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It’s quite understandable then that the Kingdom should have passed a new terrorism law recently, together with several related royal decrees. So which pressing, terrorism-related concern does the new law address first? Does it ban incitement to violent jihad from the pulpit or the dissemination of Jihadi propaganda online? Nope, the leading concern of Saudi Arabia’s new terrorism law is atheism. You read that right. The world’s number one exporter of poisonous Wahhabi doctrines and of the Jihadi rabble which is the inevitable result of such doctrines considers atheists its foremost terrorism concern.....

Al Qaeda in Sindh
Ali K Chishti

Al Qaeda in Sindh
Ali K Chishti

Al Qaeda has been shifting its base from North Waziristan to the urban areas of Pakistan, and especially to Karachi, to avoid US drone attacks. In Karachi, it is in a better position to disrupt NATO supplies to Afghanistan, and plans to exploit sectarian and ethnic conflicts in the city to create a trap for Pakistan Army in Karachi –Pakistan’s commercial capital and among the most dangerous cities in the world……


Speaking Frankly About Pakistan
Tarek Fatah

“This is state sponsorship of terrorism. It’s covert. It’s been denied. Not even Western analysts agree that it’s happening on the scale we know it to be happening,”…..


Pakistan Has Had Its Own Munich-Like Moments While Dealing With the Militants
Zahid Hussain

On his return to London after signing the Munich agreement in September 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain said to a cheering crowd: “I believe it is peace for our time.” The ‘peace’ that Chamberlain claimed to have won entailed serving Czechoslovakia on a plate to Adolf Hitler. Chamberlain’s policy of appeasement did not bring peace, but plunged the world into a catastrophic war. We have had our own Munich-like moments.....


Funding System for Promoting Jihad in Kashmir Revealed
Animesh Roul

The NIA, India’s premier terror investigating agency, declared Salahuddin, his deputy Gulam Nabi Khan and eight others militants proclaimed offenders (i.e. fugitives sought in connection with a major crime of violence) and charged them with channelling huge sums of money into J&K for subversive activities. Among those charged, Dr. Dawood….

South Asia: The extraordinary and gratuitous brutality of Islamist terrorists in Syria has pushed South Asian conflicts out of the focus of international attention
Ajai Sahni

The extraordinary and gratuitous brutality of Islamist terrorists in Syria, the progressive destabilization of West Asia, as well as the cumulative disengagement of the West - led by USA - from Afghanistan, have pushed South Asian conflicts out of the focus of international attention. The process has been enormously enabled by broadly, often dramatically, declining trends in violence and fatalities in this region, suggesting a generally positive direction of change. In many theatres, virulent and enduring movements of terrorism and widespread armed violence have receded, though much remains unresolved...South Asia has tremendous potential, for development and for extreme violence. Which propensity will be realized will depend largely on the sagacity of national leaderships in each of the constituent countries. Regrettably, the evidence of the past years and decades has given little evidence of any surfeit of this attribute in the region.


Sri Lanka: Clashes between Muslim Sects, New Mosques Labelled ‘Tawheed’ With Salafist-Wahhabi Funding From Abroad Concern National Security
Camelia Nathaniel

With more people going to Saudi Arabia, they believe that whatever they see there is Islam, which is not so. We have to put a stop to these converted Islamic preachers coming into this country. I see a foul play in that as they are funded by the Israelis. When we have proper Maulavis and Ulema within the country, why do we need to bring in these converts in order to teach us Islam?”….


A Culture Of Denialism: No Terrorists in Pakistan
Khaled Ahmed

.... goes on to indict Pakistan further as an abettor of terrorism through proxy warriors it pretends not to know and claims to be helpless to curb. It pretends to “apparently” cooperate with America but covertly trains militants through its dreaded ISI to go to Afghanistan and kill Americans. She says Americans knew what its great ally was doing but refused to face up to it “for fear of setting off a greater confrontation with a powerful Muslim nation”…..

