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Allegations suggesting otherwise by rival political parties “to play with the hearts and minds” of the public were sowing “discord and division” in Maldivian society, Nasheed added. Last week, a group of local religious scholars from the Maldives Society for Islamic Research released a 48-page book titled “The word of religious scholars concerning Nasheed,” calling on the former president to “repent” and “return to the true path.”….


Being Hindu Indian or Muslim Indian
Chetan Bhagat

Meanwhile, millions of Hindus go to the temple only occasionally. They believe in God. However, they neither follow nor are aware of every guideline given in Hindu scriptures. Many Hindus eat meat and consume alcohol, but also pray to God and celebrate the major festivals. So let's pose a question — what is a Hindu supposed to be? Is the cheek-poking devotee a benchmark? Is a Sadhu the ideal Hindu? Or is a regular middle-class person, working in a bank, consuming chicken, drinking beer and occasionally visiting a temple also a good Hindu?....

Lessons from Patna Blasts: Why Politicians Must Stop Mucking Around
Praveen Swami

Now, the bombings have left us with a bizarre conspiratorialist discourse, with anti-Modi activists charging him with staging the attacks himself, and his supporters claiming the terror attacks were a political plot. This tells us something important about the maniacal suspiciousness that’s come to characterise Indian political life…..


Pakistani Taliban Chief Hakimullah Mehsud Killed In Drone Attack
Hakimullah Mehsud, chief of TTP

American drones on Friday killed the leader of the Pakistani Taliban, dealing a major blow to a militant group that has terrorized Pakistan and that tried to set off a car bomb in New York City in 2010, according to Pakistani intelligence officials and militant commanders in the tribal belt. The death of the leader, Hakimullah Mehsud, is a signal achievement for the covert C.I.A. program at a time when drones themselves have come under criticism from human rights groups and other critics in Pakistan and the United States over the issue of civilian casualties…….


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How the Pakistani Taliban Became a Deadly Force

A look at our film industry, which unites the length and breadth of India, is enough to dismiss any such fears of "public disorder" caused by usage of the term ‘Allah’. For decades and more, Bollywood songs have celebrated the divine as Ishwar, Allah and other such names. We all have heard the popular Bhajan from Hum Dono, "Allah Tero Naam, Ishwar Tero Naam, Sabko Sanmati De Bhagwan". The song was written by one of the greatest lyricists that the subcontinent has known – Sahir Ludhianvi…..

It opposes negotiating with India to put an end to violence in Kashmir, stands for doing away with LoC and calls for strengthening of jihad. It also advocates ‘liberation of Muslims in the rest of India.’ Advocating sovereign Kashmir, al-Badr is critical of moderate Kashmiri organizations such as JKLF. Its current leadership is opposed to the US, Israel and the Saudi monarchy. Perceiving Kashmir as the gateway of India, it wants to liberate and take hold of this gateway…..


Calling Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy ‘Jahil’ Can Only Happen In Pakistan
Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy

Ansar Abbasi posed to highly sensitive questions towards Dr Hoodbhoy and then went on to tarnish his reputation as a professor by stating, “Aik Aisay Jaahil Ko, Jis Ko Parhaanay Kay Ooper Lagaya Huva Hai Hamaray Aik Prime Institution Main. Mujhay Nahi Samajh Aati Ye Jaahil Waha’n Kiya Parhaata Hoga.” (“An ignoramus who has been chosen to teach at one of our prime institutions, I don’t understand what this ignoramus teaches there.”)….


Dreaming Of a Better Future for Afghanistan and Pakistan
Mehr F Husain

This does not bode well for either country for as long as the Taliban — Pakistani or Afghani — are continued to be provided with support, the ideals of peace and stability will remain unrealised.....


The Lessons India Can Take From US on Handling Pakistan
Praveen Swami

The United States might not bomb Pakistan back into the Stone Age, but it’s doing a great job of doing exactly that all by itself. India needs to be drawing some lessons from the story of numbers, too. The key one among them is that the world’s preeminent power, with billions of dollars at its disposal, didn’t succeed in purchasing a change in Pakistan’s strategic trajectory. The United States did get some concessions, such as agreement from Pakistan’s leaders for drone strikes against terrorists……


Hazrat Bismillah Shah Hospital in Bangalore: Kind Hands for Kidney Care
Nigar Ataulla

The process of dialysis entails taking blood out of a patient who has kidney failure and sending that blood through a dialysis machine. Inside the machine, the blood is filtered, somewhat like what a normal kidney does, taking out waste and water that has accumulated in the blood. The processed blood is then returned to the patient. …

However, in the overall scheme of things, it is the religious extremists who are on the offensive all over the country, including Quetta, while the state and its institutions appear as mere sitting ducks – in their defensive posture. Guarding every important building and employing a wait-and-see approach is certainly not a winning strategy….

Bangladesh on Hold As Polls Tension Rises
Farish Noor

The root of the problem lies in the unease of the opposition parties who have been calling for a neutral caretaker government to oversee the election process, until elections are called for in more than a month's time. The prime minister's reluctance to concede to these demands has led the opposition to believe that the elections may not be managed in an objective and neutral manner, and would thus favour the incumbent.....


 After reading the statement, it seems convincing that this meeting was dominated by a few words: thanked, noted, reaffirmed and suggested. It does not seem difficult to assess ‘who used which word’. Ironically, nothing was discussed that was used as a base to get votes and manipulating the public sentiment against competing political players during the May 2013 elections in Pakistan. For instance, the word ‘drone’ is not used even a single time in the whole statement…..

