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Islam, Women and Feminism

Child Bride Forced Into Marriage Killed Her Husband and Three of His Friends
Jehan Sadat, Former Egyptian President's Widow

Cleric Warns Offering Girls PE Classes Could Lead to ‘Prostitution’

Lady Health Workers Refuse To Take Part in Sehat Ka Insaf Program in Pakistan

Saudi Women Use Instagram Accounts to Sell Products

Burqa-Wearing Gang 'Posed As Wealthy Muslim Women in £1.4MILLION Selfridges Raid'

Meet Ayesha Islam a Homemaker Who Broke the Political Barrier

Turkey's Ex-Army General Says Headscarf Ban Was 'Mistake'

Former Egyptian President's Widow Slams American Policy

French Jihadist Defends Taking Baby to War-Torn Syria

Islam Critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali Speaks Out On Brandeis Decision to Withdraw Degree

UN Chief Teams Up with Global Leaders, Celebrities to Get All Children into School By 2015

Philips Seeks To Empower Young Saudi Female Talents

Pregnant Rohingya woman killed by nurses in Myanmar

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Pakistan's female politicians are playing an important role in the affairs of their parties and parliament, and are helping the country serve as an example not just to Muslim countries but to the rest of the world……


Pak Jirga Orders Woman’s Slaying in the Name Of “Honour”
Afghan National Women's Cycling Team

Hijab Fashion in Egypt: A Lot More Than Meets the Eye

Widows, Divorcees Decry Conditions for House Grant in Saudi Arabia

Only Woman in Algeria Poll Race ‘Won’t Hold Back’

Egypt Sets Out Law on Sexual Harassment

Egyptian female activists form 'anti-coup' coalition

Saudi Rewarded For Refusing To Sell Veil

Women Agree Fame, Fortune Help in Indonesian Election Campaign

Liv/Giant Expands Support of Afghanistan Women's Cycling Team

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There are many more Saimas in Banloi village who have compromised with their dreams and accepted the current situation as their fate. The Government has helped them till class eight; they can only hope that the State realises the fact that they aspire to a good education and need a higher secondary school to satiate their thirst for knowledge. These girls wish to change the world around them, just like Malala. Whether their dreams come true remains to be seen.....


Sheikha Latifa Al-Fahad Says Kuwait Leadership Fully Behind Women
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Islam Critic

University Withdraws Planned Honorary Degree for Islam Critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Saudi Allows School Girls to Have Sport Lessons

Married at 15: Ancient Traditions Return To Uzbekistan

Iraq Ready to Legalise Childhood Marriage

First Police Woman Appointed As SHO in Karachi

Riyadh Has Highest Number of Female Prisoners

AKP Mayor in Bingöl Refuses To Let Women Hold Positions at Municipal Council

Indonesia's Election Offers Dim Hope for Women's Rights

Women's Rights Better In Post-Genocide Rwanda, More to Be Done - Advocate

Biometrics for Expat Women ‘Mandatory’

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'After Early Islam, Britain in the 21st Century Is the Best Place and Time to Be a Muslim Woman': Aina Khan Delivers Women, Islam and Sharia Speech at Cardiff County Hall
Aina Khan

Aina's speech explored the subject of Sharia in historical, present and future contexts, drawing on how its positive application under English law can result in real and legally effective changes for Muslim women…..


Fingerprinting To Save Women from Showing Faces in Saudi Courts
Megawati Sukarnoputri, IDPS chairwoman

In Riot-Scarred UP Town, Dalit Woman Married to a Muslim Seeks Unity Vote

Mob Attacks over Issue of Muslim Women in Hijabs Dancing and Singing at Rallies

Social Pressures Force Tunisia Women to Fake Virginity

Tajiks Create 1st Group of Female De-Miners

Gujarati Women Keeping Marriage At Bay

Women And Girls Prime Casualties in War’s Next Phase

Court Arrests Woman Carrying Explosive in Istanbul

Time Running out for Indonesia’s Stalled Gender Equality Bill

Indonesia’s Elections Feature Plenty of Women, But Respect In Short Supply

After Winning Greater Rights in Constitution, Egyptian Women Waiting To See Them Realized

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Don’t Ignore Women’s Struggles in the Muslim World
Margaret Wente

Honour crime – committed against a woman who has brought shame to the family – exists in Sikh and Hindu cultures, as well as Muslim ones. Such crimes draw much lighter sentences, and most “honour” crimes are really cover-ups for rape, domestic abuse, inheritance disputes or punishment of female independence. Disturbing statistics aren’t hard to find. …..


'No Laws Prevent Women Driving': Emir of Jazan
Jumadi Ahmad, Indonesian maid

IPU Praises Saudi Women’s Position in Decision Making

Australian Defence League Cyber-Bullying Has Young Muslim Women Terrified

‘We Created a Monster,’ Arab Spring Women Activists Tell Jon Stewart

Egypt Tribal Fighting Over Woman Kills 23

Afghan Women’s Voices in Elections: Changing the Game

Afghanistan’s Next First Lady, A Christian Lebanese-American?

