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Islam, Women and Feminism

Mehbooba Mufti To Be The 16th Woman Chief Minister
Mehbooba Mufti

Raheela to chair first session as PA Speaker

Nadiya Hussian reveals police visited her house following online anti-Muslim abuse during

On her wedding eve, Muslim girl felicitates teachers

Primary schoolchildren in Islamabad may get free lunches

Swat women assembly elects speaker, deputy

Sarawak solves 100pc of reported rape cases

Teen girls better with foster families than shelters

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Gambia orders female civil servants to cover hair at work

Five Moroccan women accused of kidnapping female Dubai salon worker for ransom

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Global Association of Muslim Women slams Al-Nimr execution

Woman stoned to death in Yemen on adultery charge

Nabbed terrorist reveals another Daesh women wing in Karachi

On the frontline of Pakistani women’s fight against online abuse

‘Breast cancer on the rise among Pakistani women’

Al Qaeda stoned woman to death for 'adultry'

Black Saudi woman activist faces death threats

Empowering women key to combating climate change, expert says

London man says child in Isis video is his grandson

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Six women are kidnapped, 4 raped every day in Pakistan: Punjab PTI organizer Chaudhry Sarwar
Tehreek-e-Insaf Punjab organizer Chaudhry Sarwar

India, Pakistan women unite for their right to loiter

Working women play unexpected role as Saudi Arabia pursues diversified economy

‘Undue interrogation’ prompts rape victim to attempt suicide

Men in ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia are outraged after being catcalled by women in a shopping mall

Man Arrested in Saudi Mall for Wearing Islamic Women’s Garb

Women motorbike drivers offer female-only riding service in Jakarta

Men not allowed: Debate over Bengal’s women’s-only Matribhoomi Special trains

Muslim women in 2015: 'Islamic State bitches' or Great British bakers

Muslim women’s group slams PAS MP’s solution to statutory rape

Women must be fit for duties – Women, Welfare Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah

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No Ban on Hijab by Muslim Women – Nigerian Presidency

Pakistani Women Stage Protest against ‘Rigging’ In Turbat By-Poll

Brush With Talent: Blind Saudi Female Artist In Limelight

Filipino Looking For His Saudi Father for 15 Years

Election Commission of Pakistan Issues Notices to Fehmida, Her Son

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Preacher: If Marriage Solves Child Rape, Why Is There Incest?
Muhammadu Buhari

Nigeria: Possible Ban of Hijab 'An Affront to Religious Freedom Of Muslim Women'

Western Feminists Airbrush the Horrors of Their Muslim Sisters

Saudi Man Ties Knot with Russian as Per Hindu Rituals in Gujarat

About Half of India’s Muslim, Hindu Women Illiterate

Muslims in Gujarat State of India Ahead In Child Sex Ratio: Census

Pak Woman, Afsheen Murtuza, Gets Indian Citizenship after 21 Years of Struggle

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Muslim Women In 2015: 'Islamic State Bitches' Or Great British Bakers
Shelina Janmohamed

Being a Muslim woman in 2015 is full of conflict. You can face fierce hatred, especially if you wear a hijab - but you’re still seen as oppressed by your gender. As a mother, you’re responsible for standing up to radicalisation in the community, yet when women become involved in terrorism themselves? It’s deeply shocking. We expect Muslim women to be too submissive to actively wage terror.


Iraqi Woman, Nadia Murad, Recounts Sex Slave Ordeal
Rana Abdelhamid

Accosted for Her Hijab, Rana Abdelhamid Teaches Muslim Empowerment

‘I Have No Connection with the 3 Arrested Hyderabad Youth’: Asiya Andrabi

Nigeria Ready to Talk to Boko Haram about Missing Girls

Nigeria: President Buhari - Hijab May Be Banned

Rwanda: Kazimbaya on the Joy of Empowering Fellow Women

Nigeria: Aremu Calls for More Inclusive Gender Sensitivity in Governance

Deficiency of Vitamin D, Calcium Prevalent Among Women

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Saudia Won’t Have Saudi Women as Air Hostesses

ISIS Executes 837 Women in Mosul since Its Takeover

23 Saudi Female Terror Suspects Face Justice

16 Incidents of Women Harassing Men Recorded In Jeddah Shopping Centre

As Muslim Women Who Wear Hijab, We Want To Inform You, “You Are Not Our Voice”

Aseefa Bhutto to Become PPP Women Wing Chief

KP CM Hands Over 50 Vehicles to Boys, Girls Colleges

Woman Anti-Polio Volunteer Killed In Afghanistan

Malaysia’s Women’s Ministry Increases Impact via NBOS

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Adultery Case: Sri Lankan Woman to Serve Jail Term in Saudi Arabia

Child Marriages Remain Major Problem in Turkey

Expat Women ‘Can’t Take Up Jobs Reserved For Saudi Females’

Japan, South Korea Diplomats Meet Ahead Of Ministerial Talks on 'Comfort Women'

An Ex-Muslim Tells Us What it really means To Be a Feminist

Muslim Women in Colorado Springs and Nationwide Debate Safety of Hijab amid Backlash

