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What Is The Arabic For Democracy?

“The revolution was for nothing. We changed one family of thieves for many families of thieves. This country depends on tourism. Now there are no tourists.” Such is the harsh judgment of one stallholder on Avenue Habib Bourguiba in Tunis, scene of many protests during the 2011 revolution...


India Should Avoid Pakistan’s Path to Extremism
Anuradha Chenoy

It is well established that young boys — victims of the Afghan conflicts — were adopted and schooled in Pakistani madrasas and trained to become the lethal Talibs. Even while they assisted in the removal of Soviet rule, Afghanistan especially, but also other countries and people in the region, paid the price exacted by the ruthless Taliban....


Inside Darul Uloom Deoband, a Seminary under Siege
Mohammad Ali

...one of the most influential Islamic institutions in the world that frames Islamic discourse in the subcontinent — retreating further and further into its shell at being besieged. Students, research scholars, teachers and sympathisers betray a disturbing narrative, one in which the members of the Deoband community are on the defensive despite not having done anything that runs afoul of the law.....

The Breakdown of Arab States

Arab states are suffering a crisis of legitimacy. In a way, they have never got over the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The prominent ideologies—Arabism, Islamism and now jihadism—have all sought some greater statehood beyond the frontiers left by the colonisers....


The Arab Withering: Who Should Be Blamed?
Roger Cohen

Bearded members of the Muslim Brotherhood, their skin scarred by the torture of Mubarak’s security state, embraced secular Egyptian liberals and declared common cause. Young men and women, their eyes burning with conviction, proclaimed that the 18 days in Tahrir had given their lives meaning for the first time...


For anybody reflecting on India-Pakistan relations, the abiding question must be that given the cultural similarities between India and Pakistan, why can’t they be friendly neighbours like the US and Canada?..


After 12 years of the attack, the Supreme Court finally acquitted all of the convicts and recorded its anguish over the conduct of the investigation agencies, which had booked and got convicted, innocents. It can only be hoped that anguish is the beginning of reform.....

London Has Come a Long Way
Sunanda K. Datta-Ray

London Has Come a Long Way

London has come a long way since the 1950s when an elderly Londoner boasted she jabbed coloured people in the underground with her handbag so that she could smile sweetly and apologise just to show them whites could be nice....


The Only Way to Solve Iraq’s Political Crisis
Zaid al-Ali

Without new blood, these vital reforms have no chance of success. And without a new culture of accountability for government officials, Iraq has no hope...


Snoozing While The Region Smoulders: What Is The Point Of The Arab League?

The Arab League is not alone in wrestling with the end of an age of heroes, and the erosion of multilateral ideology by resurgent nationalism...


At the time Erdogan’s words sent shockwaves among Muslim Brotherhood figures who were opposed to the separation of state and religion. .....


From Houla to Aleppo: Syria’s Srebrenica Moments Multiply
Joyce Karam

For ISIS and Al-Qaeda's Nusra, this status quo is ideal in Syria in terms of preying on civilians' tragedies to increase recruitment, emerge as a hard-line alternative to the more moderate groups and confirm the conspiratorial sentiment that the West is allied with Assad. Given the brutal nature of the war and the very low likelihood for an action plan to protect civilians, Srebrenica moments are only bound to repeat in Syria....


Since November, ISIS’s pseudo-caliphate has lost forty per cent of its territory in Iraq and ten per cent in Syria, as well as tens of thousands of fighters, tons of arms, and hundreds of millions of dollars stored in warehouses that have been bombed by the U.S.-led coalition. ISIS fighters are dying faster than they can be replaced. For the first time, ISIS no longer seems invincible.....

Pakistan: A Democracy Abducted
Qanta Ahmed

It is Islamism that makes war with the secular, not Islam which embraces profoundly secular values: freedom of human will, freedom of belief, the foundations of Divinely Authored pluralistic world and the unshakeable tenet that Islam is nothing if not justice manifest. Objecting to the anti-violence against women bills are the hallmarks of the imposters of Islam, not Islam’s true stewards.....


