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Islam, Women and Feminism

Fears of Afghan Woman Who Secretly Filmed Taliban on Bus
Sakena Yacoobi of the Afghan Institute of Learning

Saudi Woman Elected As UN Urbanization Adviser

Judge Rules for Female Limo Drivers in Saudi Prince Lawsuit

In Saudi Arabia, Women’s Fitness Boom Defies Norms

Here's How Iranian Women Are Protesting Forced Hijab

Afghan Woman Who Ran Secret Schools Wins Prize

Muslim Women Group Dares Modi Govt to Release Draft of Uniform Civil Code

Fitness Brand Tima Empowers Sporty Saudi Women

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Saudi HRDF Adopts Strategies to Boost Job Chances of Women, Fresh Grads

Chinese Girl Reaches Pakistan in Search for Beloved

SR35, 000 Bank Balance ‘A Must’ To Hire One Maid

UK: Bake-Offs, Hijabs, and Attacks against Muslim Women

Malaysian Education Ministry to Investigate Video of Students Hugging, Kissing

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In Saudi Arabia, Where Women’s Suffrage Is a New Idea
Carol Giacomo

Nassima al-Sadah, a prominent human rights advocate and a leader of the movement to allow women to drive, has declared her candidacy for a municipal council seat (the only positions women may run for), set up a campaign committee and held workshops to encourage other women to get involved. ...


'Secret Wife' Of Late Saudi King Wins 15 Million Pound Payout

Hala Juffali Appointed Saint Lucia’s Honorary Consul in Saudi Arabia

Ramzan’s Mother Meets Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan

Riyadh Orphans Face Lack of Social Services

Lankan Woman Caught For Brewing Liquor in Riyadh

Five Muslim Women Corporators Elected To Kolhapur Municipal Body

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Trash The Girls: How Long Will We Continue To Be Held Hostage To The Whims Of Thugs
Kamal Siddiqi

We are told that activists of the Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT) attacked some girls at Karachi University for the crime of playing cricket on the university campus while they were waiting for their transport to take them home.


Khan Family from Alwar Claims That Geeta Is Their Daughter Hanseera

The Second Disappearance of Chibok Girls

AIIMS Doctors Submit Geeta’s DNA Report to MEA

Pakistani Mother Begs To Be Reunited With Son Stuck In India

Maltese Muslims Slam Niqab Ban Proposal

Malawi Islamic Charity Empower Rural Women

Muslim Woman Files Complaint against Costco

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Woman of Syrian Origin Enters US Presidential Race
Reham Khan, Imran Khan’s Wife

Female Students Beaten for Playing Cricket in Karachi University by Jamiat Activists

Assault on Muslim Woman Not Racially Motivated, Say Melbourne Police

Saudi Shoura Council Urges Haia to Hire Women

Let Saudi Women Reform the Nation’s Education System

Spiralling Wedding Expenses Keep Young Saudis from Getting Married

Imran Khan, Reham Divorce with Mutual Consent

The Turkish Government Is Ruining This Man's Life Because of His Daughter's Name

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Unable To Afford Marriage Expenses, Young Saudi Men Go For ‘Misyar’
105-year-old Afghan refugee

‘Islam Does Believe In Education’, Malala Tells UAE Audience

Desperate Zionist Puppet ISIL Forms New Female Suicide Squad to Carry out Bombings

Michelle Obama to Visit Qatar, Jordan to Discuss Girls’ Education

105-Year-Old Afghan Refugee Seeks Better Life in Europe

Militant Attack on Girls’ School in Charsada, Pakistan

Hundreds of Women and Children Rescued From Boko Haram

Increased Representation of Women in Police Dept in Pakistan Urged

Foundation Laid For Model Women Crisis Centre in Pakistan

Saudi Man Fighting for Daesh Surrenders after Mother’s Plea

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‘It’s Up To Us To Stop These Muslim Girls Making The Worst Mistake Of Their Lives’
Sara Khan was running Inspire, the women’s rights

She is accused by the left of fuelling campaigns by the likes of the English Defence League to cast Islam as misogynistic and barbaric. “People say, ‘Why are you talking about forced marriages in the Muslim community? You’re just feeding the far right.’ It’s always thrown at you and many times it’s thrown at you to silence your voice. ...


