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Islam, Women and Feminism

Three Women of Diverse Faiths Strive To Bridge the Gap

Somali Al-Shabaab Deploying ‘Beautiful Women’ as Spies against African Troops

UAE Imposes Then Lifts Ban On Tunisian Female Travellers

This dating app for Muslims is designed with women in mind

Tunisians Demand More Women in Senior Public Roles

Egypt Already May Need To Revisit Women's Inheritance Law

Readmissions Higher In Women with Acute MI, Cardiogenic Shock

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In Islamic terminology, this is the state of the soul at peace, Nafs Al Mutma’inah, where our inner conflicts and contradictions are resolved, our hearts are healed and we come to experience our existence as wholesome beings reflecting the Divine Unity. This is the oneness of Tawheed. This concept of Tawheed, which is so central to Islam, does not mean a theological principle that there is one God. It is actually a verb meaning to make one, that is, to integrate, to bring to unity that which is fragmented. On the human plane it is the act of realizing God’s oneness in ourselves....


Sexual Violence against Women during Displacement
Zeina Awad

In addition, the actions that refugees resort to in such situations – such as child marriages – risk exacerbating the cycle of inequality and powerlessness that refugee women are caught in. Sexual violence is shaping the refugee experience in the Middle East and Africa in such profound ways that it is imperative for scholars and journalists to place sexual violence at the centre of their work if the work is to be inclusive, accurate, and comprehensive....


Saudi Judge Kicks Female Lawyer Out Because Her Face Wasn't Covered

Saudi Beauty Queen Is Forced To Drop Out Of Miss Arab World Pageant after Intense Online Backlash from People in the Ultra-Conservative Kingdom

Arab MK Backs Arab Women Filmed Kicking IDF Soldiers

Saudi Women to Work in Mining Industry

Farida Jalal's Short Film Which Expose Gender Bias in Islam Is Going Place

Indonesia Losing Only Female Top Justice Amid Gender Rights Worries

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Failure of Pakistan’s Women
Zubeida Mustafa

The Jamaat-i-Islami and the Pakistan Awami Tehreek are well known for that, as are many of the other religious parties. When they can’t provide people bounties on earth, they promise them paradise in the afterlife....


When Victims of Wartime Rape Are Scorned
Riada Asimovic Akyol

Honouring those who suffered wartime rape requires men to acknowledge that they were powerless to protect their nation, women and territory. As the scholar Janet Jacobs put it, remembering the suffering and honouring those who were raped during war is “antithetical to the project of nation building and ethnic pride,” which in Bosnia is very much still happening....


Turkey’s Top Religious Body Okays Divorce via Text Message
Riada Asimovic Akyol

All in all, it seems that the fatwa decreeing that men can divorce their wives with a mere email or text message is not going to affect Turkey’s more modern and egalitarian legal standards. But the controversy has underlined the fact that for Muslim jurists to be relevant and helpful in modern society, they should begin by understanding the gap between this society and the traditional cultures in which Islamic jurisprudence developed....


Swiss Executive Opposes Nationwide Ban on Face Coverings

‘Triple Talaq’ Divorce Not Legal In EU, Top Court Rules

Nike Begins Selling Sports Hijab for Muslim Female Athletes

Israel’s Air Force Recruiting More Women for Pilot Training, Increasing Gender Integration

WWE Announces First Women's Royal Rumble

Kuwait City: African Maids Say Cheated, Seek Return – ‘Rescue Us from This Hell’

Women Who Slapped Israeli Soldiers Arrested

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The Influence of Islamist Rhetoric on Women’s Rights
Courtney Freer

Even today, for a movement with ambitious political aims, it is striking how much time the Muslim Brotherhood spends in discussing the so-called ‘woman problem.’ Because Islamists hope to change society as a whole, largely through the imposition legislation on social issues, the role of women is referenced in much of their literature. Certainly, as Lisa Blaydes points out, ‘Islamist political activity also focuses on issues related to public morality where women are a frequent target of social control.’ Further, the honour of men is very much linked to the activity of women, to whom they are related, making issues of female reputation central. ...


