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Islam, Women and Feminism

Number of Unmarried Women Sharply Rising In Saudi Kingdom, Say Experts
Pak Model Ayyan Ali

Cleric’s Fatwa Cancels Women’s Football Match in Malda, Kolkata

Female Staff At Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia, ‘Denied Salaries for Six Months’

Detained Pak Model, Ayyan Ali Spills ‘Money-Laundering’ Beans

What’s Cooking:  Women Learn To Eke Out a Decent Living in Jeddah

“Women in Black” Offers a Highly Individual Insight into the World of Muslim Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Proposed Iranian Laws Are Setback for Women
Faidza Utos Kilo,Filipino maid

Single-Hood No Longer an Obstacle for Yemeni Girls

Europe Tries New Tack to Keep Young Women from Joining Islamic State

‘Scene Unseen’ Reverses Gender Roles to Emancipate Women

Filipino Maid’s ‘Death’ In Qatif Goes Viral

Breed Or Else! Iran’s Ultimatum to Women

Muslim Women in Canada Explain Why They Wear a Niqab

Young Saudi Ladies Tell Their Business Success Stories

Women Empowerment Important To Qatar

Gazan Women Surge Ahead With Start-ups

Palestinian Women Demand Quota Increase

St. Ambrose Lecture Focuses On Women in Iran

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Can You Be an Islamist and a Feminist?
Madawi Al-Rasheed

Islamism and feminism are diametrically opposed worldviews. Arguably, Islamism is accused of sabotaging women’s emancipation, while feminism strives to liberate women from the constraints of patriarchy. Although both have gender at the heart of their activism and projects, being an Islamist and being a feminist are different matters…..


Women-Only Mosque Aims To Build Female Authority in Islam
Prime Minister Stephen Harper

What’s The Difference between a Hijab, A Niqab and a Burqa?

Polygamy Abuse Troubles Nigeria Muslims

Constitutional Court Strikes Down Absolute Headscarf Ban

France Honours Moroccan Who Was First Woman from Muslim Country to Win Olympic Gold

Muslim Women Teachers Can Wear Headscarves, German Court Rules

Indonesian Women, Children Held In Turkey ‘Heading to Join ISIS’

Canadian PM: Muslim Niqab Is ‘Rooted In a Culture That Is Anti-Women’

Women in the Muslim World Taking the Fast Track to Change

Turkey Detains Spy For Helping British Girls Join IS

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Swabi Rights Activist, Gulalai Ismail, Honoured In UK
Gulalai Ismail, Swabi rights activist

Iran Women Being Reduced To 'Baby-Making Machines': Amnesty

Defying Taboos, Afghanistan’s First Woman Taxi Driver Steers Change

Over 5,000 Saudi Women in Industrial Cities Bolster Work Force

Kenya Muslims Criticize Biased Hijab Ban

Turkish man bites off wife’s fingers during quarrel

Can’t do away with a bunch of flowers

Women Are More Dedicated To Their Work than Men

After Swallowing 68 Meth Capsules, Kenyan Woman Arrested At Airport

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Can Islam Be Compatible with Feminism?
Amitabh Pal

“I like to foreground the Qur’an’s teachings that affirm the equality of women and men as a way to counter the obsessive Muslim preoccupation with sexual inequality and hierarchy in the Qu’ran,”…..


So if we want to end men's violence against women, we must stop inflicting violence on children. Primarily, this means giving every person, child and adult alike, all of the space they need to feel, deeply, what they want to do, and to then let them do it...


UK Girls Lured By ISIS ‘Won’t Face Terror Charges’
Safinaz, the Belly Dancer

Egypt Flag-Wearing Belly Dancer Faces Jail

Saudi Women Confident Of Success despite Challenges

Second Pakistan Province, Punjab, Cracks Down On Child Marriage

Saudi Girls Can Now Take Gym Class, a Move That Is Opposed By Some Hard-Liners

Harper calls Muslim face-covering veil 'anti-women'

Police: London Schoolgirls ‘Stole Jewellery’ To Fund Syria Flight

Muslim Woman to Sue for Humiliation at French Airport

Erdogan Urges Muhtars to Protect Women from Violence

Hip Hop Hijabis: Meet the Muslim Women Who Rap In Headscarves

Helping Saudi Women into Work Is Big Business for One Man

KAEC Empowers Saudi Female Workers

Interest-Free Loans Benefit Female Saudi Entrepreneurs

Ivory Coast's Ex-First Lady Jailed Over Poll Violence

Raising Up Women in Pakistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Fifty Shades of Violence against Women
Julia Suryakusuma

Are you kidding me? What a load of crock! Fat chance of a woman in a real life abusive relationship winning over her man through “love”. In fact it’s pretty dangerous — even fatal — to suggest that women can fix broken men with enough patience and love......


