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Vajpayee Has Always Been a Bharat Ratna, Say Muslim Community Leaders
Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Lauding the statesmanship of the former PM, senior journalist, Sultan Shahin, who met the prime minister on several occasions, said “Vajpayee always initiated the peace process between India and Pakistan. He wanted to have good relations with neighbouring country and therefore, travelled to Pakistan and invited the then President General Pervez Musharraf to sit together, mutually resolve the crisis and restore peace and normalcy along the border. He successfully silenced bitter criticism against the peace move from his own political party, the BJP.” He further said Vajpayee always tried to reach out to Muslims despite being a member of the Sangh Parivar. “Although he was a member of a Parivar (family) with which Muslims have issues, as prime minister of the country Vajpayee always made efforts to take all communities along. He is secular and good human being,” said Shahin....


INDIA: Open Up Radicalisation Debate
Tufail Ahmad

Based on jihadist sources and media reports, it is possible now to establish routes and patterns of radicalisation in India. One, several youths from Tamil Nadu based in Singapore came in contact with ISIS jihadists. The notable case here is that of Fakkurudeen Usman, who took his wife and three children to Syria. The radicalisation wasn’t limited to Singapore, as the jihadists made recruitment efforts in Chennai. Two, it emerged in April that a Kashmiri youth, Adil Fayaz, was radicalised in Australia and he travelled perhaps directly from there to Syria via Turkey. An additional point to remember is this: Several educated Kashmiri youths went missing over the past two years….


Let’s Reclaim Faith
Jyoti Punwani

From the lynch mobs of 1993 to the Bajrangis of 2002 to Dara Singh, who killed Graham Staines and his little boys in 1999, to Yogi Adityanath declaring that if “they convert one Hindu girl, we will convert hundreds of their girls”, they have been proud Hindus, deriving their inspiration from Hindu mythology, harking back to a distorted version of history. In their imagination, they are the Rishis and Rajas of yore, roaming the countryside to slay Rakshasas and invaders. Not for a moment can I say: “They are not Hindus”, though I can say this is not the Hinduism most of us practise…..

Jihad Means Struggle, Struggle to Be Good
Salman Khan

Jihad is the most misused word today…Logon Ne Fasad Ko Jihad Bana Diya…woman is absolutely equal to man and has equal rights…those who kill in the name of religion have not read the holy book (sic)." ….

Below Poverty Line Conversions
Sunanda K. Datta-Ray

Below Poverty Line Conversions
Sunanda K. Datta-Ray

The public doesn’t want it. It’s the mischief of a coterie — Derek O’Brien’s “bigots in Nagpur” and their allies — to increase its clout. This coterie feels emboldened only because Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party government does nothing to discourage the perception that Hindutva is its ultimate goal. Hence Operation Dharam Parivartan, the justification of “Ghar Wapsi” by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s Mohan Bhagwat, the threat to establish 543 Vishwa Hindu Parishad units across West Bengal, the Hindu Mahasabha’s demand for Nathuram Godse’s statue in all our cities and the silly move to rename December 25 “Good Governance Day”…..


Conversion and Freedom of Religion
Suhrith Parthasarathy

The decision in Stainislaus is however incorrect not merely due to its tangible consequences. The case relates to a fundamental, and more nuanced, issue of intervention by the state — and its courts — in religious affairs. Anti-conversion laws allow the state the authority to determine what constitutes an illegitimate inducement, and, in doing so, they create a slippery slope. They promote increased governmental involvement in matters that involve pure ethical choices, and they ingrain a deep and dangerous form of paternalism: the state is always watching you, and it has nothing but your best interests in mind. This ought to be a matter of grave concern…..


RSS Hindutva Antics Give Lease of Life to Muslim Right
Hasan Suroor

Narendra Modi's prime ministership may still be a work-in-progress, but for the wider Sangh Parivar it looks like mission accomplished and it might just as well go and hang out the buntings. For, in barely six months, it has succeeded in undoing years of hard work by the Muslim community to defang its own fanatical fringe. Just when it seemed that the Muslim Right had started to come under pressure, it has been given a new lease of life by groups such as VHP and Bajrang Dal with their relentless hate campaign…..

