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Islam, Women and Feminism
Expensive Dowries Damage Women
Shelina Zahra Janmohamed

Expensive Dowries Damage Women
Shelina Zahra Janmohamed

In Islamic stipulation the man is required to pay the dowry – called Mehr – to the woman as a gift upon completion of the marriage ceremony. The aim is to elevate the status of women by offering a token of affection to seal the marriage contract. Yet today women and their families are demanding unaffordable Mehr from the groom. In a bizarre reversal of the problems facing women in the subcontinent, Muslim men are increasingly facing an unappetising choice between heavy debt and bachelor life....

Blaming Women for Divorce In The Name Of Islam?
Abeer Shah

Sometimes marriage happens between the wrong people, for the wrong reasons, in the wrong environment. It cannot thrive. Sometimes it’s the husband who’s to blame, sometimes it’s the wife, sometimes it’s some third-party person. But it can happen due to a multitude of reasons....

Saudi Women Demand End to 'Absolute Male Authority'
Nora Al-Amr

One Divorce in Malaysia Every 10 Minutes

"Heavily Indoctrinated” French Teenage Girl Caught Heading For Syria Jihad

Central African Republic: Genocide of Muslim Women/Children

International Women's Day Conference Sees Spread of Misogyny

Niger State Passes Sharia Law That Criminalises Marriage to More Than Four Wives

GCC Citizens Top List of Foreigners Married to Saudi Women

Harvard Picks Saudi Woman for Ph.D.

Emirati Teen Ready for Antarctica Expedition

International Conference in Paris on International Day of Women

Indian Muslim Mass Marriages in Warangal

Pakistan Grapples With Discontent over Rape Prosecutions

Kyrgyzstan Tries To Solve Domestic Violence Problem

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Child marriages in Africa, some parts of Asia, Latin America and Oceania are driven due to poverty, illiteracy, culture, tradition, bride price, dowry, religious and social pressure, and even the fear of remaining unmarried....

Pakistan and High Divorce Rates: The Girl’s Parents Are To Blame!
Ahad Kashif

According to our Sharia law, the fundamental duty of a man is to provide for his wife. I’m positive that even the liberals will agree with this, let alone the staunch Sharia followers. An independent woman, who earns, defeats the purpose of marriage. Call me orthodox if you want to but I’m as concerned with divorce rates as I’m sure you are. Granting her autonomous financial power just makes her realise that she is better off without him and that he is just a formality or red tape.....

Malala and the Mockingbird
Mashhood Roohul Amin

A number of famous people, including Princes Diana and music sensation Michael Jackson bore the brunt of being taken advantage of in one degree or the other. Diana and Jackson met with what the Londoners say at large: Media harassment. Pakistan’s Malala Yousufzai, who is flying high these days, is being treated by her supporters in an entirely different way. Yousafzai, who recently visited a Syrian camp in Jordan, faced an assassination attempt in 2012 at the beginning of her journey, enabling her to see society from an entirely different angle….


British Girls Take To Strip Clubs to Finance Their Education
FIFA lift ban on Islamic headscarves

‘Women must be able to make reproductive health decisions’

NY Students Don Hijab for a Day

FIFA Removes Ban on Headscarves

All But Two Institutes Training Nurses Shut By Saudi Authorities

Emirati Girls Taking Up Jiu-Jitsu Regional Championship in Public Schools More Than Ever

Muslims Debate Centuries-Old Tradition of FGM in Somalia

Gender rights: ‘Police raids followed TV report’

Feminine Touch to Afghan Fairytale

Niger's 'Remarkable' Progress in Reducing Child Deaths

Short Film, 'Muallak' Portrays the Pain of Turkish Young Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Tajik Women Fight Mosque Exclusion
New Age Islam News Bureau

Tajik Women Fight Mosque Exclusion
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Panel to Set Criteria for Women’s Vote in Saudi Arabia

Women Are Still Allowed To Drive in Brunei, Non-Muslims Can Wear Religious Symbols

It’s Time For Saudi Women To Prove Themselves: Princess Adelah

Conservative MP Calls for Public Veil Ban

Muslim Marriages in Ghana Are Illegal

Designer Burqas Are In Fashion among Muslim Girls

Gambia: Sub-Regional Dialogue to End FGM Opens in Banjul

First Saudi Woman to Participate In the Environment and Petroleum Forum 2014

Louise Mensch Thinks the Real Face of British Islam Is a Man of Sikh Heritage

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy: Pakistan’s Most Daring Documentarian

