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Terms like 'Islamism' or 'political Islam' can be misleading, encouraging the hasty reader to overlook the radical difference between Islamist politics and general Islamic religious sentiment. There are political tendencies which are broadly 'Islamic' but not 'fundamentalist'. Yet the term 'fundamentalism' can also be misleading. Christian fundamentalists believe in the literal truth of the Bible. The literal truth of the Qur'an is accepted by all religious Muslims. But modern 'Islamic fundamentalism' is essentially a political, not a religious current….


2014: Transition to What?
Dr Maleeha Lodhi

He said the ANA’s capacity will be tested after 2014 and how it faces up to this will have far reaching consequences for the country. Its resilience – or lack of it – will also determine the Taliban’s stance. If it is found wanting in capacity then the notion of seeking “total victory” will gain ground with Taliban leaders. But if the ANA proves resilient the political option will have greater appeal for the Taliban....


The Roots of Radicalism in Political Islam
Ali Mamouri

While a large number of Sunni and Shiite Muslims in the Middle East do not think of themselves as participants in the current religious conflicts, various political interpretations of Islam have turned the region into a scene of war. The point worth noting is that these different approaches have very similar ideological structures as well as joint historical roots. …

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a preacher of religion not of the Islamic state. If state were the goal of Islam, then, obviously, a question would arise as to why the Prophet (pbuh) did not establish a state, while he was fully supported by Allah and His angels. This makes it amply clear that Islam does not aim at establishing states. ... In Surah Saba, the Holy Quran tells us how the Prophet Suleiman (peace be upon him) sent his ambassador (Hudud) to the kingdom of Bilquis, a queen whose people worshipped the sun instead of God. ... But the Holy Quran did not say that a woman could not assume the position of a king, neither did it condemn her system of governance nor did it order to eliminate it. The Quran asked her only to accept Islam. .....

The problem is that Salafists consider the past as the ultimate authority, and they set the stage for [a return to the past]. [They do so] through the reproduction of traditional and radical interpretations of religious texts, [which they apply to] today's society - despite the differences that exist between the Islamic societies of the past and those of the present day. Salafists have missed the fact that, no matter how much they may wish to, they will not be able to impose their severe ethical mentality on the Egyptian people…..


Sudhakar Group and Maulana Muniruzzaman Islamabadi Interpreted Islam in Bangla to ‘Cleanse the Faith of Islam’ From the Influences of Hinduism and Christianity - Part 9
Nurul Kabir

However, the Hindu elite in general, and the leaders of the Bengal Congress and the Hindu Mahasabha in particular, squarely blamed Suhrawardy and the Muslim League for the communal riot in Kolkata in 1946. Suhrawardy did not mention anything about the Hindu allegations against him in his memoirs, but history records that two of his Bengal Muslim League colleagues, otherwise his bitter critics, defended him against the allegations.....

Turkey’s Islamic Liberals
Mustafa Akyol

It is not an accident that most of the Islamic liberals in Turkey are women. Having been oppressed by the secular state — which prohibited them from wearing their headscarves — they came to the conclusion that all dictates by the state, including, for example, Saudi or Iranian decrees forcing women to wear veils and headscarves, are wrong. Many of them also have reformist views of Islamic tradition…..

Malala, another Imported Pakistani Premier in the Making
Mansoor Jafar

Pakistan is a unique democratic country where the top layer of political leadership has been imported from the West. It is perhaps the only country in the world with the distinction of having two international bankers as prime ministers, Moeen Qureshi of the World Bank served as PM in 1993 and Shaukat Aziz of City Bank served as PM in 2003. Both were appointed out of the blue…..

Pakistani Muslim and non-Muslim minorities are struggling to stay alive in a country which is speeding towards ethno-religious genocide. They are dying on daily basis; some in bomb blasts and others during target killing incidents. Tens of thousands among the minorities are currently displaced who have lost their homes, honour, jobs and security. The Baloch are most vulnerable, as they are currently dealing with the fourth military operation causing unprecedented deaths and mass evictions. ….


Sudhakar Group and Maulana Muniruzzaman Islamabadi Interpreted Islam in Bangla to ‘Cleanse the Faith of Islam’ From the Influences of Hinduism and Christianity - Part 8
Nurul Kabir

The riot, which was virtually discovered to be a deliberately organised act of violence against the Kolkata Muslims, continued in full swing for five days, till August 20, The objective studies of the riot primarily blame the Hindu Mahasabha and the Congress for the horrible communal conflict, while they do not absolve the responsibility of a section of the Muslim League leadership for the carnage.....


Political Islam and Communal Violence in Bangladesh
Taj Hashmi

Of late, some new players have entered the arena of the so-called Communal Violence -- aka "Ethnic Cleansing", "Sectarian Conflict", "Religious Conflict", "Hindu-Muslim Violence" and "Muslim-Non-Muslim Conflict" -- monks and clerics in Myanmar, Pakistan and elsewhere. Then again, the case of Bangladesh is quite different……

Is Moderation of Islam Still a Challenge in Canada and the Western World?
Tahir Gora

They were using the same Islamic books to prove irrelevancy of medieval Islamic agenda what most Islamic organizations teach them as a way to live in twenty first century. Surely, they were critical of those Quranic verses as well where hatred and violence against non-Muslims, women and dissident ideas have been said clearly, not just out of context…..

