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How Can The Saudi Grand Mosque Imam Save Pakistan?
Jamal Khashoggi

If only the Saudi government would plan a visit for Sheikh al-Sudais in cooperation with the Pakistani government, so that Pakistan could end its crises. It will help the kingdom as much as the kingdom is helping Pakistan. I will repeat what I said at the end my previous article about this issue: “All this should take place with serious security measures because the Taliban will even kill the imams of the holy mosques if they disagree with them!”….

Arabs, Culture and Constitutions
Abdulrahman al-Rashed

Arabs, Culture and Constitutions
Abdulrahman al-Rashed

Parliaments were suppressed in the name of fighting the remains of colonisation and in the name of fighting the Zionist enemy. They ended up as hollow political powers signing the president’s decisions without argument. Look at Syria for example. Imagine, it is one of the oldest Arab countries to build a parliament - the People’s Council inaugurated in 1931. How did its political progress stall to see it become one of the most dictatorial countries in the region in less than 50 years?...


Singing In the Reign (Of Terror)
Nadeem F. Paracha

Recently, with the country facing an unprecedented spate of political and social problems – such as gruesome terrorism, ‘Talibanisation,’ and economic downturns – pop acts have come under increasing pressure to step out of their comfort zones and state their stance on the more pressing socio-political issues of the hour….


Bangladesh Stares at Anarchy
Anshuman Rawat

With no end in sight to political turmoil rooted in historic conflicts and sectarianism, Bangladesh is edging closer each day to chaos. …..

Although faced with hostility at every turn, with their protests attacked by passersby, the Islamists do not seem to fully realise their mistakes, especially the failure to reach out to other political groups and the decision by Morsi in November 2012 to grant himself supreme powers and immunity for the Islamist-led parliament…..


Pakistan’s Myths and Manipulations
Khaled Ahmed

The Pakistani mind is encouraged by the state to nurse certain myths about why the country is in trouble. The foreign office, ever articulating the current military thinking, encourages this mythmaking by not coming clean on matters that exercise the collective mind….

When the Brotherhood reached power in Egypt, Egyptians realized that the organization placed itself above the law and above Egypt. The Brotherhood enjoyed limited support that was inflated by its strong funding, superior organization and logistics and the fragmented nature of its opponents….


Bangladesh's Non-Election
Tahmima Anam

The crisis erupted after the opposition, led by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party and its ally Jamaat-e-Islami, objected to holding a national election unless the government first handed over power to a neutral caretaker body; it feared rigging otherwise. When the ruling Awami League refused, the opposition leader Khaleda Zia called a series of crippling protests....


Jamaat Dragging Bangladesh Down
Paulo Casaca

THE recent violence in Bangladesh may appear random to the casual observer, but is nothing of the sort. It is the result of a coordinated campaign by Islamist extremists to destroy the country's democracy and cleanse it of religious minorities -- including Christians, Hindus and Buddhists....


Not Losing the Arab Awakening
Marwan Muasher

Given the grim news coming out of the region today, some will regard my arguments as a naïve, almost romantic view of an Arab world that does not exist - a mirage in the desert, totally detached from reality. They will point out the tumultuous state of affairs - and that regional political grievances are turning sectarian….


Talks or Firepower? Islamabad’s Taliban Dilemma
Mansoor Jafar

Ever since the Pakistan army launched the U.S. orchestrated military operation in the tribal region bordering Afghanistan in February 2004 to flush out Taliban, Pakistan has been witnessing the civil war like situation. The angry Islamist militants from the tribal region began targeting armed forces through bombs and suicide attacks to take revenge against the Pakistani military and the U.S. for its drone attacks….


Sharia Banking Goes Bankrupt
Tarek Fatah

Banna and his successor Syed Qutb even laid down principles of Islamic finance. Millard Burr and Robert Collins in their book Alms for Jihad claim that the Muslim Brotherhood watched, waited, and learned the management of money that was essential to finance a worldwide organization devoted to spreading their Islamist ideology.....

Decline of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement
Khaled Ahmed

Ironically, the fate of a party formerly seen as violent is now a barometer of what is happening to liberal-secular elements in Pakistan….


Election amid Anarchy in Bangladesh
Haroon Habib

The U.S.-backed international community sided with the anti-election grouping, lending vital support to the Jamaat and the BNP. The E.U. and the U.S. have repeatedly requested everyone to not resort to violence, but without any specifics....


