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Observers are saying that ISIS’s hard-line stance in asserting its dominance over other rebel groups will only worsen the conflict and make the task of international peacekeepers more complicated. The new terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s challenge to Al-Qaeda may prove to do more in harming the mission of the Islamic insurgency than assumed…..


Terrorism in Pakistan Unbridled
Ajit Kumar Singh

Clearly, the ‘terror industry’ that was established by Islamabad decades ago with the primary intention of exporting Mujahideen into neighbouring countries, including India and Afghanistan, to secure Pakistan's perceived 'strategic interests', continues to thrive. This vast misadventure, however, turned progressively against its very creators, and, since 9/11, Pakistan has itself become the increasing target of several formerly state sponsored terrorist formations that have 'gone rogue',...


Will Muslims immolate Sochi, and scuttle the Olympics?
Dr. David Liepert

Since it’s come out that the majority of those threats of supposed anti-Olympic Muslim violence apparently came from “false-flag” Islamophobes.  I think the answer to that question and evidence of the unholy alliance between Islamophobes and Muslim extremists are both quite clear. Only extremists can benefit by provoking an unnecessary conflict. Truth is, Muslim hater/baiters and al Qaeda NEED each other to keep the battle going….

“My dear Muslim brothers, the Levant [Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine/Israel] – that blessed land… The land of Jihad, brothers… Brothers, we betrayed the Muslims of Afghanistan after 9/11. We’ve betrayed the Muslims of Palestine since 1947. We’ve betrayed the Muslims of Chechnya, who are fighting against the Russians. Are we going to betray the Muslims of Syria today?”…


Colour of Cowardice
Irfan Husain

The only silver lining is the resolve shown by the army when it launched retaliatory air raids to punish the Taliban for attacks against military personnel. But when an aerial attack in North Waziristan recently killed dozens of mostly foreign militants, Shireen Mazari, the PTI spokesperson, demanded to know why civilians in the area had not been warned in advance of the impending bombardment....


When the drones turned their fury primarily towards the rebel leadership, suddenly the cessation of drone strikes became their principle demand for any peace talks with Pakistan, knowing well that Pakistan had little sway in the matter. The new drone policy has rattled the current TTP leadership, revealing their Achilles heel: their own survival rather than that of the ‘cause’....


Terrorism Is Rule by Fear and It Is Being Used By the Militants as the Most Powerful Weapon
Zahid Hussain

The relentless spate of killings has generated a state of fear, effectively wearing out the will to fight back. Even more frightening, some have turned defenders of the militants’ cause. But can this ostrich-like behaviour or compliance be traded with security for long? Not speaking out on mindless killings makes one only more vulnerable. The only way to make ourselves secure is to break this state of fear....

A Fresh Formula to Flush Out Terrorism
Elf Habib

Disillusioned and defenceless, ditched in a hellish gyre of gore, grenades and bombs, they have but to besiege the Lord for His infinite mercy, might and intervention for their deliverance. Allah, in fact, is the only solace, source and support for the sufferings of a country that was so fervently believed to be run by Him, the US and the army....


Dramatic acts of terrorism enable perpetrators to reach out far beyond the proximity of their original theatre. In this way, the media serves as a ‘terror magnifier’ by virtue of its intrinsic facilities. 9/11, which shaped the course of world politics, is a classic example of this phenomenon. To reiterate a popular argument, the Indonesian Tsunami caused 227,000 casualties, as opposed to 3,000 in 9/11, yet the latter took the world in a sweltering grip of panic, wielding a reaction of geopolitical proportions...


Saudi Arabia’s Covert War in Yemen
Catherine Shakdam

Saudi Arabia’s heavy-handed policy in Yemen has left visible trenches; moreover, its open support for the radical ultra-orthodox and its ever more disturbing apparent patronage of al-Qaeda has worked to establish a link in between radical factions and terror militants, thus putting Riyadh’s policy and real intentions in the region under a new troubling light. At a time when Yemen is preparing to draft its new constitution, as to assert its democratic future and seal its people’s call for change, Saudi Arabia races to eliminate contenders to its authority and control…..


Pakistan's March to Theocracy
Ayesha Siddiqa

It was a quick call from my editor's office in Karachi informing me not to bother writing anymore about the Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) or any other militant outfit, religious party or even the cricketer-turned-politician's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI). I was told I couldn't even mention TTP and its other sister organisations….


Pakistan Is Losing the Plot to Taliban
Arif Nizami

"Pakistan: the country where even the martyred dead protest, because the living have failed them". So tweeted Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, freshly-minted Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chief. Young Bilawal's lament should put to shame most of his seniors in the business of politics including of his own party. Condemning the Taliban is a far cry for them. Out of fear or expediency (or both) even the "T" word is missing from their lexicon……

Talibanism vs Pakistanism
Professor Alya Alvi

The Taliban have now started dictating us on TV and through TV anchors. Their strategy has changed. They are now targeting personalities, individuals and media people directly. This is to create fear and dread in order to achieve the desired results. The talks offer by the Taliban and a powerful bomb blast close to GHQ at the same time is the clear message that they are not serious, they are joking….


True Lies about the ‘Peace Talks with Extremists’
Nadeem F. Paracha

Their narrative in this respect went something like this: The war against extremism was imposed upon Pakistan by the Americans and (thus) it is not our war. Extremists are slaughtering Pakistanis because the Pakistani state is an ally of the US that breaches Pakistan’s sovereignty with drones and incites revenge attacks from the extremists....