Sudhakar Group and Maulana Muniruzzaman Islamabadi Interpreted Islam in Bangla to ‘Cleanse the Faith of Islam’ From the Influences of Hinduism and Christianity - Part 7
Nurul Kabir

The Hindu elite of Bengal, as it appeared before its Muslim counterpart, continued to display enmity towards the Muslims of East Bengal even after the annulment of the partition in 1911. Aware of the Muslim dissatisfaction over the annulment of the partition, the British regime arranged for a ‘splendid imperial compensation’ for the annulment by way of setting up of a university in Dhaka…..


~Looking Back~ Islam and Democracy Not At Odds in Tunisia
Radwan Masmoudi

What the new constitution of Tunisia should do is enshrine the principles of human rights and religious freedom, justice and equality before the law, as well as women’s and minorities’ rights. Just like Turkey has been able to merge Islamic and democratic values and build a successful modern state in the Muslim world, so too can Tunisia lead the Arab world towards reconciling Islamic values and principles with modernity, freedom and democracy....

Bangladesh: Another Verdict
S. Binodkumar Singh

Bangladesh: Another Verdict
S. Binodkumar Singh

Not to be cowed down, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asserted, on October 3, 2013, “I believe that we will be able to complete trials of war criminals who committed crimes against humanity during the Liberation War in 1971 so as to free the nation from stigma. The BNP cannot save them.” She accused the BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia of siding with war criminals and alleged that BNP-JeI activists have been killing people, setting them on fire, in order to save war criminals.....


Repudiating Fanaticism after the Westgate Mall Massacre
Richard Falk

Tragically, the land of Gandhi is also the land of Gujarat, where genocidal surges of violence against Muslims have occurred repeatedly, with a major lethal outbreak in 2002. Hindu nationalism in its extreme enactments is as capable of fanatic politics as are extremist exponents of political Islam....

The problem for converts is a lack of support, he argues. Some are abandoned by their families. They may not be accepted into mainstream mosques, many of which in Britain resemble ethnic clubs, he says. That isolation can make them vulnerable to extremists who hope that white converts will add credibility to their cause…


Speech Week at the UN: Only One Addressed the Elephant in the Room — Militant Islam
John J. Metzler

 “Extremists have rushed to promote and exploit ethnic and religious divisions.”He added importantly that one hundred eminent Muslim scholars in the Amman Message, stated, “The modern Islamic state should uphold equality, across the ethnic and religious spectrum. The scholars decisively condemned the incitement of ethnic and sectarian conflict (Fitna).”….


Collaboration, Not Sufism, Answer to Pakistan’s Violence
Farahnaz Zahidi

Imam Ghazali, the 11th century Persian jurist, theologian and mystic, seems to have gotten it right. He became the bridge between more orthodox Islam and adherents of Sufism. Followers of both schools of thought, via Ghazali, developed a mutual understanding by utilising established Islamic theology to reconcile Sufism with orthodoxy, and Sufism to enrich theology....

Sudhakar Group and Maulana Muniruzzaman Islamabadi Interpreted Islam in Bangla to ‘Cleanse the Faith of Islam’ From the Influences of Hinduism and Christianity - Part 6
Nurul Kabir

The Muslims of Bengal in general and those of East Bengal in particular, did not like the movements because, as Nirad C Chaudhuri, admittedly a devoted orthodox Hindu himself observed in his memoirs, ‘The Swadeshi movement of 1905 was mainly an assertion of the nationalism of the new Hindu school.’...

Is Islam Incompatible with Democracy?
Muhammad Yunus, New Age Islam

Is Islam Incompatible with Democracy?
Muhammad Yunus, New Age Islam

‘Yes’ if Islam is conflated with its historically derived Classical Sharia, frozen in time; and ‘No’ if it is conflated with the Qur’anic message…..


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He could hear shouts from below, chants of “Kill the Han, smash the Hui [another Islamic minority], and drive the Mongols out.” I heard similar versions of the chant later from other witnesses. Although sometimes the order of other groups was switched up, or the verb changed (“Cut the Kazakhs!”), the first clause was always the same....


The Middle East: Between Martyrdom and Diplomacy
Roger Cohen

Not so long ago neo-Ottomanism was the vogue phrase to describe Turkey’s expanding regional influence, pursued under a catchy dogma of “zero problems with neighbours.” Now there are zero neighbours without problems....


Whether Islam is compatible with democracy is a question that has given rise to countless and counter positions and processes. On the one hand, the prevailing media and intellectual circles in the West perceive Islam at the root of the authoritarian policy in the Muslim Middle East. To them, Islam is patriarchal and lacks any concept of citizenship and freedom, since its belief in God’s sovereignty has diminished popular power……

Sudhakar Group and Maulana Muniruzzaman Islamabadi Interpreted Islam in Bangla to ‘Cleanse the Faith of Islam’ From the Influences of Hinduism and Christianity - Part 5
Nurul Kabir

The colonial India began to witness the emergence of ‘terrorist movement’, under the leadership of different clandestine groups of ‘anarchist’ revolutionaries, with the advent of the 20th century. Disappointed by the ‘passage of hundreds of fruitless resolutions against British tyranny and exploitation by the Indian National Congress’ over the years, a section of the English-educated young men started forming clandestine groups to put up armed resistance against the colonialist British regime ……

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