The Astrologer Turned Islamic Radical
Jacob Siegel

There is little about the Sydney hostage taker’s life that makes sense aside from his violent death. That’s because Sheikh Man Haron Monis was a fraud. He was a phony sheikh using an adopted name, preaching religious virtue while he was fighting sexual assault and murder charges. He carried out his violence in the name of ISIS, the radical Islamist group fighting in Iraq and Syria, but even that connection seems to have existed mainly inside his own head. Monis has been called a “Lone Wolf” terrorist, and it’s clear that he was inspired by radical groups like ISIS…..


Politics of Conversion: Right-Wing Hindu Organisations Unsuccessfully Imitate Christian Missionaries
Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr

There are loopholes in the argument of the liberals, though their rage has a charmingly righteous ring to it. The first loophole: The RSS and the BJP cannot be expected to play by liberal rules. The RSS’ hostility towards the religious minorities is barely concealed. The BJP maintains an ambivalent attitude towards them. They are right-wing and they will do right-wing politics — that is majoritarian politics…..


The Civilian Leadership Is Confused and Incompetent While the Military Leadership Is Unwilling To Break the Ice Unilaterally
Najam Sethi

The public’s anger against the Taliban may also not be sufficiently long-lived to provide a stable platform for policy overhaul. Already, a counter narrative about the “Indian hand” and “US responsibility” in the Peshawar massacre is beginning to take shape in the media and among radical Islamist groups. Indeed, in the backdrop of pervasive anti-West sentiment and politico-religious ideology, it will not be possible to exploit the current situation for long…..

Nationalism as Antonym of Communalism
Faisal Devji

Since Independence, secularism is increasingly opposed to communalism, with the nation no longer central to its definition. Does this indicate the failure of the nation to demonstrate its plurality, and therefore secularism?....

So should India worry? Well, one cannot ignore that Ghani’s pitch is publicly to Rawalpindi, not Islamabad. Pakistan has quickly promised to raise, train and equip a brigade in the Afghan National Army. Ghani has relegated India to the role of a supporting actor, with the lead conceded to Pakistan. It would be no better for India if Ghani’s initiative failed to achieve a quiet border….

Peshawar Sinks In Gloom
Waseem Ahmad Shah

December 16, which is the blackest day for the country due to its dismemberment in 1971, has added another black chapter to the national history. Now, the day will be remembered for the gloom and destruction descended on the provincial capital. There was no letup in the wailing of ambulance sirens. Dozens of ambulances, both of government as well as non-governmental organisations, seemed to be running short for ferrying bodies of students and teachers…


A group of 8 Arabic-speaking attackers, wearing paramilitary Frontier Corps uniforms, entered the Army Public School on Warsak Road around 10.30am (local time) and started the massacre of innocents, spraying bullets indiscriminately, going from classroom-to-classroom. They also took several hostages using them as human shield. The death toll in the attack has reached 160 with a majority of them being students, official sources told PTI. At least 122 others have been injured.  They said that so far six militants have died — four of them blew themselves up while two were shot dead by security forces……

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Pakistan's Schools of Sorrow
Rafia Zakaria

In Pakistan’s surfeit of victims, young and old and all innocent, no such retrospection can be expected. In the escalating horror of each attack, there is no room to enshrine the particularity of each victim; one schoolboy’s face frozen in death mixes with another teacher’s gunned down corpse. We look away, we sigh, we shrug and we move on. In the meantime, the attacks continue, a panorama of pain for Pakistan, a country identified by its maimed and massacred schoolchildren……

Fight Poverty, Not Conversion
The Hindu Editorial

Is the practice of religion a deeply private affair, confined to values and belief systems at the level of the individual, or is it an open community activity, carried out in the public domain with social participation? Does one person’s right to practise his or her religion come in conflict with another person’s right to propagate his or her religion?....


