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Islam, Women and Feminism

No Honour in Honour Killing: Recovering Shame as a Moral Force
Kwame Anthony Appiah

Among moral philosophers, the idea of honour - of earning the respect of people whose judgment you care about - is not riding high these days. It has an uncomfortable connection to old hierarchical codes at odds with our democratic values. Its appeal seems primal, pre-rational. Wouldn't it be nice to think that rational moral argument, not this antiquated legacy of our carnage-ridden past, could be the engine of moral progress? But that is not how cultural change works…..


DKNY’s Ramadan Collection Shows That Muslim Dress Means More than the Burqa
Bina Shah

Well, Ramadan may be dedicated to spiritual practice, but Muslims are raised to celebrate it, and to bring a joyous spirit to the entire month, enjoying its blessings and benefits. Yes, we’re encouraged to spend our money on feeding the poor, on donating to charities, and to concentrate on God, rather than our wardrobes. But in Muslim countries, many people buy the entire years’ clothes for themselves and for their loved ones; even this act can accrue blessings because it occurs in such a holy month…..


Young Iranian Women Pictured With Plunging Necklines and In Strapless Dresses
Felixia Yeap, Ex-Playboy Bunny

ISIS Wanted To Take Us to Mosul, We Refused, Say Stranded Indian Nurses In Tikrit

Pir Beats Woman To Death While ‘Saving Her From Demons’: Pakistan

Feeling ‘Reborn’ As a Muslim, Ex-Playboy Bunny Insists On Keeping Chinese Name

US Woman Accused Of Supporting Insurgents in Iraq and Syria

Nurse in Trouble over Sexual Assault Complaint against J&K Official

Women-Only Beach to Open In Bahrain

5 Saudi Women Agree To Marry AIDS Patients

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The term Hijab is often translated to mean veil or barrier. Hijab is a rich concept, but one important clarification that needs to be made is that the concept of Hijab applies to both men and women. Unfortunately, Hijab has come to be known only as a headscarf that some Muslim women wear, but the Hijab is more broadly understood as the practice of modesty....

The Abu Dhabi Fatwa Call Centre Where Women Have the Answers
French Burqa ban

What Links Hyenas, Shaved Heads and Child Marriage in Malawi?

‘Blind Faith Demon’ Claims Girl’s Life in Pakistan

Fearing Of Accusation Prevented People Helping Young Girl in Yemen

French Ban on Face Veils Upheld by European Rights Court

Even 10-year-olds Responsible for Anti-Muslim Abuse in United Kingdom

$ 275,000 Project to Aid Young Widows and Orphans during Ramadan!

Iraqi Militants Move Nurses to Hospital Basement

QAU Ignores Harassment Law, Orders Probe under Old Rules

UK: Uphill Battle in Fight against FGM

Africa: Religious Women Have Stake in Conflict Resolution and Peace-Building

Iraq Evacuation Impossible, Indian Nurses in Tikrit Trapped In Basement

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No Second Wife, Please
Jyoti Punwani

When the Bhartiya Mahila Muslim Andolan started working on codifying Muslim personal law, they weren’t sure whether to ban polygamy, or make it conditional. Senior lawyers pointed out that despite bigamy being an offence, Hindu men continued to take a second wife. These women didn’t enjoy the status of a wife, whereas even the fourth wife of a Muslim man had that status. But the final draft of the new ‘Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act’, released in Mumbai on June 18, makes polygamy illegal…..

Turkish Women Establishing Political Party
Turkey's new Woman Party (Kadin Partisi)

Female Prisoners in Egypt Suffer Rampant Abuse

Syrian Women Refugees Suffer In Jordan

New Video from Yemen Explores Women’s Role in the Security Sector

Yemeni Women Receive the OBE Award by Queen Elizabeth II

Women and Children Bear the Brunt of Iran's Grim Public Executions

Marriage Registration Discount to Be Given To Female Religious Seminary Students

Iraqi Women, Girls Face Further Violence, Exploitation during Crisis: UNFPA

Nigerian First Lady Urges Moslem Women to Reflect On New Ways to Peace, Harmonious Co-Existence

Trafficking In Women Will Be Hard To Curb

Portland Is Ground Zero for the Best Women’s Soccer in the World

UK University launches scholarship to honour slain Saudi student

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When the Spaniards came, the Latin American societal system experienced an abrupt change. It was because of this abruptness and shock that many people were not able to let go of their centuries old traditions so easily The effects of colonisation caused tremendous damage to the fibre of the family structure and have caused economic upheaval in society in terms of religion and class.....