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Palestinian Women Seek Tougher Laws to Combat Honour Killings
Rasmieh Yousef Odeh

‘Christian Divorce Law in Pakistan Is Insulting To Women’

Leicester Boys’ School Bans Women from Applying For Job as Science Teacher

Achieving Full Women Empowerment in Pakistan

Indian SC Judgment on Adoption Is Not Infringing On Muslim Personal Laws At All

Media Is ‘Best Tool’ To Empower Women, Says Pioneering Female Emirati Lawyer

Report: Woman Convicted Of Terrorism in Israel Worked As Obamacare Navigator

Malnutrition Survey: ‘Over 70% Mothers in Sindh Are Vitamin D Deficient’

Sexual Assault Reports Surge in US Military

Towards A Fashionable Muslimah at USA Islamic Fashion Week

Muslim Movie Aims To Protect Women

Drugs Demerits — Female Force Leads the Way in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Jewellery Shops Not Ready For Women Employees Yet

South African Government Launches Free Contraceptive Device for Women

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Protests after Women Are Assaulted and Forced To Undress In Public in Kampala
Angelina Jolie

A First for NATO: 5 Female Defense Ministers

Outcry Grows Over Abuse of Jailed Egyptian Women

FGM Victims in England Could Sue Government for Not Protecting Them

Women Launch Movement for Peace Participation in Mindanao

Comments on Divorcees Create Uproar in Saudi Shoura

Over 50,000 Indian Women Cleared To Work as Domestic Maids in Middle East

165 Saudi and Foreign Women Jailed For Minor Offenses

Sex Change Blesses Family with More Earning Hands

Row between IIU Administration and Female Students Lands in Islamabad HC

Saudi Justice Ministry Tightening the Noose on Marriage Officials

Hague, Jolie to Chair Summit on Rape in War

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

In Jordan, Woman Found Married to Four in Rare Polyandry Case
Aasia Bibi

After Tunisia, ‘Sextremist’ Femen Talk Ukraine

Discipline Is ‘Hair’ To Stay: Saudi Girl Students Told To Change ‘Wild’ Style

Afghan women face increasing sexual and physical abuse

2 Young Women Arrested For Picking Pockets in Abu Dhabi

Arab Women's Groups Partner With UN on A Development Document

Plotting For a Woman-Shaped Peace: Syrian And Bosnian Women Confer

Opening New Doors for Young Women in East Java

Pakistan Has Highest Rate of First Day Deaths, Stillbirths

Dubai Ruler Leads Tributes to Pioneering Emirati Nurse Who Died At 80

50,000 Somali Kids at Risk of Malnutrition

Blasphemy Conviction: Aasia Bibi’s Appeal Yet to Be Heard

Returned Bangladesh Housemaids Urge Govt for Compensation

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Young Saudi Ladies Smoke ‘To Stay With the Times’
Hala Shukrallah

Pakistani Village Gives Girls Pioneering Sex Education Class

India's Muslims Prefer Fashionable Niqab

Kids Fathered By Saudis Toil with Mothers in Syria Camps

Religion Is Being Used In Afghanistan to Deny Women Their Rights

Saudi Women Involved In 25 Demonstrations, 14 Sit-Ins

Saudis Lay Claim on Wives’ Salaries as ‘Legal Guardians’

Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant Could Become a Crime in UK

Forced Marriage: Two Saudi Women File Lawsuits

16 Women Journalists on the Middle East Front Lines

Lebanese Parents Encouraging Children to Move Abroad

Proposed 'Ministry of Marriage and Divorce' Sparks Controversy

Hala Shukrallah President of Constitution Party: 'Something Has Changed'

Products by Saudi Women Steal the Show at Jeddah Wedding Expo

Arab Woman Awards KSA 2014 Winners Honoured

Bihar’s Urdu Girls’ High School to Celebrate Its Golden Jubilee

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Teenage Girl Victim of ‘Grooming Gang’ Of the Same Ethnic Origins
Paula Yacoubian

Syrian Girls Forced To Marry ISIL Militants

Catholic Nuns and Devote Muslim Women Are Like Two Peas in A Pod

Women Rally against Al Shabaab in Mogadishu

India's Basket Programme Empowers African Women

'Female Genital Mutilation against Girls Is Child Abuse'