Live television images of the scene showed intense flashes of gunfire and the explosive sound of loud ammunition rounds. Police officers raced into the building with weapons drawn, followed by medics with stretchers.....

India: Burdwan Blast: Deceit Exposed
Ajit Kumar Singh and Mrinal Kanta Das

India: Burdwan Blast: Deceit Exposed
Ajit Kumar Singh

While it was matter of grave concern that a foreign terrorist outfit was attempting to establish a base inside India, the module's alleged linkages with earlier incidents of subversion across India, and with the larger Islamist terror network in the country, were even more alarming. Reports indicate that Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) terrorists, who had escaped from the Jatana area of Bijnor District in Uttar Pradesh on September 12, 2014, following an accidental blast (no casualties were reported), had close linkages with members of the Burdwan module.....


What Is Wrong With Hindu Rashtra? Modi Should Step In
Anil Dharker

There was Niranjan Jyoti (who calls herself Sadhvi), and her infamous “Ramzada” versus “Haramzada” speech; there was Sakshi Maharaj (is that his name, or another self-given title?), who called Nathuram Godse a patriot; then there was the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, the former Cabinet minister Ram Naik, who apropos nothing said, “Ram temple should be built in Ayodhya as per the wishes of the people.”.....


Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who has warned of militant plans to strike Australian targets, said there were indications the hostage situation at the Lindt Cafe was politically motivated. "This is a very disturbing incident. I can understand the concerns and anxieties of the Australian people," Abbott told reporters in Canberra, without providing any information on the unfolding siege. Australia, a staunch ally of the United States and its escalating action against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, is on high alert for attacks by home-grown militants returning from fighting in the Middle East…..


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Sydney Siege: Hostage-Taker Calling Himself 'The Brother' Claims Four Bombs in Lindt Cafe and City's Banking District

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Sydney Siege: Australian Muslim Community Voices 'Shock and Horror' At Martin Place Hostage Crisis
Jack Moore

A statement from 50 Australian Muslim organisations said that the community's "thoughts go to the hostages and their loved ones" and that they "pray for their safety". "The Australian Muslim community shares with fellow Sydneysiders their utter shock and horror at the unprecedented scenes emerging from the Lindt cafe in Martin Place this morning," the statement reads…..


While a uniform, modern and elegant civil code would grant equal rights to women and generally make citizens' lives simpler, the biggest flaw in the case for it is, well, that the case is being made by BJP and Sangh Parivar affiliates not known otherwise for their secularism. You can't advocate a uniform code in one breath and Ram Mandir in the next: each contradicts the other. A string of statements from BJP worthies over just the last couple of weeks demonstrates why their secular bonafides are suspect....


The Truth about Conversions
Dhiraj Nayyar

As for forced conversions, they certainly are a problem if people are being asked to change their personal faith at gunpoint or at the threat of physical harm. But there is no need for a separate law to tackle this problem. Forced conversions quite simply violate the constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion and those being forced can approach the courts for justice. If there is a threat of physical harm attached.....


Are Arabs Ready For The Future?
Aijaz Zaka Syed

Is it finally the end of El Dorado? After surging and serenading above $100 a barrel for years, the much prized oil suddenly finds itself cheap and with diminished global esteem. What are the Arabs doing to build and define their future? One thing is for sure. They will have to make this journey on their own. They certainly cannot do it with the help of those who have historically exploited the region, dividing its people and abusing its resources. World powers are, as Erdogan warns, only interested in Arab money……


War, Peace, Language
Khaled Ahmed

She is not opposed to English, but she thinks it should come later in the child’s learning career. All educationists, from Maria Montessori in the 20th century to Abbas Rasheed and Tariq Rehman in our times, agree with her. But the problem with us today is that Urdu is not the mother tongue in all cases. The state indoctrinates in all textbooks, Urdu and English, except that English keeps puncturing the evil dystopia of intolerance and the false effervescence of jihad because it connects us to the world outside our ideological bubble…..

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