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The Islamic State (ISIS) has successfully managed to radicalise and attract to its ranks several Indian-origin youth from the huge diaspora in West Asian countries, Indian security agencies have found. Refusing to speculate on the exact number of Indians who have joined the ISIS, a top intelligence official told this newspaper: “How many of Indian-origin youth have left from West Asia to join the ISIS we don’t know. We have some leads, but it is difficult to say anything conclusively now.” Already the number of Indians who have joined the ISIS has been revised from around 25 to about 40 now.


The Fuss about ISIS and What Bangladesh Needs To Do
Muhammad Nurul Huda

The inescapable fact is that the ultimate responsibility of breeding a violent culture and its multiple social ramifications shall fall on state agencies that fail to see the ominous signals of religious extremism and perhaps willy-nilly nurture and protect the so-called Jihadi groups....


Teaching Anti-Extremism in Kenya
Alexis Okeowo

“We want to give them that confidence, so that, in the event they are approached, they know what to do,” he continued. Somalis, Somali-Kenyans, Muslim Kenyans, and even Christian Kenyans were caught in a state of crisis, he observed. “If we keep quiet and don’t talk about these issues, there is a chance we will lose these young people.”....


Debate over Bangladeshi Militants' External Connections
Ali Riaz

The IS/AQIS is capable of providing additional resources and a global stage for these menacing groups. It is a matter of time and opportunity before such a tie can flourish. Therefore, it is imperative to acknowledge that denial cannot be a strategy, and that it is necessary to act in earnest....


Behind the Barricades of Turkey’s Hidden War
Robert F. Worth

The battle against the Islamic State had made the downtrodden Kurds into heroes. In the weeks and months that followed, the Kurds watched in amazement as fighters aligned with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party or P.K.K. — long branded a terrorist group by Turkey and the United States — became the central protagonists in the defence of Kobani.....


Coming To Avenge Babri, Kashmir, Gujarat, Muzaffarnagar: ISIS Video
Praveen Swami

“Do not listen to those who tell you that Islam is a religion of peace”, one jihadist says, his face digitally masked over. “Islam was never a religion of peace for even one day. Islam is a religion of war. The Prophet commanded us to remain at war until the day the rule of Allah is established”. The video mocks Muslims protesting against the Islamic State....

If extremist movements are not curbed, Bangladesh could well become an epicentre for Islamic radicalism. Given its proximity to other substantial Muslim populations in both south and Southeast Asia, the emergence of such religious extremism could have profound destabilising consequences well beyond the reaches of the country....


The Real Source of Terror in Bangladesh
William B. Milam

Some of those are a legacy of the war in Afghanistan, in which some Bangladeshis fought; others are by-products of the Wahhabi influence that Bangladeshi workers in the Persian Gulf brought back when they returned home....


We Need To Acknowledge the Link between Joining ISIS and Supporting an Islamic State
Mubaraz Ahmed

That doesn’t mean saying there is a problem with the Muslim community as a whole. Let’s not forget, they are the prime targets and first victims of Isis and their fellow Jihadis. The answer lies in combating the politicisation of Islam. Only then can we distinguish religion from politics and faith from fanaticism....

How I Survived Four and a Half Years in Captivity
Shahbaz Taseer

I often thought of my father, who had suffered political persecution in the 1980s under the dictatorship of Gen. Mohammad Zia ul-Haq. He would say physical pain touches only the surface; you must never let it break your spirit....


I Was Raised By an Islamist Terror Cult in America
Ryan Mauro

One of the first things that happened is that the sheikh married one of the girls who was around 14 years old and he was probably in his 40s. The marriage was supposed to combine our community with the sheikh’s community in Pakistan....


The phenomenon is complex and sometimes difficult to explain. But what is clear today is that combating this phenomenon requires regional and international effort, both on the military and ideological fronts. What is also clear is that crushing Daesh will not necessarily defeat the reasons for its existence....


Bangladesh: Executing the Designer of Death
S. Binodkumar Singh

However, the trend of targeting intellectuals/ activists/ secularists/ or alleged 'apostates'/ 'blasphemers', which commenced after the Shahbagh Movement of February 2013 seeking the death penalty for War Criminals of the 1971 genocide, appears to be escalating. 12 persons were killed in 2013; four persons in 2014; and nine in 2015. Disturbingly, since the beginning of the 2016...


The Haqqani Network is Pakistan's reliable card in the Afghan quagmire. That is why Pakistan has always provided the organization with a critical lifeline. Actually, Haqqanis are nothing but a sickening symptom of Pakistan's preoccupation with India and the disproportionate role of its army in national security decision-making....


Al Qaeda Turns to Syria, With a Plan to Challenge ISIS
Eric Shmitt

The evolving assessment about Al Qaeda and the Nusra Front in Syria comes from interviews with nearly a dozen American and European intelligence and counterterrorism officials and independent analysts, most of whom have been briefed on confidential information gleaned from spies and electronic eavesdropping...


The 9/11 commission did criticize Saudi Arabia for its sponsorship of a fundamentalist branch of Islam embraced by terrorists and for the Saudi royal family’s relationship with charity groups that bankrolled al-Qaida before 9/11....


The proliferation of Shia militia groups since 2003, during the course of the war on Isis in particular (with acquiescence from the US), has worsened Iraq’s problems. They are heavily armed, challenge the state and have committed sectarian atrocities against Iraq’s Sunnis. They create the space that allows Isis to flourish....


Confronting Mali’s New Jihadist Threat
Corinne Dufka

Policy circles pulsate with theories about what causes individuals and communities to support groups like Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. And for good reason: Premeditated mass murder of ordinary people in shopping malls, subways and hotels has become tragically common...


In Central Asia, Islamic State Adds a New Twist to a Diplomatic Puzzle

... a new factor has entered the calculus: the potential appeal that Islamic State (IS) and other jihadist forces might have to the Muslim citizens of Central Asia. Harsh religious repression may exacerbate that problem, because it lends credibility to the claim of IS that Muslims are not free to practise their faith.....


Against this backdrop, the recent IS-inspired attacks in Jakarta and the southern Philippines serve as a timely reminder of the threat terrorism continues to pose to South-east Asian societies....


Extremism of the Tribe
Khaled Ahmed

The Arabs, following Salafi doctrines, are offended by the following quote from his book The Muqaddimah: “It is noteworthy how civilisation always collapsed in places the Badu took over and conquered and how such settlements were depopulated and laid in ruin.”...


Do Not Ignore the Taliban
Shashank Joshi

New Delhi should deepen its ties with the government led by Ashraf Ghani as he looks to distance himself from Pakistan. But with the Taliban resurgence, India must hedge all bets...


The destruction of Aleppo is happening under the world’s watch. We pray for it to stop. For Aleppo, for our patients and for ourselves...


There are additional interesting nuggets in Lubnani’s testimony. He confirmed that al Qaeda’s senior leadership rejected the Islamic State’s Manhaj, or methodology, for waging jihad...”....


There Was Nobody to Help Me Stop My Son Joining ISIS
Kate Connolly

In cases of people who have left to join Jihadis in Syria or elsewhere, the chances of getting them back are slim, Köhler says. “Maybe 5%.” So the key is to stop them going in the first place. He recalls “night-time conversations with mothers and sisters calling to say a son is on Skype from Syria, his father is talking to him in the next room, and our job is to try to keep him chatting”. Köhler says the longer the dialogue can be kept up – talking about the family pet, fond memories of family life – the higher the chance is to save them.....


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