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Islam, Women and Feminism

To Insist On A Return To A Medieval Era Shows Just Where Pakistan`s Council of Islamic Ideology Stands On The Issue Of Women’s Rights
Irfan Husain

I don’t understand why the Taliban are killing and maiming thousands in their quest to impose their version of the Sharia on us when the Council of Islamic Ideology is doing their job without firing a shot.....

Rape Rooted In Feudal System of Pakistan: Mukhtaran Mai
Mukhtaran Mai

Pakistan: Group Declares Laws against Child Marriage Are “Un-Islamic”

Let Saudi Women Drive in Their Own Country

Saudi Women Demand Employers Resolve Workplace Problems

UN, Iranian Women’s Rights Activists Blast Lack of Progress under Rouhani

Breakthrough Gives Emirati Women Hope To Soar High

14 Powerful Photos Show a Side to Afghan Women That Americans Don't Usually See

Nurses in Pakistan Hurt As Police Storm Their Camp

Saudi Winner of Women’s Award for Courage Calls for Resilience

Saudi Women’s Rights Still a Contentious Issue

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Book on Women Driving Banned At Riyadh Book Fair
Khalida Brohi

Syrian Women Face Abuse and Violence at Iraqi Refugee Camps

5 Inspired Women to Address Jeddah Forum

Bangladesh Deputy Speaker for Ensuring Education for Girls

Women Won’t Be Allowed To Vote a Second Time for the Board of the Asharqia Chamber

Pakistani Nurses Split Over Talks with Govt

Time for Pakistan's Leaders to Stand Up For Women

Khalida Brohi Gives Pakistani Women the Tools to Lead

‘Signature’ Celebration of Pakistani Women

Demanding Release: Aafia Siddiqi’s Sister Criticises K-P Government

Afghanistan Still One of the Worst Places to Be a Woman, Says EU Ambassador

Troop Withdrawals and Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

170 Including 67 Women Held In Jleeb Crackdown

HNPIP Sitting Stresses Education to Empower Women

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Germany's ‘Jihad Cheerleaders,’ Running Off To Marry Islamist Terrorists
Ann Osman, martial arts fighter

14 Year Old Egyptian Girl Dies from FGM

Protest in Kolkata Over Nude Photos of Women with ‘Allah and Muhammad’ Texts

Mother Can Exclude Father from Delivery Room, N.J. Judge Holds

HRW Says New Iraqi Law Would Also Legitimise Marital Rape Also

Volunteers Needed To Protect Jewish Girls on Purim

Blue-Collar Saudi Women Are Role Models

Women Representation in Balochistan Cabinet Demanded

Women in Iran Must Not Give Up Hope That They Can Bring Change

Lebanon at Bottom of Rankings of Women in Parliament

Ann Osman Balances MMA, Religion as Muslim Female Athletic Pioneer

Iran Models Seek ‘Porn Star’ Look: Photographer

Initiative worth SR10bn Aims to Train and Employ Saudi Women in Garment Sector

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Iraq’s Council of Ministers should withdraw a new draft Personal Status Law and ensure that Iraq’s legal framework protects women and girls in line with its international obligations. The pending legislation would restrict women’s rights in matters of inheritance and parental and other rights after divorce make it easier for men to take multiple wives, and allow girls to be married from age nine.....


Underage Marriage Not Un-Islamic: Pak Council of Islamic Ideology
Catherine Ashton EU Foreign Policy Chief

Pro-Iranian Shiites to Legalize Marrying 9-Year-Old Girls in Iraq

Muslim Sisters' 'Nikah' In Shiva Temple in Uttar Pradesh

60pc Bangladeshi Women at Risk during Pregnancy

A Look at the Status of Arab Women As They Fight To Win More Rights

The Silent Battle Waged By Indian Muslim Women

Mother of Islamabad Suicide Attacker Emerges

The Hijabi Monologues Delivers Emotional Experience to Viewers

EU's Ashton Sparks Controversy in Iran for Meeting with Women

Women’s Guild in Oman Holds Spring Fair

Alexandria Declaration on Women’s Rights in Islam

Muslim Bodies in Manipur, India, Observed International Women’s Day

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All Women Are Born With Their Rights Intact
Harun Yahya

In the perspective of the Quran, women can be heads of state whose opinions are sought, people with a cause and also a flower symbolising beauty and delicacy. Women's responsibilities in the Quran are no different to those of men. At the same time, however, since women are valuable, they are always under protection. Allah regards women as superior in the Quran…..

