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Islam, Women and Feminism

Women Caucus: ‘Amendments to Child Marriage Act On the Cards’
Maryam Nawaz

Malala Backs FGM Campaign in Britain

Muslim Woman's Headscarf Pulled Off By Sweden Airport Staff

Expats Can Now Marry Saudi Female Orphans

Kim Kardashian Wades into Syria War Debate

Afghan Woman Bids for Power to Halt Slide in Rights

Iraqi Law Would Legalize Marriage for 9-Year-Old Girls

NGO Persuades Muslim Women to Vote in Agra, India

Concern That Afghan Women's Rights Will Be Sacrificed as Part of Deal with Taliban

Scrap the ‘Anti-Women’ CII, Demands Sindh

Lebanon Makes Domestic Violence a Criminal Offense

Jewish Woman among First to Wed in Same-Sex Ceremony in UK

Maryam Nawaz Mulling Formal Jump into Politics

First All-Girls School Inaugurated In Richardson

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Before Blaming The Islamic Council, Look At Your Own Nikaahnama!
Sarah Alvi

If the Nikaahnama survives the Council of Islamic Ideology’s (CII) recommendation, perhaps you can ask the Maulvi Sahib present at your Nikah not to cross out the section that talks about your rights under the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961. If he still insists, ask him to put it against question number five of the Nikaahnama which asks, “Whether the bride is a maiden, a widow or a divorcee?” Tell him if a man is not asked a similar question at the time of the Nikah, a woman should not either……


“Ask For ‘Permission’ Before Taking A Second Wife? That Is Out Of The Question!”
Shakir Lakhani

When the law was enacted, Islamic scholars like Maududi, Noorani and Mufti Mahmud were active politicians. None of them objected. Therefore, it was assumed that the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 was in accordance with the teachings of Islam. So, what made the current head honcho of CII claim that there is no need to ask your wife if you want to take another one?....


Pakistani Girl and Her Mother Put Selves in Cage to Protest against Release of Her ‘Rapists’
Leyla Imret, 27-year-old candidate, Turkey

Muslim Women Offer Prayers at This South India Temple, as Part of an Age Old Tradition

New Course for Professionals to Treat Victims of Sexual Abuse in Arab Sector

Adoption of Muslim Girls Problem Due To Lack of Community Interest in UK

‘A Simple Wedding Brings In Most Blessings’, Says Maulana Nadvi

Girls Netted For Prostitution in Banda Aceh, Loitering, Attire

Saudis Married To Foreign Women Can’t Enter Military Academies

Female Saudi Personal Trainers Want Own Academy to Improve Competitiveness

French Headscarf Ban Defies FIFA Laws and Reopens Political Debate

HR Activists Protest against CII Remarks on Child Marriage

Woman Arrested For Smuggling Drugs into Saudi Arabia

KSA to Appoint 100 Women as Paramedics

UK Muslim Women Want Their Voice Heard

Iranian Woman Spared Stoning For Adultery

Swazi Women Bearing Kids With Asian Men

Spotlight on Palestinian woman honoured by White House

Turkey: South-eastern town elects 27-year-old female candidate for mayor

Headscarved Mayor on Return to Turkish Municipality Where She Was Once Fired

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Girls Fight for Their Rights
Gordon Brown

I brought messages not just from Malala, but from her two friends who were also shot in that tragic bus massacre two years ago –– Kainat and Shazia –– and who will now be joining our organisation “WORLD AT SCHOOL” in a round-the-world campaign to highlight the struggle being waged by girls in every country.....


Muslim Women in the Islamic World
Camille Phillips

“These are all different women living in different patriarchal structures,” she said. “A woman in Pakistan has different rights than a woman in Morocco. A woman in Morocco has different rights than a woman in Saudi Arabia. A woman in Saudi Arabia has different rights than a woman in Yemen…and we are quite wide spread. We are 1.5 billion people in the world today.” And those different rights often come from cultural traditions overlaid by misinterpretation of the Quran, said Afridi…..


