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Islam, Women and Feminism

Lured By Isis: How the Young Girls Who Revel In Brutality Are Offered Cause
Saja al-Dulaimi, Baghdadi’s ex-wife

'Syria-Bound' Schoolgirls: East London Mosque Calls for Worshippers' Help

Turkish Men Don Skirts to Campaign for Women’s Rights

Saudi Women Desire to Shape Kingdom’s Future

Saja Al-Dulaimi, Baghdadi’s Ex-Wife and ISIS’s Prima Militant?

Violence against Women Is Turkey's Bleeding Wound, Says Erdogan

Female Muslim Basketball Player to Play with Hijab

Muslims Respond to Violence against Women with Protection Group

Bijnor Elopement: Bajrang Dal Cries ‘Love Jihad’, Threatens Stir Across Western UP

Gazan Child with Autism Memorizes Entire Holy Quran

Pakistan: Life-Threatening Disease Torments Rape Victim

Honouring Heroes: Malala, Kailash Speak To Terrorism Victims

Running A Saudi Household Without Indonesian Help

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Selling the 'Fantasy': Why Young Western Women Would Join ISIS
Nadia Bulkin

Divorce Warning Over Religious and Sharia Marriages

More Women Are Leaving Behind Religious Identities For Something More Spiritual

Law Soon To Protect Saudi Child Rights

Boko Haram Is Not a Feminist Problem - A Nigerian Woman's Perspective

Egyptian Students Launch Anti-Harassment Campaigns

Asif Ali Zardari for Women Antiterrorism Force

Three Missing London Schoolgirls 'Travelling To Syria to Join Isil'

Labors Of Love: Husbands Force Working Saudi Women to Divide Up Salary

Have AKP's Policies Caused Rise In Violence Against Women?

Don’t Force Muslims to Take Of Their Hijabs at Work and In Schools - Dr. Omane Boamah

Muslim Basketball Player Wants To Play With Hijab

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‘Religious Leaders Can Be Allies for Women’s Rights’
Female teachers in Peshawar, practice reloading the guns

After Peshawar School Attack, Students Receive Counter-Terrorist Training

Female Circumcision on the Rise in Malaysia

Child Protection in Pak: Employer Arrested For Child’s Maid Torture

Indonesia’s Ban on Maids Threatens 2,000 Saudi Jobs

Vigil Remembers Girls Taken By Boko Haram

Prince Sultan Orders Girl Rewarded For Surrendering Antiquities

Men, Women Found Working Together In Saudi Female Shops

Malaysia Detains Teen Girl Trying To Join Islamic State

Muslim Women, Children Celebrate Birthday of RSS Functionary Indresh Kumar

Isis Raqqa Wives Subjected To 'Brutal' Sexual Assaults after Marrying Militants

Indonesian Women Host Muslim Fashion Show

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Violence against women
Beril Dedeoglu

A woman is always described in connection with a man: She is a daughter, a sister, a wife or a mother. She is rarely accepted as a "complete" person. She is not supposed to live alone, to travel alone, to go out and have fun at night, to run her own business or to have a successful life all on her own merit. Every time she tries to prove her independence, there are people who harass her to remind her of her true place in society. When women decide to divorce or get close to a promotion, they are promptly attacked because of their womanhood....


Eighty Percent of Anti-Muslim Attacks In France against Women, Says Report
Ozgecan Aslan, Turkish university student

‘A Quarter of Marriages in KSA End in Divorce’

Women Empowerment Crucial For Progress: Pak Punjab CM

ISIS Uses ‘Nutella, Kittens’ To Lure Women Recruits

What Happened To The 270 Nigerian School Girls Kidnapped By Boko Haram?

In Pakistan, Vaccinating Children Has Become a Deadly Battle

ISIS Restrictions on Women Causing Fear, Resentment in Iraq and Syria

Turkish Women Post Selfies Wearing Black to Condemn Ozgecan Aslan Murder

Woman Arrested At Heathrow on Suspicion of Terrorism Offences

Two Pakistan Women Killed For ‘Honour’

Islamic State Modesty Police Beat Woman for 'Exposed Eyes'

Saudi Shoura Ponders Over Dress Code for Women Anchors

Wedding Bells Toll Wildly For Kids

Dino And Rotna, A Future For The Children From Dhaka’s Slums

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The One Sentence That Could Save Women’s Lives In Turkey
Barcin Yinanc

We are all humans and we can all make mistakes. The judicial system is made of humans and even the best functioning judicial system can make mistakes. However, there is no place for the return of the death penalty. Instead, the discussion should center on including women murders, (which are defined as a person killed because she is a woman), as crimes that cannot benefit from any reduction in sentences....


