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Islam, Women and Feminism

Pakistani Islamic Clerics Say Transgender Men and Women Have Right to Marry

Taliban Chief Talks about Reforms Including Women’s Rights in His Eid Message

Iranian Women Say They Can’t Attend Volleyball Matches

Lebanese Christian Women Take Up Arms to Send Jihadis 'Straight to Hell' After String of Suicide Attacks

Donald Trump Condones Supporter's Request to Fire Muslim Women Border Security Staff Who Wear 'Hibi Jabis'

Minnesota Woman's Al-Shabab Guilty Plea Unveiled, Linked To Virginia Terror Case

Easier to Spot a Liar in a Niqab, Says Study Challenging Canada’s Courtroom Ban On Muslim Veils

Meet the first Arab woman to scale the seven summits

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Will a Ban on Triple Talaq Truly Change the Life of a Deserted Muslim Woman?
Nausheen Yousuf

I learnt about the various legal strategies a woman can use if her husband sends her a Talaqnama. This led me to joining Majlis Legal Centre after my graduation in 2006. Since then, I have been litigating on behalf of (predominantly Muslim) women. It is through this process of interacting with Muslim women and securing their rights that my understanding of Muslim law has evolved....


Switzerland Denies Muslim Girls Citizenship After They Refuse To Swim With Boys At School

Death Threat Issued Against Bangladeshi Writer Taslima Nasreen

Chicago Police Tackle, Strip Search Fasting Muslim Woman

Banned from Stadiums for Being a Woman in Iran

Lower Austrian Swimming Pool Bans Burqinis

Donald Trump Says He'll Consider Replacing Hijab-wearing TSA Agents with Veterans

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Swiss Court Fines Muslim Man For Blocking Daughters’ Swimming Lessons

Muslim Women Do Not Feel Secure In Britain: Report

Muslim Women Also Ask For 'Birthing Pants' During Check-Ups

Record Number of Women Terror Suspects Arrested In Britain

Life on the Frontlines with the Peshmerga's Female Fighters

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The Idea of the Hijab
M Aamer Sarfraz

Females in some Hindu castes in India also practiced a form of Hijab called Ghoonghat that might pre-date Islam. In Jewish tradition, cursed was the husband whose wife’s hair was seen, as it was believed to invite poverty into the house.  Similarly in Christian tradition, a woman without head-cover dishonoured her head and it equated to her hair being shaved off....


Royal Revolution as Indonesian Sultan Taps Female Heir

Yazidi Women Graduate Peshmerga Training to Fight Islamic State in Iraq

Britain Probes Sharia Courts' Treatment of Women

Female Genital Mutilation Cases Increase Due to Migrants

Missing Cape Women: ‘I Can’t Rule Out Isis’

Fundamental rights as much for Muslim women as for others

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Two Women Appointed As Shariah High Court Judges in Malaysia
Rafidah Abdul Razak and Suraya Ramli

Malaysian Gov't Plans To Allow Only Female Doctors to Assist In Childbirth

Yazidi Victim Demands Genocide Trial for Islamic State Leaders

Volleyball In Iran: A Litmus Test for Women’s Rights

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Release of Seven Damietta Girls Monday

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On the one hand, women’s rights are curbed in the name of maintaining status quo and on the other; they are looked upon as sole flag bearers of community identity, often finding themselves trapped between either being loyal to their religious identity or working towards their desire to claim equal rights and freedom, both within and outside of the community...


Why Should Muslim Women Leave The Fold To Be Treated As Equals?
Zakiya Soman

Trupti Desai Seeks God’s Blessing Ahead of Bombay HC Verdict on Women’s Entry In Haji Ali Dargah Case

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Gods Hate Women, Specially Menstruating Women: Taslima Nasreen Spew Venom Again
Taslima Nasreen

Turkey's First Lady Meets Businesswomen to Support Girls’ Education

Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute Delivers Hampers to Newcomers

I'm A Muslim Woman Who Refused an Arranged Marriage to Train with the British Special Air Service

Pak panel says conversion of women from other religions to Islam ‘un-Islamic’

Angelina Jolie and Muslim Women Speakers at Islamic Centers

Aaisha’s Ramadan Diaries: On Muslim Women, Samoosas, And “Breaking Stereotypes”

Muslim Woman Who Sued Restaurant for Discrimination Gets Surprise

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Why Islam Needs Feminist Voices to Counter Misogynistic Interpretation of Quran
Rafia Zakaria

All of these scholars are wrong. Since the mid-to-late 20th century, female Quranic scholars, including the American Muslim feminist Amina Wadud, have revealed how an application of the hermeneutic principles of the Quran, where the text is interpreted as a whole rather than individual verses, invalidate these existing translations....

