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Islam, Women and Feminism

Muslim Girl Provides Education to Students of Different Communities in Kolkata
Monia Mazigh

Pakistan: A Well That ‘Turns Women Fertile’

New Child Abuse Prevention Campaign Launched In Maldives

France under Pressure to Clarify Rules about Wearing Long Skirts and Muslim Robes to School

Nigerian Women Displaced By Boko Haram Struggle to Rebuild Their Lives, Need Jobs

Help Fight Against Forced and Early Marriages

Monia Mazigh Challenges Stereotypes about Muslim Women in Mirrors and Mirages

Bangladesh HC: Stop Pornography In Social Media, Mobile Service

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Notes from America: Why the West is Fixated on Muslim Women’s Wardrobes
Ahmed Tharwat

Muslim women living in the West are attacked in the streets, supermarkets, buses, and football games, just for wearing the Hijab. In France, Muslim students are denied education for wearing Hijabs, last week a 15-year-old Muslim student was banned from school for wearing a long black skirt, “seen as openly religious for the secular France....


Victoria Local Council Asks Non-Islamic Women to Don Hijab in 'Social Experiment'
John Roskam

Saudi Woman Carves a Niche at UNESCO

Lady Killers: Meet the Women Fighting the Taliban in Pakistan

Interfaith Initiative: Supporting Our Dear Hijab Sisters

University of Maryland Student Starts Headscarf Company

Saudi Courts Continue To Deal with Violent Crimes Involving Women

Edinburgh Council Draws Up Framework to Tackle Sexual Exploitation

Chinese Woman Who Brought Up Muslim Grandchild Honoured

Trauma, Stigma, Face Girls, Women Rescued From Boko Haram

Jamaat-e-Islami Chief: ‘I Urged Women to Vote in By-Polls’

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I wish you keep an open mind that doesn’t judge the children of others. Maybe your neighbour’s unmarried daughter is coming home late because she really does have to stay at work late. Maybe that boy accompanying her to the door really is ensuring that she gets home safe.....


Pakistani Women, Lesser Creations?
Nikhat Sattar

The Quran also says: “...Never will I allow to be lost the work of (any) worker among you, whether male or female; you are of one another.” Only those beings, be they men or women, would be higher in status who are better in piety and goodness. There is nothing in the Quran which implies that a woman is less intelligent or less moral than a man.....

Mosques Must Cater To Women
Shelina Zahra Janmohamed

Mosques Must Cater To Women
Shelina Zahra Janmohamed

This can never be a long-term strategic solution, but a tactic in redressing the balance and redirecting the course of women’s social and spiritual engagement in the journey to better serve our communities, both male and female. We are always better together, but sometimes it takes radical steps to get there....


We all know that the Shariah only requires guardians for a woman who has never been married and wants to get married. The guardianship requirements we have today in many situations are the outcome of the past when women needed protection, did not go to school and could not work....


Tajikistan Mulls Tests for Couples, Some Demand Virginity Tests
Lina Huyan ElHassan, Syrian author

Female Arab Novelists Tell How Writing Liberates Them and Breaks Taboos

In K-P and Gilgit-Baltistan: Senators Decry Curbs on Women Voters

Minnesota Somalis See Chance to Lead Fight Against FGM

ISIS Sex Atrocities: Child Rape, Forced Virginity Surgeries Exposed In UN Report

PK-95 By-Poll: ECP Takes Notice Of Bar On Female Voters

Jordan Takes Centre Stage of Soccer World by Hosting Women's World Cup

Miss Syria: Assad Is a Doctor, Couldn't Harm an Ant

Emirati Women Engineering Bright Future at Robotics Institute

Bombs Detonated As Teens Arrested Over Alleged Mother's Day Terror Plot in Greenvale

Meet Christine Mau, First US Female F-35 Fighter Jet Pilot

Global Health Student Connects Local Ethiopian Women with Health Care

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Daughter and Christian Mother Celebrate Unity on Mother's Day
Patricia Raybon

Spain to Raise Marriage Age from 14 To 16

Afghan Taliban 'Soften Stance' On Women's Rights: Activists

Female Saudi Student Leads Group to Thank To Cleveland Police

Wife of Iraqi President Inaugurates New Refugee Complex

#Iran_Ignite Trends after Woman ‘Jumps To Death to Escape Rape’

Citing Lack of Job Choices, Some Saudi Women College Grads Wash Cadavers

Culinary School Fined For Forcing Libya-Born Muslim Woman to Eat Pork

Saudi Divorce Rate High: The ‘Message’ Is Clear — Stop Abusing Social Media

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Taliban Pledge to Amend Their Hard-Line Stance on Women’s Rights
Bana Gora, Chief executive of the Muslim Women's Council