Some observers and Afghan officials blame these killings on Pakistani officials, saying they feared losing influence over the commanders who had become part of peace talks. “A second possibility is that the Pakistani intelligence agency, unhappy about the Afghan Taliban pursuing peace, is behind the killings...


A Jihad against Preachers of ‘Jihad’
Abdulrahman al-Rashed

The aim is not to defame preachers but to put things in perspective. Are those who incited and sent a Kuwaiti or a Saudi youth to fight in Syria only to return in a coffin considered partners in crime? Or are they just preachers where incitement is an act of religious preaching and where the one committing it does not bear any responsibility?...


A Dialogue with Mass Murderers, the Taliban
Murtaza Haider

The term ‘Shia Genocide’ has been added to the lexicon to describe the mass murder of the minority Shias in Pakistan. But it is not only Shias who are suffering at the hands of the murderous and regressive ideology of the Taliban. Almost seven years to the day, the Taliban assassinated the fearless head of the Peshawar Police, Malik Muhammad Saad, in a suicide bomb attack in the same neighbourhood. For every Shia murdered in sectarian attacks, several Sunnis have also been killed in terrorist attacks by the same Taliban. ....

Takfiri Extremists Wage War on Islam
Dr Kevin Barrett

By claiming they are fighting for an “Islamic state” while committing horrendous war crimes, the Takfiris are waging a public relations jihad against Islam. No wonder the Zionists support them! ...

I tried to explain that the Takfiri extremists in Syria do not represent the world's Muslims. But since the Takfiris use and abuse the word “Islamic,” and draw support from Saudi Arabia – the custodian of the Muslim holy cities – people like Michael Parenti use them as examples of the alleged extremism of Islam. What kind of “Islam” advocates ripping out the heart of a dead enemy and eating it for the camera? What kind of “Islam” allows the procuring of women for illicit temporary relationships with soldiers? What kind of “Islam” condones mass executions of people because they are Christians or moderate Muslims?...

The Takfiris make a habit of executing people who do not share their fanatical misinterpretation of Islam. This practice is utterly un-Islamic. Throughout history, Muslims have been enjoined to protect people of other religions. One noteworthy example: When the great Christian Saint Francis – the current Pope’s namesake – decided he wanted to become a martyr, he traveled into Islamic territory in order to preach Christianity and argue strongly against Islam. Francis expected the Muslims would kill him, just as the Christians would have killed a Muslim who entered Christian territory to argue strongly against Christianity. It was, after all, the year 1219, and the Fifth Crusade was raging. But no matter how hard he argued against Islam, Francis could not provoke any Muslims to violence. Sultan al-Kamil, the nephew of Salah ad-Din (Saladin), welcomed Francis to his camp and spent long nights with him in religious discussions. Neither converted the other, but the outcome was mutual respect.

Jihadist Violence: the Indian Threat - (Concluding Part): An Examination of A Terrorist Group, A Loosely Organized Indigenous Islamist Militant Network Known as the Indian Mujahideen
Stephen Tankel

The Indian jihadist movement constitutes an internal security issue with an external dimension. The two dimensions are historically intertwined and in the last few decades the boundaries between Jihadist Violence: The Indian Threat 75 them have become increasingly blurred. Pakistan-based groups, most notably LeT, have significantly greater capacity, more robust capabilities, and considerably more resiliency, thanks in no small part to a more hospitable environment....


Islam’s Ban on Child Combatants
Sheikh Musa Furber

Most people – indeed most Muslims – are not aware that Islam banned the use of child combatants since the time of the prophet, and that these age limits have remained a part of Islamic law ever since. The evidence for age limits includes rigorously authenticated reports that the prophet did not allow children to participate in armed conflicts (jihad)…..


Tepid Outrage over Terrorism
Dr Mohammad Taqi

The Mehsud faction apparently is refusing to share the kitty left behind by Hakeemullah. This is when the state has its chance to assert its power instead of the interior minister’s wishy-washy statements about how difficult it is to fight terrorism….


In reality, Bandar bin Sultan is the protégé and successor of Bin Laden; he has deepened and systematized global terrorism. Bandar’s terror network has murdered far more innocent victims than Bin Laden. That, of course, is to be expected; after all he has billions of dollars from the Saudi treasury, training from the CIA and the handshake of Netanyahu!...


Jihadist Violence: the Indian Threat - 6: An Examination of A Terrorist Group, A Loosely Organized Indigenous Islamist Militant Network Known As The Indian Mujahideen
Stephen Tankel

The Indian Mujahideen is part of a larger universe of jihadist entities operating in India. Many are connected to one another and to external jihadist entities like LeT or HuJI-B, each of which recruits and runs its own Indian operatives in addition to supporting independent networks. The IB estimates the entire number of people who are part of the IM network—including foot soldiers within modules, but excluding individual cells tangentially connected to it—to be in the hundreds. Outside Kashmir, Indian militants independent of the IM and connected to LeT, HuJI-B...

How to Stop Suicide Attacks
Harris Bin Munawar

“We will bomb them in their houses, and we will bomb them in their mosques,” he warned. “We will bomb them in their hospitals and we will bomb them in their schools. We will bomb them at their weddings, and we will bomb them at their funerals. We will bomb them in their offices and we will bomb them in their shops. We will bomb their children, and we will bomb their elders. And we will continue to bomb them until they stop accusing us falsely of being violent terrorists.”...


Rationalising the Taliban’s creed
Dr Haider Shah

‘They are not true Muslims’ is what many say when the extremist activities of the Taliban are discussed. This line of argument betrays our lack of comprehension of the role religious faith plays in our social life. People use faith in different ways, depending on their psychological needs....

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