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Islam, Women and Feminism

Cape Town, South Africa: Parents Shocked as 10-Year-Olds Play 'Rape Rape' Game in School Playground and simulate a sexual attack
Yemen's Sanaa University student

Maltese Muslim Woman Told She Can’t Swim Fully Covered

Lashes for Saudi Woman Who Called Morality Police Liars

Right-Wing Extremists Can't Break the Love of A Muslim Man And Jewish Woman

Hundreds of Couples Gear Up For Group Wedding at Jeddah

Afghan Woman Who Stands Up To Taliban Termed An Icon Of Bravery

Female Emiratis Keen to Sign Up For UAE National Service

Over 1,100 Pakistani Women Subjected To Crime in Last Five Years

ISIS Militants Plan To 'Marry' Captured Yazidi Women

Education for Yemeni Women Still Rare Luxury

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Want To End Sexual Violence Against Women? Fix the Men
Bina Shah

In Bosnia, the "Young Men Initiative" has successfully changed attitudes by teaching boys and young men through the use of workshops, drama and sport that a "real man" does not have to dominate women or use violence to prove his masculinity. Now, schools in Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo are adding the lessons to their curriculum in the hopes that an entire generation scarred by war and conflict will not turn to rape and sexual violence the way their forefathers did during the bloody wars.


Russian Police Checking IDs of Muslim Women in Crimea

Kurdish Women in Turkey Move Away From Independence

Iraqi Women Take up Arms against ISIL Terrorists

Nigeria: In the Chibok Girls Search, Boko Haram Is Winning the Media War

Stiffer Penalties Fail to Deter Domestic Violence in Malawi

Despite Health Risks, Many Saudis Continue To Prefer Consanguineous Marriages

New Saudi Ban on Marriage to Foreigners Stirs Controversy

Iran’s Government Is Worried that Its People Are Having the Wrong Kind of Sex

Arab Man, Jewish-Born Bride Hire Security Guards For Wedding In Israel

Steep Odds against Ghana's Female Footballers

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Rehab Centre in Jeddah Sees Six New Women Addicts Each Day
Dr. Fatima Kaaki

Afghanistan's 'Romeo and Juliet' From Different Ethnic Groups Fear for Their Lives

Pakistani Interfaith Couples Brave Threats for Forbidden Love

In Iraq, Captured Yazidi Women Fear the Islamic State Will Force Them to Wed

Saudi Company to Help Women Open Start-Ups

Saudi Women Married To Expats Eligible for Housing Support

Nigeria Female Traditional Rulers Protest Marginalisation

The women of the PAT 'Revolution'

'Soldier Girls': Complex look at women at war

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Yazidi Women Leap off Sinjar Cliffs to Escape Sex Slavery by IS Militants
The woman tells about the Yezidi girls who committ

IS’ Women Warriors: How Feared Al-Khansa Battalion was borne out of Repression

Nigeria’s Hijab Wearers Face Scrutiny on Female Bombers

Two Female Italian Aid Workers Kidnapped By Islamic Terrorists

Mobilizing Religious Leaders to Combat Violence against Women in Turkey

Iranian President Heralds New Era for Women's Rights with 'Hijabless' Photo of Fields Medal Winner

Islam Looks At Trustworthiness and Capability NOT Male or Female - PKR's Zuraida

Motorcycle Sidecar Attracts Women Riders in Sana’a

South African Women Need Mental Liberation

It's Not a Man's World: The African Women Breaking Down Tech Barriers

Malawi Muslims Fight Early Marriages

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'Uyghur Girls Get Calls to Become 'Sex Slaves' For Jihadists'
Mona Tavassoli

Witnesses Recount Tales of Yazidi Women Taken as War Booty

Turkish Women Post Shoe Pictures in New Anti-Sexism Protest

Meet the Female Peshmerga Forces Fighting IS

Saudi Arab: Salons for Women in Asir Slapped With Penalties

Woman Scales New Heights for Girls’ Education in Afghanistan

Indonesia: New Abortion Regulation Stirs Up a Hornet’s Nest

Gaza Teen's Tweets Tell Of Everyday Survival in a Warzone

Kano’s Women Abandon Hijab to Avoid Suspicions

Saudi Issues New Regulations for Sex Correction

Fear of Female Suicide Bombers Beginning Of Wisdom

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Cheated Indian Women Workers Still Stranded In Saudi Arabia
Mirzakhani is the first female winner of Maths Pri

