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Racing towards Prejudice: Those Muslim Terrorists Are Killing Innocent People…
T Hassan

“I just wanted to point out that while we study the ghastliness of the effects of racism in America, we are witnessing a new form of racism taking birth right in front of our eyes, where Muslim and terrorists are almost always uttered in the same breath. And this is a completely accepted form of expression, like nigger was a century ago.” There was a sudden explosion of rage from the young man sitting behind me. “I am sick of people always talking about how Muslims are the victims and how there are moderate Muslims in the world.”…..


Taking On Good, Bad, All Talibans
Suhasini Haider

While there was deep outrage and empathy across India following the Peshawar incident, there was also a certain amount of Schadenfreude among strategists that the terror Pakistani groups have unleashed against its neighbour had come home to their military masters. But India can hardly afford to be complacent, given that this network of the various “Talibans” is more united and synchronised than ever, and benefits from the differences between the South Asian neighbours in the areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India it focuses on….


We are now told that Pakistan’s 9/11 moment has come, that there is no turning back now. But already we are hearing the weasel voices whispering that the attackers “were not Muslims”. Soon, it will be revealed that they were “working for a foreign power”. After all, we will be told, this is “not our war, after all”. And, of course, there is little likelihood of improvement in any kind of intelligence – whether pertaining to foreknowledge of dire threats, or to the grey matter in the heads of our leaders….


Pakistan's Media Must Stop Pandering To Extremists
Reema Abbasi

At present, the media would do well to both cash in on and sustain the current deluge of fury and structure a counter-narrative that silences all ideological prejudice to embolden an otherwise tolerant citizenry. For this reason, the public demand for a black-out of discordant voices, extremist views and faces must be honoured…..


The Narrative of Denial, the Philosophy of Escapism and the Syndrome of Blame-Game: Where Does Pakistan Go From Here
Mehr Tarar

In the name of Allah, mosques become instruments of dissemination of hatred and bigotry. In the name of Allah, the religious clergy decide who the ‘real’ Muslim is. In the name of Allah, religious leaders announce jihad against ‘infidels’. In the name of Allah, jihad is waged in Afghanistan on the white man and his partners — could be any colour, faith, nationality. In the name of Allah, Hindus and Jews are tagged as the enemy, and their annihilation vowed. In the name of Allah, Muslims kill Muslims…..

In Pakistan, the madrasas, or religious seminaries, are regarded as breeding grounds for religious terrorism. There are more than 46,000 of these schools, mostly founded during the last three decades, which usually attract students from poorer classes. They are considered a major factor in encouraging extremism and militancy in Pakistan. A majority of the madrasas belong to Ahl al-Hadith and Deobandi schools. Usually these seminaries are funded by Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia.....

Terror In The Name Of God: Fighting Religious Extremism In 2015
D C Pathak

The ‘Wahhabi revolt’ — as the British called it — was part of a global attempt by the Ulema Al- Tijani in Algeria, Abdul Wahhab in Arabia and Wahhab’s follower Shah Waliullah in South Asia to use jihad as a weapon to throw out the Western occupation of Muslim lands.  These radicals attributed the political decline of Muslims to its deviation from puritan faith since the days of the ‘pious caliphs’ and called for a return to the roots. ….

In This Feverish Frenzy of Extremisms Baying for Each Other’s Blood, Voices of Moderation, Justice and Peace Are Dying Out
Maryam Sakeenah

Our collective response to the tragedy shows a febrile national demand for vengeance. Ironically, we are baying for the enemy’s blood just like the enemy is baying for ours. In the process, we lose the moral high ground we think we possess. In the process, “The faces change from pig to man and man to pig, and pig to man again, and already it is becoming impossible to say which was which.”....


Making Balkan Caliphate: The Wahhabies Are Destroying All Old Ottoman-Time Islamic Monuments Including the Mosques Declaring Them as Non-Islamic In Essence
Vladislav B. Sotirovic

The Wahhabi movement first emerged in the Balkans during the 1992−1995 civil war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, when around 5.000−8.000 of the Mujahidin fighters from the Islamic countries came to fight on the side of local Muslims (Slavic Bosniaks) against the Christian Orthodox Serbs and Roman-Catholic Croats, for the spreading of Islam by sward following the Prophet and the holy book of Quran, taking into consideration a basic political principle of Islam that all Muslims in the world are the members of a single (Islamic) nation…..


