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Islam, Women and Feminism

There Is Still Hope for Arab Feminism
Cynthia Kreichati

Feminism is at the heart and soul of Arab Awakenings. It is not a novel feature of the Arab world, struggling to catch up with ‘modern’ times. More than a century ago, Arab Women had already realized the oppression they were submitted to and quite a few courageously came to refuse to bow into it. In a region in constant turmoil and amidst an ever-changing sociopolitical landscape, these Women became conscious they had an essential role to take on….


Libyan Women Want Women’s Supreme Council
Indian Actress Shabana Azmi

Women Are Targets of Repression in Egypt

22 Women to Contest Municipal Council Polls in Saudi Arabia

International Purple Hijab Day against Domestic Violence, February 13th

Afghan Domestic Violence Law Draws International Outcry

Bahrain Pledges to Boost Women's Rights

Palestinian Women Make Strides in High-Tech

Why Cannot Saudi Women Issue Their Own Passports?

Promoting Culture: Indian Actress Shabana Azmi Visits Sindh Festival

16 pc Of Pak Punjab’s Children Aged 6-16 still out Of School

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Back in the 1920s things looked hopeful for women in Afghanistan.  King Amanullah Khan and his wife Queen Soraya worked diligently to improve women’s lives. The king discouraged polygamy, advocated against the veil, and pushed for greater personal freedom for females.  “Tribal custom must not impose itself on the free will of the individual,” he said.  His sister, Kobra, created the Organization for Women’s Protection while another sister established a women’s hospital.  Queen Soroya even founded the first magazine for women…..


How an Israeli Stranger Helped an Ethiopian Girl Escape Prostitution
Sofiya Nigatu

Xenophobia In San Francisco: Why Are Muslim Schoolgirls Still Getting Bullied?

Ghana Pastor Bans Weave Wearing Women from His Church

Pregnant Palestinian denied quick hospital access by Israel’s Civil Administration

Indonesian Sisters-in-arms stand up for gender justice

Youths urged to help fight repression of women

Police on the Prowl for 'Lady Killer' In Pakistan

Four Iranian Women Footballers Banned From Playing Because They Are MEN

Warning to All Fat Women in M'sia: Don't Walk, Talk or Have Big Hair like Rosmah / Lo-Si-Ma

New Laws on Global Basis Needed To Curb FGM, NGO Claims

Russian Wives in Gaza Long For Home

Saudi Craftswomen Await Support

Imam Charged In Australia over Child Marriage

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Ladies, Don’t Opt For Abortions!
Quratulain Fatima

“If men could get pregnant, abortion would have been a sacrament.” My maid refuses to take any birth control measures because her husband considers them to be a ‘Yahoodi Saazish’ (Jewish conspiracy) to sterilise the ‘flourishing’ Pakistani nation – just like the superstitions concerning polio drops....


Pakistani Taliban Has 500 Female Suicide Bombers Ready to Act
Tunisian women Celebrating Rights under Constituti

Syrian Girl Commits Suicide, Forced To Marry Al-Qaeda Terrorist

Female Front Office Clerks Still Being Stigmatised In Saudi Arabia

Opposition to Muslims and the Muslim headscarf in Western Europe

Mother of Four Develops a Child Sex Abuse Film

Women to Enjoy Rights under New Tunisia Constitution

Bill Would Allow Same-Sex Couples to Use Surrogate in Israel

10-Year-Old Girl Granted Divorce by Iraqi Court

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The guardians of Islamic Sharia have argued that a woman inherits a half-share only in four cases, compared with more than 30 cases in which she inherits a full share. However, it is precisely these four cases that are the most frequent. Islamic law governing inheritance has been drawn taking into consideration the extended family model, which has now disappeared and been replaced with the nuclear family model.....

A Lesser Sister
Nadeem F. Paracha

A Lesser Sister
Nadeem F. Paracha

Their Twitter timelines are usually full of those ubiquitous images where Hijabless women are explained as lollipops covered with flies; or with laments against ‘western hypocrisies and discrimination against appropriately dressed Muslim women in the West.’ But not a squeak came from them about a fellow Muslim sister beaten mercilessly in full view of the public by a man in their own country....

School Asks Parents Not To Wear Nighties, Burqas While Dropping Kids
Pop Singer Shakira

German Court Rules Muslim Girls Must Join Swim Classes

American Female Muslim Athlete Inspires Girls in Dakar

World Hijab Day Shows Pride in Being Muslim

Family Blames Saudi Gender Segregation Rules for Student’s Death

Will Tunisian Women Finally Inherit What They Deserve?

