims have grown up with speaks of a woman who would throw garbage at him every time he passed by her house in Mecca. Until one day, when she fell ill and couldn’t perform her favourite task. The Prophet of Islam was concerned and knocked at her door to inquire if she was all right. This is generally cited as an example of his forgiveness and an indication that death to the blasphemer is not the only way to deal with the issue of respect or disrespect to the Prophet.....


The Wars Against and From Within
Gwynne Dyer

The great Muslim civil war is about the political, social and cultural modernisation of the Muslim world. Should it continue down much the same track that other major global cultures have followed, or should those changes be stopped and indeed reversed? The Islamists take the latter position. Some aspects of modernisation are very attractive to many Muslims, so stopping the changes would require a lot of violence, including the overthrow of most existing Governments in Muslim countries. But that is the task that the Islamists in general, and the jihadi activists in particular, have undertaken....


French Have My Condolences, Not My Apology
Rana Ayyub

I am tired and embarrassed at having to reassert that my faith has nothing to do with the lunacy of some misguided rascals who claim to be protectors of my faith. They are as misguided as the Buddhist monks in Myanmar who are targeting Muslims in riots, the very idea being contradictory to the Buddhist faith. Yes, I have stood against anti-Muslim bigotry and will continue to do so in the light of the events in present times and that does not translate into being a terrorist sympathizer. No, I am not a "moderate Muslim" because the term is insulting to my faith just as it would be to a Hindu or a Jew or a Sikh - any faith demands honesty and not a quantitative assessment or degree of your belief in it…

What about the Charlie Hebdos of Pakistan?
Sarah Munir

We wished the international community had created an equal uproar when we lost one of our own. Because wasn’t an attack on one journalist equivalent to an attack on journalists everywhere? Wasn’t killing even one person in cold blood synonymous to murdering humanity everywhere? But we had asked these questions for too long and too many times. When our men and women were blown to smithereens in crowded markets. When our children were slaughtered in cold blood in schools. When an attack on Muslims was brushed aside as a ‘consequence’ while an attack on anyone else became a call to action. When we are blamed for a war that has robbed us of the most…..

Over 2000 People Have Been Massacred In Nigeria, But Do You Care?
Leo Igwe

As world leaders gathered at the French capital to march in solidarity with France following a brutal attack on its citizens by terrorists, something far more atrocious and horrifying in scale and severity unfolded in north-east Nigeria. Boko Haram militants massacred over 2000 persons, mainly women, children and elderly people. While in France, the militants attacked to avenge the publication of the cartoon of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), in Nigeria, Boko Haram militants have a different agenda: to implement Sharia law and turn the country into an Islamic state. For the latter, the motive is much stronger and hence, much more vicious…..

Beyond Charlie
Mahir Ali

Beyond Charlie
Mahir Ali

Some of the predictable attacks on the obvious symbols and institutions have already occurred in France, and more are likely to follow. Most French politicians have been at pains to point out, though, that most Muslims in their country have little to do with the violent tendencies of Jihadism. By the same token, most French citizens are disinclined to opt for violence in retaliation….

What Can I Say?
Javed Anand

What Can I Say?
Javed Anand

Allah, I was taught, wants us to do good deeds and, therefore, all my endeavours, from prayers to playing, must always begin with Bismillah. Next I learnt that Allah is not just Rabbul Muslimeen (sustainer of Muslims) but Rabbul Alameen (sustainer of the entire universe). And that He had sent Prophet Muhammad to this world as a Rehmat ul lil Alameen (mercy upon all mankind). How then can the god of the merciless killers be my god, their prophet my prophet? Yet I am sorry and ashamed and I seek your forgiveness…..

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