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Islam, Women and Feminism

18-Year-Old Woman Survives Honour Killing Bid in Pakistan
Qatar Airways air Hostesses

‘Execute Her,’ Says Brother of Sudan Christian Convert

Unions Accuse Qatar Airways of Sex Discrimination

Honour Killing Case: Farzana Parveen Was Not Pregnant, Claims Police

(Mis)Use of Influence: ‘I Am Being Pressured To Withdraw My Rape Case’

After Six Years of Silence, a Women's Magazine Makes a Comeback in Iran

Meet the Pakistani Women behind the Official FIFA World Cup Balls

Only 10 Percent Saudi Investors Are Women

Saudi Men Prefer Women Work From Home

Yemen Opens Religious Summer Schools

Burma’s Move on Marriage Restrictions Spark International Alarm of an Attack on Rights of Women and Minorities

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The fig leaf morality of our politicians and their blasé attitude towards crimes against women exposes them more than it seeks to cover if the Kamduni rapes in West Bengal or the Badaun gang-rapes and killings of two sisters in UP are any warning. The common thread running through all these crimes bears out the age-old cliché of how the victims are often from the fringes of landless society and the perpetrators from the upper landowning caste with the upper hand…..


Egyptian Woman Call For Harsher Punishment for Abuse
Mayam Mahmoud, Egypt's First Veiled Rapper

Saudi Arabia Recruits 1800 Indian Nurses

Western Couple Abducted In Afghanistan Pleads For Help

Lebanon’s Myriam Klink Shoots Racy Pro-Iran Photos

Iran Media Reports Anti-Hijab Activist Was Raped

Egypt's First Veiled Rapper Is Sick of Sexual Harassment

Two Saudi Women Arrested For Alleged Polyandry

Muslim Women 'Systematically Targeted' By Cambodia Regime

Pakistan among Countries with Acute Shortage of Midwives to Cut Birth Deaths: Report

Sudan Woman’s Apostasy Death Sentence ‘Depends On Appeal’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Too Young To Tie the Knot: Ending Child Marriages
Meena Gabeena

Child marriage is one of the most prevalent forms of violence against women. It leads to estrangement from the family at a very young age. It represses individual freedom and curtails the right to pursue healthy activities or education and can also result in bonded labour, slavery, sexual exploitation and domestic violence. It has been documented as an impediment to social development for young girls. The strain on the physical health of a child bride puts heavy biological stress.....

The Bigger Story in the Real War on Women
Dr. Phyllis Chesler

But, for the moment, the Western world is looking and twittering. This kind of sea-change cannot be accomplished merely with boots on the ground or with hashtags. However, some say that the twittering and hashtags are all first steps that may lead to both local and global activism and real change. Perhaps. I fear that such isolated online activity may also render us passive and voyeuristic. ...

The Life under Hijab
Islam Telegraph

Concern of being feared can be a big obstacle for most Muslim women. Choosing one to select traditional Islamic womanly gown implies managing this feeling and scorn by means of people that miss this faith based and personal benefits of an non-Western design. Ascencio, a physical manufacture regarding GE, isn’t worried. The girl used Hijab whenever your lover interviewed for my child location four years back and remains to do so with confidence and delight…..


Some Call Huggies Diapers Ad in Israel Sexually Suggestive
Samantha Lewthwaite, White Widow

Feminisation of Pharmacies, Jewellery Stores in Two Years in Saudi Arabia

Conflicting Reports on Death Row Woman, Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, Reflect Sudan 'Confusion'

2,100 nurses coming from India and Philippines to Saudi Kingdom

Cunning White Widow ‘Posed as UN Aid Worker in a Bid to Blow up Kenyan Soldiers’

Over 4,500 Saudi Women Register For Pap Smear Screening

Iranian Media Smears Champion of Unveiled Women

Achievements Made By Moroccan Women Showcased In London

Mohammad Sijam Married 72 Times, 'TTE' Gets Jail Ticket

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Bring Back Our Girls Protests Banned in Nigeria’s Capital
Farzana Iqbal

Underage Marriage Increases in Morocco: Minister of Justice

Iranian State-run TV’s Disinformation Encourages Violence against Women

Stark Images of Bangladesh Dowry Death Reveal Severe Injustice

Up In Arms: Protesters Lament Society’s Apathy in Farzana’s Murder

8 Moroccans among 2014′S 50 Most Influential Arab Women

I Never Expected To Suffer Like This in My Life Says Chibok Girl

Pakistan’s Slow but Steady Progress on Ending Child Marriage

GCC Best Place for Mothers in Arab World

Plight of Refugee Women Stuck In Conflict Zones

Sudan Apostasy: Meriam Ibrahim's Lawyers Take Case to International Commission

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pakistan's Honour Killing Epidemic
Rabia Mehmood

How many Farzanas and Zeenats will catch the public's eye or have their murders highlighted so that we may see the perpetrators charged is a problem that unfortunately in the foreseeable future I do not see any resolution for. I am not wondering about an eradication of honour killing entirely because that would be just my fantasy…..


