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In northeast Nigeria the barbaric Islamist Boko Haram slaughtered many teenage boys based on their lust for killing. Currently it is known that 29 teenage boys were brutally murdered by Boko Haram but some sources state that 42 individuals perished in the latest attack by this Islamist terrorist organization. It is nothing to do with poverty because Nigerians irrespective of faith or no faith face the same problems. However, how can northeast Nigeria progress with maniac killers within Boko Haram frequently slaughtering for the pure fun of it?...


The fighter holding the microphone asked a girl no older than 5, “What do you know about ISIS?” She quickly and shyly answered, “Raqqa.” The attendees laughed and then the fighter boasted, “Did you know that Raqqa, which is ruled by ISIS, has a larger area than the state of Kuwait?”….


The takeover of the Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese state by pro-Iranian forces paints a complex and dark picture for the future. If the Sunnis continue to be excluded from decision-making, more and more young men will opt for the black flag of al-Qaeda instead. This is the shared predicament that Syria, Iraq and Lebanon face....


Pakistan Mustn’t Surrender In front of Talibans
Haider Ali Hussein Mullick

Pakistan’s luck has run out. You can sway an insurgent to fight “injustice” in a neighbouring country like India, but once his leaders feel they have impunity, you can’t stop them from acting independently or exploiting local grievances. These days, as much as the Pakistani Taliban hates Indians and Americans, they hate other Pakistanis more. Acting in tandem with Al Qaeda, the Haqqani network, Lashkar-e-Taiba and other lethal groups, the Pakistani Taliban has slaughtered Shiites, Christians, Indians, Americans, Afghans and polio prevention workers…

FATA: Pernicious Policies
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

FATA: Pernicious Policies
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

Despite sometimes dramatic declines in many parameters of terrorist violence in FATA, there appears to be little hope of a foreseeable end to the region's misfortunes, given Islamabad's reluctance to sustain operations against the entrenched terrorist networks there. At the heart of the problem is the Government and the Army's perverse perception of the 'national interest', which has sought to keep terrorist proxies alive, even while they attempt to contain the domestic blowback of this pernicious policy....


Mightier nations like the United States, India, Russia and the United Kingdom will vouch that the war against terror is easier said than done. It requires much more than lip service. The bad news last week wasn't that a quirky al-Qaeda video surfaced to give us a rude awakening. Rather the bad news was how our politicians and intellectuals were fishing in muddy water, using a time of supposedly national distress to score political points….


The Islamic Grinch Who Stole the Olympics
Nonie Darwish

As for Muslim female athletes, just take a look at the female Saudi team trying to compete while wearing their Islamic garb. While Islamic nations claim to be close brothers, female Muslim teams hardly ever compete amongst themselves within Islamic countries. Why then do Muslim countries even bother to participate with a female team in the Olympics if female sports are discouraged and are contrary to Islamic cultural norms…


“Saudi Association for Civil and Political Rights, known in Arabic by its acronym HASEM, said in a statement . . . that Saudi rulers are responsible for encouraging extremist ideology in the kingdom in exchange for retaining power and support from the religious establishment. The group said the kingdom secretly tolerates citizens fighting abroad to keep them from carrying out attacks in Saudi Arabia.”….


Taliban Peace Talks How To Make Sense, Out Of Nonsense?
Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja

Pakistan lives in self-inflicted turmoil of political and military intrigues- all deceiving all – all trying to gain their footing in the powerhouse either by attracting foreign interventions or creating catastrophic political up hazards to dismantle the fabric of the originality of the Muslim nation….


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Rising Graph of Violence
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

A significant proportion of the civilians were targeted in sectarian violence. There were 10 sectarian attacks, resulting in 58 deaths and 46 injuries, in 2012. 2013 recorded nine such incidents accounting for 51 deaths and 86 injuries.....


Jihadis Have Treated Pakistan’s Citizens and Its Security Forces like Clay Pigeons
Irfan Husain

Unable to believe their luck, the jihadis have treated Pakistan’s citizens and its security forces like clay pigeons, slaughtering tens of thousands, and grabbing control of wide swathes of territory. In the face of this bloody campaign, the state has responded with all the ferocity of a rabbit frozen in the headlights of an oncoming car....

Beard or Bread?
Talimand Khan

Taliban vigil squads beat up women in the streets and even dragged them out of their houses saying there was smoke billowing from their houses in the morning in the month of Ramzan. In the name of quick justice, both in Afghanistan and in Swat, their local commanders (mostly illiterate) were acting as magistrates, police and judges without any checks and balances. Most of their actions were motivated by personal vengeance…..


The Paradoxes of Negotiating With Taliban
Imtiaz Gul

Private TV channels provide these Taliban apologists with hours of exposure every day, enabling them to resonate what the TTP has thus far been saying only through fax and email or video messages. Isn’t the entire process like the Shin Fen talking to the Irish Republican Army for a peace deal in Ireland on behalf of the United Kingdom, or Palestinian Al Fatah representing Israel for peace talks with Hamas?....


Peace Talks With the Taliban: War or Peace
Najam Sethi

So these are the facts: breakaway Taliban groups, continuing terrorist attacks, unpredictable drones, unacceptable demands, increasing confusion and rifts among Taliban committee members. Come March, we should dig in for targeted strikes by the army and a Taliban backlash in the Punjab….

