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A Heart-Warming Truth in the Heap of Lies about Kairana Exodus
Mohammad Ali

“We have formed a warm relationship. It feels comforting to have met such people after seeing so much bloodshed happening right in front of our eyes.” Standing in front of her rented house which was painted with Hindu symbols, she said she shared a warm relationship with the daughters of the landlord, “After we saw 13 people being killed in our village, we lost all hope in life. But in this family we found a trusted friend. The fact that we have such people helping others in traumatic times gives us hope.”..

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The General Drift of Society
Gopalkrishna Gandhi

The General Drift of Society
Gopalkrishna Gandhi

The troubled intellectual in India today is being asked to choose between free speech that can lead to intellectual murder or a silence that can end in intellectual suicide “Write as you speak,” a wise old man once told me, “and speak as you think.” The advice, intended to guard writing from verbosity and artifice, was sound....


The horror in Orlando was unspeakable. And we will learn much more about it in the days ahead. But today the event was made that much worse by a Presidential candidate who seeks to lead the country in complicated times and in its darker moments with self-aggrandizing tweets and hollow words....

Claim of Forced Migration from Kairana Disputed
Mohammad Ali, Tanima Biswas and Others

The UP administration has been conducting a door to door survey over the last few days to verify Hukum Singh's claims, and a senior official Sujit Kumar told NDTV, "We have verified 119 names. Four were found to be dead, 68 left Kairana a decade ago and 35 left five years ago in search of better livelihood...."

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Stop Bashing Muslims, and Start Focusing On Positive Hindutva
Aakar Patel

The three classic Hindutva thrusts, the issues which built the party over the decades, do not concern Hindus but address others. The issues are Ayodhya (Muslims must not keep their mosque), Uniform Civil Code (Muslims must not keep their personal law) and Article 370 (Muslims must not keep their constitutional autonomy). What will Hindus like me get out of these demands? Nothing I can think of....

Worst Mass Shooter in U.S. History - NYC-Born 'Islamic Extremist' Omar Mateen, 29, Who Shot Dead 50 And Injured 53 In Orlando Gay Club Massacre Was Homophobe 'Who Got Angry When He Saw Two Men Kissing'
Omar Mateen, was 'on the radar' of U.S. officials

Orlando Nightclub Shooting: How the Attack Unfolded

What Happened At the Orlando Nightclub Shooting

IS Claims Responsibility of Orlando Attack; Shooter Was Known To FBI

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The Spartacus of America
Muhammad Ali

Can violence be beautiful? Quite by coincidence, a few weeks before Ali’s death, I was reading David Remnick’s classic King of the World: Muhammad Ali and the Rise of an American Hero. “Boxing in America,” writes Remnick, “was born of slavery. Like the Roman emperors who gathered at the Colosseum to watch their warring chattel, Southern plantation owners amused themselves by putting together their strongest slaves and letting them fight it out for sport and gambling.” Ali was the Spartacus of America, the man who led the slave rebellion, fought his battles armed with art and chutzpah, and tortured his enemies with his success, achieved on their terms.


India, Pakistan Continue To View the Opening of Trading Routes as Threat to Their Security
Khaled Ahmed

It is tragic that high-strung India and Pakistan have taken the opening of trading routes as a threat to their security, growling at each other while pretending to reach for their nukes. Pakistan, committed to SAARC pledges of “connectivity”, refused to allow SAARC-members India and Afghanistan to transit their goods through its territory....


The Elephant at the Peace Table
Ayesha Siddiqa

Ultimately, peace is a long-drawn process which will not deliver fruit in a hurry. Even if peace is a dead-end street, the possibility is still worth exploring by talking with actors who have power to tilt the balance....


So Muhammad Ali drew on his religious beliefs and humanitarian principles to launch a kind of Jihad of his own. It was so very different from the version that the fanatics parade today.  In fact, not long ago Muhammad Ali had reportedly come hard on brutalisation in the name of religion. ...


Terror Creeping Back In Anantnag: How Can It Be Countered?
Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain

From a terrain angle Anantnag offers the ideal ground for breeding of terrorists and their sustenance. The town has multiple inlets and exits, is crowded with narrow lanes and there are a number of religious institutions within. ...


