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Pakistan Punjab: Nucleus of Terror
Ambreen Agha

You remember when thousands of Pakistani youth fought your proxy war in Afghanistan and in Indian Kashmir.... And then you went into the dollar game and you earned millions from the proxy war in Afghanistan and you deceived the nation in the name of jihad. The Muslims have not forgotten the blood game you played in Indian Kashmir exploiting youth in the name of so called freedom......


Once Every Single Muslim in the World Apologises For Charlie Hebdo, Then We Can Move On To Making Every Single Christian in the World Apologise For Hitler
Shehzad Ghias

I am sure the world would reciprocate in kind. We can start an apology trend. Once every single Muslim in the world apologises for Charlie Hebdo, then we can move on to making every single Christian in the world apologise for Hitler. Hitler’s moustache is for the Christians what an unkempt beard is for the Muslims. I have no idea why mass murderers are so keen on making fashion statements too. The British can fly all Brits to all their previous colonies and make them all apologise to every single member of those countries. It might be much harder for the Americans to do the same considering the amount of things they have to apologise for. They can make a world tour out of it; Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam, Palestine, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, England. At this stage, it is easier to just name the countries America does not need to apologise for…..

And before partition, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan called for a new interpretation of Islam on rational basis, maintaining that superstition and blind adherence to tradition had kept Muslims backward. Little attention is paid to this aspect of Sir Syed’s thought in Pakistan. Our age of reason could begin in our schools— by encouraging rational thought, purging curriculum of hate teaching material, and instilling in young minds the importance of questioning received wisdom. Education reforms must become the central pillar of a policy that would eliminate religious extremism and promote the use of reason…..


Freedom of Speech: The Sound Of Silence

The reason lies in French history. Blasphemy laws carried the death penalty before the 1789 revolution, but were scrapped in 1881 as part of a bloody struggle against the Catholic Church. Such latitude is not granted to incitement to racial or religious hatred, which was made a crime in 1972, partly as a response to a rise in attacks on Algerians. Holocaust denial was outlawed in 1990, and “apology for terrorism” last year. ….


The Left Has Failed To Confront Islamism
Tarek Fatah

“It is particularly important to bear in mind: The need for a struggle against the clergy and other influential reactionary and medieval elements in backward countries; … the need to combat Pan-Islamism and similar trends, which strive to combine the liberation movement against European and American imperialism with an attempt to strengthen the positions of the khans, landowners, mullahs, etc.” I detest what communism ended up doing, but Lenin’s wisdom on this point left an imprint on this Muslim’s mind forever…..


People willing to murder thousands of innocents while killing themselves are not cowards. Nor are their acts senseless given they have a very specific aim: to avenge historical wrongs and to bring the West — the architect of the wrongful, weak position of Islamic civilisation as perceived by the terrorists — to its knees….


Paris, Peshawar and Boko Haram- Religion, Politics and Violence
Ram Puniyani

Not too long ago we did witness acts of terror from the like of Andres Behring Breivik (Norway); the people like Ashin Wirathu (Buddhist Myanmar) were in the news for related actions. Swami Aseemanand is in jail and had confessed to the acts of terrorist violence not too long ago. Does one want to underplay the association of Islam-Muslims and acts of terror? Is one wanting to be in denial mode as for as violence by some Muslims is concerned? The teachings of Koran notwithstanding; there are some Muslims who take to the senseless killings in the most insane and cruel manner; is definitely true. The question is; are such acts due to Islam or Muslims as such? How does one understand the association of label of religion with acts of violence and terror?……


Looming Shadows of Islamic State
Vijay Prashad

One of the essential elements of the I.S. is that it operates like a pendulum. When it was hit hard in Kobane, its fighters moved towards the Lebanon-Syria border and back into Iraq’s Anbar Province. They do not stand fast in the face of defeat. Retreat and regroup is the methodology of their battle groups. In the Qalamoun Mountains that divide Syria from Lebanon, the I.S. sent some of its most battle-ready fighters and its most respected clerics to try and absorb Al Qaeda’s fighting group, Jabhat al-Nusra. ….


Stil ISIS’ lack of strategic coherence hasn’t detracted from its success thanks to its media operatives’ good sense. As its hostage videos prove, images are just as important as reality in our world. Even a global jihadist organization doesn’t need a solid strategy if it has skilled copywriters….


