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There Was Nobody to Help Me Stop My Son Joining ISIS
Kate Connolly

In cases of people who have left to join Jihadis in Syria or elsewhere, the chances of getting them back are slim, Köhler says. “Maybe 5%.” So the key is to stop them going in the first place. He recalls “night-time conversations with mothers and sisters calling to say a son is on Skype from Syria, his father is talking to him in the next room, and our job is to try to keep him chatting”. Köhler says the longer the dialogue can be kept up – talking about the family pet, fond memories of family life – the higher the chance is to save them.....


I watched the celebrations after Bin Laden was killed. I can only hope that moment provided some amount of closure to the families of his victims. The deeper he went into hiding, though, the more he lost his terror grip on me. My favourite detail to come out of the compound raid — other than the stash of pornography ....

Bangladesh: Extremist Spike
S. Binodkumar Singh

Bangladesh: Extremist Spike
S. Binodkumar Singh

Alhamdulillah, By the grace of Almighty Allah, the Mujahidin of Ansar Al-Islam [AQIS, Bangladesh branch] were able to assassin Xulhaz Mannan and his associate Samir Mahbub Tonoy. They were the pioneers of practicing and promoting homosexuality in Bangladesh. They were working day and night to promote homosexuality among the people of this land since 1998 with the help of their masters, the US crusaders and its Indian allies..


Syria Is Bleeding, Where Are The Arabs?
Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor

What kind of world is this that does nothing apart from holding conferences when hospitals are being pounded; the bodies of small children are being pulled from bombed-out buildings while wounded toddlers scream for their dead mothers! The words of a small boy forced to bury his baby brother because there is no one left still ring in my ears. “Why was I not taken instead?” he said through his sobs....

Why Arab Farmers Won't Become Militant Suicide Bombers
Olivier Roy

Radicalisation is largely the consequence of a sudden deculturation of Islam. This explains why we find very few first- and third-generation individuals among the radicals: those in the first generation are still living under the traditional Islam of their country of origin, while those in the third generation have already experienced new ways to combine their own religiosity with a Western environment....


Frozen Life in Wartime Syria
Janine Di Giovanni

These are desperate places, where starvation is used as a tool of war, where if you have a chronic disease, you suffer or die, because you can’t get insulin for your diabetes, or chemotherapy, or even enough pain medication if you were wounded in the attacks...


Saudi Arabia: The Devil We Know
Fareed Zakaria

In the 1950s, Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi version of Islam, a product of nomadic desert culture, was practiced by a tiny minority of Muslims — perhaps 1 to 2 percent. Then came the oil boom and Saudi Arabia — flush with cash — spread these ideas throughout the Muslim world.....


“As has happened repeatedly since 9/11, the U.S. and countries like Britain fail to combat terrorism because they give priority to retaining their alliance with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies, even when their policies — as in Yemen — wreck a whole country and enable al-Qaeda and ISIS to use the chaos to establish safe havens.” Ironically, military intervention under the aegis of the U.S.’s so-called War on Terror has frequently led to the spread of terror throughout not just the Middle East, but throughout the world as a whole.....


War without End: Pakistan Continues To Operate Under The Cover Of Global Impunity
Ajit Kumar Singh

Pakistan continues to operate under the cover of global impunity, even as terrorism emanating from its soil targets the world community, mainly neighbouring Afghanistan and India. The blowback of this policy of export of terror has brought untold misery upon the people of Pakistan, but the country's establishment appears to continue to consider this an acceptable price to pay for its myopic ambitions.....


Project of Islamisation Is a Kind Of Planned Re-Tribalisation of the State
Khaled Ahmed

Pakistan itself was going through: A transition from soft Barelvi Islam of the mystical kind to the hard Deobandi Islam of jihad. Pakistan stopped sending out its Barelvi preachers without London realising what was happening till it became “Londonistan”. As Deobandi preachers from Pakistan took over mosques in the UK, Arab money followed; and today, expat Pakistanis visiting their home country shock their relatives with the hard isolationism of their faith.....


Religiously Motivated Terrorism Threatens Pakistan’s Existence
Pervez Hoodbhoy

Religiously motivated terrorism threatens Pakistan’s existence. We have entered a state of permanent conflict where victory may not be possible even in 100 years. Drones or F-16s are not a solution. They may help in tribal areas but not in city environments where the enemy is thickest....

To fight the Islamic State, the need of hour is to uproot this outfit through military measures and ideologically. However, both these steps will require a copious amount of effort from the international community and from the Muslim society that is facing the brunt in the name of religion....

Africa and the Jihadist Threat
Olusegun Obasanjo,Tedros Adhanom, Wolfgang Isching

Africa and the Jihadist Threat
Obasanjo, Ghebreyesus and Ischinger

The unprecedented number of jihadist attacks in multiple countries in recent months has demonstrated how vulnerable our societies have become and how transnational the threat is. No group illustrates the nature of the challenge more clearly than ISIS. From its origins as a terrorist group capitalizing on state failure in Iraq and Syria, it has spread like a virus from Afghanistan to Nigeria and carried out or inspired attacks as far abroad as the United States and the Philippines....