A more decisive statement of support for Jabhat al-Nusra from Bashir could have a significant influence on the Indonesian foreign fighters in Syria as well as MIT in Sulawesi. However, it could also lead to a split between Bashir’s loyalists and Santoso’s loyalists if Santoso rejects Bashir’s advice, continues to issue pro-ISIS statements and revives the vision for a pan-regional Islamic caliphate in Southeast Asia like the caliphate ISIS is fighting for in Iraq and Syria.....


Turkey, Syria and Armenians in Context
Nuray Mert

It is true that the presence of al-Qaeda and its brutal attacks plays into the hands of the al-Assad regime which is eager to define all those in opposition as “terrorists” and is trying to legitimize the brutality of the regime forces as “war on terror.” …


What frightens me the most – much more than living in a country where these threats exist– is living in a country where we think that by negotiating with our attackers, the threats will cease. They won’t cease. Negotiating with these terrorists is like being in a therapy group run by your rapist, or trying to talk to a cancer that has overrun your body. You don’t talk to cancer. When its cells divide and multiply and kill off your brave and innocent, you do not talk as if to a misunderstood child. You act or you cease to exist…..

Taliban Infighting
Zia Ur Rehman

Differences between the factions of the TTP led by Hakimullah Mehsud and Wali ur Rehman emerged over who will replace their emir Baitullah Mehsud who was killed in a drone strike in August 2009. They were compelled to reconcile when the Taliban Shura made Hakimullah the new Emir with Wali ur Rehman as his deputy. The split resurfaced when Wali ur Rehman was killed in a drone strike in May 2013, and his followers appointed Khan Said aka Sajna to replace him, without consulting Hakimullah. ….


Jam'at ul Mujahideen Bangladesh: Latent Threat
Sanchita Bhattacharya

The rising graph of fatalities in attacks carried out by these extremists since the establishment of the ICT has become a matter of immediate concern. At least 435 people - 255 civilians, 27 SF personnel and 153 terrorists - have been killed in such violence between March 15, 2010 and March 30, 2014. This has resulted in a measure of neglect as far as other terrorist formations in the country are concerned, primarily including JMB, which also has proven links with the JeI....


Is it Really Possible to Eliminate Terrorism in Pakistan? (Part 2)
Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

It goes beyond saying that the ruling party has not yet overcome its old and traditional hostile attitude towards Mr. Musharraf and this is precisely why it does not disfavour many sectarian factions including Taliban and Al-Qaida, because “hatred for Musharraf” is what both the government and the terror outfits share in common. The extremists have gone a step further and have unravelled its anti-state ideology making it explicitly clear that they can go to any extent and will employ any means to achieve its nefarious ends.....

Resurgence of Jihad Inc of Pakistan
Zahid Hussain

Our resurgent jihad factory seems to be working overtime, supplying well-trained and highly motivated fighters for the Syrian and Afghan war theatres. There’s no dearth of radicalised volunteers to take part both on the internal and external front. Though theoretically still proscribed, the militant groups are back in business exploring new frontiers for jihad.....


Global Jihadism Rising On Fringes of Indian Islamist Movement
Praveen Swami

“I take pride,” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in a June 2005 interview, “in the fact that, although we have 150 million Muslims in our country as citizens, not one has been found to have joined the ranks of al-Qaeda or participated in the activities of [the] Taliban.” Nine years on, there is growing doubt over that claim: the Internet is bringing the global jihad home for a new generation of educated radical Islamists in India…..

The Syrian Quagmire
Taha Akyol

The worst case scenario in Syria for Turkey was both the continuation of the Bashar al-Assad regime and Syria becoming a quagmire where ethnic and sectarian terror organizations run wild, like Afghanistan. Well, this has happened…..


