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Trading With the 'Enemy'?
Najam Sethi

... if Nawaz Sharif and Narendra Modi decide to trade with each other, the media in both countries will likely be a force-multiplier (as in 1999) aiding their initiatives because there can be no better people-to-people trust building exercise than one which creates powerful business vested interests


‘Anti-Theist’ Murders At Chapel Hill
Mustafa Akyol

The exact motivation of the murders is still unclear and some say everything began with a dispute over parking space. Yet, people normally don’t commit massacres for parking space, and enough signs point to a hate crime: The victims were targeted because of their very Muslim-ness. This is not the first time that hatred of Muslims, also called “Islamophobia,” causes blood spill….

‘Love Jihad’ In India and One Man’s Quest to Prevent It
Aman Sethi

“Cut my own throat if I’m lying, but I swear to you: around us, right now, all around us are Hindu women held captive by Muslim husbands,” Vijaykant Chauhan said on our first meeting. “Islamic terrorists are using the sacred land of Hindustan, the wealth of Hindustan and Hindustan’s daughters to breed children who are sent to Madrasas, trained in Pakistan and turned into more terrorists who want to destroy India.”....


Nigeria: An Election under Fire
Gwynne Dyer

When 200 schoolgirls were kidnapped by Boko Haram in north-eastern Nigeria last April, it took Jonathan forty days even to mention the incident. Ten thousand Nigerians have been killed by Boko Haram in the past year, but he didn’t even mention the organization’s name in the speech launching his re-election campaign…..


Is Turkey Becoming The Centre Of Regional Crises?
Nuray Mert

That is why the supporters of the governing party in Turkey claimed that ISIL was a temporary phenomenon, while the Sunni response (against the growing influence of Iran) was a permanent issue to be taken seriously. ….


Thorny Roses on Valentine’s Day
Rafia Zakaria

Like so much else in Pakistan, Valentine’s Day is a political event. As has been the case in the recent restive years, the arrival of the mid-February homage to love is accompanied by posters and billboards as well as terse castigations for would-be revellers. “Sorry Valentine’s Day: I am Muslim”...


Utter Horror: Why Videos of Beheadings, Rape Get Us Hooked
Sanchita Sharma

Watching violent videos lead to some amount of desensitisation, especially in young children who cannot understand why someone is being so cruel and unfeeling to another person. You have to explain violence to children and adolescents in a language they understand,".....

Moving On
Khaled Ahmed

Moving On
Khaled Ahmed

A retired air vice marshal of the Pakistan air force, Shahzad Chaudhry, who has emerged as a “realist” opinion-maker, had this to say about the visit: “25 years from now, if not earlier, four nations will stand tall on the map of the world: the United States of America, China, Russia and India… India will soon be up there with them, which is why I say 25 years. If these countries interact, sometimes competitively and at other times harmoniously, it shouldn’t come as any surprise.”....

Many conscious citizens say there is hardly any democracy in Bangladesh at present. In 1991, a system for peaceful transfer of power through acceptable election was formed. Many used to talk about it jokingly as 'one day democracy' or 'election day democracy.' But after the January 5, 2014 election, it was seen that the government along with the political party in power could manipulate the election result as per their desire. The people are expressing concern about future elections where similar manipulation in favour of the party in power could be possible under the existing modified constitutional provisions. This would become a threat to peaceful transfer of power as per will of the people, ultimately leading towards dictatorial autocracy. This is not the spirit of the Liberation War….


Saffron Brotherhood
Javed Anand

The Sangh Parivar and the Shiv Sena are to India what the Jamaat-e-Islami, the Taliban and their ilk are to Pakistan. Though Pakistan has officially been an “Islamic Republic” virtually from the moment of its birth, it still is far from the ideal of an Islamic State where only the Sharia rules. So the Islamists are working overtime to realise their totalitarian fantasy. Post-Partition India thankfully opted for a secular state. But since the mid-1980s, Hindutvawadis have worked zealously to steer the country’s polity in the direction of a “Hindu Rashtra”. With a self-proclaimed “Hindu nationalist” now at the helm, why be surprised if they today feel emboldened to speak and act as never before?....

Before that the idea of ethnicity-based nationalism was alien to Kashmir. Pandit Prem Nath Bazaz invented it and later propagated it with the help of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah and Moulvi Masoodi. They coined a special term for it—Kashmiriyat, which signified that “Kashmiris” were a separate Quaum (nation) by virtue of their common ethnicity, language, culture, habits and habitat, political interests, etc. The term “Kashmiri” is a vague and tricky one. It could be applied to mean the inhabitants of Kashmir Valley as also the inhabitants of the entire former Princely state of Kashmir.....

Painting a Canvas of Diversity
Namrata Goswami

 I realised that he delivered this kind of a speech because he believed it is possible in India to realise the dream of diversity. Thereby, he quoted Article 25 of the Indian Constitution that guarantees religious freedom to all Indians, which is part and parcel of our fundamental rights and societal ethos. Some well-meaning but closed minded elites have misunderstood this as preachy or patronising — this is far from the truth. As someone coming from Northeast India, I can visualise the impact of this speech on ethnic communities in Nagaland or Manipur or Mizoram, and the realisation there that Mr. Obama is quoting from their own Constitution about a fundamental human right that it guarantees….

