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In Gujarat, the Media Only Speaks To Riot Victims, Not the Perpetrators
Zahir Janmohamed

The stories written by many journalists reflect their own anxieties, stereotypes and ideological leanings rather than what they have seen.


Kurds, Democrats and Leftists; A Family Saga
Nuray Mert

One does not need to be a fortune teller to foresee that the facts of Turkish politics will push the Kurds toward a very difficult situation and they will be forced to make a tragic choice. I do not know yet how things will evolve for all of the parties involved with the deal and the controversies, but polemics have already started between “the loyal supporters” of the Kurdish movement and “the sceptics.”…


What is the end game in the controversy surrounding the implementation of Hudud? No one seems to know as both PAS, which is pushing for the Islamic system of justice, and Umno, which has reacted in a manner some deem to be positive to the Islamic party's stance, have run into a brick wall with their political friends…..

Religion and Politics
Mohamed Salmawy

Religion and Politics
Mohamed Salmawy

In fact, had it not been for the advancements achieved by the Arabs your European Renaissance would never have occurred. Today, Arab societies seek to emerge from the mires of underdevelopment the ills of which they have suffered for so long. Yet you think that instead of moving forward they should turn back to the conditions of your Middle Ages which your societies boast of having conquered.”…..

Political Parties, Islamist or Not, May Foster Divisions among Voters, By Pitting Sunnis against Shiites, Islamists against Secularists and Rural Constituents against Urban Ones
Lara Vergnaud

Hamas, which is effectively the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch, looks to be eyeing a similar comeback via reconciliation with its rival in the West Bank, Fatah. Cavatorta speculates that this conciliatory attitude may stem, in part, from positive lessons gathered from the Brotherhood’s failures in Egypt.....


Bloodshed and Despair As the World Strives For Western-Style Democracy
Raed Omari

The U.S.-led West is unable to solve crises of many countries that have embraced or are trying to embrace Western-style democracy, with America deliberately abandoning many people around the globe who are so much attached to its soft power and its alluring style…..


State Elections in Pakistan and the Emerging Political Scenario
Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

Whatever may be the result of the elections, one thing could be said for sure: as an outcome of the nefarious mindset of the influential elements in Pakistani politics, religious extremism and sectarian vices will spread in the country more than ever before. The main reasons behind it are certain political parties’ reliance on the terror outfits and their continued silence over their obnoxious acts of violence and militancy with an aim to overpower the opposition parties. This is what has been going on for a decade in the country. ... the root-cause of the catastrophes engulfing Pakistan is the widespread phenomenon of extremism and sectarian violence, which is not taken into consideration by any of the political parties of the country. Not even now when they should urgently try to redress it....


Saudi Arabia Puts On Show with 'Abdullah's Shield'
Bruce Riedel

Saudi Arabia staged its largest-ever military exercise this week to demonstrate its capability to defend itself against its northern Shiite neighbors. The guest list for the event was the most potent symbol of Saudi power, bringing together its Gulf allies with Pakistan and its nuclear shield…..


What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden
Carlotta Gall

The United States was neither speaking out against Pakistan nor changing its policy toward a government that was exporting terrorism, the legislator lamented. “How many people have to die before they get it? They are standing by a military that protects aids and abets people who are going against the U.S. and Western mission in Afghanistan, in Syria, everywhere.” When I remember the beleaguered state of Afghanistan in 2001, I marvel at the changes the American intervention has fostered: the rebuilding, the modernity, and the bright graduates in every office. Yet after 13 years, more than a trillion dollars spent, 120,000 foreign troops deployed at the height of the war and tens of thousands of lives lost, Afghanistan’s predicament has not changed: It remains a weak state, prey to the ambitions of its neighbours and extremist Islamists. This is perhaps an unpopular opinion, but to pull out now is, undeniably, to leave with the job only half-done. Meanwhile, the real enemy remains at large......


Arabs and Muslims Should Flock To Jerusalem
Daoud Kuttab

The tide in favour of visits to Jerusalem seems to be finally turning, possibly due, in part, to the anti-Muslim Brotherhood sentiment, as well as to the real dangers facing Jerusalem. The “Road to Jerusalem” conference, held under the patronage of King Abdullah, has finally provided a well-researched religious response to Fatwas like Qaradawi’s……


Saudi Wahhabi Leaders See Turkish Threat over Caliphate
Madawi Al-Rasheed

The Saudi university director may rest assured that neither Erdogan nor his own rulers are destined to restore the caliphate, at least in the near future. He will be shocked if he comes across statistics about Saudi tourists visiting Turkey this summer, not all of whom will be fantasizing about the nudist clubs that allegedly flourish under Erdogan’s government….

