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Islam, Women and Feminism

Pakistani Human and Labour Rights Activist Nominated As Finalist for Humanity Prize
Hena Zaheer

Women Qazis Allowed Under Islamic Law: AIMPLB Panel

Pakistan Religious Groups Say Law Protecting Women from Abuse 'Un-Islamic'

Bahrain Regime Arrest Activist and Her 15-Months-Old Son; NGOs Call for Her Release

High-Tech Habibti: Meet The Woman Redefining Oman’s Tech Scene

‘Bringing Aafia Back Home Not Possible’

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How One Sultan's Harem Is Another's School
Pinar Tremblay

In some countries, a simple comment about a chapter in history might be insignificant, but the efforts by the Islamists in Turkey to redefine a woman’s place and role in the public domain have scarred relations between different segments of the society. It is no longer a question of whether a woman is wearing a headscarf, but of welcoming a regression in women’s rights and glorifying the idea of enslaving women.


Women in Saudi Arabia: One Step Forward, One Step Back
The Economist

Most Saudi women have yet to take the liberties their Iranian counterparts do with the veil. “Parents would object if I didn’t cover my face,” says a primary school headmistress who longs to remove it. But growing numbers of high-school girls are donning headscarves only, no matter that their elders consider that scandalous. In Jeddah, a more liberal port city, seamstresses design abayas with bright colours and women smoke water-pipes out of doors.


All Female Crew Lands in Country Where They Aren’t Legally Allowed To DriveFestival
Ibtihaj Muhammad

Apologises That Muslim Woman Asked To Remove Hijab

Criminalise Marital Rape: UNDP Chief

'Father of Taliban’ Led Moot Rejects Pro-Woman Law

Female Police Officer Shot Dead In Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

Four Qataris Make It to Top 100 Most Powerful Arab Women Index

Sheikha Lubna Ranked Most Powerful Arab Woman In 2016

Pakistan PM, Punjab CM Assure JUI-F Head to Address Reservation on Women Protection Act

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To Maintain Supply of Sex Slaves, ISIS Pushes Birth Control
Rukmini Callimachi

Islamic State leaders have made sexual slavery as they believe it was practiced during the Prophet Muhammad’s time integral to the group’s operations, preying on the women and girls the group captured from the Yazidi religious minority almost two years ago. To keep the sex trade running, the fighters have aggressively pushed birth control on their victims so they can continue the abuse unabated while the women are passed among them.

Unfairandlovely Campaign Celebrates Dark Skinned Women
Twelve-year-old disabled Iraqi Nejla Imad

Wounded In Bombing, Iraq Girl Now Rising Table Tennis Star

Two French Teenage Girls Arrested for Terror Plot

In-Laws Shave Woman’s Head over Dowry in Pakistan

Young Couple Shot Dead In Suspected Honour Killing In Faryab Province of Afghanistan

Pakistan Parliament Passes Law against Child Sexual Abuse

Pakistan Religious Scholars Relent On Women Protection Law

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Muslim Women Say They Don’t Need Donald Trump’s Help
Donald Trump

King’s College, UK, Student Has Niqab Ripped Off

U.S. Muslim Women Strike Back Against Hate Crimes

Defense Secretary Ash Carter OKs Final Strategy for Women in Combat

As Anti-Islam Tone Rises in U.S., Muslim Women Learn Self-Defense

One in Three Arab Women Fears Violence within Family

Palestinian film 3000 Nights to open the Arab Women Film Festival in Sweden

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Why Niqab Ban Will Be A Major Step Back For Egyptian Women
Yara al-Wazir

Banning the veil would remove this layer of comfort, in an extreme manner. Women used to it may stop contributing to the society, they may quit their jobs, stop using public transport,and may have to rely on male members of the family to take care of paperwork in government institutions.


Pakistani Law to Protect Women Dubbed Un-Islamic

Iranian MP Sued Over ‘No Donkeys, No Women in Parliament’ Rant

Indian Muslim Woman Names Her Child 'Pankaj' To Thank Doctor Who Treated Her

Muslim Woman Who Refused To Remove Her Burqa to Testify Warned By German Judge SHE Will Be Jailed

Women Benefit Most From 'Smart Villages' In Pakistan's Hindu Kush

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How Tribal Culture Crushes Women In Islamic World
Harun Yahya

Tribal culture has been central to the fabric of the Middle Eastern civilizations for centuries, if not for thousands of years. Although many North African, Arabian and Central Asian societies seem to have adopted modern states, the mentality of tribalism has never been truly abolished and it continues to profoundly affect daily life.