Stoning of Pregnant Pakistani Woman -Killing the Honour in Islam
Umm Reem

More importantly, the Islamic law of blood money is abused in order to maintain the male thrust of controlling women. When men feel dishonoured due to the actions of any woman of their family, they take the matters into their own hands by having the woman murdered by one of the male members of the family, and later the other members of the family take the blood money or “pardon” ('Efaaf) the crime, abusing the Islamic law……

The Stoning of Farzana Parveen, bashed to death with bricks by her brothers and uncles because she dared to marry of her own choice
Bina Shah

It reminds me of the famous case of Saima Sarwar of Peshawar, who sought legal help from famed human rights lawyer Asma Jehangir, in fighting her own case against her family to divorce her chosen husband and marry a man of her own choice. Saima’s mother and uncle showed up in Asma Jehangir’s office while Saima was there, and her uncle shot her in the head. Saima died, and the uncle was never prosecuted because Saima’s family “forgave” him for the crime…..


Eighty Seven Percent Female Students of Imam Saud University ‘Abused By Faculty Staff’
Rosmah, Datuk Seri Najib’s Wife

Outrage over ‘Modesty’ Signs at Saudi Girls’ Schools

DR Congo: Rape 'Routine' In Prisons

Sudanese Government Denies Imprisoned Pregnant Woman to Be Freed

The Continuing Battle for Girls' Education in Pakistan

Israel Ministers Approve Surrogacy for Singles, Same-Sex Couples

Education and Equality Rising For Women in the Middle East

Yemeni Women Fight Back Against Sexual Harassment

Jeddah: Three Girls to Get Prison, Lashes for Elopement

Pregnant Woman Stoned To Death by Her Own Husband NOT By Her Father and Brothers

Rosmah, Datuk Seri Najib’s Wife to Attend Summit, Host Fashion Show in Paris

Facebook Initiative to Help Jordanian Young People Marry

Iran to Set Up Interfaith Workgroup for Women's Issues

Archbishop of Canterbury’s Aide in Negotiation to Free Kidnapped Girls

65,000 Saudi Women Replace Male Staff in 13,000 Accessory Shops

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Many people believe that the Islamic veil represents extremism, that it is a symbol of oppressing women. In April 2011, we saw France becoming the first European nation to ban the wearing of the veil in public. Several other countries, like Germany, Italy and Belgium among others, took inspiration from France and passed legislations banning the ‘Hijab’. The irony is that even in the so-called Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a few schools forbid the wearing of the veil......

The Death of a Woman and Pakistan
Feisal Naqvi

What I can speak to is the aftermath. Right after the killing, there was silence. As much as I detest suo motto actions, this was perhaps one moment when the chief justice of Pakistan should have demanded answers. But he didn’t. Even the chief justice of the Lahore High Court, the head of the august institution to which Farzana had turned for justice, said nothing.....

14-Year-Old Pakistani Wants Her Father Punished For Forcefully Marrying Her Off
Nahla Al-Anbar

Sudan: Woman on Death Row to Be Freed     

Female Activists ‘Doing Harm To Women’s Rights’: Nahla Al-Anbar

Pakistani Female Civil Servant Challenges Termination

Saudi Couple 'Breastfed by Same Woman' Ordered To Separate After 25 Yrs

Jolie in Crackdown on Sexual Violence in Conflict

Women Workers Must Dress Modestly: Saudi Ministry

In US and Abroad, New Focus on Anti-Women Violence

Israel's Female Combat Soldiers Complete Training with 20km March

Female Boxing Kicks Off On Small Scale

Afghan Girls Strive For a Bright Future at Refurbished High School

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

A Province for Women
Rafia Zakaria

A Province for Women
Rafia Zakaria

One of the first stories written in English by a South Asian woman was Rokeya Sakhawat Hussain’s Sultana’s Dream. This piece of science fiction imagines, delightfully, a world where women and not men dominate the public space, with the latter confined in Purdah. In this blissful world, there is little crime, and much peace and harmony......

Pakistan: A Country of Dead Women
Rafia Zakaria

In the aftermath of the grotesque stoning, that grim indictment of a country that no longer knows moral outrage, whose institutions exist only to pad the pockets of its most perfidious, the question is not about family honour or apathetic police. The question is instead, whether as a country, Pakistan can consider to put in place a moratorium on stoning…..