Saudi Girls in Family Prisons!
Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi

Saudi Girls in Family Prisons!
Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi

"Now, the standards are set so high for the rest of us. Trouble is we are from non-Saudi mother, who came from a poor family of no tribal bloodline. Worse, we were brought up by our parents in metropolitan Jeddah, not in his conservative home base. So our attitudes, like not covering the face, working in mixed environment, travelling and studying abroad on our own … and talking to men as equals, brought us down the ladder of good future wives to our tribe and family young men. Our exotic beauty hasn’t helped much. So, here we are, unable to get husbands from either camps: the tribal and non-tribal…..


Law on Wife’s Consent for Second Marriage Un-Islamic: Pak Council of Islamic Ideology
President of LWU Samira Massoudi

Prominent Saudi Businesswoman, Aisha Al-Manie Drives Her Car in Al-Khobar

Saudi Preacher Released After Raping and Killing Daughter Because He 'Doubted Her Virginity'

Saudi Women Demand Quota of Seats on Chamber Of Commerce Board

Women Entering Bara Imambara in Lucknow, India Will Now Have To Cover Their Heads

Britons at Risk of FGM 'Being Taken Overseas To Undergo Procedure'

Jeddah: Feminization of Shops to Blame for SR800m Loss

9-Year-Old Pakistani Completes Diploma in Advanced Arabic

Malala Yousafzai Urges for Better Protection of Children

'Jealous Husband Stabbed His Westernised Muslim Wife 19 Times In The Neck After Affair...

Women in Iran Must Not Give Up Hope That They Can Bring Change

“Libyan Women Should Have the Same Rights as Men”: LWU President

OIC Takes Steps to Empower Women

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We Live In the Time of Mullah: Let Us See How We Would Describe Pakistan to a Girl Being Born In Our Country Today
Saad Rasool

We live in the time of Mullahs. The Juma prayer sermon of a local Masjid, on Women’s Day, narrated the tale of how God created Adam first, the ‘hero’ of our continuing story. And then, almost as an afterthought, from the tip of Adam’s rib, created a companion for Adam This second soul, a woman, the Mullah told his spellbound listeners – all sons of Adam – was created for Adam’s amusement and company. She was created to bear Adam’s children, and look after his belongings while Adam went out to command the vastness of his kingdom in this Earth.....

Saudi Princesses ‘Imprisoned By King For 13 Years’ Plead For Help
Zakia star-crossed Afghan

Syrian Women Face Whipping and Execution for Breaking Sharia Dress Code

The Sexual Exploitation of Syria's Female Refugees

Two Star-Crossed Afghans Cling to Love, Even At Risk of Death

Faisalabad Woman Forced To Drink Acid by In-Laws

Arab World Failing Women In Gender Equality, Education

'Women’s Unpaid Work Accounts For 10.75% Of GDP' In Bangladesh

Women’s Day Event Denied Permission in Sudan

Saudi Women Proud Of Blue-Collar Jobs

A Restaurant Manned By Saudi Women

Princess Latifa Bint Honours Disabled Children’s Families

India Will Take Around 56 Years to Achieve Female Youth Literacy: Report

Symbolic Initiative: Cyclists Peddle On Women’s Day

Khalil: 2014 Wake-Up Call Year for Women

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Are Saudi Women Doing Enough To End Discrimination Against Them?
Samar Fatany

Today Saudi women celebrate International Women’s Day with a strong determination to influence change and serve their sisters who suffer from discrimination and abuse. However, it is no use celebrating this day with empty speeches and flowery words. Women activists should reflect upon their role as community leaders and ask themselves if they doing enough to expose those who stand against progress, and why they have not been effective in ending discriminatory laws and regulations….


