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Islam, Women and Feminism

Britain's Muslim Women Face Triple Penalty in Job Market
London Schoolgirl, Kadiza Sultana

French Mayor Bans Burqinis on Cannes Beaches

Muslim Women Say They Were Harassed In West Rogers Park

Muslim Woman Sues Chicago, 6 Officers for False Terrorist ID

London Schoolgirl, Kadiza Sultana, Who Left To Join Islamic State Dead

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First Islamic Mosque with Women Imams Opens In Denmark
Sherin Khankan, Women led Mosque

Gujarati Muslim Girl Tanzeem Determined To Hoist Tri-Colour at Srinagar on Aug 15

Germany to Consider Banning Burqa

Bangladeshi Catholic Editor Flees Country in Fear of Her Life

Muslim Girl Tops MA (Sanskrit) Exam in Uttarakhand, India

UK Hijab-Wearing Muslim Women Being Passed Over For Jobs in Last Form of 'Acceptable' Discrimination – MPs 

Hijabs at Olympics Aren’t About Freedom

America's 1st Female Muslim Lawmaker About To Be Elected

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Threat of Marriage Hangs Over Young Malian Refugee Girls in Mauritania

Women’s Rights Activists of Iran Treated As ‘Enemies of the State’

Muslim Woman Flight Attendant Sues ExpressJet Over Suspension

Mum Rescued From Islamic State Rips Off Veil - But Her Little Boy's Reaction Is Simply Heartbreaking

Muslim, Somali-American Woman Scores Historic Win in Democratic Primary

German Judges Call For Headscarf Ban In Court To Show 'Neutrality'

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Muslim Women Answer Questions from Public about Their Faith
Azzura Lalani

Sparked by the recent incidents of Islamophobia in London and Donald Trump’s comments about banning Muslims from entering the United States, Elsayed encouraged Londoners to ask any questions they had about Islam. More than 100 people came by...


Saudi Woman Can’t Travel with Her Father without Hubby’s Nod

Muslim Women in France Cause Controversy with Upcoming ‘Burkini Pool Party’

Petition to Allow Women Basketball Players to Wear Hijab on Court Reaches 89,000 Signatures

Emerging From Slavery, Yazidi Women Struggle To Recover

ISIS Executes Pregnant Woman, Kidnaps Four Children Attempting To Flee Terrorist Group

‘Killed Sisters to Protect the Family Honour, Not Property’: Pakistani Killer of Two Sisters

French Girl, 16, Charged With Allegedly Supporting Islamic State

Ibtihaj Muhammad - A Muslim Woman - Fences In Hijab at Rio Olympics for USA

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We Were Not Converted Forcefully, Claim Group of Indian Muslim Women

Ban Muslim Veil in Public Places in Britain, Says UKIP Leadership Hopeful

Female Pakistani Star Rises from Poverty, Is Killed Defying Norms

How American Muslim Women Could Take Down Trump

Burkini Swimsuits Spark Anti-Muslim Outrage—and Fast Sales

Why Iranian Men Are Wearing Hijab

The First Dedicated Book Club For Women In Arab World Launched

Ibtihaj Muhammad: America's Olympic Game Changer

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Female Flag Bearer an Olympic Breakthrough for Iran

23-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Burnt Alive In Pakistan

Rio Olympics: Syrian Refugee Mardini A Winner in the Water

Muslim Woman Fired From Work for Wearing Hijab in US

Muslim American Women Kicked Off American Airlines Flight

Muslim Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad Set To Make U.S. Olympic History in Rio

Protecting Women from Crimes of ‘Honour’

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How Muslim Girls Fence Helps Girls Put Stereotypes to the Sword

‘Women, Children Being Used In Crime’: Pakistan

Community Voices: Muslim Women Show More Similarities than Differences

UK Woman 'Fired For Wearing Hijab' As Boss Tells Her to 'Keep Religion Out Of the Office'

UK Muslim Woman Detained For ‘Suspicious Behaviour’ While Reading Book about Syria during Flight

Yazidi Survivor Nadia Murad: We Want a Muslim Stand Against ISIS

'Zaria Massacre' Nigerian Army's Violence against Women

Hijabi Woman Complains Of Discrimination at Nordstrom Rack

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‘Burqini Day’ Plan for Muslim Women Sparks Outrage in Secular France

