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Islam, Women and Feminism

California shooter Tashfeen Malik attended female madrasa Al-Huda Institute in Multan
Tashfeen Malik

Eleven things women in Saudi Arabia can't do

Housewife charged with murder of two sons

Nadra records prove Tashfeen Malik's CNIC is not fake

Saudi teacher rescues five women from burning car

Once devastated, women share success stories

Girl students disappear from school, found in mall

Al-Nahda, Uber link up to offer voters free ride

American women pursue Saudi dads of their children

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Muslim women hand out roses as a thank-you for Toronto’s support

G25 wants anti-constitutional Shariah laws reviewed

Saudi teacher rescues five women from blazing car

Nigerian woman killed in election violence in Bayelsa State

California female shooter has no links with Pakistan: Nisar

EY MENA wins global women’s economic empowerment award

Duo accused of confining man, 5 women and demanding Dh15,000

California shooter studied at Al-Huda institute: teacher

KP enacting law to make education compulsory for all children

Husband-and-wife jailed for RM6.78 million scam

Shahrizat: Wanita Umno to focus on women professionals, corporate members

Juvenile, four others plead not guilty to raping 14-year-old girl

Snapchat comes in handy for female poll candidates

Call to protect salons run by women legally

46 Saudis marry African women

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This is an opportune time to ask this question. Thanks to new research, we are today unearthing a lost history of women scholars who played an active and fundamental role in the development of Islamic scholarship. Asma Sayeed, a scholar at the University of California, has resurrected some of these stories in her recent book, Women and the Transmission of Religious Knowledge in Islam.


All-female Ethopian Airlines flight big boost for women

Afghanistan celebrates the graduation of 470 policewomen

‘The Tainted Veil’: Muslim Women Confront the Power and Legacy of the Hijab

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Sharia in the UK: The courts in the shadow of British law offering rough justice for Muslim women

Let women make their own decisions in life, Khairy says

California rampage: Female shooter pledged allegiance to IS, report says

Demonization of Muslims feared

RSS body asks Muslim girls to shun talaq

Minor girl dies, four of family member faint after eating substandard meal

Ctg woman 'abducted over property dispute'

Woman sociologist removes common misconceptions about Saudi Arabia

Ovarian cancer: Learn to read the signs

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Saudi Arabia: 900 women run for office
New Age Islam News Bureau

6,917 in fray: Women pushing boundaries

Minister says waiting for AGC to decide on action against Umno woman over Quran-burning

Indian Muslim women take to Islamic fashion’s fusion of tradition and modernity

Animated times: He Named Me Malala

Appeals for a deterrent anti-harassment law

Saudi female student knifed in New Jersey

Canadian Muslim women undertake self-defense classes following wave of racist attacks

Two activists barred as Saudi women launch first poll bid

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Pregnant Muslim woman branded 'terrorist' on London bus while passengers looked on

Muslim women say urgent need for hate crime prevention in Waterloo Region

Saudi women braving odds in municipal elections

Woman killed over domestic dispute

Four Afghans among six children drown as boat sinks off Turkish coast

Maysmode — Breaking stereotypes with fashion

People face jail for refusing polio vaccination in Peshawar

Child and Women Protection Department handles 191 cases in 2015

Yemeni girl’s legs stuck in Kajang lift doors

Female professor held in murder case

AJK IIC mulls woman induction as ‘Qazi’

Gutsy woman on motorbike stops snatch thief in his tracks

Ecosystem mooted for Gulf, India businesswomen

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Train passengers stand up against racial abuse of Muslim woman

20,500 Afghan girls out of school due to conflict in 2015

British Muslim women filmed glorifying Isis and urging Muslims to 'reject democracy' in undercover investigation

Ex Muslim Author: ‘Sharia is With Us, And It’s The Women Who Suffer’

Women vs Political Islam 

120 women candidates withdraw from municipal polls

Japanese woman feared murdered, buried in B’desh

Saudi municipal elections sees withdrawal of 120 women candidates

One-wheeling injures 3 girls

Whoopi: Trump’s 9/11 Rhetoric Is Putting American Muslim Women in Danger

NYPD: Postal worker spat on Muslim woman

A Brisbane Muslim woman speaks out

Glowork wins social entrepreneurship award for female career-building platform

466,000 women recruited in private sector last Hijri year

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Muslim Hate Crimes Soar In UK: After Paris Attacks, Women Wearing Hijab Targeted By Young White Men
Saara Hameed, India's First Muslim Woman Pilot

