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India Lost in Afghan Endgame
Kanwal Sibal

Afghanistan has been a conflict zone for over three decades now. To our misfortune it became a Cold War battleground between the Soviet Union and the US, with the result that both an extremist version of Islam and Pakistan became powerful actors in shaping developments there under the US lead. Until then, Pakistan was not a dominant factor in Afghanistan internally and externally….

Next Stop Delhi
Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed

Next Stop Delhi
Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed

Emotional scenes were expected but I was surprised nobody sounded bitter or hostile though sadness and nostalgia gripped the audience visibly….


The demolition of a 200-year-old madrasa in Uttar Pradesh's Rampur district last week has been ignored by the Akhilesh Yadav government, which earlier took a proactive role in suspending Noida sub district magistrate Durga Shakti Nagpal for razing an illegally-built mosque wall…..


“… documents reveal significant threats to Ms Bhutto, particularly around three time periods – from just before her return to Pakistan in October, from early to mid-November, and from mid-to late December. For instance, on 20 December, the Military Operations Directorate informed Interior Secretary Syed Kamal Shah that Osama bin Laden had ordered the assassination of General Pervez Musharraf, Ms Bhutto and Maulana Fazal ur Rahman…..

The disturbing murder of Dr Narendra Dabholkar, rationalist campaigner, political activist, and social reformer, is a cause for concern at many levels. It is yet another example of the extent of intolerance that our society appears to revel in. It is emblematic of the deep-seated fear of knowledge and its democratisation….


Talking to The Sunday Guardian, Sham Singh claimed, "We do not have any complaints against Hafiz Saeed or Muslims. Sikhs faced the destruction of the Akal Takht and the Golden Temple in India, just as Muslims saw the demolition of the Babri mosque at the hands of Hindu zealots." Singh added that this was the first time that he joined hands with Hafiz Saeed….


A Better Deal for India's Muslims
Sadanand Dhume

But the bland secularist pieties of the ruling Congress Party and assorted regional administrations do little to suggest that they've understood the problem. If anything, by encouraging a culture of grievance and deepening a sense of separateness among India's 176 million Muslims, they may end up doing more harm than good….

Freeze Indo-Pakistan Talks
Tufail Ahmad

….  if Islamabad were to allow Indian trucks to travel to Afghanistan and Pakistani trucks to Central Asia, Pakistani economy will boom, creating enormous opportunities. But Pakistan doesn’t care for its people’s well-being. It wants to do business only with Arabs and the Chinese. Pakistan must be left to salvage its economic mess or stagnate, rot and collapse. However, flood Pakistani markets with Indian textbooks on need-blind subjects like philosophy, social sciences, and Bollywood movies; these will expand mindsets, undermine jihadism……

Why Let Terrorist Abdul Karim Tunda Is a Big Catch for India
Praveen Swami

In the summer of 1985, as riots raged in Maharashtra, a small group of men had gathered in Mumbai’s Mominpura slum to discuss the creation of an armed group to defend Muslims. The organisation would carry out a string of bombings following the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992—and lay the foundations of today’s jihadist networks…..


“I want safe passage and Islamic rule in the country,” the man demanded. “As our country is an Islamic republic, we want Shariah imposed in Pakistan,” he said in a telephonic call to a private news channel. “I am against vulgarity and immorality. My associates have taken up positions in the whole of Pakistan,” he said….

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The Kishtwar I'd Like to Remember
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

The Kishtwar I'd Like to Remember
Yoginder Sikand, New Age Islam

Kishtwar provided me many touching examples of inter-community harmony, even as the town didn’t remain unaffected by violence and communal polarisation. Unlike in many other parts of India, where Hindus and Muslims often live in separate locations, in Muslim-majority Kishtwar there was no such segregation. Every evening, vast crowds—Hindus and Muslims—would spill out onto the sprawling Chogan, an enormous field on the border of the town, to stroll around, play cricket, and generally have fun. Of how many other Indian towns could the same be said?...

Masked Men of Kishtwar
Amitabh Mattoo

Jammu and Kashmir is the finest expression of the idea of India. Diversity of faith, culture, geography and language has traditionally never been a source of conflict. In fact, the people of this state celebrated diversity and lived in harmony for most of the time. We now need to revive those bonds and that spirit of accommodation and mutual respect, even while we sit down, in good faith, to resolve many of our genuine differences....

Look Beyond Politics
Sagarika Ghose

Look Beyond Politics
Sagarika Ghose

Given this culture of incessant protest and outrage, few of us Hindus stop to think whether the religion of our birth has been reduced to a banner of protest against Islam, against westernisation, and against so-called pseudo-secularism....

Who Will Be The King of Wars?
Nadeem F. Paracha

Dear viewers, as you might have guessed by now, KBGJ is aired on Pakistani and Hindustani TV channels after a cycle of every two to three years when things begin to go kind of crazy at the Line of Control (LoC) and when Pakistani and Indian soldiers begin to shoot at each other for no apparent reason…..