Café Countersuit Accuses Muslim Women of ‘Civilisational Jihad’

Why This Sudanese Activist Works For Women's Rights: 'I Remember the Look in Their Eyes'

Queer Muslim Artist Saba Taj Sees Her Art as an Act of Resistance

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Muslim Women Pilots Allow To Wear Hijab
Muslim Women Pilots Allow To Wear Hijab

Dearborn: Group of Women Establishing Social Services at Islamic Institute

Sylvia Blyden Wants More Muslim Women to attend Hajj

Muslim Women Kicked Out Of US Cafe Accused of ‘Civilisational Jihad’ By Lawyer

A Women’s Rights Champion Is Arrested and Jailed. What Will Canada Do?

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Pak Panel Says Conversion of Women from Other Religions to Islam ‘un-Islamic’

Women Slam Muslim Clerics Over Triple Talaq in Lucknow

Kyrgyz women find true calling

Angelina Jolie and Muslim Women Speakers at Islamic Centers

In honouring strong Muslim women, Edmonton school names send powerful message

Muslim Women Tipped On Dress Code During Ramadhan

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This Woman Discarded Her Traditional Clothes in Protest at ISIS Former Islamic State Sex Slave Tells Congress the Terror Group Must Be ‘Terminated’
“This outfit is a fraud - it is a deception”-Radi Suleiman

Twitter Trolls Are Reporting Middle Eastern Women Who Support LGBTQ Causes, Punishment Could Be Death

In Canada, Muslim Woman Attacked In Supermarket, Pig’s Head Left at Mosque

Thousands Shared This 'Perfect' Story about A Man Confronting A Muslim Woman on A Bus – But Is It True?

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Albinos, Pregnant Women Life in Danger for Rituals-Islamic Cleric

PPP Condemns All Kinds of Violence against Women: Zardari

UK Muslim Woman Defended By Fellow Passenger against Man on Bus Who Demanded She ‘Speak English’

Indian School in Kashmir Bars Muslim Female Teacher from Wearing Burqa

‘Muslim Feminist’ Inspires Georgia High Schooler’s Winning Essay

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Muslim Women and Some Challenges
Nikhath Fathima Suhail

Islam gives women all rights necessary for a dignified living; it also gives them the right to leave a marriage that is not conducive to her. In Islam, there is no Pathi Parmeshwar; neither is there a need to placate the greed for dowry. The fact that women perpetrate these malpractices as mothers and mothers-in-law, or simply fall prey to age-old practices of ritualistic traditions, is their own folly....

The Unkindest Cut
The Economist

The Unkindest Cut

FGM is one of the toughest social norms to change because a girl’s marriage prospects depend on it. Many parents know it is harmful but have it done for fear that they or their children will be ostracised...

Why Triple Talaq Needs to Be Abolished
Zakia Soman and Noorjehan Niaz

Why Triple Talaq Needs to Be Abolished
Zakia Soman

The stone-walling of the reform by few orthodox Muslims has not allowed any improvement or amendment to the Shariat Application Act, 1937. As a result, Muslim women suffer in matters of triple Talaq, Halala, polygamy, custody of children and inheritance despite highly just and favourable Quranic injunctions....


Over 350 Ezadi Women Freed from ISIL in Fallujah

Malaysia: A Second Wife for RM3, 500?

This Guy, Azad Chaiwala, Has Set Up a Dating Site to Help Men Find Second Wives

Muslim Woman Deluged By 'Hate Tweets' After Helping Homeland Security Panel

Sayeeda Warsi quits leave campaign over 'hateful, xenophobic' tactics

Women in Islam: Role of Women in Family and Society

This Muslim Organisation’s Campaign for a Ban on Triple Talaq Is Commendable but Blinkered

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Politician of Jamiat-ul-Ulema-e-Islam (F) Threatens to Rape Marvi Sirmed on Live TV Talk Show

Pregnant Woman, Husband Killed For ‘Honour’ In Pakistan

UAE Opens Doors To Women In Business

Triple talaq is un-Quranic: Zakia Soman

Arab MK Haneen Zoabi Betrays Israel to Join another Gaza Flotilla

Delhi NGO Gives Muslim Girls Who Had Dropped Out Of School, A Second Chance

At Higher Education

Pakistani Woman Tortured By Family for Honour, Cutting Her Hair and Blackening Her Face for ‘Honour’

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Muslim Women Swabbed For Explosives at Italian Airport ‘Because Of Their Hijabs’

Pakistani Woman Arrested For Killing Pregnant Daughter over Love Marriage

Geelong’s Muslim Girls Share Ramadan Learning with Schoolmates

Pakistani Man Beats Sister to Death over Marriage Argument

Nationwide Children’s Paediatrician Discusses Being a Muslim Woman in Central Ohio

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Pakistan’s ‘Disobedient’ Women
Khaled Ahmed

What should Pakistan do with these “disobedient” women? The Council of Islamic Ideology, a constitutional adjunct to the government, last month came up with the answer: Their husbands can beat them up, albeit lightly, if they think they are being disobedient!...


