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How Politics Has Poisoned Islam
Mustafa Akyol

This political question even pits the prophet’s widow Aisha against his son-in-law Ali. Their followers killed one another by the thousands in the infamous Battle of the Camel in 656. The next year, they fought the even bloodier Battle of Siffin, where followers of Ali and Muawiyah, the governor of Damascus, crossed swords, deepening the divisions that became the Sunni-Shiite split that persists today......

Jinnah between Kerala and Dubai
Jawed Naqvi

Driven by abject poverty in the pre-Dubai Kerala they were lured by the money they could earn in Karachi. When they wanted to visit their families back in India, touts suggested they get a Pakistani passport and then apply for an Indian visa. Oblivious of concepts like citizenship, they didn’t realise the trap.


Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Israel
Ban Ki-Moon

Nothing excuses terrorism. I condemn it categorically. It is inconceivable, though, that security measures alone will stop the violence. As I warned the Security Council last week, Palestinian frustration and grievances are growing under the weight of nearly a half-century of occupation. Ignoring this won’t make it disappear......

Military-Mullah Nexus Strangling Pakistan
Balbir Punj

How far will the Pakistan establishment go in suppressing, if not eradicating, the terror machine that it has hand-held for long as a secret weapon against India? This is a matter of speculation.  Perhaps the political leaders there will have the statesmanship to unite and contain the military and wean the masses away from the Mullahs. “These are high hopes!”...


Why Is the World Ignoring Palestine’s ‘Third Intifada’?
Shubhda Chaudhary

Throughout the history of the Palestinian nation’s struggles, two streaks of Islamist and nationalistic thinking have accompanied this nation side by side. Even the establishment of a coalition government has not been able to totally do away with the basic differences that exist between these two groups. As a result of it, the internal power politics in Palestine has never been materialized, especially with the animosity between Hamas and Fatah growing stronger. It makes it easier for Israel to simply state that ‘There’s no one to talk to?’....


Gaza Speaks: This Is What the Decade-Long Siege Has Done to Us
Ramzy Baroud

The destruction in Gaza as a result of three consecutive wars (2008-9, 12 and 14) has been so severe; it has affected almost every aspect of the Strip’s already dilapidated infrastructure. Power outages, for example, have become part of life in Gaza. If all goes according to plan, Palestinians here have only 8-10 hours, per day, to utilize electricity, and for the rest of the day they suffer in darkness. The UN had already declared that life in Gaza will become ‘uninhabitable’ by 2020....


Muslim World: The Leaders Who Could Not Lead
Mahboob A Khawaja

How could Saudi hang a religious scholar just for challenging the regime? Do they know how to implement the Islamic jurisprudence and its manifestation? Islam seeks a just balance- ‘al-Meezan’ in human affairs, not extremism. Leaders are crushing the human spirit of rational thinking and opportunities to dispel the disposable differences. The raging conflicts in the Muslim world are nothing other than the sectarian infested madness and horror irrelevant to the values and principles of Islam.....


Why Pak Army Won't Let Modi, Sharif Steal Show
Ayesha Siddiqa

Despite the news, his men in Bahawalpur seemed calm and contained. Though news came of the JeM's offices being shut down, one wondered what they were talking about since the JeM has no office. It is not a political party which would require an office. Its entire business is conducted from the madrasa Usman-o-Ali in Bahawalpur and another huge madrasa being built on the main highway outside the city. Closing down these seminaries would draw attention and create excitement that was not observable.....


Politics in the Middle East: The Arab winter

The most internationalised conflict is the bitter civil war in Syria, where powers from the region and beyond contend through proxies. The war has long since metastasised into a monumental free-for-all involving dozens of belligerents. ...


Fifteen Years Is A Long Time To Cling On To The Aspiration Of A Pluralist Bangladesh: New Age Islam’s Selection From World Press, 13 January 2016

Fifteen Years Is A Long Time To Cling On To The Aspiration Of A Pluralist Bangladesh

Sushmita S. Preetha

You are either with us, or against us

Jamal Khashoggi

In Iran, old habits die hard

Mohammed Alyahya

Violence In Malda: What Muslims Should Not Do

By Parvin Sultana

Germany, Britain and Religion: German Politicians Are Both More And Less Religious Than British Ones

The Economist

Bagehot: Battlefields of the Mind

The Economist

Obama's Iran opening is his 'Nixon moment'

Howard LaFranchi

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Syrian Peace, Utopia, Humanity And Reality: New Age Islam’s Selection From Pakistan Press, 11 January 2016

Syrian peace, utopia, humanity and reality

By Shah Rukh Hashmi

The Saudi Arabia-Iran stand-off — what next?

By Munawar Mirza

Free speech should be cherished, not abused

By Ephraim Mirvis

Goodbye comrade, goodbye Aslam Azhar

By Muhammad Akbar Notezai

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


More Nightmares Ahead For Syrian Refugees In Turkey?: New Age Islam’s Selection From World Press, 8 January 2016

More Nightmares Ahead For Syrian Refugees In Turkey?

By Mahir Zeynalov

China to pay a steep price in Saudi-Iran conflict

By Richard Javad Heydarian

Why Tehran getting more ambitious


Will Middle East Crisis Worsen In New Year?