Despair and Hope
Najam Sethi

Despair and Hope
Najam Sethi

The main architects of misplaced and wrong national security policy in both countries – Generals Pervez Musharraf, Ashfaq Kayani and Ahmed Shuja Pasha in Pakistan, and President George Bush, General David Petreaus and Admiral Mike Mullen in the USA – have retired, opening up the possibility of gainful review by both sides. The most hopeful sign of all is the arrival of Nawaz Sharif, a pragmatic leader determined not to be a prisoner of past national security establishment paradigms……


Mr. Sharif Comes To Washington
Akbar Ahmed

Putting aside his prepared text, Sharif told the audience in Urdu that he met U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and CIA Director John Brennan the previous night. "What can we do for you?," Kerry had asked Sharif. "Nothing," Sharif said he replied, adding that he was probably the first leader of Pakistan not to ask America for anything. He emphasized he was looking for trade, not aid….

Shall we at least see the beginning of an end? Probably not. We might see clashes; some blood may be spilled and some lives may be lost. But the possibility of unlocking the deadlock looks far-fetched. There’s a slim chance that the incoherent monologues of our politicians will add up to a meaningful dialogue. The defiance of each side will further widen differences between them......


Iraq Needs Leadership Worthy Of Its People
Rachel Shabi

Disparate groups are competing for power in Iraq – religious, secular, peaceful and violent – but it's not true that the splits run only along sectarian lines. On the ground, affiliations aren't so narrow either. Since 2003, polls show that even as towns and cities have become less mixed, even as there is sectarian-based fear of travel across regions, the majority of the population still wants a unified Iraq and a centralised political system….


'If Cyberspace Is a Global Commons, There Can Be No Absolute Rights or Obligations in the Commons'
Shivshankar Menon

There is a tendency to posit a false dichotomy or antagonism between free speech and privacy on the one hand and security in cyberspace on the other. If cyberspace is a global commons... there can be no absolute rights or obligations in the commons. The issue really is how much and the nature of regulation that we can agree among all the stakeholders...


BJP’s Bill of Frights
Javed Anand

Truth be told, the fierce opposition of the “Hindu nationalists” to the bill is rooted in their guilt-ridden fear of the far-reaching consequences of a critical provision in the proposed bill. Though the BJP and the Sangh Parivar are conveniently castigating the bill on account of it allegedly being “anti-Hindu” and “pro-minority”, what frightens them — and the Indian police and the bureaucracy — the most is the principle of “chain of command responsibility” that is embedded in the proposed law...

Why Saudi Arabia Said No
Chinmaya R Gharekhan

Why Saudi Arabia Said No
Chinmaya R Gharekhan

The official statement in Riyadh, inter alia, essentially mentioned these factors: Syria; working methods and double standards; and Palestine and weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. “Allowing the ruling clique in Syria to kill and burn its people by the chemical weapons, while the world stood idly by, without applying deterrent sanctions against the Damascus regime is also irrefutable evidence and proof of the inability of the Security Council to carry out its duties and responsibilities”.....

Nawaz Sharif Visits Obama, But the US Is a ‘Master’, Not a ‘Friend’
Muhammad Waqar Mustaqeem

I believe that the US will be eagerly seeking Pakistan’s aid in establishing a pro-American government in Kabul – the meeting has no significance to Pakistan and will not better any Pakistani’s life. Thus, America is our colonial master and the reason we must see them as so is because the state of Pakistan has, to an extent, lost its sovereignty, especially after the infamous attacks on Salala and the Abbottabad operation....

Swallowed by the Taliban
Ayesha Ijaz Khan

Swallowed by the Taliban
Ayesha Ijaz Khan

Contrary to many of my peers, I never felt as hopeless or dejected about Pakistan’s future as I did during the past election. Some were hopeful because they saw in the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) ‘a new political force’ that would take on the ‘corrupt politicians’ and usher in a ‘Naya Pakistan’. Others were hopeful because a democratic transition had taken place, with one civilian government passing on the mantle to another….

Maulana Mahmood Madani's Outburst: For Muslims, As For All Secular Indians, The Choice In The Upcoming Lok Sabha Elections Will Be Stark
Javed Anand

Anyone who knows anything about Muslim politics will tell you that outside a few Muslim-predominant pockets of Assam or a city like Malegaon, either of the factions would find it difficult to ensure the victory of their candidate even in a civic election. Not surprisingly, the politically ambitious Mahmood Madani wisely chooses to stay away from the electoral arena, content to negotiate a seat for himself in the Rajya Sabha from this party or that…….


Nobel Peace Prize Committee Blew It
Tarek Fatah

Had Dr. Mukwege won the Nobel, the fans of Malala Yousafzai would have most certainly said he was a worthy recipient. However, with the Nobel Committee in Oslo overlooking this brave teenager in favour of the OPCW, can ordinary people around the globe be blamed for believing the Nobel Peace Prize is nothing more than one more tool of propaganda?...

No Place for Islam: Buddhist Nationalism in Myanmar
Harrison Akins

Myanmar needs to take a firm stand on the side of human rights, pluralism, and security for all of its citizens, promote the rule of law, and, at a more basic level, recognise the existence and the suffering of the Rohingya. Only then can a democratic Myanmar be recognised as legitimate in the eyes of the international community and its own people…..

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