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Jamaat-e-Islami Responsible for Islamophobia
Ekram Kabir

I know he is a true believer, and that is why he said: “A true believer can never remain silent in the face of injustice and persecution.” As a member of the brotherhood, Harun Yahya thought Molla was “persecuted”, vehemently opposing Molla’s execution. He also thought that the general sentiments of Muslims across the globe were against Molla’s execution….


It Is Time to Reflect
Harun Yahya

Fearing radicalisation of society, governments are sometimes compelled to resort to force. The execution of Mollah, a top leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami, instead of life imprisonment, somehow points toward the same apprehensions....


Mullah Maulana Fazlullah, the new head of the Pakistani Taliban (TTP), is commonly referred to as "Radio Mullah" for the fiery broadcasts that played a significant role in his rise to power in the Swat region. While his appointment to replace the recently deceased Hakimullah Mehsud may have come as a surprise to some, Fazlullah's tactical victories in Swat between 2006 and 2009 should not be forgotten. His reign of terror in the area, which prompted a Pakistani military operation….


Hefazat-e-Islam is Coming to Town, Again!
Ishfaq Ilahi Choudhury

Most of the Qaumi madrasas follow a syllabus and text books prescribed by Darul Uloom, Deoband, a madrassa in UP, India, set up in 1866. These madrasas are also called Deobandi Madrasa.  The madrasas generally follow a 17th century syllabus known as Dars e Nizami that emphasizes on Islamic Sharia of Sunni tradition. When these students graduate from Qaumi madrasas, they are not only unprepared to face the challenges of the modern world, but have a very narrow view of Islam as a religion….


Are Salafist-Jihadists Coming To The West Bank? Will They Spur A Larger Movement?
Naela Khalil

The Mujahedeen Shura Council also announced, following the assassination of the three young men in Hebron, that it had commenced its military operations in the West Bank. It confirmed in a communique that the eliminated cell was but the tip of the iceberg. A person knowledgeable in Salafist affairs who requested anonymity told Al-Monitor that the statement made use of non-jihadist expressions, such as “fearless” and “lionhearted,” which prove that it is a “fabrication.”…


Syrian Rebels Have Taken Iconoclasm to New Depths, With Shrines, Statues And Even A Tree Destroyed – But To What End?
Robert Fisk

Eccentricity marks the path to heaven or hell. Take the Takfiri rebels trying to overthrow Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria. They have chopped off the heads of their enemies, eaten a few human entrails, massacred Christians and Alawites – the Damascus government, of course, has done its share of civilian bloodletting and war crimes – and even gone to war on the Kurds. But of all the activities of the al-Qa’ida/al-Nusra/Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria insurgents in Syria, surely the weirdest has been an iconoclasm worthy of both Henry VIII and the Taliban: the destruction of shrines, tombs and the statues of poets and caliphs…..

Morsi Linked to al-Qaeda?
Giovanni Giacalone

The Sinai has turned from a tourist destination to a Jihadi playground with at least 15 groups operating in the area, including Ansar Al-Jihad, Jund Al-Islam, Jaish al Islam and al Takfir Wal Hijra. The Egyptian authorities are still having problems in controlling the area and they have repeatedly come under attack, with hundreds of casualties since early 2011. Some analysts also believe that Mohamed Morsi did look at Iran as an example of an “Islamic state"….


Al Qaeda Linked Jihadists Are Hunting and Killing Moderate Syrian Rebels
Jamie Dettmer

….the jihadists are closer than the Islamic Front readily acknowledges, and that the al-Qaeda affiliates are now inseparable from the rebellion. One of the key figures in the Syrian Rebel Front, Jamal Maarouf, who commands the Syria Martyrs Brigade, has agreed to al-Nusra acting as a go-between in a dispute between his militia and the Islamic Front…..


Pakistani Taliban Tears Itself Apart
Daud Khattak

Two high-profile killings within a 10-day span in Pakistan in November, followed by a U.S. drone strike at a Haqqani-run seminary (interestingly another 10 days later), have exposed the cracks and suspicions running between militant networks with strongholds in the Pakistani tribal areas…….


The Children Who Join the Cubs... And Learn To Kill People: Al-Qa’eda Led Factions in Syria Are Training Boys as Young as 10 to Become Rebel Fighters
Joby Warrick

“They understand that they are the future and, therefore, need to be exposed and indoctrinated to the cause,” he said. It explains why some groups operate age-based training camps that start with “cubs” and progress to “lion scouts” for older teens and adults……

Lessons to Be Learned
Mehr F. Husain

Lessons to Be Learned
Mehr F. Husain

The resolution exposed exactly how divided Pakistan’s elected parliamentarians (some parties including the PPP refused to sign it) are on an issue that affected Pakistan in its entirety and more importantly, it also highlighted that 42 years later, Pakistan is still unable to understand the dynamics of what caused the break- up....


Passions of Bangladesh
Najam Sethi

In fact, recent polls show that a significant majority of Pakistan’s youth are inclined to say “I am a Muslim” when asked the simple question “who are you?” rather than “I am a Pakistani”? This contrasts sharply with Muslims elsewhere in the world who are more likely to stress their nationality over their religion, eg, Arabs, Saudis, Malaysians, Chinese, Palestinians, Kuwaitis, Emiratees, Iranians, etc. Indeed, even Muslims in India would answer “Indian” rather than “Muslim”. Why are we Pakistanis different from our fellow Muslims in other nation states?....


