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Haider al-Abadi’s Dangerous Gamble
Zalmay Khalilzada

 Iraq is facing major financial pressure, and the war against the Islamic State grinds on. The last thing the country needs is a major political crisis. But that’s exactly what appears to be in the works — unless the United States and Iran work together to help the prime minister avoid it...


Religious Fascism: True Faith Requires the Stripping Of Violence, Intolerance and Hatred
Saad Hafiz

Very few Muslim states encourage a pluralist identity, where being a Muslim is not considered synonymous with unflinching adherence to theology, or even with religious belief at all. Clearly, this rigid ideology is incompatible with modernity embodied in democracy and freedom of thought and expression.....


Malaysia and Turkey Carrying the Torch of Islam
Harun Yahya

The brilliant light of Islam started blazing from the Arabian Peninsula only a century after Hijrah to enlighten the four corners of the earth. The first communicators began to convey the noble message to millions of people, from the borders of Spain to the gates of Anatolia, from the coasts of East Africa to the lands of Iran. Arab sailors, sharing the same enthusiasm, set off across the Indian Ocean: first to India, and then Pakistan. After a few centuries, Asian lands in the Far East had become acquainted with the religion....

Does Libya need Al-Serraj to get out of its entanglement? He promised to flow the cash into banks, solve the Misrata-Tawergha displacement issue, end war in Benghazi and a lot more, but that remains ink on paper and needs a comprehensive cooperation across Libya and involvement of all Libyan sectors to apply.....


Saudi Arabia Tilts Toward India
Bruce Riedel

Pakistan will remain a key ally for Saudi Arabia. The kingdom has invested billions in supporting Pakistan for decades. The military relationship between the two remains robust despite the differences over Yemen. The bonds of religion and history unite the two Islamic countries. Sharif knows Riyadh will want to avoid any damage to its ties to Islamabad. But Salman is also warning Pakistan that the kingdom has other suitors....


Indian PM Modi’s Statement in Brussels: “Terrorism Must Be Disassociated from Religion” is Welcome, but How Can It Be Accomplished?
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent address to the Indian Diaspora in Brussels contained five significant points:

“Terrorism must be delinked from religion; no religion teaches terrorism, a strong message that resonated from the World Sufi Forum recently held in Delhi”.

“Terrorism is a challenge to humanity. The entire world must unite to combat it….UN should define “terrorism” in a clear way”.

“India has not given in to terrorism, and there is no instance of surrendering to terror outfits…. India is the lone light of hope amidst the global crisis”.

“India has been battling terrorism for decades. But the rest of the world recognized the danger only after 9/11”.

“We cannot tackle terrorism with only bombs and guns. Misfortune of the world is that the UN does not know how to tackle terrorism”....

Tackling Terror in Belgium: Molenbeek versus Mechelen
S. Mubashir Noor, New Age Islam

Belgium’s ties to international terrorism are not new. Its citizens of Maghreb origin were linked to the assassination of Ahmed Shah Massoud, the 2004 Madrid bombings and the shootings at Charlie Hebdo. Molenbeek’s demographics also fit the general profile of areas most susceptible to radicalism. Its large Muslim immigrant population lives densely packed in a virtual ghetto with inadequate amenities and a deep sense of isolation. Regional unemployment runs alarmingly high, perhaps 30 or 40 percent, and average income lags far behind the national trend……


Terrorism Will Not Stop By Lighting Candles
Shishir Gupta

Many believe that the radicalisation of Muslims in Belgium was initiated at the behest of Wahhabi imams from Saudi Arabia who preached at Brussels Grand Mosque, which was constructed in 1967 as part of an oil deal with the House of Saud. The unemployed and marginalised Muslim youth in Europe, particularly in France and Belgium, turned to radical Islam in order to assert their identity even at the cost of harming the global diversity of the religion.....


Betrayal of the Islamic Faith
JS Rajput

People, unfamiliar with the basic philosophy of Islam find it difficult to assimilate that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’, that it preaches love and care as essential human obligations on every follower of this faith. The Islamic clergy and opinion-makers have just not made serious and widespread efforts to let people of other faiths know that Islam expects its adherents to live in peace with ‘others’, and does not enjoin upon its followers to convert one and all to Islam. How many non-Muslims really understand the true import of jihad and kafir?....

Lessons from Europe’s Amnesia
M. K. Narayanan

Belgium’s deeply divided society, its sizeable numbers of alienated Muslims, and its constant search for political compromise have contributed in large measure to its image of a ‘weak state’, and hence an easy target for terrorists.....


The series of events, culminating in the designation of Hizballah as a terrorist organization, only means that Saudi Arabia’s gluttony will no longer be satisfied by its traditional Lebanese political meal. The baptizing of the Saudi-Israeli alliance with Lebanese blood today looks closer than ever.....


