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Banned religious-militant outfits are operating freely; they have established thousands of religious seminaries that inject ideological Jihadism into the minds of the children enrolled. Shockingly, there are no checks and balances on what they are teaching in these seminaries and who is funding them. According to official data on registered seminaries, out of 20,000 seminaries in Pakistan, 5,500 are operating in Sindh. However, senior local journalists and intellectuals think that the number of unregistered seminaries is around 30,000, run by Barelvi, Deobandi, Shia, Ahle Sunnat, Ahle Hadith and other sects. These religious schools and thousands of students being trained will produce Taliban-like jihadists….


What the ‘Two State Solution’ Has to Do with the Rise of Islamic Extremism: Zero
Khaled Abu Toameh

What Kerry perhaps does not know is that the Islamic State is not interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at all. Unlike Kerry, Sunni scholars fully understand that the Islamic State has more to do with Islam and terrorism than with any other conflict......


“The Quran is a miraculous book. In no sense you can touch it. In no sense can you touch any of its periods, any of its commas. Any intervention would damage the meaning, would destroy the meaning. It is very sensitive. In Arabic there are ‘hı’ and ‘ha’ letters. You can read a sentence which means ‘God created the world’ with ‘hı’ and a dot on top of it. When you omit the dot on the letter ‘hı’ the sentence would mean, ‘God destroyed the world….


The terror groups most of whom are members of the banned Jamaat-ul Mujahideen, a Bangladeshi outfit, have managed to infiltrate and start operations with the help of local support since October 2011, according to the report.  They recruited young men and women and set up several illegal madrasas in order to introduce their radical philosophy among the minority community.  The initial findings indicate that the investigating agency would require more time to unearth the real magnitude of the conspiracy hatched by terrorists in the rural belts of West Bengal…….

Burdwan Blast: Role of Jamaat-e-Islami Sympathisers in Ruling TMC Exposed

It can be said that a large network of sympathizers of Jamaat -e-Islami within the TMC kept Mamata Banerjee in the dark about the growing network of Bangladeshi militants in West Bengal who planned to punish Mamata Banerjee for her friendly ties with Sheikh Hasina who broke the backbone of terrorist outfits of her country after coming to power. The Jamaat sympathizers in West Bengal do not want good relations between India and Bangladesh while Hasina has a secular outlook and is pro-India while Jamaat-e-Islami of Bangladesh is anti-India and has a communal outlook. The West Bengal government ignored the intelligence reports and reports from Bangladesh government about the growing bonhomie between Jamaat of Bangladesh and some leaders of TMC hailing from the bordering districts of West Bengal. Therefore, it is not too late as the network has been exposed in the beginning. Both the centre and the state government should tackle the menace by taking appropriate steps to cleanse the state of the radical outfits of Bangladesh and West Bengal without victimizing and framing innocent people. The media too has to play a positive role while reporting such incidents. Only a sincere and unbiased approach can help fight the growing scourge of Islamist terrorism in the country....

Recurring Terrorist Nightmares
Harlan Ullman

Could terrorists launch simultaneous massive attacks against public places such as stadiums, malls, railway stations and airports? The answer is yes. Should the government be doing more to warn the nation about such contingencies? Or, without good intelligence and reliable evidence of specific plans for attacks, would such warnings do more harm than good? These are profoundly perplexing questions. Any answer has benefits and downsides, most unpredictable. But this is the shape of things to come…..


Why Australia Shouldn’t Ban Islamic Group Hizb - ut-Tahrir
Adrian Cherney

It must be kept in mind that banning Hizb ut-Tahrir would actually play into their hands, reinforcing the argument they mount that the “war on terror” is a war against Islam. Forcing them underground would make it far harder to argue that that is not the case. Sometimes in the field of counter-terrorism, pragmatism needs to prevail. In a strong democracy, arguments and positions the majority may find uncomfortable or objectionable need to be aired…..


