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The Fatwa Brigade
Pervaiz Rashid

The minister was next in line to incur the wrath of the fatwa-brigade after a recent speech at the Karachi Arts Council where he termed religious seminaries as ‘universities of ignorance’ that are steeped in intolerance. While many feel that the minister’s statement could have been more carefully phrased in order to avoid putting all the seminaries in the same bracket….

Fatwa Fears
Shahzad Raza

Fatwa Fears
Shahzad Raza

At a conference coordinated by Maulana Ziaul Haq Naqshbandi in Lahore, they said suicide attacks were un-Islamic and terrorists who were killed by the security forces were not martyrs. But at the same time, they wanted the government to free Mumtaz Qadri, the police commando who assassinated Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer, inspired by Fatwas against him....

First War of Independence
Prof. P.S. Bhandari, New Age Islam

They have been raising slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ even though this slogan was first raised and made popular by Shaheed-e-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh 72 years after this war when he threw Bomb in the Assembly on April 8, 1929. (The slogan was coined by Maulana Hasrat Mohani in 1921) The *Slogan of the Sepoys of this War of 1857 was a different one......


“Unlike what we saw in the videos on the Internet and what we were preached by our handlers, the IS is into un-Islamic activities in Iraq. They treat men and women as sex slaves. I was appalled by what I saw. Women are relegated as sex objects. This disillusioned me and I decided to return to India,”...


The Utility of Ishratul Ibad
Najam Sethi

In the 1980s and 2000s the MQM was the darling of the military establishment because it was first needed under General Zia ul Haq to counter the PPP in Sindh and then under General Pervez Musharraf to counter the PPP and PMLN in the rest of the country. Even during General Ashfaq Kayani’s time, the military establishment used the MQM to leverage power-relations with the PPP and PMLN...


The Fragility of Modern States: The Coming Dissolution of Great Britain
Patrick Cockburn

Knowing these countries has given me a strong sense of the fragility of nation states when confronted by strongly rooted local nationalisms. The glue holding together nations is always a mixture of myth and self-interest which tends to become ossified and discredited over time. At the height of British imperial power in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Scots were part of a British super-nationality that acted as the ruling caste of the empire....


The Commodification of Violence
Shiv Visvanathan

Over the last few decades, I have spent a lot of time studying violence, trying to make sense of the phenomena. I have worked hard at finding the right language to describe violence. One has tried to understand the various forms of violence and the way to respond to it. As I struggled with my narratives, I realised that one has spent too much time analysing the production of violence….

Pakistanis Should No Longer Live in Fear of Other Pakistanis!
Hasham N.

Kids in schools today are harassed because of perceptions related to their sexual orientation and are bullied because of their gender expression. The world community, including the media, general public, opinion leaders and policy makers will commemorate International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia this year on May 17th; but who in Pakistan will speak out against the stigma...

Electoral Wins or Religious Peace?
Pradeep Chhibber and Harsh Shah

As religion increasingly occupies the space of political discourse in India, there is a growing sense of insecurity among the country’s religious minorities. In the wake of a series of attacks on churches in New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocated for greater religious tolerance and vowed to punish religious violence.  Hardline Hindutva is guided by the idea that India is only a Hindu nation. It is often a violent strategy, which is vehemently anti-Muslim. ….

State Of Despair
Kamal Siddiqi

State Of Despair
Kamal Siddiqi

Thousands of desperate Rohingya Muslim refugees who are fleeing native Myanmar on rickety boats are being denied refuge in Southeast Asia because these countries do not want to add to their “burden”, despite the fact that such a number would add up to a fraction in real terms. Countries like Thailand as well as Muslim countries like Malaysia and Indonesia have turned away from any help which is a shame given that these countries are doing well economically....


Initiatives for Youth, Women: How One Couple Is Helping Bhatkal Shed the Terror Tag
Zubair Kazi

 “Women in Bhatkal are very shy and follow the Purdah system very strictly. There was a dire need to start a facility to bring out their talents. We regularly have exhibitions where people set up stalls. I also try to train people about customer services, on how to behave with customers as one would in the US. My goal is to bring Hindus, Muslims and Christians to work together in harmony and develop friendship,”.“Our community, which is peaceful and friendly, is sadly misunderstood....

If Pakistan Is a Purely Greedy State, Driven By Ideological Motives, Then Appeasement Is In Fact the More Dangerous Course of Policy Prescription
Khaled Ahmed

Fair asks the final question: “The current and past US policy approaches to Pakistan have assumed that Pakistan is a state that is motivated largely by security concerns that can be satisfied with some territorial concession and [is] thus capable of abandoning its revisionism with the appropriate allurements. But what if Pakistan is a purely greedy state, as the evidence I present intimates? If so, then any policy of appeasement may in fact aggravate the problems that Pakistan poses to regional and international security. If Pakistan is a purely greedy state, driven by ideological motives, then appeasement is in fact the more dangerous course of policy prescription.”....


