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Islam, Women and Feminism

"ISIS is recruiting these women in order to be baby factories. They are seeing the establishment of an Islamic state and now they need to populate the state,"…..


The Hui, China’s third-largest ethnic minority, number nearly 10 million followers of Islam in China. Many are direct descendants of Arab traders on the Silk Road who married local Chinese women, but the Hui today are mainly identified through their religion rather than by ethnic characteristics. Packed into this town are six mosques run by women, whose congregants are all female, and only five headed by men—an imbalance the women point out with pride, and a rarity among Muslim communities in China, let alone the rest of the world….


Boko Haram Extremists Kidnap 50 Women, Several Children
Austrian Sabina Selimovic,15

Austrian Teenage 'Poster girl' Jihadist Believed To Have Been Killed

Aligarh's NGO Promotes Communal Harmony, Trains Women of Diverse Communities

Row erupts over wearing of Hijabs in UK schools

Afghan Graffiti Artist Shamsia Hassani Shortlisted For Artraker

Philadelphia Woman Who Posed In Muslim Garb Guilty Of Child Assault

Bangladesh Sets 2-Year Jail Term for Child Marriage

Now, a Formula to Uncover the ‘Love Jihadist ‘in India

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


India: Wife Alleges Muslim Woman of ‘Love Jihad’ with Her Husband
UAE’s Sheikha Lubna Bint Khalid Al Qasimi

Kyrgyz Deputies Request Minister to Consider Rights of Girls Wearing Hijab

Connecticut Women Support Afghan Women

27 Saudis on Forbes 200 Most Powerful Arab Women list

Iraq Honours Its First Anti-ISIS Female Tribal Leader

First All-Female Business Process Service Centre Opens in Riyadh

I Am a Muslim American and I Deserve Respect

Leading Muslim Academic Calls on Irish Catholic Schools to Allow Wearing Of Hijab

Boko Haram Has Turned Many Women Beggars, Says Group

St. Paul Woman Unexpectedly Leaves Home For Syria

Iraqi Women Sold to IS Monsters like 'Cattle at an Auction': Report

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

In Jordan, Ever Younger Syrian Brides
New Age Islam News Bureau

In Jordan, Ever Younger Syrian Brides
Shannon Conley, Colorado teen

France: 60 Women among Residents Involved ‘In Jihad’

Colorado Woman Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Support ISIS

Jewish Woman and Satan Give Birth to ISIS on Iraqi TV

Afghanistan Orders Strict Action Against Sexual Abuse of Children

Islamic State Attracts Female Jihadis from US Heartland

Gaza Children Return To School after War

Lebanese Beauty Grabs Miss Arab USA Title

U.S. Woman Named Isis Upset by ISIS Acronym

Bangladesh: Draft of Child Marriage Restraint Act to be placed before cabinet on Monday

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Kurdish Female Fighters Face Islamic State Militants in Iraq's North
Hillary Clinton

Only Women Shall Inspect Beauty Salons: Saudi Labour Ministry

Jihadi Doctor Stands with Severed Head in Her Hand As Kids Look On In Horror

West Africa Girls More Likely To Be Sexually Assaulted Than Attend High School

Tunisia Now Has More Women than Men

UN Reviews Women’s Role in Peace and Protection in War

Hillary Clinton Calls On UN to Do More to Combat Kidnappings of Women and Girls

Reshma Saujani of NY Created Girls Who Code To Help Girls Get Computer Savvy

Head Of Coventry's First All Girl Muslim School Tells Pupils 'Set Your Sights High'

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


'I Am A 14-Year-Old Yazidi Girl Given As A Gift To An Isis Commander. Here’s How I Escaped'
Mohammed A Salih

One day, our guards separated the married from unmarried women. My good childhood friend Shayma and I were given as a gift to two Islamic State members from the south, near Baghdad. They wanted to make us their wives or concubines. Shayma was awarded to Abu Hussein, who was a cleric. I was given to an overweight, dark-bearded man about 50 years old who seemed to have some high rank….