Thousands of Iraqi Women Trafficked Into Sexual Slavery - Minority Rights Group
Mariam Veiszadeh, Human rights activist

Al Qaeda Terrorist Used Women’s Names As Code Words In Bomb Plot

The World’s Craziest Anti-Women Laws

Zunera Ishaq Does a Disservice to Women Forced To Wear the Veil

Islamic State Orders Women to Wear Double Veil and Gloves

Malawi Bans Child Marriage, Lifts Minimum Age To 18

Ipswich Woman Charged Over Muslim Hate Attacks Online

Four Courageous Women Who Are Making a Difference

After Lobbying Push, Drugmaker Resubmits Women's Sex Pill

South Asian Community Shocked At Sexual Assault Charges against Elgin Imam

Kerala Girl a Step Away From Ticket to Mars

Italian Headmaster Bans 'Provocative' Muslim Headscarves in Schools

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The Monsters among us
Mustafa Akyol

Yes still, there is something that the Islamic conservatives within the AKP universe (and elsewhere) should see. Some among them tend to depict the visibly Islamic (i.e., veiled) women as the “moral” ones, while implying that the Western-looking women are somehow less “moral.” Of course, they don’t mean to imply that these women are fair game for harassment, let alone rape. But in the minds of the not-so-religious but traditional “tough guys” in their cultural universe, this easily turns into a blank check to aggressively approach these Western-looking women in sexual ways, for they are assumed to be promiscuous anyway....


Turkey Calls for Campaign against ‘Violence against Women’ While Honor Killings remain rampant
Fatima Haghi, vice president of Muslim Student Association

Italian college bans Muslim headscarves

Muslim Students Participate In Annual Hijab Day Challenge

Children in Douma re-enact shocking ISIS execution in anti-Assad protest

ISIS Women's Manifesto Praises Teenage Brides and Pious Housewives

France debates ban on Muslim veils in universities

Turkey’s president slams violence against women

Afghan officials' tributes to Afghan female politician

Syrian refugees swell ranks of Lebanon street children

‘Wife’ of German ISIS rapper spied on him for the FBI

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I Used to Be a Muslim Fundamentalist. Here Is My Story.
Ladan Archin

Every time I see a woman in "Hijab," covered in a head scarf and long sleeves and pants, I can't help but think: that was me. And more importantly, that could be me now. I used to don that scarf with the zealous conviction of a convert, even though I wasn't a convert. I was born and raised in Iran, to Muslim parents. However, although Islam was deeply respected in our home, it was relegated to funerals and religious holidays. I attended international schools, spoke English fluently, and was taught little about my religion -- at school or at home. I certainly never would have considered covering my hair -- nor would my mother or grandmother....


Women’s Bodies Invite Rape, Controversial Columnist Says
Angelina Jolie

Saudi Women Abandoned By Husbands Denied Social Affairs Services

Women of the Islamic State, Living To Serve Their Men

Chapel Hill Victim’s Sister: American Sniper 'Dehumanizes’ Muslims

Angelina Jolie Urges Religious Leaders to Unite Against Islamic State

Sudanese Soldiers Raped More Than 200 Women, Girls

UN Women Launches Civil Society Group in South Africa

Afghanistan's Women's Cyclists: The World's Most Unlikely Sports Team?

Kenya: 500,000 Women Sterilized - Catholics

Saudi Businesswomen Seek Greater Role in Real Estate Sector

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Ten Laws That Unashamedly Discriminate Against Women
Shahindokht Molaverdi, Iranian Vice President

Luton Rabia School 'Undermining British Values' In Treatment of Girls

Covering Hair Not Brains — World Hijab Day India

Social Media Accused Of Weakening Family Bonding

Muslim Woman: Feminist or Defender of Patriarchal Order?