By Jack A. Smith

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


Saudi-Iranian Crisis Without Diplomats Or Mediators: New Age Islam’s Selection From World Press, 6 January 2016

Saudi-Iranian crisis without diplomats or mediators

By Abdulrahman al-Rashed

Saudi severing ties with Iran: A proportionate response

By Dr. Majid Rafizadeh

After Ramadi, there’s one more chance to save Iraq

By Dr. John C. Hulsman

The fate of Iran’s Qassem Soleimani

By Diana Moukalled

Middle East Tensions Escalate In Wake Of Saudi Mass Beheadings

By Bill Van Auken

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


Dealing with the Taliban and IS: New Age Islam’s Selection From Pakistan Press, 12 January 2016

Dealing with the Taliban and IS

By Musa Khan Jalalzai

Saudis and Iranians have to calm down

By Manish Rai

Pathankot and power plays

By Ashraf Jehangir Qazi

Fata’s future

By A. Rauf K. Khattak

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


Syria Bloodshed: Will It Only Get Worse In 2016?: New Age Islam’s Selection From World Press, 4 January 2016

Syria bloodshed: Will it only get worse in 2016?

By Brooklyn Middleton

When will Arabs realize their dreams and aspirations?

By Samar Fatany

How Iraq recaptured Ramadi and why it matters

By Ibrahim Al-Marashi

Ending the war in Syria

By Javier Solana

Politics, terrorism, and the state of denial

By Taj Hashmi

Syria Is The Middle Eastern Stalingrad

By Andre Vltchek

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


Talk, But without Illusions : New Age Islam’s Selection From Indian Press, 13 January 2016

Talk, But without Illusions

By Husain Haqqani

American scholar’s shilling for Pakistan

Harbir Singh

Peace process should continue, but after US gets Pak to act on terror

Vir Sanghvi

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


The Anti-Terror Treatment: New Age Islam’s Selection From Pakistan Press, 2 January 2016

The anti-terror treatment

By Salman Tarik Kureshi

Our wonder deficit

By Pervez Hoodbhoy

American Muslims ‘Trumped’

By Syed Mansoor Hussain

Welcoming the New Year

By Dr Haider Shah

The rather confused lot

By D Asghar

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An Open Letter To Young Muslims Everywhere: The Seed Of Triumph In Every Adversity
Ramzy Baroud

Islam was not the problem when Palestine was overrun by Zionist militias, with the help of the British and, later, the Americans, turning the Holy Land into a battlefield for most of the last century. The repercussions of that act has sealed the region’s fate from relative peace into a repugnant and perpetual war and conflict.


2015: The Deadliest Year On Record For American Muslims: New Age Islam’s Selection From World Press, 1 January 2016

2015: The Deadliest Year On Record For American Muslims

By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

The Amazing Survival of the Baltic Muslims

By Tharik Hussain

Assessing the sincerity of Yemen peace talks

Manuel Almeida

2015 winner in Middle East: U.S. arms exporters

Joyce Karam

Turkey’s role in Syria essential


Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


Funding Terrorism: New Age Islam’s Selection From Pakistan Press, 30 December 2015

Funding terrorism

By Mohammad Ali Babakhel

Christians in Pakistan

By Abdul Hai Aryan

Could it be the world is getting better?

By Jonathan Power

Stabilising Afghanistan

By Rasul Bakhsh Rais

Fire and rain

By Mahir Ali

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


Making War vs. Hearing Citizen Sentiments in the Arab World
Rami G. Khouri

Those people in our region and abroad who seek real insights into Arab people’s views and values, rather than the fantasy and racism that define much of the public discussion of our region, would do well to read more about these findings on the website of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies.


The tensions in the West Bank and Jerusalem are reaching a peak, but Palestinians seem reluctant to call this revolution the “Palestinian Arab Spring” because the Arab Spring revolutions brought nothing but disasters to the Arab World (Libya and Syria are now in the midst of a Civil War, while Tunisia and Egypt are now struggling with Salafis/Jihadist groups). That is one of the reasons most of the young Palestinians prefer to give it another name, more positive one.


Why We Need To Stop Blaming Muslims And Islam For Terrorism
Joshua Karunakaran

I don't understand why people expect Muslims to speak out in defence of their religion whenever an attack takes place. Are other religions squeaky clean?  ...


Virginia Debate Champions Stand Against Anti-Muslim Rhetoric: New Age Islam’s Selection From World Press, 29 December 2015

Virginia Debate Champions Stand Against Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

By Erica N. West


By Bülent Keneş

Making War vs. Hearing Citizen Sentiments in the Arab World

By Rami G. Khouri

Global Common Allies and Adversaries

By Mohammad Shafiq Hamdam

U.S. Should Stop Supporting Likely Saudi War Crimes

By Ivan Eland

The Reality of Kurdistan

By Philip Seib

The Cost of Turkey's Self-Interest

By Khairuldeen Al Makhzoomi

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


2015, A Year Of Milestones Of Horrors In The Middle East: New Age Islam’s Selection From World Press, 28 December 2015

2015, A Year of Milestones of Horrors in the Middle East

By Hisham Melhem

The case against the Islamic Military Alliance

By C. Rashaad Shabab

Peace process in Syria: Talk, talk, kill, kill

By James Denselow

Gulf States: A burning priority for ISIL?

By Olivier Guitta

Has the U.N. resolution on Syria already been violated?

By Brooklyn Middleton

A Saudi vow to protect regional security and stability

By Samar Fatany

Stop insulting expat workers!

By Khaled Almaeena

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau

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