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Islam, Women and Feminism

Sponsors in Saudi Arabia Told To Ensure Female Workers Are Fingerprinted

Two Saudi Women on Trial for Trying To Join Al-Qaeda

Jewish and Muslim Women Join at Interfaith Conference at Temple

V-P and PM of UAE to open Arab Women Leadership Forum

423 Bangladeshi Women Victims of Violence in Oct

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Women Commandos to Fight Terrorism in KP, Pakistan

'Poppy Hijab' To Mark Muslim Soldier's Victoria Cross 100 Years On

Iranian-British Woman Gets Year in Prison For Trying To Watch Men's Volleyball Game

The Story of Asia Bibi Does Not Matter In Pakistan

Women Fail To Get Jobs at Fair in Saudi Arabia

Jihadist Jane: Islamic State seeking out women

Sisters In Islam: Does Helping 10,000 Muslim Women Deviate From Islamic Teachings?

Saudi Women's Rights Activist Arrested For 'Insulting Islam'

Seminar on Women Harassment In Pakistan

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Radical Brides Are Banned From Fighting and Are Mostly Relegated To Cooking and Cleaning
Sabina Khan

Photographs of Burqa-clad women carrying AK47s and holding a severed head have been making the rounds online but these women are banned from fighting and are mostly relegated to cooking and cleaning. Some have been promised cash for each baby they produce. The IS has also assembled some of their women in an all-female unit known as the al-Khanssaa Brigade in Raqqa, Syria. Their mission is to terrorise other local women into covering themselves and preventing them from stepping out unaccompanied…..


Cosmopolitan New Afghan First Lady Backs French Veil Ban
Afghan First Lady

Boko Haram Says 219 Kidnapped Schoolgirls 'Married Off'

Candlelight Vigil Held In Reyhaneh’s Memory

Youth Kills Sister for Honour in Layyah, Pakistan

100 Women 2014: Cooking in Iraq, Egypt, Gaza and Yemen

Pakistan Women Protection Act to Be Reformed

Saudi Women-Only Shops Charged With Violations

Female Poverty in Saudi Arabia Due To Illiteracy and Lack of Education

Indian Schoolgirls Show Talent and Innovation

Who Takes The Big Share Of Marriage Expenses In Saudi Arabia?

‘Bad Hijab’ Linked To Acid Attacks on Iranian Women

Jakarta Public Transportation Not Women Friendly

Yemen Worst Nation for Gender Equality, Women Lag in Economics, Politics - Report

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Malala Donates Prize Money of $50,000 to Gaza Schools
Suaad Allami award-winning activist

Child Sex Abuse Rate Is Alarmingly High In Saudi Arabia

British Muslims Urged To Wear Headscarf

Minor Married Off For Rs 12 Lakh Property in Tamil Nadu, India

Instagram: Big business for women in the Kingdom

Muslim women’s group to challenge fatwa against liberalism, pluralism

Where's The Outrage Over Saudi Treatment Of Women?

Women on Front Lines in Syria, Iraq against IS

In the Words of Suaad Allama: The Plight of Iraqi Women Refugees

Indonesian Judges Deny Woman’s Lawsuit against Mother

Bangladesh: Women's Reserved Seats Elections in December

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Prefers Aafia to Malala
Dr Aafia Siddiqui

Malaysia's Women-Only Games Spark Ire

Racist Attacks...Aussie Woman Suffers Broken Arm

Malaysia Muslims Warned Against Halloween

Saudi Women Staff ‘Disastrous’ For Gold Shops

Female Power Dressing On Show in London

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Heartbreaking Final Letter of Hanged Iranian Woman
Reyhaneh Jabbari, hanged Iranian woman

Basketball More Than Just a Game for Saudi Women

Good Words for Malala Stuck In KP Assembly Secretariat

Conditional Recruitment for Female Expat Teachers in Saudi Arabia OK’d

Women Seek Age-Old Therapies for Childbirth Problems

Saudi Female Researcher at Leeds University Honoured

Bangladesh Cities Mostly Unsafe For Women

Good Words for Malala Stuck In KP Assembly Secretariat

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Why Saudi Women Fall Prey to the Idea of a ‘Better Life Abroad’
Yohana Susana Yembise Papuan Minister

Bangladesh Girls Speak Out Loud For Empowerment

Dozens More Girls Abducted In Nigeria

3 Muslim Women among Bihar, India, Prisoners Observing Chhath Festival

Yohana Is First Female Papuan Minister

Jokowi, Kalla Applauded For Appointing Eight Women Ministers

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Boko Haram Abductees Tell Of Forced Marriage, Rape, Torture and Abuse
Harriet Sherwood

“They and many others they saw in the camps were subjected to physical and psychological abuse; forced labour; forced participation in military operations, including carrying ammunition or luring men into ambush; forced marriage to the captors; and sexual abuse....