Gay and Going to the Mosque: 'I’ve never felt more Muslim Than I Do Now'
Samra Habib

“So much of my faith experiences are connected to cultural traditions and interpretations. Now as an adult, I can actively choose my own traditions, which feels powerful.” In a way, I’ve never felt more Muslim than I do now....


Fear Or Forgiveness?
Javed Anand

Finally, the future of Indian democracy is not contingent on the mutual hate or love between Muslims and the RSS. Muslims for the Sangh Parivar are a convenient means to an end, but their real target is the Constitution of our secular-democratic republic. ....

Pakistan’s National Psyche: The Missing Self Esteem
Syed Ata Hasnain

I sometimes wonder what it must be like to be a citizen of Pakistan. I often meet the elite Pakistani citizenry which paints a picture that all is well at home. Sipping mojitos, they speak of Clifton in Karachi and high-end shopping; money seems to be oozing out of their pockets. Yet, facts give it all away....

The Rise of Donald Trump: Tracking an Upsurge in Global Fascism
Peter Baker

There is a tendency at times to try to fit current movements into understandable constructs — some refer to terrorist groups in the Middle East as Islamofascists — but scholars say there is a spectrum that includes right-wing nationalism, illiberal democracy and populist autocracy.

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Pakistan Cannot Go On Running with the Hare and Hunting with the Hounds
Harsh V Pant

With its latest gamble, Washington is hoping that this strike, much like the raid that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, will inflict a lasting blow on the Taliban by undercutting the group’s capacity to carry out attacks, sapping morale and disrupting long-term planning.....


In what is probably the first incident of its kind, terror outfit Islamic State (ISIS) has successfully managed to radicalise and rope in an Indian studying in the United States....


Muslims and RSS Cannot Afford To Go On Hating
J.S. Bandukwala

I forgive those who caused so much harm to me and my community. My only daughter was married to a Gujarati Hindu, with my consent, in the immediate aftermath of 2002. By God’s grace, they are very happy. Today it is impossible for me to hate a Gujarati Hindu. Can the RSS do the same? It would change the face of our beloved India...


A Balance Sheet for May 28
Pervez Hoodbhoy

The notion of the Ummah has evaporated as Muslims fight Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Turkey and Libya. Nothing suggests that this is temporary. Iran and Saudi Arabia are at daggers drawn, and the Pakistan-Iran relationship simmers with hostility....


Why Chabahar Deal Is a Rebellion against History
Praveen Swami

Put simply, the Chabahar project — the port, the rail network, and the road systems it would tap into — would give India dramatic access to economic opportunities in regions it has been cut off from for centuries. For years now, Indian governments have eyed the opportunities Chabahar offers — but have failed to capitalise on the potential....


Redlines Crossed Too Often By Adversaries-In-Partnership against Terrorism
Imtiaz Alam

Mullah Mansour’s killing is even much more disturbing for Pakistan than Bin Laden’s elimination. It has happened at a time when the conflict in Afghanistan has entered a crucial phase. Instead of succeeding in persuading the Afghan Taliban to....


The Route through Chabahar: Modi’s Outreach to Iran Will Help Pull India out Of the Narrow Straitjacket of South Asia
Talmiz Ahmad

They will also be able to take joint action against the scourge of the Taliban and Pakistan’s pernicious role in Afghanistan, which have destroyed Afghanistan’s integrity and threaten stability in South and Central Asia as well...


Death of Mullah Akhtar Mansoor Likely To Enrage Pakistan
Jon Boone

Many of the country’s security officials are likely to be furious given how heavily Pakistan invested in helping Mansoor secure the leadership of the Taliban after a power struggle broke out following the announcement of Omar’s death...


Overcoming Baiting by the Separatists and Terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir
Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain

The separatists will make weak attempts to once again demand a cap on the number of pilgrims and on the duration. These can be dismissed with the contempt they deserve. In the year 2011, just after the end of the tumultuous three year period of street turbulence, we oversaw the highest ever footprint of 'Darshan' at the Holy Cave, with 640,000 pilgrims....

A Muslim for London’s Safety
Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd)

A Muslim for London’s Safety
Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd)

But, sir, surely you do forget one thing; London is London.” That, just about sums up what London is all about. You do not have to retrace steps to the story of Puss in Boots to recall the once-poverty-stricken Dick Whittington, Lord Mayor of London, for whom the church bells had predicted his achievement many years before he became one. ....

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