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Islam, Women and Feminism

Religious Intolerance Drove a Woman in US to Lead a Double Life for 15 Years
I started introducing myself as Amy-Elhan

The Midwife Convicted Of First Genital Mutilation Casein Australia

Nigeria: Second 'Chibok Girl' Rescued From Boko Haram

Study Finds Even Positive Media Coverage of Malala Yousafzai Contains Sexist Assumptions about Muslim Women

Calgary Woman Draws On Own Experience to Fight Rising Domestic Violence

Rejection of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Women Protection Bill On The Grounds Of Being ‘Un-Islamic’

Shah Bano to Shayara Bano: Religious Laws Fail Women

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From Bangladesh to Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan to Nigeria, Senegal to Turkey, it is not particularly rare in our own times for women in Muslim-majority countries to be appointed and elected to high offices—including heads of state. Nor has it ever been....


Muslim Conservatives Unveil Anger at Turkey's Modest Fashion Week
Riada Ašimovic Akyol

“The headscarf, which symbolizes a stance, a lifestyle, an Islamic identity, is being sacrificed in the name of fashion — a product of capitalism, a system equivalent to the 'Jahiliyah'..


Women’s Songs Ban in Kandahar Spark Outrage among Media Supporters
Zafreen Khadam

Sheffield Woman Who Spread IS Terror Propaganda Jailed For Four-And-A-Half Years

Muslim woman's selfie with anti-Islam protestors goes viral

Former Pennsylvania governor: More "ugly women" than "attractive women" in U.S.

Meet the Kurdish Female Warrior Who Battles ISIS

America’s First Muslim Clothing Store Says Islamic FashionIsn’t Just for Muslims

From Victims to Suspects: Muslim Women since 9/11

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Indian Muslim Woman, Divorced Through Speed Post, Moves SC against 'Triple Talaq'

Jamiat Ulema e Islam-Fazl of Pakistan Drafts Own Women Protection Bill

Iranian Model Forced To Apologize For Un-Islamic Behaviour

Escaping Raqqa: How a Mother and a Daughter Fled Islamic State in Syria

Iran Calls Kim Kardashian A Secret Agent Trying To ‘Corrupt’ Muslim Women

Luc Dardenne: 'Muslim Women Are the Future of Society'

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Ajmer Sharif Backs ‘Haji Ali for All’ Movement

Iran Cracks Down On Female Models Posing Without Headscarves Online

Triple Talaq: Our Muslim Neighbours Have Moved On, but We Haven’t

Iraqi Woman Whipped 50 Lashes Publicly On Charges of Violating ISIS Sharia Rule

African Union Commission and the IMWU Sign A MOU to Strengthen Cooperation and Collaboration

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pakistani Woman Gets Indian Citizenship After 13 Years

Topless Femen Activists Attack Muslim Scholar Tariq Ramadan

Turkey’s International Modest Fashion Week: haute couture for Muslim elite

See young British Muslim women like never before at Stratford Circus

Council of Saudi Chambers, ICCIA prepare for Forum for Businesswomen in Islamic Countries

Equal facilities for men, women at Betim mosque, dargah

Young, American Muslim Women Break New Ground In Florida With Modest Wear Store

When A Respected Author Becomes An Accidental Feminist

Boko Haram leaders arrested; dozens of captives freed

Cases of Muslim women being ill-treated, harassed by husbands

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Cases of Indian Muslim Women Being Ill-Treated, Harassed By Husbands from UAE and USA
Ambreen Razia

See Young British Muslim Women Like Never Before At Stratford Circus

FIFA’s First Woman Secretary General Is Used to Crises

Man Pleads Guilty to Ripping off a Muslim Woman’s Hijab on an Airplane While Saying, “This Is America!”

Istanbul Modest Fashion Week Kicks Off Amid Controversy

Halal Speed Dating On a Saturday Morning? More and More Muslims Say Yes

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Women to Be Jailed If They Check Their Husband’s Phone without Permission

Access for Women: 14 Tough Questions for Haji Ali Trust

Islamic State Tightens Dress Code for Women

Man Pleads Guilty to Ripping off Woman’s Hijab on Southwest Flight

Breaking Stereotypes – Meet Sumaiyah, the Hijab-Wearing Skateboard Instructor

Muslim Labourer's Daughter Tops High Madrasa Class 10 Exams in West Bengal

Women Boxers Punch Through Social Taboos In Sudan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The promotion of early marriages by some elements in Muslim communities has exacerbated the situation. Instead of being reminded of their capacities and potential, girls are being told that they can only be good Muslims when they submit themselves to the will of their imam...


“The vision that the West has about Arab women is wrong,” she said. “Arab women are particularly strong and resourceful women, and they often rule the home. And since the Arab Spring they have become a major economic force in Egypt, where I often work.”...