Joint Team to Protect Saudi Domestic Labour Rights

Iranian the First Woman to Snare Maths Prize

189 Young Saudi Women Languish In Care Homes

Toronto Arts Program for Young Muslim Women Seeks Funds to Survive

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Muslim Girls in Jharkhand, India, Shatter Sanskrit Stereotypes
Manal Al-Dabbagh Many Firsts for this Saudi Woman

Erdogan Brands Female Journalist, A "Shameless Woman”

In Delhi Muslim Women Held Demo against Israel

Pakistan: More Women Eligible to Apply To Medical Colleges This Year

Bradford's Muslim women boxers enter the ring

Saudi Justice Ministry Seeks Help from Women Consultants

Manal Al-Dabbagh – A Saudi Woman with Many Firsts

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Economic Empowerment of Pakistani Women – Access To Finance

Doha: Expat Women Overcoming Professional Challenges

Saudi Men Need Wives' Consent to Marry Moroccan Woman

Where Hindu and Muslim Men Unite, Unfree Women

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Saudi Women Turn To YouTube to Showcase Acting Talent

Fatwa in Indonesia Unlikely To Make Women Throw Away Their Jeans

Islamic Militants Hold Hundreds of Women Captive in Iraq, Official Says

Muslim Conservatives Boo 'Jilboobs' In Indonesia

Indian Women Bangle Workers Gen Secy Zehra Khan Demand Facilities

Aussie Muslim Woman Receives Rights Award

Study on Larger National Role for Qatari Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pakistani Men Urged Not To Marry Pakistani Women before Taking Consent from Saudi Arabia

Muslim Groups See Conspiracy in Meerut Gang Rape

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Pakistani Girls Make Your Own Saudi Prince
Rafia Zakaria

All the little girls growing up in Pakistan have a single dream. One day, when they are 18 or 19, a fat and old man dressed all in flowing white, will alight from the first class cabin of a Saudi Airlines plane and step into a black Mercedes with tinted windows. Racing through the crowded, decrepit streets of crumbling Karachi or Lahore or Multan or Faisalabad, the prince untouched by dust and grime, would alight at their doorstep. No more, the impurities of an imperfectly Muslim Pakistan, no more the pressures of learning to make Dal and Biryani, driving through streets or attending school or college. Life in poor, angry, dirty Pakistan would come to an end; life behind a tall, walled compound somewhere in serene, pristine, Arabia would begin.….


Boko Haram may have launched bloodier attacks, but I struggle to imagine a more heinous terror plot. That girl was just one of four Nigerian women to weaponise themselves this July in the populous northern city of Kano. The second attempt, targeting a shopping mall, likewise killed just the bomber. The third slaughtered three women lined up to buy oil for their cook-stoves. The fourth cut short the lives of six young people at Kano Polytechnic. These attacks cast in sharp relief a trend that needs greater attention: the real and growing participation of women in extremist movements……


Inside the Heart of a Muslim Feminist
Rubayya Hoque

As a Muslim and brown woman, it's difficult for me to identify as feminist, and not for the reasons you might think. I can identify as Muslim feminist, but just a plain feminist? Not so much. My need to qualify my feminism is a fairly recent development. Though being a Muslim feminist comes with its own set of challenges, it is more true to my heart……


ISIS Targeting of Western Women May Signal New Role of Female Jihadist
Raudhatul was four when the 2004 tsunami hit

Some Nigerians Call for Banning the Hijab to Prevent Female Suicide Bombers

More Than 91,000 Under-Aged Turkish Girls Impregnated Within Seven Years

Muslim Conservatives Boo 'Jilboobs' In Indonesia

Saudi Woman’s Quest for Childhood Nanny Touches Heart of a Nation

Feminization of Shops Creates 65,000 Jobs

Indonesian Girl Swept Away By 2004 Tsunami Reunited With Parents

Uighurs’ Veils Signal Protest against China’s Restrictions

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Most Pakistani Women Not Consulted Before Filling of Nikaahnama: Study
Dr. Talat Aziz

Despite Ban on Music Kashmiri Girls Take Part in Talent Hunt Show

Jamia Alumni Fete University’s First Muslim Woman Officiating VC

Ban on Women's Trousers in Church Sparks Protest at Abbasiya Cathedral, Egypt

Bangladesh: 40% Girls Do Not Attend School during Menstruation

Female Protesters 'Forgotten' in Brutal Coup Prisons

The Senegal Tech Hub Run by Women for Women

Syria: Women, Children Held Hostage for a Year

Trafficked Kenyan Woman in Oman on Hunger Strike – Report

Helmet Rule Relaxation for Sikh Women in Delhi Triggers Copycat Demands

Michelle Obama to African First Ladies: Fight for Our Girls

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


First, which men and which women are we referring to? Where are they located? Is there an “essential man” who owes something to an “essential woman”? In confining the question to an essential man or woman, is there not a possibility of perpetuating that very stereotyping at the heart of gender injustice?.....