Photo of Israeli Couple Kissing During Meeting with Abbas in Ramallah Sparks Uproar
Indian Film Actress Monica

Saudi Religious Police Arrests 60 Female Students for Attending Mixed Party

Indian Film Actress Monica Converts to Islam and Quits Films

Iran Population Drive Bugs Women’s Rights, Health Advocates

Standing by the Education Rights of Schoolgirls

Niger Sees First Slavery Conviction over 'Fifth Wife'

‘Loud Minority’ Opposes Saudi Women’s Employment, Lobbyist Says

Women from Broken Homes More Prone To Domestic Abuse

One Man, Two Wives and Many Accepted Forms of Violence in Pakistan

Islamic Childhood Centre Open To All Cultures

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Qatar ‘Dress Code’ Gets Wide Welcome
Lubna Olayan

Saudi Arabia Should Recruit Expat Female House Drivers

Arab Women Make the Cut on Forbes Power List

Saudi Businesswoman Olayan among 100 Most Powerful Women

Sabahi Daughter Says Father Fought ‘Unequal’ Election Battle

In Pakistan, 1,000 Women Die In ‘Honor Killings’ Annually. Why Is This Happening?

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Female Soldiers Join Army Ranks in Somalia, Break Barriers in Islamic Society
Basmah Omair, CEO of Khwailid Centre

Four Nigerian Girls Escape Boko Haram Captors: Official

Saudis Back Women's Role in Public Life

Stoning In Pakistan Renews Rights Rhetoric

Saudi Arabia Said To Ban Women from Working at Night

Apostasy Woman in Sudan Sentenced To Death Forced To Give Birth 'With Her Legs Chained'

Drive-By Targeting Muslim Women May Be Hate Crime

Female Pioneers in the UAE Urge Women to Play a Role in Society

Women’s Rights in Brunei Are Highly Threatened – ASEAN Women’s Caucus

Second Season For Abu Dhabi Sports Awards for Women

Pakistani Female Judokas to Help Indian Athletes Prepare For Commonwealth Games

Iranian Women's Magazine Zanan Makes Comeback

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Rebelling Against Abuse, Afghan Women See Signs of Change
Alissa J. Rubin

For some here, the case illuminates both the promise and the limits of Western-inspired protections for women. A dozen years ago, there would have been no women’s shelter here, nor female police officers to hear testimony in such cases. But despite those changes, many Afghan women are still being abused with impunity…..


Chhattisgarh HC: Muslim Women Can Claim Maintenance under CrPC
Marian Taher Al-Saleh, Saudi female broadcaster

Ban The Bikini! Kuwait in Nudity Crackdown

Italy's Far Right Protests Muslim Women Swim

Muslims Protest Christian School in Jerusalem over Hijab Ban

Iran’s Population Drive Worries Women’s Rights, Health Advocates

Dr. Khoja Receives Youngest Saudi Female Broadcaster, Marian Taher Al-Saleh

Crime-busting Saudi female investigators now an ‘urgent need’

Saudi Women Hit Back At Twitter Critics

Imam Prays For the Girls of Nigeria

Women in Iran's Factories Face Hardship, Discrimination

156 Children Sent Back To Mukkam Muslim Orphanage

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Girl Stoned To Death outside Lahore High Court for Love Marriage
Meriam Ibrahim, Sudanese Woman

Facebook Campaign to Punish Immodest Iranian Women Vanishes

Social Stigma, Religious Culture Hinder Women’s Sexual Health, Says Hope for Women

Afghanistan's Women Emerge

Nigeria: Al-Habibiyah Women Wing Tasks Govt on Security

Quota for Women on Boards of Family Businesses Urged

Divorcees Complain Of Legal Costs

Paid Nursing Time for Mothers of Newborns under Study

‘57% of Women in Arab World Motivated At Work’

Sudanese Woman Sentenced To Death for Apostasy Gives Birth

Textbooks Must Reflect Appropriate Values In Child's Mind

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Bangladesh: A Praiseworthy Bid to Make Girls Self-Reliant

Two Women Shot Dead For ‘Honour’ In Mardan, Pakistan

Finnish Muslimahs Come Together To Raise Hijab Awareness

Muslim Groups Join In ‘Jihad’ To Outlaw Female Mutilation

Impart Islamic Education to Girls: Dukhtar-e-Millat Chairperson

Principal in Australia Transfers Students for Wearing Hijab in School

Voices Raised For Return of Abducted Nigerian Girls

Experts Want Saudi Women to Handle ‘Sensitive’ Work

Saudi Businesswomen Like To Invest In Education

Jordanian Women Raise Academic Bar

Female Genital Mutilation in Western Countries

Nearly 370,000 Kids ‘Will Miss’ Pakistan Polio Drive

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


I Am Not Dishonourable, Debased and Contemptible
Juggun Kazim

The word Beyghairat stuck in my head. I gave my friend Ejaz Haider, a famous journalist and television anchor, a call and asked him to explain the word to me in English. This is what he said: “Beyghairat has a particular meaning that no word in English can really capture. The closest that comes to it is ‘dishonourable’. But in reality, Beyghairat is a combination of dishonourable, debased and contemptible.”....

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