Sexual violence another legacy of the war in Somalia

Rescued Nigerian Women Tell Tales of Hunger and Lack

Canada Wants to Make Forced Marriage a Crime

Senior Muslim scholar defends Congo Niqab ban

Mesa students wear religious head covering to help fight Islamophobia

Tension grips Mathura after Hindu girl and Muslim boy elope

Islamic loans give Gaza's women a chance to survive poverty

New York Women Plead Not Guilty in Jihadist Bomb-Plot Case

Plans announced for England’s first women-only mosque

Jubail needs women friendly gyms

Woman, 70, filmed racially abusing Muslim couple on a train - before hero blonde commuter intervened - faces fine after police track her down

Meet The Incredible 11-Year-Old Nigerian Journalist Who Interviews Presidents

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Catholicism Undervalues Women
Frank Bruni

And how does their vilification of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, an organization that represents 80 percent of American nuns, square with women’s equality? In 2012 the group was denounced by the Vatican and put under the control of three bishops charged with cleansing it of its “radical feminist” inclinations, including more attention to the poor than to sexual mores….


I Wish To Inspire Girls in Subcontinent to Play Tennis: Sania Mirza
Sania Mirza

ISIS' Women 'Every Bit' As Brutal As Its Men

Kenya: Teenage Girl Remanded for 10 Days over Terror

Saudi Women Leaders Inspire Schoolgirls

Many Saudi Women Undergo Plastic Surgeries Secretly

Labour's Women's Rights Champion Defends 'Sexist' Party Rally

Boko Haram Impregnated Girls 'To Guarantee New Generation of Fighters'

Qatar Revives Strict ‘Reflect Respect’ Dress Code Campaign

UK Department Store Stocks Sports Hijabs

Four Men Are Sentenced To Death for Brutal Mob Killing Of Afghan Woman

Female Afghan Students Win Gold Medals in a Biology Competition in Kenya

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


There is no statistic to prove that the practice of marital rape first, is highly prevalence among the Malay Muslim, and secondly, the Muslims who resorted to domestic violence did so because of the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. It might well be because they did not follow the tenets of Islam in the first place, that require husbands to be kind and protective to women....


Are All Your Girls Christians or There is a Muslim One as Well?
Saba Khalid

I not only lost all my faith in Karachi, Pakistan and humanity but somehow gained it back again within the same span of time. “I’m sorry, all our girls are Christians, but maybe you can check other salons on the same street. You might be able to find a ‘Muslim girl’ for your work,” said the salon owner curtly....

Unmarried Indonesian Couples Banned From Riding Motorbikes As It 'Could Lead To Sinful Acts'
Dr Norsaleha Mohd Salleh

Communal Hatred Drives Lovers, Hindu Man and Muslim Girl to Suicide

Muslim Sex: I Am a Woman, and I Am Afraid

Congo Muslims Question Reasons for Niqab Ban

Aceh Opts For Same-Sex School Classes

Brit Muslims Challenge Sexism with UK's First Female-Only Mosque

Abuse of 5-Month-Old by the 17-Year-Old Mother: 'It Will Continue As Long As Teen Marriages Allowed'

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Hindu, Muslim Girls Marry Earliest; Jains, Christians Later in India
Thoraya Obaid

Yazidi Female Candidate Hopes for Historic First in Turkish Election

Aceh Women, Activists Slam Latest Sharia-Based Regulations

Thoraya Obaid First Woman to Head Saudi Shoura Rights Panel

Grassy Park Girl Tries to Join IS

Feminists Obsessed With Legislating Domestic Life, Says Wanita Isma Rep

214 Rescued Nigerian Girls Pregnant - UNFPA

Victoria's Monash Hospital Agrees To Female-Only Doctor Requests after Complaint

Girls Barred From Joining Co-Ed Schools in Hisar, India

Afghan Women’s Football Gains Membership in AFC Committee

Ayaan Hirsi’s Controversial Call for an Islamic Reformation

US Consulate Conducts Entrepreneurship Workshop Delivered By Zeena Altalib

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


India: UP Girls Take a Stand, Say 'No' To Unfit Grooms and Mismatched Marriages
Bana Gora, Chief executive of the Muslim Women's Council

With Rescue Near, Boko Haram Stoned Nigerian Girls to Death

UK's First Women Mosque Planned

We Are World's Last Line of Defence against Terrorism - Kurdish Female Fighter

Navy Seals See No Barrier to Women in Combat Ranks

Mali Law Would Reserve One-Third of Government Jobs For Women

Boko Haram Freed Women Tell Of Captivity Horror

British Grandmother Prepares For Execution in Indonesia

Afghan Woman Accused Of Seeking Asylum after ‘Iron Underwear’ Stunt

Islamic Website Aimed At Young Emiratis Would Provide Relationship Guidance

Strategic Retreat: Jirga In Tangir Valley Puts Off Decision To Bar Women’s Suffrage

