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Islam, Women and Feminism

Number of Women Smokers Increasing In Saudi Arabia
Rupa Jha, co-host of 100 Women Conference

16 Saudi women fined for defying driving ban

Afghanistan's Women Still Suffer Threat of 'Honour Killings'

Emirati Women Run School Canteens in Bid to Boost Healthy Living

Saudi Woman Sets Up Book Bank

Few Saudi Women Get Behind the Wheel in Driving Protest after Government Warning

Lawyers Call For Special Courts to Try Sexual Harassment Cases in Saudi Kingdom

Girls Settle in to First Year at Old Delhi’s Anglo-Arabic School

Malawi: Local NGO Urges Girls in the North to High Participate in EC Registration Exercise

‘The Biggest Casualty of a War Are Women’

2nd National Conference for Bahrain Women Held

Introspection at global women’s conference

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We Pakistanis certainly have a lot to learn from how people reacted to Nirbhaya’s case in India. In India, people did not say that there are many Nirbhayas so why care about this one. They did not say that the west has a poor record on gender equality so why should we be judged. They certainly did not say that Nirbhaya was never assaulted, and the incident was a western plot to demonise their country. Instead, they accepted that this tragedy happened due to shortcomings within their own society and vowed to improve on them. Nirbhaya became a symbol of women and the people of India decided that the current state of their country was unacceptable to them…..


Saudi Girl Students Stir Storm by Backing Polygamy
Rubana Huq, a Bangladeshi entrepreneur and writer

Some Saudi Women Defy Driving Ban In Day Of Protest

Young Afghan Couple Beheaded and Dumped In Graveyard in Horrific Honour Killing

‘Protection from Abuse’ Law in Saudi Arabia to Take Effect Next Week

Iceland Best Place to Be A Woman; Philippines Ranks High In Gender Equality

Rubana of Bangladesh among BBC’s 100 Women

Israeli Media Discriminate Against Women in Politics

WLC Welcomes Muslim Marriage Ruling

Bangladeshi Women Find Careers as Drivers

Qatari Shaikha Named ‘Biggest Player in Art World’

Pakistan: ‘Women Farmers Can Help Tackle Food Insecurity’

FEMEN opens Turkey office

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Sexual Harassment Has No Geographical Location
Komal Ali

The truth is, women are stereotyped and harassed independent of their religion, culture, skin colour and sexuality. Women are harassed for being women, and the sooner we realise that and raise our voice every time we become victim of harassment, the sooner women will hopefully cease to be second-class world citizens…..


Bihar Woman Set To Share Stage with Malala Yousufzai at UN
Dr Aafia Siddiqui

How Kurdistan Ended Female Genital Mutilation

Iran Warns Malaysia against Hanging Iranian Women

Syrian, Afghan Female Journalists Receive Media Awards

Female Paperwork Agents Make A Killing in Saudi Arabia

Only Woman Running for Afghan President Gets Disqualified

Veena Malik Unveils Herself as A ‘Powerful Muslim Woman’

Aafia Case Not Open To Discussion: US

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Saudi Authorities Issue Warning Ahead Of Women Driving Campaign
Saheela Ibraheem

UN Rights Body Adopts Landmark Text on Women

Haven for Women: Rules Framed To Improve Darul Amans in Sindh

85pc Bangladesh People Think More Women Should Run For General Seats

Girls Most Harassed At Disaster Shelters

Syrian, Cambodian, Afghan Women Win Media Awards

Syria Frees Women Inmates after Hostage Deal

Genius Nigerian Muslim Girl Makes Record

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The Power of Women
Hedayat Abdel-Nabi

“The European Union attaches great importance to Egypt’s future, based on a democratic solution with fully functioning democratic institutions that protect all citizens, including groups belonging to minorities and women. In this regard, the European Union stresses the importance of the rule of law and human rights, with particular emphasis on the fundamental freedoms of association and the rights of women...


Killed By Dad? Yemeni 15 Year-Old Girl Burned To Death for Meeting up With Husband-To-Be
Late Benazir Bhutto

Sponsorship Transfer Puzzles Women in Saudi Arabia

Syria Frees 14 Women Detainees after Hostage Deal

‘Children Paying the Price in Syria Conflict’

Israeli Women Battle for Jerusalem Municipality Elections

Lady Doctor Records Statement in Benazir Bhutto Murder Case

1,204 Children Subjected To Violence in Six Months, In Pakistan: NGO Report

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Education can play a role in preventing violence against women and girls. Today, one in three women is subjected to violence, and more than half of all victims of sexual assault are girls under the age of 16. In Bangladesh, 66% of girls marry by the time they are 18. Early marriage often prevents continued education for girls. While there are many contributing factors to gender-based violence, one of the most mitigating factors is women’s education…..