Indian Supreme Court Pushes For Change in Muslim Divorce Law
Aida Hadzialic in Stefan Löfven’s new Cabinet

Pak Woman, Mahammada (45) aka Mamta, Forgotten in Shimla Shelter Home

Australian-Born Muslim Woman Told To Leave a Noosa RSL for Wearing Hijab

So Swede of You ... Bosnian Muslim Aida at 27 is in Stefan Löfven’s New Cabinet

Obama to U.S. Women's Soccer Team: 'Playing like a Girl Means You're A Badass'

Breast Cancer Kills 40,000 Women in Pakistan Every Year: Experts

Women and Children First: How French Policies Impact Muslim Communities

Women in Islamic Countries like Burqas as TheyDon’t Need to Wear Makeup: Donald Trump

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Politics for Women Is Haram: Indian Sunni Scholar
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

31 Female Candidates Withdraw From Polls in Saudi Arabia

Cellular Signal Tells When a Woman is About to Go into Labour

Australian Woman Accused of FGM of Sisters 'Told Their Father to Say They Got Hurt Playing'

Three U.S Women Say Saudi Prince Abused Them at Beverly Hills Mansion

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's 'A Girl in the River' Shortlisted For Oscar Nomination

Four Saudi Female Inventors Make the Nation Proud

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Women in Militaries: A Clever Ploy to Disguise the Fact That Most Women Are Far From Equal
Rafia Zakaria

The ‘inclusion’ of women in the killing machines at home and abroad can, if this last fact is considered, be a clever ruse of insisting that the dissenting woman, one who may not believe in the kinds of killing endorsed by a military, is an inadequate woman, never the heroine who is willing to kill.


'Afghan Malala', Aziza Rahimzada, Speaks Up For Kabul's Refugee Children
Aziza nominated for the Children's Peace Prize 2015

Halloween Burqa Costume Draws Criticism

Geeta: Separated At 7 in Pakistan, Reunited At 23 in India

Maryam Al-Subaie Inspires Girls As She Scores Rare Success

Tolerance and Friendship Way Forward For India & Pakistan: Malala Yousafzai

Women and Girls Crucial In Fight against Islamic State Ideology, Experts Say

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Female Bomber Kills 3 in Nigeria's Maiduguri

Gender Pay Gap Details to Include Bonuses in UK

Sweden Planning a Feminist Cyber Policy to Tackle Women Abuse Online

Meetings and Greetings Encourages 'Sisterhood' Between Women of Different Cultures

Hundreds Unite In Bloomington, Promising More Dialogue after Muslim Woman Is Attacked

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UN Calls for Protection against Sex Abuse of Refugee Women and Children in Europe
Maryam Nawaz

Hijab-Wearing Election Worker in Toronto Kept Quiet While Voter Compared Niqabs to Gorilla Mask

Indian Defence Ministry Nod for Women Fighter Pilots in Indian Air Force

Delhi's Lt Governor to be Part of High-Level Panel on Women Safety

Woman Invades Male Territory in Riyadh

Safety Tips Every Woman Must Know

UAE Community Project Helps Women in Hospitality Sector

In India A Woman Guides People to Observe Muharram in A Village Devoid Of Muslims

Geeta, the Mute and Deaf Indian Woman to Return To India Monday from Pakistan

Maryam Nawaz Sharif Aspiring To Play Bigger Role

For Ford’s Warriors in Pink, Breast Cancer Is a Winning Battle

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FBI Opens Hate Crime Probe in Indiana Attack on Muslim Woman
Maryam Nawaz

Afghan University Unlikely Host for Women's Studies Programme

MoU Signed On Technical Training Centre for Women in Pakistan

Salon, Vox, Media Elitists, Endorse Global Human Rights Abuses against Women and Girls

Transgender Muslim Woman Says Arizona Civil Rights Group Discriminated Against Her

Refugee-Tripping Camerawoman to Sue Facebook, Move To Russia

This 22-Year-Old Is Building a Go-Jek Competitor Exclusively For Women

Maryam Nawaz Thanks Obama, Michelle for Hospitality

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Why 86,000 Housemaids Ran Away From Saudi Arabia In A Year!

