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Islam, Women and Feminism

Saudi Women Seek Right to Have Information on Future Husbands
Salma Hayek, Hollywood star

Buhari’s Handshakes with Women Irk Muslim Fundamentalists

Salma Hayek: Women Earn More than Male Actors Only In Porn

Egypt Restricts Women Travelling To Turkey

Anwar's Wife Wan Azizah Takes Helm of Malaysian Opposition

Africa: Anti-Harassment App Wins Hackathon for Women

Egyptian Court Allows Foreign Females with Citizenship to Pass It On To Children

Britain’s ‘White Widow’, A Key Member of Al-Shabaab Has Killed More Than 400

Emirati Women Breaking Down Barriers to Compete In Sport

Muslim Transgenders May Perform ‘Salat’ Despite Absence of Rule

Bangladesh: Trained Workers Can Get Women Talking About Breast Problems

Alcohol to Blame for Prostitution, Rape, Incest, AIDS

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War with ISIS: The Brides Brainwashed Into Becoming Suicide Bombers
Patrick Cockburn

It was when Isis issued a fatwa saying a wife should obey her husband in all matters, including becoming a suicide bomber, that Aysha, a 32-year-old mother of two children, decided to flee her home in Mosul. She says “the course was a sort of brainwashing, teaching women to sacrifice cheap worldly things – blood, flesh, soul – for the victory of more precious things – religion, Allah, the Prophet, and, most importantly, the eternal afterlife”....


Charlatan Spiritual Healers Exploit Saudi Women
Pak Model Ayyan Ali

Two Christian Women Attacked With Acid in Quetta

Organised Group behind Pak Model Ayyan Ali’s Money Laundering Case

‘It’s a Good Thing’: Indonesia’s Military Chief on Virginity Testing of Female Recruits

Emirati Woman ‘Artrepreneur’ Revives Postcards

Are Saudi Women Active Partners in the Kingdom’s Development Process?

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Sondos Asem: Only Woman to Be Sentenced To Death in Egypt Mass Trial
Sondos Asem

Afghanistan's Women Rangers Challenge Stereotypes

Mass Rape of More Than 120 Women by Armed Militia in East Congo, Says Aid Group

Saudi Women Bring Life Back To Heritage Site

Asma Javed, AMU Student Leader, A Vocal Protester Whose Life Was Cut Short

Social Media Fury After Iraqi Media Report Killing of Baby Girl by ISIS

Muslim Girl Denied Entry to Class for Hijab in UP, India

Islamic Daughters Influence Father's Journey to Priesthood

Daughters of Diaspora: Two Algerian Sisters, One In Texas, One In Paris

Women Flex Their Culinary Skills In Front Of Top Chef

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We Must Address the Global Identity of Saudi Women
Samar Fatany

Today, women who are knowledgeable in Islamic jurisprudence can defy the hardliners and argue about Islamic laws and principles to revise the current religious teachings that are imposed to govern the lives and roles of women in society. Laws and regulations that discriminate against women based on the assumption that women are inferior should be totally shunned and rejected and not encouraged and propagated……

A Radical Motherhood
Mehreen Kasana

A Radical Motherhood
Mehreen Kasana

If motherhood is so sacred and revered by those who claim to be our state guardians, why is it that some mothers are deprived of social autonomy and basic respect – whether it is in this country or that?.....


Maldives Islamic Ministry Unveils Special Prayer Garb for Women
Atheela Abdulla, IAS Officer

India: Hijab No Deterrent, IAS Officer Determined To Work for Marginalised Sector

You Will Become Muslims When We Rape You, ISIS Told Yazidi Girls

UN Pushing for Abortions on Babies of Girls Raped by Boko Haram

KP, Pakistan, To Open 1,000 Community Girls Schools

Malala Fund to Finance Education of AJK Children

Lindsay Lohan Holds the Quran As She Leaves Her Community Service

Outstanding Saudi women honoured

Qatar Elects Two Women for First Time

Jodhpur Girl Moves Petition To Annul Child Marriage

First Woman to Run for Aligarh Muslim University Students' President Found Dead

‘Brides for Sale’ Song Help Afghan Rapper Escape Teen Marriage

Afghan Girl Awarded the Madeleine K. Albright Award

Parent Pressure to Score High Drives Saudi Students to Drug Abuse

Palestinian Entrepreneur Brings High Fashion To The West Bank

Mennonite Education Provided To Afghan-American Muslim Woman Leads Her to Key Roles in World Peace Building

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Enforcing Women’s Right to Vote
I.A. Rehman

Women were barred from exercising their right to vote in the by-election in PK-95 by verbal agreement among candidates including the main contenders belonging to Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) and the Awami National Party. It is said that only one female polling station was set up in the entire constituency, though there were 83 polling booths for women within the male polling stations....


