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The Empire Made Easy
Jalees Hazir

The empire’s cowboy war on terror is not about countering terrorism but spreading it. The two-faced strategy is more than obvious now; fabricate pretexts to invade other countries and monopolize their resources, create a lawless landmass for breeding terrorism, export terrorism to neighbouring countries targeted for destabilization and control the military, political and economic developments in the region....


Let justice and order prevail for everyone in Saudi Arabia
Khaled Almaeena

I have written articles on the raids on “violators” of Iqama (residence permit) regulations and labor laws, in which I asked who the real violators are. These articles in English and Arabic brought many responses, especially those written in English. It is heartbreaking to see the tragedy of the poor people who have been duped by their sponsors....


Afghanistan and Pakistan: The False Promise of Rapprochement
Mohammed Umer Daudzai

Islamabad has long sought to use my country as a rear base in case of an Indian military advance. In 1988, the Pakistani leader Gen. Muhammad Zia ul-Haq said that Pakistan had “earned the right” to have a friendly regime in Kabul; certainly, he would “not permit” any “Indian and Soviet influence”….


Towards The Birth Of A ‘New’ Islam?
Hasan Suroor

American Muslim scholar Asma Afsaruddin sees the crisis in Islam as a consequence of the “intra-Muslim dialectics” played out between “absolutists’’ and liberals suggesting that the latter are very much in the fight contrary to the sense that they have given up. What we are witnessing is a contest between two different approaches to “the central issues of our time”....

'Disengage with Pakistan Completely: No Talks, No Visits, No Trade': Tarek Fatah speaks at Counter-Terrorism Conference in Jaipur
Tarek Fatah

This begs the question. What is the ideology of the Jihadi terrorists seeking world domination to hasten the End of Times? It is Islamofascism, the 20th century doctrine of Islamism, which is the use of Islam as a political tool to establish Islamic supremacy on the rest of the globe. However, it seems we are too scared to dare mention the word ISLAMISM. Our American friends call it “Violent Extremism”. What is this “Violent Extremism”? Why beat around the bush and call it for what it is, i.e. Islamic Extremism?.....

Pakistan’s Superstitions: The Root of the Problem Is Not External; It Lies In The Socio-Political Institutional Structures In Pakistani Society
Harun Yahya

The teacher looks on with a serious expression, while the other students silently take notes. A Kalashnikov rifle and spare cartridge clips lie on the teacher’s desk. This is not a scene from some dystopian fantasy film, just a snapshot from a day in the life of an ordinary educational institution in Pakistan.....


Frustrated Turkey Turns to Onetime Ally Saudi Arabia
Gönül Tol

Joint frustrations and fears seem to be bringing Riyadh and Ankara together. But how far and deep this new rapprochement can go remains to be seen....


The Perils of History in the New Turkey
Nuray Mert

It’s a pity that we are drifting every day more away from the prospect of living in a freer society, as now we cannot even claim freedom from history. It may no longer mean much to those who live in Western liberal societies, but freedom from history is one of the basic conditions of individual freedoms in our societies…..


Sad Outcome of Israeli Elections
Uri Anvery

So Netanyahu is back. That’s the sad outcome of the Israeli elections. Sad, but not the end of the world. Some people say that the best course now is a so-called national unity government. Looks like a nice idea. Unity always sounds nice. The advocates of this choice have one good argument: It’s the lesser evil....


Exploit the New Openings on Palestine
Rami G. Khouri

The American-Israeli relationship has defined almost all other developments in Arab-Israeli diplomacy since the late 1960s, when American policy structurally and decisively tilted to a pro-Israeli position.....


Don't listen to these Wahhabis who have lost the true ways and gone astray. Do not listen to the preaching of a person named Rasul Davut-Ogly Rowsen or others. Do not listen to the preaching of this Wahhabi man because he uses unknown methods…..


The Securitisation of Stability and the Demise of the Arab Uprisings
Ilyas Saliba

For as long as the underlying reasons are not addressed the new stability of the iron fist might only be short-lived. The next time the young generation makes their voices heard the West should be prepared to stand by their side. To help them overcome the fear of chaos and anarchy......


Turkish Official Islam versus European Islam
Cengiz Aktar

Perhaps the main question is the following: When will Turkey finally realize that people of Turkish origin living in Europe will sooner or later become part of Europe?....


