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Modi Epitomises What the Other Idea of India Could Look Like
Shoma Chaudhry

India is an imperfect experiment. But if we abandon the poetic idea that underpins it, this is what we will get: “Hindu nationalists”, “Muslim journalists”, and women professionals we try to defang with scurrilous lies....

English Vinglish
Sidharth Bhatia

English Vinglish
Sidharth Bhatia

It is not just the English language that bothers Rajnath Singh and his ilk. It is the catalysing effect of the language. English is an equaliser and a modernising force. And their discomfort is with modernity....

And Then There Were None Left To Report
Ayesha Siddiqa

For anyone thinking of peace between India and Pakistan, it seems that the relationship will always remain a puzzle that people can’t easily decipher. “Now you see it, now you don’t” is what describes the relationship. Every time one begins to think that the two countries are turning a corner in altering attitudes, something happens that suggests otherwise. Islamabad’s decision to not extend the visa of two resident Indian journalists...

Malala, Salam and Zafrullah
Yasser Latif Hamdani

Malala, Salam and Zafrullah
Yasser Latif Hamdani

Malala Yousafzai is more than just a 16-year-old girl who dared to light a flame in the pitch dark. She is our future, the future of our children and their children. This is a future where Pakistan will honour all its citizens and treat all its children with the respect and care that they deserve....


A ‘Clash of Civilisations’ Begins To Unfold When Bollywood-Lollywood Productions Present a Love Story Involving the Two Countries
Farooq Sulehria

While Bollywood productions showing inter-communal love stories usually refrain from fomenting inter-communal disharmony, the Hindutva mindset is unleashed when it comes to the depiction of cross-border romance. The following films, without exception, showed an Indian Hindu or Sikh boy falling in love with a Muslim Pakistani girl: Henna (1991), Train to Pakistan based on Khushwant Singh’s novel (1999), Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001), Veer-Zaara (2004), and Lahore (2010)....

Changing India: The Four Foreign-Born Indian Women Who Have Left A Deep Imprint On Indian History
Kancha Ilaiah

Sonia Gandhi, an Italian by birth but Indian by choice, will perhaps be remembered the most. During her 10-year rule — a de jure rule at that — she has changed the course of the Indian welfare state. Through four legal measures — the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), the Right to Information Act (RTI), the Right to Education Act (RTE) and, finally, the masterstroke, the Food Security Ordinance (FSO) — Indian democracy has become seriously transformative….

It is not just this misguiding material in the Urdu textbook that has unsettled many scholars. They are protesting several other serious mistakes in the textbook which they feel, if not withdrawn, will defeat the very purpose of learning and education. In fact, Mumbai-based Arabic-Urdu scholar Dr Shafi Shaikh is so baffled by dozens of factual, grammatical and contextual lapses in this 112-page textbook that he has compiled all of them in a separate book. Titled A pack of mistakes, negligence, ignorance and lapses, Dr Shaikh’s book exposes the casualness and irresponsibility on the part of the team which prepared it.


Inter-Religious Marriage another Way of Building Peace
Nasir Saeed

Pakistan is becoming an increasingly extremist and intolerant society, and while Pakistani laws do not forbid anyone from marrying a non-Muslim, the culture does not tolerate it. We can start a culture of peace and tolerance and I believe we need it more than ever before....

Too many tough political actions and too little communication and understanding have resulted in mutual suspicions while suspicions lead to the loss of objective thinking and rationality. Therefore, I personally think that cross-civilisation dialogues are necessary to build mutual trust. It is the responsibility of the government, as well as all those who are involved....

After Zimmerman Verdict, Can Nation Heal Racial Rift?
Yamiche Alcindor and Larry Copeland

George Zimmerman is a relieved man in hiding. Those convinced of his guilt in the death of Trayvon Martin continue to protest his acquittal and other perceived injustices. Now that the trial is over, some people are counselling that it's time to heal and move on. But protests were being held across the country Sunday by people who say they can't move on while they feel that the case and the bigger issues of race and justice that it represents are unresolved....



With His Inappropriate Analogy, Modi Has Opened Up the Wounds of Gujarat Afresh
Brinda Karat

In the moral hierarchies born and bred in Nazi minds, there was no conflict between care for animals and genocide of Jews, since, in the Nazi reading, Jews were subhuman beings lower than most animal species, comparable to vermin. Similarly, the Gujarat chief minister, brought up in schools of thought that preach hatred towards the minorities in theory and in practice, can find it easy to express sadness for a puppy run over accidentally, but cannot bring himself to directly express sympathy for the thousands of Muslims, including women and children, who were butchered under his watch in 2002....

The president-elect, himself a former nuclear chief negotiator, knows well that the economy can't be put back on track unless international sanctions are softened; he, therefore, advocates dialogue with the west. The question is: what sort of concessions will his government be able to make? While Rouhani has ruled out putting an end to his country's nuclear programme.....


Religious Fundamentalism Could Soon Be Treated As Mental Illness
JohnThomas Didymus

..."brainwashing" which embraces all the subtle and not-so-subtle ways "we make people think things that might not be good for them, that they might not otherwise have chosen to think," is a much more pervasive social phenomenon than we are willing to recognize. As social animals we are all victims of culturally induced brainwashing whose effectiveness correlates with our inability to think outside the box of our given acculturation....

Talking to the Talibans
Rudra Chaudhuri

Talking to the Talibans
Rudra Chaudhuri

India is not our enemy, but a complication," argued a former deputy minister in the erstwhile Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as the Taliban-led government that forced its way into power in 1996 was known….