White House to Be Friendlier To Maryam Nawaz than Sharif

Bitiya Was Just Another Dalit Girl Raped in a Village. Till She Became Her Rapists’ Worst Nightmare

Aboriginal women's claims of police sex abuse under investigation

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More Power To The Women And Less To The Stupid Dupatta
Taskeen Zahra

If a dupatta was all it took to end harassment in this country, trust me, men would be eager to embody it too. But the subject of harassment extends beyond the fabric of a dupatta. It is intricately bound to female subjugation, patriarchy, objectification and how our society views women.

The Mean Girls of Afghanistan
Madinah Noorai

Yes, because being an Afghan girl is like being in a sorority. Follow the rules, or you can’t sit with us. Either please the big sister, or get kicked out. You can wear short skirts, but not too short. You can date a guy or two, but not a Jew on national TV. You can pursue fashion, but not under Kim Kardashian because she’s a sex-tape phenomenon.


A Child Bride at 10, Afghanistan's Youngest Female Rapper Breaks Silence Through Music
Malala Yousafzai

Malala Always Welcome In India: Shiv Sena

More Girls Dying Before Age 5 than Boys in India: UN Report

The Indian women who took on a multinational and won

Abused on Facebook, 8 Women from Kerala, India, Push for a Change

Two Pakistani Women Win in Canadian Poll

Indian Muslim Women’s Group Demands ‘Gender Just Reform’ In Personal Law

Science Has Terrible News for Women Who Are Intelligent

Heart disease gene 'found in women'

Ex-Cabinet Secretary Appointed as 1st Male Member of National Commission for Women in India

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Sharia Doesn’t Ask Women to Cover Face, Hands or Feet: Pak Council of Islamic Ideology

Dress Code for Female Saudi Ministry Workers Ignites Heated Debate

Maldives Woman Wins Reprieve from Stoning Ruling

Protect and Conserve Cows: Muslim Mahila Foundation

Women Protest in Manali, Demand Resumption of Tourism Activities

SR1, 000 Fine For Female Workers Not Covering Head

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


Former First Lady of Benue State Yemisi Suswam Escapes Death by Stoning in Abuja Narrowly
Former first lady of Benue State, Yemisi Suswam

Female Suicide Bombers Launch Deadly Attack in Nigeria

Women Take a Hit in Taliban Takeover of Kunduz

Extraordinary Picture Shows Drunk, Burqa-Clad Woman Passed Out In A Saudi Street

Spanish Women Knit Blankets for Syrians

Veiled Prejudices: Muslim-Canadian Women Speak Out On Niqab Debate

Marine to Launch First Afghan Women’s Water Polo Team

Broadcast Of Old Clips Blatant Maligning Tactic: Dr Nafisa Shah

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Pakistan’s Mother Teresa with Roots in Babu’s Kathiawar Sheltered Geeta
Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor

UAE Community Project Helps Women in Hospitality Sector

Women in Pakistan Just Want To Have Fun -- Like the Men

First Arab Female Umpire at Wimbledon

Rosmah, Wife of Malay PM Tells Women to Band Together To Be In Power

Unfair Dismissals Haunt Female Saudi Teachers

Indian Muslim Women’s Group against Uniform Civil Code ‘If It Does Not Guarantee Freedom of Religion’

Najib: ‘When Women Succeed, We All Succeed’

Tired Of Women Being Treated Like Sex Objects, Sarawak CM Vows To Amend Discriminatory Laws

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau


Equal Opportunity Terrorism: The Islamic State's Female Officials
Sally Jones Before Her Conversion And, At Right, M

An old Facebook photo shows Jones in the costume of a Catholic nun, holding a gun. In her recent posts, she is shown wearing Islamic garb, with an AK-47 assault rifle. She tweets such violent threats as “You Christians all need beheading with a nice blunt knife and stuck on the railings at Raqqa. .  .  .


Sorry, But I Won’t Vote For A Female Candidate
Humood Abu Talib

The municipal committee banned female candidates from talking to male voters and asked those candidates to appoint male representatives to do that. They even banned female candidates from entering men’s sections inside the venues where municipal campaigns were launched. Furthermore, female candidates are not allowed to post their pictures in public places and those who do so will be fined SR10,000.


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