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Our Own Animal Farm: Cow Vigilantism Is A Tragedy in Many Parts — A Rousing, A Lynching, A Reflection of Change
Pamela Philipose

The concept behind ‘New India’ is that EPI should replace VIP. EPI means Every Person is Important. We should accept the importance of 125 crore Indians.” Thus spoke Prime Minister Narendra Modi. EPI is a compelling formulation and because it sounds like a statement of conviction, not just intent, it needs to be used as an index to measure the importance of every Indian as they go about their normal lives, plying a trade, commuting, cooking, eating.....


The Crucial Role of Islam in the French Election
Juan Cole

Muslims and Islam played an outsized role in the French election, both as objects of political discourse and as actors in their own right. It can easily be forgotten that this was the first French election held under a state of emergency, and that basic civil liberties are suspended. Even mainstream politicians have begun darkly speaking of the “problem” of Islam in France.....


India-Turkey Relations: Turkish Delight Turned Sour
Rakesh Sood

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s state visit to India last week was expected to open a new page in bilateral relations, which have traditionally alternated between formal and lukewarm, at best. The reason is simple. On issues of mutual concern, both countries have displayed a lack of sensitivity....


War and Its Ugly Face
Kuldip Nayar

I wish the establishments in both the countries consider the ceasefire line sacred. This has been converted into the LoC through the Shimla Agreement. The then Pakistan Prime Minister, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, hailed it as the “line of peace” in an interview to me. And it has been seldom violated for the last three decades. Blood at the border has unnecessarily disturbed the status quo. Soon the two sides should realize that some agreement is necessary....


The Long Arc to Ankara
Harsh V. Pant

As a major regional power in West Asia, Turkey cannot be ignored by India. But New Delhi is no longer content to allow Ankara to define the contours of this relationship. It is signalling that if Turkey wants to reach out to India, then Indian sensitivities on core issues have to be respected. Otherwise, India too is not short of options....


Middle class India is understandably shaken by the growing numbers of mob assaults. But simply worrying about the phenomenon will not lead us anywhere. There is a need to speak up so that a lynch mob is not formed in the first place, and mob violence is not normalised. Simultaneously, one must fight for better-trained and better-equipped police forces, more judges and more courts so that the people’s faith in the rule of law is restored....


Erdogan’s Engagement with India
Talmiz Ahmad

For some time now, some in the international media have seen Erdogan and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as kindred spirits. Both had their baptism in religion-based politics, Modi in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Erdogan in the now-banned Islamist party, Refah Partisi or Welfare Party....


Pakistan Has Few Pauses or Prayers to Spare For Its Women or For Its Poets
Rafia Zakaria

Accidents happen, people always say after someone perishes the way Farzana Naz did. Untoward and sudden deaths are common in Pakistan, and so is the fatalism with which people shrug and move on — at least most of the people who are not personally devastated by the passing. Patience is prescribed, acceptance is recommended....

Palestine’s Nelson Mandela
Uri Anvery

Years ago I called Barghouti the “Palestinian Mandela”. Despite their difference in height and skin colour, there was a basic similarity between the two: both were men of peace, but justified the use of violence against their oppressors. However, while the Apartheid regime was satisfied with one life term, Barghouti was sentenced to a ridiculous five life terms and another 40 years – for acts of violence executed by his Tanzim organization....

Ethics is the Answer
Anand Patwardhan

Ethics is the Answer
Anand Patwardhan

Can Gandhi’s Sarva Dharma Samabhava (all religions are equal) take the place of Ambedkar’s constitutionally guaranteed democratic rights? I think not. We need the Constitution much more than we need holy books. And yet, as many in our country are still hooked to holy books and unholy pretenders, we need liberation theologists who can help people discard the worst features of their inherited religious culture and replace them with ethical, non-exclusivist interpretations.. ...


Utilizing the force of Sufism in foreign policy and public diplomacy is not an entirely new idea. Sufism, in fact, is based on universal values which transcend times and boundaries and way more durable than economic pacts and strategic alliances. This was the reason that, in 2003, Nixon Centre held a conference on the role of Sufism in American foreign policy. Being a civilization rich in Sufi traditions,...


Deteriorating Situation in Kashmir
K.N. Pandita

Dubious elements in Kashmir society assuming the sobriquet of pro-Indian moles are prospering under the munificence of Indian Intelligence agencies. They play the most treacherous role not unknown to their paymasters.  Incidentally, these moles have become the big funding source for their masters. Their mutual understanding is fine tuned in misleading Indian policy planning chapters....

Four Ways to Deal with the Kashmir Crisis
Lieutenant General Syed Ata Hasnain

Four Ways to Deal with the Kashmir Crisis
Lieutenant General Syed Ata Hasnain

In modern irregular conflicts which involve people as the virtual centre of gravity an adversary will always attempt to keep the nation divided. Slickly put together propaganda with no iota of truth is far more effective than a couple of hundred AK-47s; such is the power of information. However, information used loosely, without coordination and no plan, is doomed to destroy the initiator, not the target...