Will Turkey Bid Farewell To Secularism?
Cengiz Candar

Thus, for some staunch Kemalist-secularists in Turkey, reviving the memory of Kut from the forgotten pages of archives is a nefarious attempt to further tarnish Ataturk's name by the current Islamist rule in Turkey. The move is interpreted in terms of the incipient Islamisation of Turkey...


In Israel, an Ugly Tide Sweeps Over Palestinians
Jonathan Cook

The trigger-happy soldier Elor Azaria and the peace camp leader Isaac Herzog have more in common than either might wish to admit. In their different ways, both have helped to turn all Palestinians into outcasts – and crush any hope of concessions from Israel to peace...


Is China Changing Its Policy Towards Uighur Muslims?
Ahmed Rashid

China has never experienced widespread terrorism or Islamic militancy and it has certainly not tried to export it either. Now it is facing both dangers, and neighbouring states are questioning China's ability to treat its Uighur population fairly and halt these trends....

Kabul’s Season of Uncertainty
Rakesh Sood

The Taliban strategy is twofold: to inflict casualties in major cities using bomb blasts and suicide attacks to demonstrate that they can hit even the most protected targets, and to try to occupy a provincial capital for a few days to expose the limits of Kabulís authority....


A Road Trip through Conflict, Settlements and Occupation
Chris Doyle

Palestinians face a daily battle to build, to get jobs, water, electricity and to be able to travel anywhere including schools and hospitals. Increasingly they despair of the international community, Israel and the Palestinian Authority. “Nobody else but us will end this occupation,” a Bedouin tells me confidently. “Giving up is not an option.”...


Don’t Push the Indian Muslim over the Edge
Salman Anees Soz

Two points of caution are in order. First, the past cannot guarantee the future. Vigilance by Muslim families, community leaders, and the government is necessary. Second, the rise of Hindutva and ultra-nationalism may pave the way for institutionalised marginalisation of Muslims. This will shake the foundations of India’s pluralistic character. These trends are dangerous, self-defeating and threaten India’s security and well-being. Indian Muslims have overwhelmingly rejected extremism....

Haider al-Abadi’s Dangerous Gamble
Zalmay Khalilzada

 Iraq is facing major financial pressure, and the war against the Islamic State grinds on. The last thing the country needs is a major political crisis. But that’s exactly what appears to be in the works — unless the United States and Iran work together to help the prime minister avoid it...


Religious Fascism: True Faith Requires the Stripping Of Violence, Intolerance and Hatred
Saad Hafiz

Very few Muslim states encourage a pluralist identity, where being a Muslim is not considered synonymous with unflinching adherence to theology, or even with religious belief at all. Clearly, this rigid ideology is incompatible with modernity embodied in democracy and freedom of thought and expression.....


Malaysia and Turkey Carrying the Torch of Islam
Harun Yahya

The brilliant light of Islam started blazing from the Arabian Peninsula only a century after Hijrah to enlighten the four corners of the earth. The first communicators began to convey the noble message to millions of people, from the borders of Spain to the gates of Anatolia, from the coasts of East Africa to the lands of Iran. Arab sailors, sharing the same enthusiasm, set off across the Indian Ocean: first to India, and then Pakistan. After a few centuries, Asian lands in the Far East had become acquainted with the religion....

Does Libya need Al-Serraj to get out of its entanglement? He promised to flow the cash into banks, solve the Misrata-Tawergha displacement issue, end war in Benghazi and a lot more, but that remains ink on paper and needs a comprehensive cooperation across Libya and involvement of all Libyan sectors to apply.....


Saudi Arabia Tilts Toward India
Bruce Riedel

Pakistan will remain a key ally for Saudi Arabia. The kingdom has invested billions in supporting Pakistan for decades. The military relationship between the two remains robust despite the differences over Yemen. The bonds of religion and history unite the two Islamic countries. Sharif knows Riyadh will want to avoid any damage to its ties to Islamabad. But Salman is also warning Pakistan that the kingdom has other suitors....

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