Hamas, IS Share neither Goal nor Methods
Adnan Abu Amer

Hamas does not base its rules solely on Sharia, but mixes it with positive laws and is committed to the gradual implementation of Sharia, which is not the approach of the Islamic State. While Hamas accepts democracy as a system of governance, IS considers it blasphemous and considers anyone supporting a democratic system of governance an infidel……

Siege of Kobane
Vijay Prashad

Siege of Kobane
Vijay Prashad

September 2014 will be remembered by the people of the city of Kobane in northern Syria as the tensest period to date. For months on end, the heavily armed Islamic State (Daesh) armies have tried to capture this city and its surrounding villages. The fighters of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), a Syrian Kurdish guerrilla army, have held them off. In September, Daesh threw its heavy artillery at this strategic city and breached the lines, sending tens of thousands of Kurdish residents….

Turkey: Jihad-Lite
Burak Bekdil

Turkey: Jihad-Lite
Burak Bekdil

"Those who were silent in the face of the death of 300,000 people in the past 3.5 years, ignoring the use of chemical weapons, SCUD missiles and barrel bombs [in Syria], are suddenly putting an effort to create an international perception as if Turkey must immediately solve the problem in Kobane itself,"....

Tariq Ramadan: 'ISIL's Acts Are Un-Islamic'
Tariq Ramadan

“The main problems of Muslims are coming from the Muslims; from Muslim-majority countries," he says. "And then when we start to be critical and say we are going to speak out against all the dictators, then some of the scholars who responded to Daesh today and are speaking about the so-called Islamic State, saying this is wrong in Islam, they are the same scholars that are supporting dictators."…….

ISIS Is Here To Stay
K S Venkatachalam

Today, thousands of people from the UK, France and other European countries have joined the organisation. Over 1,500 girls, below the age of 14 years, have joined them. This goes to show that radical Islamisation, based on ideology similar to Wahhabism/Salafasim, has metastasised beyond the shores of Iraq and Syria. You can bomb towns and cities but you cannot bomb an ideology….


The Middle East Fragments: The Rule of the Gunman
The Economist

It is the internal form of states, rather than the external shape of their territories, that has provoked a backlash. All too often the region’s insecure, control-obsessed governments—sometimes dominated by minorities—have failed to integrate citizens within an inclusive sense of nationhood. The major political ideologies—Arab nationalism, political Islam and now perhaps violent Jihadism—transcend national borders.……


Terrorism 101: Bring back the doctrine of 1960s and 70s for dealing with terrorism
Gwynne Dyer

Terrorist movements always want you to over-react, SO DON’T DO IT. The terrorists usually lack the popular support to overpower their opponent by force, so they employ a kind of political jiu-jitsu: they try to use the adversary’s own strength against him. Most domestic terrorism, and almost all international terrorism, is aimed at provoking a big, stupid, self-defeating response from the target government…..


Iraq, Syria and Jihadism: The Will and the Way

In both Syria and Iraq, IS is scoring victories against the West and its Sunni Arab allies. The coalition’s strategy is beset by contradictions and self-imposed constraints, with two of the worst offenders being the two countries that could do the most to degrade IS: America and Turkey. The coalition must rise above these shortcomings, or IS will end up being validated in the eyes of could-be jihadists….


Jihadists Giving Headache to Greeks, Too
Ariana Ferentinou

Greece may deny that there are members of ISIL in Greece but graffiti and black flags have been sighted in Athens since the beginning of the Syria crisis, while recent media reports claimed that police are looking for about 100 suspected ISIL members of Arab origin who are in Greece facilitating the passage of Westerners who want to reach ISIL through Turkey. Are they legal residents?.....


Balkan Jihadists Part of a Global Menace
Hajrudin Somun

However, mobilized and well-paid by retrograde Islamist movements, often covered by humanitarian missions from the Arabian Peninsula, those preachers of the “only right path” to paradise did give enough reason to real adversaries of Islam to see in Bosnia, in particular, a Wahhabi/Salafi “safe haven” for spreading radical Islam and terrorism to wider region....


What Comes After ISIS’ Defeat?
Raed Omari
Now that ISIS is being fiercely embattled by the U.S.-led coalition, the most important question that remains - what is next? I mean, what is the next political step following the elimination, containment and cornering of ISIS, assuming by logic that any military operation is launched within the achievement of certain political goals?.....