Legal and Moral Abyss
Babar Sattar

What’s worse ­— Qadris and Mirzas who claim human lives out of misplaced loyalty to faith or ethnicity, or their defenders who project vile criminals as patron saints? Legislators who don’t have the sense to understand whether the 21st Amendment is a good or bad law, or legislators who know full well what a stain it is on our fundamental law and sense of propriety and are still willing to sign on the dotted line? Perpetuating injustice through unjust laws or by deliberately enhancing the gap between law and its implementation?....


Obama, Ansari and the Patriotism of India Muslims
Ali Khan Mahmudabad

The fact is that the only reason the Vice President has been targeted is because he is Muslim. Sushma Swaraj, minister of external affairs, and Rajnath Singh, the home minister, were both also present during the ceremony and neither saluted the flag. The openly bigoted and often abusive kind of language in much of the commentary is not an aberration. All one has to do is to read the comments on any article (perhaps even this one) that is about Muslims or Islam.....


Pakistan: The Rise of Religious Rage
Khaled Ahmed

The rage was suicidal. The ruling party, instead of condemning the rioters, launched a tirade against Denmark and emphasised the importance of Islamic protest. After that, boys from Lahore’s schools and colleges entered the streets with clubs in their hands and set about breaking cars and setting them on fire. The police stood aside watching, probably longing to get into the act of destroying Pakistan. They saw boys get together in a phalanx, firing their guns in volleys.....

The Preamble Matters
Sudheendra Kulkarni

Secularism, understood as a non-theocratic state that shows equal respect for all faiths, is by no means an imported concept. If it is, isn’t parliamentary democracy also imported from the West? Its high time Modi stopped this needless debate and, instead, turned his government’s attention to putting the kernel of secularism and socialism into practice.....

Saudi Arabia: Keeping It in the Family

Rarely has one of Saudi Arabia’s ageing rulers moved so nimbly. No sooner had King Salman taken the crown on January 23rd after the death of his half-brother, Abdullah, than he immediately settled one of the most pressing questions of his rule: who would be the next king and, crucially, who would be the king after that. “The king did 90% of his job in just one day!” jokes one Saudi…..


Musharraf’s Candour
Najam Sethi

Meanwhile, the government of Nawaz Sharif would do well to heed Musharraf’s words regarding General Raheel Shareef’s decisive moves and action-oriented globetrotting. “It’s not he who’s doing that, it’s those countries who are giving him that stature. The army is the only stabilising institution in Pakistan. That is why they give importance to the military chief. Especially when they also see the degree of bad governance going on….

Gita, Gandhi and Godse
Verghese K. George

Gita, Gandhi and Godse

To say that religion and politics should not be mixed has not only become a cliché, but may be missing the point altogether. Many tall leaders found the reason for their political action in their religious faith. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr are examples…..

Ultimately, Mr. Hadi’s government collapsed through a series of grievous omissions: inaction in the face of powerful militias, unwillingness to impose law and security all over the country, and a failure to improve the lives of ordinary Yemenis. Mr. Hadi and the United Nations were not able to create the change that Yemenis took to the streets for in 2011. The Yemen model has been replaced by the Houthi model, with its simple adage: Violence pays…..


The Retrial of Godse: Assassin’s Political Audience

The anniversary of the murder of Mahatma Gandhi has a different flavour this year. Of late, the man who killed him, Nathuram Godse, has been glorified publicly, and not only by BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj, who hailed him as a “patriot”. (Maharaj has since apologised for this.) But also by Hindu Mahasabha general secretary Acharya Madan, who argued on TV that while Gandhi was responsible for the death of 10 Lakh Hindus — the victims of Partition, a catastrophe he attributed to the Mahatma — Godse had killed “for a cause”….

The Retrial of Godse: Forgetting the Facts

I imagine you believe that he was for the most part adored; in fact he was hated and he is still hated today. Hatred is still alive in India and he died of it… But the simple fact that he lived according to his own law — which was ascetic and demanding of himself was something people could not tolerate.” French writer Hélène Cixous turns to Gandhi to compare his life with the ways of writing that “may hurt, may dissatisfy and give the feeling that something is taken away.”….

The Bengaluru police, who arrested Mehdi Masroor Biswas for tweeting extensively on behalf of the dreaded militant group, Islamic State (IS), claimed that they have sufficient evidence to file a charge-sheet against him in the next 30 days.....

Bengaluru Police Bust Group Supplying Terrorists with Mobile SIM Cards

Police Say They Have Enough Evidence to Charge Mehdi Masroor Over IS Tweets   

Police Hunt for Satellite Phone Users in Karnataka

Police Identify Shops Selling Explosives


Erdoğan’s Attack on Civil Society
Mustafa Akyol

The problem is that Erdoğan now sees the Gülen movement, which once was his best ally, as his worst enemy, and he tries to undermine it by all means necessary. That includes even attacking the very Gülen-inspired schools that Erdoğan himself used to praise only a few years ago. The sad thing for Turkey is that these Gülen-led schools - which number almost 1,000 in some 130 countries, ranging from Mongolia to South Africa - amount to the most notable Turkish civil society project ever. They are also a great part of Turkey's “soft power” in the world, raising generations that receive a good, modern education, speak English well, but also receive a taste of Turkish-Muslim culture…..


“Instead of confronting with them and raising hue and cry about the intentions of Christian missionaries we decided to raise the quality of our education. If we cannot provide the quality education to our people we cannot stop them to go somewhere else. And that is no a justice. We have to equip our people with all the modern requirements along with Islamic education then only we can save our people getting trapped,” says Sayed, adding that the people running Madrasas across India will have to understand that the generations “we are producing from our institutions should not face the job problem. For this, we have to equip them with scientific and technical education as well”…..


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