There appears to be a clear intention on the Pakistani side to disrupt the deepening peace in J&K, with continuous violations of the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) along the LoC and the International Border. According to the Ministry of Defence (MoD), while Pakistani Forces violated the CFA with India on 44 occasions in 2010, 51 such incidents were recorded in 2011 and 93 in 2012. The current year (till August 12, 2013) has already witnessed 65 CFA violations....


Pakistan: Prisoner of a Flawed Narrative
Dr Mohammad Taqi

The nation on its part should look no further than the army to know that such self-appointed holy cows are not infallible and allowing them a monopoly over the national interest narrative can have disastrous consequences. The country’s armed forces have a long history of unchallenged control over the national security policy and practice even when civilians have ruled nominally. The list of misadventures in the name of a national security doctrine anchored in ideology is equally long. ...


Egypt Government Hints at Force to End Large Sit-Ins
David D. Kirkpatrick

“The phase of diplomatic efforts has ended,” declared a statement issued in the name of the interim president, Adli Mansour. The new government holds the Muslim Brotherhood, the main Islamist group backing Mr. Morsi, “fully responsible for the failure of these efforts and the subsequent events that may result from this failure regarding breaking the law and endangering the social peace,” the statement declared....


Who’s Responsible for Pakistan’s Taliban Jailbreak?
Mansoor Jafar

Notwithstanding heavy political mandate in the province, if the KPK government is reluctant in keeping Washington's blue-eyed prisoner Dr. Shakeel Afridi in its jails, then it is not difficult to judge the impact on security personnel in the province. This attitude is sufficient to make them believe that the “jail breakers” are more powerful than those who are mandated to bring the outlaws to justice…..


Karl Marx’s Revenge: How Class Struggle Is Shaping the World
Michael Schuman

That’s not to say Marx was entirely correct. His “dictatorship of the proletariat” didn’t quite work out as planned. But the consequence of this widening inequality is just what Marx had predicted: class struggle is back. Workers of the world are growing angrier and demanding their fair share of the global economy. From the floor of the U.S. Congress to the streets of Athens to the assembly lines of southern China, political and economic events are being shaped by escalating tensions between capital and labour...


India or Pakistan, Domestic Helps Face Same Prejudice
Sonya Fatah

Some years ago, during the summer time, I heard some loud rumblings from the street behind my Delhi flat. The sounds grew louder and gradually drew a Sunday audience to the back street, where an elderly neighbour dressed in his Sunday best - a see-thru vest and his undies - was spitting venom upon a street cleaner. The old man said a great many despicable things peppered with curses and foul language. The best treat he saved for the last: Do you know your Zaat? He yelled. Remember it. You will always stay down there.....


According to passengers on the bus, one of the female passengers asked a woman who was sitting at the front of the bus to move to the rear. While the seated woman did not object, the driver - who heard the conversation - summoned police, who detained the woman who had made the request and her husband, and the bus continued on its way....

Interpreting Secular Delusions
Javed Anand

That’s “them”, what about “us”? If it’s racism in the US and African-Americans its prime target, it’s communalism in India and Muslims its worst victims. Of course, a Muslim as the Prime Minister of India is beyond our wildest imagination. But can you imagine a governor of some state in the US who is accused of a state-sponsored massacre of African Americans...

Is Edward J. Snowden Aboard This Plane?
Noam Chomsky

Latin American scholar Greg Grandin pointed out that one region was absent from the list of shame: Latin America. That is doubly remarkable. Latin America had long been the reliable “backyard” for the United States. If any of the locals sought to raise their heads, they would be decapitated by terror or military coup. And as it was under U.S. control throughout the latter half of the last century, Latin America was one of the torture capitals of the world….

Celebrating the Spirit of Ramazan, Bohra Style!
Sakina Kavi

I always wonder how boring it is for Bohra men to wear the same kind of Sayo Kurto to the Masjid every time – no matter if it is a big occasion or just an ordinary day. At least, us, women have the liberty to choose from the variety of colours and floral patterns that are available to us. The latest trends of Ridas include vegetables and fruits, but to be quite honest, I am not interested in looking like a fruit basket or a freshly picked strawberry so, I’ll just stick to my one coloured, standard attire....


Pig’s Meat and Musharraf’s Trial
Syed Kamran Hashmi

Imagine, we slaughter a pig strictly according to the Islamic principles complying with all the rules and regulations. After that, some people start debating if its meat was kosher for them or not. One of us asks if the butcher was a Muslim. The other enquires if he had recited the correct verse. Someone raises concern if the slaughterhouse was clean enough. Yet another mention if the knife was held in the right direction, if it was adequately sharp to avoid pain...

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