To Fulfill Its Potential Pakistan Must Return to the Original Intent of the Lahore Resolution
Khwaja Khusro Tariq

Immediately after the creation of Pakistan, the main religio-political parties- the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI)-started campaigning to make Pakistan a theocratic state. The JUI was headed by the heavily influential Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani while the JI was led by the fiery Abu A’la Maududi. Both lobbied relentlessly and succeeded in making religion a central feature of the “Objectives Resolution” of 1949 and the first constitution of Pakistan promulgated in 1956....


Clarity Is Required On Pakistan’s Ties With The Saudis
Huma Yusuf

...The public deserves a clearer indication of the potential for Pakistani troops to become involved in conflicts in Syria and Yemen as a result of growing counterterrorism cooperation with Saudi Arabia, particularly after parliament in April last year decided against sending Pakistani troops to join the Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen.

AQAP Publishes Insider’s Account Of 9/11 Plot
Thomas Joscelyn

Wuhayshi began by explaining al Qaeda’s rationale for attacking America. Prior to 9/11, the jihadists’ cause was not supported by the Muslim people, because the mujahideen’s “goals” were not widely understood. The jihadists were divided into many groups and fought “tit-for-tat” conflicts “with the tyrants.” (The “tyrants” were the dictators who ruled over many Muslim-majority countries.)


Libya: Military Intervention Would Only Strengthen The Islamic State
Patrick Haimzadeh

A new international military intervention in Libya will therefore not contribute to any lasting solution that responds to the political and social reasons for the presence of IS in that country. This must require first and foremost the rebuilding of a legitimate Libyan state, including as many of the local military and political forces as possible.


Trump and Baghdadi: How the Two Most Provocative Men in News Are Feeding Into Each Other's Agendas
Marwan Bishara

How does the leading Republican candidate for the US presidency, Donald Trump, square off with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi at the helm of the so-called Islamic State group? For many, shoving the two names in the same headline is an anathema. Drawing any association between them is an abomination.....

In what follows, we show how framing the assaults in this way has made possible their instrumentalisation by right-wing politicians and movements to encourage discriminatory and exclusionary policies towards Muslim, migrant, and refugee communities in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Our analysis reveals what is obscured in this process of representation, focusing on the use of (and contestations around) the term “Taharrush” in Egypt and on the history of public and private sexual violence in Germany and across Europe.....


Israeli Politics: An Arab Agenda
The Economist

Most Israelis take great pride in their democracy, which is committed to equal rights for Jews and non-Jews, and features the representation of Israeli Arabs in such bodies as the Supreme Court. Some argue that the suspension law undermines this.....


Only Separation Can Lead to a Two-State Solution
Isaac Herzog

A majority of Israelis see a two-state solution as the only feasible way to end the conflict and retain Israel as both a Jewish and a democratic state. But for good reason, a majority of Israelis also see this as unrealistic right now. The hatred and distrust between the two peoples, fuelled by extremists on both sides and compounded by the reluctance of leaders in Jerusalem and Ramallah, has forced me to conclude that a breakthrough toward an agreement is not foreseeable.....


The exchanges between Turkey and the US with regard to the Feb. 17 attack in Ankara are extremely important for one essential reason, and that is Erdoğan's unanswered question: “Are you for us or with the terrorist organization?” The answer to that posed question is complex, and it rests on what one considers the vital national security interests of the United States vis-à-vis those of Turkey, especially regarding the “War against Terrorism,”.....

Muslim as the Enemy, Muslim as the Other
Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

But for this Hindu Right group, the mere fact that he was a Muslim was reason enough that he should be taught a lesson, shamed and humiliated and eventually dragged and beaten up. It is another matter that he was an Indian that he was a fellow Maharashtrian; what was more important for the crowd was that he was Muslim first and last. In short, this policeman who had done nothing wrong but performs his duty for nearly three decades was reduced to his religious identity......

What Might Secular Kurdish Nationalism Promise?
Adem Ince

The PKK/PYD's secular Kurdish nationalist doctrine, which is quite similar to Kemalism in terms of having no tolerance for ‘others,' will not bring freedom to the region but rather the despotism of totalitarian regimes.....


How Not To Resolve the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
Clifford D. May

Imagine that your mission is to make sure the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians does not get resolved — not even now, a time when self-proclaimed Jihadis are wreaking havoc throughout much of the Middle East and, as a consequence, Israel’s relations with Egypt, Jordan and even Saudi Arabia are improving. What policies might help you accomplish your mission?....


A Ceasefire in Syria Is Pure Fantasy
Luke Coffey

The brutal truth is that the Civil War has been left to rot and fester for so long there is very little the US or even Russia can do to engineer a cessation of hostilities much less a full-blown ceasefire, armistice or peaceful outcome.....


The Current Chaos in Syria May Help the Islamic State
Ishaan Tharoor

In midst of this the worrying spiral, the U.S. and other governments are also trying to coordinate strikes against the Islamic State, a radical Islamist terror organization that still controls territory in parts of Syria and Iraq. Kurdish militias have long been battling the extremists in Syria's Raqqa province; a U.S.-led international ground incursion from Turkey, backed by Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states, has also been mooted though remains an unlikely prospect.....


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