European Women in the Caliphate
Brenda Stoter

There are various reasons why young Muslim women travel to Syria. Some of them are motivated to contribute to the creation of a caliphate and go with their husbands, while others marry a militant fighter whom they have met over the internet. Aisha also got in contact with her husband on social media after he made an appearance on a Dutch news channel. The way he explained his motivations for 'jihad' appealed to her….


At Least Three Young Minnesota Women Travelled To Syria to Aid ISIS Jihadis
Tayyibah Taylor, Muslim American women

Islamic State Releases Video with Youngest Female Fighter

100 Yazidi Women and Children Recaptured by IS After Escaping

Activists Push for Looser Abortion Laws in Senegal

Female Genital Mutilation 'Cutters’ Targeted By UK Border Control

42% of Indian Girls Are Sexually Abused Before 19: UNICEF

Women, Children among Detained Illegal Expats in Saudi Arabia

African Union Soldiers Accused of Raping and Exploiting Helpless Somalian Girls and Women

Tribute to African, American Muslim Woman

Love Marriage: A Stigma in Saudi Society

Women Empowerment Vital For Global Recovery, Says IMF Chief Christine Lagarde

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


How British Jihadist 'Madams' Are Running ISIS Brothels
Spain to consider Burqa ban

Sixty British Women Join IS 'Modesty Police'

Spain to Consider Burqa Ban

Turbans: Egyptian Women Adopt Once Male-Dominated Head Wear

IS Women Take up Jihad Cause on Social Media and in the Streets

This Female MLA from India Rides a Bike, Carries a Dagger, Campaigns against Love Jihad

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Students’ Wing to Counter ‘Love Jihad’ Protests

VHP Bid to Lure Hindu Girls Away From Muslims

'I Fear I'll Never Return to Britain': Jihadi Mother Who Ran Away

Tunisians Debate Niqab-Wearing Election Nominee

'Helping Hands' Organizes a Ladies' Get-Together in Jeddah

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Curious Case of Jihadi Brides
Kishwar Desai

While those in India are grappling with the idea of “love jihad”, in the UK the popular press is now obsessed with Jihadi brides. These are young “radicalised” British Muslim girls who have actually gone to Syria to marry men from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and are obsessed with martyrdom……

Love Jihad Warning for Muslim Girls on WhatsApp
Ghonche Ghavami, Jailed for trying to watch Volley

'Love Jihad' Pamphlets in Vadodara, India, Warn Girls against Becoming 'Prostitutes'

16 Girls Expelled From Jeddah Govt Schools for Drug Abuse

French Court Acquits Femen Activists over Topless Cathedral Stunt

Sri Lankan Muslim Women Want Reform of The Law

Teenage Jihad: 2 Austrian Girls Stopped En Route to Join ISIS

Islamic State Said To Form 2 All-Women Police Brigades

Two out of Three Children in Malawi Experience Violence- UNICEF Report

Women Fearful In South Sudan Camps

28 People Commit Suicide Everyday in Bangladesh Mostly Females between 15 and 29 Years

St. Paul's First Female Somali Police Officer Has Critics and Fans

Woman Imprisoned For Two Months for Trying To Watch Volleyball Game

Edmonds PCC to Host Used Bicycle Drive to Help West African Girls Stay in School

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Israel Police Bust ‘Messianic’ Sex Trade Ring
Saima Wazed Daughter of Bangladesh PM

'I Want Cameron's Head on a Spike': Female British Jihadist

Islamic State Executes Female Doctors and Politicians

2-Child Norm for Local Bodies in India Hurts Sex Ratio

‘Love Jihad’: Muzaffarnagar Girl Denies Conversion

Saima Wazed Daughter of Bangladesh PM Wins WHO Award

ISIS Sex Slave: Yazidi Woman, 17, Describes Horrific Ordeal At Hands Of Islamic State

Are Saudi Women’s Societies Incapable of Providing Services?