Pakistan: A Women-Free Society
Harris Khalique

When nations of the world – advanced, developing and underdeveloped – are striving hard to make or keep their countries drug-free, polio-free, malaria-free, tuberculosis-free, cholera-free, and diphtheria-free, etc and taking steps to counter chronic poverty and illiteracy, our society and legal system continue to focus most diligently on making Pakistan a women-free society. ….


Indian Muslim Girl Refuses To Marry Dowry-Seeking Groom
'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite

‘Female Suicide Bomber’ Kills Five on Bus in Russia

'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite Wrote 'Love Poem' For Osama Bin Laden

New Iraqi Association, Single Women, Strives To Help Unmarried Women

Saudi Women Activists Oppose Women Getting Behind the Wheel

I’m More Scared of Ghosts than of Taliban: Malala Yousafzai

Qaddafi Widow Demands Return of Dictator’s Body

Non-Saudi Women to Transfer Sponsorship of Children

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Malala Yousafzai Belongs To Pakistan
Nora Boustany

“They thought that the bullet would silence us. But they failed. And out of that silence came thousands of voices. The terrorists thought they would change my aims and stop my ambitions, but nothing changed in my life except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage were born ... So here I stand. So here I stand, one girl among many.”….


18-Year-Old Ayesha Aziz Set To Become First Kashmiri Woman Pilot
Malala Yousafzai

Saudi Ministry Warns Women against Fraudulent Job Offers

1,000 Women to Work in Saudi Grand Mosque

Spotlight on Indian Muslim Women’s Activism

Pakistan's Women Police Fight Criminals, Militants and Scorn

Malala Inspires School Curriculum

Girls’ School Receives Threatening Letter from TTP

‘Aafia Issue Must Figure In Nawaz-Obama Parleys’

UK Lawyer Seeks Action against Influential Pakistani Woman

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Mohammed, the Feminist
Mitchell Hailstone

The heart of Islam, and the heart of the Prophet, was to liberate women from the tyranny experienced in the Jahiliya. Unfortunately, it seems the Qur’an’s message has been overlooked. In an attempt to follow the laws of Allah and please Him, many men in the Muslim world have missed the spirit of the instruction. The Qur’an’s words have been twisted…..

The Queen Hails Malala for Education-For-All Campaign
Super Model Waris Dirie

'Female Genital Mutilation Is Pure Violence against Girls': Dirie, the Super Model

These South African Girls Are Inspired By Malala, Even Without a Nobel Prize

Syria Snipers Targeted Pregnant Women, Says British Surgeon

Rihanna’s Sheikh Zayed Mosque Publicity Shoot Stirs Controversy

Women Waiting Longer To Get Married, New Abu Dhabi Statistics Show

Gilgit-Baltistan sisters make it to Winter Olympics qualifiers of Skiing

Malala Reunited With Pakistan Attack School Friends

Prince Nawaf to Honour Reham For Her Fine Feat

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'Islam No Longer a ‘Religion of the Male, By the Male and For the Male: Survey
Malala Yousafzai

Jeans, Mobiles and Khap Panchayats

Why Do Women In Lebanon Stay In Abusive Relationships?

Government Scheme 'Bidayee' To Help Muslim Girls in Karnataka

Iran’s TV Falls Prey to a Parody Written in Dawn on Malala

Malala Skips School to Meet With Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace

Yearly Mammogram A Must From Age 40 to Diagnose Early Breast Cancer

Afghanistan: Stark, Beautiful - And a Danger to Mothers

UAE Project Develops Low-Cost Heart Monitor for Pregnant Women

Mother's Ten-Hour Ordeal after Losing Daughter during Haj

Pilgrim Fulfils Pledge to Serve His Mother, Who Had Gone In Coma at His Birth

Saudi Women’s Slow Drive to Reform

Young Campaigners Force Yemeni Parents to Set Lower Dowries

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Eighty Four Percent Muslim Women of Kerala, India, Are Totally Against Under-18 Marriage
Azerbaijani First Lady Heydar Aliyev

Dubai Policewomen Get VIP Protection Training

Safe Place for Unwanted Babies Orphan Care Foundation, Malaysia

Fashion Still a Passion for Some Iranians 

Azerbaijani First Lady supports events marking Eid-al Adha in Pakistan

Saudi Police Rescue 16 Indonesian Women Workers

Children Forced To Work at Holy Sites during Haj

Orthodox Church Slams Surrogacy as 'Mutiny against God', Seeks Legal Ban

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Teenage Girls vs. the Taliban: What Will Happen When U.S. Leaves?
Nina Burleigh

Their strain of Islam contradicts major tenets of the traditional faith and offends many believers. But the Saudis have been successfully exporting it, financed by whopping oil profits, since the early 1970s. According to its own figures, the kingdom spent more than $80 billion between 1973 and 2002 creating a worldwide network of Wahhabi mosques, Islamic centers, madrasas and charities. The Afghan Taliban is among the recipients of that money….