In KP's Karak Region: Women ‘Banned’ From Going Out without Male Company

Saudis Told Not To Marry Women from Pakistan, 3 Other States

Fertility Push Viewed as Unsexy by Young Iranians

Sinjar Event Is “Genocide” And IS Use the Kidnapped Women for Temporary Marriage

Outrage in Saudi at Appearance of Female Newsreader without Headscarf

Minister’s Comments on Women Laughing No Joke for Anti-Erdogan Turks

No Ban On Use Of Hijab: IG Nigeria

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Malala said: “Islam is a religion of peace and Islam gives equal rights to women, so I think there are people who need to read the Quran again, there are people who need to do a bit more study.” As I listened to her speech in the London auditorium, I kept wondering what Bangladesh’s so called most senior Islamic scholar Shafi, also principal of the Chittagong-based Hathazari Madrasa, would say, if Malala had given this advice to him in person…..


Emirati Women against Rules on Breastfeeding
Alyazia Al Duhaim, Against Breastfeeding

Spain Detains Two Teenage Girls as Jihad Suspects

AMU Alumnus to Institute Scholarships for Female Students at AMU

South African School Gives Hope to Pregnant Teens

Nigeria Girl Faces Murder Trial over Forced Marriage

Victoria Beckham Dress Sale to Benefit African Mothers with HIV

US Summit Pushes Empowerment of Women in Africa

Six-Year-Old Girl Enthralls Audience with Qur’an Recitation

Domestic Violence is Widespread in Arab Countries

Sheikha Fatima Applauds Emirati Women Who Signed Up For National Service

Saudi Arabia Beheads Maid for Toddler Murder

Israeli Teens’ Mental Health Worsens When Arab-Israeli Conflict Does

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Bangladesh 2nd among South Asian Countries to Ensure Breastfeeding
Shahindokht Molaverdi, Iranian Vice-President

Nigeria’s Kano Bombings Traced to Female Beggars

‘God Bless Hamas’: Woman Seen Demonstrating In New York

Iran Ready to Help Muslim Women's Economic Empowerment

Abuse Tolerated By ‘Good Wives’ In Some Migrant Communities

Saudi Female Academics Praise the King for His Call to Combat Terrorism

Saudi Nurses Still Tackling Stereotypes

Firms to Provide Female Saudi Staff with Transport

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Rehab Program for Saudi Female Extremists
Ann Osman, Malaysia’s female martial arts professi

Do Guardians Have The Right To Get Daughters Divorced?

Manchester Twin Wants To Be a Doctor for Islamic State

Moroccan Women Reject Image in Arab Media

Saudi Women with Master’s Degrees Complain of Unemployment

Mystery ‘Woman in Black’ Dubbed ‘Gaza Ghost’

Martial Arts Star to Become First Muslim Female to Fight in Islamic Country

Malala Honoured In the Caribbean

Girl Talk: Calling Western Women to Syria

Young Saudis Reject ‘Trivial’ Fashion Concerns

Women’s Share in Saudi Commerce Records Sharp Rise

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pakistani Widows, 'Second' Wives Flee Fighting But Are Denied Aid
British Actress Emma Watson

Egypt: Woman Activist Calls For Sex Education to Combat Harassment

Britain Has Looked the Other Way For Too Long Over FGM

Syrian Refugee Women Face Sexual Exploitation

British Actress Emma Watson Joins Turkey's Laughing Women

Headless Mannequins Conundrum in Sharjah

Malala Yousafzai targeted in 'Systematic Propaganda Campaign’

Israelis 'Addicted' To Killing Women and Children

Europe in Push to Stop Violence against Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The police, who are supposed to look identical from Sabang on the tip of Aceh to Merauke on the far end of Papua, would become segregated. Such variations in uniforms would lead to unequal treatment. And there is always the possibility that there are elements of society who don’t want to be served by police wearing veils, or other groups who prefer a veiled officer.  The wearing of the Hijab, therefore, would create unnecessary problems for the police….


Increasingly, young people around the world see the connection between the abductions in Nigeria, the rape and murder of young girls in India, so-called “honor killings” of Pakistani girls who marry against their families’ wishes, genital mutilation of girls across Africa, and child-trafficking for full-time work, often in slave-labour conditions…..


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