Death of a War Criminal
Tarek Fatah

Better known as the “Butcher of Mirpur” for the rapes and massacres he committed, Abdul Quader Molla was a leader of thousands of Islamist paramilitaries known as “Razakars” (volunteer corps).They worked hand-in-hand with the Pakistan army that was carrying out a systematic genocide of the Bengali people in the dark days of 1971….


Bangladesh Genocide: Memory and Justice

The long silence held by most of the international public and supranational entities on the plight for justice to those who lost their lives in the 1971 genocide was unexpectedly in stark contrast to uproar following the aftermath of the Bangladeshi authorities’ announcement of the re-establishment of criminal court procedures against genocide perpetrators. Heads of foreign states, the press, diplomacies and even associations that purportedly defend human rights have reacted negatively to the resumption of the Bangladeshi criminal court procedures.  ...


The Jamaat-e-Islami and the Pakistan Army
Syed Badrul Ahsan

After all, why must the government or the ruling party have the temerity to go after the Jamaat, an organization which now shows all the signs of turning into a terrorist outfit? The monopoly for ferocity, or so it appears, ought to be the Jamaat’s alone. Its activists ought to have all the right in the world to wield machetes and hack away at people because these Awami people have the gall to ask that the Jamaat be dealt with severely over the murder and mayhem it has been engaged in for long…..

Genocide – Part 2
Anthony Mascarenhas

Genocide – Part 2
Anthony Mascarenhas

The rebel forces, using guerrilla tactics, have not been subdued as easily as the army expected. Isolated and apparently uncoordinated, the rebels have nonetheless bogged down the Pakistan army in many places by the systematic destruction of roads and railways, without which the army cannot move. The 9th Division for one was hopelessly behind schedule. Now the monsoon threatens to shut down the military operation with three months of cloudbursts......


The Promise of the War Crimes Trials

Quader Molla was guilty as sin. The fact that the prosecution may not have done the best job of proving it does not in any way lessen his crime or justify his exoneration. He has received the justice he deserved. The disquiet that I feel is not on behalf of Quader Molla, but on behalf of his victims. They deserved better…..


What does Jamaat now want to do? The party has made its strategy clear. It will in no way accept Sheikh Hasina as the chief of the election time government, and hence it wants to make the election time government unable to control the deteriorating situation. To this end, the JI will enforce more violent street agitations, it will continue to carry out more destructive activities, and it will cause more suffering for people……


Bangladesh: Executing the Butcher of Mirpur
S. Binodkumar Singh

Right after the execution, Gonojagoron Mancha (People's Resurgence Platform) activists burst into cheers and celebrations in Dhaka city's Shahbagh, the location of sustained protests demanding justice for the War Crimes. Gonojagoron Manhca spokesperson Imran H. Sarker declared, "The execution of Quader Mollah is a tribute to the country's three million martyrs."....


Bangladesh Will Redeem the Old Promise in This December of Revival and Reawakening
Syed Badrul Ahsan

To the souls of our martyrs, we say — as dawn breaks in all its insistence — that it is time to refashion the old dream of a democratic, secular and egalitarian society they nurtured in their lifetime. We mean to redeem the old promise, in this December of revival and reawakening......

Anthony Mascarenhas

Anthony Mascarenhas

Thousands of families of unfortunate Muslims, many of them refugees from Bihar who chose Pakistan at the time of the partition riots in 1947, were mercilessly wiped out. Women were raped, or had their breasts torn out with specially fashioned knives. Children did not escape the horror: the lucky ones were killed with their parents; but many thousands of others must go through what life remains for them with eyes gouged out and limbs roughly amputated. More than 20,000 bodies of non-Bengalis have been found in the main towns, such as Chittagong, Khulna and Jessore. The real toll, I was told everywhere in East Bengal, may have been as high as 100,000; for thousands of non-Bengalis have vanished without a trace......


The Saudi cleric said these suicide killings of civilians are “great crimes” against Islamic teachings. But he distinguished between the bombings and the bombers, saying the latter were “robbed of their minds” and used as tools “to destroy themselves and societies.”….


Bangladesh War Crimes and Street Violence Unleashed By Jamaat-e-Islami: Shame on Me
Ekram Kabir

The second time I was ashamed of myself was when we killed the founder of our country. Because after the war of independence, I (a nine-year-old) came to understand what a country means to a man, even to a boy. Our elders used to chant stories of “that time in history,” full of iconic personalities across the world. Bangladesh wasn’t an exception in producing a global hero. He was murdered before our eyes and the entire nation seemed nonchalant…….


Radical forces led by Jamaat-e-Islami with support from the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) have once again threatened the secular polity in the south Asian country. Amid this turmoil, the Sheikh Hasina-led Awami League has paved way for the creation of an all-party national government to oversee the parliamentary elections. But by refusing to join it, BNP has made its intention clear of fighting the battle on the streets rather than through political discourse......


Why the Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal Is Necessary
Golam Arieff Tipoo

Bangladesh emerged strong and independent from a blood bath in 1971. Those who played a major role in leading the massacre have been detained, prosecuted and are in the process of being punished for committing genocide and serious crimes against humanity under international law....

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