Indonesian Blood Money Saves Maid from Saudi Execution

Women’s Rights in Africa: Land Reform, Gender Equality and Social Equity

‘Mama Kanga’: Nigeria’s ‘Well Woman’

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Law Bans Raped 10-Year-Old Senegal Girl from Aborting Twins
Queen Rania of Jordan

Pornography for Dowry: Husband Held after Wife's Lawsuit in Dhaka

All-Girls Islamic Academy in Texas Grows Little By Little

Queen Rania Urges Education for Arab Women

Tanzania: Special Pact Targets Child Marriages

Polygamy Bill Allows Kenyan Men Many Wives

Syrian Women Activists Speak of Country’s Plight at Summit

Two Indonesian Women Have Fallen Victim to a Human Trafficking Syndicate to Malaysia

Can A Saudi Woman Travel without Her Guardian’s Permission?

Documentary ‘To Kill a Sparrow’ Shows Afghanistan’s Double Standard on Adultery

Man Kills Wife for Honour in Karachi

African First Ladies Committed To Zero New HIV/Aids Infections

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Court Arrests Woman Carrying Explosive in Istanbul

Pakistan Court Orders Investigation of Actress over Sex Tape

Women Defy Taliban: Voters Say Saturday Is ‘Women’s Day’ For Them

FNC to Debate Extra Housing Allowance For Emirati Men with Multiple Wives

Labour Of Love: Lessons in Inspiration from Women Entrepreneurs

FOKASA Seeks Full Benefits for Female Indian Cleaners

Iran’s Budget Setback for Women’s Issues

First Women Joining Palestinian Commando Unit

Rights of Working Saudi Women

Three-Month Wait for Women Wanting To Work from Home

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The Semantics of Having Girls in Pakistan
Mina Malik Hussain

The language people use to describe having baby girls is rarely ever positive. What does “Koi Baat Nahin” mean? That’s what you say to someone who missed an O Level A by a one percentage point, or dropped five hundred rupees somewhere, or who fell down and skinned their knee. You don’t say, “There there, it’s all right,” to a perfectly normal, happy pregnant mom unless one is complaining about some terrible pregnancy-related malady....


Are Female Students Safe In Egyptian Universities?
Sonia Farid

This news comes in the aftermath of a sexual harassment incident against a female student on campus which made international headlines. The movement, which identifies itself as “a pressure group that works on monitoring and documenting sexual harassment crimes against women.....


Afghan, Pakistani and Indian Women Pressure Afghan Government in Advance of Election
Aditi Bhaduri

South Asian women have always been strong and known for their agency. This was revealed in these community conversations. Women bore the brunt of the struggles and burdens – and in conflict zones or under increased militarization, domestic violence against women also increased adding to their vulnerability inside and outside the home. But they also remained the main nurturers, demonstrated great courage and resilience and helped preserve the social and community fibre…..


Eying a Goal — Saudi Young Women Dream Of Playing Football
Burqa Avenger

Checking High Incidence of Rape in Nigeria

Cairo Bombings Revenge for Police 'Harassment' Of Girls

Muslim Woman Minus Hijab Is Left Party Choice in Malappuram, South India

Amman Conference Focuses On Women in Conflict Zones

Burmese Woman Faces Execution

Women’s Entry in Saudi Stadiums Conditional

Immigration Forcing British Lawmakers to Confront FGM

Are Muslim Mothers The Cure For Radicalisation?

Women Are Being Trained To Serve At the Sharp End of Afghanistan's Frontline

Under Pressure from Hard-Core Islamists, Lebanon Decriminalises Wife Rape

‘Burqa Avenger’ wins US award

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British Woman Jailed In Tehran for Insulting Islam and Government, Fears Execution
Sarah Attar at the London Games

IOC Supports Increase of Saudi Female Participation in Olympics

Students and Faculty Wear Hijabs to Raise Awareness about Islam

Afghan Girl Injured In War Gets New Arm, New Lease on Life

Experts Shed Light on Women, Uprisings in Middle East

Bastions of Human Rights: NGOs Vying for Top Slot in Aasia Bibi’s Defence Counsel

Battered Saudi Female Teachers Transferred For First Time

Saudi Women Medical Workers Slam Two-Shift Work Day

Gender In/Equality and the Recent Reforms of Moudawana in Morocco

HRW: Proposed Burmese Marriage Law “Violates Women’s Rights”

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Women’s Rights in War Torn Afghanistan: Pervasive Poverty, Oppression and Abuse

One wrote, ‘A girl in my culture marries at eleven or twelve years of age. Some parents make their daughters marry when they are very young so they can get money for their daughter and the family can be rich. When a girl is married, she accepts her husband’s orders; she must never tell people if she is being treated badly.’ Another of the girls was more blunt: ‘When sisters sit together, they always praise their brothers; when brothers sit together, they sell their sisters to others…..


