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Islam, Women and Feminism

10-Year-Old Girl Forced For Suicide Bombing In Helmand
Afghan Girl, 10-Year-Old for Suicide Bombaing

Bollywood Actress Soha Ali Khan Ties Knot with Long-time Love Kunal Khemu

8-Year-Old Girl Who Saved Grandma’s Life Gets Bravery Award

Women Power to the Fore at Rajpath

Yazidis Freed By Islamic State Enjoy Bittersweet Homecoming

Failed Iraq Female Bomber Wanted By IS For Remaining Japan Hostage

14-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest Palestinian in Israeli Jails

Egyptian Female Cyclists Pedal for Acceptance

Saudi Women’s Participation in National Development ‘Steadily Emerging’

Miss Indonesia Wins Best National Costume at Miss Universe Pageant

World Fails to Protect Civilians in Iraq, Syria: US Actress Angelina Jolie

Egypt Convicts Doctor, Father in First Ever FGM Trial

World Bank to Lend $400m More For Primary Education’s Uplift In Bangladesh

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Kashmir Girls Have Not Much to Celebrate As Gendered Stereotypes Persist
Shannon Maureen Conley, Denver woman

The Girls Training To Fight ISIS

Two Montreal Women Left To Join ISIS

Cairo Conference Urges Women to Combat Extremism

Curb Increasing Numbers of Child Marriages in Saudi Arabia

Guru Dutt Wanted Me to Change My Name: Indian Actress Waheeda Rehman

China Official Calls for Reduced Birth Rates in Xinjiang

Shannon Conley Gets 4-Year Prison Term for Trying To Join Islamic State

Muslim Women, Israeli Settlers and the Struggle for Al-Aqsa Mosque

Late Saudi King Abdullah Leaves (Relative) Legacy as Women's Rights Advocate

At Least 250,000 Children Being Used In Wars around the World

The Golden Era for Saudi Women

Taxi Driver’s Muslim Daughter Clears CA In 1st Attempt in Ahmedabad

Asian Football Community "Happy" To Bar Women In Order To Comply With Iranian and Saudi Restrictions

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ISIS Pamphlet on Sex with Female Captives Shows Abuse of Quranic Verses
Sara Samir Egypt's first female referee

Egypt's First Female Referee Tells Ahram Online Her Job Easier Than Men's

Minimum Age Set For Marriage in Yemen

Detroit Muslim Woman Says Police Made Her Remove Islamic Scarf

'Kenji Is Not an Enemy of Islam': Japan Hostage Mother

Female Employment: Saudi Kingdom Still Has Miles to Go

ECOWAS women affairs ministers seek end to terrorists’ abduction of girls

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When Women Become Terrorists
Jayne Huckerby

Terrorists are strategic about using women, in increasingly chilling ways. To fight them, we have to move past simplistic assumptions about gender and terror and get serious about helping women and girls who are on this deadly path, as well as their would-be victims.


Malays Bare Insecurities In The Face Of K-Pop ‘Threat’
Angelina Jolie, U.N. Refugee Envoy

In A First, Woman Officer Leads Guard of Honour at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi

‘Women Can Seek More Maintenance under Domestic Violence Act’: Bombay HC

Female Protester Killed On Eve of Egypt Uprising Anniversary

In Egypt, Sowing Seeds of Gender Equality

Domestic Violence in Turkey Climbed 33 Percent In 2014

Syrian Women Fear Abuse during Marriage – But Divorce Frightens As Much

Wife, Children of Australian ISIS Fighter Long To Go Home To Australia

Angelina Jolie Visits Refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan

Ghana: Gender Ministry to Eliminate Violence against Women/Girls

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Growing Number of Saudi Single Women Challenge Tradition
Muneeza Sheikh

Female Genital Mutilation a Growing Problem in Iran

West African Examinations Council, Muslims in Standoff over Veil

Hindu Woman Saves Muslims from Rioters in Bihar Village

Jordan Woman Gives Birth over Atlantic on board Royal Jordanian

Australian Muslim Groups Condemn Islamic State's 'Barbaric' Use of Yazidi Slaves

Egypt’s ‘Oldest’ Woman, Fatema Qadib, Dies Aged 115

Token Legal Reforms Fail to End Violence against Women in Egypt - Report

Muneeza in the Middle Explores Muslim Woman’s Search for Identity

Muslim Mahila Foundation seeks Bharat Ratna for Subhash Chandra Bose

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Rally against Domestic Violence in Saudi Arabia
Sabria S. Jawhar

The problem is — as always — the Saudi judicial system is ill equipped to deal with domestic violence. In some cases, judges side with the abuser, tacitly endorsing violence against women and children.