Grave Site of Girls Slain For Honour in Pakistan Found
Sri Lankan maid gets SR22, 600

Jihadists Seize 'Brides' From Syrian Schools

Femen Stages Bare-Breasted Protest against Turkish PM

Video of Egyptian Schoolgirl Dancing Goes Viral

Tanzania: Educating Girls Protects Them from Early Pregnancy

Bill Related To Child Marriages Generates Heated Debate in Pakistan

Saudi Women 'Ready For Top Cabinet Roles'

Late Marriages Plague War Weary Kashmir

How A 12-Year-Old Homeless Girl Helped More Than 400 Children Find Safer Shelter

Months after Escaping Entrapment, Pak Women Await Justice

‘Enslaved’ Sri Lankan Housemaid gets SR22, 600 in Unpaid Wages

Are Female Students Safe In Egyptian Universities?

Specialisations up Wages of Female Expat Teachers

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Does The Quran Allow Wife-Beating? Not If Muslims Don't Want It To
Ayesha Chaudhry

Many Islamic scholars have quietly been offering compelling non-violent and non-hierarchical interpretations of 4:34 for years. One alternate reading posits that if a couple experiences marital troubles, they should first discuss the matter reasonably. If that does not resolve the problem, the couple should experiment with a trial separation. If that fails, the couple ought to separate, but if it works, then they should have makeup sex. This alternate interpretation works with the Quran’s original Arabic, which lends itself to multiple, equally valid readings….

Blonde Iraqi Candidate with Pink Lipstick Gets Lambasted
Ashwaq Talib Iraq Candidate

Female Circumcision on the Rise in U.S

Islamic Cleric Caught Slitting Girl’s Throat in Ibadan to Exorcise

Kuwait Judiciary Has "No Plans to Hire Women", Chief Says

Pakistan Women Activists, Religious Parties Differ On Domestic Violence

Afghan Women Leaders Fight for Rights In Terror-Hit Land

Indonesian Women Candidates Get Help from Government

Iranian Women Tell Of Being Imprisoned For Faith

Sharia Law Just Means Less Human Rights Especially For Women

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Saudi Princesses 'Seek Obama's Help for Freedom'
Alanoud AlFayez, Saudi king's ex-wife

Girls 'Treated as Cattle': Child Brides Divide Pakistan

Yemen’s Child Brides and Beggars Fend for Themselves

Morocco: Let’s Talk Calmly About the Marriage of Minors

Saudi Women Renew Push for Right to Drive Ahead Of Obama Visit

The Custom of Vani: Girls Pay the Price for Crimes Committed By Men of Their Family

UNICEF Calls to Focus More On Specific Needs of Women and Children

EDL March on Peterborough Again Over 'Muslim Grooming White Girls' Claims

Poll: Women’s Discrimination High in North Africa

Indonesian Women Marginalized At the Polls Too

The Space between the Hijab and Niqab Is Where Our Anxieties Lie

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The Fascinating Tale of General Rani
Nadeem F. Paracha

Her real name was Aqleem Akhtar. In the late 1960s she began being called General Rani (the Queen General). Between 1969 and 1971 she was considered to be perhaps the most powerful woman in Pakistan. A muse and mistress of Pakistani dictator, General Yahya Khan, and many-a-times the main brain behind the swinging General’s regime, General Rani was the person a number of bureaucrats and politicians approached when they wanted Yahya’s attention….


Many Wives, No Problems
Rafia Zakaria

Azhar Haidri is a man in love. Azhar Haidri is also a man of compromise. He loved one woman; but his family wanted him to marry another. As the television viewers who watched it all unfold may have told you, his was not an enviable choice. Since the happiness of all, himself and his family was a high priority for him, he did what a Pakistani man can do; He decided to marry them both……

‘Assaults, Insults, Sly Remarks and Threats’: She Is Racially Abused Every Day
Angelina Jolie