Pakistan: Swat’s First Woman Lawyer Shows It’s Not Just a Man’s Job
Retno Marsudi First FM of Indonesia

Women Workers from Bangladesh Welcome In Saudi Arabia

Retno Is First Female Foreign Minister of Indonesia

Saudi Women Demand Strict Anti-Harassment Laws

Escaping Boko Haram: How Three Nigeria Girls Found Safety

Pakistan: Woman Poisons Her Whole Family

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The ‘New and Improved’ Love Jihad Formula, Unethical Media and ‘Social Science’ Votaries
Nivedita Menon

Caught on the back foot by the humiliating backfiring of their fantastical Meerut scenario of ‘gang rape and forcible conversion’, in which the role of the BJP as well as of sundry Hindutvavaadi organizations in breaking up a consensual Hindu-Muslim relationship have been thoroughly exposed, the Hindu Right appears to have arrived at a new formula. This formula has made its appearance in several spaces…

Two Pakistani Girls Marry Brothers for Canada Nationality
Ambreen Sadiq, Britain's Muslim Female Boxer

Headscarf Ceremonies for Muslim Girls in Istanbul

Young Muslim Female Boxer Wants To Inspire Girls Everywhere

Women on Front Lines in Syria, Iraq against ISIS

India 'Love Jihad' Claims Fuel Hindu-Muslim Tensions

Saudi Women Driving Campaign Dropped

Women Walk past Headless Corpses in the Street without Raising an Eyebrow

Saudi Women Overcome Stereotypes With New Job

Blackmailing By Women Thrives Worldwide

Pakistan: ‘Forced Conversions, Marriages on the Rise’

Concerns over Kyrgyz Men -- And Women -- Fighting With IS

5 Outstanding Women to Inspire a Happier You Ahead Of Islamic New Year

Polygamy and Child Wives: Women's Rights Are Going in the Wrong Direction in Pakistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The Woman Who Murdered Her Alleged Rapist Has Been Executed In Iran
Iran executes Reyhaneh Jabbari

South Sudan’s Women Suggest Intimacy Strike to End the War

Boko Haram Frees Abducted Women, Girls Rumoured Married Off to Insurgents

Malala Seeks To Come Pakistan, Join Politics

U.S. Girls’ Journey to Join Islamic State Shows Travel Flaws

Colorado Girls Urged Friends to Pray For Them As They Headed To Syria

Meet Syrian Girl, the internet sensation dismissed as a Kim Kardashian wannabe

Work-From-Home Opportunities Offered To Abha, Saudi Arab, Women

Saturday Turkey Mothers Meet for 500th Time In Hope Of Finding Lost Loved Ones

WA Muslims Hold Open Day at Mosque as Women Wearing Hijab Bear Brunt of Tensions

350,000 school-aged Syrian children in Turkey, just half receiving education

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

3 Denver Girls Played Hooky from School and Tried To Join ISIS
Asma Shirazi, Pakistan's first female war correspo

In West, ISIS Finds Women Eager to Enlist

Saudi jails 4 women for preparing sons to "wage jihad, backing Qaeda"

Pakistan: For a Majority of Rape Victims, Justice Is Still Awaited

Saudi to Deal ‘Strictly’ With Female Drivers

Malawi Muslims Fight Sex Customs Fuelling AIDS

India: Chennai Public School Celebrates Malala Day

Award winner cites ‘unsung heroes’ in Pakistan press

Iran Acid Attacks: Authorities 'to Blame for Involving Islamic Law in Women's Lives'

Yazidi Female Fighter Recalls Horrifying ISIS Massacre

Egyptian Woman Arrested For 'Anti-Police' Facebook Page

Pak SC urges govt to protect lady health workers

As insurgency burns, revival of Thai south script points way to peace

1st “Muslim Women’s’ Viewpoints” Seminar to Be Held in London

Women, Children Caught in Deadly Firefight near Tunis

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Outlawed in Pakistan Shows Rape Victims' Quest for Justice
Sonya Rehman

“Talking about rape in a society that turns a blind eye to the offence not only made [Soomro] vulnerable to persecution but also her family; her brother was murdered, her father was repeatedly assaulted. The family was shunned from their home and forced to relocate to Karachi but they did not give up.”….


The Ulema’s Marriage Preoccupation
Ayaz Amir

Child marriage too in the Maulana’s opinion is justified but only if solemnised by the father or the grandfather of the girl in good faith and not as part of any ritual. However, such a marriage could be consummated – that is, the girl could proceed to her in-laws – only on attaining puberty. On such finer points of principle modern Islamic theology, in the hands of such men of learning as the Maulana, seems to turn…..