Row over Solo Singing of Women Grows in Iran

A Look at the Kurdish Women Battling On the Front Lines against Islamic State Jihadists

Sheikha Bodour Advocates For Larger Role for Women in UAE

Iranian women are the most educated and emancipated in the Middle East

Kenya Looks for HIV-Safe Birth Control

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Baghdad Red for Valentine’s Day, Najaf Shuns It
Loujain Hathloul, Saudi women

Saudi Anchor Claims Channel Sacked Her for Being ‘Ugly’

Divorce Stigma Scares Pakistani Women to Stay In Marriage

All-Women’s Extreme Sport Rolls into Abu Dhabi

Harper Vows to Appeal Court Ruling Allowing Women to Wear Niqab During Citizenship Oath, Calls It ‘Offensive’

Indonesian Muslim Clerics Angered by Valentine’s Day, Issue Fatwa against the Sale of Condoms

Saudi Women Drivers Hathloul and Alamoudi Released: AFP

Former Egyptian Diplomat Cites Progress on Women's Rights

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How Poor Hyderabad, India, Women Promised Wealth, Marriage Are Sold To Pimps
Maria Sanchez and Laila Ghannam

No Virginity Test for School Leavers in Indonesia: Human Rights Campaigners

Purple Hijab Day to Celebrate Annual Call for End to Domestic Violence

Pak Women Commandos, Trigger-Ready to Combat Terror

Afghan Youngsters Find New Allure in Valentine’s Day

Pakistan Women’s Day – A Struggle for Rights

Philadelphia Councilwoman Distances from Palestinian Authority Terror

Women Freedoms' Violations Tackled In Exhibition by Palestinian Artist in Egypt

Roma Children in Turkish Province to Be Trained As Preachers, Ottoman Army Band Members

The Mass Rape in Darfur of 221 Women and Girls Is the Biggest Atrocity: Report

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ISIS Female Police Disfigure with Acid 15 Women for Not Wearing Niqab
Russian SC upholds Hijab ban

France: University professor fired for Refusing to Teach a Veiled Student

Immigration Increases Genital Mutilation among American Girls

Student ‘Detained’ At Jamia Hafsa Goes Home

Valentine’s Day Highlights Pakistan’s Liberal-Conservative Divide

Supreme Court Upholds Hijab Ban in Russian Region’s Schools

Kayla Mueller 'May Have Been Forced To Marry Islamic State Commander'

Nigeria: The Rise of Female Suicide Bombers

Marvel Comics Debuting All-Female Superhero Team

Girl beaten up for saying ‘no’ to surrogacy

Egypt’s Censorship Chief Says Sexual Scenes Would Still Be Deleted

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Be good to your daughters. If they have to be a reflection of you, then let that reflection be the one that inspires beauty and courage. Make an informed effort. Cherish your little women and teach them how to be true to their hearts and live like life isn’t a crime but a gift to be enjoyed and to be shared.....


Indonesia: Female Students Barred From Graduating If They Fail Virginity Test
New Club Seeks Safe Place for Muslim Women

Boko Haram Kidnaps 8 Cameroonian Girls

Muslim Female Converts: 'We're More Religious and More Hated'

New Club Seeks Safe Place for Muslim Women

Parents of American Woman Held by Islamic State Notified Of Her Death

Inside The 'Islamic State Hijab Factory' Women Make Religious Robes for Toddlers

Jamia Millia of New Delhi Starts an All-Women Canteen

Altaf Hussain Conveys His Apology to PTI Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Turkey Offers Cash Rewards For Marrying Early
Asra Nomani, Muslim Feminist Rights Voice

Indonesian Govt to Raise Age of Marriage

Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs Join Together To Demand Changes to Gender Abortion Laws

AKP's Views on Sexuality Create Uproar

Women Constitute Only 13% of Saudi Workforce

Iranian Opposition Leader's Wife Recounts Their Captivity

I Am Not Questioning or Insulting Islam, Just Talking About Rape, Says Penang Exco

Pakistani Women Torn Between Divorce and Husband's Polygamy

Half-Million U.S. Women Mutilated In Barbaric Practice

Women Told To Participate In Electoral Process: Muslim Sisters for Social Justice

Muslim Feminist Rights Voice Asra Nomani Details Her Fight against Extremism

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


In Europe, Parents' Dismay as Syria Jihad Lures Troubled Teens

UN Alarmed At Increasing Attacks against Schoolgirls Worldwide

Abducting and Selling Babies in Bangladesh

Hijab Controversy Revived in Russia

Saudi Moms Get Thumbs Up In New Survey

'I Am Malala' Wins Grammy for Best Children's Album

Sex Abuse in Rotherham: Women of All Faiths Must Make a Stand against the Bigots Who Betray Islam

Banning FGM Opposed By Those with ‘Weak Knowledge': Islamic Scholar

Guinea's Muslim Clerics Call For End to FGM to Help Stop Ebola

Muslim Uncle of Two Ugandan Girls Beats, Locks Them Up without Food

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Wearing Hijab in Style, Indonesian Women Stress Faith on Islamic Culture
Malala Yousafzai, Nobel peace laureate