‘Don’t Use Facebook to Get Likes, But To Raise the Issues Children Are Facing’: Malala
Malala Yousafzai

Made In Bangladesh: American Ad with Topless Model Causes Outrage

Iraqi Women Protest against Proposed Islamic Law in Iraq

Jakarta: Violence against Women on the Rise

91% Accused In Acid Violence Case Escape Punishment

More Than 500,000 Child Brides Married In Turkey in the Last Decade

Israel Disperses Rally of 300 Women in West Bank

Thousands in Lebanon Shout Down Domestic Violence

Equality for Women Is Progress for All: UN WHO Maldives Coordinator

Syrian Women and the Uprising: Fighting On Multiple Fronts

Voices against Women's Day Remain Rare In Tajikistan

K-P’s Laws to Protect Women Remain Inadequate

Women Workers Still Face Inequality, Turkish Health Union Survey Says

All Aboard! First Women-Only Bus in Pakistan

Muslim State Schools Ordered Not To Discriminate On The Basis Of Gender

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Aligarh Muslim University Group Extols Purdah, ‘Islamic Solutions’ On Women’s Day
Wazhma Frogh

For Expat Women, the Abaya Is A Real Blessing In Disguise

‘Women Can Be Better Security Advisers than Men’: Dr Bassima Al Saedi

Women’s Participation in Politics ‘Still Low’ In Turkey

Women’s Opportunities in Turkey Hinge on School and Marriage

Philippines Bid To Set Record for Biggest ‘Woman’ Symbol

Women Ambassadors and UN Officials to Perform in a Play on Women’s Rights

Italian Divas in Istanbul for Concert against Domestic Violence

Police Bust Women’s Robbery Gang in Makkah

Gulf Airlines Defend Female Cabin Crew Policies

Govt to Do Legislation to Empower Women: Pak Punjab Law Minister

Pakistan Women Are Headed Towards a Dark Tunnel: Human Rights

Pakistan Women Media Complaint Cell Ensures Gender Responsiveness within Media

Palestinian Women Join West Bank Anti-Riot Force

Frustration in Afghan Women’s Rights Struggle

Spirit of Womanhood Is to Be Launched by the Women’s Interfaith Network

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201 Births Recorded At Shelter for Pregnant Teens in Malaysia
Fatima Bhutto

US Army Lauds Bangladeshi Female Army Officers for Professionalism

Pak Female MPAs Dress up To Celebrate International Women’s Day

Woman Who Defied Odds to Educate Village Children in Pakistan

Pak women can compete in all fields: Religious Scholar

Sisters in Islam Co-Founder Gets France’s Highest Award

Egypt Deports Female Activists Attempting To Access to Gaza

Fatima Bhutto Nominated For Fiction Prize

49% of Saudi Women Do Not Donate Blood: Study

Saudi First As Woman Becomes Investment Bank Chief

Maldivian NGO Voice of Women Fears Further Discrimination for IGMH Scandal Victim

Dr. Nasrin of Afghanistan Receives International Women of Courage Award

Saudi Wins International Women of Courage Award

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Islam is Not the Enemy
Sara Erkal

Traditional interpretations of sacred texts can sometimes lead to theories of male dominance, while modern interpretations tend to lean towards gender equality. Naturally, I would posit that interpretations compatible with gender equality would benefit women’s rights in creating a bridge between Western and Islamic feminists, all in an effort to create a more unified feminist movement. Let us move towards achieving this goal.….

China's Female Imams Carrying On Ancient Islamic Tradition
Canadian province's headscarf

Women with New Wombs Try To Conceive In Sweden

UK Urges World to Tackle Child Marriage in Same Way as FGM

Colombia’s ELN Rebels Recruit Girls to Extort Illegal Miners

UK Party Suspends Member for Insulting Muslim Women

Canadian Province's Religious Bill 'Targets Headscarf'

AFC Welcomes Lifting Of Headscarf Ban

Saudi Lawyers Refuse To Leak Data to Women on Potential Grooms

No Uniform Policy of Indian Waqf Boards on Muslim Widow Pension

Malala Admits She Has No Cell

Ministry Of Gender Celebrates Ghanaian Women

Pak, Punjab Assembly Female Members Form Caucus

Pakistan Mother Kills Two Starving Infants

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Bangladesh's Home Truth
Tahmima Anam

In London, I hear the word whispered, hedged with caveats and reservations; in Dhaka, it is shouted and sung in public forums as a riposte to the cacophonous voices of religious fundamentalism and ingrained patriarchy.....