Indian Home Ministry Asked To Increase Women In Delhi Police To 33 Per Cent

'Benazir Rani, Haqoomat Rani'

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In A Forbidden Maharashtra Temple, 4 Women Defy Discrimination

Egypt Launches Anti-Female Genital Mutilation Plan

'How Many More Nirbhayas Before We Change the System': Women's Panel Chief

India to Come Up With Guidelines to Check Harassment On Matrimonial Sites

Saudi Women Take the Business Path

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Malaysia’s Top 10 Misogynist Moments In 2015
Boo Su-Lyn

Aside from government officials who impose moral policing on women, religious authorities also warned them that exposing their flesh will attract rapists. The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) must not have heard of rape cases involving children or of Noor Suzaily Mukhtar, who was raped and strangled to death with her tudung.


Pakistan Police Uncover Women-Led IS Fundraising Network: Official

Rahila Durrani becomes first woman speaker of Balochistan Assembly‏

Iranian and Islamic Model of Women: Exhibition in Salarjung Museum

Slain Muslim Sisters’ Families Fight Grief to Honour Legacy

The Place of Muslim Women in Islamic Space

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It’s harder to do this work as a woman, Muhammed admits; she feels more vulnerable if something were to go wrong. Her family in her home village of Gamboru Ngala, ninety miles outside Maiduguri, wants her to stop. “But I have no option,” she said. Boko Haram is now in a weaker position than when the C.J.T.F. was formed.


ISIS fundraising in Pakistan’s Karachi: Police looking for network of female fundraisers

Two Muslim women speak out against non-Muslims’ wearing of headscarves as a show of support

For Muslim Intellectual, women are a pillar against extremism in the Islamic world

Tunisia dismantles cell recruiting women for militants

Story of anti-Muslim insult at local store prompts Facebook firestorm

Female staff in hijabs, prayers before take-off and no alcohol: Muslims climb aboard Malaysia's first Shariah-compliant airline

67% of Saudi women suffer from osteoporosis

Muslim Women Decry Americans Donning Hijab in Solidarity: ‘Stand with Us…Against’ Sexist Islamism Ideology

Women-only buses introduced in Egypt for first time

How to Sell a Hijab in Malaysia

Four months after embracing Islam, Sabahan singer gets flak for sharing Xmas carol

Shisha ban on Jeddah corniche wanted

Local Muslim women fight fear with self-defense lesson

Reham Khan replies to ex-husband’s legal notice

Police bust women robber gang

Woman 'kills' daughter before 'committing suicide'

Niagara Muslim woman taunted in public building

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Muslim Group Rails At DAP MP Over Alleged Niqab Jibe

The Case against Wearing Hijab to Support Muslim Women

U S Muslim Women Becoming Increasingly Harassed for Wearing Hijab

Malala Meets Up Again With Syrian Schoolgirl Campaigner in Britain

Transgender Muslims Find a Home for Prayer in Indonesia

ILO Trains Journalists on Working Women’s Day

Senior Sabah Cop Sentenced To 100 Years’ Jail for Raping, Sodomising Minor

Saudi Women to Get a Better Sporting Chance, While Rankings System Changes Schedule

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'Durshasans' Of Islamic State Drag Girls, Women Away From Their Kin To Make Them Sex Slaves
Samantha Lewthwaite

Female Attackers Are Still Few Among Islamic Extremist Groups

Three Women Linked To Al-Qaeda, Islamic State Arrested In Karachi

Iraq Gets First Beauty Queen Since 1972

Afghan Men March To Demand Reinstatement Of Woman Governor

Angelina Jolie To Donate ‘The Breadwinner’ Film Profits To Educating Afghan Girls

Singer-Actress Soo Wincci Says Demanding Najib’s Resignation A ‘Responsibility’

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‘Standardising education system can promote peace’

NGO to sue DAP MP for 'insulting Muslim women'

High rents for flats deter young men from marriage

Muslim teacher fired after showing Malala video

Productive families to be trained

Pakistan needs to produce more films, says Reham Khan

PFA drive not making headlines — why?

Woman dies in train drinking juice from co-passenger

Study: Passive smoking leads to infertility

Woman gets out as thief flees with car

After California shootings, Muslim families in US struggle with identity

Some Muslim Women Are Taking Self-Defense Into Their Own Hands

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1.6m children out of school in Balochistan, says adviser

M'SIAN ACTRESS NEELOFA MAKES HIJAB WAVES: Her Muslim headscarves have became a fashion empire

ATS counsels 16-year-old Pune girl gearing up to join ISIS in Syria

Woman Condemned to Stoning Death in Iran On United Nations Human Rights Day

Oxfam forms task forces to prevent child marriages

Lone Arab woman takes the reins to tame horses on the Golan

Female cashier dies in accidental gunfire

Saudis want female workers as precondition for hiring males

Teacher suspended after playing violin for young women

Muslim woman is Malaysia's only female stunt performer

“Report militant activity within family,” women urged

Thought about your baby girl’s name yet?