CAR's Christian Militia Enslaving Muslim Women

Pak Woman Kills Two Minor Daughters to Save Them from Prostitution

Angelina Jolie in Bosnia on Mission Against Rape In War

Controversy over an Assyrian Woman Marrying a Muslim Man

Female Saudi Student Invents Nanotechnology Vest

Women Can Play Larger Role in Iranian Economy

Women’s Movement in Iraq Faces Setbacks

Syria's Islamist Rebels Force Christian Activist to Wear Veil

Why Ipas Is Wrong To Say Legalising Abortion Worldwide Would Save Lives

Refuge Centre for Muslim Women on Hume Council Meeting Agenda Tonight

Blasphemy Case: Aasia Bibi’s Appeal Adjourned

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No Medical Care for Woman with No Mahram in Saudi Arabia
Marvi Memon, Pak Legislator

‘I Had To Terminate My Pregnancies Because I Was Carrying Girls’

Eight Pregnant Women Arrested In Nigerian 'Baby Factory'

A Call for Universal Access to Safe, Legal Abortion

Companies in Saudi Arabia Still Want Guardian’s Permission to Employ Women

Shoura Urges More Benefits for Female Breadwinners

Marriages down, divorce rates up last year in Turkey

Pak Legislator Demands Stricter Punishment for Child Marriage Because Of Health Risks

Pak Women MPAs Design Gender Responsive Plans

Google Sued By Anti-Muslim Film's Actress Again

Jimmy Carter Calls Sex-Selective Abortion the ‘Worst Human Rights Abuse

Afghan Women Compete In Cricket World

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Saudi Women: What a Difference a Decade Makes
Sabria S. Jawhar

When I returned from England in 2012 with my postgraduate degree, I felt I was returning to a different world. It was a world where Saudi women suddenly took control of their destiny and realized that while marriage was still a priority for many, life didn’t necessarily begin with starting a family, but feeding the brain....


Fear of Being a Woman in Pakistan
Yasmeen Aftab Ali

She sat on the floor, the tiles hard and cold under her feet. Her knees drawn up to her chin, arms wrapped around her legs. In spite of the cold, she felt sweat dampen her back and armpits. The hair at the nape of her neck stood up. It was fear. Pure, unadulterated fear. She had switched off the TV many hours ago but had been unable to switch off the fear.....


India: Village Mahapanchayat Bans Girls from Wearing Jeans
Princess Haya bint Al Hussein

American Medical Student Auctions Her Virginity for 250,000 Pounds Online

Free Morning-After Pills, Condoms for UK Schoolgirls

Two Women Killed For Honour in Wazirabad, Pakistan

American Woman Says Man Called Her 'Terrorist,' Tried To Run Her Down

Women Suffer More in Conflict Zones: Princess Haya

Pak’s Film Actress Meera Faces Arrest over Leaked Sex Video

Women Rights in Post-Revolution Yemen

Pak Minister Appeases Hardliners on Child Marriage Bill

Govt Develops Cold Feet on Women's University in Rae Bareli, UP

Saudi Girl Students Start Project to Assist Blind in Shopping

Elderly Women Learners to Benefit from Hafiz (Unemployment Allowance)

Nirbheek, World's First Gun for Women, To Be Launched Today

Carter Speaks Out On Religion and Equality for Women; Slams Sexist Biblical Interpretations

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Jordan Court Rules Women Who Don't Wear Hijab Are 'Sluts'
Wendy Alexander, Associate Dean

Woman May Divorce Man in Jail: Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate

Pak Civil Society Concerned About Recent Violent Crimes against Women, Girls

No Saudi Nationality for My Daughters, Says Shoura Member

Makkawi Women ‘Enrich the Holy City’s History’

Moroccan Artwork Highlights Traditions of Eastern Women

KSA Women Seek Parity with Men: Member Shoura Council

UK Muslim schoolgirls get a taste of food business in visit to Subway store

Play in UK tells of Bengali women raped by Pakistani army during 1971 war

WFP, Balochistan Govt to assist malnourished kids, women

Women Activists Are the Bravest and Most Visible Right Now

Unveiling The Face Of Women In The Middle Eastern Business Landscape

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Paedophilia: At Least 60 Percent of Afghan Women Married As Children
Jood Al-Harthi