Unveiled Women Banned From Entering Girls’ Schools in Riyadh

Yacoubian Urges Women to Act to Win Equality: Lebanon

Trialogue among Female MPs of Pakistan, UK & Afghanistan Ends

First Lifestyle Mobi Site for Muslim Women Launched

Panel on Female Veiling Contrasts Ideas of Repression and Self-Expression

Advocate for Afghan Girls to Speak At Langley International Women's Day Lunch

'Freedom to Love for All': Iranian Pop Queen Releases Pro-LGBT Music Video

The Islamic State of Iran and Gender Discrimination

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Women of Iran Defy Mullahs by Embracing Western Fashions
Hala Shukrallah

Fuss at Pakistan Islamic University as Girls ‘Confined’ At Hostel

Cases of ‘Hijabaphobia’ Increasing In Quebec

Meet Egypt’s First Female Political Party Leader, Hala Shukrallah

Nigeria: 'Hijab - A Fundamental Human Right of Female Muslims'

Saudi Woman Helps Companies Stand Out With Her Design Ideas

American Pop Star Katy Perry Debuts as Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra

Women Renting Houses Face Gender Bias in Riyadh

Nigeria: Women's Group Receives Major U.S. Award

Thousands of Kids Lost Parents in South Sudan Fighting

Behind The Scourge of Child Labour in Palestine

Violence against Indigenous Women Rarely Get Law Enforcers’ Attention: Bangladesh

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17-Year-Old Indian Muslim Girl Escapes Forced 6th Marriage, Approaches Police
Teenage Palestinian Amputees Top Kilimanjaro

Child Brides Married Off For ‘Honour’ In Pakistan

Two Village Leaders Held For Ostracising Woman in Bangladesh

Women’s Group Calls for Domestic Violence Law in Lebanon

Teenage Palestinian Amputees Top Kilimanjaro

2 Filipino Muslim Sisters Escape from Extremists with Cat

Two Emirati Brothers In Search Of Their Indian Half Sister

Afghan Women Campaign for Peace

Beirut: Child Trafficking Arrests a Drop in the Ocean

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The Hijab: Power and the Headscarf
Abdullah Hamidaddin

The "Hijab" is a very complicated piece of cloth. Since its inception a few millennia ago, it has carried with it many meanings. It has been an expression of male dominance, an act of religious piety, a manifestation of female oppression, a limitation to a female's power of seduction, an icon of cultural pride, a slogan of resistance to colonialism, imperialism and globalisation, an indicator of a worthy wife, an evasion of feminine competition, a marker of otherness and a discouragement to harassers. Different meanings constructed in different epochs for different social and political reasons by different actors with different motivations....

Khula Divorces on the Rise in Jeddah and Riyadh
Afnan, 6, holds a picture of her father AP Photo

Foreigners Married 13,000 Saudi Women Last Year

In Yemen, a Woman's Life Entangled With Al-Qaida

Saudi Women Protest at 'Law' Prohibiting Doctor Appointments without Male Guardian

A First Step toward Ending Somalia’s Rape Epidemic

For Syrian Refugees, Early Marriages End Early

Training Course Shows Women How To Build Happy Marriages

Women's Champions Cheer a Victory in Afghanistan

War-Hit Syrian Children Offered All-Out Support

Saudi Businesswoman to Open City’s First Cooking Academy

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Women and the Illusion of Opportunity
Abdullah Hamidaddin

Foundations of suppression and causes of oppression go much deeper than physiological differences; and proponents of rights should avoid looking at the world through a physiological lens; no matter how appealing and easy it is. One giant step for a woman is NOT a step for women; not even a small step…..


Brainwashed British Girls Flock To Syria to Wed Wahhabi Terror Fanatics
Pakistani sister and brother

Ghanaian Women Being Forced Into Prostitution in Middle Eastern Countries

Twelve Foreign Women Arrested In Islamabad Crackdown, Involved In Immoral Activities

Islamists Order Women to Don Veil in Eastern Syria

Saudi Arabia Moves To Protect Rights of Indonesian Maids

Extreme Genital Mutilation on Retreat in Somaliland

Libya: Justice Minister Details Plan for Compensation to Rape Victims

Nigerian Government Invests N3.2 Billion on Projects to Address Girl-Child Education

Malala Sympathises With Syrian Refugee Children

Sister, Brother Conquering Seven World Peaks

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The Continued Abuse of the Pashtun Woman
Murtaza Haider

The violence-stricken KPK has been in the crosshairs of law enforcement agencies, policy makers, international NGOs, and other global religio-militant franchises. The lack of civilian oversight and control over the past six decades in the adjoining tribal areas of KPK has perpetuated a culture where weapons and gore have unnecessarily been glorified. Some weapon-friendly members of the community have been the preferred insurgents for the establishment for cross-border intrigues since 1948....