Two Muslim Women Who Work For US Government Escorted Off Plane As They Made Staff ‘Uncomfortable'

Muslim-Majority Indonesia Outraged At 'Bikini' Snack

Muslim Woman Thrown Out Of Family Store for Wearing Full Islamic Veil in USA

Meet the 21 Year Old Pakistani Woman Who Qualified For the Olympics

Chivvis Moore: Why We Need To Understand Muslim Women Better

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Syrian Women Burned a Burqa after Being Freed From the Islamic State

American Airlines Kicks Off Muslim Women Because Crew Felt ‘Unsafe’

3,770 Yezidi Women and Children Still In ISIS Captivity

Muslim Women in Delaware Speak Out Against Donald Trump

Saudi Arabia's Women Contingent Show Ambition after 2012 London Olympics Success

How 2 Muslim Women Claimed Their Own Justice after a Man Asked If They Were ISIS

Muslim Rashtriya Manch to organise International Raksha Bandhan Festival on August 17

Malala Yousafzai Meets YouTube Sensation Superwoman

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Flap over American Muslim Women's Mugshots Released To Public

Pregnant Woman Attacked For ‘Wearing Revealing Clothes, Supporting Coup’ In Istanbul

Female Entrepreneurs Should Contribute To Islamic Creative Industry: Indonesian Minister

Assaulting Muslim Women under the Pretext of Carrying Beef Is a Scar on Our Society: President of Shariat Protection Committee

Black Muslim Women & the Hypocrisy of the White American Saviour

The Unfair Scrutiny Imposed On Muslim Adolescence

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Teach Muslim Girls about Sex to Stop the Next Wave of Radicalisation

Police Arrests Suspected Kerala ISIS Recruiter's Wife

Iran's Rouhani Shelves Civil Service Exam Over Female Discrimination

Saudi Arabia Just Created a Division for Women in Sports

Four Saudi Women To Compete In Rio

NRI Girl’s Open Letter To Indian PM: Listen To Voices Of Agitating Kashmiris

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The Bohras are known for their liberal attitude toward the education of women, yet the community is also tightly controlled by an entirely male clergy. From Mumbai to New York, medical professionals perform circumcision for girls or Khatna with the blessings of the religious head known as the Syedna....

What is Honour?: It Is a Responsibility Placed on the Same Woman, Who from Her Childhood to Adolescent to Adulthood Has No Real Say in the Household
Benazir Jatoi

Unpacking this socially complex term reveals that such an important responsibility is placed on the same woman, who during her lifecycle from childhood to adolescent to adulthood has no real say in the household. The same girl, who is often denied the right to receive an education, is obliged to carry out household chores instead....

Olympics: Muslim Female Athletes Find Sport Vital, Compete While Covered

Unmarried Couples Are Flogged For Violating Sharia Law In Indonesia

ISIS Reveal 'Why We Hate You' As They Plot To Wipe Out 'Western Women'     

Social Media Darling Revealed To Be Daughter of Terrorist

A Hijab Should Not Be Required Attire for Muslim Women

12th World Islamic Economic Forum Set To Accelerate Women's Leadership in SMEs

These Muslim Women of ‘Wasseypur’ Win Hearts of Armymen, Others

Indian Muslim Women to Take Self-Defence Lessons

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Afghan Man Arrested For Marrying His 6yr Old Daughter to a 60yr Old Cleric

Women Singers from India, Pakistan to Perform In Melbourne

Taliban Militants Gang Rape Woman in Helmand, Official Claims

PM Modi Announces Free Check-Up Scheme for Pregnant Women

Father of British-Pakistani ‘Honour-Killing’ Victim Claims Daughter Committed Suicide

Amid Zika Outbreak, England Warns Pregnant Women to Delay Travel To Florida

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The ‘Parting Gift’: Women Are Denied Their Rights despite Assertions in the Quran
Faqir Hussain

The Islamic law on female right to inheritance, coupled with her right to dower and maintenance, is a shining example of according high socio-economic status to women. It remained unparalleled for centuries in global history. Even the most advanced civilisations could not match it...


Indian Muslim Woman to Give Kidney to Sister's Ailing Hindu Friend

How Social Media Is Helping Muslim Women Fight Islamophobic Harassment

Saudi Female Athletes Find Sport So Essential They Compete While Covered

Mandsaur: Was The Attack On Muslim Women A Plot To Stoke Communal Riots?

