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World’s Sufis and Heads of the Sufi Shrines Aspiring To Position India as The Global Centre For Moderate Islamic Ideology

 “Islam was warmly accepted and then later grew in India largely due to the teachings of Sufi masters who promoted concepts such as mutual respect, tolerance, brotherhood and love towards other communities. However, in the recent past import of radical and extremist ideology which claims to be representative of true Islam has brought immense loss to image of Islam and Muslims in India. Any extremist organisation such as Daeshor ISIS waving Islamic flags and misusing the holy Qur’an has actually no endorsement in the ambit of Islam...

Evaluating the Lahore Literary Festival 2016
Khaled Ahmed

One can sharpen one’s censure with satire to make it hurt. Talking of culture in general, insult comes easy because this is an area of discussion we are not too familiar with. But if English was seen to dominate this year’s LLF, it was only because the critic chose to ignore the Urdu sessions: the LLF kicked off with a memorial discussion of Intizar Husain, the recently deceased genius whom the entire world had read in translation; followed by CM Naim’s brilliant discussion....


Who Is The Winner And Loser Of Iran Elections?
Hamid Dabashi

While the hardliners dismiss the reformists as agents of imperialism, the reformists discredit those who did not vote them back to power as belligerent and outdated losers, shamelessly banding them together with those treacherous expat "opposition" who advocate sanctions and war on their homeland.....

A Test for Iran’s Future
Ramin Jahanbegloo

A Test for Iran’s Future
Ramin Jahanbegloo

It’s very unlikely, though, that the pragmatic centrists could bring about sweeping changes in the near future. But the elimination of reformists will not end Rouhani’s efforts to push his agenda among the more pragmatic and business-oriented members of the Revolutionary Guards and the more flexible sections of the conservative faction in parliament...


Pakistan Finally Ended Up Owning the Acts of Terrorism Committed In India from Its Soil
Khaled Ahmed

Is Pakistan finally coming out of its trance because the non-state actors it banked on have turned against it? Is it ready to break the fake binary of bilateral terror? Many opinion-makers now write bluntly about the pantomime enacted by halfwit police IGs blaming al-Qaeda-related terrorism in Karachi on India. When India complains, it’s against Pakistani terrorists like Masood Azhar and Ajmal Kasab it arrests on its own soil....


Iran’s Thwarted Reformers Set Careful Goals for Coming Vote
Thomas Erdbrink

Political reforms have been aggressively blocked on all levels by hard-liners who have gained unprecedented power. Much has been done to undermine the reformists.....


Saudisation: A Boon or Bane?
Talal Alharbi

Instead of creating real jobs for the Saudi youth, Saudisation has turned into a process of offering these young men SR1, 000 or SR2, 000 while they are sitting at home, or, as some would claim, while studying. As such, the Saudisation process has become an attempt to win money that has nothing to do with work, experience and continuity.....


Archipelago of Ire: Politics in the Maldives

The low-lying Maldives may be inundated by a political storm. At the centre stands the archipelago’s president, Abdulla Yameen, scion of a powerful clan. The jailing this week of a former ally, and questions about missing money, are bringing the crisis to a head. One agent of Mr Yameen’s troubles is Mohamed Nasheed....


India’s Tactical Foothold in Arab World
Zikrur Rahman

India is an emerging global power with a large economy, while the UAE has huge economic potential and its role as a reliable and active player in the region to collaborate on security issues especially terrorism, piracy and other transnational crimes is beneficial to both the countries. There are no major issues of conflict hindering further consolidation of ties between the two nations.....


After Headley’s Deposition, All Proof Is on Sharif’s Table
Shishir Gupta

The time has also come for Pakistan to take on Saeed and Masood Azhar, another Jihadi terrorist, who constantly spew venom against India and virtually hold the bilateral relationship to ransom through their terrorist acts.....


Don’t Mess With Secularism
Salman Soz

The usual examples of Muslim personal law and issues like triple talaq (in one sitting) or polygamy among Muslims are used to argue that Indian secularism has gone astray. Such opinion makers push forward the notion that Muslims sticking to old ideas, politicians pandering to Muslims and emergence of Muslimfirsters are the real obstacles to a new, modern secularism.

Reinventing Indian Secularism: The Old Consensus on Majority and Minority Communities No Longer Fits Reality
Sadanand Dhume

First, this means accepting that all extremists – not only the Hindu variety – threaten pluralism. Second, it requires recognising the complexity of inter-religious conflict. Sometimes – such as in the awful murder of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri – Muslims are indeed victims. At other times, such as in Malda or the Srinagar valley, they are the victimisers. Third, Indian political and intellectual elites need to start treating the reform of ideas rooted in Sharia – such as a violent response to so-called blasphemy – as a national concern, not just a narrowly Muslim concern.....