Saudi Women Too Are Crazy about World Cup
Kerry Kennedy

Men's Sports, Shorts Not For Women in Iran

Pakistan: Girl Burnt Alive For Rejecting Marriage Proposal

Malala Becomes Youngest Recipient of Liberty Medal

Female Genital Mutilation in U.S. Sparks Warnings

Erbil Teenagers Girl Invent Bomb Detection System

Kerry Kennedy talks on women’s rights in Bangladesh

Surging Violence against Women in Iraq

US Muslim Kids Trained for Ramadan

Hindu mum acts against top cop for refusing to locate child in interfaith custody battle

Turkey’s transgender queen says concept of heterosexuality is over

Woman among four confess to beheading couple

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It would be useful to understand the historical process by Hindu Personal Laws was reformed to appreciate the significance of this proposal by the BMMA. It took almost 10 years for the Hindu Code Bill to be drafted, debated, defended and passed. However, the call for reforms and the ground work for the codification of Hindu Personal Laws started almost a century before that. Similarly, codification and reforms of MPL is bound to take time. A necessary antecedent to that, as in the case of the Hindu Code Bill, is a resurgent, palpable and vocal call for reforms from within the Muslims…..


‘Objecting To Wife Wearing Jeans, Kurta Is Ground for Divorce’
Amira Osman Hamed, Sudanese Activist

Amira Osman Hamed, Sudanese Activist Charged With ‘Indecent Dress’

Muslim Women Targeted In a Rising Wave of Attacks in UK

Girl Faces Death for Refusing a Proposal in Pakistan

Couple Killed Over Love Marriage in Ghazni Province of Afghanistan

Former Model, Felixia Yeap, Says She’s Embracing Islam On July 3

Muslim Man Murders Romanian Prostitute for Working near A Mosque in Britain

Nigerian Pop Singer Adokiye Offers Her Virginity to Boko Haram In Exchange For Missing Girls

New Saudi Law Helps Curb Cases of Domestic Abuse

Saudi Housewives ‘Most Effective Energy Savers’

Understand the World from the Eyes of a Woman: Founder of an NGO

Bangladesh Ambassador Ismat Jahan Re-Elected Member of the UN CEDAW

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Pakistan Couple Beheaded In Public over Love Marriage
Esther Honig, getting her face altered

By The Time She Ran Away, Maimuna Bore the Scars of a Short but Brutal Marriage

Khartoum: First Women’s Football Match Since 1989

UNICEF: Yemeni Children Victims of Al-Qaeda Sexual Abuse

World Cup Ban? Iran's Women Just Don't Care

Pakistan: Draft Bill Seeks End to Forced Marriages of Hindu Girls

İsmailağa Community Denies Calling on Women to Cover Up At Beaches

Woman Has Face Photoshopped across World to Gauge Beauty Ideals

In Season of Flight, Four Nurses Head Back To Iraq

Sudan Releases Christian Convert But Insists She Stay in the Country

Empowering Emirati Women with Job Skills

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ASIA: Sexual Violence- The New Normal
Avinash Pandey

“If she had been killed on a street corner in this village, would you even be here?” was the question put to journalist Mehreen Zahra-Malik, by the husband of Farzana Iqbal, a young woman bludgeoned to death in front of the Lahore High Court. Probably not, as violence against women is not only entrenched in Pakistani society, it has also been normalised. Such is the recurrence of gender violence that incidents do not deserve mention until they are ghastly, i.e. with shock value in a normalised cycle of violence…..


Women for First Time Will Recite Quran (Taraweeh) In Houston-Area Mosques

Bicycle a New Metaphor of Freedom for Afghan Women

Women Don’t Need Mahram OK for Travel within KSA

Iran MPs Give Backing to 'More Babies' Bill

Sexual Harassment Allegations Rock Pakistan University Again

Iranian Parliament Busy Debating Women's Dressing

Doha: Karnataka MCA Holds First Ladies Day Celebration

Filipino Students: Free Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

Anti-Child Marriage Initiative: UNFPA, Swiss Embassy to Continue Campaign

Madonna's Muslim Headgear Polarizes Fans

Iranian LGBTs Hold Panel in Istanbul as a Part of Pride Week

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Stop Blaming Saudi Women!
Nawar Fakhry Ezzi

Stop Blaming Saudi Women!
Nawar Fakhry Ezzi

As a matter of fact, when Saudi women talk about women’s rights in Saudi Arabia they correct the biggest misconception, which is that Saudi women are weak and incapable of demanding their rights. However, if the objection to women talking about women’s rights locally and internationally is because it does not match our “Saudi tradition”, then we should change that part of our tradition. This is the same way of thinking that keeps some Saudi couples from seeking marital counselling when they need it because according to them “righteous” women, who were raised “well”, should be patient and should not “air their dirty laundry in public”……


Jihad Al Nikah: Saudi Arabia Should Openly Condemn the Practice

When the Fatwas favouring sex jihad went viral, girls embarked on their journey to Syria. A captured rebel fighter told the media that he saw 13 girls on the war front who were from different countries. Instead of being Islamic, this practice of offering girls for religious service is more a practice adopted by the Christian countries during the Crusade when Christian girls were employed to seduce Muslim soldiers of Salahuddin Ayyubi. The girls were told that by offering their sexual services to the Muslim soldiers, they were actually serving God for which they will get rewards in the Hereafter. By issuing such Fatwas, the Muslim muftis are following the same practice of the Christians and the Jewish media is spreading these unscrupulous Fatwas to fulfil their own objectives…..