More Lethal than RAW: Imagine That an Enemy Has Perfected a Super Weapon That Destroys Reasoning Power
Pervez Hoodbhoy

Contrast this with the madrasa model wherein truth is defined by the teacher and prescribed books. The teacher’s job is to convey the book contents, and the student’s job is to appropriately absorb and memorise. There are no problems to be solved, nor is challenging suppositions or checking logical consistency either encouraged or even tolerated. Limited to religious learning, such learning attitudes are perfectly fine. But their absorption into secular parts of the education system is disastrous. The hafiz-i-science or hafiz-i-math, which are copiously produced, carry exactly zero worth.....

My own subject is the way in which the sentencing of Salman, after 13 long years, is being used by all to mouth pious platitudes about respecting the judgment of the court and about the majesty of the law, which does not distinguish between the high and the low, between the powerful and the powerless....


The Ugly Truth Is That Turkish Politics Is Very, Very Ugly
Mustafa Akyol

The ugly truth is that Turkish politics is very, very ugly. All values can be sacrificed for the pursuit of power and the accomplishment of vengeance. About a decade ago, I used to blame mainly the old (Kemalist) establishment for this ugliness. But now I have seen another decade and have seen that the new (“conservative”) establishment is no better - if not worse. ….


We are All Refugees
Ramzy Baroud

Iraq can be the start – the country that served as a foundation of everything Arab. Their culture, history and civilization – which extends to the very beginning of human civilization – ushered in the new Arab exodus.The American promise to bomb it “back to the stone age” was worse than expected....


Pay Heed to a Minorities Report
Tahir Mahmood

The growing trend of religious intolerance and anti-minority prejudices worldwide, the United Nations had proclaimed a Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief in 1981, and a Declaration on the Rights of Minorities in 1992....

The Fascist Impulse
Praveen Swami

The Fascist Impulse
Praveen Swami

The fascist impulse, though, has survived — though it is rarely called by its proper name. It has manifested itself in the savageries of Islamism, in the blood-cults of Christ and tribe, in communal pogroms. Fascism’s form, though, isn’t always apocalyptic: “It does not always and of necessity,” as French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy put it, “mean storms of iron and blood....


Let us Use ISIS and Iran’s Tools against Them
Jamal Khashoggi

It is not right to view these youths as mercenaries. They are young dogmatic men who believe in a cause and a project, and who have undergone military and faith training. It does not matter that we view their cause and project as a bunch of metaphysical myths, because to them these are facts that are enough to kill us....

Jewish Money in US Elections?
Aijaz Zaka Syed

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy. It’s as if Ernest Benn had George W. Bush in mind when he defined the science of power…..

UN Battle to ‘Shame’ Israel over Abuse of Children: Ban Ki-Moon to Put Israeli Army on Same List as Islamic State and Taliban
Jonathan Cook

Israel is regularly condemned by UN human rights commissions, most recently in a resolution by the Commission on the Status of Women. But Israel and the US usually dismiss such findings as partisan, given that the commissions represent national governments, including Arab and Muslim states.....


Israel Must Seize This Opportunity for Peace
Fareed Zakaria

Reality has changed, but look beyond the headlines. On closer examination one can see that it has changed dramatically in Israel’s favour. First there is the disappearance of the Arab threat. From its first day in existence, Israel has faced the danger of extinction by Arab armies. This is the threat against which the Jewish state has planned, armed and trained for most of its national life. Today, it’s gone.....


Even so, many outside observers see the religious affairs committees as an excessive intrusion into the daily lives of believers. These committees create lots of risk for stability in Central Asia: they tacitly undermine public trust in state institutions, and, in doing so, heighten the appeal of the very radical religious ideas that the committees are supposed to contain.....


In the ‘Land of Pure’, No Space for Dissent
Hiranmay Karlekar

Despite the storm it triggered, Shahzad's death has been forgotten except for private remembrances. There is no reason to believe that it would be different in Sabeen Mahmud's case. Clearly, the ISI had no reason to fear the consequences of her death, as it had none in Shahzad's. Shahzad's murder followed the publication of an article by him linking the attack on the naval base....


Forced to Sell Alcohol: Why is the ‘Ummah’ Silent over the Plight of Chinese Muslims?
Farahnaz Zahidi

But there is a huge difference in this and what is happening to the Muslims in Xinjiang province in China. In Pakistan, this is done at the hands of extremists. But in China, it is at an official level that Muslims are forbidden from practicing Islam. The last year or more has seen repeated incidents of Muslims, a religious minority in China, being coerced into going against their religious beliefs….

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