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Islam, Women and Feminism

Islam, The West And Nigeria: Whose Faith, Whose Girls?

"It is obscene and utterly un-Islamic for these lunatic human traffickers to invoke the name of God while kidnapping young girls and threatening to sell them into sexual slavery." In his view, the kidnapping was a violation not only of the Quran's general injunctions against oppression, but also of a specific warning against casting female servants into prostitution. He insists that Boko Haram is no more representative of Islam than the Westboro Baptist Church….


Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F Leader Calls Banning Marriage of Girls under 18 Un-Islamic

Abducted Nigerian Girl Scared To Go Back To School

Tel Aviv woman caught trying to smuggle Palestinian Men into Israel

Birth Defects Reported After Chemical Attacks In Syria

Women Addicted To Drugs in Iran Begin Seeking Treatment despite Taboo

Sole All-Women Varsity in Pakistan Twin Cities ‘Missing the Bus’

Turkey’s Hürriyet Chairwoman Crowned as Social Responsibility Leader

Nigerian Insurgents Blow up Second Bridge, Abduct Woman and Her Two Children

Afulans Rally for Tighter Security in Wake of Girl's Murder by Alleged Terrorist

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He implored, “Do treat your women well and be kind to them, for they are your partners and committed helpers.” While he came to an Arab society entrenched in patriarchy and misogyny Muhammad instead taught, “It is the duty of every Muslim male and every Muslim female to attain education.” And where should Muslims search for this knowledge? At a time when Islam had not yet expanded past Arabia’s borders Muhammad wisely implored, “Seek knowledge even if you must travel to China.”……

Brave Schoolgirls Who Escaped Muslim Terrorist Captors Revealed
Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Demands Justice for Kidnap Girls in White House's Weekly Radio Address

Saudi Women Breach other Male Bastion - Become Liaison Officers

Saudi Women Employees Suffer In Prevailing Gender Pay Gap

Saudi Women Take To Martial Arts for Self-Defence

Afghan Schoolgirls Condemn Boko Haram's Kidnappings in Nigeria

Not Just Nigeria: Girls' Education Threatened Across the Globe

Children Displaced in Kenya’s 2007 Elections Sell Sex and Live in Tents – U.N.

The Pakistani Refugee Woman in Sri Lanka ‘With a Price on Her Head’

Over 50,000 Beta Thalassaemia Kids In Pakistan

New Primary Schools in KP to Have Six Rooms, Six Teachers

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Hey Boko Haram, Pick Up a Quran and Bring Back Our Girls
Arsalan Iftikhar is obscene and absolutely un-Islamic for these lunatic human traffickers to invoke the name of God while kidnapping young girls and threatening to sell them into sexual slavery. The leaders of Boko Haram have clearly never read the Holy Quran, which states quite clearly that “oppression is worse than murder” (2:191) and that nobody “shall force girls to commit prostitution” (24:33).....

A better-educated world is a healthier, wealthier and safer one for everyone. It is in our interest to see girls in school and out of the cross hairs of extremist fighters seeking to delete modernity. Their battle is our battle. You have only to care about your own children's future to have a stake in the fight ahead…..


Nigerian Mothers Wait in Anguish for the Return of Missing Girls
Michelle Obama

UAE Friday Sermon: Islam Raised Status of Women in Society

Kidnapped Nigerian Girls Are ‘My Sisters’: Malala Yousafzai

Thalassaemia test to be made mandatory before marriage in Paksitan

Thousands Protest Breaches Of Iran's Female Dress Code

Angelina Jolie ‘Sickened’ By Boko Haram Kidnap

Muslim Woman Running For U.S. Congress

Michelle Obama Joins Campaign Over Kidnapped Nigeria Girls

Clinging To Hope — 700,000 Saudi Women with Non-Saudi Husbands In 2013

Saudi Woman Killed In Car Crash While Defying Driving Ban: Report

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Islam expects children to maintain an attitude of love, affection, respect and kindness to their parents, even when they get to an old and difficult age, and to give them priority over all other things, except God. The Holy Quran contains a very comprehensive verse on this topic, which firstly tells Muslims to “…that ye show kindness to parents.”......


Boko Haram's abduction of 200 girls: Educating Girls Spurs Islamic Extremists to Violence
Nicholas D. Kristof

These girls, ages 15 to 18 and Christians and Muslims alike, knew the risks of seeking an education, and schools in the area had closed in March for fear of terror attacks. But this school had reopened so that the girls — the stars of their families and villages — could take their final exams. They were expected to move on to become teachers, doctors, lawyers Instead, they reportedly are being auctioned off for $12 each to become “wives” of militants…..

