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Islam, Women and Feminism

NASA Scientist Names Asteroid after Malala Yousafzai
Malala Yousafzai

Religion No Bar For This 11-Year-Old Hindu Girl

Courageous Legal Challenge by Child Brides in Zimbabwe

Facebook Post Ends Filipina’s Rape Ordeal

New Video Shows Women Jihadis Firing Machine Guns In Syria

Kabardino-Balkaria Police Foil Recruitment of Female Militants to Syria

America Is the Real Terrorist, My Boys Are the Best: Boston Bombers' Mother

Muslim Woman Tries to Close Thrace’s Sharia Inheritance Law Loophole

Aisha Buhari: A Charming First Lady In Waiting

KCB Denies Female Journalists Were Forced to Wear Hijab during Launch

April 13: Iranian Journalist to Shed Light on Compulsory Veiling

Students and Alumni Band Together To Rescue Girls from Human Trafficking in Africa

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


My Unveiling Ceremony
Mona Eltahawy

I chose to wear the Hijab at age 16, soon after my family moved from Britain to Saudi Arabia. I wanted to save my sanity, and so I struck a deal with God: I’d cover up, as I was taught a good Muslim girl should, if God would save me from a breakdown that I was sure would come in that country where women were considered the walking embodiment of sin....


11,000 Girls in Odisha, India, Are Mothers before 15: Study
Ahlam Ahmed, New York City Fire-fighter

Saudi Children between the Ages of Seven and 13 Used As Drug Mules

Rape and HIV a Common Reality for Young Swazi Women

Yazidi Girls 'Raped In Public' and Sold To Isis Fighters before Release

Victoria Council Slammed For Asking Non-Muslim Women to Wear Hijab to Raise Awareness

Abortion Rates Going Up As Only 31% People Use Contraceptives in Pakistan

Lahore Gets First Women-Only Auto-Rickshaw to Beat 'Male Pests'

Why Divorce Is Complicated For Orthodox Jewish Women

Ahlam Ahmed Determined to Become New York's First Female Muslim Fire-fighter

Khap Panchayat Bans Army Jawan from Marriage over Dowry in UP, India

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


King Mohammed VI Wants More Women Scholars in Morocco’ Religious Bodies
King Mohammed VI

3 Women Join Islamic Centre of Tucson’s Board of Trustees

Recent Muslim Marriages in Singapore See Decline in Divorce Rate

Tanzania: Adolescent Pregnancies Remain Perilous

Saudi Businessman Starts Campaign to Help Female Convicts Marry

Kansas First State to Ban 'Dismemberment Abortions'

Outrage as Saudi Father Lets 8-Year-Old Daughter Fire Machine Gun

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Feminism in a Man’s World
Ayesha Siddiqa

I also realise that in today’s Pakistan, feminism is considered as bad a word as ‘liberalism’. I will not be surprised if after reading this some pretentious analyst will trash feminism as an extension of liberalism....


An Islamic Reformation Is the World’s Best Chance for Peace
John Lloyd

If a young woman, before her marriage or after it, is found to have had sexual relations with another man not her betrothed, she is sentenced to be stoned to death....

Shoura Rejects Women Ambassadors
New Age Islam News Bureau

Shoura Rejects Women Ambassadors
Muslim students at Ball State University in Indiana

UN and AU Work in Partnership to Empower Women in Africa

More Than 100 Women Vie For Women’s Excellence Award in Saudi Arabia

Hijab Introduces Islam to Indiana Students

Practicing Islam at A Catholic University: 'I'm 1 Of 5 Hijabi Students on Campus'

Duty and Discrimination: Life for Foreign Women in IS

Recent Muslim Marriages Buck Divorce Trend

Saudi Sports Fans Rally to Help Impoverished Girl in Twitter Snaps

Women Who Survived Rwanda's Genocide Share Their Stories of Hope and Transformation

World's Leading Islamic Clothing Firm Opens First Boutique in London

‘When Girls Used To Follow Hindu Culture There Were No Instances of Rape’: Goa Minister

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

I suppose I’d been brainwashed with the lure of magic and sparkles and the simplicity of a sharp distinction between good and evil. I was too in love with the message of hope and the promise that good always prevails if you try and try again to really see the world for what it truly was – dark and dingy and all fifty shades of blah....


Islamic law prescribes a number of formalities in divorce, considering it as an undesirable act while on the other hand, the marriage contract is simpler. However, in our society, it is just a proposition because culture and religion are merged in a way that they have become inseparable. Therefore, culturally, women are expected to be a passive partner in the marriage contract or in case of divorce....