For Malaysian Men, Homes Turn Bloody As Wives Show Claws
Melca Perez, chairwoman, women’s rights group

Filipino Women’s Rights Group to Relaunch Anti-Violence Campaign in Dubai

No Trace of 'Sexual Jihad' Girls in Tunisia

Sacking of Turkish TV Host over Low-Cut Outfit Spurs Debate over Religious Influence

Better Law Enforcement in Pakistan Could Help Prevent Rape of Children

New Iraqi Association Strives To Help Unmarried Women

In Ramallah and In Bnei Brak, Big Hair's Back Among Observant Women

1,657 Female Saudi Nurses Serve Pilgrims

Gathering of Women from Different Faiths in Hamburg

Female Muslim Fighter Emerges In Time of Turmoil

Singapore Based Beauty Queen Found Murdered In Pakistan

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Britain Does Not Need a French-style Burqa Ban
Sara Silvestri

To ban or not to ban: Britain is facing the Burqa issue with a streak of pragmatism, and there is currently little appetite from the center-right coalition government for a ban Unlike the French, Britain has taken a fluid approach to difference and the multicultural character of its society, and in the current circumstances, it is unclear – perhaps impossible – to establish where the limit for "difference" lies….


Moroccan Islamists Throw Chairs at Kissing Couples
Asma Al-Assad

Syrian First Lady Asma Al-Assad Pledges to Stand by Husband

Himachal Offers Muslim Women Free Bus Ride on Eid

Algerian Woman Kept Her Dower Half a Century for Haj

Afghan Women Risk Losing Post-Taliban Gains after Security Transition

Saudi Women Drivers: Threat to State Religion and Politics

Pak Beauticians Set to Greet Girls Intending to Doll Themselves Up at Eid ul Azha

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa LG Bill Proposes Increase in Reserved Seats for Women To 33%

Mardan’s Sole Orphanage Strives to Keep Its Children

Haj Meeting Ends Strained Relations between 2 Sisters

6-Year-Old Pakistani Serves Mother during Haj

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Makkawi Women Crowd the Grand Mosque on Arafat Day
Amina, 85-year-old Pakistani woman

Taliban Misfire as Malala Yousafzai Spurs Pakistan School Rush

FIA Assures Action against Fake Facebook ID of Girl

Turkish Govt Announces New Rights for Working Moms

Expat Children Denied Education Because Of Nitaqat

Savings Box Helps Pak Woman, 85, Perform Haj

Turkish Moves on Women’s Rights Renew Fears of Authoritarianism, Islamism

Child Marriage: India's Stand Slammed By Women and Reformers

Children of Migrant Workers Show Off Love for ‘Wonderful’ Lebanon

‘We Gave Up Our Play Time to Serve Pilgrims’

Everywhere, every day, Women Face Discrimination

Three Women ‘Raped’, Boy 'Sodomised' In Faisalabad

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Finally! A voice in the Shoura Council for Saudi Women
Sabria S. Jawahar

Mothers and workingwomen know more than anybody what it means to drive their own car and have full control over our lives. As a teacher of a new generation of young female nurses who regard me with respect and as a role model, I find it incredibly humiliating to travel 70 minutes a day with a complete stranger to reach my workplace and then return home. What is worse is that this same stranger has complete control over the time I arrive and leave work……


Pakistani Girl, a Global Heroine after an Attack, Has Critics at Home
Deccan Walsh

Ms. Yousafzai did not win the Nobel Prize. That went to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. But after a week of intense news coverage, during which she released her memoir and won a prestigious European award for human rights, Ms. Yousafzai’s stature as a symbol of peace and bravery has been established across the world — everywhere, it seems, except at home….


Malala's Fight for a Modern Pakistan
Husain Haqqani

Pakistan’s leaders have been in a deep state of denial about their national priorities for a long time. Religious extremism and terrorism are often not seen as a serious threat for a nation that has, since its inception in 1947, focused on acquiring military parity with its much larger neighbour, India. Instead of seeing the Taliban as brutes fighting modernity….

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