Egypt's Endowments Ministry Welcomes Women Preachers
Ravina Shamdasani, UN spokeswoman

Islamic State Stones Two Women in Mosul

Decreasing Sex Ratio Is a Threat to Human Race: Indian Supreme Court

Islamic State Executing 'Educated Women' in New Wave of Horror: UN

Iran Football Players Warned: Don't Take Selfies with Female Fans in Australia

Saudi Woman Blazes Trail in Construction Industry

Muslim Women’s Network Chair: ‘A Lot of Women Are Suffering In Silence’

Over 2,220 Child Custody and Alimony Lawsuits in 3 Months in Saudia

Malay Girls under Investigation for “Shaming Islam”

Pak Judge Sends Alleged Lal Masjid Detainee to Women’s Shelter

Bihar CM Honours Shail Devi, Who Saved Many Lives in Muzaffarpur Village Attack

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Given their youth, they are susceptible to emotionally charged propaganda. IS’s propaganda is very adept at putting a positive spin to life in the newly formed Islamic State. It lures Western women by highlighting their religious duty to undertake a humanitarian and Islamic cause,[5] by giving them a central role in shaping the destiny of the Islamic State, and imbuing the current conflict with seductive notions of romance and the promise of a stable married life…


Indian Muslim Couple Marries Off Adopted Hindu Daughter According To Hindu Tradition
Jaya Srinivas from the ICS at Darwin's Hall

Malaysian Girls Threatened With Jail Time for Hugging K-Pop Stars

Iran Stars Warned Over 'Selfies' With Women Fans

Nigeria Boko Haram: 50 Children Abducted By Islamic Militants in Cameroon

£2million Blackburn Islamic Girls Boarding School Gets Go Ahead

Lebanon: Laws Discriminate Against Women

Little Sister: The Girl Who Was Sold To Islamic State Has a Mission

Darwin's Muslim Leaders and NT Police Discuss Hijab Harassment and Racism

Afghan Border Police Zone 301 Hosts Women’s Police Integration Conference

Gujarat HC Orders Action against Muslim Youth for Second Marriage

Duke Professor to Give Talk at Washington and Lee about Feminism in Islam

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‘Unwed Bride’ Roams Cairo in Her White Dress
Faten Hamama Pioneer of Egyptian Cinema

‘Unwed Bride’ Roams Cairo in Her White Dress

Saudis Alarmed Over Number of Unmarried Women

Lebanon Religious Laws Violate Women’s Rights

The Female Pioneers behind the Golden Age of Egyptian Cinema

Muslim Women Org. Condemns Islamophobic Attacks in Europe

Isis: Jihadi Janes in Syria Incite UK Muslim Women to Violence Says ICSR Study

Haia Objects to Children’s Dance

Saudi Implores Authorities Not To Deport Expat Wife

Woman Admits To Taking Part in Dh2.8m Heist

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In Pakistan Women Who Dare To Pursue Relationships of Choice Are in Danger of Losing Their Lives
Yalda Hakim

Despite a growing middle class, attempts at modernity and secular condemnation, combating ingrained institutional misogyny has become increasingly difficult in Pakistan. In a society fighting to preserve patriarchal and tribal traditions, women face brutality and gender-based violence in both urban and rural districts. And as religious fundamentalism continues to gain ground, the freedoms of women are increasingly attacked….


Courageous Survivors: How These Three Radicalised Women Beat Islamic State
Leila Zerrougui, U.N. Special Representative

Fear of Ebola Curbs Genital Mutilation of Girls in West Africa

Women Helping Women In The Middle East And North Africa

The Case for Improved Female Empowerment In The Workplace

K-Pop Artistes Aim To Erode Muslims’ Faith: KL Religious Body

Divorce Ban Shows Catholic Church Power in Philippines

Egyptian Women Take To Social Media to Expose Harassers

‘Hijab’ Captures Indonesia’s Muslim Wear

UN 'Barbershop' Event Aims to Dispel Stereotypes, Promote Gender Equality

Children in Northeastern Nigeria In Need Of Protection from Violence: UN Envoy

UK: Preston Muslim Girls High School Pupils Get Creative to Leave Artwork Legacy

Map: The places where Islamic face veils are banned

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Will A ‘Remove The Hijab’ Campaign Turn Heads In Egypt?
Ramazova, Istanbul Suicide Bomber

Istanbul Suicide Bomber Was 'Teen Widow of Norwegian IS Jihadist'

Anjali Wasn’t Allowed To Live With Husband: Sindh High Court

British Police Arrest 18-Year Old Woman on Suspicion of Terrorism

The Widow of a Paris Terrorist and Other Real Wives of Islamic State

Oceans New – Maldives’ First Female Boat Captain

Women's Sporting Rights: The Battle is in Philadelphia... and Riyadh

Syrian Women and Children Struggle In Lebanon

British Mother 'Flees from ISIS to Turkey after Realising Her Mistake'