Horrific Violence against Child Bride Sends Shock Waves across Afghanistan

Sindh Govt Increases Female Police Quota from 2pc to 5pc

Arab Fashion Council opens Saudi office

Jordan Pays Homage to Palestinian 'Lady Photographer' With Exhibit

Women’s March Leader Linda Sarsour Embroiled in Sex Abuse Cover up Scandal

Find Out Why Designer Nasiba Hafiz Is Taking Saudi Fashion to New Heights

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Marriage and Murder
Rafia Zakaria

Marriage and Murder
Rafia Zakaria

Then there is the murder that took an innocent woman’s life. In this case, the high profile of the husband likely ensured greater attention for the investigation. In most other cases, the cover story of suicide is easily believed by police and by family members. The fact that a large number of abused women are understandably severely depressed and fed up of the tribulations of their existence makes investigations unlikely and rare. ....


Muslim Women Shouting 'MeToo' Must Be Heard

German Muslim Women Cause Havoc at Swimming Pool, Threaten Employees

American University in Cairo Retracts On-Campus Niqab Ban

Jeddah to Host Conference on Women in Conflict Areas

We Should Respect Women for Being So Brave: Shah Rukh Khan

Belgium Becomes First Country To Make A Woman Its Ambassador To Saudi Arabia

Nigeria: Sultan Faults Harassment of Muslims Adorning Hijab

Malaysian Housewife Handed Jail Term for Insulting Islam

Sayidaty Honours Women’s Excellence and Creativity

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Women: Navigating War and Market
Madawi Al-Rasheed

Since the foundation of the state in 1932, the Saudi regime has increasingly depicted women as guardians of the moral integrity of the nation, producers of future pious generations, keepers of tribal and Arab purity, and markers of the nation’s commitment to Islam. The state under King Faisal dealt with gender through the prism of religious nationalism; a homogenising paradigm that invoked common religious bonds between citizens, but at the same time introduced mass education for girls and depicted itself as a modernising force in society....


"We want religious instruction to take place in the schools and not in uncontrolled places," he said. He accused the Catalan authorities of having ignored an agreement between the Spanish state and Muslim community to offer classes in Islam to children whose parents wish it, putting them on a par with Christian families....


In Maiduguri, Boko Haram’s Birthplace, Feminism Rules

Instead of Triple Talaq Law, Muslim Women Should Get Reservation: AIMPLB Member

Iran: Another Woman to Be Sent To the Gallows

Nigerian Law Graduate Denied Call to Bar Over Hijab

1.3 Million Foreign Drivers to Leave Saudi Arabia As Women Get Driving Licences

Nigeria: Why Are Muslims Who Adorn Hijab ‘Molested’? Sultan Asks

Why Some Indonesian Women Choose Polygamy

Maryam Nawaz on NY Times' List of 11 Powerful Women Of The World

23 Technical Colleges Train Saudi Women for the Job Market: TVTC

KAU, Traffic Police Sign Agreement to Set Up Driving Schools For Women

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Muslim Men Weighing In Against Triple Talaq Is Encouraging
Lalita Panicker

But I don’t want to confine the argument to women’s rights versus male domination and callousness. What most debates and articles fail to highlight is that many Muslim men are very much on the side of women in the matter of gender rights, among which instant triple Talaq is a main one. Muslim women’s rights collectives have long been campaigning against the practices of triple Talaq, polygamy and Nikaah-Halala in India.....


United Colours of Cabbies: Mom by Day, Burqa-Clad Driver by Night in Mumbai

US Does Not Own Jerusalem to Give It to Israel — Women Islamists

Syrian Women's Group Fends Off Trauma of War Through Therapy

Sultan Decries Controversy over Hijab

Jeddah to Host Conference on Women in Conflict Areas

Arab Coalition Airstrike Kills 10 Women in Yemen

Lian Najami Makes History as First Female Israeli Arab Rhodes Scholar

An Era of Empowerment: How Social Media Is Giving Women A Voice

In Maiduguri, Boko Haram’s Birthplace, Feminism Rules

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Why Criminalising Triple Talaq is Unnecessary Overkill
Faizan Mustafa

In fact, for fear of prosecution, many Muslim men, just like Hindus, instead of divorcing their wives may now simply abandon them. Our criminal justice system is slow so it will take years to get a man who has given triple Talaq finally punished after exhaustion of appeals and revisions. Thus no useful purpose is going to be served by the new law.....