At the event related to Bragai Attan, participants are of the opinion that the Attan culture has declined with women being confined in their homes. They blame terrorism, which has hit Pakistan’s tribal belt for the last few decades and has resulted in social transformations. At one such debate, for example, participants asked Pakistan’s Islamic Council of Ideology to ban use of burqa, which they claimed was never part of the tribal region’s culture, and has originated from tribal inmates.


Nuns, Muslim Women Join To Promote Peace in Indonesia
Hadeel Ashraf, Petrol Station Attendant

The Arab Women in Cairo Leading the Push for Workplace Equality

New Jersey Muslim Women Say No One Intervened When Man Attacked Them

Muslim Women Escorted Off Plane for 'Staring' At Crew Member

Zoabi, a Member of the Knesset for the Joint List, Campaigns for Better Treatment of Arab Women

Role of Saudi Women in Promoting Social Cohesion Highlighted on International Women’s Day

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Teen Muslim Girl Gets Bravery Award for Saving Hindu Classmate from Kidnappers
Nazia said her actions were spontaneous.

'You'll have To Burn Me First' - The Story Of A Woman Who Faced Off Against The Taliban

Two Muslim Women Are Escorted Off Passenger Plane for 'Staring At Flight Attendant'

Nine-Year-Old Girl ‘Raped In Open Hall’ By Isis Member, New Report Claims

Dear Massi, Are Jinns Attracted To Women On Their Period?

What’s New about Punjab’s ‘Treacherous’ Pro-Women Law?

Mum-Of-Two Urging Adult Students to Use National Careers Week

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8th Of March, Just Another Day

Simone de Beauvoir once wrote, “One is not born, but rather, becomes a woman.”  In the 1973 edition of The Second Sex, Simone de Beauvoir endeavoured to tell us that there was a specific difference between a female and being a woman. A female is a physiological construct, whereas womanhood is a cultural one. Gender is what we perceive and sign up for when we get tired of just being a “female”. ...


Egyptian Lawmakers Want to Ban Muslim Women from Covering Their Faces
Zarghona Hassan

Afghan Women's Radio Returns after Taliban Attack

Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman Comes out In Support Of Women’s Protection Bill

Turkish Court Ruling Supports Women’s Right for Effective Remedy in Sexual Assault Cases

Provinces Modelling Pro-Women Bills on ‘Failed’ Federal Law in Pakistan

Arab Women's Day Google Doodle Video: #Onedayiwill

30% of Israeli Arab Women Fear Attack by Family Member

Syrian Women Must Join In Political Process: UN

Women under the Spotlight in the UAE

UK: Muslim Women Face Job Barriers

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: America's Greatest 'Weakness' Against Radical Islamic Terrorism Is Political Correctness

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“When I went in to see the scholar at the Shariah Council I was told that he had not read my case notes and that he had only read those of my husband, which included a ludicrous statement saying that I would regularly put too much salt in my husband’s food.


Let’s Celebrate Women’s Day: I Hope This 8th March 2016 Will Lead Us To A Pakistan That Is Pro-Women
Salman Ali

Statistics show that up to 70 to 80 percent women are subjected to woman-enslavement, trafficking, honour killing, sexual harassment, acid attacks and domestic violence in Pakistan. But the present government has recently showed equality and freedom for Pakistani women but it has still a long way to go. For this initiative, there are some women parliamentarians like Marvi Memon who have worked very hard to gain benefits for working class women of interior Sindh, and all across Pakistan. ...


India: Kerala H. C. Judge Breaks Conventions; Asks, 'Why Not Four Spouses For Muslim Women Too?'

