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The death toll in the bomb explosion in the centre of the Thai capital has gone up to 27, said Reuters quoting local media. Several foreigners were among those killed when a bomb planted on a motorcycle exploded outside a shrine in the Thai capital on Monday....


No Place For Casteism And Communalism In The Country, says Indian PM Narendra Modi in his I-Day Speech
Indian PM Narendra Modi

Modi repeatedly referred to the central role of the country’s one billion-plus population – which he dubbed “Team India” – in his government’s development plans, saying the people alone will take India to new heights.

The Prime Minister, who has often been criticised for his silence on attacks on minorities by leaders of the BJP and the Sangh Parivar, said there was no place for casteism and communalism in the country....

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I Am Muslim; I Don’t Have a Ticket to Heaven: New Age Islam’s Selection from World Press, 17 August 2015

'Population Swap' Or 'Sectarian Cleansing?'

By Zeina Khodr

How Did ISIS Obtain Mustard Agent In Fight Against Kurds?

By Brooklyn Middleton

To Those Who Preached About Changes In The Middle East

By Abdulrahman Al-Rashed

Analyzing New Diplomatic Activity In The Middle East

By Raghida Dergham

A Last Chance For Syria

By Vijay Prashad

I Am Muslim; I Don’t Have a Ticket to Heaven

By Fa Abdul

Why Many Muslims Hate the West

By William R. Polk

Turkey Police Thwarted Against ISIL

By Abdullah Bozkurt

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I Am the Bare Pakistan: New Age Islam’s Selection from Pakistan Press, 14 August 2015

I Am the Bare Pakistan

By Syed Muzammil

Jinnah’s Letter to Pakistan: Who Do I Hold Accountable?

By Salman Zafar

In Defence of Human Rights Defenders

By Zeeba T Hashmi

What Freedom?

By Aasim Sajjad Akhtar

UAE’s Anti-Discrimination Legislation

By Syed Mohammad Ali

Alas, the Fun Is Over

Ayaz Amir

Sexual Abuse, A Taboo?

By Mehr Tarar

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Gandhi on Religion, Cow and Caste — III
Justice Markandey Katju

As regards the claim that Gandhi gave us freedom, this again is a myth. Does any country give up its empire without an armed fight for independence? Did the US get independence from the British through Satyagrah and hunger strikes, or by mobilising the Continental Army under George Washington, which fought the US war of Independence from 1775 to 1781? Did Bolivar liberate several Latin-American countries with guns or presenting flowers and bouquets to Spanish rulers? Did Ho Chi Minh defeat the French by use of arms or by salt marches?...

Gandhi on Religion, Cow and Caste — Part I and II
Justice Markandey Katju

Now, if one were a Sadhu or saint sitting in an ashram (hermitage), one can say anything. But when one enters politics and says such things in public political meetings, what effect will it have on a conservative Muslim mind? Will it not drive Muslims towards an organisation like the Muslim League? And did this not serve the British policy of divide and rule, therefore making Gandhi objectively a British agent? India is a country with tremendous diversity. Even today, some 18 percent of its population is Muslim. Before 1947, the percentage of Muslims would have been about 25 percent.. ...

How The Pakistani, Zaid Hamid,  Who Gained A Wide Following In Pakistan, Predicting A ‘Ghazwa’ To Trounce And Enslave India, Ended Up In A Saudi Prison
Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Nobody knows what the truth is but one Pakistani, Zaid Hamid, is said to have been nabbed in Saudi Arabia during a minor pilgrimage and condemned to eight years in jail and 1,000 lashes — bunched in weekly instalments — for badmouthing the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you go on the internet, the man is “Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid, founding president of an internationally recognised threat analysis consultancy and defence think tank, Brass Tacks”. He was once popular on TV talk shows in Pakistan....

With the coming of the ISIS things have changed. Now, India potentially confronts a new crop of educated and techno-savvy Jihadis with a global and millenarian outlook. As the Biswas case illustrates, these operators may have extensive and direct links with various international terror organizations, and maybe wired up for conducting real time operations in the most advanced forms of asymmetric warfare. Some of them may even be disaffiliated lone-wolf operators, or non-Muslim anti-national groups benefitting from the terrorist training available on the Internet. There is also the possibility of at least some Indian ISIS members, having real battlefield experience in foreign lands,....


