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Satirists, Led by Muslims, Find Much to Mock in ISIS
Assia Labbas

The parody is one in an expanding universe of sometimes funny, sometimes tasteless and almost always provocative send-up’s of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, that have proliferated across the Internet in recent months. At the risk of offending sensibilities by searching for humour in the horrific, many also aim to cut the extremists down to size......


ISIS, the Enemy of Civilization
Raed Omari

It is as if the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) hate life. Or as if the radical organization’s militias hate everyone, everything, every culture and every faith that does not adhere to their deviant ideology….

IS Follows Saudi Doctrines: Barbaric, Inhuman and Un-Islamic
Syed Kamran Hashmi

Just next door to the ‘brutal’ regime of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, there sits a similar administration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a country in which a Pakistani is decapitated almost every week with the approval of the courts and authorisation from its rulers. Do we not know about this already? Is beheading in Saudi Arabia really news to us? What difference does it make if it is carried out by IS, the Taliban in Afghanistan or the Saudi royals? In the end, all of them claim to follow the same scripture…..

The truth is that the IS is less concerned with enacting and spreading what it perceives as Islamic practices than maintaining its own superiority (much as Saudi Arabia has done for about a century). The Saudi abhorrence of antiquities and conservation of culture is not grounded in Islam – it is highly unlikely that anyone should “worship” Abu Bakr’s house in Mecca any more than they would worship the Hilton that sits on the site today – nor is the IS’s demolition of thousand-year-old artefacts.....

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America continues to support the Saudis in exporting their perverted religious dogma across the Muslim countries in order to breed religious intolerance, cruelty and terrorism. Some of the countries like Iraq, Libya, Syria and Palestine have been war victims, others like Pakistan, Jordan and Egypt have survived upon American and Saudi aids. Iran is the only Muslim country where America and the Saudi monarchy have failed for exporting terrorism and religious extremism and both fear it as a regional power.....


Moderate Muslims Must Denounce Armed Jihad
Farzana Hassan

Any narrative that claims to fight terrorism must address Islam’s concept of jihad, and how and why it has come to be used and applied by the terrorists….


Who Is To Blame For Jihadi John? Only Himself
H.A. Hellyer

Since the dawn of ISIS, numerous Muslim religious authorities have denounced the claim to authenticity by ISIS, on religious grounds -- none have given it that prize of legitimacy it so craves. That is, except for ISIS itself, and for some odd reason, some in the West who insist on taking ISIS at its word. Religious authorities at large and Muslims in general, may recognize ISIS members as Muslims, albeit gravely deviant ones who ought to be treated as criminals…..


The problem is complicated by the historic conflict within Islam between Sunni and Shia. The Saudis should join this effort but it is doubtful that they will because the ISIS state is Sunni, as are the Saudis. Indeed, the radical ideology of ISIS has its roots in Wahhabi Islam, which originated in Saudi......


Radical, ultra-conservative Muslims go even further and liken the idle pursuit of selfies to idol-worship. For example, during their reign of terror in Afghanistan, the Taliban banned television, video and photography, which prompted one journalist to describe it as a "country without faces".....


As Noam Chomsky reminds us, if we are going to talk honestly about terrorism, we have to admit to the history of our own first. Perhaps then we can stop fixating on the Muslim question exclusively and begin understanding why this apparent disconnect persists in the Western mindset over what constitutes terrorism…


Let’s imagine a scene playing out in the rotten suburbs of Paris. A man takes a troubled youth by the arm as they walk through a blighted neighbourhood and the persuasion begins. “Listen kid, you think you’re worthless, but that’s only because people treat you that way. When has anybody given you a break?....


American Brilliance, Saudi Anguish
Ayaz Amir

There was no Al-Qaeda in Libya, Col Gaddafi not suffering even the shadow of its presence in his country. The west got rid of Gaddafi and earned payback in the form of Islamic extremism. Libya has known no peace ever since. Libya, however, is a backwater compared to that other battleground, Syria....


ISIL, Israel and Cultural Cleansing
Marwan Bishara

When discussing ISIL's cleansing of pre-Islamic history, we must also consider Israel's erasure of Palestinian culture.....


Apart from the attempted evisceration of the ancient regime in the Middle East, the rise of Daesh -- and the proliferation of other extremist groups such as Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Boko Haram and Al Shabaab -- represents a world order in transition….


Attractions of the Islamic State
Ayaz Amir

Here is something for the Pakistani privilegentsia to consider. Something like the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham – Isis or Daish – would have catastrophic consequences for them, putting an end to their privileged lifestyles or forcing them to flee to the Gulf or western shores. But in the unlikely event of Daish becoming a force in Pakistan, how would this affect the poor and the down-and-out who have nothing to lose?....


Iconoclasm and Islamic State: Destroying History’s Treasures

The beheadings, this time, were performed with hammer and drill, not sword or knife—for the victims were made of stone, not flesh. The destruction of ancient statues (some replicas) at the Mosul museum in Iraq…


The Enemy Is Not In the Blanket: the Biggest Threat to Islam Is Coming From Outside
June H.L. Wong

There has been increasing suspicion about Christians wanting to convert the nation and take over power. That was the underlying subtext in the emotional controversy over the right of Christians to use Allah in their Bibles. Yet, no action was taken to stop the Sikhs from using the word when it was revealed that it was used in reference to God in their holy scriptures.…..


Killing Top Terrorists Is Not Enough
David Ignatius

“Decapitation is not an effective counter-terrorism strategy,” Jordan wrote bluntly. She said killing top leaders “does not increase the likelihood of organizational collapse,” and that “decapitation is more likely to have counterproductive effects in larger, older, religious and separatist organizations.”....


Boko Haram on the Back Foot

The army also cites better co-operation with neighbouring countries, which are gathering an 8,700-strong force to fight the rebels. Troops stationed along the borders with Cameroon and Niger are trying to block escape routes….


The country was thrown into the global spotlight thanks to its key role in the fight against Islamic radicalism and the spread of regressive Sharia law in Africa and beyond. While a transnational force made up of 7500 soldiers from neighbouring Chad, Cameroon, and Niger has already been set up to help Nigeria, the U.S. has so far hung its ally out to dry……


Who Are The Foreign Fighters Taking On The Islamic State?
Richard Spencer

He couldn’t understand why Britain and the West more generally had, in his view, encouraged the jihadists to get out of hand, and why they weren’t doing more now to stop them. The British Government, he said yesterday, was trying to stop people like him joining the Kurdish army, or Peshmerga. “Screw them,” was his response. “We are here for the Kurds, not our government.”...


The World Needs a Muslim Martin Luther
Dr. Mordechai Kedar

We need a Muslim Martin Luther, who will ask the right questions, start an Islamic reformation, one that will quarantine all the notions of subjugation, violence, hatred and repulsion, changing Allah's religion into something that will bring the cycle of violence and death to an end, giving life to Muslims and others. …


The Education of ‘Jihadi John’
Maajid Nawaz

Challenging the notion of statehood, democratic theory and Middle Eastern power politics certainly takes a degree of intellectual sophistication, but it does not make an idealistic young person less vulnerable to exploitation by skilled recruiters....

How Jihad Came to Brooklyn
Leonid Bershidsky

Uzbekistan is now one of the worst places in the world where a radical Muslim could live. "Everyone whom law enforcement organs have ever suspected of ties to a religious of political organization that is considered extremist here is being tracked….


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