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The US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Their Allies Who Made ISIS Can Unmake It Also
Abolhassan Banisadr

Although ISIS is a product of the West’s policy of domination, it is also a Sunni version of Khomeinism. It was Ayatollah Khomeini who sanctified and glorified violence under the garb of religion....Khomeini implemented a doctrine of victory through terrorisation, and his regime’s ideologue, Mesbah Yazdi, has said that “if violence is the only way of achieving the Islamic goal, then it is necessary to use it”. He also said that “if, in a place like the desert where the police are not accessible, and if somebody insulted God, the prophet and Islam, then the sentence for insulting Islamic sacred is execution and if there is no possibility for a trial, then it is the duty of any Muslim to personally carry it out”....

Muslim Denial Knows No Bounds: One Way Of Dealing With Self-Styled 'Khalifa' Baghdadi Is To Call Him A Jew And A Mossad Agent, As Does Maulana Abul Irfan Firangi Mahli, But Will It Work?
Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

Is the self styled caliph of Muslims, Abu Bakr Baghdadi alias Ibrahim a Jew and a secret agent of Mossad?... Some conspiracy theorists also suggest that many ‘neo-Muslims’ coming from Jewish background have joined Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations with a motive....

However, while some find comfort in newer and newer conspiracy theories, many Muslims all over the world have responded to Baghdadi with support and acceptance, little realizing that he might be an enemy of Islam in the same way as the Saudi Wahhabi Kingdom that has by now destroyed almost all symbols of Islam's historicity....

Conspiracy theories have not worked in denying Muslim support to Saudi Kingdom; they are not likely to work in the case of this self-styled Khalifa Baghdadi. What could have worked then but was not tried with any degree of coherence and consistency and what could work now is a serious rebuttal of the extremist ideology of Kharjites and now neo-Kharjites by all sections of mainstream Islam.

There is a whole galaxy of extremist ideologues who have existed throughout the history of Islam. They cannot all be called MI6, CIA, KGB and Mossad agents. These ideologues have enjoyed varying degree of support among the masses. When the ideological mentor of Abdul Wahhab, Taqî ad-Dîn Aḥmad ibn Taymiyyah, for instance, died, while in prison for several years on charges of heresy, hundreds of thousands of Muslims turned up to pray for him, and, incidentally, he was buried in a Sufi cemetery and is still called Sheikh-ul-Islam by some.

We Muslims, at least those of us who want the community to come out of the mess in which we have put ourselves, have to recognise that we have a serious problem on the ideological plane and have to exert hard to sort it out, starting from the most basic question: who is a Muslim. A community that cannot sort out the question of who has the right to be considered its member obviously has a long way to go to join the modern world.

Please read below the Urdu translation of Maulana Abul Irfan Firangi Mahli's essay. When I read it first, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Please share your reactions with us on the New Age Islam forum.

ISIS and Vietnam
Thomas L. Friedman

ISIS and Vietnam
Thomas L. Friedman

ISIS needs to be contained before it destabilizes islands of decency like Jordan, Kurdistan and Lebanon. But destroying it? That will be hard, because it’s not just riding on some jihadist caliphate fantasy, but also on deep Sunni nationalist grievances. Separating the two is the best way to defeat ISIS, but the only way to separate mainstream Sunnis from jihadists is for mainstream Sunnis and Shiites to share power…


"We in Al-Qaeda in the Subcontinent are today fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan to make the Word of Allah supreme. This jihad will not end with the establishment of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, Insha Allah [Allah willing]. It is our hope that the blood of our martyrs in Afghanistan and Pakistan will pave the way for the liberation of Muslims from Kashmir to Arakan [Myanmar] and the establishment of the Sharia as the supreme authority throughout the Indian Subcontinent…..

No Mercy for Terrorists
Linda S. Heard

I used to try to understand the mentality of human beings who turn into monsters whose goal in life is to bomb, torture and rape innocents to achieve their political or ideological aims. Maybe they’ve been indoctrinated. Perhaps they are so frustrated with injustice or angry that their community is being repressed. Possibly, they’ve grown-up in dire poverty and act out of hopelessness. ….


Saudi Defence of Salafism: It's Not Wahhabism, But Adventurism That Is Inspiring Terrorism
Abdullah Hamidaddin

Adventurism has long been recognized as a motive for foreign fighters. The exact weight of this factor is difficult to assess for obvious reasons. Firstly it is difficult to do actual surveys for people fighting in foreign countries. More importantly, very few, if any, fighters would actually admit that their motivations boil down to an adrenaline rush. Of course not! The stated motives are always noble. I mean if one is going to go around beheading people then at least say it is for altruistic reasons! But what people say about their motives is one thing and their actual motives are another…..