Who Is Really Guilty Of Defaming Islam?
Nawar Fakkhry Ezzi

Historically, this genre has been used in the West as a tool for political and social propaganda. Satire also seems like the perfect genre for racists because they can use stereotypes, political incorrectness, and offensive language and images freely. When it is used in this way, however, it spreads and entices hatred between different groups of people, especially because the ‘other’ is most of the time the target of the ridicule. On the other hand, the world becomes a better place when idealists express their thoughts through satire. For Muslims, in general, and Arabs, in particular, this method of expression has been used very prudently because it is too crude for people’s conservative taste and religious ideas are usually off-limits….

Ideology and the Rise of Terror
Vasundhara Sirnate

The Taliban, Boko Haram, al-Qaeda and IS are organisations born out of particular configurations of geopolitics and superpower interventions and invasions. They started as resistance movements that were aimed at creating more ideal states and opposed foreign invasions, bad governance and despotic regimes. These groups are trying to create new states. This is why their strategies have been ideological and extremely violent with scant regard for human rights; for state formation is a messy, bloody affair. Just think of Europe between 900 and 1900 AD…..

Don’t Use High Theory to Justify Extremism
Debotri Dhar

Some even suggest that 9/11 and 26/11 were not terrorist attacks but American and Indian conspiracies respectively. (Foreign climes are particularly conducive for conspiracy theories, but that is plain ludicrous.) Humanity's ultimate bastion of hope collapses when educators use the accommodative indirections of high theory to advocate extremism. We must understand that, after a point, colour ceases to matter: saffron, red, green, all bleed into the death-shroud of white. All sides are dangerously armed. To quote Iqbal: "Watan Ki Fikr Kar Nadan, Musibat Aani Wali Hai."…..


Charlie Hebdo Exposes Our Double Standards
Syed Ubaidur Rahman

And by the way where is the limit of freedom of expression. Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were given a free hand while drawing outrageous cartoons of the Prophet, caricatures of Christian religious figures were not allowed as it would disturb law and order. Following the publications of Prophet Muhammad cartoons in 2012 that were more than ‘shocking’ and ‘offensive’, the French government, which claims to be the champion of human rights and free speech, banned street protests….


As a Muslim, I'm Fed up with the Hypocrisy of the Free Speech Fundamentalists
Mehdi Hasan

You and I didn't like George W Bush. Remember his puerile declaration after 9/11 that "either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists"? Yet now, in the wake of another horrific terrorist attack, you appear to have updated Dubya's slogan: either you are with free speech... or you are against it. Either vous êtes Charlie Hebdo... or you're a freedom-hating fanatic. I'm writing to you to make a simple request: please stop….


Striking Fear in Paris
Uri Avnery

For other potential Islamic terrorists throughout Europe and America, this must look like a huge achievement. It is an invitation for individuals and tiny groups to do the same again, everywhere. Terrorism means striking fear. The three in Paris certainly succeeded in doing that. They terrorized the French population. And if three youngsters without any qualifications can do that, imagine what 30 could do, or 300!...

A Muslim Perspective on Charlie Hebdo – A Side War
Karim al-Andalusi

“I find stupid that suddenly after the terrorist attack a wave of Muslims appear in the social networks apologising for what happen… Why? Why shall Muslims (an entire community) apologise for what three mad men did? Did “we” (Europeans) apologise for the 1 million Iraqis killed in Iraq? Or did “we” apologise for the years of oppression caused in North Africa? … ” Second, the whole Charlie Hebdo tension is extremely marginal beside the injustice the Arab world is currently experiencing. Charlie Hebdo and the like issues pop up every now and then and would deviate the peoples away from their main cry: Degage, tyrants should step down….


ISIS Has a Message, Do We?
Jamie Dettmer

Nothing could be more off-base where young militants and jihadi aspirants are concerned. They hold certain truths to be self-evident, starting with rejection of the authority structures in the governments of the West and the governments that the West supports in the Muslim world. If they accepted the status quo, they would not be so fascinated by people from backgrounds much like theirs who are fighting the tyrant Bashar al-Assad and cutting off the heads of non-believers in Syria and Iraq. If the message of the West is essentially, “Let’s not do these bad things, let’s keep everything the way it is,” that’s not going to fly…..


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Afghanistan
Musa Khan Jalalzai

In Ghazni province, masked men have begun attacking houses, vehicles and individuals, and carrying the black flag of IS. Afghan government officials say that these people are not Afghans and cannot speak Pashto or Persian. In Kabul, there are speculations that the chief of the IS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had established his contacts across the country when he was fighting alongside the Taliban regime against the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. He was then representing the Ishaq extremist group…..