Malala’s 'Action/2015' Campaign Against Inequality, Poverty Launched World Wide

Pak Girls School in Rajgarh Gets ‘Threat Note’

Saudi Artist Depicts Women Suffering Through Art

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Saudi Arabia Publicly Beheads Woman in Holy Mecca As Blogger Lashings Are Postponed
Merve Büyüksaraç, Turkish Model

Muslim Girls in Malaysia Threatened With Arrest over K-Pop Boy Band Hug

Iran to Combat ‘Immoral’ Dating With Marriage Site

Turkish Model Questioned For ‘Insulting Erdoğan’ With Satirical Poem

Wife on Run from Pakistan Honour Killing Says No One Can Escape

72 Girls Rescued From Flesh Trade in Thailand

Boko Haram Appears to Be Using Abducted Girls as Suicide Bombers: Experts

Two Italian Women Abducted In Syria Arrive In Rome

Lal Masjid ‘Detainee’ Refuses To Return To Her Parents

Dress Code Only For Muslim Women in Service Industry, Says Secretary

Saudi Female Prisoners Refute Mistreatment Claims

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'I Am Malala' Incorporated In George Washington University Curriculum

Mocking K-Pop Fans, Facebook Page Glorifies Syria’s Female Fighters

Feminisation of Shops Faces Many Challenges in Saudi Arabia

Anjali Refuses To Go With Parents, Sindh HC Allows Her to Live With Husband

Saudi Women Trainees to Be Counted As Staff in Nitaqat

Al-Qaeda in Syria Kills Woman Accused Of Adultery

British Muslim Women's Helpline: Their Voices Won't Go Unheard Again

UN Conference Asks Men to Speak Out For Women's Rights

Turkey’s Media Watchdog Fines TV for Lesbian Kiss in Music Video

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Women and Militancy
Rafia Zakaria

Women and Militancy
Rafia Zakaria

The attractions of Jamia Hafsa are the result then of a society where women have few instruments to rebel against culture and family without taking up the mantle of religious orthodoxy, perhaps even militancy. If the only choices provided by the country are submerging oneself in the dictates of culture, tradition and family obligation, or to abscond and be considered morally compromised, then militancy and artificially pious underpinnings can provide an attractive third option to those with few of them…..


'It Takes Courage to Wear a Scarf': Group of Hamilton Muslim Women
Zarine Khan, Mother of Teen

Pak SC Wants Draft of Hindu Marriage Bill Approved In 2 Weeks

‘Parents Should Introduce Girls to Hijab Use Gradually’: Kuwaiti Experts

 ‘Sorry Sir, No Touching’, Ex-Model Advises ‘Molested’ Girls

A Befitting Reward for Muslim Women Crusader, MP Zuleikha Hassan

Mother Of Teen To Islamic State: 'Leave Our Children Alone!'

Italian Woman among Isis Fighters

Judge Frees Austrian Teens Seized On Way to Marry Fighters

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


ISIS Forced Girls to Give Transfusions to Keep Their Wounded Fighters Alive
Hamshe, a Yazidi girl from Iraq

Parents Hunt for Islamic State ‘Bride’ Hodan Abby

64 Indian Female Workers Transferred To Shelter in Kuwait

Father Angry As Saudi Daughter ‘Used’ In Sex Abuse Awareness Video

Religious Authorities Want Girls’ Help in K-Pop Band ‘Hugs and Kisses’ Probe

Saudi Women Seek Their Rights in Real Estate Ownership

4m Unmarried Saudi Women in the Next Five Years

Jakarta Govt to Establish Domestic Abuse Hotline

Women Will Receive More Degrees than Men in Bangladesh

Remand Application for Two Austrian Female Jihadists

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Two More Girl Suicide Bombers Hit North Nigeria Town
Tudung-Clad Malay Girl

All Systems Go For 1st Civic Vote With Saudi Women’s Participation

Gyms for Women, Saudi Coaches Demanded

9 Muslim Women Reverts Honoured In Jeddah

Saudi Private Schools Cleared Of Gender Mixing Charges

Quetta Women’s Convention: Maternal Mortality Rate Is Embarrassing

VHP Claims 200 ‘Love Jihad’ Cases, But Police Says Only Six

Austria Detains Teen Girls Who Wanted To Marry ISIS Fighters

Tudung-Clad Malay Girls Went Onstage Willingly

Global: The Changing Face of Afghan Women

Why Women Are Willing To Become Sex Slaves to Jihadists

Integrating 3D Printing Education into a Curriculum for Girls in Africa

Battered Women Being Trapped By The Housing Crisis: Women's Aid

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


In Nigeria, New Boko Haram Suicide Bomber Tactic: ‘It’s a Little Girl’
Maryam Nawaz, Pak PM's daughter