Muslims of India should keep in mind that the country is enveloped by a single political and moral ecology. We cannot survive outside this complex web of social concerns, struggles and relationships. Our national life is, and has got to be, run according to the lofty standards set by the Constitution. We must take care to protect democracy and human rights. It’s only then that the Indian political ecology will be protected. That we have failed Rohith should always remind us not to fail other Indians......


Pakistan: Extended Ignorance
F.S. Aijazuddin

The Saudis had a choice of Sharifs: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif or COAS Gen Raheel Sharif. Being prudent, they followed the example of the man who, when informed that his mother-in-law had died, was asked whether he wanted her body buried or cremated. He replied: “Do both. Take no chances.”...


The statues, in a corridor leading to a grand hall in Rome’s renowned Capitoline Museums, were encased in tall white boxes ahead of a news conference that Mr. Rouhani held on Monday with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy. One of the statues was the “Capitoline Venus,” a Roman copy of a legendary fourth century B.C. work by Praxiteles; some of the other sculptures were of ancient Greek and Roman gods, dressed minimally, if at all....


Think like the Neighbour: What Is India’s Best Option?
Josy Joseph

The Indian government first needs to define what is India’s BATNA vis-à-vis Pakistan? If there is no continuous diplomatic engagement, then what? Is it continual war against mostly suicide bombers who can spring nasty surprises even against the finest standing army in the world?...


Back From the Enemy Country
Pervez Hoodbhoy

Pakistan and India may be moving along divergent paths of development but their commonalities are becoming more accentuated as well. Engaging with the other is vital — and certainly possible. Although I sometimes took unpopular political positions at no point did I, as a Pakistani, experience hostility...

The Road from Pathankot
M. K. Narayanan

The Road from Pathankot
M. K. Narayanan

 It would send the right message to the Pakistani deep state that they cannot exploit our democratic freedoms without facing retaliation. Once the situation improves, India could consider resorting to a step-by-step normalisation process, beginning with the resumption of Track II and Track 1 1/2 dialogues, followed by a resumption of backchannel negotiations, before proceeding to full-scale talks.....


Rusticating Dreams: Open Letter to Rohith Vemula, the Dalit Research Scholar of Hyderabad University who committed suicide
Shiv Visvanathan

I want to begin with this everyday sense of neglect because those who capture you for the headlines are taxidermists of the moment; they freeze a life into a second and forget that sense of being that made you what you were: A man who cared, a man who protested, who believed that protest and research went together, that being from a backward class meant being more than backward....


India has given Pakistan a long rope. A number of balls are up in the air. Gen Sharif has to decide whether jihad or India is the real threat. After investing huge political capital Mr Modi has realised that sustained engagement with Pakistan is the only viable option. But to make it work, he must carry a big stick backed by a strong internal security architecture.....


In The Aftermath of Pathankot
DC Pathak

The wishy-washy response of Pakistan to India’s no-nonsense stand that the resumption of India-Pakistan dialogue will happen only when decisive action is taken against Maulana Masood Azhar and his lieutenants of the Jaish-e-Mohammed has made Indian public opinion allergic to a possible repeat of what happened after the Mumbai terror attacks....


What Do Saudis Want From Pakistan?

Syed Kamran Hashmi

ISIS in Pakistan?

Muhammad Akbar Notezai

Democracy, Religion and Pakistan

Raja Qaiser Ahmed

The Unheard Victims

By Mehr Tarar

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


Give Up Past, Work Together

S.K. Sinha

Break the Talk-Terror Template

Sankar Sen

Keeping Aside Past Baggage

Urvashi Sudhindra

The Multiple Identities of Adnan Sami

By Khaled Ahmed

Mufti Sayeed Didn’t Live To See The New Chapter Of Indo-Pak Ties

Prem Shankar Jha

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau


India Needs Hindustaniyat, not Hindutva
Nayantara Sahgal

Last year, we had to watch a series of events that attacked our democratic right of freedom of expression and our culture of secularism. It was a dangerous trend that we could not ignore, and we did not ignore it. ...

To Talk Or Not To Talk… : New Age Islam’s Selection From Indian Press, 14 January 2016

To talk or not to talk…

Rakesh Sood

Breaking The Terror Cycle

By Vivek Katju

Postscript Pathankot

Arun Kumar Singh

Accountability After Pathankot

Vijay Oberoi

Compiled by New Age Islam Edit Bureau

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