Saudi Arabia Exports Radical Islam by Investing Heavily In Building Mosques, Madrasas, Schools, and Sunni Cultural Centres across the Muslim World: New Age Islam’s Selection from World Press, 14 August 2015

How Saudi Arabia Exports Radical Islam

By The Week Staff

Qaddafi Supporters Reemerge In A Disillusioned Libya

By Mohamed Eljarh

Isis Is Not America’s Fault and AirstrikesWon’t Defeat Them

By Joyce Karam

Why Isis Trumps Freedom

By Roger Cohen

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Consequence Of Mullah Omar’s Death: All Regional Players Need To Study Upcoming Developments Very Carefully: New Age Islam’s Selection From Pakistan Press, 13 August 2015

Ramifications of Mullah Omar’s Death

By Dr Raza Khan

Terrorism, Money Laundering and NGOs

By Imtiaz Gul

Afghanistan: Ghost War, Ghost Peace

By Dr Mohammad Taqi

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Gaping Lifestyle Divide between Madrasa Students and Outsiders: New Age Islam’s Selection from Pakistan Press, 12 August 2015

Gaping Lifestyle Divide between Madrasa Students and Outsiders

By Syed Moazzam Hai

As A Minority, It Is the Everyday Discrimination That Hurts Me the Most

By Marylou Andrew

Pakistani Society Lacks the Moral Vocabulary to Talk About the Issue of Child Sexual Abuse

By Rafia Zakaria

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Nobel Peace Laureates Endorse Violence
By Robert J. Burrowes, New Age Islam

Nobel Peace Laureates Endorse Violence
By Robert J. Burrowes, New Age Islam

And remember this: if you have not won the Nobel Peace Prize, you are in the same category as Mohandas K. Gandhi and many other fine people around the world who still struggle relentlessly for a world without violence whatever personal price they may pay.....


At Age 9, Babar Would Come Back from School and Teach Less Privileged Kids in His Village
Shreya Pareek

“I realised they had never attended school due to lack of finances. Plus, our village didn’t have good schools. Even I used to travel about 10 kms up and down every day to attend school”....


The Intellectual Terrorist Is More Devious and Dangerous Than A Thousand Foot Soldiers: New Age Islam’s Selection from World Press, 11 August 2015

Iran, Daesh and Terrorism — One Company!

By Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi

Reassessing the Still-Born U.S. Rebel Program in Syria

By Sharif Nashashibi

Does Egypt Lack Ideas Or Resources?

By Mohammed Nosseir

ISIS-Infested Iraq Has Time to Worry About Porn Sites

By Diana Moukalled

Tunisia Is Sacrificing Its Democracy For Safety

By Larbi Sadiki

The Intellectual Terrorist

By Bikram Vohra

The Sovereign Terror

By Nazmul Sultan

If Barack Obama Ever Had a Strategy for Syria, It’s been Turned on Its Head

By Natalie Nougayrède

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India-Pakistan Relations: Challenges and the Way Forward: New Age Islam’s Selection from Pakistan Press, 11 August 2015

Trying Terrorists: Myths and Reality

By Faisal Siddiqi

The Fateful Split of The Jamiat Ulema Islam

By Nadeem F. Paracha

Pakistan-India Peace Need Is Urgent

By Babar Ayaz

Empowered Women of Sindh, Pakistan

By Naween A. Mangi

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The Taliban’s Demise as a Coherent Force Would Be a Welcome Augury, but Daesh, Is Waiting in the Wings: New Age Islam’s Selection from World Press, 12 August 2015

Taliban Flicker amid Disarray

By Mahir Ali

Gaza Ten Years Later: Israel Left But Never Disengaged

By Yossi Mekelberg

Is Russia The New Iran?

By Maxim Trudolyubov

Debating the Morality Of Hiroshima

By George Friedman

Muhammadiyah’s Commitment to Religious Moderation

By Abdul Mu’ti

Saudis Must Be Grateful To Expatriate Workers

By Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi

Turkey’s Trilogy Of Terror

By Mustafa Akyol

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Bangladeshi Extremists Attack Free Speech Again: Speaking the Truth Gets More Difficult Each Time a Freethinker Is Murdered By Islamists
Niloy Neel

Muslims were never as enraged at the hanging of a convicted terrorist as in the recent case of Yaqub Memon. Not because he was a Muslim, but because two Sikhs, convicted for terrorism, haven’t been hanged because the top religious body of Sikhs has already warned of consequences. That is how religion has vitiated the discourse. But there is a silver lining to this darkness. The anger over Yakub’s death did not flare up as feared. The anger over Yaqub Memon's hanging did not flare up as feared. It instead found an outlet in speech and reasoned debate. It instead found an outlet in speech and reasoned debate. ...