Emirati Woman Forges Path for Single Adoptive Mothers
Narges Mohammadi, Iranian Human Rights Activist

Icelander Muslim Told to Prove Her Faith for Passport Hijab

Indonesian Women Forced To Undergo 'Two-Fingered Virginity Tests' Report Claims

Dubai Municipality Offers Abayas to Women Not Abiding By Dress Code

In A First, 129 Muslim Girl Students Enrolled Into Zilla Parishad Urdu School, Maharashtra

Taking Back the Reins: Dubai’s Female Bikers in Control

In Southern Egypt, Women Journalists Keep the Spirit of Media Alive

How Comedy Explains What It's Like To Be Muslim and a Woman Growing Up In the West

Islamic Women’s Group in UK Defends Islamic State, Predicts Expansion to Western Countries

U.S. Women Face Harder Path to Abortion As States Extend Waiting Periods

Driven Mad: Inside a Libyan Detention Centre For Female Migrants

Iranian Children Plead For Activist Mother's Release

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The Plight of Women in Afghanistan
Abdullah Sharif

Women and children in Afghanistan suffer every day from abuse, poverty, lack of health care and other horrors. But their plight is only heard when the situation is gruesome enough to merit media coverage. The recent brutal and horrifying lynching of Farkhunda, a 27-year-old woman, in broad daylight in downtown Kabul caused an outraged. It brought the sad circumstances of women in Afghanistan to the fore with many demonstrations and rallies….


Islamic State Fighter Groomed 'Girl' To Be Child Bride via Skype
Fatma Nurjanah

Sierra Leone Faces Stalemate over Education of Pregnant School Girls

Burma's Birth Control Law Exposes Buddhist Fear of Muslim Minority

Pak Elite Female Commandos Fighting Terrorism

The Story of Indonesia’s Women Footballers

ISIS: Hundreds of Women and Children Executed As Islamic State Line Syrian Streets with Enemies' Corpses

East Africa: Anti-Harassment App for Women Wins Ignite International Girls Hackathon

Tanzania: Schools to Impart Sanitary Education

Africans Honour Women’s Empowerment

Couple Gunned Down For Alleged Adultery in Afghanistan

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Every Girl Grows up Wishing for Her Life to Be like It Is in Fairy Tales — Happily Ever After
Maheen Humayun

I wonder how many girls are out there — wishing to be something they can never be because society doesn’t allow it. Because parents forbid it. Because we live in a city where girls can’t wander around alone after the sun sets because of the four letter word that instills fear in the very bane of our existence....


Women Told to Hide “Shining Eyes” in Raqqa
Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, Scotlands Muslim MP

Three British Girls Married To Jihadis 'On the Run' From Islamic State

Child Brides' Boom in Derna As Record Number of Girls Married Off To Jihadi Fighters

Muslim Group to Consult On Plans for Britain's First Women's Mosque

French Muslim Girl Returns to School in 'Banned' Skirt

Muslim Women’s Football Team to Play Historic Curtain-Raiser at MCG

Scotland's First Muslim Woman MP

Omani Girls Win Silver in Tennis at Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation Tourney

92% of Married Women in Egypt Have Undergone FGM

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Rape and Torture: Iran's Political Weapons
Farinaz Khosrawani, Kurdish Woman

Many of the detained women were young, many of them were pregnant or had their young children with them at the time of their arrest: "Physical torture, such as being beaten, lashed and raped in front of their children, also created psychological trauma for both mother and child....


Muslim Girl Provides Education to Students of Different Communities in Kolkata
Monia Mazigh

Pakistan: A Well That ‘Turns Women Fertile’

New Child Abuse Prevention Campaign Launched In Maldives

France under Pressure to Clarify Rules about Wearing Long Skirts and Muslim Robes to School

Nigerian Women Displaced By Boko Haram Struggle to Rebuild Their Lives, Need Jobs

Help Fight Against Forced and Early Marriages

Monia Mazigh Challenges Stereotypes about Muslim Women in Mirrors and Mirages

Bangladesh HC: Stop Pornography In Social Media, Mobile Service

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Notes from America: Why the West is Fixated on Muslim Women’s Wardrobes
Ahmed Tharwat

Muslim women living in the West are attacked in the streets, supermarkets, buses, and football games, just for wearing the Hijab. In France, Muslim students are denied education for wearing Hijabs, last week a 15-year-old Muslim student was banned from school for wearing a long black skirt, “seen as openly religious for the secular France....