Sudhakar Group and Maulana Muniruzzaman Islamabadi Interpreted Islam in Bangla to ‘Cleanse the Faith of Islam’ From the Influences of Hinduism and Christianity – Part - 21
Nurul Kabir

Bankim’s efforts to inspire Hindu nationalism against Muslims, when Sree, the abandoned wife of Sitaram, persuades the latter to save her brother from ‘injustice’ inflicted on him by a ‘notorious’ Muslim fakir and an ‘unjust’ local Muslim Quází, arguing that ‘who would save Hindus but the Hindus...


Salafi ‘Smart Power’ Of Saudi Arabia
Yuram Abdullah Weiler

Using its abundant oil revenues, Saudi Arabia has managed to create for itself an illusion of a prosperous yet religiously pious monarchy that follows a strict, purified form of Islam known as Salafism (from the Arabic Salaf - ancestor) or Wahhabism (from Mohammad Abdul Wahhab - the founder of the sect). By exporting this parochial Salafi or Takfiri (from the Arabic takfir - to declare someone a heretic) doctrine throughout the Middle East and even to the Americas as the “authentic Islam,”….

Mohajirs Have the Right to Maintain Their Separate Identity
Niaz Murtaza

Such arguments also assert that Mohajirs should consider themselves Sindhis only and learn Sindhi. It would be excellent if people learnt neighbouring languages to increase national and provincial unity. However, people usually learn other languages not based on a sense of civic duty but on need or passion. Even the Punjabis and Pakhtuns permanently settled in Karachi speak little Sindhi......


OIC and the Pressing Issues of the Muslim Ummah
Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi

The Organization itself has been content to make routine statements, especially after its expansion, as the body has now become preoccupied with its own matters and that of its employees and their privileges. In recent decades, the OIC has lost its capabilities and competence, and has failed to undertake its significant role in serving Islamic causes….

The Spirit of 1971
Mo Chaudhury

The Spirit of 1971
Mo Chaudhury

The 1971 Bangali traitors (mostly Jamaat/Shibir) were communal and fundamentalist, and there is no compromise in prosecuting their crimes against humanity. But the freedom fighters sacrificed their lives principally to free Bangladesh from the (West) Pakistani invaders, and neutralising the traitors came only by the incidence of their collaboration. Note that communalism and religious fundamentalism exist in most societies and are on the rise even in developed secular democracies like USA….

But I can still dream. Someday, this country will be the one we wanted it to be. Someday, the only minorities in this country will be those who do not overcome hatred of all things that are different. I may not see that day. My students may not see that day. But I know that day has to come. It is winter now, and the cold jolts our very bones. But spring has to come…..


To Give Credence to Ideas like ‘Socialist Islam’, ‘Metaphorical Islam’ Or Any Kind of Islam Is To Give Sanction to the Taliban
Kunwar Khuldune Shahid

Just like Epicureanism, secularism doesn’t deny the existence of a deity or endeavour to create a state sans religion. All it vies to formulate is a society where all citizens are equal regardless of who they worship or don’t; regardless of which historical figures they respect or don’t and regardless of what they believe in and what they don’t….

The Arab World’s Shameful Reality
Mohammed Fahad al-Harthi

The Arab World’s Shameful Reality
Mohammed Fahad al-Harthi

The religious conflict is the worst of all. It is being employed in a political manner that will mean decades of war and see many generations destroyed. Sectarian strife and religious extremism are the main obstacles for any society’s development and progress….

Bangladesh: The Communal Mind
Syed Badrul Ahsan

Every now and then, you come across people who will inform you, without batting an eyelid, that had Pakistan not been created in 1947, Bangladesh would not emerge in 1971. How do you respond to these people? Tell them this: that because Pakistan came into being, it became an imperative for us to correct circumstances through driving it out of our lives. We did that, through creating Bangladesh. And we are happy we did….

Sudhakar Group and Maulana Muniruzzaman Islamabadi Interpreted Islam in Bangla to ‘Cleanse the Faith of Islam’ From the Influences of Hinduism and Christianity – Part - 20
Nurul Kabir

Bankim Chandra successfully represented in his novels like Ananadamath and Devi Chowdhurany a political thought long shared by a significant section of the Hindu elite that welcomed the British colonial occupation of India, and cooperated with them to disempower the Muslims at large, with a view to paving the way for setting up a Hindu state in the region…..


Pakistan Is Paying the Price of Indecision
Fe'reeha Idrees

The lame excuses of USA derailing the peace process are sounding as lame as ever. If serious efforts and an obvious direction are not shaped on the issue of war on terror soon, we will be compelled to believe that the government actually has no direction at all. Perhaps it never had. They promised peaceful days to the people of Pakistan. It is time now to deliver just that…..

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