India's First Muslim Woman Pilot Says She Faces A Lot Of Islamophobia

Saudi Arabia opens up 'dangerous' jobs to women

Girl abducted: SR1m reward offered

Actions of sex bloggers ridiculed Islam, insulted Muslims, court told

Shahbaz vows to empower women

SC to Hear Plea for Safeguarding Rights of Muslim Women

Call for separate ministry for protection of children’s rights

2nd wife, in-laws charged with ex-prof's murder

400 Fata schools facing closure under rationalisation plan

Nankana UC results held for barring women from voting

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Addressing Discrimination against Saudi Women
Samar Fatany

Those in the Shoura and municipal councils have a duty to help society evolve and support women who may be unaware of a better way of life. They should put more pressure on religious scholars to promote a more tolerant narrative which declares that it is not un-Islamic to adopt a modern lifestyle in order to serve the modern-day needs of women at work and in their homes.


Bombay High Court Relief for Hindu Youth Whose Muslim Wife Was Confined, Remarried By Family
Shukria Barakzai, Afghan Ambassador to Norway

Alarm At Rising Number of Runaway Saudi Women

Woman sans Guardian Denied Room in Furnished Apartment in Jeddah

Saudi Ministry Opens All Job Opportunities for Women

Did You Know? Malala's a Shah Rukh Khan Fan and Loved Recent Flick Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Pakistani Christian Woman Aspires For Bigger Political Role

Shukria Barakzai Appointed As Afghan Ambassador to Norway

Indonesia: Motorbike Taxis Launched For Muslim Women

Study Highlights Barriers before Women Leadership in Kingdom

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Independence brought in its wake an abortion, and sexual disease, it required a long stay at the Women’s Rehabilitation Centre in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. When contacts were established with her family, her parents went and brought her home but rumour-mongering forced her to return to the centre. She took a steno-typist’s job. She met her future husband, his parents were prosperous, one evening she told him of having been a war-rape victim but he was undaunted, he proposed, they got married.


ISIS Women and Enforcers in Syria Recount Collaboration, Anguish and Escape

4 Women Naxals Killed by Security Forces in Chhattisgarh

100 Women 2015: Desperate not to have children

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Muslim Women Hold Boston Vigil to Mourn Victims in Paris

Women Not Dictated in India, Says Union Minister Smriti Irani Drawing Flak

Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi, Worried about Intolerance, Says 'Dissent Must be Respected'

India: In Gujarat, Five Muslims Held Under Law against Child Marriage

Charismatic Aseefa Bhutto Zardari on Her Way to the Top

UK Woman Found Guilty Of PKK Terror Offenses

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The newly-independent state of Bangladesh soon followed the path of Pakistani nationalism, which meant “ruthless accumulation, authoritarian developmentalism, cultural hegemonism, selective xenophobia and frequent military rule.” But despite this, social forces emerged which set store by the nationalist paradigm, which believed in its liberatory potential of democracy and social justice; Schendel calls them “renewal nationalists.”


Girlfriend Culture against Islam, Says Pak Supreme Court
Hasna Ait Boulahcen, the Suicide Bomber

Europe’s First Female Suicide Bomber, Hasna Ait Boulahcen, Had No Interest in Religion

A ‘Love Jihad’ Ends In Peace for Couple but Many Others Feel Wounded For Life

Geeta’s DNA Sample Did Not Match with Bihar Family: Govt

Pakistani Woman Challenges Tradition through Ballot

Australian Muslim Woman Turns Hate into Something Positive

Grave of Mastani: Hindus Call It Samadhi, Muslims Mazaar

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The birth of Bangladesh, nearly four and a half decades ago, has reinstated the language to the state (the central demand of the language movement). Maybe it is high time we moved away from eulogising Bangla endlessly (we are the only nation to have shed blood for our language, our sacrifice has gained international recognition, etc) to conducting a forensic examination of the language…


