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Who Wants War With Iran?
Patrick Buchanan

Who Wants War With Iran?
Patrick Buchanan

“It's hard to find a conflict or a terrorist group in the Middle East that does not have Iran's fingerprints all over it.” But Iran is Shiite; al-Qaida, ISIS, Boko Haram, al-Shabab and Islamic Jihad are Sunni, as are most Mideast terrorist groups. As for these Mideast “conflicts,” which did Iran start?....

One-State Solution Back on Agenda for Palestine
Finian Cunningham

This year marks the centenary of the infamous Balfour Declaration when the British, who administered colonial Palestine, hatched the Zionist plan in 1917 to carve up Palestine and bestow a new Jewish state solely for Jews. It was a sordid move by the British to placate a wealthy Zionist lobby. After the Second World War, the concept of an Israeli state dedicated to Zionist Jews became a reality under a dubious Western-sponsored United Nations mandate. From then on the majority native Palestinians have either been expelled or made “strangers in their own land”....


Will The 2010s Be The 'Wasted Decade' Of Arab Hopes?

The Arab region is part of a world in disarray. Like other parts of the globe, it is facing major transformations, and it has not yet found a way to get over them. The path towards democracy which started in Tunisia was crushed in many countries, but no convincing alternatives have emerged. The worldwide wave of authoritarianism may be a blessing for most Arab despots. But ultimately, as Tunisia and Lebanon may prove, and as the Ancient Greeks found out, democracy remains the best form of government.....


Rajsamand Killing: Is Shambhunath Raigar The Beginning Of Takfiri Hindutva Terrorism?
Ajai Sahni

The brutal killing of Afrajul Khan by Shambhunath Raigar at Rajsamand, Rajasthan, recorded by his nephew and advertised on social media with pride by the perpetrators, raises certain fundamental questions. Had identities been reversed, had the killer been a Muslim and the victim a Hindu, and had the justification been to "protect the honour of Muslims", we would have been fairly confident in the assertion that this was an act of Islamist terrorism.....

Hundred Year of Balfour Declaration
Dr Muhammad Khan

Two significant aspects must be kept in mind to understand the idea of conceiving, establishing and expansion of the State of Israel. The first aspect is; through a gradual process the Middle Eastern region was degraded and weakened which included; conspiracies against Ottoman Empire through Arab plotter like Sharif Hussain and subsequently disintegration of this huge Muslim Empire in World War-II....

Religious Modernism and Barelvi Creed — Part Two
Tahir Kamran

The general perception about the Barelvi denomination is that it’s pluralistic and inclusive vis a vis other sects. However, the Barelvis’ antagonism towards Hindus and other Muslim sects is irrefutable. Similarly, the contention of their support for the Pakistan movement, too, is not that straightforward. As it is noted in the following lines, until 1946, the All-India Sunni Conference had no unequivocal stance in favour of Pakistan....


Survivors Describe Myanmar Soldiers Killing Men, Raping Women And Burning Babies In A Rohingya Village: Is This Genocide?
Nicholas Kristof

“Ethnic cleansing” and even “genocide” are antiseptic and abstract terms. What they mean in the flesh is a soldier grabbing a crying baby girl named Suhaifa by the leg and flinging her into a bonfire. Or troops locking a 15-year-old girl in a hut and setting it on fire. The children who survive are left haunted: Noor Kalima, age 10, struggles in class in a makeshift refugee camp. Her mind drifts to her memory of seeing her father and little brother shot dead, her baby sister’s and infant brother’s throats cut, the machete coming down on her own head, her hut burning around her … and it’s difficult to focus on multiplication tables.....


Towards a New Palestinian Beginning
Ramzy Baroud

If Palestinians are to start anew, they have to commence their journey with a new political discourse, with new blood, and a new future outlook that is based on unity, credence and competence. None of this can ever take place with the same old faces, the same tired language and the same dead-end politics.....

Tunisia's Ennahda Struggles To Shake Political Islam Identity
Amel al-Hilali

On Nov. 22, the countries boycotting Qatar classified the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. This has revived accusations that the Tunisian Ennahda movement still espouses political Islam despite announcing that it has changed. In May 2016, Ennahda leader Rachid Ghannouchi declared the movement a "civil and democratic political party” that separates its political and religious activities....


Religious Modernism and Barelvi Creed – Part One
Tahir Kamran

What Ahmad Raza failed to guard against was the exclusion and Takfir. In his famous fatwa Husam al-Harmain ala Manhar al-Kufr wa’l Main (The Sword of the Harmain at the Throat of Kufr and Falsehood), which was written in 1902 but became public in 1906, Ahmed Raza denounced several individuals in the early twentieth-century India. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian was the first on Ahmad Raza’s lists of Kafirs (infidels). He was followed by some eminent Ulema from Deoband denomination like Rashid Ahmad Gangohi, Muhammad Qasim Nanautawi, Ashraf Ali Thanvi and Khalil Ahmad Ambethwi whom he described as Wahhabis....

Muslim Leaders Declare East Jerusalem the Palestinian Capital

Mr. Abbas on Wednesday told the gathering that Mr. Trump had committed the “greatest crime” with his declaration, and that the Palestinians would no longer accept any role of the United States in peace negotiations with Israel. “Jerusalem is and always will be the capital of Palestine,”....


In Jerusalem We Have the Latest Chapter in a Century of Colonialism
Karma Nabulsi

At the time of the military takeover, Palestine was 90% Christian and Muslim, with 7-10% Palestinian Arab Jews and recent European settlers. By the time the British army left Palestine on 14 May 1948, the expulsion and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people was already under way. During their 30 years’ rule, the British army and police engineered a radical change to the population through the mass introduction of European settlers....