The Politics of Acid Attacks against Iranian Women
Majid Rafizadeh

“I was never more scared than I am now. I am scared of going to class, doing normal chores, driving a car, and even walking in the street. I am really afraid of motorcycles. Do you know what will happen to my life if one of these people throws acid in my face?”…

Boko Haram Abducts 60 Women in Adamawa
New Age Islam News Bureau

Boko Haram Abducts 60 Women in Adamawa
Malala Yousafzai

Four Saudi Women among 5 Jailed For Terror Links

Woman Arrested In UK on Terrorism Charges

High in Pakistan's Mountains, Women Break Taboos

In Iran, Lavish Divorce Parties on the Rise

Man in Pakistan Guns down Wife, Infant for ‘Honour’

Sindh Govt Endorses Mol’s Proposals for Women Empowerment Package

More Women Cops Need of the Hour: Pak Ex-Secy

Buses Featuring Women of the Wall Posters Vandalised By Haredi Extremists

No Celebrations for Malala’s Nobel in Pakistan For fear Of Taliban

All Female e-Mail at BHP Shows Mine Shift from Boys’ Club

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Women Cannot Object To Husbands’ Marriages: Pak CII Chief
Turkish girl Ilayda Samilgil

Rise in Divorce in Iran Linked To Growing Individualism among Women

Three U.S. Girls Caught In Germany on Way to ISIS

Saudi Woman Lecturer Ditches University Job to Join Islamic State

Saudi Woman Pleads Cases in Shariah Court

Number of Afghan policewomen to reach 10,000 by next year

Asma Al-Assad: Rise and Fall of The New Syrian Woman

Pakistani Nobel Laureate, Malala Yousafzai, Honoured In Philadelphia

Lebanon Diva under Fire over Skin-tight Outfit

50pc of Pakistani Female Doctors Never Work After Graduation

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Attack Jerusalem Buses over Ad Promoting Female Worship

Turkish Girls' Science Awards Spark Debate

39% of Saudi Women Suffer From Osteoporosis

‘Only One in Four Pakistani Schoolchildren Make It to Grade 10’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


New Religious Intolerance: The Burqa Debate and the Demands of Equality
Martha Nussbaum

So what the law has done is to single out something that is of central importance to one religion and to apply a very heavy burden to it, without similarly burdening the central and cherished practices of other religions. Indeed, it seems clear that one would not be fined for making the sign of the cross over oneself in a public place, for singing a religious hymn as one walked down the street, or for wearing any type of religious apparel other than the Burqa: cassocks, nuns' habits, Hasidic dress, the saffron garb of the Hindu priest - all of these remain unburdened. So it is neutral in one sense, but not at all neutral in another....

When Two Women Decided To Pray With Men
Anwar Iqbal

"But what we experienced inside the mosque was mutual trust and happiness. We were able to experience tranquillity and peace," said Nomani. ?? "One of the men who had admonished me, turned to me and said, 'I learned something from you today. Thank you.' Another man said, 'Sister, this is your place, you are welcome here anytime.'" "God did not strike the Islamic Center with a lightning bolt because women prayed in the main hall," …..


French Veil Ban Is Turning Muslim Women Off, Away
Asia Bibi

Paris Opera Expels Veiled Woman during Performance

Teenage FGM Campaigner Reveals the Moment That Changed Her Life

Terrorism-Themed Ads Aimed at Democratic Women Echo Bush

Kenyan Girls Trading Sex for Food - One Woman's Battle to Help

Female Kurdish Fighters Face down ISIL in Kobani

The West’s Female-Genital Mutilation Wake-Up Call

Condemned Christian Woman to Take Blasphemy Case to Top Pakistani Court

US Wife of Saudi Granted e-Mail Divorce

Australia’s Parliament House lifts face veil ban

Pakistani Women-Specific Transport Project ‘Tabeer’ Closed Permanently

ABVP: Live-in Relationships a Crime against Women; JNU Student Responds in Open Letter

Badge of Honour: KP's Female Cops Break New Ground

Sexual Violence ‘Rampant’ In South Sudan: U.N.

Acid Attacks in Isfahan Have Nothing to Do With the Hijab, Say Iranian Officials

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Image of Baby Girl Being 'Beheaded' Emerges Out of Phones Recovered from Dead Jihadists
Australia drops Niqab segregation plan

Muslim Women's Centre in Scotland Reports Rise in Number of Possessed Patients

Cooking and Killing: Islamic State Opens Finishing School for Girls

Catherine Larouche, From Canada to a Madrasa in India

Australia Abandons Controversial Muslim Veil Segregation Plan

‘Bad Hijab’ Link To Acid Attacks on Iranian Women

Measures Under Way to Help Saudi Women Work from Home

Moreland Women Gather to Show Their Support for Muslim Community

Malala Praised Abroad, Viewed With Scepticism At Home

‘Easy Taxi’ Backs Safe Commute of Saudi Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


We All Need To Embrace Our Own Heroes: Aap Ko Malala Mubarak Ho…
Maria Amir

It is an interesting corollary to observe the rise of both Malala and Fazlullah in and outside of Pakistan. One was shot and became the ‘West’s darling’ still stubbornly advocating her and every child’s right to education touting, ‘one child, one teacher, one book and one person can change the world’ and many would say she is living proof of each one of those claims. The other, the infamous ‘Mullah Radio’, who created both the space and the campaign that led to Malala getting shot, is currently the leader of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. One might say that his rise has also been equally meteoric.

Feminism and Sharia Law
Vincent Ryan Ruggiero

As is well known, Feminism opposes male domination and the political and social systems that perpetuate it and discriminate against women. In contrast, Sharia law prescribes and celebrates male domination and consigns women to subordinate status…..


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