Malaysian Religious Group Incensed With Muslim Girl Carrying a Dog
Dr Samia Raheel Qazi, former JI Chief's Daughter

PAS Outraged That Muslim Girl Forced To Wear Shorts

More Foreign Paedophiles Visiting Malaysia

British Schoolgirls Arrive At ISIS HQ in Syria: Report

Saudi Women’s Progress to Shoura Council in Focus

Former Pak JI Chief’s Daughter Bags CII Seat

German Woman Killed Fighting ISIL in Syria

Dedicated To the Struggles of Palestinian Women

Seminar on 'The Rights and Duties of Women in Islam' organized at Aligarh, India

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Radical Islam’s War on Women
Rola el-Husseini

Whether it is the Chechen Black Widows or Palestinian female suicide bombers in Gaza and the West Bank, radical Islamist movements have encouraged women to view radicalism and violence as a form of empowerment—perhaps a kind of warped alternative to progressive feminism…..


Indian Muslim Women Run In Burqas for Gender Equality

Official: 200 Iraqi Turkmen Women Abducted By Isis, Awaiting Rescue

Two Girls Killed For ‘Honour’ In Buner, Pakistan

Afghan Artist in Hiding after Sexual Harassment Protest

New Indonesian Draft Bill Defines Six Types of Sexual Violence

Malaysian Businesswoman Emerges Top on Australia’s List of Richest Self-Made Woman

Kelantan Issues 1,000 Summonses for Exposing Their “Aurat”

UAE Issues Decree Forming Board of Dubai Women Establishment

Iran Charges Woman over 10-Marriage Con Trick

Pak Punjab CM Announces Women Empowering Package

Women Empowerment Needed For Positive Changes to Nation: Maldives Minister

On International Women’s Day, Yemeni Women Visited resigned PM In His House

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


This International Women’s Day, Separate Islam and Culture When It Comes to Rights
Saarah Hameed Ahmed, India's only Muslim woman pil

An Inspirational Message from India’s Only Woman Muslim Pilot

International Women’s Day: Muslim Women Must Press for Their Rights

In Saudi Arabia, 2,139 Abuse Cases Filed In One Year

Foreign Women Get Soccer Stadium Nod in Iran

Female ISIS Recruiter Arrested At Barcelona Airport

'Nothing Will Stop Us': Afghan Women Cycling Team Pushes Past Roadblocks

Speakers Pay Rich Tribute to Inspiring Women on International Women’s Day In Pakistan

Families of Syria-Bound UK Schoolgirls Criticise Police

Families Must Teach Males to Respect Women

Women's Day Rally Participants Remind Indonesian House to Protect Domestic Workers

On Women’s Day, Indonesian Workers Demand Longer Maternity Leave

Moroccan Women Gear Up For Rally to Demand Equality

Palestinian, Israeli Protest Marks Women’s Day

The War with Israel’s Toll on Gazan Women

Metamorphosis – Women Who Transformed Their Lives

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Govt Can’t Stop Marriage of Minor Muslim Girls: Plea in Madras High Court
Jordan’s Queen Rania

Canadians Collect $52,000 for Hijabi Woman Victim of Discrimination

Jordan’s Queen Rania: ISIS ‘Bunch of Crazy People'

Afghan Female Artist Dons Armour to Protest Street Harassment

Case in KP: Girl to Move PHC against ‘Light’ Sentences For Rapists

Child Marriage Law in Pakistan Given More Teeth

Harper’s Niqab Ban Plays Dangerous Politics

Jezebel’s Feminist Fantasies Glorify Muslim Pirate Wonder Woman

Motherhood V Career: The Malaysian Mother’s Dilemma

Domestic Violence Advert Stirs Up Storm in South Africa

Women Underrepresented in Turkey’s Top State Posts

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


What Drives Islamic State Fan Girls

What could tempt a smart young woman to join a band of murderous fanatics who brutally oppress women, crucify their enemies and use mass rape as a weapon of war? The answer is a mix of passionate idealism….


Afghan Men Don Burqas to Highlight Women’s Rights
Pakistan Activist Tabassum Adnan

Pakistan Activist Honoured With International Women of Courage Award

Saudi Women Married To Foreigners Urge Govt to Solve Their Problems

Girlfriend of First Briton to Die Fighting Islamic State Says She Has Received Abuse

RSS Group to Address Concerns of Muslim Women

Vulnerable Women to Get Housing Services in Bahrain

Can A Good Muslim Be A Good Girl Scout?