Was Trump's Jerusalem Declaration A Honey Trap?
Akiva Eldar

Whereas Trump's predecessors in office saved the goodies to compensate Israel for bitter land concessions it would have to make in the West Bank and Jerusalem, Trump is giving the Israelis a taste of the sweets to whet their appetite for the main course. Trump’s Jerusalem proclamation could well have been designed to shore up the waning popularity of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of the presentation of the US peace plan being cooked up in Washington....


Sufis and the Separatist Identity:  Different Perspectives in Scholarship
Tahir Kamran

Another myth that has been called into question is the inclusive and peaceful disposition of the Sufis and Dargah as the site of mystic spirituality. As they are demonstrated in these texts, Sufis had been politically oriented with separatist tendencies and at times they resorted to violence. That is true not only of Sufis belonging to Naqshbandia Order, which is considered prone to religious literalism but Chishti Sufi (taken in as peaceful and eclectic in their ideology) were no different.....


Jerusalem: A Tale of Three Cities…One Jewish, One Christian and One Muslim
Adrija Roychowdhury

Medieval Arab geographer al-Muqaddasi once called Jerusalem “a golden bowl full of scorpions”. The holiest of the holy cities, and yet the bloodiest of them all, Jerusalem has remained the most disputed city in the world. Recently, when US President Donald Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, he yet again opened that sore wound that has been the cause of conflict among three of the largest religious communities in the world....


Arab Leaders Plan Major Response to Trump's Jerusalem Move
Daoud Kuttab

A more creative response would be that suggested by both the Palestinian and Jordanian foreign ministers at the Cairo Arab League meeting. They called for a high-level delegation of Arab foreign ministers to tour major European capitals to convince them to recognize Palestine as the best response to the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital....

Trump’s Doomsday Jerusalem Speech
Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Trump’s Doomsday Jerusalem Speech
Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

What is incomprehensible is why is it that the rest of the world is following this pied piper into Armageddon? Surely is it not cowardice that prompts them to have Palestinians fight their battle. Or perhaps they believe they can avert this religious zealotry in time to save their skins while continuing to make a Prophet by shedding the blood of the innocent in Jerusalem. How to explain their complicity and their madness other than to remind them to heed the words of Alexander the Great: “Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all”. ....


Reboot Muslim Political Discourse: Time to Argue In Terms Of Citizenship and Rights, As Minorities Do In US and UK
Tanweer Alam

I am deeply aware of the terror of cow vigilantes, anti-love jihad squads, harassment of Ghar Wapsi and other forms of anti-Muslim intimidation and violence that are part of our daily lives. Even with that, we have to move away from the communal discourse, resort to legal measures only and shift the language of political discourse from helpless victimhood to that of empowered citizens like others.....

The Myth of Muslim ‘Ummah’
Kamran Yousaf

Muslim capitals issued customary official statements denouncing the US decision. The Turkish government called an emergency summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to discuss the evolving situation. But that’s all our ‘Muslim Ummah’ could do. Perhaps, Trump already knew the Muslim world is so impotent that it would not move even if he declared the entire Middle East as part of Israel....


No Country for Afrazul
Syeda Hameed

The question before the hate merchants is: What to do with us Muslims? This huge population of Dadhi-Topi? All of us cannot be hacked and burnt or be ethnic-cleansed. But we can be beaten into submission, therefore hate crimes are allowed free run. Shambhulals know they can get away. Those who announce prizes for severed heads of dissenters are valorised, Jallads are garlanded, killers are given perpetual license to kill....


Wednesday was the 25th anniversary of the demolition of the 16th century Babri Masjid mosque in Ayodhya by Hindu fanatics who claimed it was built on the site of a Hindu temple. Subsequent rioting between Hindus and Muslims, which killed more than 2,000 people by some estimates, is a reminder of what Hindu zealotry can wreak....


'Children of the Stones': The Day Palestine Was Reborn
Ramzy Baroud

My name is Ramzy, and I am the son of Mohammed, a freedom fighter from the Nuseirat Refugee Camp, and the grandson of a peasant who died of a broken heart and was buried beside the grave of my brother, a little boy who died because there was no medicine in the refugee camp's UN clinic. My mother is Zarefah, a refugee who could not spell her name, whose illiteracy was compensated by a heart overflowing with love for her children, a woman who had the patience of a prophet. I am a free boy; in fact, I am a free man....


‘Say the Word’: What the Rohingya Struggle is really About
Ramzy Baroud

Mohammed's 3-year-old son was killed by the Burmese military. The father’s message to the Pope was not seeking humanitarian relief for despairing refugees or even justice for his own child, but something else entirely."He should say the word as we are, Rohingya," Mohammed told the Catholic Crux Now. "We have been Rohingya for generations, my father and my grandfather." In Dhaka, the Pope attempted to reclaim that missed opportunity. “The presence of God today is also called Rohingya,” he said....

Behind China’s Attempt to Ease the Rohingya Crisis
Nicholas Bequelin

China has the diplomatic, humanitarian and economic resources to make a real difference in the lives of the Rohingya. But its current manoeuvring — which seeks to intervene only to preserve impunity for horrific crimes — is putting them to dangerous use. This is hardly the sort of behaviour worthy of a great power that in the words of Mr. Xi, aspires to make “greater contributions to mankind.”....


It’s true that the size of the liberal segment in Islamic societies is generally quite small, but it’s not that the radical militant sections are any larger. The vast majority of Muslims are moderate. They are neither liberal in the classic sense nor are they ready to do anything dramatic and harmful for the sake of orthodox interpretation of religious verses....

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