Divorced Muslim Women Entitled For Maintenance under Indian CrPC: SC
Aizzah Fatima, New York-based writer/performer

Omani National Held in Hyderabad for Marrying Minor Girl

South African Teen 'Recruited On Social Media' Stopped On Flight from Joining IS

Students Give out Hijabs for Islamic Awareness Week

Unveiled: 'Nobody Expects Muslim Women to Be Comedians'

Feisty Hashimpura Women Script Their Own Destiny

Yazidi MP: Islamic State Holds 4,000 Yazidi Women

Saudi Newly-Married Couples May Get Financial Aid to Cut Divorce Rate

Afghanistan Failing To Protect Women's Rights Activists, Report Says

Breast Milk Sold Online Often Contains Cow’s Milk: Study

Women Empowerment: Sindh Commission on the Status of Women

Developing Kelantan More Central to Islam than Hudud, Women’s Group Tells PAS

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Terror Cases Allege Women Wanted To Fight, Not Wed Fighters
Women to Vote in Jeddah Council Elections

Somalia: Kenyan Women En-Route to Al Shabab Arrested in Wajir

UNHCR: Chibok Girls May Have Been Slaughtered in Bama

Kenyan Peacemakers Raped Somali Women-HRW

Boy, 14, And 16-Year-Old Girl Arrested In UK on Suspicion of 'Preparing For Acts of Terrorism'

Women to Vote in Jeddah Council Elections

Iran Relaxes Ban on Women Attending Men’s Sports Matches

Afghan Woman Killed By Mob Becomes Icon for Justice, Rights

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


In the case of young girls, Ms. Zia makes the interesting point that it is the sense of gender equality and freedom — an element of British law — that inspires in young British Muslim women the desire to go to Syria like their male counterparts. “The images of beheadings and executions and torture are not shown to the girls. What they see are images of people doing charity work, or images of girls on horseback with weapons.....

Swat's Tabassum Adnan Dedicates Secretary of State Award to All Women
Maryam Siddiqui, Twelve-year-old

Afghanistan's Daring, Taboo-Smashing Feminist TV Drama

Israel Arrests Female Palestinian Lawmaker, Khalida Jarrar

Muslim Girl Wins Bhagavad Gita Contest, Says 'Humanity Is the Ultimate Religion'

Indian Muslim Women Sing Sohar on Ram’s Chhathi, a Festival

Philadelphia Woman Arrested For Planning To Join ISIS

Sindh Police Appoints First Female Spokesperson

Three Weeks as an Islamic State Captive – One Woman Tells Her Story

India’s Census 2011 Data: In 33% Marriages, Women Weren't 18

Unprofessional Media Studies Target Saudi Women

How Jihadi Bride's Family Sought Help from Hard-line Isis Apologists Cage...Not Police

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Can Marriage Deprive Women of Their Religion? Parsi Woman Asks Indian SC
Hanane Mehdi, Canada-based Le Journal de Montreal

France Bans Super-Skinny Models In Anorexia Clampdown

Isis Posts Dress Code for Muslim Women on Billboards in Mosul

U.S. Woman Accused of Trying To Join, Martyr Self for ISIS

Photo of another Syrian Girl ‘Surrendering’ To Camera Released

Woman Recounts Being Attacked On Montreal Subway ‘For Wearing Hijab’

200 Women Varsity Students to Run PTI’s Election Campaign

50 Years of Self-Representation in Saudi Women’s Art

Psychologists Say Teenagers Are Easily Captured By the Adventure ISIS Promises

The Baby Names That Dubai Happens To Loves the Most

Health of Women to Boost Economic Status of Family

How Iranian Women Are Using Sharia to Their Benefit

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Australian Isis Widow Tells Girls ‘Lifestyle’ In Caliphate Is ‘Amazing’
Ghoncheh Ghavami, Iranian-British woman

Working Has Become an Economic Necessity for Saudi Women

Muslim Girls Writing WASSCE Not To Take Off Veils – WAEC

New York Women Charged In Bomb Plot: Reports

Unconventional All Women’s Mosque Opens in Los Angeles

Spain Sentences Mother to Jail for Helping 16-Year-Old Twin Sons Join Isis

Arab American Women Event Raises $10,000 for Cancer Fund

Meet the Women, Cicek Derek, Taking the Battle to ISIS

Iranian-British Woman Pardoned For Tehran Volleyball Protest

‘Children Shouldn’t Be Married Until They Attain Mental Maturity’ Says Sr. Member Pak CII

Women Hail Joint Arab Action

The Kids Brainwashed By Boko Haram Were Silent For Good Reason

Of Marriage and Singlehood: A Look at Gazan Women's Plight

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Islam-Fearing Tajikistan Says Hijab Is for Prostitutes
A Tajikistan girl wearing Hijab

Delhi HC Helps Muslim Woman Live With Hindu Husband

Anti-Child Marriage Act Prevails Over Muslim Personal Law: Madras HC

From Brides to Battlefield, Women Taking Up New Roles with ISIS

Islamic Extremists Killing Captive Women in Nigeria

In A Room above a Mosque in Ghana, Teen Girls Code Their Way to a Brighter Future

‘Honour Crimes’, the Saddest Way to Dishonour a Family

Saudi Sisters Launch Middle East’s First Cat Café

This High School Senior Wants to Become NYC’s First Female Muslim Firefighter

At Christian Fashion Week, Modesty Is One Policy

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pakistani Man Sells Daughters to Pay Jirga Fine
Zehra Duman, Islamic State Widow