Hijab-Wearing Muslim Women Fear Going Out After Increase in Hate Crimes

12th World Islamic Economic Forum Set To Accelerate Women's Leadership in SMEs

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


British-Saudi Dual Citizen Amina al-Jeffrey Taken to Saudi Arabia and Locked in a Cage

Shisha Smoking by Saudi Women Leading To Divorce

Man Strangles Teenage Niece for 'Honour' In Mansehra, Pakistan

200 Saudi Women Allowed By Courts to Travel Alone

Behind Closed Doors: Virginity and Hymen Reconstruction in Morocco

Beat That! Egyptian Women Are World Leaders in Assaulting Husbands

African Girl, 16, Rescued From Early Marriage

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


“We do not want to have two dead bodies coming out of our home,” they said. A young girl had been killed by her brother and the family was insisting on closing the matter....


Girls Pour Back To School in Former Militant Strongholds of Pakistan
Ismat Jahan appointed envoy of the OIC

Uganda Urged To Stop Marrying Teen Girls

Big Win for Girls on Banning Of Child Marriage in the Gambia: UNFPA

Pakistan Women Turn To Hymen Repair Medication to Save Life and Marriage

Islamic Gang Storm Nudist Pool Shouting 'Allahu Akbar' Vowing To 'Eradicate' 'Slut' Women

UNIQLO Hijab: Giving Taiwan's Muslims Choices in Mainstream Apparel

Ismat Jahan First OIC Envoy to EU Mission

Lack of FGM Ban in Domestic Violence Law Fails Liberia's Girls, Activists Say

South African Muslim Woman Sues for R50k Maintenance

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Man Alleges British Wife Killed For 'Honour' In Pakistan
Kate Middleton

Ban on Women Haj sans Mehram ‘Illegal’: Counsel

Muslim Women Beaten Up In Madhya Pradesh over Beef Rumours

‘Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh Women’ Had No Contact with Families

Suicide Attack Foiled On Girl’s School in Kabul

Little Rock Mosque's Billboard Profiles Veiled Women across Different Faiths

Unlocking the Potentials of Indonesia’s Women Entrepreneurs

Woman Fired For Hijab Gets $.15m

French Army Asks Citizens to Enlist — But No Muslim Headscarves, Please

Kenya: 170 Girls Receive Sanitary Towels in Empowerment Efforts

The Importance of Kate Middleton's Style to Muslim Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Bangladesh: Women Being Recruited For Terrorism, Police Say
Nahed Taher, Economic Analyst

Indonesian 'Maid Detectives' On Mission to Save Women from Trafficking

Tudung-Clad Grid Girls Turn Heads at Bike Race

Two UAE Women Reunite with Indian Mother after 28 Years

IVF Advances Gives Women Over 40 the Chance to Have Children

It’s Time to End Male Control of Saudi Women

Nahed Taher — Making the Quantum Leap For Saudi Women

New Rule for Muslim Women Staff In Kelantan

Madhya Pradesh Waqf Board to Help Muslim Girls Get Govt Scholarships

Tens of Thousands of Babies May Be Born With Zika Disorders: Study

Trafficking Risk Higher Because Of Europe’s ‘Deplorable’ Child Migrant Response: British Report

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Why divorce is close to impossible for Christians in Pakistan
Asif Aqeel

Christian matrimonial issues are governed by colonial-era laws such as the Christian Marriage Act 1872, the Christian Divorce Act 1869 and the Succession Act 1925. In 1981, General Ziaul Haq amended the Christian Divorce Act through a presidential decree, making divorce difficult – almost impossible – to obtain. The changed law was a step back to the days when the religious canon superseded civil law....


Body Search of Women at Bara Checkposts, Pakistan, Stopped

1,800 Saudi Women Work from Home under New Labour Program

‘Fair Trial’ Call For Omani Who Wed Underage Girls in India

5% of Foreign Women Who Married Saudis Are Maids

Muslim Woman Told To Remove Hijab for Job in New Zealand

New Ad Campaign Seeks To Empower Egyptian Women

GOP's New Tactic: Pitting the LGBT Community against Muslims

Middletown Woman Fights Biases against Muslims

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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