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Marriage of Minor Girls: Muslims Can’t Rely On Personal Law, Says Madras HC
Ambreen, Britain's female Muslim boxer

Pakistan's Elite Female Force Fighting the Taliban

Play About Female Muslim Boxers in Bradford Now Showing

RI Ready to Implement Action Plan on Women’s Protection in Indonesia

Reducing Rape to a Generic Indian Male Mindset Fails Its Victims

Police Bust Muslim Gang in Oxfordshire Who Sexually Exploited Over 300 Girls

America's First All-Female Mosque Is Receiving Praise — and Some Pushback

Former FBI Informant: FBI Encouraged Me to Sleep With Muslim Women for Intel

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Is It Jihad Or Sexual Exploitation?
Abdulrahman al-Rashed

These gatherings of young fighters consider that getting women, whether through the areas they seize or through voluntary recruitment, is only for the purpose of marriage. In fact, it is not marriage in its traditional meaning, but exploitation of young girls. Militants themselves have described it as “sexual jihad.”….


Why Do European Muslim Girls Look To Islamic State For Marriage Material?
Barbara F. Walter

Many are well educated, from middle-class families, born and raised in Europe. They do not appear to be deeply alienated from society or women who could be easily radicalized. Why would young women leave London, Glasgow or Vienna to join a group that is considered anti-woman in its policies and behaviour?....


Women in Islam are thought to be subjugated, degraded, oppressed – but are they really? Are millions of Muslims simply that oppressive or are these misconceptions fabricated by a biased media?....

Breaking Taboos: First Holi Ever For Indian Widows at Vrindavan
Dr Aafia Siddiqui

Why Some Muslim Women in the West Are Trying To Pass As Non-Muslims

Five Reasons Cited For Growing Infertility among Saudi Women

More Malaysian Women Holding Management Positions

21 Saudis among 100 Most Powerful Arab Women

Stepping up Equality on Int’l Women’s Day 2015

Where Sharia Law Reigns In Europe, And the Muslim Woman Fighting it

Symphony of Soul, Depicting the Feminist Feel, Portrays Feminine Emotions

Aafia’s Release Not a Priority for Rulers: Fowzia

Zakir Naik, Who Said Muslims, Can Have Sex with Female Slaves, Gets Saudi Arabia's Highest Honour

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The Women’s Mosque Evolves North American Islam
Sheema Khan

Women’s mosques are rare anywhere in the world – with the exception of China, where female imams and women’s mosques have been in operation with little fanfare for the better part of two centuries….


Muslim Actors Marrying Hindu Girls Encourages 'Love Jihad': Sadhvi Prachi
Phiona Mutesi, female chess prodigy

'Attractive Jihadists Can Lure UK Girls to Extremism'

Majority of Women Over 15 Victims of Violence in Turkey, Survey Shows

Slaves and Wives of Islamic State Fighters are being Abused and Beaten

Muslim Women, Post-box: Islamophobic Graffiti Scrawled Across Putney Embankment

Pak Senate Likely To Clear Bills against Rape, Honour Crime

Slum Girl To Silver Screen: Phiona Is Uganda’s Chess Prodigy

UN, Malaysia Groups Seek to Repeal Fatwa Requiring FGM

Fiji National Council of Women Holds Leaders Workshop

Muslim Captain Nominated For Woman of Year in Australia

More Young Muslims Are Calling Us about Islamophobia, Warns Helpline

Johor Islamic Council Says Not Fashion Police

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

ISIS Ability to Recruit Women Baffles West, Strengthens Cause
Rania El-Alloul

Nigerian Female Bomb Suspect Beaten To Death by Mob

Hijab Must Be Removed For Muslim Woman's Case to Be Heard, Quebec Court Rules

New Arab Sports Council Set To Fight for Right for Muslim Women to Use Hijab

‘We Have Better Things to Do Than Fine Muslim Women over Their Clothes’: Johor Islamic Religious

Pak Teenage Girl Killed For ‘Honour ‘By Her Cousin

IS Backer Caught Smuggling Saudi Woman

Arrested Female Fighters Exchanged for Abducted Female Aid Workers kidnapped by Taliban

Up To $1, 000 Wage For Female Teachers in Paktika

Dream Interpretation Turns Into a Nightmare for Some Saudi Women

Many Girls in Africa and the Middle East Are Under Pressure to Leave School

Being Young and Muslim In Scotland

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


At Malala’s Citizenship Ceremony, Will She Be Forced To Bare Her Head?
Sheema Khan

You continue to inspire with your humility and courage. You provide a voice for those who have been deemed voiceless. Most recently, you criticized the Nigerian government and world leaders for not doing enough to free hundreds of school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram. In December, you and your family reached out with compassion to survivors of the horrific massacre of school children and teachers in Peshawar....


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  • On the matter of a woman's subservience to her husband in conjugal matters as reviewed and rationalized in this article, my jt publication reaches the ...
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  • Comment-2. The statement “"Hudud punishments are fixed in the Qur’an and Hadith and are unquestionably obligatory” is fallacious on two counts
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  • The purpose of the previous comment was also to show that the various sayings and reports in the form of ahadith dealing with the issue ...
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