Victoria Local Council Asks Non-Islamic Women to Don Hijab in 'Social Experiment'
John Roskam

Saudi Woman Carves a Niche at UNESCO

Lady Killers: Meet the Women Fighting the Taliban in Pakistan

Interfaith Initiative: Supporting Our Dear Hijab Sisters

University of Maryland Student Starts Headscarf Company

Saudi Courts Continue To Deal with Violent Crimes Involving Women

Edinburgh Council Draws Up Framework to Tackle Sexual Exploitation

Chinese Woman Who Brought Up Muslim Grandchild Honoured

Trauma, Stigma, Face Girls, Women Rescued From Boko Haram

Jamaat-e-Islami Chief: ‘I Urged Women to Vote in By-Polls’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


I wish you keep an open mind that doesn’t judge the children of others. Maybe your neighbour’s unmarried daughter is coming home late because she really does have to stay at work late. Maybe that boy accompanying her to the door really is ensuring that she gets home safe.....


Pakistani Women, Lesser Creations?
Nikhat Sattar

The Quran also says: “...Never will I allow to be lost the work of (any) worker among you, whether male or female; you are of one another.” Only those beings, be they men or women, would be higher in status who are better in piety and goodness. There is nothing in the Quran which implies that a woman is less intelligent or less moral than a man.....

Mosques Must Cater To Women
Shelina Zahra Janmohamed

Mosques Must Cater To Women
Shelina Zahra Janmohamed

This can never be a long-term strategic solution, but a tactic in redressing the balance and redirecting the course of women’s social and spiritual engagement in the journey to better serve our communities, both male and female. We are always better together, but sometimes it takes radical steps to get there....


We all know that the Shariah only requires guardians for a woman who has never been married and wants to get married. The guardianship requirements we have today in many situations are the outcome of the past when women needed protection, did not go to school and could not work....


Tajikistan Mulls Tests for Couples, Some Demand Virginity Tests
Lina Huyan ElHassan, Syrian author

Female Arab Novelists Tell How Writing Liberates Them and Breaks Taboos

In K-P and Gilgit-Baltistan: Senators Decry Curbs on Women Voters

Minnesota Somalis See Chance to Lead Fight Against FGM

ISIS Sex Atrocities: Child Rape, Forced Virginity Surgeries Exposed In UN Report

PK-95 By-Poll: ECP Takes Notice Of Bar On Female Voters

Jordan Takes Centre Stage of Soccer World by Hosting Women's World Cup

Miss Syria: Assad Is a Doctor, Couldn't Harm an Ant

Emirati Women Engineering Bright Future at Robotics Institute

Bombs Detonated As Teens Arrested Over Alleged Mother's Day Terror Plot in Greenvale

Meet Christine Mau, First US Female F-35 Fighter Jet Pilot

Global Health Student Connects Local Ethiopian Women with Health Care

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Daughter and Christian Mother Celebrate Unity on Mother's Day
Patricia Raybon

Spain to Raise Marriage Age from 14 To 16

Afghan Taliban 'Soften Stance' On Women's Rights: Activists

Female Saudi Student Leads Group to Thank To Cleveland Police

Wife of Iraqi President Inaugurates New Refugee Complex

#Iran_Ignite Trends after Woman ‘Jumps To Death to Escape Rape’

Citing Lack of Job Choices, Some Saudi Women College Grads Wash Cadavers

Culinary School Fined For Forcing Libya-Born Muslim Woman to Eat Pork

Saudi Divorce Rate High: The ‘Message’ Is Clear — Stop Abusing Social Media

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Taliban Pledge to Amend Their Hard-Line Stance on Women’s Rights
Bana Gora, Chief executive of the Muslim Women's Council

Sexual violence another legacy of the war in Somalia

Rescued Nigerian Women Tell Tales of Hunger and Lack

Canada Wants to Make Forced Marriage a Crime

Senior Muslim scholar defends Congo Niqab ban

Mesa students wear religious head covering to help fight Islamophobia

Tension grips Mathura after Hindu girl and Muslim boy elope

Islamic loans give Gaza's women a chance to survive poverty

New York Women Plead Not Guilty in Jihadist Bomb-Plot Case

Plans announced for England’s first women-only mosque

Jubail needs women friendly gyms

Woman, 70, filmed racially abusing Muslim couple on a train - before hero blonde commuter intervened - faces fine after police track her down

Meet The Incredible 11-Year-Old Nigerian Journalist Who Interviews Presidents

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Catholicism Undervalues Women
Frank Bruni

And how does their vilification of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, an organization that represents 80 percent of American nuns, square with women’s equality? In 2012 the group was denounced by the Vatican and put under the control of three bishops charged with cleansing it of its “radical feminist” inclinations, including more attention to the poor than to sexual mores….


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