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Siding with Those Who Deliberately Seek to Starve Yemen’s Children Has Degraded Pakistan’s Moral Status
Pervez Hoodbhoy

What explains Pakistan’s support? That puny Yemen somehow threatens Saudi territorial integrity, although a claim sanctimoniously repeated from time to time, is unbelievable. The Houthis are unknown to Pakistanis. While there is some vague belief that they are Shia, orthodox Shias refuse to accept them as their own. Back in the 1960s, Saudi forces backed the Zaydi Shias — now part of the Houthi rebel forces — against pan-Arab nationalists.....

Israel Step Closer to Making Jerusalem Jewish-Only City
Ramzy Baroud

According to the bill, two thirds of the Knesset majority is required for Israel to relinquish sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem. International law insists that Israel has no sovereignty over East Jerusalem, illegally occupied and annexed in 1967 and 1980 respectively. ...

Erdogan's Ottoman Dream Causes Storm in Red Sea
Fehim Tastekin

How justified are their concerns? Is there really a resurrection of Ottomans? Erdogan has established a pattern of loudly recalling Ottoman forefathers, claiming Ottoman relics and referring to the Ottoman heritage when speaking about the Middle East and Africa. He sees Africa as a region of opportunities and believes that he has more right than anybody else to be there. “More dangerous than a shark smelling blood are the imperialists who smell oil,”...


The Hybrid Nature of Pakistan’s Proxy War Demands Eyes on the Scanner
Syed Ata Hasnain

The hybrid nature of Pakistan’s proxy war demands eyes on the scanner in multiple domains to pick up straws that, intelligence organisations require, giving us greater confidence in weathering the emerging threat. Simultaneously, its efforts towards initiatives to stabilise Kashmir and outreach to the restive populace must also continue with vigour. Creating hope in the people with transformational governance and better communication is still necessary....


An Israel of Pride and Shame
Roger Cohen

“There’s a systematic violation of Palestinians’ human rights. Our government is more and more right wing, racist, anti-Arab. If they were members of a government in Austria, we’d recall our ambassador in protest.” This is the government cheered on by President Trump and an American ambassador, David Friedman, who sounds like the West Bank settlers’ envoy. This is the government leading Israel nowhere. This is my shame....


Leaderless and Voiceless: A Lament for the Indian Muslim
lman Khurshid

The dilemmas faced by Muslims are even greater for their supposed leaders. To begin with they have traditionally been perceived as leaders of Muslims rather than leaders who are Muslims. But unlike Dalit and OBC leaders, Muslim leaders first suffer by restrictive labels and then are accused of being communal. At the same time, their own community questions their intent if not capacity to represent them....

Brave Ahed Tamimi a Prisoner amid War of Images
Daoud Kuttab

A single image has produced polar opposite reactions. The bravery of a young Palestinian child challenging the heavily armed Israeli soldier spoke volumes to many in terms of its power and courage. The very same image exposed the weakness of the region’s most powerful army, which has been illogically sent to chase after children, whose only weapon is their hand.....


Red Star Over The Arabian Peninsula – 3: Yemen’s Arab Jacobins – Understanding Today’s Conflict In The Context Of Past Revolutions, State Formation And Ideologies
Raza Naeem

The whole history of social, political and intellectual change in the Yemens over the twentieth century is one that is marked by the interaction of local with regional and international forces. Thus the conflicts that dominated the first two decades of the century, between British and Ottoman colonialisms, and, in the north, between the Hamid al-Din Imams and the Ottomans, were part of a broader context – the decomposition of the Ottoman empire that was also taking place in the Balkans, and was to be completed by the defeat of the Empire in World War I...


Iran Knows How to Silence Protests, If Only It Knew How to Listen
Azadeh Moaveni

“Death to the dictator” has rung out across the cities of Iran, but Iranians have been conditioned for nearly 40 years to reflexively shout “death to” something when they are enraged. It can mean anything from “please overhaul this whole system” to “please get rid of this particular leader who embodies all my grief at my troubled life”. This is what happens when a people with a strong tradition of sophisticated engagement with politics face severe consequences for expressing dissent....

Iranian Spring — Finally!
Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi

Iranian Spring — Finally!
Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi

The slogans raised in the demonstrations are telling: “Neither for Gaza, nor for Lebanon, my life is only for Iran,” “Forget Syria, remember us!,” “May your soul rest in peace, Reza Shah,” “freedom or death,” “Release political prisoners,” “Leaders live in paradise, people live in Hell,” “Death to Hezbollah.”....


1971 Field Notes: Lessons for Pakistan — Concluding Part
Akbar Ahmed

When Jinnah in Pakistan and Nehru in India lauded their civil services as the “steel frame” for their nations, they recognised their central importance. Unfortunately, the ways of the CSP attracted jealousy and hatred, and each government diminished it. Today, Pakistan, always own-goal champs, have reduced the services to malleable plastic, making the pursuit of good governance nationwide much harder to achieve....


Rohingyas and Disturbing Fallouts
Shantanu Mukharji

In sum therefore, on the one hand we see reports emanating from Western quarters on atrocities on Rohingyas which are purely of academic interest while on the other a segment of the Rohingyas are being armed to the teeth, indoctrinated and trained by undesirable elements which in all likelihood will abet the growth of radical Islam and eventually terror. This looks plausible as the actors involved are against any kind of peace and tranquillity in the region. Affected areas will not be confined to Myanmar alone....