Inside the War against Islamic State
Joseph Rago

Unlike its antecedent al Qaeda in Iraq, Islamic State is something new, “a truly unparalleled threat to the region that we have not seen before.” Al Qaeda in Iraq “did not have the organizational depth, they didn’t have the cohesion that Daesh has exhibited in so many places.” The group has seized territory, dominated population centres and become self-financing—“they’re even talking about generating their own currency.” But the major difference is that “we’re not just fighting a force, you know, we’re fighting an idea,”…


Unfortunately under the current containment plan, it is all too likely that the U.S. will be forced to commit significant numbers of troops to end ISIS—by a heinous, large-scale terrorist attack on our soil. If we have to send in the U.S. Army, with America bearing primary responsibility for the occupation and reconstruction of the former caliphate, we will have missed yet another opportunity for a regional solution—just as we did when we failed to support the 2011 democratic-minded protests driven by the Arab Spring in Syria…..

Islamic Flags Are Anything But.....
Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

The flags are a blot on the bruised forehead of Muslims nation when viewed from its religious message that is conveyed with it to the world. The Saudi flag tops the falsehood! Underscoring the inscription in Arabic of the so called Creed/Kalimah of Muslims is an unsheathed sword! What does it depict?..


It Is Time for Pakistan to Suspend All Frivolous Activities, Shelve All Differences and Unite Till the Menace Is Totally Annihilated
Nighat Kamal Aziz

When your children are mercilessly killed in a battle for the country’s survival, it is time to suspend all frivolous activities, shelve all differences and unite till the menace is totally annihilated.

Recently, a homeless person died in Dublin. The whole of Ireland was out, demanding why and how it happened. We have to set a higher value on the lives of our people. It is said that the smallest coffins are the heaviest. The time for dialogue, the time for clemency is over. If we do not turn the future of our nation around now, we never will….


Terrorists of All Hues Use Two Weapons: Incredible Hatred towards Their Victims and a Narrative to Convince and Recruit New Supporters to the Cause
Farrukh Khan Pitafi

Terrorists exploit the all-pervasive feeling of Muslim victimhood to their advantage. It is stunning to see that this perception has lingered on in our country for this long.Pakistan has accumulated over 50,000 dead bodies as gifts given to it by these 'saviours' of Muslims. How hard can it be to expose these people for who they really are?....


A Pakistan Urdu Daily Asks Whether All Those Pakistanis Who Have Been Holding Candlelight Vigils For The Victims Of Terrorism, Have Become Catholics?
Nadeem F. Paracha

But why worry about school books at this precious and tense hour? What was attempted to be deflected, or expressed? Was it that the outrage against those who exploit and distort faith to justify their violence is an outrage against faith itself? Do explain. Today more than ever a majority of Pakistanis are on the same boat. Each one of us has to be on the same page as well by setting aside ideological and political biases and grudges….


Let Us Count No More: The Domestic Costs Of Pakistan’s Friendly Proximity To The Taliban Are Incalculable And Potentially Catastrophic
Hafsa Khawaja

The curriculum and textbooks taught in Pakistan must be revised to replace the patchwork of intolerance, hate, bigotry, xenophobia and jingoism which fosters a pluralistic national mind-set of tolerance, inter-faith, inter-sect, inter-ethnic harmony. The distortions and crass obfuscations in the textbooks may have served the state well but they have certainly not served the country and nation well. The disease of extremism and terrorism is home-grown. The hordes that attended Arshad Mehmood’s funeral after his hanging were our people…


Myths and Realities: It Takes Over 124 Children Killed To Get Pakistanis Out Of Denial and Hypocrisy
Dr Tariq Rahman

It is, however, true that some of the Taliban leaders like Mulla Fazlullah are in Afghanistan and, indeed, the group which has killed the children in Peshawar is in Afghanistan. But then for years the Taliban who used to attack targets within Afghanistan were based in Pakistan. There was a period of ten years when Pakistan, Afghanistan and the US could have eliminated the militants and forced them to surrender arms but all three of us missed that opportunity......