Blogger NILOY NEEL Murdered: Bangladeshi Extremists Attack Free Speech Again
Niloy Chakrabarty Neel

Neel was an activist of a platform — the Ganajagaran Mancha which waged a massive campaign for the capital punishment for war criminals who carried out atrocities siding with the Pakistani troops in 1971.  “Niloy was also a regular blogger...he was a target of the Islamists....

The Killings – And the Impunity with Which Bangla Bloggers Have Been Killed — Are Significant
Shuma Raha

The serial killing of Bangladeshi bloggers stems from the same vicious Manichaean logic that saw the murder of the journalists at Charlie Hebdo in Paris earlier this year, and indeed, the slaughter of thousands of innocents in terror attacks the world over. If you are not ‘us’, you’re ‘them’. And that makes you evil. If you criticise radical Islam, that makes you evil. And you need to be annihilated.....


A Thank You Note to India from a Father In Pakistan: New Age Islam’s Selection from Pakistan Press, 10 August 2015

A Thank You Note to India from a Father In Pakistan

Manabi Katoch

Rise of Zealots

Zarrar Khuhro

Iran Nuclear Deal Is A Battle Between The US Right-Wing And President Obama

By Ahson Saeed Hasan

Why Gilgit-Baltistan Is Not Given the Appreciation It Deserves

By Sana Sabir

Dear Karachiites, Before You Plant Trees, Think

By Farahnaz Zahidi

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


Can India Counter Pakistan’s Proxy War?
Zorawar Daulet Singh

India will, declared the Home Minister, provide a “befitting reply” to Pakistan for its terror attacks. Usually, such statements are taken seriously. But in this case, we can expect Pakistan to brush aside such exhortations as empty talk. Neither will Washington or Beijing take Indian opprobrium seriously.  And they are not wrong in their assessment. India’s political elite and security community has failed spectacularly in formulating a viable response to Pakistan’s cross-border proxy war. ...

The Flowers of Papa Francesco
Sudheendra Kulkarni

The Flowers of Papa Francesco
Sudheendra Kulkarni

Even though poor Hindus constitute the majority among the Indian poor, Hindu religious leaders are not very vocal about poverty in India, much less about global poverty. Have we ever heard the Ashok Singhals and Praveen Togadias of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) speak about poverty and the egregious wealth divide as evidence of unacceptable economic injustice that is against the basic teachings of Hinduism? No. Their priority, it seems, is to make India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’, pursuing a divisive agenda that actually seeks to de-emphasise any anti-poverty agenda.....

Lightening the Gloom of the Pakistani Soul
Ayaz Amir

The gloom over the rest of Pakistan was caused by extremist Islam as represented by the Pakistani Taliban and their various offshoots or franchises: Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Jaish-e-Muhammad, the Punjabi Taliban et al. Headquartered in the Waziristans – North and South – these forces had become powerful, challenging the Pakistani state, spreading terror far and wide, striking at will where they wanted. And the Pakistani state – with its guns and missiles and nuclear power – had taken stout refuge behind a policy of discretion....


Mullah Omar Obituary
Mullah Mohammed Omar

Mullah Mohammed Omar’s rise from obscurity as a minor Mujahideen commander to leadership of the extremist Taliban movement was meteoric, even by Afghan standards. From 1994, when he emerged as a Robin Hood figure in the post-civil war chaos of Kandahar, until his death in 2013 aged about 53, he was the Taliban’s undisputed head. Its largely unrecognised Islamic emirate ruled most of Afghanistan from 1996 until late 2001, after which Omar was not seen in public. Despite his symbolic importance to his followers, little was known of him in recent years, and his death has been announced only now.....


Do they think that, when it comes to Palestinians and the L.G.B.T. community, the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” has been erased from their set of stone tablets? That we have some sort of division of labour here: The right demonstrates for the sanctity of the land, and anything related to murder of innocents who are not Jewish or straight falls completely outside their jurisdiction?....


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