Is It Really Possible To Eliminate Terrorism in Pakistan? (Part 1)
Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

The perception prevailing in Islamabad is that the possibility for any kind of successful talks is distant. But the Muslim League, despite knowing of its rare possibility, is all set to make it happen in a bid to perpetuate its regime. Surprisingly enough, the civil government has terribly failed to understand the reason behind the army’s declining from participating in the talks, while on the other hand, efforts are being made to convince the military leadership too. Sources reveal that the secret funds are being used as bribe to the potential extremists to pacify them for a certain period. All this news is indicative of the great distress and chaos that has wracked the country and is the stumbling block in the way of its national peace and security......


Afghanistan: Critical Cusp
Ajit Kumar Singh

More worryingly, civilians continued to face the brunt, with civilian fatalities increasing by 7.44 percent in 2013. According to United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), the number of civilians killed through 2013 surpassed civilian fatalities in all the previous years since the beginning of war in 2001, barring 2011, when the civilian fatalities stood at 3,021. UNAMA, however, started compiling data only from 2007, in which year 1,523 civilian deaths were documented across Afghanistan....

Listening to al-Qaeda
Frank Domenico Cipriani

Listening to al-Qaeda
Frank Domenico Cipriani

Would I send my brother to blow himself up and kill my sisters and brothers, children and grandparents? Would I willingly pay taxes to send drones to kill my daughters and granddaughters? I am no scholar, no expert on any religion, but if I maintained an attitude of fatherly responsibility about all of God’s children, how would it be? Would I really send my 21-year-old son to risk arrest in the name of promoting a video I clearly didn’t even take that much time to make?....


Egypt's 'Shallow State' and Hamas
Khaled Hroub

It is a basic tenet in politics that severing links with political actors is an extreme step that many countries should avoid. When these actors function in neighbouring countries, ignoring this tenet becomes an act of stupidity and comes at a high cost. By comparison, Iran has maintained its links with Hamas despite the latter's outrageous position, from Tehran's perspective, regarding the Syrian revolution against Bashar al-Assad, Iran's vital ally in the region.....


Terrorist Attack On India’s Maulana Usaidul-Haq Qadri In Iraq And Wanton Killing Of Sufi-Minded Ulema By Extremists In The Muslim World: A Probe Into The Ideological Links
Late Maulana Usaidul Haq

The nefarious series of deadly attacks, wanton killing and suicide bombing of Sufi-minded Ulema and spiritually-inclined Islamic scholars, at the hands of the neo-Kharijites, Salafists, Wahhabis and other religious goons of radicalised ideological strains, continues today unabated. To my horror, Maulana Usaid-ul-Haq Qadri Badayuni, who many of us adored as a source of intellectual and spiritual inspiration, was targeted and martyred on the 4th March of this year in a terrorist attack during his visit to the Sufi shrines in Baghdad, Iraq. He went there to visit particularly the shrine of the most revered Sufi saint Hazrat Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani (r.a)....

"We will ensure that the fight against terror is not misconstrued by Muslims in Nigeria as a fight against them. The terrorists are an influential minority who live with and claim to be Muslims but through their activities bring harm and ridicule to Muslims and the religion of Islam. Concerted efforts are being made to isolate the terrorists from the communities in which they find sanctuary,"…..


Al-Shabab and the Party Balloon Effect
Abukar Arman

This extremist neo-Islamist group represents one of two nihilistic worldviews that dominated the 21st century political discourse - global (dysfunctional) jihadism and global war on terrorism. Both, due to their applied mantra - with hammer, all problems are solvable - are destined to self-destruct....


Pakistan Still Dilly-Dallying On Crushing the Taliban
Mansoor Jafar

The decade of instability, including blasts, drone attacks and targeted killings, has thrown Pakistani people deep into a grave sense of insecurity as nearly one hundred thousand people, including security personnel and terrorists, have so far been killed. The growing sense of insecurity has generated a strange kind of sadism and numbness among the people; they have become desensitized to the everyday killings as if it is some kind of routine affair in the country......

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