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Do Not Let Terrorists Hijack Islam
Ram Jethmalani

Let me end on a philosophic note, literally. The word "philosopher" is derived from two Greek words: Philo, which means Love, and Sophia, which means wisdom. The Prophet Mohammed was a philosopher, not a fanatic. He would have been ashamed of the Taliban and others like them, who are committing the worst crimes against humanity in his name.….

Since the insurgents arrived, even if their forces of occupation are largely local Baathist remnants, they have posted rules for the implementation of their strict Sharia. These demand that women should be covered and only go outside “if necessary”. Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are banned, and all shrines, monuments and graveyards - seen as idolatrous in Salafi forms of Sunni Islam - will be destroyed......


Understanding the ‘Good Taliban’ and ‘Bad Taliban’
Sultana Haider

There are two kinds of Taliban in this country. One who say that they are Taliban; the other who says any operation against them is wrong. I am eligible to be killed by the first. The second stays silent at the thought of speaking against military operation. We are combating the first one in North Waziristan today. The second one resides in our mind, in our history books, gradually imparting ideological hegemony of their beliefs on me…..

The Spirit of Zarb-e-Azb
S Iftikhar Murshed

The Spirit of Zarb-e-Azb
S Iftikhar Murshed

This is the connotation of the term Zarb-e-Azb which has appropriately been adopted as the code name for the military operation in North Waziristan. The battle of Badr transformed the early Muslims into a dynamic force determined to take on the formidable challenges that threatened the survival of their small community. This is the spirit that is sadly missing in Pakistan despite the launch of operation Zarb-e-Azb.......

Iraq Crisis: As the Sunni Terror Spreads, Its Fighters Look For Wives
Patrick Cockburn

The Iraqi army and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) are battling for control of Iraq’s largest refinery outside Baiji north of Baghdad, with each side holding part of the complex. But in the town of Baiji itself, a few miles away, which is completely under the control of ISIS, residents say they are most frightened by ISIS militants going door to door asking about the numbers of married and unmarried women in the house….......


Turkey and ISIL: Turkey's policy on the Middle East in general and on Syria in particular has to be overhauled, dispassionately
Yasar Yakis

Since its inception several factors contributed to the organization's rapid growth. The defection of many Sunni officers from Saddam's army to the ranks of the Jama'at at-Tawheed wal-Jihad gave the organization a degree of professionalism. The security vacuum in Iraq was another factor. The alienation of Sunnis by Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki strengthened the ranks. When the Syrian crisis broke out, it provided the organization with the potential to further strengthen itself...


North Waziristan Agency: Pointless Symbolism
Ajit Kumar Singh

This is revenge for the killing of civilians, migrant women and their children. This is revenge for the violence of the corrupt Pakistani Government.” The statement signed by Usman Gazij, IMU emir, concludes, “The jihad already in place in Afghanistan should be extended to Pakistan’s territory as well. Jihad in Pakistan should be fought by the entire Muslim Ummah and not just a few people or groups.”....


Pakistan Is Fighting Back against Militants: Here’s why It May Not Win
Michael Kugelman
After many rumours and false starts, and after years of requests from US officials, Pakistan has finally launched a major military offensive in North Waziristan, ground zero for militancy in that country. Extremist organisations use North Waziristan as a base for attacks on US forces in Afghanistan and to mount assaults on targets in Pakistan…..


How Much Support Does ISIS Enjoy?
Abdulrahman al-Rashed

When a woman tries to sneak from Saudi Arabia to Yemen along with her kids in order to go to Syria and work with the Jihadists, then such an act represents ISIS’ capability to mobilize support. It also means that ISIS has agents that recruit members for it. When the number of Western Muslims who joined the fighting in Syria reaches the hundreds, then we are practically talking about the success of ISIS, the global organization and not just a group enthusiastic to the Syrian cause…….


Radical Islamists’ Ideology Marks Soccer as Enemy
Geoffrey York

A bomb in northern Nigeria killed at least 21 people as they watched the Brazil-Mexico match on television on Tuesday night. Another 48 people were killed in Kenya on Sunday night as gunmen attacked a crowd watching a World Cup broadcast. Similar bombings have killed dozens of Nigerians watching soccer matches before the World Cup began this year, and some districts have banned World Cup screenings for fear of further attacks…..

As Moderate Islamists Retreat, Extremists Surge Unchecked
David D. Kirkpatrick

Today, those politicians are in frantic retreat from Riyadh to Rabat, stymied by their political opponents, stalked by generals and plotted against by oil-rich monarchs. Instead, it is the jihadists who are on the march, roving unchecked across broad sections of North Africa and the Middle East. Now they have seized control of territory straddling the borders of Iraq and Syria where they hope to establish an Islamic caliphate.....


Over the course of the United States’ long entanglement in Iraq, many reporters from The New York Times have cycled through the bureau in Baghdad. As the country once again teeters toward sectarian warfare, we asked these reporters — now on other beats, in other parts of the world — which stories from their time in Iraq have been resurfacing in their minds. Several recalled ominous hints of what was to come, while others described the moment that pushed them to see just how deep-seated Iraq’s problems are......