The Afghan Policewomen Taking On the Taliban

Saudi Woman Selected For UN Meet

Saudi Girls Receive Premarital Training

Female Teachers Face Sexism In British Schools

Saudi Arabia Vows To Create More Jobs for Women

Gender Inequality in Morocco Continues, Despite Amendments to Family Law

Human Rights Defenders Call for Protection of Women against Violence

Team Wears Hijab Headscarves In Support Of Muslim Teammate Banned From Match

Catholics Nuns in Niger: Serving the Poor in an Islamic Country

Topless Femen Protesters Get Dragged Kicking and Screaming Out Of Islamic Week Meeting

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Women in Purdah Were Much like Caged Animals, They Paced Their Cages, They Stalked Their Prey and They Wasted Away
Rafia Zakaria

...women in Purdah were much like caged animals, they paced their cages, they stalked their prey and they wasted away and eventually becoming dependent on their male captors. In that dependence, was the Purdah’s key to insuring that they could never unite against their real enemies. Indeed, the scheme of survival was arranged such, that women competed with each other for access to and influence over men.....

India: Mewat School Gives Wings to Muslim Girls’ Dreams
Malala Yousafzai

Nearly 4,000 Treated For Female Genital Mutilation in London

FGM First UK Prosecution Follows French Example

Religion in Feminist Movements Explored In Pakistan

Malala, Aitezaz among others to be lavished with Civil awards

Law on Polygamy Passed In Kenya

Author Condemns Islamic Extremists for What They Have "Done To Young Girls"

Islamic Radicals Behead Two Christian Women in Somalia

How "Progressive" Is Jordan Now? New Court Ruling On Women May Suggest Otherwise....

Afghan Women Need More Female Judges and Prosecutors to Get Justice - Report

Turkey's Women Were Heard In NYC

Sudanese Women Progress in the Field Of Education

Football Proving Popular For Palestinian Women

Saudi Women Designers to Set Up Plant to Make Clothes

Hijab Design Takes Centre Stage at Tokyo Fashion Week

Fast-Paced ‘Parkour’ Offers Outlet for Iranian Girls

Border Guards launch female maritime safety body in Jeddah

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Al-Qaeda Women Become Active on Music Sites
Shamim Kiyani Pak Senator’s Ex Wife

Women's Council Fights Pakistan Abuses

60% Pakistanis Believe Women Should Leave Jobs for Family’s Sake

Saudi Women’s Venture Plans to Turn Mud into Money

11pc Children Out Of School in Lahore: Report

Pak Senator’s Ex-Wife Attempts Suicide

Iraq Child-Marriage Bill Sparks Outrage among Human Rights Groups

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With the advent of Islam, the darkness of that era vanished and Allah enjoined kindness, love and compassion towards girls. Taking good care of girls was encouraged, as was giving them special attention in the process of their upbringing. In fact, Islam has designated a special reward for raising them that is not granted for raising sons…..

Let’s Protect the Rights of Men: Arab Women’s Rights Activist
G. Willow Wilson

Swabi Women Demand Exclusive Parks

Egyptian Fights for Women's Equality

Saudi Woman Wins 20-Year-Long Fight against Jeddah Mayoralty

Meet G. Willow Wilson, the Muslim Woman Revolutionizing Superhero

Muslim Women Congratulate Shiekh Lemu

Secretary UMSC Stresses Girl Child Education

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Egyptian Women Dream of a Harassment Free Future
Ahlya Fateh

In our home, Saturday morning lie-ins are sacred. After five days slaving at the office, Mama is owed a morning of Dolce Fa Niente. However, like clockwork I am woken at some God forsaken hour by my six year old as she whispers in my ear, “Mornin’ Mama! Can I play with your i-phone please?” My grunt is taken as assent and as she tiptoes out of our room with her treasure, I call out, “no YouTube!” After all, she is only six years old and I don’t want her seeing anything inappropriate…..


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