Gilgit-Baltistan Protests: Images from the Tahrir Square that the World Missed
Senge Sering

Despite its importance or perhaps because of it, Gilgit-Baltistan is dubbed the last colony in the world. Locals facing economic and political stagnation blame Pakistan for coupling the region with Kashmir and denying them the right of citizenship.....


Hamas Must Repudiate the Anti-Semitism in Its Charter
Richard Cohen

Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day has passed. But then, as far as I’m concerned, it is always Holocaust Remembrance Day — a perpetual and frustratingly futile attempt to come to terms with murder so vast and incomprehensible it is like pondering what came before the big bang. And yet in a corner of the world, the Holocaust is considered no mystery at all. The Jews did it to themselves to foster the creation of Israel. This is what Hamas believes…..


The point is, we humans, in our thirst for control, have shaped divinity to our liking. Anyone who does not agree with us is the other side. That would still be okay if we could at least co-exist just like every other thing in nature does. The worst thing that God ever gave man is the power to think, which has been used forever to raid and destroy others who may not think alike….


In the West, zealotry has come to be associated with bearded men of Middle Eastern appearance who dress in ankle-length white robes. Yet zealotry is hardly unknown among clean-shaven white Caucasian males who wear a suit and tie.....


Why the Constitutional Court of Turkey is Right
Mustafa Akyol

The hottest debate in Turkey these days is the tension between the government and the Constitutional Court — or, more precisely, between Prime Minister Erdoğan and top judge Haşim Kılıç. And I find the latter absolutely right……


The Fall of Democracy And Predicament Of Political Islam In Turkey
Begüm Burak

Turkey today is witnessing how authoritarianism is taking the place of democracy through the instrumentalisation of religion for political purposes with the ultimate aim of ending the Hizmet movement……


Truth, Lies and the Jamaat e Islami
Abdul Majeed Abid

Founded in 1941 by Abul A’la Maududi, as the ‘vanguard’ of Islamic revolution, the Jamaat’s history is full of skeletons in its closet. Starting from an anti-nationalist position, JI changed its colours faster than a chameleon after the creation of Pakistan. Following the make-over, JI became the flag bearer of the ‘Ideology of Pakistan,....

The Danger of Civil War(s) in Turkey
Nuray Mert

This is the first time that a civil institutional body has truly confronted the civilian government without the shadow of the military hegemony over civil politics. That is why I call it a “civil war” of sorts. Besides, it has emerged that the rise of civilian actors in politics does not always result in democratic politics and social peace. …..


Qadhafi Wanted Out
Alana Cook

According to a Citizens Commission Report, a senior aide to Qadhafi requested a 72-hour truce with U.S. military command officials to negotiate a cease-fire with talks to be held in Tripoli. If all conditions were deemed acceptable, Libya would “stop all combat operations immediately and withdraw all military forces to the outskirts of all cities, and assume a defensive posture.”….

Being on Nuclear Verge May Suit Iran’s Political Goals
Steve Kramer

Iran hasn’t been occupied in modern times, but was a “playground” for foreign powers from the early 19th century until the 1940s, when Mohammad Rezâ Shâh Pahlavi became Shah of Iran (1941-1979). During the previous century and a half the Iranians became masters of politics and negotiations……


Palestinian Unity: It’s Better Late than Never
Ramzy Baroud

It is untrue that the rift between Fatah and Hamas goes back to the January 2006 elections, when Hamas won the majority of seats in the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) and formed a government. The feud is as old as Hamas itself. The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, was founded in Gaza with two main objectives, one direct and the other inferred: To resist the Israeli military occupation at the start of the First Palestinian Intifada in 1987 and to counterbalance the influence of the PLO……


The Sheikhdom of Fear
Yusuf Kanli

Having the courage to say the problems of the country, criticize the administration or the absolute ruler, express opinions, let’s say on a new legislation and brand it as a tool of intensifying dictatorship deserves praise, definitely. Yet, in democracies, there should not be the need for heroes or courageous knights of the world….


Pakistan Bows Down To Saudis
Mehr F Husain

The usual ‘Khuda Hafiz’ has morphed into ‘Allah- Hafiz’; cotton chadors have been pulled off and sombre black Abayas are donned; where once a moustache was the pride and honour of a man, it’s been overshadowed by a beard - the longer and more unkempt, the holier a man is; history is now rewritten so that the country’s bloodline and lineage has nothing to do with South Asia but is in fact Middle Eastern…


In The Mideast, Election ‘Carnivals’ Are the Greatest Tricks
Abdulrahman al-Rashed

The question remains, do you still believe in democracy around you? This is an old story that Britain tried to impose in the first decades of the 20th Century in Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, and Iraq. The Americans tried to do the same in Iraq and consequently, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki has grabbed more power than the former dictator Saddam Hussein, whose toppling cost amounted to a trillion dollars…..

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