Decks Cleared for Women’s Voting in Saudi Civic Elections
Lebanon’s Myriam Klink

Saudi Scholars Accused Of Undermining Women

To strip or not to strip, Lebanon’s Myriam Klink asks

Divorce Rate among Jewish Israelis Rising

First Female Editor of a Saudi National Daily Wants Others to Follow

Egypt Anti-Coup Bloc Vows 'Action' After Detainees' Rape Claims

Uproar in Lebanon after Disabled Woman Banned From Flight

Daily Life For The Children Of Syria: Yamama And Hayat’s Story

Bangladesh Indigenous Children Should Be Taught In Mother Tongues

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Quazi Makes Yale Nuclear Physicist Victim of ‘Fake’ Divorce
Seema Chishti

Islamic law allows for divorce to be initiated by the husband, by the well-known triple Talaaq. But it also allows for Khula, or a process whereby the wife can ask for annulment of the marriage. In the case of Khula, several obligations on the husband don’t necessarily apply….

‘Panties for the President’ Protest:  Lace Underwear Ban Irks Kazakh Women
Sidra Iqbal Pakistani journalist

Tunisia’s Mufti Supports Possible Face-Veil Ban on Security Grounds

Bearded Girl from UK Decides To Be Herself and Quits Shaving

Khanum, a Shia Scholar Leaves Pakistan after Multiple Life Threats

Pakistan Wins! Sidra Iqbal Brings Home 1st GR8! Women Awards 2014

Libyan Women’s “It Will Be Our Constitution” Campaign Launched with 50,000 SMS Messages

Groom, Quází Make Yale Nuclear Physicist Victim of ‘Fake’ Divorce

Hands Raised To End Violence against Women: Bangladesh

Egyptian Veiled Rapper among Nominees for Freedom of Expression Awards

Women-Only Van Service Launched In Twin Cities: Pakistan

Saudi Princess Adela Lauds Girl Guides

India supports Afghan policewomen

Women Under-Represented In All Political Structures in Nigeria

Yanbu to Have Industrial City for Women

Fund Plans Focus On Legal Rights of Working Women

South Africa Ruling Party Marches To Raise Awareness of Violence against Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


British Women Flocking To Syria with Marriage in Mind
Zainab al-Khawaja Bahraini activist

Saudi Islamic Police Ban Women from Giving Birth without Male Guardian

ISIS Forcing Raqqa Women to Wed Its Fighters, Say Activists

MIT’s First Female Saudi Fellow Setting Example for Compatriots

Kurdish Girls Conquer Iraqi Taekwondo Team

No Justice for Child Victims of Burundi’s Sex-Traffic Rings

World Acclaimed Somali Supermodel Deters FGM on Girl-Child Safa

Jailed Daughter of Bahrain Rights Activist Freed

‘Medical Evidence Is Strong Enough To Silence a Person Guilty Of Rape’, Say Pakistan Judges

Foundation Expands Rehabilitation Program for Saudi Women Prisoners

Women Protection Package Set for March 8 Launch in Pakistan

Muslim Women's Rights Document Discussed At Parliamentary Union of the OIC

Karzai Orders Changes to Draft Law Following Claims It Would Hurt Women’s Rights

A Father Accuses King Fahad Hospital of Mutilating Newborn

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Arrested Egyptian Girl, 18, Gives Birth While Handcuffed
Somayya Jabarti editor-in-chief of a Saudi daily

Saudi Valentines Defy the Love Police

Chicago Muslim Woman Says People Friendlier When Hat, Scarf Cover Hijab

Saudi Gazette Appoints Kingdom’s First Female Newspaper Editor

Police Detain Radical Women's Outfit Dukhtaran-e-Millat Chief for Anti-Valentine's Day Drive

FATA Women and the Question of Taliban Sharia

Sharjah Jail Nursery Encourages Mothers to Bond with Children

Saudi Justice Ministry to Hire Women for Top Jobs

Fitness Femme: Health En Vogue with Emirati Women

Success for British-Bangladeshi Sisters                 

35-Year-Old Bangladeshi Woman to Create World Record

3rd Conference of Muslim Women Parliamentarians Held In Tehran

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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