UNESCO Chief Says ‘Woman of Courage’ Bangladesh PM Showing the Way

30,000 Syrian Babies Born In Turkey's Border Provinces

A Jewish Cult Leader with 21 ‘Wives’

Women 'Insufficiently Competitive,' So Saudi Arabia Selects All-Male Team

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


British Women Running Sharia Police Unit for Islamic State in Syria
Female Afghan lawmaker Huma Sultani

Women Prisons in Mosul Guarded by ISIS Leaders' Wives

Female Lawmaker Endorses Taliban and Islamic State in Afghanistan

Pakistani Gang Accused of Conning Woman into Working as Prostitute in UAE

HRW Accuses African Union Military Forces of Sexual Assault

New U.N. Rights Boss Urges World to Protect Women in Iraq‚ Syria

Israeli Police Crackdown on Messianic Cult Involved In Prostitution

Saudi Women More Keen to Achieve Than Men, Study Finds

Bangladesh's Women's Rights Movement: Needs To Address Indigenous Plights

US Trainers Recognize Khobar Schoolgirls’ Story-Telling Talent

Experts Seek Greater Role for Saudi Women in Oil Industry

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


British Female Jihadis Sign Up To the Islamic State's All-Women Police Force
Iraqi Yazidi Girl

Saudi Special Criminal Court to investigate five female 'terrorists'

Afghan Rape Gang Sentenced To Death after National Outrage

Iraqi Yazidi Girl Reveals Horrifying Crimes of ISIL

Runaway Saudi Maids Make For Lucrative Business

Pakistan Ladies Club Organizes Fun-Filled Cultural Exhibition

More than 100 Children Abducted by ISIL from Iraqi Orphanage

Examining Health Care Resources for Syrian Women in Turkey

Cape Ann Women Helping East African Orphans

Zambia Grapples With Problem of Child Marriages

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Feminists Reclaim the Hijab to Fight the Patriarchy
Pina Sadar

Terrorism, oppression, fundamentalism and victimhood are only a few of the buzzwords that inevitably accompany discussions about Islamic headgear. From Burqa-bans to atrocities against women in some Islamic countries, the veil is frequently framed as a piece of cloth imposed on an individual by her religion and culture. But beyond the oft-peddled static images of oppressed and depressed Muslim women, the reality is far more dynamic. In multicultural Britain in particular, women of all ages, ethnicities and economic backgrounds purposefully don the Hijab. Many see it as an important element of a modern Muslim female identity........

Indian Woman Seeks Abortion after Being Raped By Her Father-In-Law; Clerics Order Her 'To Treat Her Husband as Her Son'
Scottish private schoolgirl Aqsa Mahmood

Indonesian Court Hears Interfaith Marriage Petition

Malaysia Women Biggest Victims of Internet Love Scams

One in Seven British Jihadists May Be Women

No Need for Burqa Ban As Muslim Women in Spain Rarely Wear Them

Kabul Rape Convicts to Face Death Sentence Soon, Karzai Assures Women

Action Sought Against Girl Who Attacked, Insulted Haia

Guaranteeing the Rights of All Saudi Women

UK Mother Who Left Her Children to Join ISIS Threatens Christians with Beheading Via Twitter

Minnesota woman left U.S. to fight for Islamic State: FBI

Child homicide rate in Pakistan among world’s worst

Afghan Woman's 'Talk to Me Nato' Cardiff Summit Demo

Two Women Arrested In Malaysia Face Jail, Lashing Under Anti-Gay Laws

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

It has been said that “marriage is a partnership between two parties that results in a wonderful human relationship between a man and a woman; a partnership that is based on love, compassion, mercy, and commitment to rights and duties.” But as fate would have it, the matrimonial relationship sometimes becomes tense and disputes increase and the couple reach the point of no return: divorce. At that moment, time stops and a woman becomes like a deserted well…..


Hindutva Activists in India Warn Women to Beware of 'Love Jihad': Conservatives Claim Conspiracy to Convert Women to Islam; Critics Say the Idea is Nonsense
Conservative Hindu activist Chetna Sharma

Video Showing Iranian Woman Dancing, Removing Hijab Goes Viral: Report

One In 10 Girls Sexually Abused Worldwide: UN Report

Chadar Orh Tehreek:  Jamaat Islami’s Day out to Veil Women

IS Jihadists Petrified Of Dying At Hands of Female PKK Fighters

Turkish Woman Victim of Islamophobic Attack In Austria

Yazidi Girl Tells Of Escape from ISIS Kidnappers

Leader of movement to free abducted girls: Nigeria must be pressured to rescue them