Red Star over the Arabian Peninsula – 2
Raza Naeem

Days of fighting between different political, personal and tribal factions in the Yemeni Socialist Party then followed, with the result, it is believed, that several thousand people lost their lives. To some observers this was a most bizarre event, since during the two or so weeks of fighting in Aden, the mass of the population were not involved. The masses, in fact, remained observers – it was ‘like watching Cowboys and Indians’ as one Adeni put it...


The Year of the Rohingya
Amir Taheri

In the case of the Rohingya, however, the genocide was organized and carried out by what was, in theory at least, the victims’ own central government and “national” army. Worse still the government in question was, again in theory at least, headed by a woman who had been cast as an angel of compassion and crowned with a Nobel Peace Prize....

Will 2018 Be A Year Of Change In Iraq?
Zaid al-Ali

If that approach were followed, it could reopen the possibility of amending Iraq's failed 2005 constitution, which is a necessary precondition for any effort to modernise and streamline the Iraqi state. Without constitutional reform, vital state institutions including the judiciary will always have their hands tied and will not be able to play their natural role and exercise the type of oversight that is needed....


1971 Field Notes: Lessons for Pakistan - Part One
Akbar Ahmed

Following the military operation, I boarded the flight to Karachi and was seated behind Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. I knew him but was too agitated to go up and say salaam. I knew Pakistan was in deep danger and I felt angry and betrayed. On disembarking, Bhutto said something about thanking God that Pakistan had been saved. I wondered whether he believed that....


Pakistan, From Rising to Risen
Sunil Sharan

It is now that Pakistan should close out its hand. Sign a deal with India on Kashmir based on the Musharraf-Manmohan formula or some variant thereof; sign a no-war pact with India; and sign a treaty for non-interference in the other’s internal affairs, which of course does not obviate persecuted groups from leaving their land. As for Afghanistan, serve as a guarantor that the Taliban will not enable another 9/11.India and Pakistan both need to learn from Chandni Chowk, and even those nations that have traditionally not liked each other, for instance, England-France and Brazil-Argentina, that one can live as neighbours without having atom bombs scoot out like pistol shots from a few miles away....


Palestinians Need New Leaders and a New Strategy
Ramzy Baroud

The Palestinian leadership and their Arab and international allies will now embark on a new year with the difficult task of drumming up a whole new political formula that does not include the US. The Palestinian Authority entered 2017 with the slight hope that the US was in the process of moving away, however slightly, from its hard-line pro-Israel attitude....


Red Star over the Arabian Peninsula – 1
Raza Naeem

Separated from the mainstream of Middle East politics in the period of the Cold War, and framed by regional and internal concerns that few observers, even those from elsewhere in the Middle East, analysed, the events that spanned over three decades, from the September 1962 revolution in North Yemen to the final subjugation of the South by Northern forces in the war of 1994, were of immense importance both in the history of the Arabian Peninsula and of the modern Middle East...


By restating the goals of the Palestinian national movement, away from state building and towards human rights and dignity, the PLO, Hamas, and the PA may fundamentally alter their dynamic with Israel. To date, civil society has pursued rights for the Palestinians independently of the political apparatus. The pursuit of equal rights is the only mechanism for transforming statelessness into strength....


Hear the Rohingya Cries: Why Is This Human Holocaust?
Harun Yahya

Myanmar’s authorities are unabashedly denying the Rohingya’s past, claiming that they are illegal migrants from Bangladesh and refuse to call them by their name, Rohingya. The identity, heritage and legacy of this ethnic minority, which was a thriving community with ministers in the government until a couple of decades ago, are brazenly denied. Hannah Beech, the Southeast Bureau Chief of the New York Times expresses her shock: “Myanmar’s sudden amnesia about the Rohingya is as bold as it is systematic....

Playing the Jerusalem Card in Lebanon with Deft Hypocrisy
Franklin Lamb

It’s not been just Arab politicians who playing the Jerusalem card, some perhaps ironically, depending on one’s sense of humour includes the Turks. Turkey’s President Erdogan has taken a leading position as spokesman for the Palestinians claim to Jerusalem, yet it was the Ottoman Turks who colonized the Arabs for over 600 years and ignored Jerusalem as a backwater city of no religious importance and of little value. ...


The Houthis' Endgame in Yemen
Nadwa Al-Dawsari

But while it was shocking, Saleh's killing did not necessarily surprise Yemenis. His recent alliance with his former enemy, the Houthis, had remained one of convenience; it was simply a matter of time before it fell apart and old hatreds resurfaced. Indeed, the Houthis ultimately executed Saleh to avenge his 2004 killing of their founder, Hussein Badr al-Dein al-Houthi, in his cave hideout in their northern Yemen stronghold of Saada....


The Truth about Jerusalem
Jay Ambrose

Other Arab nations that are likewise threatened by Iran are considering a closer relationship with this militarily fit nation. It's said that, if the two-state solution fails, Israel will have to absorb the Palestinians, but there is another suggested solution in which Israel returns much of the West Bank to Jordan, Egypt gets the Gaza Strip and Palestinians work things out with other Arabs....

Who Wants War With Iran?
Patrick Buchanan

Who Wants War With Iran?
Patrick Buchanan

“It's hard to find a conflict or a terrorist group in the Middle East that does not have Iran's fingerprints all over it.” But Iran is Shiite; al-Qaida, ISIS, Boko Haram, al-Shabab and Islamic Jihad are Sunni, as are most Mideast terrorist groups. As for these Mideast “conflicts,” which did Iran start?....

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