Legislature OKs Ban On Full Veils, Body Coverings in Urumqi, Xinjiang

Hayat Boumeddiene: The Jihadist ‘Bride’ Who Trained With Al-Qaida

Maryam Nawaz to Home-School 10-Year-Old Daughter for Security Reasons

World Still Unfair To Women despite 15 Years of UN Efforts

Libya: Promoting Women's Rights and Political Inclusion in Arab States

‘Violence against Women on the Rise Because They Don’t Speak Out’

Nigeria, Procter and Gamble Sign MoU on Women Empowerment

The Many Views on Legalising Abortion in Uganda

African Church Leaders Worry about the ‘Medicalisation’ Of FGM

Mass wedding to Take Place at the Ijtema Grounds Today in Bangladesh

Fighting Sexual Harassment: Nepal's Women-Only Buses

France's Most-Wanted Woman Has Fled To Syria

Madonna under fire over Charlie Hebdo posts

Russia: Transgenders ‘ineligible’ to drive

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


Most Wanted Woman in France Went From Bikini to Burqua to Jihad
Hayat Boumeddiene, French Gunman's Girlfriend

In A First, Indian Women of Armed Forces to March on R-Day

French Hunt for Gunman’s Girlfriend after Bloody Siege Climax

Malaysia Online Network Launches Nation’s First Sex Education Show

Iraqi Female Nurses Struggle for Equality

Banner Year for Feminism but Not for Women, Peace, and Security

Wearing Hijab Is a Matter of Religion Not Culture

RAF’s Female Commander Set to Lead Airstrikes against the Islamic State

Pakistani Father Killed the Two Girls and Three Boys to Gain ‘Magic Powers’

‘Save The Children’ Urges Donors to Step up Aid and Stave off Deaths

‘Liberate Saudi Children from Anxieties’

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


In Pak Gujrat: 36 Women Put To the ‘Sword of Dishonour’ In 2014
Transgender woman Kay Long

Pakistan TV Show Talks Sex for Housewives

Study Proves Pak Child Marriage Linked To Domestic Violence

No Restriction on Iranian Women’s Dress Colour: Vice President

U.S. School Makes Girls Follow Islam Dress Code

Actress’s Morphed Picture: VHP Says Actress Is Free to Sue Them

Could Massive Group Weddings Be The Answer To Pricey Afghan Wedding?

Turkish Women Receive Mixed Messages on Work-Life Balance

Indonesia to Lift Maid Ban If Better Conditions, Pay Offered

50,000 School Bags Filled With Care for Gaza Children

UN Chief Appeals to Extremists Groups: Free the Children

Daesh Prevents 670,000 Children from Attending School: UN

Transgender Woman Denied Access to Female and Male Sections of Western Wall

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Young Mother Let Terrorists into Charlie Hebdo after Threat against Daughter
Corinne Rey, cartoonist at Charlie Hebdo

Halal Cosmetics for Indian Women

Film Star Kareena's Morphed Photo Used As Warning against ‘Love Jihad’

Colorado School District Makes Girls Wear Head Scarves to Mosque

IS Offers Jihadists 5-Minute Dating Sessions to Find Brides

Green Light for Saudi Women Diplomats

Council of Saudi Engineers to Send Female Students for Summer Workshops in Germany

Abducted Nigerian Girls Still Missing, a Distracted World Must Remember

ISIS Runs Prison Camps for Yezidi Women and Children

Taking Dowry against Quran: Prince of Arcot, India

Guantanamo Order Bars Women from Moving Accused In 9/11 Case

Women Perceived Incompetent Because Of Gender: Study

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Female Suicide Bomber Targets Turkish Police Station
Rubeena, Indian national in Maldives prison

Eastern Province Counters Girl Bullies with Strategy Workshops

643 Tanzanian Girls Return Home After Fleeing Genital Cutting

Indian National Rubeena Held in Maldives for Four And A Half Years without Charge

How Qudsia’s Loss Has Affected Afghan Women

Saudi Businesswomen Question Ban on Fitness Centres, Beauty Clinics

Saudi Wheels Paves the Way for Women Roller Skaters

Pakistani Fiza Farhan in Forbes List of Young Social Entrepreneurs

Another Sexual Harassment Case at Karachi University Reported

Ex-Wife Jemima Wishes Imran Best in 'New Phase of Life'

A Visionary Campaign for Saudi Schoolchildren

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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  • nothing new.Abbasids ate dinner on the corpses of Ummaids.same can be seen in karbala.hajjaj bin yusuf catapulted the stones on kaba and set it ...
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