Conspicuously, SFs remain preoccupied with their “kill and dump” operations, while Islamabad continues to wait out the crisis in the Province. Meanwhile, the problems deepen as legitimate demands and genuine grievances are ignored. The recent and tragic incidents targeting Punjabi settlers highlight the cumulative failures of both the Federal and Provincial Governments, in restoring peace and justice in Balochistan......

Will the Taliban Rise Again?
Dr. Robert D. Crane

Will the Taliban Rise Again?
Dr. Robert D. Crane

America has been associated with combat and chaos for more than a decade, so the average Pashtun wants peace and security through a Pashtun government, which means de facto Taliban, responsible for a large part of what geographically, is now known as Afghanistan and Pakistan. ….


Why 'Self-Radicalised' Individuals Are Increasingly Indulging In Terrorist Activities
Sreeram Chaulia

The opinions of some of these terrorists who survived or left views online reveal personal frustrations mingled with anger at the perceived injustices occurring to Muslims as a result of Western military operations abroad and the US alliance with Israel. Apart from their anonymity and nondescript backgrounds, what makes it particularly hard to pre-empt these types of attackers is that they do not necessarily have Islamic family origins…..

Pakistan Is Sliding Toward Extremism
Farahnaz Ispahani and Nina Shea

Pakistan Is Sliding Toward Extremism
Farahnaz Ispahani

The reality is that Pakistan is facing a serious problem, with the mushrooming of Islamist appeal within Pakistani society reminding us that we risk seeing the Talibanisation not simply of a small minority of ordinary citizens, but large swathes of the populace of the world’s second largest – and only nuclear-armed – Muslim country. Pakistan abounds with violent sectarian and Islamist groups headquartered in semiautonomous tribal areas….

Will Saif Al Islam Lead The Expulsion Of The ISIS Affiliate, Al Fajr Libya?
Franklin Lamb

Countless militia are forming, merging, changing names and lying low as perceived interests dictate. Soldiers of the Caliphate in Algeria was re-titled, revitalized and repackaged to enhance its appeal on social media as has the Furqan Brigade of the AQIM in Tunisia. Ansar Al-Sharia is another one becoming very active. The Uqba bin Nafi Brigade, has just declared allegiance to ISIS as has the Islamic Caliphate in the Islamic Maghreb. Al-Ummah Brigade, which operates out of Libyan coasts and airports, another is Al-Battar is attracting pro-ISIS elements….


Canada's Innocence: Ottawa Attack Will Likely Lead To Little Change
Rex Brynen

However, political leaders from all parties have been loud and clear in drawing a sharp distinction between the Muslim faith and jihadist radicalisation, and Muslim community leaders have been equally quick to condemn the attacks. However imperfect it might be, multiculturalism is deeply engrained in much of Canadian society and robust enough to withstand whatever pressures recent jihadist violence might bring…..

The Anti-ISIS Message Malala Couldn't Say In Canada
Frida Ghitis

Consider Malala's words at the U.N. last year: "We call upon all communities to be tolerant -- to reject prejudice based on cast, creed, sect, religion or gender to ensure freedom and equality for women so that they can flourish. We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back. We call upon our sisters around the world to be brave -- to embrace the strength within themselves and realize their full potential." Compare it to the ISIS appeal, "If you are not able to find an IED or a bullet, then single out the disbelieving American, Frenchman, or any of their allies. Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him."….


Islamic State and Religious Extremism
Syed Kamran Hashmi

The real battlefield did not have to be the desert mountains of Kandahar; rather, they should have been the schools, the universities, the madrasas (seminaries) and the mosques. The fight, likewise, needed to be more ideological than physically focused on raising the collective conscience of pupils above the sectarian and religious divide, teaching them to challenge their own intolerant tendencies, encouraging them to question the rigid rules of their so-called faith and even daring to take on the clerics preaching violent messages. We did nothing of that sort and now have to deal with the mindset that only worries about guns, bullets, tanks, bombs and the 72 virgins in paradise…..

Al Qaeda has been critical of the violent means targeting other sects of Muslims by jihadi groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Takfiri ideology of ISIS appears to be closer to many such groups in this region, including the sectarian organisations of Pakistan, many in the TTP and even the Taliban of Afghanistan. The odds of most of these organisations, breakaway groups and individuals being attracted to the more violent ISIS are very strong. The increasing statelessness in Pakistan and continued challenge of state building in Afghanistan are creating a welcoming space for ISIS. ISIS is the new face of violent Islamists, targeting state structures in the whole of the Middle East for control…..


An Open Letter To All Canadians – Canada Is Under Attack!
Raheel Raza

Today we have two clear options. We can either continue to believe in the handbook titled “Radicalization for Dummies” or act vague and politically correct on clear indications of where the problem originates from, or we can take immediate action as Canadians. Otherwise rest assured the rabid ideology behind acts of blatant terrorism will only grow. And when that happens, please don’t come looking for ‘moderate Muslims’ as we have been saying this since a decade and continue to stand on guard for Canada but is anyone listening?....