The Long-Term Goal Must Be the Decrease, If Not Elimination, Of the Poison That Works As the Erosion of Our Collective Wellbeing: Indoctrination
Mehr Tarar

The long-term goal must be the decrease, if not elimination, of the poison that works as the erosion of our collective wellbeing: indoctrination. It starts at the madrasa (18,000-24,000 registered, countless unregistered), where children from low-income backgrounds are enrolled in pursuit of education, and many end up learning much that has nothing to do with science, mathematics and the real teachings of Islam, but bigotry and hatred for different religious and ideological structures. The so-called “mullah” is not an authentic teacher of the glorious tenets of Islam, which are distorted to suit the myriad hegemonic agendas of the clergy to manipulate the population. Many mosques are instruments of dissemination of hate and incitement of violence to those who follow sects of Islam distasteful to the clergy. ….


Three Faces of Terror in Four Days
Ram Jethmalani

"Thanks to misinformation in the media and misrepresentation by Islamic extremists, many Westerners associate the word Jihad with 'Holy war' and suicide bombing. To set the record straight, jihad literally means 'effort' and refers primarily to the spiritual effort to evolve into the fullness of one's being, to improve relationships with family and neighbours, and to work for justice. The more militant concept of jihad, that so threatens the Western mind, refers only to self-defence when under attack. The idea of jihad as 'holy war' simply does not exist in the Quran,….


Pakistan Is Paying For Its Own Deeds
Pankaj Vohra

The Pakistan Army is understandably rattled by the Peshawar carnage as many of the children who were gunned down belonged to Army families, particularly of middle ranking personnel. The visit to Kabul by the Pakistan Army chief indicated that he was trying to send a message down the line that he would ensure that those responsible for the massacre were caught and killed as early as possible. He has also called upon the country's civil government to execute jailed terrorists in the next 48 hours, something which is obviously the result of a knee-jerk reaction…..


When Baghdadi, aged 33, arrived at Bucca, the Sunni-led anti-US insurgency was gathering steam across central and western Iraq. An invasion that had been sold as a war of liberation had become a grinding occupation. Iraq’s Sunnis, disenfranchised by the overthrow of their patron, Saddam Hussein, were taking the fight to US forces – and starting to turn their guns towards the beneficiaries of Hussein’s overthrow, the country’s majority Shia population. The small militant group that Baghdadi headed was one of dozens that sprouted from a broad Sunni revolt – many of which would soon come together under the flag of Al Qaeda in Iraq, and then the Islamic State of Iraq.....


'Kill Shia Infidels or They'll Rape Your Mother, Kill Your Father': 14-Year-Old IS Suicide Bomber Usaid Barho Reveals To Iraq Police
Tim Arango

The wars in Syria and Iraq have set grim new standards for the exploitation and abuse of children. Thousands of them have been killed or maimed through indiscriminate bombings, in crossfire and, in some cases, executions. Young girls from minority groups, especially Yazidis in Iraq, have been captured as sex slaves by the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. Young boys have been given rifles and told to staff checkpoints or patrol neighbourhoods — or have been recruited, as Usaid was, to become suicide bombers. ...


Under Jihadi Rule, People Don't Even Have Water, Medicine


A Good Taliban Is a Dead Taliban
Abdul Mannan

A mother who lost her son in the carnage told the BBC that there is no such thing as a good Taliban. The only good Taliban is a dead Taliban. In Pakistan, amongst the common people, there are many Taliban lovers, like Jamaat-e-Islami and Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan. Even after the Peshawar attack, the Chief Mullah of Islamabad's infamous Lal Masjid, Maulana Abdul Aziz, told worshippers he “shared the grief” of the victims' families but said the Pakistani Taliban's response was understandable and any army reprisal against them will not be good…..


When Jihad Turns Into Genocide
Ben-Dror Yemini

As long as thousands of young Muslims from the West, and from Arab states, are joining the ranks of those who are murdering their Muslim brothers, and as long as there are no young people who are joining the battle against jihad, the mass murder festival will continue. And there appears to be no real change in the horizon.....


Do Away With The Liberals!
Shehzad Ghias

….my poor mother spent an entire day in Toronto waving a rainbow-coloured flag thinking she was supporting a post-apartheid South Africa. She even asked me, “Why does the pride parade logo look exactly like the old Hum TV logo?” I stayed mum. What could I say? I couldn't bear to shatter her conservative utopia and reveal who the Humsafar was in this case. My mother's was a simpler time. Her generation did not have this fad of liberalism. Everyone accepted that they had no rights, and as a result, they all led fairly happy lives....

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