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Congo-Brazzaville Bans Islamic Face Veil in Public Places
Congo-Brazzaville bans Islamic face veil

French Muslim Girl Determined To Challenge 'Religious' Skirt Ban

40 Stores Shut Down For Not Hiring Saudi Women

Moroccan Woman Leads to Arrest of Europe-wide Prostitution Ring

2m Unmarried Saudi Men, Women; Costly Weddings Key Factor

Pakistan: Women Banned From Voting In Gilgit Baltistan Constituency

Texas Court Of Appeals Recognises Pakistani Divorce

Shocking Image of Sleeping Baby Lying Beside Handgun and a Grenade

Kurdistan Workers Party Women Wage War on Islamic State

‘Everyday, Muslim Women Are In the Trenches Working For Peace’: Forum

Princess Hussa Bint Salman Launches Charitable Project

Nigeria Urged To Act As Child Bride Languishes On Death Row

Female ISIS Online Recruiter Was Identified As a Journalism Student in Seattle

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslim Schoolgirls are Being Punished For Wearing Long Skirts In Europe: This Isn't a Joke
Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein, Sudanese journalist

France's strict secular laws ban the display of any 'ostentatious sign of religion' from official public spaces like schools. This includes items like a headscarf, a skullcap or a large cross. But this 15-year-old was not wearing a headscarf when she entered the school, her misdemeanour was the black maxi skirt....

Afghan Trial Begins Live On TV in Mob Killing Of Woman
Zohreh Etezadossaltaneh, Iran woman

Afghanistan:  Woman Narrowly Escapes Beheading Attempt by Her Mother-in-Law

Guantanamo Bay: Muslim Inmates Object to Female Guards

Iran Woman with No Arms Helps Others to Live With Disability

Labour Figures Face Backlash after Segregating Women from Men at Rally in Birmingham

1,000 Nigerian Girls Working As Prostitutes in Libya - Police

South Africa: Xenophobia - Women, Children Hit Hardest

Why We Need Gender Equality In Order To Tackle HIV

Boko Haram: 300 Girls and Women Taken To Safety

Egypt to Open Investigations into Porn Star's Pictures at Giza Pyramids

South African Women Narrate Discrimination Faced For Being Married to Nigerians

Africa: State's Russell on Gender, Violence, Power of Education

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Young Muslim Women Still Fuzzy About Sexual Rights in Marriage
Ratna Osman Sisters in Islam executive director

Saudi Battered Women: Prison Better Than Life with Our Cruel Fathers

French Anti-Islamophobia Groups Condemn ‘Religious Skirt’ Ban on Muslim Girl

Nadine Shah: ‘I Was Determined For People to Hear I Was Pakistani’

Burqa Avenger Reaches India for Women Empowerment

Nigerian Military Rescues More Women, Girls from Boko Haram

‘Everyday, Muslim Women Are In the Trenches Working For Peace’: Aisha Al Adawiyyah

No Harm in Extra Age Relaxation for Women Job Seekers: LHC

ISIS Female Recruiter Revealed To Be Seattle Student

Muslim Unity Centre’s First Female President Helps Give Syrian Refugees An Education

Muslim Women Present Facts about Islam to Briacliff HS Students

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Remembering Sabeen, Rebel with a Cause
Mehr Tarar

Who killed Sabeen? I have no answer to that. Is the culprit some radical organisation whose raison d’etre is the distortion of religious teachings, the threat of “azaab” on the “disobedient”, the Fatwas against those who they think “err”....


"Most people thought I was Christian because I was not veiled like the majority of Muslim girls in Cairo, and also because most of my university friends were Copts."Many veiled girls who found out I'm Muslim would persistently ask me to wear the Hijab. Their concern about my religion, my beliefs or how I dressed baffled me and was really annoying....


Gaza Women Shed Veil, Spark Conversation
Asmaa al-Ghoul

Women wearing the veil or Niqab and frequenting mosques have become commonplace in the Gaza Strip. This phenomenon calls for an analysis of its underlying reasons. Is it because society is conservative that people are prone to be more religious, or because a movement affiliated with political Islam is in power....


Muslim Girls in Kathmandu Live In Different World after Quake
Shirin Ebadi

Allowing Sodomy ‘Worse’ Than Forced Sex in Marriage, Isma Portal Says

SC Takes Notice of Abuse of Women in Sindh, Pakistan

Nobel Winner Shirin Ebadi to Publish Memoir with Random House

We Pay ISIL to Save Yazidi Women, Kurdish Regional Government Says

Australian Muslim Woman Wants People to Look Beyond Her Hijab

President Jacob Zuma Must Deal With Islamic Marriage Bill

2 Muslim Women to Be Featured On Interfaith Panel in Central Minnesota

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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