From Obscurity to Dominance: The Continuing Rise of Yemen’s al-Houthi Movement
James Brandon

Although the Houthi movement has sought to increase its control over the Yemeni government without taking direct responsibility for running the Yemeni state, it is unclear whether it will be able to achieve this balance. Indeed, the Houthis have inherited the same challenges which led Ali Abdullah Saleh to describe governing Yemen as “dancing on the heads of snakes,” including a bankrupt and dysfunctional state, a fractious tribal environment, a smoldering al-Qaeda insurgency….

Thy Freedom Is Divine, My Freedom Is Vice!
M. Burhanuddin Qasmi for New Age Islam

Thy Freedom Is Divine, My Freedom Is Vice!
M. Burhanuddin Qasmi for New Age Islam

What we understand from freedom of speech is a political right to communicate one's opinions and ideas using one's physical means to anyone who is willing to receive them. Every government in the world restricts freedom of speech to a certain degree. This is our freedom of speech and is not absolute. It carries certain responsibilities and is not evil or vice. We are not, and we don’t want to support Charlie Hebdo to incite 1.7 billion Muslims and insult Prophet Muhammad (saws)....

Terror of Hypocrisy: Let’s Not Be Selective or Hypocritical In the Debate Surrounding Freedom of Expression and Demand for Condemnation from ‘Moderate’ Muslims
Irena Akbar

Yes, the “moderate” Muslim has performed her “duty” of condemning the acts of her “violent” co-religionists. She has told her non-Muslim friends and colleagues that she doesn’t support the terrorists who murdered the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists. But she has also explained to them that she is deeply offended by the obnoxious cartoons. Depicting the Prophet naked, crouching, with genitals exposed? It’s unfunny, nonsensical and nothing but bigotry hiding behind freedom of expression. It’s not even satire….

The Silence of Corpses
Praveen Swami

In the year 1192, al-Hakim Yusuf al-Sabti watched as an angry mob burned down the library of a great doctor from Cordoba, who had been accused of atheism by the clerics of Baghdad. He saw in the hands of Sheikh Ibn al-Maristaniya, the leader of the mob, a rare copy of the Tadhkirah fi’Ilm al-Haya’a, a masterwork by the great medieval scientist Abu Ali ibn al-Haytham that contained proofs that the earth was round. Al-Sabti recorded: “The sheikh exclaimed: ‘here is a huge disaster’, and as he said that he ripped up the book and threw it into the fire.” The heirs of the medieval Islamic rulers who had been al-Haytham’s patrons did not resist the tide: with no challenge to their power then in sight, science was a small sacrifice to appease increasingly powerful clerics. In the centuries that followed, the Middle East’s intellectuals plunged into what the Germans call kadavergehorsamkeit: the silence of corpses…..


The Pencil and the Hijab: Freedom of Expression Includes the Right Not To Be Secular
Gershom Gorenberg

This week, looking at photos of the mass rally in Paris, I was impressed by the apparent show of shared purpose. But I wondered how many of the marchers using the symbol of a pencil to defend free speech would also defend the right to express oneself by wearing a Hijab. This isn't a rhetorical question; I don't know the answer. I'd suggest, however, that acceptance of the woman in the pastel Hijab as a full citizen of the republic, a Frenchwoman, is essential to the war on terror…..


Freedom of Provocateur
Yusuf Kanli

Alas, soon it became clear that everything was just for the cameras, solely aimed at public relations when, as the dust was still on his shoes, the premier condemned a Turkish newspaper as a “provocateur” for republishing the cover and a “non-hazardous” selection of cartoons from Charlie Hebdo to demonstrate solidarity against an Islamo-carnivorous attack on press freedom. Why?  Because if any media outlet dared to insult in any manner the holy values, particularly the prophet of Islam, such an action was tantamount to encouraging Muslims to launch an attack against it…..


The Strategy of the Paris Attacks
Gwynne Dyer

The great Muslim civil war is about the political, social and cultural modernisation of the Muslim world. Should it continue down much the same track that other major global cultures have followed, or should those changes be stopped and indeed reversed? The Islamists take the latter position. Some aspects of modernization are very attractive to many Muslims, so stopping the changes would require a lot of violence, including the overthrow of most existing governments in Muslim countries. But that is the task that the Islamists in general, and the jihadi activists in particular, have undertaken….

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