Iranian Interior Minister Dressed down over Revealing Women’s Leggings
Salwa Abugaigis., Libyan Rights Advocate

Libyan Women’s Rights Advocate Salwa Abugaigis Assassinated

Palestinian-Syrian Actress Chosen as Judge for Emmy Awards

Dismissal of head scarved lawyers from Turkey court violates their rights

Jailed activist Mahienour El-Massry wins international rights award

Women's Group in Philadelphia Offers Support to Iraqi Refugees

Sudan Christian Woman Faces New Charges

Christian Woman Freed After Death Sentence Ruled 'Faulty'

Liberia: Senator Taylor Vouches for Islamic Girls Education

Madonna covers up in black Burqa selfie

“Women’s Right to Education in View of Islam” Conference in Afghanistan

Two Indian nurses evacuated From Iraq

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Niqab: A Trip Down Memory Lane
Sadaf Farooqi

And just at that moment, overwhelmed with guilt, was when I saw her. Wearing a graceful Abaya and Hijab that covered her from head to toe, the Niqab pulled across her face showing just her eyes, she glided across the road a few yards away. I observed her for a few seconds, in awe and admiration. I then looked back at the men who were still gawking at us, dolled-up teenagers. Not one of them even so much has cast a glance in her direction…..


Why These Christian, Muslim and Jewish Women Despair At Religious Dating Sites
The Saudi TV Anchor

500 Females Give Emergency Services in Haram

Egyptian Women Dream to 'Crush' Sexual Harassment

Morocco Women Protest PM’s Speech

Bahrain's Gulf Air Names 1st Woman Captain

The Saudi TV Anchor Who Boldly Confronts the Glare of Camera

Little Headway in Child Marriage Laws in Pak Punjab

Freed Christian Woman Rearrested Trying To Leave Sudan: Source

Children of Saudi Women Married To Foreign Men May Get Scholarships

PIA Plane Victim Was a Woman Returning From Umrah

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Nigeria: Another 60 Women Abducted in Borno
Meriam Ibrahim

Muslim Council of Britain Declares Female Circumcision Un-Islamic

Man Shaves Wife’s Head before Divorcing Her Over ‘Honour ‘in Pakistan

Sexual Problems 'Cause Half of Divorces' In Saudi Arabia: Saudi Academic

Sudan Frees Christian Woman Sentenced to Death for Apostasy

Pardoned By King, Indonesian Maid Returns Home

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‘Honour’ Crimes in Pakistan: Couple Slain Six Years After They Eloped
Yasmeen Muhammad Al-Maimani

“Why Can’t Your Husband Go With You?”  Ask Pakistan Officials

Malaysia Ticked Off For Arresting and Jailing Transgender Women

Kingpin, 6 Arab Women Nabbed As Police Bust Prostitution Ring

Female Muslim Students Living In Fear after Nahid Almanea Stabbed To Death In Essex

50 Percent of Divorce Cases in Saudi Arab Due To Compatibility Issues

2nd Saudi Woman Gets Pilot’s License

Parade of Beauty in Islamic Republic: Makeup Market Booms in Iran

Documentary ‘Soccer Queens of Rani’ Tells Story of Assam’s Football Girls

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Women of the Arab Spring: 'We Now Need a Sexual Revolution, Not Just a Political One'
Mona Eltahawy

My country, Egypt, has not done such a good job with our constitution and women could comprise as little as three percent in our upcoming parliament. Today, Egyptian women and Libyan women, who do not yet have a new constitution and where armed militias endanger their lives, face the very real question: was the revolution worth it?.....


Marry Me, Quick! ISIS Fighters ‘Seek Brides’ In Iraqi Town
Ayse Deniz Karacagil, 'Girl with Red Foulard'

Iran Bans Female Fans From Volleyball Games: Report

Malawi Young Muslim Women Promote Hijab

Children in Bangladesh Teaching Mothers How to Read

Swedish School Where Every Girl in One Class Was Subjected To FGM

Tunisians Protest After Girl ‘Burned Alive’ By Father

'Girl with Red Foulard' Joins Kurdistan Workers’ Party

Spain: Priest Sexually Abuses a Moroccan Maid for 4 Years

UK Police Release Muslim Woman Murder Suspect

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Belgium: Muslims to Use Their Mothers’ Surnames
Malala Yousafzai

In World Cup, Muslim Preacher Says Women Might See More Than Just Balls

‘Compensation’ Plays Havoc with Muzaffarnagar Riot-Hit Women

Pakistani Woman Raped, Killed and Hanged From Tree

Moroccan Women Forced To Practice Prostitution In Gulf Countries: UN Report

Girls Disguised, Raised As Boys Is a Ritualized Practice in Afghanistan

How a Turkish Girl Broke the Heart of a Shah

Iran Won’t Let Women Watch the World Cup

Saudi Shura Council Mulls Allowing Women to Drive, Though Only Abroad

More Money Needed For Education to Help Girls Like Me: Malala

With 219 Girls Missing, Nigeria Kidnapping Inquiry Concludes

Girls' School Plan for Former Walsall Pub

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Egypt Has a Sexual Violence Problem
Mona Eltahawy

“Our honor is being violated on the streets, and that is not right.” But it is women’s bodies that are being violated, not our “honour” or Egypt’s honour.....


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