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The Israel Lobby vs the First Amendment
Ramzy Baroud

To ensure that ordinary Americans never understand that reality is entirely different from what the media reports, the Palestinian voice is habitually muffled and the Palestinian intellectual is hidden from view. For many years, the "debate" has rarely focused on Palestinian rights, but has been a one-sided Israeli diatribe about its security, future and its twisted, convenient and ever-flexible definition of anti-Semitism.....


Religion Is an Inner State
Amin Valliani

At times, the so-called religious leaders and scholars empowered the states, rulers, warriors and politicians etc to carry on with their brutalities while the true leaders who abstained were treated badly. For example, in the last stages of Umayyad rule, Ibn Habaireh, the governor of Iraq, offered Imam Abu Hanifa the office of chief justice which he declined. On his refusal, he was subjected to ill treatment....

Saudi Arabia and Israel Are Best Buddies
Dr Ludwig Watzal

Perhaps US President Donald Trump is that stupid to walk into this Israeli-Saudi trap. The US has already paid a high price for its illegal attacks across the Middle East. Why should the American people take the bullet for these two rogue regimes? When Saudi Arabia and Israel want to attack Iran, the tens of thousands of their decadent princes should fight together with the Israeli army. So far, Saudi Arabia was unable to defeat a bunch of Houthi tribesmen in Yemen....


Reducing Middle East to a Videogame
Aijaz Zaka Syed

 Land Warrior, for instance, creates a scenario in which Arabs from several countries have banded together into a terrorist organization to destroy the US and the West (Al-Qaeda? Daesh?) Full Spectrum Warrior is set in a fictional country called Tazikhstan that is a “haven for terrorists and extremists.”....


Was Jinnah’s August 11 Speech Just ‘Ceremonial’?
Zulfiquar Rao

In his speech he assured the citizens of the new country saying, “You are free, you are free to go to your temples; you are free to go to your mosques or any other place of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or cast or creed — that has nothing to do with the business of the State... ..

The End of the Abbas Era
Grant Rumley

The closest the Israeli-Palestinian conflict got to an actual third intifada, or uprising, happened late this past month when Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas mobilized the shadowy militia elements of his party for widespread Friday protests. What the lone-wolf stabbing attacks that have plagued Israel for the past several years lacked—and what both the first and second intifadas had—was political leadership and support. In activating the Tanzim...


‘The Wounds Have Never Healed’: Living through the Terror of Partition
Moni Mohsin

When I told the late writer and historian Khushwant Singh – a Delhi Wallah who was once a Lahori – of my encounters in Delhi, he smiled and said: “You should see them at the cinema. Whenever Lahore gets mentioned, they all burst into tears together.”...


Preet Nagar: Peace Lovers from Both Sides of the Border Meet At This Haven
Rukhsana Shah

In colonial India, Gandhiji’s vision encompassed a return to Ramraj enriched by the ideas of Tolstoy and Ruskin, and was reflected in his two ashrams set up in Maharashtra. Earlier, Rabindranath Tagore’s father had set up the famous Shantiniketan, a spiritual centre in West Bengal that is now a full-fledged university town. However, not many people know about the existence of Preet Nagar (now in India), a community that was set up midway between Lahore and Amritsar in 1938 by Gurbakhsh Singh, a resident of Model Town, Lahore.....


Ariel Gold, a New Breed of Jewish Activist against Israel
Rima Najjar

The one place in the entire world the Jews were neither discriminated against nor subject to pogroms was the Muslim world. In fact so much that was the case that when Christianity came back to power in Spain in Andalusia, in the western extent of the Islamic empire, when the Muslims left, the Jews left with them, because they feared the Christian anti-Semitism, which would be unleashed in the wake of the departure of the Islamic civilization in the West, that’s why so many Jews are to be found, even today, and were to be found in profusion before the creation of the state of Israel in countries like Morocco and along the north African coast, because under the protection of the Muslims, the Jews left Europe and went to live in N Africa.....


Still Waiting for a Palestinian Gandhi? S/he's Already Here
Zaha Hassan

There is no more powerful way to expose an injustice and to correct misperceptions associated with that injustice than by the hand of the oppressor himself. Rosa Parks, Dr. King and Gandhi knew this and so, too, do Palestinians and those in solidarity with them.....


Palestinian Victory in Jerusalem Is Pivotal Moment
Ramzy Baroud

Neither Fatah nor Hamas have been of much relevance to the mass protests around Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem. Nor have US pressure, half-hearted European “concern about the situation” or clichéd Arab declarations made one iota of difference. UN officials warned of grim scenarios of escalation, but their predictions were wrong. The spontaneous mass movement in Jerusalem, which eventually defeated Israeli plans to change the status of Al-Aqsa, was purely a people’s movement...


Anti-Semitism Is Not the Issue; Palestine Is
Rima Najjar

Anti-Semitism should not be used as an issue in discussions and debates over the struggle for the liberation of Palestine.  Ever since the establishment of the Jewish state in Palestine and all throughout the unfolding of Zionist policy, Jews like Chaim Weizmann have expressed the idea that Zionist crimes in Palestine are to be deplored, not so much because of their nature as acts of butchery against a largely unarmed Palestinian Arab population...