Abduction of Girls an Act Not Even Al Qaeda Can Condone
Malala Yusoufzai

Pakistan ‘Most Perilous Place’ For Mums in South Asia

Bangladesh Climbs 6 Spots on List of Best Place for Mothers

Jordanian Christian Kills Daughter for Converting To Islam

Women Rights: Female Student from Faisalabad to Speak At UN

Boko Haram Should Learn Islam: Malala Yousafzai over Girls’ Abduction

UK Islamophobes Victimize Muslim Women

Obama's US-Based Aunt Given Islamic Burial In Kenya

Iranian Women Snap 'Stealthy' Photos Free Of Hijab

Headscarved Muslim Woman to Run For Greece in EP Polls

Didi Welcomes Migrants, Why Not Me, Asks Taslima

32% of Working Women Lose Jobs Due To Lack of Transport, Says Study

Fingerprint: A Good Beginning to Ending Women’s Sufferings

1.4m Disabled Pakistani Children Have No Access To Schools

Indonesia: Nearly 100 Child Sexual Abuse Cases This Year

Lebanese Women Run For Their Rights In Beirut Marathon

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'People Grab Our Veils, Call Us Terrorists and Want Us Dead': What It's Really Like To Be A Muslim Woman In Britain
Ava Vidal

I am not denying that there are countries where the predominant religion is Islam where women are treated badly. But patriarchy is the problem, not Islam. In Islam, the rights of women were recognised much earlier than they were in the West. In any case, we in the UK don’t come up smelling of roses when we examine the inequality between the sexes either. A UN human rights inspector recently declared the sexism in the UK to be more ‘pervasive’ and ‘in your face’ than any country she has ever visited and that included some Muslim countries……


Seeking Greater Equality, Indian Women Turn To Unexpected Source: Shariah Courts
Khatoon Shaikh, Sharia Adalat

Egyptian Women Scared To Speak Out Against Sexual Harassment

Boko Haram Terrorists Kidnap 8 More Girls, Hours after Leader Issues Threat

At Gaza’s Horse Clubs, Girls Eager to Ride

Runaway Girls Killed or Jailed Under Afghan Customary Laws

Turning Daughters into Sons, Afghans Empower Girls

Myanmar Activists Condemn Plans to Stop Buddhist Women Marrying Non-Buddhists

Expatriate Women Struggle for Their Divorce Rights in Saudi Arabia

Female Entrepreneurs A Rarity in Lebanon

Lebanese Women ‘Run Forward’ For Their Rights in Beirut Marathon

Malaysia: Labelling Anti-GST Rally Participants as Prostitutes Denounced

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Noor of Bihar
Taimur Arbab

Noor of Bihar
Taimur Arbab

One day, while she was reciting the Quran with a deeply reflective state of mind, evident from the many brows on her forehead and the moist wells of eyes too perceptible to be missed, I wondered about Marx’s conception of religion as an opium for people’s intellect, a progenitor of false consciousness for the have-nots and an institution of base exploitation in the superstructure of society. But Marx should have thought about this – if it were, indeed, opium, it definitely still had immense impact in the life of this woman from Bihar…..

Violence against Women in Saudi Arabia Protection Homes Increases

Montreal Muslim Woman Sues for Damages after Hateful Messages

Women Realtors May Lose Jobs in Iran

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Have Women Prison

US Officials Fear For Abducted Nigerian Girls

Saudi Arabia’s Female Pilots' Group Aiming High

Rawalpindi: 200 Women Workers Employed Anti-Dengue Campaign

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Feminism Will Never Work In Pakistan
Faiza Iqbal

Everyone has a different perception of what feminism entails but, universally, it espouses equality and freedom from discrimination, degradation and sexual violence. However, feminism is a concept that sits at odds with a fiercely patriarchal, deeply religious and culture-obsessed society like Pakistan. This is not to say that feminism doesn’t exist in Pakistan; it’s just not given much emphasis or is twisted to suit a man’s needs.....


Constitutional Texts to Protect the Yemeni Women’s Rights
Sughra Ahmed, president of the Islamic Society of

Special Jobs for Saudi Women at Courts Set

Muslim Women Pray Against Insecurity in Sokoto

Targeting Muslim Women Must Stop

First Female President of Islamic Society of Britain to Give Lecture at Stortford College

"Women and Youth Have Very Little Representation in Syrian National Coalition"

Malaysia Confab Empowers Muslim Women

Pak Women Thrash Bahrain in World TT Championship

Pakistan Women Get 75th Spot in World Table Tennis

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Educated and Ambitious, Qatari Women Nudge Their Way into the Office
Dr Mira Phailbus

US To Do ‘Everything Possible’ To Help Rescue Abducted Nigerian Girls

26% Pregnant Saudi Women Are Victims of Domestic Violence

Uniform School Education in KP Still a Far Cry

Dr Mira for Working Women’s Security in Paksitan

Veena Malik Shows up as IHRC’s Goodwill Ambassador

Pakistani Women Journalists Demand Review of Working Conditions

Malaysia’s Silk Road Peace Runner Woman Crossing Iran

22 Saudi Women to Undergo ‘Cloth Washing’ Test

Women Eye Seats On JCCI Commissions

Indonesian Women Face Socioeconomic Problems Due To Early Marriage

Nine Women Freed From Trafficking House in Sukabumi, West Java

Women Must Have Access to Good Maternal Health: Nafsiah Mboi Indonesian Minister

Eritrean Woman Asylum Seeker in Yemen

13 Shops in Riyadh Found Circumventing Feminization Regulations

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It is about time the intelligentsia, political leaders, Ulema and other Muslim religious leaders came forward to uproot the evil of misogyny from the Muslim societies by restricting the clear violation of the Qur'anic views of women's status and rights. They should work to reform the traditionally conservative Muslim societies such as the tribal areas in Pakistan, where women rights are brazenly violated day in and day out. Every possible effort should be exerted to highlight the true teachings of Islam regarding women rights...