Can We Drop The Term ‘Moderate Muslim’? It’s Meaningless
Sarfraz Manzoor

Muslims feel they are being divided into camps, into “good” (moderates) and “bad” (non-moderates) then any statements made by politicians will be heard with great scepticism, especially if for many Muslims “moderate” has come somehow to mean more secular…..

Ankara’s Second Thoughts about ISIS
Dogu Ergil

Shiite militia will be liberating Sunni towns. They may very well stay on to control these areas -- including the oil-rich Mosul and its environs -- in the interest of Iran. This will run counter to Turkey's interests. Their disillusionment may lead to the birth of another radical Sunni organization even after ISIS is defeated….


It is totally a wrong notion that Islam is in any way linked with terrorism like Catholicism was not linked with terrorism when the Irish Republican Army (IRA) conducted numerous attacks against the predominantly Protestant army of the United Kingdom during 1969-2005. The members of the IRA were never called "Catholic terrorists." Why then should anyone refer to any terrorist as a "Muslim terrorist"?....


Rationalising the Post-‘Arab Spring’ Salafi-Jihadist Boom: Looking beyond Syria
Mark Bracher

Arab uprisings ended decades of repressive, closed-systems of rule. Under dictatorship, Islamists, secularists, leftists etc. stood largely united against the system. Key areas of contention have emerged along ideological lines: between Islamists and secularists....

Go Ahead, Ruin My Day
Thomas L. Friedman

Go Ahead, Ruin My Day
Thomas L. Friedman

ISIS, with all its awfulness, emerged as the home-grown Sunni Arab response to this crushing defeat of Sunni Arabism — mixing old pro-Saddam Baathists with medieval Sunni religious fanatics with a collection of ideologues, misfits and adventure-seekers from around the Sunni Muslim world...


Atheism’s Astonishing Hypocrisy toward Islam
Usaid Siddiqui

In generalizing about and singling out Muslims, Harris and other New Atheists make ISIL’s work easier. “When Westerners start talking about Islam as a uniquely or inherently violent faith that is fundamentally different from other religions,” wrote Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir, “They stumble into the trap laid for them by the fundamentalists, who tell their followers that Muslims are uniquely hated and uniquely persecuted by the West.”….


Running Out Of Time: Yemen Turned From Happy To Sad Yemen
Abdulateef Al-Mulhim

A verse in the Holy Qur’an says, “We made from water every living thing.” This is proof enough to stress the importance of water. When it comes to shortages; Yemen is not only running out of water, it is also dangerously running out of time. Isn’t it ironic that I am drawing such a gloomy picture, though based on facts, of a country that is nicknamed, Happy?....


A Battle Bangladesh Must Win
Mahfuz Anam

As the government remains embroiled in the violence-ridden opposition agitation, it is anybody’s guess how militants will exploit the situation to strengthen their foothold. However, it is clear to most that this is one battle Bangladesh must and, we believe, will win.....


Nigeria: Victim of a ‘Great Game’
Seema Sengupta

“Ultimately, Zionist strategic interest and Nigeria’s political future will become inextricably intertwined,” prophesized the SIO, going on to add “not many know Mossad trained Sinhala military personnel and Tamil assets simultaneously. They know how to make a fortune by fanning fratricidal hatred.” Today, Nigeria is in dire need of reforms...


Challenges for Muslim Democrats
Nurul Izzah Anwar

According to the 14th Century jurist Ibn al-Qayyim, “Shariah is based on wisdom and achieving people’s welfare in this life and the afterlife. Shariah is all about justice, mercy, wisdom and what is good. Thus, any ruling that replaces justice with injustice, mercy with its opposite, the common good with mischief, or wisdom with nonsense….


How Did Syria Get Here?
David Swanson

Between 1918 and 1920, Syria attempted to set up a constitutional monarchy; and McHugo considers that effort to be the closest Syria has come to self-determination. Of course, that was ended by the San Remo Conference at which a bunch of foreigners sat in a villa in Italy and decided that France must save Syria from the Syrians…..


20 World Leaders In Six Weeks: What Is Happening In Riyadh?
Mohammed Fahad al-Harthi

It has been abundantly clear for a considerable time now that the region needs a new vision to tackle chronic political conflicts and socio-economic problems. The intense flurry of talks taking place here is a considered attempt to deal with these inadequacies....


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