Editor of Iran's Women Magazine On Trial For Promoting Un-Islamic Views

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Jerusalem Rabbinical Court Refuses To Let Widow of 13 Years Remarry
Gemed Serham Morad, 18-year-old Kurdish soldier

Egypt Religious Authority Calls For Ban on 'Obscene' Belly Dancing Show

'IS Tore Our Families Apart, We're Fighting Back', Kurdish Women Army

Africa: 'Women Must Be Heard in Church and Society'

650 Child Abuse Cases Registered Every Month in Turkey

US Embassy Condemns Brutal Beating and Rape of Women in Kabul

Lebanese-Danish Woman Suspected Of Aiding ISIS by Selling Stickers

Women’s Income One Third of Men in Turkey

Makkah: 600 Couples to Marry At Mass Wedding

Kenya Launches FGM and Child Marriage Hotline

Policewomen Have a Tough Task On Hand inside Prophet’s Mosque

Scaling Up Cash Transfers for HIV Prevention among Adolescent Girls and Young Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

As a Pakistani Woman, I’d Welcome a Police Force That Didn’t Rely on Imams
Shaheen Hashmat

If you are a rape victim, you can generally expect to be dismissed, disbelieved and made to relive your terrifying experiences in great detail in order to convince a courtroom that justice should be served on your attacker. Your behaviour and character will be dissected to deduce how irresponsible and, therefore culpable, you are……


China Offers Reward for Mixed Marriages in Restive Xinjiang
Iran VP Shahindokht Molaverdi

The Lives of the British Jihadi Women Who Have Left To Fight with Islamic State

Stop Harbouring Torturers of Women: Bangladesh Mahila Parishad

Iran VP Says Banning Women from Café Work Will Boost Joblessness

Gender Segregation Violates the Rights of Women in Iran

Jimmy Carter Decries Global Abuse against Women

92 Talented Saudi Female Students Sit for Academic Accelerating Exams

Women-Only Medical College in Jeddah

Woman in Social Media Outburst at Yogyakarta (Indonesia) Set Free

Britain Bans American Apparel Ads for Sexualizing Schoolgirls

'Thousands' at risk from FGM in Greater Manchester

Fighting Against Forced Marriages in Niger

Campaigning For a Child Marriage-Free Tanzania

India: Nursing Home Owner Held for ‘Forcing’ Woman to Convert

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Social, traditional and religious values play a role in determining the rights and responsibilities of individuals in every country. Those who write reports about rights deprivation in Saudi Arabia do not understand our society and traditions. We can also say that women in the West are treated as subordinates to men. We all remember the feminist movements that advocated women’s freedom but fizzled out because their noble cause was hijacked by human traders who exploited women as sex commodity. There are many examples to support our claim……


Female Fighters Making Life Hell for IS Terrorist Organisation in Iraq
Aqsa Mahmood, Scottish-born private schoolgirl

British Girl Who's Now a 'Celebrity Jihadi', Calls On Muslims to Join the Terror Group

UK-Born Private School Girl Joins Syria Militants

World Hijab Day: Kashmir Jama’at Says Women Must Adhere To Islamic Values

Saudi Arabia: Fine for Flying in Female Pilgrim with No Male Guardian

Ecuador Women Turn To Boxing to Fight Sexual Violence

Iranian Official: Employing Women 'Not a Priority'

44,000 Visas for Indian Domestic Helpers in One Month

Iranian Women's Monthly Under Pressure from Hard-Liners

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


IS Sold Yazidi Women for $1,000, Hundreds Given to Fighters as War Trophy
Radical Rocker’ Brit Woman

Girl, 8, Married To 12-Year-Old Boy against $2000 in Balkh, Tajikistan

Pakistani Journalist, Reema Abbasi Wins Rajiv Gandhi Award

Islamic State Kidnaps Christian Toddler and Women

‘Radical Rocker’ Brit Woman Hits Headlines

Nigeria: Pastor Wife Accuses Him of Adultery, Sues for Divorce

Senior British Muslims Call for Women to Have More Say in Communities

Forced Marriages and Conversions in Pakistan Need To Be Discouraged

British Man and Saudi Wife Attacked By Religious Police in Riyadh

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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