Women in Islam: The Modern Age Demands a New Understanding of the Role of Women in Family and Society
Syed Kamran Hashmi

And if we read the Holy Quran thoroughly, understand its spirit and implement its laws we would not only find answers to all our concerns but also reclaim our past, a past in which new ideas and scientific research was streaming out of many Muslim heartlands.


ISIS Actively Recruiting Non-Muslim American Teen Girls for Marriage, Domestic Attacks

Pakistan Government's Islamic Advisor Defends the Right to Beat Woman for Refusing Sex

ISIS Beheads 4-Y-O Girl Then Forces Mother to Soak Hands in Daughter's Blood

Family 'kills seven months pregnant woman for honour' near Gujranwala

Bulgaria Follows France and Netherlands in Move to Ban the Veil

Elegant Simple Silk Dresses for Muslim Women

How One Muslim Entrepreneur Is Making It Easier To Work Out In a Hijab

Ibtihaj Muhammad on the Future of Muslim Women in Sports

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  • The way SULTAN SHAHIN is defaming islam, if i start just qouting Vedas, what can i expect from Hindus. They would abuse me and label ...
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  • Has writer tried his hand in the field of satire, or was he really serious about this article? I am very confused.
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  • There is no reason to “wonder”. The Ulema ARE the clergy, clever operatives and traders (2-79) of the CHURCHES....
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  • those that are engaged in the study of unicorns can never find common ground.'
    ( By hats off! )
  • Asking Trump to not recognize Jerusalem as Israeli capital is not Jew hatred. Both Israel and Palestinians have claims on Jerusalem and its status  is to ...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • The Ulema have always been bigots. Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi, the king of all bigots, was a contemporary of Akbar who was the most secular of ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • The advice to keep away from people who are at war with you is good advice for all times but who these people are will ...
    ( By Naseer Ahmed )
  • You do not need but the world need every one to support pluralism. Without the overall support at humane level we think it is not ...
    ( By Zubair Ansari )
  • Dear Hats off! I am lost with your comment. You don't seem to appreciate the historical underpinnings of the warning and are giving it an anti-Semitic ...
    ( By muhammad yunus )
  • France Warns Trump Against Recognising Jerusalem As Israeli Capital" jew hatred and anti-semitism are the european gifts to the jews.
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    ( By Ajoy Chakra )
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    ( By Kartikaey Pulkit Mishra )
  • This post is not from a muslim. Although his name looks like a muslim. Actually he is an agent and his only mission is to ...
    ( By Pervez Ahmed )
  • Beautiful, I entirely agree with Ghulam Mohiyuddin. It does not mean that " Nauozibilla" we want changes in Holy Quran.
    ( By Nizam Elahi )
  • #सच्ची_घटना एक गांव में राजपूत, ब्राह्मण, बनिये, तेली, हरिजन आदि जातिके लोग रहते थे, सभी मिलजुल कर शान्ति से रहते थे। एक दिन गांव के ...
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  • (Abusive word deleted..... Editor) moron... Rss ka chmacha'
    ( By Nayeem Lone )
  • This man is paid agent of Jews and defame, muslims and Islam. It is his carear goal, and he has nothing to do with any ...
    ( By Manzar Khan )
  • Mollah All though the issue s are very surprising ly controversial issues,but needs a proximity of its aspirants annalicies,,to finds outs the deviattion,,&it's deterrent ...
    ( By M A Ohab )
  • Now today...islam is same word to terrorism..'
    ( By Arkajyoti Batabyal )
  • The main cause of hate mongering is the quranic division of Muslim vs kafir !!  It creates a superiority complex among the muslims and they consider ...
    ( By Deep Krishna Sharma )
  • Like every religion, reforms in Islam is met with resistance. I don't get the countless justifications that many Muslim columnists offer against the abolition ...
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  • eeing some of the comments from diff experiences. Knowledge and the truth is a process to refine. every body got ideas...
    ( By Kolipaka Sudeep Kumar )
  • Very good article. keep on intellectual brain storming. As all we need to love - peace - respect each other along with human development. Education ...
    ( By Kolipaka Sudeep Kumar )
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    ( By Syed Qamar Anwar )
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  • sideways is the best way forwards
    ( By hats off! )
  • @Abdeen Mukhtar Ahmad That is why there are more kafirs in this world....
    ( By Rohin Dhar )
  • Idol worship and idol thought always create schism. No need reformation in Islam. Such a pure religion. Hindus have many idols they must reform their ...
    ( By Abdeen Mukhtar Ahmad )
  • @Ghulam Mohiyuddin Consensus is necessary but there are 2 forms of consensus - Among various different....
    ( By Deep Bhatnagar )
  • In real sense Islam has been captured by silly Moulanas who are using...
    ( By U.p. Ojha )
  • This is a well argued and well written article. It is time for Muslim intellectuals to look inside their hearts and decide what...
    ( By mohammad imran )
  • This is the best explanation of Al wala and Albara.
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