Saudi Female Students Are Frequent Users of Social Media
Malala Yousafzai

Malala Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Major Report Reveals 'Extensive' Abuse Of Women in EU

Islamist Group Slams False Apostasy Claim, Says Slur on Malay Women

Saudis Demand Laws to Protect Girls from Domestic Violence

Iranian Women Push To Tighten Gender Gap

Female Shariah Grads Willing To Work as BIP Investigators

Most Anglos, Allophones Say Secular 'Values' Charter Targets Muslim Women

First Woman to Head Egypt Party Worried Over Military

Somaliland: The Extreme Form of FGM Is Back

Tina Fey and the Taliban to Share the Big Screen

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Pakistani, Afghan Sports Officials Hail FIFA's Headscarf Move
Fizza Malik, 24

Princess Nourah Says Saudi Women Playing a Meaningful Role

Women Banned From Wearing Panties to Church by Nairobi Pastor

In Indonesia (Bandung), Activists Fight Adolescent Prostitution

100 Female University Students in Asir to Donate Organs

Honour Killings Rise in Palestinian Territories, Sparking Backlash

Female Pupils in Sirte to Wear the Hijab under Awquaaf Ruling

Facebook Group Tracks How Many Women Have Been Detained In Egypt

Fizza Malik, 24: A Life Snuffed Out In Suicide Bombing In Islamabad

Indonesia Pushes For More Women in Power

Saudi Nurses Call For Right to Scholarships

Libyan Women Find Out More about Self-Development

Makkawi Women Seek Active Role in Development Plans

Women Come Out To Take Part in Anti-Draft Prayer in Jerusalem

‘Agunah Summit’ To Question State’s Role in Reaching Solution on Issue of ‘Chained’ Wives

Seminar Draws Roadmap for Minority Women’s Education in North East India

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Expensive Dowries Damage Women
Shelina Zahra Janmohamed

Expensive Dowries Damage Women
Shelina Zahra Janmohamed

In Islamic stipulation the man is required to pay the dowry – called Mehr – to the woman as a gift upon completion of the marriage ceremony. The aim is to elevate the status of women by offering a token of affection to seal the marriage contract. Yet today women and their families are demanding unaffordable Mehr from the groom. In a bizarre reversal of the problems facing women in the subcontinent, Muslim men are increasingly facing an unappetising choice between heavy debt and bachelor life....

Blaming Women for Divorce In The Name Of Islam?
Abeer Shah

Sometimes marriage happens between the wrong people, for the wrong reasons, in the wrong environment. It cannot thrive. Sometimes it’s the husband who’s to blame, sometimes it’s the wife, sometimes it’s some third-party person. But it can happen due to a multitude of reasons....

Saudi Women Demand End to 'Absolute Male Authority'
Nora Al-Amr

One Divorce in Malaysia Every 10 Minutes

"Heavily Indoctrinated” French Teenage Girl Caught Heading For Syria Jihad

Central African Republic: Genocide of Muslim Women/Children

International Women's Day Conference Sees Spread of Misogyny

Niger State Passes Sharia Law That Criminalises Marriage to More Than Four Wives

GCC Citizens Top List of Foreigners Married to Saudi Women

Harvard Picks Saudi Woman for Ph.D.

Emirati Teen Ready for Antarctica Expedition

International Conference in Paris on International Day of Women

Indian Muslim Mass Marriages in Warangal

Pakistan Grapples With Discontent over Rape Prosecutions

Kyrgyzstan Tries To Solve Domestic Violence Problem

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Child marriages in Africa, some parts of Asia, Latin America and Oceania are driven due to poverty, illiteracy, culture, tradition, bride price, dowry, religious and social pressure, and even the fear of remaining unmarried....

Pakistan and High Divorce Rates: The Girl’s Parents Are To Blame!
Ahad Kashif

According to our Sharia law, the fundamental duty of a man is to provide for his wife. I’m positive that even the liberals will agree with this, let alone the staunch Sharia followers. An independent woman, who earns, defeats the purpose of marriage. Call me orthodox if you want to but I’m as concerned with divorce rates as I’m sure you are. Granting her autonomous financial power just makes her realise that she is better off without him and that he is just a formality or red tape.....

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