Who Won Iraq: Lost Dreams, Lost Armies, Jihadi States, and the Arc of Instability
Tom Engelhardt

And $25 billion later, the last vestige of American Iraq, the security forces that, in the end, Washington built up to massive proportions, seem to be in a state of dissolution.  Just over a week ago, faced with the advance of a reported 800-1,300 militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the opposition of tribal militias and local populations, close to 50,000 army officers and troops abandoned their American weaponry to Sunni insurgents and foreign jihadis, shed their uniforms by various roadsides, and fled.  As a result, significant parts of Iraq, including Mosul, its second largest city, fell into the hands of Sunni insurgents, some of Saddamist coloration, and a small army of jihadis evidently funded by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, both U.S. allies……


Trojan Horse: Why Some 'Extremists' Are More Acceptable Than Others
Laura McInerney
And so the question is inevitably raised – why defend one type of "extremism" while chucking the other under the bus? It has already been noted that Jewish schools do not attract the same attention when they drift into the extremes……


Zarb-e-Azb: Good Luck, Pak Army
Marvi Sirmed

Named cleverly as Zarb-e-Azb (the sharp strike literally) after the name of the sword carried by Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) during the battles of Badar and Uhud, the operation busts down the jihadist Takfeeri narrative of the militants at the outset.....

The Development Of A Jihadist's Mind: What Occupies The Mind Of A Jihad-Driven Muslim? How Does It Reach A Point Of No Return? A First Person Account
Tawfik Hamid

Consequently, I have chosen to combat Salafism by exposing it and by providing an alternative, peaceful and theologically rigorous interpretation of the Koran. My reformist approach naturally challenges well-established Salafi tenets, and leads Muslims who follow Salafi Islam to reject me. Why? I have not altered the Koran itself. My system is simply one of inline commentary, in which dangerous passages are flagged and reinterpreted to be nonviolent. I have added these inline interpretations to key Koranic passages and examples of the commentary are freely and easily available. For over 15 years I have tried to preach my views in mosques in the Middle East, as well as to my local community in the West, but have faced the unwavering hostility of most Salafi Muslims in both regions. Muslims who live in the West - who insist to outsiders that Islam is a "religion of peace" and who enjoy freedom of expression, which they demand from their Western hosts - have threatened me with murder and arson. I have had to choose between accepting violent Salafi views and being rejected by the overwhelming majority of my fellow Muslims. 

ISIS Invades Iraq: This Is a War of Religion
Damian Thompson

The relationship between the murderous zealots of ISIS and the rest of the Muslim world is too complicated to sum up concisely. It goes without saying that hatred between Sunnis and Shias lies at its heart. They adhere to profoundly different versions of Islam: where radical Sunnis are disgusted by cultic practices or religious art that distract from the teachings of Mohammed, Shias embrace a messianic cult of martyrdom and ritual self-mortification – and claim a line of descent from the Prophet that Sunnis regard as heresy……


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World Ablaze In an Orgy of Jihad
Tarek Fatah

The slaughters we read about in Syria, Kenya, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan have common factors. They’re the same ones that feature in the so-called honour killings and female genital mutilation of girls in the UK, Canada, America and Europe, as well as in much of the Arab world and Africa. Those factors are Islamism and Sharia. The sooner we Muslims acknowledge this truth, the better equipped we will be to join the rest of humanity as partners in peace for our common good…..

They had, they said, experienced pressure from some Muslim parents and governors to adopt a more conservative approach — from introducing segregated changing areas for physical education to the end of mixed-gender swimming. But they said that these pressures did not constitute extremism. “I don’t think extremism wants a good Islamic education within the maintained sector,”….


Witnesses told how about 30 gunmen - believed to be members of Somali terror group al-Shabaab - arrived in the town in minibuses at 8pm yesterday before bursting into residents homes, shooting dead any man they thought was not Muslim. 'They came to our house at around 8pm and asked us in Swahili whether we were Muslims,' said Anne Gathigi. 'My husband told them we were Christians and they shot him in the head and chest.'.....


Waziristan: Terror Haven for a new terrorist formation, the Ansar Al-Tawheed fi Bilad Al-Hind (ATBH, Supporters of Monotheism in the Land of India)
Sanchita Bhattacharya

Waziristan, Pakistan's lawless tribal region, which has for long served as a safe haven for terrorist groups operating in India, Afghanistan, and other countries, is, according to the latest reports, now hosting a new terrorist formation, the Ansar Al-Tawheed fi Bilad Al-Hind (ATBH, Supporters of Monotheism in the Land of India). According to a May 22, 2014 news report, "the cadres of Ansar Al-Tawheed can be seen training at al Qaeda training camps in Pakistan's North Waziristan.".....


The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as Isis), used to be part of the international terror network, but was cast out in February this year in light of its violent behaviour towards rival jihadist groups.

It is famed - and feared - for spreading hard-line Islamic law to the areas it subdues. Transgressors are sentenced to death and swiftly executed in public, their bodies left to decay in the streets……

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Pakistan’s Taliban Clean up: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Mansoor Jafar

The military operation is code named Zarb-e-Azb [Sharp strike hit]. Azb also refers to the name of the sword of Prophet Mohammad - the last Prophet of Islam – a sword which he used in the Battle of Badr and the Battle of Uhud. A military spokesman announced on Sunday that a coordinated military offensive - involving air-force, artillery, tanks and thousands of ground troops - had already started, and it would be continued until the area is cleared of all militants, especially the foreigners taking shelter in the area.…..


The looming fall of Iraq, with Afghanistan posed to follow, is forcing a re-think of the misnamed War on Terror, what is more properly thought of as our defence against the War of Jihad?  Unless there is another catastrophe like or worse than 9/11/01, nobody thinks the American people have the will to fight a ground war anywhere in the Islamic world, the base of the War of Jihad…..


Taliban Flush with Cash, U.N. Warns
Praveen Swami

United Nations report has warned the Taliban insurgency is flush with funds, and added that the “past year has been a bumper year for Taliban revenues, boosted by booming narcotics income, revenue from corruption and extortion, and increasingly drawing on revenue from the illegal exploitation of natural resources”……

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