‘Jihadi John’ Is Not the Main Issue
Michael Glackin

The continuing focus in the United Kingdom on “Jihadi John,” whom Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to “hunt down” and “bring to justice,” says a lot about where the British are in this fight. Call me a cynic, but identified or not, it’s unlikely that Jihadi John will ever be caught or face justice. But even if he were caught, tried and imprisoned, or killed in the current American-led aerial bombardment or by one of the American or British special service units known to be operating in Syria and Iraq, what difference will it make?.....


Men Seeking Women: Must Love Jihad
Monica Crowley

In addition to using these young women as “baby factories” to populate the new caliphate, ISIS fighters have also been using some of them at checkpoints to monitor other women for weapons and Shariah compliance. The main concern for U.S. and Western law enforcement is that these women may one day return to attack targets here at home……


Belgium: Jihad Mega-Trial Begins

Bontinck, who was raised in a Roman Catholic family, converted to Islam at age 15 when he became infatuated with a girl from Morocco. In 2013, after turning 18, he asked his parents if he could move to Cairo to study Islam. Soon afterward, however, it emerged that Jejoen had travelled not to Egypt but to Syria. Bontinck's father, Dimitri, says he alerted Belgian authorities after he discovered that his son was in Syria, but they took no action. "They told me there is no law forbidding a child to be a member of this organization [the Sunni Muslim jihadist group al-Nusra]," Dimitri said at the time. "It is freedom of speech. It is freedom of religion. It is freedom of organization," he said the Belgian authorities told him......

Nigeria's Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau, or a man claiming to be him, has been killed at least three times so far, according to the military, yet each time he apparently returns in the group's numerous jihadist videos. Dead or alive, he appears to be fuelling violence which rights groups say is killing more people than at any time….

Terrorism as Pretext for Intervention
Nauman Sadiq, New Age Islam

Terrorism as Pretext for Intervention
Nauman Sadiq, New Age Islam

The mainspring of Islamic extremism and militancy isn’t the democratic political Islam, because why would people turn to violence when they can exercise their choice to vote their rulers in and also to vote them out? The mainspring of Islamic militancy is the despotic political Islam of the Gulf variety. The Western powers, omniscient as they are, are fully aware of this fact; then why do they choose to support the same forces, when their ostensible and professed goal is to eliminate extremism and militancy? It is because, since the time immemorial, it has been a firm policy-principle of the Western powers to promote ‘stability’ in the Middle East rather than democracy or representation. They are fully cognizant of the reality that the mainstream Muslim sentiment is firmly against the US intervention in the Middle Eastern affairs, especially after the end of Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, when the US after defeating a staunch rival turned its guns against the Muslim world in order to further exploit their energy resources......


War against the Islamic State: What a Difference A Few Weeks Can Make In West Asia
Talmiz Ahmad

There can be no stability in West Asia without a Saudi-Iranian engagement, since Iran has to work with the Shia regimes in Syria and Iraq to shape accommodative and inclusive governments, while the Kingdom has to wean ‘moderate’ Sunnis away from the IS coalition What a difference a few weeks can make in West Asia! Established foreign policy positions, touted as fundamental principles, have been overturned, nascent relationships are being reviewed and restructured, and new alliances put in place, all in an attempt to cope with this new menace in the neighbourhood — the Islamic State (IS)…..


IS Goes on the Back Foot
Linda S. Heard

“I don’t recommend using the term Islamic State because it blurs the lines between Islam, Muslims and Islamists. The Arabs call them ‘Daesh’ and I will be calling them ‘the Daesh cutthroats’,” he recently announced. Monsieur Laurent should surely be congratulated for his sensitivity and common sense approach and one can only hope that other nations will follow suit. Every civilized country should eschew those killers’ self-ascribed designation, which denigrates a faith and, in essence, is nothing short of blasphemy. Islam does not bless the decapitation of innocents or the burying of children alive or the slavery of women and girls....

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