Like Jessica Lall, Like Delhi’s Braveheart, Ishrat Jahan Too Is A Tipping Point In That Repulsive Reality Known As The ‘Fake Encounter’
Sagarika Ghose

Whatever the proof, or the lack of it, on Ishrat Jahan’s terrorist links, the case has the potential to expose the ugly side of policing in a state that prides itself on governance. When a woman is assaulted or killed, inevitably her morality is in doubt. The Park Street rape victim was ‘asking for it’ because she was fixing a deal with her ‘clients’....


After a ritual prayer atoning for past sins, Ashin Wirathu, a Buddhist monk with a rock-star following in Myanmar, sat before an overflowing crowd of thousands of devotees and launched into a rant against what he called “the enemy” — the country’s Muslim minority. “You can be full of kindness and love, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog,” Ashin Wirathu said, referring to Muslims. “I call them troublemakers, because they are troublemakers,” Ashin Wirathu told a reporter after his two-hour sermon. “I am proud to be called a radical Buddhist.”....

India's Richest Chief Minister in Values, But Poorest In Financial Wealth
Mr Manik Sarkar, C M, Tripura

Apart from honesty, Mr Manik Sarkar has been impetuous for the development of the state which includes better connectivity and development of IT sector in state. He was also responsible for bringing the concept of public-private partnership and invigorated private intervention, particularly in the IT sector....

The Mahabodhi temple complex structure has not suffered any damage, said a top official here Sunday following a string of bombings that left two monks injured in Bihar's Bodh Gaya. "The temple complex structure has not suffered any damage. The monastery and the statue of Lord Buddha are safe," union Home Secretary Anil Goswami told reporters here. According to the home ministry, blasts took place in quick succession between 5:30am and 6:00am in the temple complex and near the Bodhi tree.....

And, Other Related News:

Prayers Continue At Mahabodhi Temple, Visitors Barred For Now

Bodh Gaya Blasts Not Of High Intensity: Bihar Police Chief

‘Bihar Administration to Be Blamed For Shameful Act’

NIA Team Reaches Bodh Gaya, Begins Probe

Security Beefed Up In Bangalore in Wake of Blasts In Bodh Gaya

President Condemns Bodh Gaya Serial Blasts as Senseless Act Of Terror

PM Condemns Terror Strike in Bodh Gaya

National Buddhist Body Condemns Attack


Buddhists Going Bad
Hannah Beech

In recent months, their campaign of intimidation has included attacks on a Muslim-owned clothing store, a Christian pastor’s house and a Muslim-linked slaughterhouse. Despite monks’ being captured on video leading some of the marauding, none have been charged. Indeed, temple and state are growing ever closer in Sri Lanka, with a monk-dominated party serving as a coalition member of the government....

Let's Fight Terrorism without Giving Up Freedom
Barry Fagin

I am not one of those who believe that if we pull back our armed forces, terrorism will go away. I have no doubt that suicide bombers and members of terrorist organizations hate everything America stands for, and will continue to maim and kill, regardless of American foreign policy. But anti-American sentiment throughout the world is their lifeblood....

Egypt: Chief Justice Adly Mansour Sworn In As Interim President
Different News Reports from Various Newspapers

Egypt: Chief Justice Adly Mansour Sworn In As Interim President
Chief justice Adly Mansour

More Top Brotherhood Members Arrested By Egypt Prosecutors

Egypt’s Brotherhood TV, Other Islamist Channels Taken Off Air

Egypt Shows the Failure of ‘Political Islam’: Assad

Egypt Political Upheaval to Deepen Economic Crisis

Violent Clashes across Egypt; 14 Killed

Mohamed Morsi's Fall a Blow To Islamists

Morsi Supporters: Political Islam Will Survive In Egypt

Elbaradei Tops List to Head Egypt Government: Sources

Arab Countries Call On Morsi to Step Down, Issue Travel Warnings

The America We Loved
Atle Hetland

America is a great land too - in many ways - and I don’t only say that because it is the 4th of July today. At the same time, it is a fragile land, or so I felt when I lived in Washington DC for some years a couple of decades ago. Americans are split between religiosity and materialism, between inward-looking daily lives and an outward-looking and imperialist state and between traditional values and ruthlessness exploitation....

America Faces Challenges to Religious Pluralism
Holly Hollman and Hoda Elshishtawy

Whatever challenges we face, the two of us, from a Baptist organization and a Muslim organization respectively, agree that protecting religious liberty is paramount. Protection of religious liberty requires careful attention to upholding the principles enshrined in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which protect the right to practice one’s faith without government interference.....


The Face of Buddhist Terror in Burma: The Controversy over TIME Magazine's Cover Story

Most significant among them: Wirathu actively encourages an extremist attitude towards Burma’s Muslims. Before a large gathering who came to hear his thoughts on Burma’s Muslims – whom he called “the enemy” – Wirathu recently said: “You can be full of kindness and love, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog.” “Muslims are like the African carp,” he told Global Post. “They breed quickly and they are very violent and they eat their own kind. Even though they are minorities here, we are suffering under the burden they bring us.”...

Ishrat Jahan Encounter: Accused Cop Says Modi Knew Of Conspiracy
Rana Ayyub

Now that almost all these so-called encounters have been established as fake by investigation agencies functioning under the orders of either the Supreme Court or the Gujarat High Court, the big question is: who was organising these killings to promote the myth that Jihadi terrorists were after Modi’s life? Who were the people in authority that could manufacture false intelligence inputs to justify the murder of innocent citizens, including teenagers like Ishrat.....

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