Saudi Family Therapist Advice about Wife Beating With Tooth-Cleaning Twig – Or With a Handkerchief in Online Video
Saudi Family Therapist Advice about Wife Beating

Women Lead the Way against Anti-Arab, Islamophobic Hostility

First Muslim Woman Elected As Speaker in German State Parliament

Google Proposes 13 New Emojis to Better Represent Women

Labour's Harman and Stuart Debate Women's Rights

Arab Women's council to host mentorship program

Windermere designer to open one of nation's first Islamic boutiques inside mall

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Utah Initiative Inspiring Women, Pushing Companies to Value Them
Ambreen Razia

Ambreen Razia Tackling Sex, Drugs, and Teen Pregnancy among Muslim Girls

Why I Am A Frustrated and Angry 22-Year-Old American-Nigerian-Ghanaian Muslim Woman

Meet the Women Trying To Rid Pakistan — and the World — Of Polio

Educated Muslim Women ‘Find It More Difficult’ To Get Jobs in Australia

Sikh Man Allowed To Keep Turban, Beard in US Army, Muslim Woman Denied Right To Wear Hijab

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Girl Denied Permission to Board Delhi Metro For She Was Wearing Hijab
Humera Khan,Denied Permission to Board Delhi Metro

All-Women Sharia Court To Come Back In Pune, India

Hijab-Wearing Dance Group Brings People Together Through Hip-Hop

The Woman Who Broke the Rules and Made History by Running the First International Marathon in Iran

Muslim Women’s Changing Dress Code in Somaliland

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


We should understand that citizenship is the right of all people, irrespective of their sex and colour or ideology and region. Women are the victims of these differences as well as the racist legal system. When will the women in our country be liberated?


French Imam Says Hijab is a ’20th Century Invention’
Tareq Oubrou, director of the Bordeaux Mosque

‘Christianity to Islam and Back’: Woman Moves Court against Father

Women Emerge As Change-makers In War-Torn Syria

Battle of the Burqas! Saudi Women in Veils Battering Each Other Following Road Rage Row

‘Good Muslims’ Or ‘Good Citizens’: How UK Muslim Women Feel About Integration

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


34 imams belonging to the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, including American members, signed the fatwa in an effort to counter misinterpretations of the Holy Quran. While it has no legal teeth, the fatwa is ‘morally binding’ on all Muslims...


Reverted To Islam, Catholic Teen Banned From School for Wearing Long Skirt
India’s Youngest Pilot Ayesha Aziz

Islamic State Terrorists Target Australia’s ‘Pure Pearls’ To Become Jihadi Brides

Writer Slams Pakistan for Censoring Her Article on Sex, Muslim Women

Islamic Organisations Publish Controversial New Rules for British Women

Meet India’s Youngest Pilot Ayesha Aziz

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


From Shah Bano to Shayara Bano
JS Rajput

Several Islamic countries are moving with the times, giving their women equal rights as these are understood in the present idiom. In India, the Muslim women suffer because of vested interests. The young and the enlightened within the community need to rise and lead the movement for dynamic and humane interpretations that would eliminate gender injustice....

The Role of Saudi Women in the 21st Century and How They Fit Into the New Saudi Arabia
Sabria S. Jawhar

Saudis also need to examine why these young women chose this route to earn a living. By failing to investigate the root causes of their behaviour, we are doomed to repeat it. It’s not enough to punish to deter others from engaging in the same behaviour....


Reverse Love-Jihad: Muslim Girl tie the Knot with Hindu boy in Hassan, India

Forty Percent Saudi Women Resort to Caesarean Births

Two Women Sarpanchs Fight the System to Make Safe Drinking Water Accessible In Kashmir

India: Hyderabad Girl Tortured To Death in Saudi Arabia

Pak Actress Veena Malik Now Wants To Study Islam

Woman Shot Dead By Unknown Gunmen in Herat Province of Afghanistan

Sister Of Parramatta Shooter Was ‘Top Isis Recruiter’, Says Pentagon

Video Shows Afghan Woman's 'Taliban Execution'

Diving Is A Journey For Discovery And An Important Form Of Relaxation Especially Women: Saudi Female Diving Coach

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Everything You Need To Know About the Controversial System of 'Triple Talaq' and Why It Should Be Abolished
Prem Anand Mishra

More than 20 Islamic countries including Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Iraq, and even Pakistan and Bangladesh, are updating Sharia laws relating to marriage and have imposed a court injunction against a husband pronouncing Talaq. ...

Fundamentalist Interpretations of Islam That Restrict Women's Rights Are Rising: UK Former Leading Imam

The Islamic Movement of Sudan Supports Woman Active Participation in Social Activities

Saudi Wife Divorces Husband after Five Days for Not Being 'Religious Enough'

Horrific Video Shows Taliban Publicly Killing Woman over Adultery

Dispute Heats Up In Case Of Muslim Women Being Kicked Out Of Cafe

ARMM Senior Execs Win Endorsement of Muslim Women Bloc

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Instant Divorce or Triple Talaq Is Wrong and Sinful But Valid, Say Indian Ulema

UK Mosques Ban Muslim Women from Wearing Trousers, and Order Them to Close Facebook Accounts

French Muslim Sent Home From School over Long Skirt

Pregnant At 15, the Teenage Mothers of Romania

Hyderabadi Girls Working Abroad Forced Into Prostitution

Narges Mohammadi Gets “Media Heroine” Prize For 2016

Girl Hanged For Helping Female Friend to Elope In Pakistan

Not Every Woman Who Wears the Headscarf Is Oppressed

Compiled By New Age Islam News Bureau

16-Year-Old Girl Set On Fire as 'Punishment' By Abbottabad Jirga, Pakistan

'Essential To See Each Other': Danish School Bans Muslim Students From Wearing Niqab

Women Should Not Travel More Than 48 Miles without a Male Escort – UK Muslim Group

Female Yazidi and Kurdish Fighters Take Up Arms against Islamic State Militants

California Police Being Sued After Forcing a Muslim Woman to Remove Headscarf

‘There Aren’t Many Women Animators in Pakistan’ Says Burka Avenger's Komal Butt

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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