From My Atheist Perch: About Sonu Nigam And Celebrating In Many Littering, Loudspeakered Ways ?
Radhika Vaz

Today I live in Mumbai in a neighbourhood that is dotted with saris, Burqas and skirts – the Amar Akbar Anthony of fashion. Our street is a madhouse almost all year round because someone or the other wants to celebrate his God in his own special, littering, loudspeakered way and we all live with it.  Sure there is some bitching and moaning but that’s OK, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t think we and our ways were better than yours. I for one look down from my atheist perch on everybody else.....


Tonsured Singers and Stupid Mullahs: Pray That Mullahs Keep Their Wind Inside
Saba Naqvi

There has always been the dilemma of shutting the mullahs up as it would encroach on their freedom of speech, but there is little doubt that the right to offer theological opinion has ended up as a free-for-all. The problem also emerges from the fact that Islam does not accord a formal status to the Ulema though some communities do see them as guardians of Islamic law. In some Islamic countries there are ministries that monitor Fatwas....

Courting Another Political Verdict: Nawaz Sharif Gets A Breather From The Pakistan Supreme Court
Husain Haqqani

Generating smoke without fire against persons deemed difficult or uncontrollable by Pakistan’s permanent state establishment, the deep state, is often the greatest accomplishment of inquiries created by the Supreme Court on direct petitions like the one over the Panama Papers. The JIT might still find nothing definitive for prosecution but Mr. Sharif is on notice. And that is how Pakistan’s system is designed to work....

Three Classrooms In Pakistan: Imran Khan’s Opposition To English-Medium Education Is Misguided
Khaled Ahmed

He expressed his opposition to the English-medium schools because they distanced students from “Pakistani culture” and recommended that “education should be imparted in the English language only at the higher levels and even then, the syllabus should be in line with the culture in Pakistan”....


The French Disconnection
Kamel Daud

So why is it, finally, that Ms. Le Pen cannot become president? Because while the far right has changed its discourse, the mainstream elites still hold on to their old ways of seeing the world, or imagining what it is. Their analysis of the rise of populism is out of sync. It rests on assumptions, faulty reasoning and denial.....


India Needs To First Recognise the Real Problem in Kashmir - Islamisation
Minhaz Merchant

First, extern the Hurriyat separatists from the Valley. They are the poison that kept voter turnout to a dismal seven per cent in the recent by-polls. India has indulged the Hurriyat far too much for far too long with farcical house arrests and hush payments in the hope that such bribes can buy peace. They can’t, they haven’t, and they won’t....


Anatomy of a Lynching
Aatish Taseer

Almost 60 percent of India now lives in B.J.P.-controlled states; there is no opposition left to speak of. What voices of moderation and reason there used to be within the B.J.P. are either too cowed to speak or feel that it is politically inexpedient to do so....

“We can, in principle, build systems that detect biased decision-making, and then act on it,” said Wachter, who along with others has called for an AI watchdog to be established. “This is a very complicated task, but it is a responsibility that we as society should not shy away from.”...


Shaping India’s Future: Digital Leap or Social Regression?
Shyam Saran

It is this heritage which need to be rediscovered, revived and celebrated, not the violent caricature we often see around us, the latest example being the lynching of an innocent citizen by goons, claiming to protect the sacred cow,. If allowed together pace, these negative trends will, sooner or later, overwhelm the pursuit of modernity. Riding two horses at the same time is difficult enough even when they are running in the same direction let alone when they are pulling in very different directions.....


How Erdogan Uses Turkey's Mosques to Push 'Yes' Vote
Pinar Tremblay

Picture this: A group of well-mannered, middle-aged men and women are travelling to the picturesque Aegean town of Ayvalik as the mosque’s loudspeakers announce, “Strangers have entered our village, do not open your doors.” Members of the secular nongovernmental organization (NGO) Ataturkist Thought Association experienced this April 4 as they approached the town to talk to the residents about the upcoming referendum. They were the ones the imam called strangers.....


Choosing between Terrorism and Tourism
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

India’s Muslims often speak out against discrimination, but this movement of theirs has not yielded even one person of the likes of A P J Abdul Kalam. Similarly, Dalit leaders have initiated a movement for putting an end to discrimination against Dalits, yet they have not produced even one person of the stature of B R Ambedkar. These facts are a wake-up call to rethink our position. ....


Pakistan Watches Anxiously As India Engages Saudi Arabia, Deepens Ties with Iran
Khaled Ahmed

Pakistanis would be jolted by the fact that 1,30,00,00 Indians outnumber 9, 00,000 Pakistanis working in Saudi Arabia. India is important for Iran and the UAE equally: Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserve Limited (ISPRL) has an agreement with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) for topping up one of the two caverns at the Mangalore Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) facility.....

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