70 Women, Including 9 Schoolgirls, Left Germany to Join ISIS

Child Marriages Still Widespread In Rural Areas in Bangladesh

Islamic State Widow Zehra Duman Lures New Jihadi Brides to Syria

Female Wing of Jeddah Municipality Offers Superb E-Servives

Muslim Women across East Lancashire Reject ‘Barbarism’ Of Islamic State

In Thailand’s Muslim South, Authorities Turn a Blind Eye to FGM

Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Iran: Facts And Figures

Saudi Female Students Present Research Papers On Several Pressing Issues

Pak Children Assembly Pays Tribute to School Attack Victims

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Misogyny in the Name of Religion
Sana Saleem

The most recent poster child for this misogyny is Maulana Sherani, of the good old Council of Islamic Ideology. He’s back with yet another statement on marriage, divorce and all things women….


Giving Women less Inheritance than Men Normal: Sümeyye Erdoğan
Sümeyye Erdogan

Isis: Blindfolded Couple Being Stoned To Death for Sex before Marriage

Iran: Proposed Laws Reduce Women to ‘Baby Making Machines’

Morocco Confronts Abortion Taboo with Proposed Reform

Two shot dead for ‘Honour’ in Pakistan

190 Policewomen Assumes Duty after Completing Training in Turkey

Saudi Govt Eyes More Suitable Environment for Female Teachers

China Sentences Couple to Prison for Beard and Burqa

Dateline Explores Transgender Culture in Indonesia

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


When Will We Reclaim Islam’s Spirit of Justice and Respect for Women?
Samar Fatany

The present laws that govern the lives of women in Muslim communities do not accurately reflect the teachings of the Holy Qur’an....

Islamic State Recruits Syrian Women in Al-Bab
Ruth Colian, Ultra-Orthodox Woman

500 Yazidi Women Rescued From Islamic State Captivity

A ‘Moderate’ Imam of France Claims ‘All Women Are Selfish’

With Men Out Of Work, Syrian Women Become Sole Providers

Ultra-Orthodox Woman, Ruth Colian, Fights for Representation in Knesset

Iran Holds First Ever Fashion Week

An Empowered, Persecuted Arab Woman, As a Violin in “One Thousand And One Nights”

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Indian Muslim Women Praise ‘Imam-e-Hind’ Shri Ram
Nailah Al-Attar, Saudi Social activist

Saudi Women in Security Positions Challenge Stereotypes

Overcoming Challenges: 'Pakistan Girls Have To Walk the Extra Mile'

Syria Trio’s London School Linked to More Girls Trying to Join Daesh

Banned in Kenya, LGBT Film Tells Tales of Taboo Love

IS Female Brigade Packed With British Jihadi Brides and Sex Worker

Saudi Women Voice Their Importance in Times of Instability

Why It's Wrong To Underestimate the Islamic State's Female Recruits

Pittsburgh Muslim Women’s Association Holds Fundraiser for Needy Women

South Africa: Multi-Party Women's Caucus Says SA Must Be Rid of Homophobia

Asian Women of Achievement Awards 2015: Meet the Accomplished Females Who Are Flying High And Mighty

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pregnant Muslim Woman in France Attacked For Wearing Headscarf
Insha Afsar, Pakistani Girl

Liberian Women Seeking Gender Parity in Constitutional Review

Fortune Ranks Surabaya Mayor Risma among World’s Greatest Leaders

Nigerian First Lady Wrong to Claim 70 Percent of Ministers Are Women

Nigeria: Arise Women Takes Preventive Healthcare to Schoolgirls

Pakistani Girl Who Lost a Leg in 2005 Earthquake Competes In Ski Race

Muslim Women’s Association of Pittsburgh Holds Fundraiser for Needy Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The Farkhunda Shame: an increasingly misogynistic interpretation of the Quran is becoming the norm
C Uday Bhaskar

Blasphemy laws as well as the punishments awarded for ostensible religious transgressions in Islamic states and societies have become particularly harsh in the manner in which they victimise women. Tribal societies exhibit levels of discrimination and cruelty that go against the canons of the modern liberal order and an increasingly misogynistic interpretation of the Quran is becoming the norm....

Kenyan Women MPs Wants DPP to Probe Sexual Harassment in Parliament
Lena Mamoun Abdelgadir, British medical student

Saudi Women Looking Forward to Municipal Elections Which They also can Fight

Saudi Education Ministry to Open Nurseries at Girls’ Schools

Arab Women's New Face in the Knesset

'Violent Attack' On Sydney Muslim Woman Highlights Reports of Islamophobia

UK King’s Surgeon’s Daughter ‘Brainwashed’ Before Going to Syria, Says MP

In Chitral, Home Is the Opium Den for Women and Children Braving Cold

Pak Minorities Suffer Due To Lack of Family Laws

Egyptian Mother Who Spent 43 Years Living As a Man Honoured As the 'Ideal Mother'

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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