Arabs React to Raunchy Shakira, Rihanna Video with Criticism

Sheikha Fatima A Pioneer of Progress for Arab Women

50 Lashes for Wife-Beater in Saudi Arab

Iran's Female Footballers to Have Sex Tests

KSA-born expatriates look for Saudi wives

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Saudi Woman Loses Life, Was Denied Medical Help under Gender Law
British-Somali Fahma Mohamed

Sex Workers Call on South Sudan Government to Promote Safer Sex with Army and Police

Christian Girl Abducted, Converted and Forced To Marry a Muslim in Lahore

Young British-Somali Women Fight FGM with Rhyme and Reason

Female Literacy in Pakistan: Four Cities to Have New Women Universities

Expats Married to Saudi Women Entitled To Pension

Taliban and Government Imperil Gains for Afghan Women, Advocates Say

Hijab Suggestion for Non-Muslims in Aceh Draws Criticism

UAE Praised for Empowering Women as Lecture Highlights Islam’s Equality

Yemeni Women Struggle To Achieve 30% of Their Participation

Muslim Woman Says Saddle Brook Managers Demanded She Remove Headscarf

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Bomb in the Bedroom Egypt’s New Anti-Brotherhood Divorce Fatwa Explained
Sonia Farid

Shahin explained the logic behind his fatwa. “If a man has the right to divorce his wife if she betrays him, then what about betraying the country?” he asked. “If betraying a spouse is a sin, betraying one’s country is the gravest of sins.”....


Women in Libyan Jails Seek Right to Suicide to End Unbearable Humiliation
Zahrah Harassed for Hijab

Muslim Teen Harassed After Wearing Hijab to School in Florida

Qatar Airways under Fire over ‘Short Skirt’ Drive

Working Expat Women in Saudi Arabia See No End to Their Woes

Nobel Winner Shirin Ebadi Slams Russia for Protecting Assad

Sharjah Baby Friendly Drive Honours Partners

Old Challenges Continue For Women under New President in Iran

1 In 3 Saudis Rejects Nursing Profession for Women

Beirut: Refugee Crisis Boosts Women’s Services

Five-Year Plan In Pakistan: $7m For Girls Education In Distant Areas

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Sex Education for Saudi Children ‘Can Prevent Abuse, Divorce’
Malala Yousafzai

Aceh Mulls Sharia for Non-Muslims Women

HRW Says Detained Iraqi Women Frequently Tortured, Abused

Malala Yousafzai Nominated For 'Children's Nobel'

Paris Denies French School Is Teaching Sharia Law in Qatar or Dividing Classes by Sex

Saudi Women Pay To Guarantee ‘Front Row’ In Mosques

CAIR-NJ Files Complaint for Firing of Muslim Woman over Hijab

Moroccans call for 'no tolerance' of violence against women

Saleswomen Demand Female Guards

IDF to Knesset Committee, Rise In Number of Instances of Sexual Harassment Reported

Concerns over Under-Representation of Women in Indian Media

World Hijab Day Is Founded to Fight against Oppression

Women Grads in Jazan Awaiting Employment

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Sex Education Causes Uproar among French Muslims
Former Mauritanian minister Maty

Kenyan Governor Apologies for Suggesting, Unmarried Women Are Not Effective Leaders

France Arrests Two Chechen Women in 'Terrorism' Probe

Mauritanian Capital Elects First Woman Mayor

Concerns over under-representation of women in media

Mystery of Yemeni girl seen ‘crying stones’ instead of tears

In Bangladesh, 87 Per Cent of Women Victims of Domestic Violence

Some Yemeni Women Exploiting Housemaid Shortage Crisis

Saudi Woman’s Donated Organs Save Four Lives

Malaysians Call to Raise Marriage Age

Proposed Afghan Law Protects Women's Abusers: Rights Group

TechWomen Delegation to Expand Network of African Women in Science and Technology

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Honour Killing: A Dialogue with My Murderer
Rahila Umer Sumalani

I would forgive my killers if this murder brings any positive impact on our society but it won’t. The society is responsible for my immoral act. You are responsible of this disgrace; I was not the only guilty one here.” I am Bano and my mother used to call me Pari. This is the conversation I have with my father when he visits my grave. He still visits me in the dark so that no one sees him....


Saudi Cleric Suggests Baby Girls Wear Burqas to Prevent Rape
Nawal al-Husawi Female Pilot

After ‘Racist’ Slur, Saudi Female Pilot Vows To Fight Back

Saudi Women Urge Top Cleric to End Driving Ban

Filipino Muslims Urge Hijab Protection Law

‘I Married Her as Muslim; She Must Leave My House Now That She’s Christian’

A Closeted Life for Tajik Sexual Minorities

Muslims Join Paris Protest against Gender Equality Drive in Schools

Iran: Old Challenges Continue For Women under New President

Nigeria: Vice President's Wife Charges Women on Decent Dressing

US Abortion Rate Hits Lowest Level since 1973: Study

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Al-Qaeda Forms Girls Brigades in Syria’s Raqqa
World Hijab Day ambassador for Singapore

Adoption of Muslim Girl, 3, By Lesbians Is Halted After Protests In UK

Successful Saudi Businesswoman Seeks Swiss Expansion

Fair Play to Sharjah’s Vision of Organising All-Women’s Games

Nigeria: Allow Use of Hijab to Curb Vices - Muslim Women

World Hijab Day Ceases Operations in Singapore

Iranian Women Fight Efforts to Restrict Travel Abroad

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The Feminine Mystake
Inas Younis, New Age Islam

The Feminine Mystake
Inas Younis, New Age Islam

When it comes to lending moral legitimacy to the war on terror, sex is the new currency. The rhetoric of female emancipation is being packaged with everything from terror control to Islamic reform. The custodians of Islamic reform argue that the Islamic theory of law is open to a wide range of interpretations and can accommodate a more liberal world order.....