65% of Saudi Secondary Schoolgirls Smoke

Malala Calls for 'Urgent Action' To Free Nigerian Schoolgirl Hostages

Insurgents Blown Up Girls School, Clinic in Kunar, Afghanistan

Afghan Families Flee ‘Persecution’ In Pakistan after School Attack

‘Social Barriers Hampering Women’s Participation’ In Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

Unwillingness to maintain wife is economic abuse: Delhi court

Turkey Woman decapitates man who forced her to do 'deviant acts in German porn'

IS Had 'Sentenced' US Hostage to Death over Aafia Siddiqui’s Imprisonment: Activist

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Launched In Saudi Arabia

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


NYC Schools Suspend Black Girls 10x More Often Than Whites
Malala Yousafzai, Nobel laureate

Iranian Actress Golshifteh Farahani Poses Nude for French Magazine

Amnesty Calls for Moratorium on Flogging in Maldives

Malala Most Admired Woman in India

Africa: Birth Registration Helps Keep Girl's Dream Alive

Africa Will Benefit From Bringing an End to Child Marriage

In Egypt, Social Pressure Means FGM Is Still the Norm

S. Sudan Fighters Carried Out A ‘Month of Rape:’ U.N.

UN Calls for FGM Zero Tolerance after a Year in Which the World Woke Up

Preacher Who 'Recruited Austrian Jihadi Poster Girls' Is Linked To Disappearance Of ISIS Supporting Family

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Exposing ‘Aurat’ Invites Rape, Selangor Tells Muslim Women
Kurdish female Peshmerga

China’s Ban on Islamic Veils Is Destined to Fail

ISIL Publishes Treatise on Womanhood in Apparent Bid to Recruit Saudis

Los Angeles New Mosque Sparks Discussion on Role of Women in Islam

Mysterious Woman from Canada’s Rapid Rise in ISIS Puzzles Intel Analysts

‘Marry At 9, Stay Home’: Women Jihadists Issue Guide to Life under ISIS

Female Peshmerga Fight Islamic State

Depraved Islamic State 'Selling Children As Sex Slaves And Using Them As Suicide Bombers'

ISIS Jihadi Brides from UK Post Images of Military Drills with Kalashnikovs

Afghan Taliban Use Children to Achieve Targets

Jordan Pilot’s Wife Has Not Seen Grisly Video

Female Iraqi Militant Held by Jordan Is Heroine to Jihadists

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Jihadi Girls Must Marry At 16 and Know That Liberation Is A Failed Model
Dr Shuzra Mansib

Why Muslim Woman Started 1st All-Female Mosque in the US

Why Some Women Choose To Have Female Genital Mutilation Performed

Saudi Women Cannot Drive In Switzerland

Pak Man Kills Three Women, Commits Suicide outside Gaddafi Stadium

Bangladesh: Forkan Killed Man before Raping His Daughter

Two Girls in US, Russian Conflict and Chechen Massacre

Britain Authorises 'Three-Parent' Babies

‘13% Of 51% Qualified Saudi Women Employed’

Jailed Girl a Symbol of Palestinian Anger, Grief

Pak: Woman, Daughters Gunned Down Inside Car

Dr Shuzra Mansib to Contest By-Poll in NA-137

Prema and Reema, a Dream about a New Life That Turned Into the Nightmare Of Prostitution

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Female Iraqi Militant Held by Jordan Is Heroine to Jihadists
Muslim Woman in Jeep Ad Sparks Row

France’s Most-Wanted Woman Visited Mosques in Malaysia, Says Paper

Muslim Woman in Jeep Ad Sparks Social Media Storm

Freed From Fear, Lankan Muslim Women Observe World Hijab Day

A California High School Celebrates Hijab Day to ‘Counter ‘Islamophobia’

Nigeria Hijab - Inseparable Companion Of Muslim Woman - Amina Sambo

How Irish Woman Brought Surfing to Iran

All Around the World, Girls Are Doing Much Better Than Boys Academically

Turkish Women Have No Representation In High Judiciary Anymore: CHP

14 London Mosques Raise £17,000 Kids Charity

Palestinians Urge Release of Children Jailed By Israel

57,000 Children Work Over 40 Hours a Week in Turkey: Report

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


The mosque's management had decided - just like that - that women would no longer be able to pray there, and that they should go elsewhere. Having prayed in hospitals, parks and even churches with no problem, it was a mosque that was barring Masuma from praying. Not only was this sexist, but also a violation of her human rights: the ability and freedom to practice her faith……


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