Pakistan's Moral Dilemma: To Talk or Not To Talk
Malik Ayub Sumbal

It seems increasingly clear that the conditions offered by the Taliban for a settlement might prove as exaggerated as the ones offered in Swat a few years back. And the military might not stay on-board for very long. On the other hand, the Taliban could utilise the time to gather more force and win over more people in Pakistan to pose an even greater threat. A media presence could further empower the TTP to bring out its own model of government......

Washington Finally Discovered Who’s behind Al-Qaeda
Abdulrahman al-Rashed

The U.S. Treasury dropped a bomb when it announced a series of sanctions against Iran for its involvement in activities carried out in Syria by al-Qaeda, its military wing Jabhat al-Nusra and its representative Yassine al-Souri. The U.S. Treasury exposed how funding by Kuwaiti fools is being delivered to al-Souri in Iran and transferred on to Syria. If most Sunni Muslims realised the truth about al-Qaeda and that it is linked to Iran, it would quickly collapse….

The Mainstreaming Of Militancy in Pakistan
Kamila Hyat

But the fact is that people who oppose the law of the land, who publicly say it should be overthrown, have today once more been pulled into the mainstream, enabled to address gatherings. The process seems to have gained pace in recent months – and in this there has to be a link to government policy. The argument goes that the ambiguity we have been seeing has given the Taliban space to re-organise, to stage more attacks and to speak to the government from a position of strength....


The Pipe Dream of Peace with Taliban
Khaled Ahmed

 Almost all religious organisations — most of them with street muscle and some clearly aligned with the TTP — are convinced that Sharia is not in force, and therefore the Taliban demand for dismantling the modern state is justified. An important presence on the negotiating panel appointed by the Taliban, the Jamaat-e-Islami, has however decided not to support the Taliban’s rejection of the current constitution....


Militant Leaders of All Hues Are Resurfacing To Assert Themselves and Revive the Jihad Industry
Zahid Hussain

What our political leadership does not realise is that conceding their retrogressive ideology would certainly inflame religious tensions and even lead to sectarian civil war in the country. As the state loses control, militant leaders of all hues are resurfacing to assert themselves and revive the jihad industry. This culture of militancy has to be rolled back before it is too late……


Shariah Is Not the Issue: Taliban Are into More Real Things
Ayaz Amir

The Taliban are in a war and those fighting wars are realists, not armchair philosophers arguing about theory and metaphysical subtleties. Of course they will say they are for the enforcement of Allah’s commandments but that is like the Pakistani side saying that they are for talks strictly within the ambit of the constitution. Both are rhetorical positions from which the two sides will not waver. But the focus of both sides, the Taliban more than the government, will be on concrete issues....


The grand Mufti of the Islamic world had also described suicide bombers as “robbed of their minds... who have been used (as tools) to destroy themselves and societies.”  It seemed that the Taliban terrorists instead of learning from the grand’s Mufti’s decree are still going in the opposite direction by committing suicide attacks. Their activities are part of a conspiracy to defame Islam and destroy Muslims and they are enemies of Islam and the Muslims as they commit crimes against humanity, misguide fellow Muslims especially the innocent youth.  ...


Should Pakistan Negotiate With Terrorists?
Nadeem M. Qureshi

And they also know that in the end, the TTP will have to be defeated on the battleground, not the conference room. So why are politicians reluctant to do what needs to be done? No one is quite sure about the answer….


The Who’s Who of Peace Talks between Pakistan and Taliban
Tallat Azim

Maulana Sami’s connections with Madam Tahira, formerly of running a brothel fame who once stated that the Maulana liked being in the centre of, how shall I put it delicately - things, which also earned him the nickname of Maulana sandwich. Professor Ibrahim’s affiliation with a party whose leader did not retract from considering Hakimullah Mehsud a Shaheed and the interview of Maulana Abdul Aziz in a Burqa, the attire in which he tried to escape from Lal Masjid, is still a very clear memory....


Who is the Nicest Terrorist of Them All?
Michael Curtis

President Barack Obama has declared that al-Qaeda had been "decimated" or is "on the path to defeat."  We now know that in fact, it is alive and well.  It has mutated from a single terrorist organization into one with many branches, perhaps called by different names, but nevertheless linked to each other.  It is engaged in civil war among its own affiliates as well as with its proclaimed enemies.  That civil war has come to a height with the disowning by Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al-Qaeda, of the rival group, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, normally referred to as ISIS, led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi….


Zawahiri Still a Dark Force in Global Jihad
Bruce Riedel

Zawahiri has always compared al-Qaeda to a band of knights fighting under the banner of Islam. They do not command a global army or a vast popular audience. Terrorism is not a popularity contest. Rather, the "knights" provide examples of what a few determined believers can do so as to inspire those who will come later to create a new caliphate, unite Islam, destroy Israel and drive America home broken and defeated just like the Soviet Union in the 1980s. It may all be a twisted fantasy and Zawahiri is a murderer, but the view from his hideout, wherever it is, is probably a lot different from the media speculation….

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