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Women 'Punched And kicked Muslim Woman Off London Bus In Islamophobic Hate Crime'
Nobel prizewinner Malala Yousafzai

Malala: Trump's Muslim ban plan is 'full of hatred'

13-yr-old US Muslim girl asked if her backpack has a bomb, Twitterati seems divided

Man handed suspended sentence for racially abusing Muslim women on Tyne and Wear Metro

Missing woman, schoolboy found dead

6.1m children under five to be vaccinated in KP, Fata's last anti-polio drive of 2015

Passenger who yelled at two Muslim women to get off his train because 'I want to sit down, I'm English' and said they may bomb the carriage is given a suspended sentence

Reham, Ayyan among most 'sought after' people in Pakistan

Report: 41pc of Malaysian science teachers don’t have degrees

Women make up 18 per cent of aids cases in Saudi Arabia

Woman electrocuted

Ministry says may examine need for husbands’ consent in women’s sterilisation

Reproductive rights: Married women have less say than their husbands

Women councilors free to push for development

‘Thatcher Naela’ leads by example

Company Selling ‘Fake Hymens’ Sees Business Boom Among Muslim Women In Germany

Man jailed for lewd act, molesting women in mall

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Al-Huda: Pakistani institute that ‘radicalised’ thousands of women
Al Huda Institute

Woman with siblings tortures husband to death

Conway woman vows to wear hijab to support Muslim women in America

More gender inequality in India than Pakistan, Bangladesh: United Nations

First women political leaders in Saudi Arabia - Role of women in Islamic societies!

Muslim Women: Hijab Wearing Issues Faced By Americans

ISIS is an Islamic problem, time for women to advocate for health care access | Letters

Saudi women win EU prize for promoting human rights

I never dreamt of romancing girls younger than my daughter: Naseeruddin Shah

Barisal woman commits suicide First tries to kill daughter

Female labour force rising rapidly in Bangladesh

Fear of stigma forces women to use aliases on social media

Victory or loss, women rejoice

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Is Saudi Women's Vote a Step Forward?

Saudi Arabia remains the only country in the world where authorities bar women from driving; even the most extreme interpretations of Islam by ISIS do not ban women from driving. Women who have challenged the driving ban have been imprisoned, fined, suspended from their jobs, banned from traveling, and eventhreatened with terrorism charges for public incitement.


Malala Yousafzai: 'I'm a feminist and a Muslim'
Nobel prizewinner Malala Yousafzai

Muslim women had to create a crisis safety manual to deal with hate

Acid thrown on Dhamrai college girl

Christian female fighters take on Daesh in Syria

Wheaton College puts hijab-wearing professor on leave

How a Jordanian woman was saved from Daesh clutches?

Women’s employment needs ‘surgical intervention’

Iran seizes thousands of cars for women’s veil offences

Muslim Women Buying Fake Hymens To Pretend To Their New Husbands They're Virgins

UP rural polls: Muslim-majority districts elect more female pradhans

Israel plans to interrogate a 12-year-old Palestinian girl

Republican debate live: fight night in Las Vegas as candidates go one-on-one

Private sector urged to employ more women

Challenges remain for female inclusion in Saudi market

90 minutes of fame and glory!

S. Africa’s first black woman naval commander calls the shots

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ISPR's new video message to terrorists is about revenge — through education

The Terrorist Wears A Burqa

Man attacks wife with acid in Rahim Yar Khan, children injured

Elderly woman beaten to death 'by nephews' in Savar

Extra fish consumption prevents hearing loss in women

Female poet faces verbal attack at Jeddah Book Fair

Man takes own life after killing wife

Sophisticated Islamic State recruitment methods lure Jordanian woman

Women surpass expectations, corner 19 civic council seats

Women in Saudi Arabia still face barriers to equality after historic elections allow female vote for first time

Muslim women explain their commitment and their concerns about wearing hijab, traditional head scarf

Meet the 15-year-old Muslim girl fighting to box while wearing a hijab

Christian college professor wears hijab in solidarity with Muslim women

Gulf women raise flags after Jebel Shams climb

Women workshop owners selling Tanazul for SR20,000

KSA celebrates women’s march toward progress

10,000 Saudi women join hands to break Guinness record for a cause

Women find cosmetic surgery helps retain husbands’ interest

Knife-wielding Chino Hills man arrested after threatening Muslim woman

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Jewish and Muslim Sisters Are Doin' Coexistence for Themselves
Rahila Haidary

Muslim woman Rahila Haidary responds to abuse after challenging demonstrators at Reclaim Australia rally

250 Nigerian girls trained by Pakistanis

Girl kills herself after 'insult by teachers'

U.S. Muslim Women debate safety of hijab amid backlash

Two Muslim women attacked in Tampa

Females' marriageable age to remain 18: Chumki

Mosque in legal battle over ban on women

Radicalized Hyderabad girl led agencies to IOC executive

Lady doctor’s bail extended in minor rape case

What it’s like to be a US Muslim woman after a terrorist attack

Women in Saudi Arabia to vote for first time

'Stalkers kill' girl's father

Teachers call for programme's continuation

Saudi women vote for the first time in landmark election

Accelerating women rights — Awareness is the key, say legal experts

‘ArabNet part of Saudi ecosystem growth’

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