Physical Education Classes For Girls a Major Sin: Hard-Line Scholar

‘Violence Deters South Asian Women from Politics’

Turkey to Help Kiribati’s Bid To Stop Violence against Women

Bahrainis Voice Support for Female Prisoners

Zionist Forces ’Brutally’ Beat Palestinian Woman

Hudud Will Drive Rape Survivors Deeper into Shadows, Say Women’s Groups

Rights of Arab Women Working In Israel Being Violated

Bangladesh: ‘Increasing Number of Unpaid Women a Challenge’

Indonesia Women Workers Demand Jokowi Fight for Their Rights

Iranian Female Drivers to Participate In 6,925km Rally

Women Eye Seats On Various Jeddah Chamber of Commerce Commissions

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The importance of psychological health and compatibility between a man and a woman is gaining importance in Saudi society. Psychological compatibility affects happiness, living conditions, understanding and stability between partners….


Forced Conversions in the Land of the Pure
Muhammad Akbar Notezai

The number of forced conversions of our religious minorities, particularly the Hindus, is intensifying in the land of the pure. Also, in the past, cases of forced conversions only surfaced in Sindh. Now, however, these incidents are taking place in every nook and corner of the country. The government needs to take notice of the forced conversions of its minority communities. .....


Women Ask Saudi Courts to Force Husbands Pay Breastfeeding Fees
Bashayer Mohammad, Female Poet

Saudi Women: ‘Give Us Freedom and We Will Marry You’

Nigerian Schoolgirls: Jihadis 'Willing To Consider' Release

Tunisia Lifts Restrictions on Women’s Rights in Landmark Action

Women Raise Their Voices on the Walls of Afghanistan

Taliban Target Girls Schools in Pakistan

Some Hospitals Have 100 Percent Saudi Nursing Staff

Female Poet Takes a Path Few Dare To Tread

Saudi Women Apply For Laundry Jobs

Shariah Law to Become the Legal Code of Brunei

Disabled Children Are a Blessing in Disguise

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Police Fear Jihad Girls Held By Radicals in Turkey
Maha Akeel, Saudi journalist

First Saudi Woman Appointed To a Top OIC Post

Saudi Women Prefer To Hire Female Expats to Drive Them

Sweden Championed Gender Equality to Raise Birth Rates - and it Worked

Kenyan President Signs Marriage Bill into Law, Legalising Polygamy

Muslim, Sikh Groups File Complaints over Head Scarf Policy at OC Theme Park

Meet Wazhma, the Reason Afghanistan Needs More Female Lawyers

Maldives Parliament Passes Sexual Harassment and Sexual Offences Bills

Saudi Man and Bahraini Woman Jailed For Selling Drugs, Illicit Relations

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Girls Abducted From Nigeria 'Have Been Sold To Islamic Militants Boko Haram for £8 Each'
Sharmila Farooqui Pak Politician

Tunisia Just Took a Step on Women's Rights the U.S. Has Yet To Make

Pak Child Marriage Restraint Bill Passage Lauded

Pakistan: Two Girls Killed For Honour

Firms Offer Incentives to Retain Saudi Female Workers

Shoura Proposes Fund to Help Women Involved In Family Dispute

Girls Brave Violence for Their Education in Northern Nigeria

Child Marriage Could Become Law in Iraq This Week

Vicious Attack at Women's Prison in Iran

Indonesia: Abuse against Women Shows No Sign of Abating

Iran’s Courts Are Still Blaming Rape Victims for Their Attacks

'Hadassah Women’ Visit Israel, Refuse To Meet Health Minister

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Nigeria Muslim Nurses Fired For Hijab
New Age Islam News Bureau

Nigeria Muslim Nurses Fired For Hijab
Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai Makes It Again to Time’s 100

Bangladesh: 'No Qualm about Child Marriage'

This Somali Teen Fashion Designer Goes Big With Animal Print Hijabs

Ugandan Nun Is Helping Restore the Lives of War-Torn Young Girls

2-Month Jail, Fine for Well-Known Saudi Woman Academic for Illicit Relations

Pakistan Jolted: Rape of Minors a Rising Trend

Muslims File Complaint against Boomers for Not Allowing Hijabs on Go-Carts

Women Urged To Follow Hazrat Faitma (Ra)

HR Coordinator for Sindh CM Condemns Bomb Attack, Takes Notice of Torture on Woman

Try Robot Housemaids, Tech Firms Urge Saudis

Hillary Clinton to Address United Methodist Women as Keynote Speaker

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