Fatah Leverages Temple Mount Crisis to Confront Israel
Shlomi Eldar

According to Israeli security assessments, if Fatah and Tanzim activists sense that Israel is helpless in the face of their provocations, their appetite for confrontation will grow. As far as security officials are concerned, Israel must draw a line and make clear that it will not stand for further violence. That is why the government has already updated emergency procedures for dealing with a recalcitrant PA that fails to understand that its leaders are playing with fire....


Lebanon Is another Name for Hezbollah
Tony Badran

America is proud to support those who have the courage to stand up to terrorism,” president Trump said on Tuesday. But if terrorism includes Hezbollah, which the president made clear it does, then by definition the Lebanese state and the LAF should be excluded from that list....


Out of the Ruins of Aleppo: A Syrian Community Begins to Rebuild
Robert Fisk

Aleppo will be rebuilt by its people. We need to see Aleppo again – all of it, because otherwise we will go on missing it. A poet once wrote that the ‘spirit of eagerness to see’ was sufficient for one person in just a glance at a city – but that for those who live there, even if we look constantly at it, it is not enough....


In fact, what Israel has been doing over many long years is pursuing its political aims of encroaching on Palestinian lands through religious prisms. It is simple: appropriate the lands on the basis of a political ideology and then claim that they are being taken for religious purposes. In fact, Israel has mooted a similar concept of sharing this Noble Sanctuary by Jews and Muslims....


Israel in Palestine as Dysfunctional Judaism as Saudi Arabia Is A Dysfunctional Manifestation of Islam
Rima Najjar

I view Saudi Arabia as a dysfunctional manifestation of Islam.  In the same way, I view Israel as a dysfunctional manifestation of Judaism.  This is not to mean, I hasten to say, that either Judaism or Islam is inherently at odds with the social, cultural or political lives of its adherents or with universal moral values....


The compound, known to Muslims as Haram al-Sharif and to Jews as Temple Mount, includes the al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock. It is one of the holiest shrines for Muslims all over the world, as well as a touchstone of Palestinian identity....


The Case for a Secular State: A Secular State Does Not Mean the Elimination of Religion, but It’s Privatisation
Maryam Sakeenah

In most of Islam’s history, involvement of religious scholars and religious leaders in politics checked, regulated and held governments accountable. In fact, religious leaders, specifically the great Imams of both the Shiite and Sunni tradition, often became active forces of resistance to political excesses and abuse of religion. The example of Hussain R.A and the Imams of the Ahl-ul-Bayt as well as other companions is a powerful legacy....


Violence and Diplomatic Upheaval over the Al-Aqsa Mosque: The Latest Episode of A Never-Ending Story

King Abdullah now has to show he’s not Israel’s stooge and needs a solution in which he doesn’t lose face.” The problem will probably be solved, and the tension ebb over the next few days; but the next crisis over al-Aqsa will be just around the corner....


"How many Hindus in this class?" It was for some government count as far as I can remember. A majority of my classmates raised their hands. Then she asked, "How many Muslims in this class?" A few raised their hands. She proceeded to ask one or two more questions. I didn't raise my hand at all. I didn't know what those words meant; I didn't know "what" I was. My bench partner that day noticed this and complained at the end: "Ma'am, he didn't raise his hand." "What are you?"Mrs. Sinha barked at me. "I don't know", I replied....

Lynching to Power
Irfan Engineer

Lynching to Power
Irfan Engineer

Resisting lynch mobs and speaking against them is not only in the interest of minorities directly threatened but also in the interest of society in general and democracy in particular. The majority will have to break their silence and be vocal against all forms of violence....


Inside The Muslim Mind: The Deepening Sense of Otherness among the Minority Community
Saurabh Banerjee

"Now, you have broadly two categories of Muslims. One, the more educated, cosmopolitan Muslim. This category is angry, but hopeful. They know India is much more than this (bitter, fragile, divisive). So they are hopeful too. And on the other, you have the insular section. What they are feeling now is despair. They are vulnerable." And this is potentially dangerous, he says....


The Modernization of Middle East is a Sight to See
Amir Taheri

The late Ayatollah Khomeini's discourse owed more to Lenin and Stalin than to the great Muslim philosophers and theologians of ages. Iran became modernized when Khomeini organized the execution of at least 4,000 people in a weekend, something even the bloodthirsty Agha Muhammad Khan Qajar never imagined doing. Syria became modern when Hafez Al-Assad killed 20,000 people in Hama, something no Umayyad Caliph would imagine doing....


Israel’s Secret Arab Allies
Neri Zilber

The region’s wars show no sign of abating in the near future. At the very least, Israel is no longer viewed as the central problem plaguing the Middle East. For this reason, Mr. Trump urged the Arab states to “recognize the vital role of the state of Israel” in the region’s affairs. Absent significant movement on the Palestinian front, this new Israeli role isn’t likely to bring a full and public normalization of relations or an end to the region’s conflict....


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