Saudi Arabia Allows Women to Drive Motorcycles and Trucks

Female Law School Graduate Denied Call to Nigerian Bar after Refusing To Remove Hijab

Muslim Woman Forced to Chant Krishna’s Name, By a Government Doctor in Bengaluru

Iran: Young Girls Sold Under the Pretext of Marriage

German Girl Imprisoned For Isis Role Has Fleeting Family Reunion

Malaysian Housewife Handed Jail Term for ‘Insulting Islam’

Campaign Ongoing To Ensure Registration of Women Voters in Pakistan

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Myth, Misogyny or Assistants to Terror: Pakistan’s ‘Radicalised’ Women
Rita Manchanda

It was the Burqa-clad baton-wielding girl students laying siege to the children’s library and raiding video and massage parlours in the name of inculcating Shariah or Martyrdom that galvanized the Musharraf government to act militarily against the Lal Masjid in 2007. Seven years later their successors at the Jamia Hafsa were back in the news with a video on YouTube in which they pledged allegiance to self-proclaimed Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the Islamic State...


Of ‘Asians’ and Sexual Crimes In UK
Farrukh Dhondy

As to the sexploiters of Rotherham, Rochdale and Newcastle, one will need a whole sociological study to explain their behaviour and their criminal lusts. That they preyed on whites is incidental and opportunistic. I am certain that they would not have stopped at exploiting Asians, even Muslim girls if these had been in the vulnerable spaces that their white victims were....


Miss Iraq Moves Family Out Of Country: Picture with Miss Israel Sparked Death Threats

US Woman Used Bitcoin to Move Cash to Islamic State, Police Say

Over 1,000 Single Muslim Women Apply For Haj Pilgrimage

Broken Criminal Justice System Core Issue in Violence against Women

Indian Cabinet to Take Up Today Bill Making Instant Talaq an Offence

Briefing Session Held on Women’s Rights in FATA

DRF launches Network of Female Journalists on Online Safety

Iran: Flogging Sentence for a Young Kurdish Female Student

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Why Criminalise: Centre’s Draft Law on Triple Talaq Misreads the Supreme Court Judgment
A. Faizur Rahman

The Centre’s move to criminalise instant triple Talaq (Talaq-e-Biddat) appears to be ill-conceived and thoughtless. It completely ignores the significance of the August 22, 2017 Supreme Court judgment which rendered legally inutile the use of the formulaic expression “Talaq-Talaq-Talaq” (in any of its forms) as a means to instantly dissolve a Muslim marriage. Therefore, the question that needs to be answered is: When Talaq-e-Biddat does not result in the dissolution of the marriage can its pronouncement be criminalised?...

Progress and Limits in Saudi Arabia’s Halting Gender Reform
Praveen Swami

Fundamental reform, though, is unlikely, for the monarchy’s own power, and its position as guardians of Islam, is contingent on clerical support. Even as Saudi women celebrate their success in securing the right to drive, they know more fundamental gains could take years of bitter struggle....


Virginity Tests Continue To Haunt Girls and Women in Afghanistan

Afghan Women Officers Train at Military Academy in India

Saudi Shoura Member Wants to End Male Guardianship

Saudi Women Directors Excited About Cinema Coming To The Kingdom

Egyptian Women Get Inheritance Rights

Using Fashion as A Platform To Highlight The Issue Of Child Marriages In Pakistan

Quebec Probes Ban on Women at Construction Sites near Mosques

Female MPs, Activists Urge Arab Countries To Scrap Gender-Discriminatory Laws

Muslim Woman Claims Lack of Service at Boulder Cantina Laredo

80pc Thyroid Patients Are Women: Experts

The Shoura and women empowerment

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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