Female Suicide Bombers Kill 15 in Nigeria

Senegalese Authorities Ban Niqab

Assault of Muslim Woman in Toronto Seems 'Motivated By Hate', Police Say

Was Influenced By YouTube, There Will Be A Caliphate: ISIS Sympathiser Afsha Jabeen

Woman Blows Herself Up In Paris Raid

Woman Elected Head of UAE Advisory Parliament

In Indonesia, a Motorcycle Taxi Service Targets Muslim Women

So Much for the West ‘Saving’ Muslim Women from Terrorism

Veiled Muslim Woman Attacked In Southern France

FIFA Not Ready For a Woman Head — Female Football Chief

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History as Ethical Remembrance: Dhaka University, Shaheed Minar, and CP Gang’s ‘Bessha’ Banner – VIII
Rahnuma Ahmed

The enemy is described positively in only one sentence, “the well-trained regular troops of the Pakistan army,” the rest are negative characterisations: “the bloodthirsty ruling junta,” “the bloodthirsty Pakistan army,” [a rickshaw-puller says] “those bloody Pakistani soldiers,” “twelve barbarous Pakistani soldiers,” “so-called Tiger Niazi’s Pakistani soldiers were afraid,” “we enjoyed seeing the panicky Pakistanis, who seemed to shrink,” “The young freedom-fighters, after ambushing the vehicles, charged the Pakistani soldiers. The enemy soldiers ran for their lives like scared dogs with their tails between their legs,” .....


Saudi Women Still Remain Sidelined
Yousuf Al-Muhaimeed

I would like to draw attention to a report carried by the newspapers a few days ago. The report was about a woman from the United Arab Emirates making history in the Arab world. Amal Al-Qubaisi has become the first woman in the Arab world to be elected as president of the UAE Federal National Council.


Court Refrains from Taking Any Stand on Entry of Women in Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai

Obama pledges more than $100 million towards girls and women of color

Russia: Women plotted "hand cream" bombing before Sochi

American Woman Who Dropped Out Of University at 19 Is Now Worth $9 Billion

Afghan Women’s Cycling Team in National Geographic’s Adventurers Of 2016

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History as Ethical Remembrance: Dhaka University, Shaheed Minar, and CP Gang’s ‘Bessha’ Banner – VII
Rahnuma Ahmed

The conspiracy was hatched to confuse the public. People have to be told the names of the officers who were involved in this loathsome trickery; they should be given exemplary punishment to caution all other officers… This conspiracy gives us some idea about the mentality of those who committed the crime. They must have thought that if Yasmin could be proven to be a potita, it would help lessen their crime. They must have thought raping a potita, even killing her is not of much consequence.”....


British Women Who Survived Paris Terror Attacks Say Islam and Migrants Must Not Be Blamed

ISIL Militants Caught in Women’s Clothes Trying to Flee Syria's Aleppo

Widow Admits Supporting Australian ISIS Husband In Syria

I Was Told to Cook Chapatis and Not to Be Seen Outside: Reham, Imran Khan’s Ex-Wife

Family of Rukhshana, 19, who was stoned to death, seeks justice

Wrong To Suggest Islam Does Not Appreciate Women, Says Renowned Academician

A Muslim Woman’s First Thoughts after the Paris Attacks

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

History as Ethical Remembrance: Dhaka University, Shaheed Minar and CP Gang’s ‘Bessha’ Banner – VI
Rahnuma Ahmed

Prolonged ties of solidarity are a bigger threat: Saydia, a member of Activist Anthropologist, belongs to a group of three who had filed a writ petition in the High Court seeking directives for Delwar Hossain’s arrest so that he could be tried for criminal liabilities. A young woman’s life not cocooned in class privileges is a threat to the ruling order; her active struggle for social justice must be declared illegitimate. The functionaries of the ruling class rush forward, what better means at their disposal than patriarchy’s time-honoured ideological weapon for dishonouring women?....


UK: British Woman in London Islamophobic Attack Avoids Jail

North Africa: Algeria Supports All Initiatives for Arab Women's Promotion

#WhatObamaShouldKnow about Women in Malaysia

Women Under-Represented In Malaysian Parliament

Hundreds Protest Murder of Arab Woman in Central Israel

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