Teenage Boy Missed Friday Prayer and Beheaded By ISIS

Indian Muslim League Keeps up Tradition, Denies Assembly Tickets to Women Once Again

Taslima Nasreen Hails Kerala Judge for Asking 'Why Muslim Women Can't Have Many Husbands'

Muslim Women Brave Wintry Showers to Pass on Their Floral Message Of Peace

Women Leaving Criminal Law Practice in Alarming Numbers

Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau on What Women's Empowerment Means To Her

15-Year-Old Jhanvi Behal Challenges Kanhaiya Kumar for An Open Debate On PM Modi

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They Put Girls Like Me in an Asylum, Or Stone Them to Death
Maria Toorpakai

In this tribal region of Pakistan bordering war-torn Afghanistan, women stay indoors, aren't allowed an education and are forbidden to do sports. They can't venture out unless clothed in a Burqa and accompanied by a male relative. "They send girls like me to the crazy house - or simply stone us to death,"....


Muslim Women Offered 'Multi-Faith Dignity Gowns' At Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals
The new multi-faith dignity gown

Muslim Woman 'Has Face Veil Ripped Off In Racist Attack' Outside London University

Video Showing Haia Member Kicking Girl Out Of Mall Goes Viral

Religious Parties Reject Women Protection Bill in Pakistan

Shura Council Congratulates Bahraini, Arab Women

PAF Guard’s Bullet Kills Woman in Peshawar

Indian Muslim Women’s Body Moves SC against Personal Law

Balochistan to Send Every Child to School: Minister

A Saudi Researcher with 10 Patents to Her Credit

The Thread That Links Israel's Female Murder Victims

Gender Gap Still Plagues Education around the Globe

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Landmark Pakistan Women's Protection Bill Challenged In Sharia Court
Tamara Candy, A PhD student & bikini model

Bikini Model Tamara Candy Hired To Research Islam's Sharia Law

Fears Grow For Asia Bibi after Mumtaz Qadri's Hanging

Women Urged To Speak Up To Counter Male-Dominated EU Debate

Police Save Two Minor Girls From Vani In Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan

Female District Mayor from Pro-Kurdish Party Detained

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There Is Wisdom in Quran’s Silence — It Understands the Essential Condition of Human Society: Its Flux
Maryam Sakeenah

In a society where honour killings, acid throwing, domestic and sexual violence are far too common, legislations that target these horrendous practices work well to fulfil the Maqasid of the Shariah. Any legislation to ensure the provision and protection of the human rights recognized by Islam is commendable, illustrated by the Prophet (PBUH)’s praise for the ‘Half ul Fuzul’ a pre Islamic peacemaking document that laid down human rights....

Female Communist Terrorists Throw Grenades into Istanbul Police Station
Nuraini Noor, also known by her stage name Tuti

Malaysia Model Tuti Hits Back At Muslim Critics

5 Things to Know About Lt Col Sophia Qureshi – First Woman to Lead an Indian Army Contingent

Four Panchayat Members Arrested In RYK, Pakistan, For Marrying Off Minor as Vani

5 Arab Women Who Are Breaking Down Stereotypes and Building Their Countries

With So Much Attention on Muslim Women, Islamic Fashion Comes into its Own

How One Muslim Artist Is Challenging Society's Stereotypes about Islam

Finding Inspiration from Women Who Shaped History

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The traditions and practices followed are often in direct violation of the Quranic spirit of justice. The stranglehold of patriarchal hegemony in India and in South Asia has got exacerbated by the arrival of Salafi-Wahhabi ideologies that now threaten to become the mainstream in Muslim society. This ideology has led to further strengthening of the hegemony of patriarchal mindsets in our community. Practices such as triple Talaq and Halala are manifestations of this trend.....

12-Year-Old Girl Latest Executioner for Islamic State
Hijab Styling Tips

ISIS Sells Yazidi Sex Slaves Far And Wide

UAE Woman, 30, Wins Right to Marry Love of Her Life

16m Girls Will Not Get Basic Education, Fears Unesco

Afghanistan CEO: No Compromise on Women’s Rights in Peace Process with Taliban

Canadian Muslim Woman Shows How to Be Beautiful With Hijab Styling Tips

Almost Half Of African Women Are Entrepreneurs; These Are Their Struggles...

2 Women Killed After Staging Armed Attack on İstanbul Riot Police Station

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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