The Reluctant Jihadi: How One Recruit Lost Faith in ISIS
Robert F Worth

The man glanced around uneasily, and finally approached a street sweeper in a blue jumpsuit. “I want to cross to the other side,” he said. “What can I do?” The street sweeper demanded 75 Turkish lira and pointed to a small hole in the fence, not far from the main gate. The man paid him but hesitated. He had come a long way, and was now barely 10 metres from his destination: the dusty brown hills of northern Syria, where the Islamic State began. “What about the guards?” he said. “No problem,” the street sweeper replied. “Just go.” The man walked towards the hole in the gate. He bent down and squeezed through. On the other side, he began to run. One of the Turkish guards saw him and shouted. He did not stop.....


Children Should Carry School Bags, Not AK47s
Yossi Mekelberg

Armed conflict hurts not only combatants, but also civilians and in many cases the most vulnerable among them. A significant and a very disturbing case is that of child soldiers. It is unforgivable that in the 21st century children are not protected from the evils of war and even worse are recruited to become combatants, ending as both victims and perpetrators of war crimes.....


Taliban Name Afghan Spring Offensive after Founder and First Emir Mullah Omar
Bill Roggio

The “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,” the official name of the Taliban, announced the commencement of the 2016 spring offensive, and named it after Mullah Omar, its founder and first leader whose death was disclosed in the summer of 2015. A main goal of “Operation Omari” will be “clearing the remaining areas from enemy control and presence,” according to the Taliban. The Taliban announced the beginning of “Operation Omari” in a statement released today on its official propaganda website, Voice of Jihad...


Muslim Woman Prevented Second Terror Attack on Paris by Tipping Off Police about Whereabouts of ISIS Mastermind
Souad Mekhennet

The relationship between the two women in many ways reflects broader tensions in Muslim communities across Europe over interpretations of their religion, degrees of loyalty to their countries and the insidious appeal of the Islamic State.....


The Lahore Blast Dulls Pakistan’s Counter-Terror Claims
S.Mubashir Noor, New Age Islam

Every society gets the monsters it deserves, or so believes Bilal Benyaich, senior fellow at the Itinera Institute in Brussels. His pithy comment followed the triple suicide bombings in Belgium's capital on March 22. Benyaich argued his country had this coming by ghettoizing Muslim immigrants for decades and letting Brussels suburbs like Molenbeek and Schaerbeek turn into jihadist nurseries. He may well have been talking about Pakistan. Lahore bleeds, again.

Could There Be a Terrorist Fukushima?
Graham Allison and William H. Tobey

Discussions about nuclear terrorism also tend to focus on the risk of terrorists stealing weapons-grade material or making a dirty bomb. But they often overlook the danger of terrorists attacking a nuclear plant in order to set off a Chernobyl- or Fukushima-like disaster. That risk is real, however, and has been known for a while. ....


Countering Terror in Pakistan: The Battle for Punjab

Especially clobbered has been Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), one of many Sunni groups spawned in southern Punjab in the 1980s, in part in reaction to the rise of a Shia theocracy in Iran. Last June counter-terrorism police bumped off the LeJ’s leader, Malik Ishaq, and many of his top lieutenants in a single night. The police barely pretended that what they had done was anything other than extrajudicial murder......


Our Selfishness Regarding Terrorism
Hassan Al Mustafa

We should recognize that a human being is valuable, with rights and respect regardless of race, religion or colour. Terrorism violates the human values that manage relationships between societies....


Bangladesh: Reassertion of Reason
Sanchita Bhattacharya

Religious minorities are also facing the brunt of this extremist violence. According to partial data collated by Institute for Conflict Management (ICM), since 2013, six people belonging to religious minorities have been confirmed killed, but this is likely a gross underestimate. Data on the plight of minorities in Bangladesh is extremely deficient, with fitful reportage. ....


Frankenstein of the Madrasa: Jihad Has Made the Pakistan State Powerless Before the Monster It Has Created
Khaled Ahmed

The horrible scenario in the Iraq-Syria battlefield first unfolded in Pakistan. No one in the Middle East took note of it; no one analysed Pakistan. Pakistan, sunk in denial, was not able to undertake self-analysis. Foreign reporters were kicked out for predicting Pakistan’s endgame. Today, Pakistan is surprising itself on a daily basis.....


Since The ISIS Was Proclaimed In June 2014, It Has Carried Out 75 Attacks In 20 Countries: Is Terror Winning?
Talmiz Ahmad

It is clear that even as the ISIS is receiving powerful blows in its home territories from the international coalition and has even lost some major towns, it is making up for these setbacks by carrying out audacious attacks far from home, taking advantage of cadres experienced in war, terror and subversion in Syria and Iraq.....


It is a pity that terrorism is not universally opposed simply because it is terror and because it is a crime against humanity. Not all terrorism is treated equally. Some terrorist acts cause no great consternation because they are viewed as functional by some.....

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