Ottawa Shooting Magnifies Extremism’s Lone-Wolf Threat
Joyce Karam

The lone-wolf style of terrorism, whereby one individual plans and carries out the attack, is not by any means nascent or exclusive to extremist groups such as al-Qaeda or ISIS. It is as old as Ted Kaczynski, the “unabomber,” who carried series of bombings in the United States between 1978 and 1995. It is also versatile in its roots in that it also encompasses anti-Islamist terrorists such as the Norwegian Anders Breivik who killed 69 teenagers in 2011, or the neo-Nazi Neil Lewington who is serving a life sentence in Britain……


Islamic State Recruits Loose In Toronto
Tarek Fatah

Lost in the horror of these murders that some are still referring to as a “possible” terrorist attack, was the news on Saturday that three Muslim girls of Somali heritage, who wanted to travel to the Mideast and join ISIS in Syria as wives of jihadis, were back home and free.....

Realignment of Militants
Muhammad Amir Rana

Realignment of Militants
Muhammad Amir Rana

As far as the security implications of the IS are concerned, it has created a major survival challenge for the main militant actors who could now act to prove their operational credentials. Specifically Al Qaeda and TTP led by Fazlullah are facing immense pressure. They can launch attacks to prove that they are still strong and relevant, and have the ability to lead entire militant movements in the region. At the same time, IS-inspired groups can launch movements in the IS style and try to capture towns and cities in the border regions of Afghanistan……


Without an infrastructure of political and social institutions, it will be impossible to counter the threat posed by modern terrorism. It is no use to fight a war against radicalism without first allowing enough room for non-radical action to take place. If we keep doing what we always did, we will keep getting what we always got…..


Banned religious-militant outfits are operating freely; they have established thousands of religious seminaries that inject ideological Jihadism into the minds of the children enrolled. Shockingly, there are no checks and balances on what they are teaching in these seminaries and who is funding them. According to official data on registered seminaries, out of 20,000 seminaries in Pakistan, 5,500 are operating in Sindh. However, senior local journalists and intellectuals think that the number of unregistered seminaries is around 30,000, run by Barelvi, Deobandi, Shia, Ahle Sunnat, Ahle Hadith and other sects. These religious schools and thousands of students being trained will produce Taliban-like jihadists….


What the ‘Two State Solution’ Has to Do with the Rise of Islamic Extremism: Zero
Khaled Abu Toameh

What Kerry perhaps does not know is that the Islamic State is not interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at all. Unlike Kerry, Sunni scholars fully understand that the Islamic State has more to do with Islam and terrorism than with any other conflict......


“The Quran is a miraculous book. In no sense you can touch it. In no sense can you touch any of its periods, any of its commas. Any intervention would damage the meaning, would destroy the meaning. It is very sensitive. In Arabic there are ‘hı’ and ‘ha’ letters. You can read a sentence which means ‘God created the world’ with ‘hı’ and a dot on top of it. When you omit the dot on the letter ‘hı’ the sentence would mean, ‘God destroyed the world….


The terror groups most of whom are members of the banned Jamaat-ul Mujahideen, a Bangladeshi outfit, have managed to infiltrate and start operations with the help of local support since October 2011, according to the report.  They recruited young men and women and set up several illegal madrasas in order to introduce their radical philosophy among the minority community.  The initial findings indicate that the investigating agency would require more time to unearth the real magnitude of the conspiracy hatched by terrorists in the rural belts of West Bengal…….

Burdwan Blast: Role of Jamaat-e-Islami Sympathisers in Ruling TMC Exposed

It can be said that a large network of sympathizers of Jamaat -e-Islami within the TMC kept Mamata Banerjee in the dark about the growing network of Bangladeshi militants in West Bengal who planned to punish Mamata Banerjee for her friendly ties with Sheikh Hasina who broke the backbone of terrorist outfits of her country after coming to power. The Jamaat sympathizers in West Bengal do not want good relations between India and Bangladesh while Hasina has a secular outlook and is pro-India while Jamaat-e-Islami of Bangladesh is anti-India and has a communal outlook. The West Bengal government ignored the intelligence reports and reports from Bangladesh government about the growing bonhomie between Jamaat of Bangladesh and some leaders of TMC hailing from the bordering districts of West Bengal. Therefore, it is not too late as the network has been exposed in the beginning. Both the centre and the state government should tackle the menace by taking appropriate steps to cleanse the state of the radical outfits of Bangladesh and West Bengal without victimizing and framing innocent people. The media too has to play a positive role while reporting such incidents. Only a sincere and unbiased approach can help fight the growing scourge of Islamist terrorism in the country....

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