If Harassed on the Road, Take down Licence Plate Number, Pakistani Women Advised
Sumaira Malik

Equality for Women at Afghanistan's Officer Academy

Nigeria Muslim Pupils Protest against Hijab Ban

Outside Morsi Trial Venue, Child Sisters Wear Army Boots As Hats

Filipino Beautician Calls Her Workplace ‘Oasis of Harmony’

Hope for Indian Couples in the UAE Who Wish To Adopt

11 Year-Old Nigerian Girl among List of Top 100 Most Influential Africans

"The Future Young African Women and Girls Want" Statement Delivered During AU Summit

Sumaira Malik of PML (N) Challenges Life Ban on Contesting Polls

5.5 Million Children Out Of School in Pakistan: UNESCO Report

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UAE Forces New Mothers to Breastfeed by Law
Kashmiri girl students develop Android app

Fatima, 18, an Aspiring French ‘Hijabi’ Journalist

Women across the Globe Celebrate World Hijab Day

Three Divorces an Hour in Saudi Arabia

The Shadowy World of Sex Trafficking On US Shores

French Girl indoctrinated via Wahhabi websites Goes to Syria for War

Pregnant Mom of Four, Sentenced to Military Prison for Refusing to Serve in Iraq

Two Saudis among Top 20 Muslim Women Scientists

Girls from Ethnic Minorities at Risk from Genital Mutilation, MSPs Hear

Kashmiri Girl Students Develop Android App

French Woman, Indonesian Maid Held in Malaysia on Drugs Charges

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270 Women, Including 95 Saudis Treated For Drug Addictions
Asma Jahangir

The British Babies Killed In the Womb Just For Being Girls

Kenya: Cyber Bullies Target Kenya's Women

Egyptian Woman Attacked In Tahrir Square As Police Watch, Laugh

Intended To Safeguard the Modesty, Burqa Has Now Become a Fashion in Hyderabad, India

Asma Jahangir Wins Human Rights Award

‘Honour’ Killing in Pakistan: Two Hang Sister’s Alleged Boyfriend

Women at Work in Afghanistan

New Marvel Superhero Is Muslim Teen from Jersey

Girl Education Gives White Rann Beauty Spot

Female Genital Mutilation Affects A Fifth of Young Girls In Sub-Saharan Africa

Detained Palestinian Children Face Staggering Rate of Violence

3 Dhaka Police Stations to Get Help Desks for Women

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With such a simple solution to meeting Islamic gender guidelines, some women never really understood the need for the fatwa. If all the country's mosques could have enacted similar conditions, the barriers to women worshipping never would have needed to exist…


Widow Gang Raped On Orders of Muzaffargarh Panchayat in Pakistan
Egyptian belly dancer Sama el-Masry

Saudi Women Selling Tissues on Streets for a Living

British Expats Start Help Group for UAE Divorced, Separated People

Yemen Police Foil Marriage of 8-Year-Old Girl

Iran: Fatwa Orders Women to Keep Wearing the Islamic Veil

Saudi Women Defy Tradition to Enter Workplace

Parents Urged To Watch Out For Potential Child Sexual Abuse

Indian-Origin Woman Held, Charged In London Anti-Terror Operation

Egyptian Belly Dancer Next Move, To Run in Parliamentary Elections

Little Progress on Girls' Education in Developing Countries - Report

President Obama Says Women Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Work

Bangladesh: Homestead Gardening Changing Lives of Char Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Lack of Sex Pushed 1,371 Saudi Women to Seek Divorce in 2013

Wary Of High Divorce Rates, Saudi Girls Wed Education!

Female Customs Officers to Screen Women Landing In Riyadh

Bangladesh Mahila Parishad Urges Female Lawmakers to Protest Attack on Nurjahan Begum

Egyptian Fatwa: Women Who Swim In the Ocean Guilty Of Adultery

Brides in Pakistan Say I Do – Thanks To Charity

Malala Book Launch in Pakistan Cancelled Due To Security Concerns

Defiant Muslim Woman on Trial in Britain Refuses To Remove Niqab

Palestinians Hold Mass Weddings in Jericho and Gaza

Graphic Journalism and Photos Tell Yemeni Women's Struggle

Cost Is No Consideration for Lavish Iranian Weddings

Pakistani Lecturer hurt in acid attack 10 days before wedding

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Muslim American Women Are the New Normal
Jennifer Zobair

A simple Google search reveals the strong Muslim feminist movement, the ways Muslim women are fighting for their rights both within and outside of Islam. Muslim American women are scholars and businesswomen, advisors to U.S. politicians, leaders of religious organizations, tireless activists and acclaimed authors. We are even the new Ms. Marvel super hero. Whether we cover our hair or don't -- the praxis to which the public seems most likely to reduce us….

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