Women Caucus: ‘Amendments to Child Marriage Act On the Cards’
Maryam Nawaz

Malala Backs FGM Campaign in Britain

Muslim Woman's Headscarf Pulled Off By Sweden Airport Staff

Expats Can Now Marry Saudi Female Orphans

Kim Kardashian Wades into Syria War Debate

Afghan Woman Bids for Power to Halt Slide in Rights

Iraqi Law Would Legalize Marriage for 9-Year-Old Girls

NGO Persuades Muslim Women to Vote in Agra, India

Concern That Afghan Women's Rights Will Be Sacrificed as Part of Deal with Taliban

Scrap the ‘Anti-Women’ CII, Demands Sindh

Lebanon Makes Domestic Violence a Criminal Offense

Jewish Woman among First to Wed in Same-Sex Ceremony in UK

Maryam Nawaz Mulling Formal Jump into Politics

First All-Girls School Inaugurated In Richardson

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Before Blaming The Islamic Council, Look At Your Own Nikaahnama!
Sarah Alvi

If the Nikaahnama survives the Council of Islamic Ideology’s (CII) recommendation, perhaps you can ask the Maulvi Sahib present at your Nikah not to cross out the section that talks about your rights under the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961. If he still insists, ask him to put it against question number five of the Nikaahnama which asks, “Whether the bride is a maiden, a widow or a divorcee?” Tell him if a man is not asked a similar question at the time of the Nikah, a woman should not either……


“Ask For ‘Permission’ Before Taking A Second Wife? That Is Out Of The Question!”
Shakir Lakhani

When the law was enacted, Islamic scholars like Maududi, Noorani and Mufti Mahmud were active politicians. None of them objected. Therefore, it was assumed that the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 was in accordance with the teachings of Islam. So, what made the current head honcho of CII claim that there is no need to ask your wife if you want to take another one?....


Pakistani Girl and Her Mother Put Selves in Cage to Protest against Release of Her ‘Rapists’
Leyla Imret, 27-year-old candidate, Turkey

Muslim Women Offer Prayers at This South India Temple, as Part of an Age Old Tradition

New Course for Professionals to Treat Victims of Sexual Abuse in Arab Sector

Adoption of Muslim Girls Problem Due To Lack of Community Interest in UK

‘A Simple Wedding Brings In Most Blessings’, Says Maulana Nadvi

Girls Netted For Prostitution in Banda Aceh, Loitering, Attire

Saudis Married To Foreign Women Can’t Enter Military Academies

Female Saudi Personal Trainers Want Own Academy to Improve Competitiveness

French Headscarf Ban Defies FIFA Laws and Reopens Political Debate

HR Activists Protest against CII Remarks on Child Marriage

Woman Arrested For Smuggling Drugs into Saudi Arabia

KSA to Appoint 100 Women as Paramedics

UK Muslim Women Want Their Voice Heard

Iranian Woman Spared Stoning For Adultery

Swazi Women Bearing Kids With Asian Men

Spotlight on Palestinian woman honoured by White House

Turkey: South-eastern town elects 27-year-old female candidate for mayor

Headscarved Mayor on Return to Turkish Municipality Where She Was Once Fired

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Girls Fight for Their Rights
Gordon Brown

I brought messages not just from Malala, but from her two friends who were also shot in that tragic bus massacre two years ago –– Kainat and Shazia –– and who will now be joining our organisation “WORLD AT SCHOOL” in a round-the-world campaign to highlight the struggle being waged by girls in every country.....


Muslim Women in the Islamic World
Camille Phillips

“These are all different women living in different patriarchal structures,” she said. “A woman in Pakistan has different rights than a woman in Morocco. A woman in Morocco has different rights than a woman in Saudi Arabia. A woman in Saudi Arabia has different rights than a woman in Yemen…and we are quite wide spread. We are 1.5 billion people in the world today.” And those different rights often come from cultural traditions overlaid by misinterpretation of the Quran, said Afridi…..


Grave Site of Girls Slain For Honour in Pakistan Found
Sri Lankan maid gets SR22, 600

Jihadists Seize 'Brides' From Syrian Schools

Femen Stages Bare-Breasted Protest against Turkish PM

Video of Egyptian Schoolgirl Dancing Goes Viral

Tanzania: Educating Girls Protects Them from Early Pregnancy

Bill Related To Child Marriages Generates Heated Debate in Pakistan

Saudi Women 'Ready For Top Cabinet Roles'

Late Marriages Plague War Weary Kashmir

How A 12-Year-Old Homeless Girl Helped More Than 400 Children Find Safer Shelter

Months after Escaping Entrapment, Pak Women Await Justice

‘Enslaved’ Sri Lankan Housemaid gets SR22, 600 in Unpaid Wages

Are Female Students Safe In Egyptian Universities?

Specialisations up Wages of Female Expat Teachers

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Does The Quran Allow Wife-Beating? Not If Muslims Don't Want It To
Ayesha Chaudhry

Many Islamic scholars have quietly been offering compelling non-violent and non-hierarchical interpretations of 4:34 for years. One alternate reading posits that if a couple experiences marital troubles, they should first discuss the matter reasonably. If that does not resolve the problem, the couple should experiment with a trial separation. If that fails, the couple ought to separate, but if it works, then they should have makeup sex. This alternate interpretation works with the Quran’s original Arabic, which lends itself to multiple, equally valid readings….

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